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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 21, 2017 5:00am-6:01am AST

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making its way farther west was that western side of the caribbean increasingly wet . and indian mining company is heading to australia to build one of the world's biggest mines will it be an economic bonanza born ecological disaster. at this time on al-jazeera. howard hughes iraq where ever you are. this is al jazeera.
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hello and welcome to this al-jazeera news hour live from doha i'm laughing that is coming up in the next sixty minutes iraqi government troops completes the seizure of kirkuk from the kurds after fierce fighting. attacks on mosques in afghanistan killed scores of people it and then a deadly week for civilians in which hundreds have died. or is morphing going to see more actions in africa and less. a shift in u.s. counterterrorism strategy after the deaths of four american soldiers in the air plus. a mantri thomas in sydney all australians writes just a recent survey suggests as many as one in four people hear oh that's despite this country being on paper one of the most multicultural in the world.
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but first iraqi forces have now claimed control of the whole of kirkuk province after intense fighting against kurdish peshmerga forces the army says it's captured the last town outen capri which is situated very close to a bill with the help of shia militias just a few hours earlier seventy deca reported from the battle zone with some of the peshmerga say they feel they've been betrayed. a new front line opened early friday iraqi forces together would have still shabbier shia militias move towards peshmerga positions not to repeat the kurdish it's around thirty kilometers south of erbil on the road to kirkuk. yes they're attacking it out and play and they're attacking from do you. also and there's nothing we can do about it only slightly on the coalition forces to come in and help as it hit the no doubt we have
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. a steady stream of reinforcements were sent throughout the day blankets and mattresses packed in with the soldiers ready to defend their positions many here feel betrayed by iraqi government leaders in baghdad some fellow kurds and the international community. in reality when we used to fight everyone used to play the peshmerga they are brave they are fighting for the world and now they have done this plan they are attacking us as i see right now everyone is turning their backs on us. mortar shells machine guns were fired throughout the day well it's going to everyone here is tense. there's a heavy presence of ambulances here waiting to take any of the injured. back to our . prime minister has ordered iraqi forces not to enter abele and to stick to what
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he called the two thousand and three lines this is all about disputed territories longstanding on resolved issues between baghdad and are below about what the peshmerga gained more territory since two thousand and fourteen as it pushed out of many areas the iraqi army used to control and last month's referendum on secession seems to been the final straw for the iraqi government to neighboring countries who oppose kurdish independence the irony there were very similar scenes just a year ago as the peshmerga iraqi government forces and shia militias all moved in to ward a common enemy eisel but now their guns are turned on each other stephanie decker al jazeera on the road to kirkuk. all right we can speak to michael pretty gentle who's a former army officer as well as being a former advisor to the peshmerga and to iraqi security forces he joins us live now
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from washington d.c. thank you for talking to us iraq a fighting iraq he does not bode well does it the fight for the future unity of the country. you know it doesn't this is a very serious situation and i doubt this is actually a tree the kurdish population of iraq likely or there isis they're actually conducting military operations against the peshmerga there so isis targets in and around we journeyed around. so this is this is this is move laterally to two college degrees for this peaceful war right and that when you first we don't seem to have too many details about the actual battles as to how many casualties have been sustained and so on but do you think the kurds would just accept this loss of territory which includes of course it's it's still in the crown kirkuk all do you think that they will plan to fight back. i think they're surprised that the united states didn't back them up and the k.g.b.
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barzani's party is surprised at the puke a case that would be the tonic clonic. or kurdish regional government. income cook you know general forces we keep hearing federal forces are moving in but when you define the sort of forces there counterterrorism forces and hostile shall be our g.c. back to melissa's not just sheer militias but commanded by our consul money lieutenant money laundering and on many on one hand there's so how do we use counterterrorism courses against the kurds and then the u.s. state department says we're not taking sides well if you're not taking sides you're actually taking a side you're taking baghdad side and you're actually taking to iran side sisu all right ok i'm certain that they are and that's that that's clearly quite a clear situation then there's this division among the coeds they're obviously fighting against these anti terrorism forces from baghdad you say with with
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a rainy and backing but what does this mean for the coalition that up until now has been pretty successful in fighting highfill i saw is not completely wiped out in iraq it. you know it's not going to produce successful needs to strike force in the cities ramadi percent destroyed to create the illusion mosul almost sixty percent destroyed so i'm going to challenge a successful campaign against isis in those terms and this is this is different this is about payback for the hospital shari and it always said your next novel dosh after isis into you and we're seeing that now so how do the body doesn't have control of the hospital sir they answered a custom salonen through a many a one hundred and and how do you allow marie watercourse there to commanders they were there to do room when did kurdish language. lowered and the iraqi flag was
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actually rose and they used the water flux you can see khatami's last march and see some of the hot climates and this is a necessary step to realize troops under the control these are these are your rogue militias doing what they want and they're pushing past the two doesn't really want and that's very concern all right and i thank you very much michael preachin to talking to us from live there from washington d.c. thank you. now to neighboring syria where codifies is who helped drive eisel out of raka now say that the people of that city will determine its future they form part of the syrian democratic forces all the see if which is backed by the u.s. they recapture the city which had been i sort of self proclaimed capital ever since twenty fourteen now they're fully handed over control of record to a council of local officials and tribal leaders most of the city those been reduced to rubble less than three thousand people still if that. was.
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the future of iraq will be decided by the people of iraq. this is quite important and the family of the governor the right will at men this time there are as by themselves we have a country and every peace loving people and every peace loving organization to come and take part in the reconstruction rebuilding of the city and its countryside. well elsewhere in zero syria rebel groups have signed a cease fire with the government in eastern goods are on the outskirts of the capital damascus barters hashem a whole bar now reports the deal is a fragile one. these are fighters from failed luck a raman a syrian rebel group that controls. a neighborhood on the outskirts of damascus the
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area is a rebel stronghold. they engage almost daily in skirmishes with government forces the army has been trying hard for years to take back these areas to help secure the capital and you. would have thought alina the government is tightening the siege to break our resolve but it will never happen we're not scared of the airstrikes the daily shelling and the army's reinforcements we are committed to fight to the death the rebels are digging tunnels that are run from the rest of . these tunnels are vital lifelines for the rebels who are short of a munition and may not be able to defend their territory for a long. you know about that mean it is hometown it means a lot to me my family my loved ones my memories are all linked with this i will
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fight here to the death eastern border has been under government says to thousand and thirteen u.n. aid convoys have only been allowed in a few times. civilians have nowhere to go covered it is rare and food prices on the rise. we suffer daily the army attacked us with missiles rockets and warplanes the seizures made our lives hell for the time being the fighting has stopped in this area but no one knows whether the ceasefire that was recently we would hold some water was the focal point of the two thousand and eleven demonstrations in syria it became a rebel stronghold but six years later the army backed by russia is gaining ground using sea as a weapon to force the civilians out of their area or they might with facing
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starvation. on turkey's border with syria. i saw has claimed responsibility for the bombing of a shia mosque in afghanistan it was one of two attacks targeting mosques in the country killing more than seventy people the attack at the shia mosque in the capital kabul killed at least thirty nine people injured dozens of others the most was packed with worshipers attending friday prayers the second attack was in the central goal province where a suicide bomber struck a sunni mosque more than thirty three people were killed including a rebel commander who was apparently the target of the attack then we thought. right after the cleric started the prayer as i was passing by the mosque and the explosion happened there was chaos amongst the people all the windows of the mosque were shattered the police from a nearby checkpoint arrived to try to control the crowd all the wounded victims injured by the shattered windows were taken to hospital by ambulance and the dead bodies were lying there. jennifer gas has more now from the afghan capital kabul.
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the attacker made his way into the in mom's arm on mosque in the middle of friday prayers he placed himself in the middle of those prayer growers now that of course is a shia mosque in western kabul and then he detonated his bomb killing scores of people injuring scores of others this is one of a number of attacks that have happened against the shia population the vast number of these attacks though against shia have been claimed by the islamic state in an increase as they kind of increase their offensive here in afghanistan at the same time as that was happening here in kabul in central afghanistan and province another attacker another bomber detonated a bomb in another mosque this is a sunni mosque now his attacker his target quite different a local militia commander and his men but these two attacks kept off a very very bloody deadly week across afghanistan where we've seen not only these
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attacks on friday but across afghanistan the taliban have killed at least one hundred fifty people. in the north in the south in the east and in the southwest of afghanistan give you an idea of the challenges the afghan security forces face the afghan government determined to bring the taliban to the peace table but not only is the afghan government facing a resurgent taliban you also have other anti-government forces as well creating unrest in afghanistan. the u.s. is due to shift its counterterrorism strategy in order to focus more on africa the defense secretary james mattis is be meeting members of congress to explain the change now this comes as the white house is under pressure to be more forthcoming about the deaths of four american soldiers in the air two weeks ago after the meeting senior republican lindsey graham spoke about the new u.s. strategy. the war is morphing you're going to see more actions in africa and less
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you're going to see more aggression by the united states toward our enemies not less you're going to have decisions being made not in the white house but out in the field and i support that entire construct so the rules of engagement are going to change when it comes to counterterrorism operations we're going to move to status based targeting so if you find somebody who's a member of a terrorist organization then we can use lethal force they don't have to present an immediate threat well lawrence korb is a former u.s. assistant secretary of defense and he says there needs to be more transparency about exactly what happened in the. this is something that certainly the congress should have been made aware of it's certainly something that the american people should know because if you send their sons and daughters into battle we ought to know exactly what's involved in what other countries are we talking about i doubt that most people even knew we were in air and according to the pentagon they were
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in the soup for an advise and assist mission it was not a combat mission we didn't have any air power we had the french was supposed to come and help us out but they couldn't drop bombs and so was run very very chaotically there why did they not get all of the dead soldiers out you know the military is very strong about you leave no one behind you know how did how did that happen what was the role of contract is it ended up a contractor not a u.s. military person or civil servant was in there and you know on how many of them are there i mean and how much are we spending on this we have an africa command why didn't they come and tell us right after this happened what was going on with the u.s. as his face is on his way to the middle east on a mission with his faith because some of the conflicts in the region right phyllis and fessed up will be saudi arabia where he'll discuss the ongoing battle in yemen as well as the crisis between gulf arab states and qatar and egypt says say mr
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tillotson said he had little hope that the months long go for diplomatic deceit would be resolved soon claiming the full blockading nations refusing to engage in talks. we got a lot more to come on this. a month after maria. and. find out why campaigning this sunday's election in. the l.a. dodgers reach me. for the first time in almost thirty years. details coming up later. in a few hours from now spain's prime minister mariano rajoy is expected to unveil specific measures to impose director along catalonia meanwhile catalan separatists are
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calling on a new kind of protest ripples from the capital. and online message from a pro independence campaign group saying peaceful direct action shows the power of the people. the call was to take some money out of banks that are moving their registration out of catalonia in case of independence withdraw one hundred fifty five euro the number of an article in the constitution being triggered to impose direct rule on catalonia by madrid why because the spanish dictatorship is unbearable. i think putting pressure on is a good move with thousands of people doing the same thing. the government still has no mood for any compromise. in
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catalonia there are movements that want revolution so they want civil disobedience today there was a call to withdraw money from banks. then came a message from the prime minister himself saying the cross. isis was at a critical point and his party and the main opposition were agreed on action. they have broken the rule of law a basic principle of the european union they have deprived the representatives of the opposition of their right to exercise control and government imagine if i decided to close parliament so nobody could question me it would be a scandalous situation. article one five five from the one nine hundred seventy eight constitution will take power away from the regional government here it could mean elections it could mean a formal declaration of independence it might lead to public disorder in barcelona and now you really sense a fear of the unknown on both sides of the divide in this crisis shared by
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politicians and the people alike we fear that we are going to need. so to me as a danger and that maybe we will not be able to push back when we are there and that's a feeling that they sing we all are in barcelona half right now. on saturday will hold we will hold an emergency cabinet meeting it's unlikely to calm the situation right now and there's a risk it could mean calls for peaceful direct action could turn into something more dangerous andrew simmons al-jazeera. the french president. says talks on how much the u.k. would have to pay in order to leave the european union and not even halfway through the e.u. summit in brussels britain's prime minister to resign may requested more cooperation from e.u. leaders in the slow moving talks. to resume
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a new in advance there'd be no major breakthrough for fellow e.u. leaders made clear that insufficient progress had been made to move talk beyond the current deadlocked difficulties over money and to begin talking about future trade she instead issued what sounded like an appeal for help by a politically weakened prime minister who's come as far as she can and desperately needs something in return if we are going to take a step forward together it must be on the basis of joint effort and endeavor we must work together to get to an outcome that we can stand behind that works for all people what she got in return wasn't much they were encouraging words from some e.u. leaders including the all important dangler merkel. on the slate of and then at will as we have made progress and it is perhaps the nature of the thing that we look at it step by step i have absolutely no doubt that if we are all focused and the
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speech in florence was a contribution that we can get a good result and there was an end of summit commitment by the other twenty seven members of the e.u. to begin preparatory talks among themselves about what sort of future trade deal they'd like to see. that means that at least some work will have been done on trade as the pluck takes down to bragg's it so that if the green light is given at the next council meeting on december the fourteenth for talks to move on well they'll be just a little bit ahead of the game it is the very smallest of concessions by the e.u. where the bar for such minor victories has been set it's creamy low but in order for talks to move on the e.u. wants britain to go much further than its offer of over twenty billion dollars to meet outstanding commitments and liabilities that something the prime minister may not have the political capital to deliver jonah how al-jazeera brussels. it's been a month since hurricane maria hit purdah rico and eighty percent of the island is
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still without power crews are working around the clock to try to fix hundreds of kilometers of power lines but the governor says it could be another two months before full power is restored because of a lack of money and workers the u.s. government in washington d.c. is being criticized for its slow response to the crisis alan fischer has more from the puerto rican capital san juan. this is normally the convention center in san juan the capital of puerto rico but for the last month this has been the coordinating hub of all the rescue efforts across the island the federal emergency management agency the department of defense a number of local agencies and a number of charities are all based here trying to coordinate relief efforts but one month or one after the hurricane many people are saying they're seeing nothing nothing from any of these agencies coming into their communities to help them there are many people here still without food still without electricity still without drinking water there are real health concerns as well because people are turning to
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polluted water just to try and sleep their thirst or even doing simple things like washing their clothes in water that is highly contaminated so there's a real risk that there's going to be another health problem just a few weeks down the line that the people here aren't unrealistic they remember hurricane one thousand years ago and said that the expected things would take some time before they even started to get back to normal but they're deeply concerned that it's taking longer than any normal expectation they are seeing the expect to see a lot more of the government they realize that they can't just drive trucks here that you've got to bring things in by plane and by boat but they say they feel they're being neglected one example of that is that someone from fema said recently that they do so many blue tarpaulins catering for the hurricanes in florida and texas there simply weren't enough to bring here to puerto rico and the people here believe they are being forgotten and they want that to stop and to stop no. in
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argentina has been confirmed that the body found in a river is that of missing activist santiago maldonado his brother said you know modern art identified his body his disappearance in august sparked protests across the country both major parties contesting sunday's elections have now suspended campaigning and i'm never bored from what i cyrus thank you there were demonstrations across argentina and huge social media campaign asking a simple question where is sent the outlet maldonado the twenty eight year old activist disappeared in august during a protest in support of indigenous rights in the south of the country. i want to ask those who lead our country's president maurice your mark and his ministers. here. i want to ask them where santiago is. it is urgent that he be alive we need
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him for the well being of everybody and probably santiago's out there. slick elation was rife opponents of the government generally believed he'd been beaten possibly killed by the police and his body hidden there asking why it took seventy seven days to find the body then the area that was searched three times other speculated that he drowned or disappeared voluntarily perhaps crossing into neighboring chile pressure was on the government especially the security minister to provide conclusive answers. i will not allow you sen to compare our government to the dictatorship that's an atrocity if that uses have been committed by security forces you should know that those involved will be sanctioned accordingly. memories in argentina are still strong from the one nine hundred seventy s. and eighty's the time of the so-called dirty war with an estimated thirty thousand
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people were kidnapped tortured and killed by the military authorities both the main parties fighting sunday's legislative elections have suspended campaigning where this sensitive case and human rights the top of the political agenda. one of cyrus. so to come on this al-jazeera news more of us dying every year from air pollution and dirty water. conflicts and natural disasters combined so says a new report and despite several high profile exits russia will have a representative at the kremlin cup final peter will turn. from dusky sunset so it's pruning savannah. to sunrise atop an asian metropolis. how the weather is lost if i did try for
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a good part of china as we go on through the next couple of days temperatures in hong kong getting up to around twenty nine degrees celsius but not just a fair amount of cloud and rain and snow into central and southwestern parts of the kountry and that'll be the case as we go on through sunday for anything that right popping up and expanding a little further as we go on into the next week meanwhile the sunshine continues for hong kong temperatures getting up to around twenty seven celsius was say showers for the south and some big ones at that this area clad here extends from typhoon land down across the philippines pushing right across northern parts of borneo malaysia seeing some really wet weather then as we go on through the next few days we monsoon trough which will continue to face some really lively downpours and across the region over the coming days some of the weather extended towards the gulf of thailand much of time that doesn't get too bad over the next day also not see bad for a good part of india but we do have this tropical system the depression here just
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making it pretty wet there across the northeast of india into bangladesh easing up into good parts of nepal and will push a little further north which as we go on through sunday but the rain will continue for northern entre pradesh. there with sponsored by the time he's. in slave abuse. freedom. the flight to many of these. after a lifetime of serving a remarkable young woman breaks free. to lead the abolitionist movement of electrifying force. written by her favorite book electric sophistication. my memory is my power now with this documentary this time on a jersey.
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there's a look at the top stories here and out there iraqi forces of claim control of the whole of kirkuk province from kurdish peshmerga forces the army says it captured the last town of al to cope with the situation near a bill with the help of shia forces. beisel has frame responsibility for one of two
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attacks against mosques in afghanistan more than seventy people have been killed in the twin suicide bombings the attacks happened in a shia mosque in kabul and a sunni mosque in the central province of goal. u.s. defense secretary has told senators the military is counterterrorism efforts will shift to focus more on africa james mattis was missing senators to discuss the death of four u.s. soldiers in an ambush in the earlier this month. at least thirty police officers have been killed in a shootout in egypt that's according to a security spokesman the attack took place in the area that southwest of cairo so far there have been no more details but we'll bring you more days whoa whoa first incident as soon as we get them. somali government officials say the number of people killed in the country's worst attack has now risen to three
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hundred fifty eight the president says al-shabaab was behind last weekend's bombings the armed group hasn't claimed responsibility but the accusation is prompting fears about al-shabaab future tactics mohammad adu reports from mogadishu . some of the seriously wounded in saturday's bombing in mogadishu are being airlifted abroad for treatment somali hospitals have received much needed medical supplies patients turned away by one place patrols in the hours and days after the talk are finally getting attention. talks become more lethal medical workers say they were forced to improvise their treatment plans for the main. there were many. is the time when you can see that. how extended. the.
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blast yet to be published u.n. reports a. new ways of constructing improvised bombs and increase their destructive. it says the wait till the explosives has also increased and along with militant good devices the group uses. but also fuel and gas canisters to. damage. two thousand and yet they continue with considerable influence and capital but complex the system in which many businesses give them monthly contributions and with the. help become. collecting millions of dollars for their campaign of violence. the united nations says illegal taxation schemes involve expulsion and other so-called fees. on
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the strength. of the witness of the somali government help the fight to succeed so money is going to be as angry and i stress and it. seems there's a huge amount of you know you know the ban on the union and the e.u. . if you want to. so president say it's time to act i believe it's time for us to come together and. to unite against this. foreign ideology which we heard which has nothing to do with islam which has nothing to do with our country. doesn't solve somalis remain missing and many families are in mourning for them this all talk is a massive blow in the war against al shabab mohamed atta well just look at this is
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somalia. a twenty one year old irish egyptian citizen has been released after four years in jail in egypt the news of abraham was released was welcomed by his family and by the irish government last month he was cleared of inciting violence and writing over the fatah mass demonstrations of twenty thirteen hundreds were arrested there after protests against the military coup that ousted president mohamed morsi al-jazeera is demanding the release of its journalists mahmoud hussein who's now been imprisoned in egypt for more than three hundred days he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and his era strongly deny mahmoud has repeatedly complained of mistreatment during his incarceration he was arrested in december last visiting his family the pollution is killing more of us than war and natural disasters that's according to
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a new report from the medical journal the lancet almost fifty international researches were involved in a two year project and the results show the pollution played a role in the deaths of one in six people in twenty fifteen charlotte bellis reports. from civil wars to ethnic disputes from hurricanes to earthquake we old who are wary of the deadly impact of such atrocities but a new study has revealed a more devastating death toll in war and natural disasters combined. medical journal the lancet says pollution causes nine million premature deaths every year in twenty fifteen filthy air was linked to some six point five million deaths in contaminated water accounted for one point eight million the study blamed pollution for one in six premature deaths worldwide and twenty fifteen sub-saharan
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africa had the highest rated deaths per capita by somalia chad and central african republic but india had the highest death toll almost a quarter of all deaths there some two and a half million or blamed in part on pollution this is the air quality in new delhi nearly twenty times higher than accepted levels are common with. my eyes are burning as if someone put it chilly in them and i'm having difficulty. it's the result of a night of fireworks celebrating the hindu festival of the wyly a ban has been declared on the sale of fireworks celebration takes precedence over pollution despite the ban of the government doesn't have a political will we need to do more because we can't afford to live in a situation like this. india has taken steps to reduce pollution limiting the number of cars on new delhi's roads and tightening standards for vehicle and
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factory emissions the root cause of most global deaths environmentalist say the crisis is preventable governments just need to take the issue seriously it's a shock to all of us when we saw the numbers and we need commitment national and local level to just get in and do it because the solutions exist. beyond the human cost pollution accounts for four point six trillion dollars each year in losses or six percent of the global economy this is the most comprehensive global study to date and research has concluded pollution threatens the continuing survival of human societies shallop ballasts al jazeera. now the world health organization says an outbreak of the plague in madagascar has killed ninety four people and that it could spread further there are cases of the be born a plague on the island every year but the authorities say this year is much more dangerous than previous ones more than
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a million doses of antibiotics have been sent to madagascar that's enough to treat five thousand patients and protect another one hundred thousand people who may have been exposed. in japan opinion poll suggests prime minister shinzo alba is going to win his gamble to hold sunday's general election voters are expected to give him a landslide victory to become the longest serving leader in japanese history sarah clarke reports from take care. it's kerry much as i was first foray into japan's political arena is appointed by the current government a harvard graduate decided to run for election and says the party of hope she stands for office a credible alternative current administration is basically just doing their point thanks for the start in people not all the public i think we have to change it and if people want to change the governor of tokyo you recall quake it launched the
5:40 am
party of hope last month pledging popular policies and a nuclear free japan the body was initially considered the most prominent rival to prime minister shinzo law by its hold on government but on the eve of the general election polls showed voter support has filed to gain ground and any hope of challenging his parliamentary majority is unlikely body of hope doesn't have a policy platform is different from the current ruling party on top of this governor coequal created the party is not running for the prime ministership so it looks like a very strange situation prime minister abbott has played the strong and stable card in the wake of escalating tensions with north korea telling everyone to vote for experience analysts say that campaign strategy has also paid off on a man when he's been lucky more than having played his cards right. when there's a national security crisis if you're only helps the incumbent government. on top of
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this the opposition party the democratic party were so weak that it ended up in loading. despite polls predicting our by return. into power projections crudes to change forty percent of voters reported to be undecided which candidate party back . mother who does the i haven't been able to decide at all. i'd support stability of an administration but at the same time i wonder if everything should remain the same. the latest opinion polls suggest that shinzo are ruling coalition party could secure as many as three hundred of the four hundred sixty five states up for grabs plus a two thirds of the majority held before the election if that's his decision to call a snap election could pile off piping the wife to him to potentially become the longest serving leader in japan's history sarah clock al-jazeera tokyo. now australia as you know is one of the most multicultural countries in the world yet
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latest figures show a quarter of the population is intolerant towards other cultures and ethnicities even racist andrew thomas reports. in one commercial a white man holds open the lift door for a white woman but lets the door close on a black one a white woman steps out discussed it in another taxi driver tries to pick up a white passenger before an aboriginal one has been waiting longer the white passenger refuses to jump the queue but does a straight one of the world's most multicultural countries really need like these more than other places organizers call this the believe in bendigo picnic an annual day of inclusive in a country town when my kids were growing up in melbourne to the big market to say people of any other ethnic origin you know because they just won't go. and so now
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that's changing and more people are coming to live here but the main idea is to hold an event which contrasts with another held in bendigo in like twenty fifty hundreds protested against plans to build a mosque the ugly images tapped into a perception that australia is and australians are racist australia certainly has a racist he story with a colonial past and an explicit white australia policy on immigration until the early one nine hundred seventy s. . today in videos like the easy to find online. research is recently surveyed more than ten thousand people in australia they concluded that about a quarter also questions in a way that showed them to be intolerant of other cultures and ethnicities the same survey asked people if they'd experienced discrimination in the last year thirty nine percent of people originally from china and india said they hired sixty nine percent of people from c.
5:44 am
done and fifty nine percent of indigenous australians in australia at the moment we don't even really want to acknowledge that racism exists institutionally systemic implicitly and explicitly. but australian society is diverse and is getting more so net migration adds one percent to the population each year one of the highest rates in the world twenty eight percent of australians were born in other countries with the biggest numbers recently coming from india and china surveys suggest about eighty five percent of australians think multiculturalism has been good for the country and the prime minister regularly called australia the most successful multicultural society in the world some though say that is a claim too far if you kind of crow about being the most successful it can kind of paper over the fact that there are problems as well bendigo as mosque is going ahead it's difficult start potentially the positive opened up
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a conversation and that's something that was probably missing in bendigo before then nationally to an increasing conversation about racism could have a beneficial effect andrew thomas al-jazeera sit general made his is to cut production and jobs at a plant near the u.s. city of detroit they blame big changes in the u.s. auto manufacturing industry john hendren reports. a slowdown in motown has general motors cutting back. auto sales in the u.s. it dropped nearly ten percent so far this year but it g.m. the fall is nearly double that this plant makes cars buicks cadillacs and chevy volt hybrid but it's s.u.v.s that are selling now so the detroit hamtramck assembly plant has gone from two shifts to one this month it's slowing down production. very quickly don't use of assemblies and do what they want downtime to to deal with
5:46 am
excess amatory so they're quicker to riyad yes. they don't play with that one on nov twentieth this plant will shut down entirely until january while demand catches up with production when production restarts it will do so with two hundred fewer of its eighteen hundred workers alternative fuels may be the way of the future volvo is going all electric or hybrid by twenty nine teams and america is slowly working its way in that direction but americans love their big cars and they have cheap gas and as america goes so goes detroit. this was once one of the busiest plants in the u.s. but automakers have moved their plants from the detroit area across the u.s. and the world is cars have morphed into what are effectively rolling computers manufacturing is required fewer but more tech savvy workers with the demands that they're going to have for the. technical expertise i think the manufacturing
5:47 am
is going to be more concentrated in the u.s. . simply because that's where the talent is i mean you need to to produce the kinds of technology that they're working on now you have to have a very highly educated workforce. that workforce is set to bear the brunt of the cutbacks as g.m. and other automakers deal with an ever changing market that will see thousands of jobs being lost john hendren al jazeera detroit so they're coming the news came the table invade a piece of we'll tell you what happens when five times champion ronnie o'sullivan ran into the fire. from the showings of the red sea storage a clean water act the global hawk and home management and major goals but in
5:48 am
georgia this team of a momentous change to the pics of the himalayas where water conservation looks like this. solution is to save the world's most precious resource and the next episode of rights we look at what is being done to stem the wants prices. at this time of al-jazeera. al-jazeera. where every.
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as promised it's time for the still sees his pizza. thank you very much the los angeles dodgers are headed to the first world series in twenty nine years they ended the chicago cubs defense of a major league baseball title on thursday with a stunning performance from one player in particular. to ensure that was just the way it's been one hundred eight years since the los angeles dodgers last won a world series but now they're a step closer to ending that drought. last season the dodgers run was ended by the now defending champion chicago cubs this time the dodgers got their own back maybe deep at the center field this. was good
5:50 am
was ok. and and as he's had a lot on his mind of late his father has been battling cancer and his home country of puerto rico was devastated by hurricanes last month so his performance in game five was more remarkable when he followed that home run in the very next inning with something special that said you want to thank god that god said. ok i am back. with the dodgers now up seven nothing that grand slam and enjoys them further towards victory. even when the cubs finally got on the scoresheet in the bottom of the fourth. the joy of their fans was shortlived contention that the five five to get to carry the was was to get their status quo out of the game with t.k.
5:51 am
hand as the first dodger ever with three homers in a postseason game with that the dodgers sealed and eleven two one win and a three two series victory and kiki to have a huge night three homers tonight just providing so much energy for us and we fed off that tonight. and it's a very good bottle over there and those guys are the world champs and they fought to the end but died fortunately we came up on the on the good side of things this year i want to congratulate them on their victory the better team won over the course of these five games they played really well. they kind of up just in everything else so give them credit for two thousand austere the dodge's were the first to admit the comps were the better team at the table so who wants to stay at your house was on the piano that the archers are headed to the road series for the folks to be with you. this time and i got the better of that champion rifles.
5:52 am
was i want to go al jazeera. it's like it offends you of the issue dominating american sport the n.f.l. decided not to punish players protesting the games for racial injustice by taking a knee during the national anthem we know it infuriates president donald trump so al-jazeera is rob reynolds went to oakland to see what's right is supporters make of it. this is one of the great american sports traditions the tailgate party a chance to barbecue drink some beer and enjoy the camaraderie of fellow fans these oakland raiders supporters showed up early to party in the parking lot near the stadium where their team played the kansas city chiefs thursday night. it's the first pro football game since the national football league owners weighed in on the controversy will player protests that have made the sport
5:53 am
a political football just the league's commissioner said players would not be forced to stand and this is something that what we try to do is deal with the underlying issue and understand what it is that they are protesting and try to address that matter in response president donald trump tweeted not forcing players to stand showed quote total disrespect for our great country the president the players and now the team owners have all had their say so we came here to find out how the fans are feeling michael and lindelof and say trump has twisted the meaning of the players' protests he will if we get and what the original message was it was the protests police brutality in the black community was he has been politicized now the flag stands for more gay military the flag stands for equal justice and liberty for all mary all over believes the protests are inappropriate
5:54 am
it's that their right to exercise free speech. but. i feel that. the flag and then the national anthem represents our freedom and the hands of what our soldiers have bought for what most fans agree the players had a right to express their opinions if they want to neil i don't personally agree with. say nylander they are going by greed that if they want to do that they have that right there's no disrespect not not on it out not it out more but what they do before the game starts is their business and i think it's just a distraction in a topic that's not needed right now with all the other cast going on in the world others say it's a shame that political mudslinging has soiled the game they love no i just here just watch the football game leave everything else behind and just just watch a football game before the raiders chiefs game got underway several players did
5:55 am
kneel in protest players are making political statements and the president is playing to his political base and fans who just want to have fun are caught in the middle while promotes al-jazeera oakland california. despite the elimination of several top seeds and hometown players russia will have a player in the final of the crimean cup on saturday after all her name is cassock keener on friday she faced. in the semifinals the twenty year old actually defeated the remaining quite easily six two and six three she is ranked twenty eight in the world and already has a first singles title under her belt after victory in charleston earlier this. and earlier in the day julia good guests put paid to any hopes of an all russian final this was up against natalia victory and save but it was the german who came out on top in this one in
5:56 am
a tough three said battle six two to six and seven five to good. sri lanka slam to you merely ating defeat in the fourth of five one day cricket internationals against pakistan an embarrassing run out of one of the best batsman epitomize in their struggles in sharjah dinesh chandimal caught in a mix up with a hero to a man who went on to top school with sixty two but a paltry total of one hundred seventy three was never going to be enough. and showed malik both getting half centuries as pakistan won by say the wickets with the never notice to spare it's the eleventh straight o.d.i. defeat for sri lanka. it was hamilton could wrap up the formula one championship at sunday's us grand prix hamilton is on target for his fourth title he's fifty nine points clear of ferrari's sebastian vettel but the mercedes driver is refusing to concede the rivalry is over. i mean obviously such a massive margin now and it was such a tension throughout the season up to september but there's much less tension now
5:57 am
from from your point of view approaching right now and changing me when everything is exactly the same as it was going into last right into the second half a season is exactly the same mentality mentally for me so. maybe a change from your perspective for me has been fair enough the odds are stacked against australia ahead of the final bledisloe cup or rugby test match against new zealand all blacks in brisbane on saturday captain kiran reed's world champions have already tucked away the trophy with two wins in the three match series so far and the wallabies are out of the picture having beaten new zealand just once in the past eighteen bledisloe battles sneak a champion ronnie o'sullivan is got the run around from a fan that the english over the five time world champion was close to wrapping up his third round match against china's john young when right on cue a spectator slipped past security of the passing the pink o'sullivan let the woman get in on the act giving her a shot at the black she would go on to prove her that some things are best left to
5:58 am
the professionals sullivan says he saves the fans from the usual fate of game invaders a rugby tackle. and that's all the sport for me from now another update coming up again later please ystem it with this posting is that if you want to find out anything more about any of the really interesting stories you see on this al-jazeera news don't forget there's a website al-jazeera dot com lots of background lots of information very nice pictures a lot of analysis as well don't go away elizabeth will be here in just a minute. a new level of luxury has arrived. an experience that will transform the way you try. our impeccable service remains but now comes the breaking heat is
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a. revolutionary business clients. the old forces for the see the finest. weather conducting business or sharing especially with. the things to. the surface that. saddam was. trying to sort of. centuries in the school introducing to school. first to use. as owen's going places together. provoking debate the corporate taxes not job growth on the barack obama the well. that's not true tackling the tough issues restrictions on media freedom of the tree killings torture. but challenging the established line every single
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one of the three thousand people who was killed with a drug dealer yes how do we know that you didn't try them didn't prosecute the shop one sign joined many has done for a front at this time on al-jazeera as we embrace new technologies rarely do we stop to ask what is the price of this progress what happened was he was started getting sick but there was a small group of people that began to think that maybe this was really an aspersion on the job and investigation reveals how even the smallest devices deadly environmental and health we think ok will send our u.s. to china but we have to remember that air pollution traveling around the globe death by design at this time on al-jazeera. to trade as a ranking forces claim the home of.


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