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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  October 27, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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business update brought to you by chance are they always going places together. this is zero.
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time or shall carry this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes catalonia ignores warnings from spain's prime minister and was closer to declaring secession. a low voter turnout in kenya's second presidential election and three months so what does this expected victory for whoever can yatta mean for the country will have a live report. bernie ops out of the international criminal court raising questions about who the body targets for prosecution. we can be the generation that in the opioid epidemic we can do. present donald trump declares the opioid crisis a public health emergency and to overcome addiction in the u.s. . process session parties in catalonia hybrid to. a motion with the regional
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parliament to proclaim independence from spain there have comes as the senate in madrid debates whether to grant the prime minister mariano rajoy special powers to sack the catalog president and has regional government catalunya as president refused to hold early elections unless the central government agree to certain conditions speaking in the senate royce said he planned elections in catalonia soon so we have made in madrid first let's go to andrew simmons and catalan use capital barcelona so andrew what more do we know about this development that it seems that barcelona is inching closer and closer to trying to break away. we know quite a bit now in the past ten minutes that the callus pushed him on has arrived at parliament a plenary session is starting soon the parliament has been in session since thursday evening debating the whole situation with the big gulf between the
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parties will produce a session and totally against it fairy beattie and passionate exchanges but now it's going to be decision time in the coming hours and we have here a translation of a resolution that's going to be put by the ruling coalition of p.t. cat and e r c p d cat which is center right see which is socialist that is a minority government so they don't have the power to actually get a resolution through without the support of the c u p which is a left wing party and this is the resolution the main body of it to reconstitute the catalan republic as an independent sovereign state social and democratic rule of law to be instituted with this and to initiate the process which is democratic and citizen based that's the main extract it means really the parliament
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will she make a declaration of secession now. how will this play out it could well be that there could be a boycott from the opposition parties the socialists for example want to have elections there and some other parties who want independence also want to go ahead with that which was the plan that was put forward to two colace push them all and he rejected it based on a number of points he couldn't get agreement but anyway there's also a suggestion that from the p.p. that's the ruling party that they should stop defying the state they should stop all actions that are illegal because this vote if it takes place and it looks as if it will do will be deemed illegal and that is a major piece of history whichever way it goes and as things stand as the mathematics go with this agreement as i've just explained it may well go ahead.
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ok andrew thank you for that update from barcelona let's go to madrid now where hota is standing by live so the prime minister spain's prime minister. spoke earlier tell us more about what he had to say. the prime minister really was putting forward the reasoning behind. article five and basically what he said there will be heard over and over again throughout his speech is that everything that has happened in catalonia has been. from the minute. referendum to vote the referendum was announced to the when it did the creator of the referendum was signed when the vote was happened he also said that everything that happened was. said from his point of view is that
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madrid had offered many times. to. backtrack from his position he was actually invited. yesterday there were deliberation around this article one five five and actually. all indications that he has no choice but to trigger this article that has never been it has never been done before in this country and when and then he sort of went on to explain what would happen once this article one five five is triggered. if the senate approves this the president of the spanish government will dissolve parliament and call elections within six months my aim is to call elections as soon as possible we also ask you to authorize the following decisions to remove from office the president the deputy president and the cabinet members of the catalan
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government. so what if catalonia declares independence takes this final really drastic step where does that leave much for it. i think it won't change in madrid position in my heart in it you have to remember that article one five five is a very broad based article that doesn't go into specifics and it basically called on the government to protect. the country and to protect the country if some sort of region behaves out of the rule of law what this article could allow the prime minister to do even though so far no one has broken about that openly but that option still exists what would happen is that probably they would go ahead with. the government and. now it's a matter of seeing whether that government will actually go quietly or not
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certainly the president and the vice president of catalonia would be removed now earlier when prime minister of speaking he said that the parliament would stay in place even though that parliament would not be allowed to deliberate on anything that has to do with the referendum or with the session but it would be good its own its usual business now if the parliament in catalonia is the one who's going to vote shortly as it seems to be calling for independence it might be that he will take this step further and parliament certainly i think. does have the support of the lawmakers here inside the senate throughout his speech he had a lot of rocas even as he walked in before he even opened his mouth he was already being uploaded quite vigorously. if this really goes ahead. the positions here in madrid would already hard. to tell made life for us in madrid
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hota thank you. a low voter turnout and kenya's rerun presidential election election that is further divided the country while more voting is expected on saturday it's a virtual given that the incumbent president who cannot or will remain in power opposition leader raila odinga not only boycotted the election but also said his party will be the voice of the resistance at least four people were shot dead after violence broke out between his supporters and police and kenya's election commission says more than one in ten polling stations failed to open due to what it called security challenges more than six and a half million kenyans cast their ballots on thursday that's just thirty five percent of registered voters now let's contrast that with the election and in august when eighty percent turned out nearly fifteen million voters thirty five thousand five hundred sixty four polling stations open five thousand three hundred one thousand polling stations did not and voting had to be postponed in four
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counties in western kenya elections will be held in home of a consuming quarry and say on saturday made a miller joins us live from nairobi so for me to how divided are kenyans over this vote and how it's all played out. well hearing what kenyans have said up to this point there certainly is concern around to what this election and the thirty five percent turnout might represent your which we're basically looking at two camps those that voted for president to work in the art and those who stayed away from the polls opposition supporters who heeded the score by the opposition leader raila odinga to boycott the election very much the focus will be going forward will be on the elections that are outstanding in some of those places that you mentioned and also other areas where they weren't able to open polling stations due to
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a number of reasons not just the protests or the clashes that we saw between protesters and police at various points in the country especially in the western part of kenya speaking to kenyans in recent weeks many of them want to move forward they are they are tired of being in this eternal election cycle and they wanted to come to an end now looking at this process been extended because of outstanding polling stations there certainly of frustration and that will add to the sort of polarized country that we're seeing when we look at people supporting the opposition and the incumbent president raila odinga so let's talk about the the opposition what else are we hearing about. his plans for his supporters going forward. well the the media's focus are these outstanding elections that are due to take place on saturday that's according to the electoral commission regarding that raila odinga has said that people should
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continue boycotting the polls and the poor turnout is also representative of the lack of confidence kenya has in a president who are kenyatta that may not necessarily be the case certainly there were more than eight million people who voted for kenyatta in the now an old august election but beyond these elections we don't know if they're loading the will take legal action a few weeks ago in september he had said that he wouldn't take legal action with regard to the election there took place in august he later turned around and that he did. he did proceed to the supreme court so we don't know what his stance might be going forward he certainly has made mention of this resistance movement but what form that will actually take can be said raila odinga said he would spell out what that would include if it's possibly economic boycotts or or anything along that line but a lot of very very when it comes to what he may do next i mean
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a miller live in nairobi for me to thank you a court of south africa has sentenced to white men to long jail terms for kidnapping and assault after they forced a black man into a coffin and threaten to set him on fire will almost thousand in the old jackson have been sentenced to eleven and fourteen years in person respectively the case caused outrage in the country and an outpouring of support for the victim victor and watch were after a mobile phone footage of this went viral. australia's prime minister has been forced to delay a trip to israel as he deals with a constitutional crisis that has cost his government its parliamentary majority the deputy prime minister part of a choice as one of five people the high court expelled on friday because they were in breach of laws preventing door citizens from entering parliament andrew thomas reports. barnaby joyce like to crack a cattle within parliament to burnish his old image but on friday australia's high
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court decided when he was elected he wasn't australian enough to be an m.p. let alone australia's deputy prime minister joyce his father was born in new zealand and though he says he didn't know it joyce was entitle to new zealand citizenship to know no reason to believe that any other country but israel is born just justly and you know i grew up. and i served in nation's defense forces not reasonably well thinking but it's rather a straight is constitution says no one it's hard to the rights of a citizen of a foreign power can stand for parliament on friday the high court decided ignorance of joule citizenship was no excuse five m.p.'s have been thrown out of parliament in all but most a senate says it will be replaced by others from their party's barnaby joyce his case was different he was an m.p. in the house of representatives where the government of prime minister malcolm
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turnbull had until friday a majority of just one without joyce the government is at risk the decision of the court today is clearly not the outcome we were hoping for but the business of government goes on it can for now. time with its most famous for its annual country music festival but under some of the second will be a byelection here in which joyce is now we're announcing his news even citizenship will try to win back his own. seat but even if he does there are other problems if joyce wasn't properly elected as an m.p. he wasn't politically a minister only the decisions he made as one could now be challenged in cool when it came to the point where he realised that he might not be a minister when it was referred to the high court when there were doubts about it it might well be that those decisions of vulnerable the house already being a more immediate consequence australia's prime minister was supposed to be
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travelling to israel on saturday leaving barnaby joyce in charge here at home malcolm turnbull has now been laid back trim indefinitely under thomas al-jazeera sitting. here secretary of state rex tillerson has made a phone call to one of myanmar senior army chiefs to express his concern over reported atrocities against the revenge in rakhine state speaking to senior general feeling he urged security forces to support the government and in the violence tillerson also wants them to allow the safe return of ethnic rancher who have fled the area now more than eight hundred thousand refugees in camps in bangladesh following this military kamila terry crackdown and man mark. has more from him gone . the u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson in his telephone conversation with me on mon military chief men on playing also touched on other issues in northern va kind state he talked about the distribution of aid which has been affected not only
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because of the ongoing violence but because of the hostility displayed by local rakhine population towards aid workers he also urged to myanmar authorities to grant unrestricted access to journalists to the area to report on what's going on there and the media the u.s. state department is said to be considering formally declaring what's happening to what's the will hinge or in the kind state as ethnic cleansing the u.s. and the u.k. have already suspended defense cooperation with myanmar because of the ongoing violence now the telephone conversation between telus and men on playing comes just votes the un human rights and boy to myanmar young he leaves spoke to the un general assembly in new york and said it was time for the un security council to issue a strongly worded resolution because what was happening the violence happening in rakhine state could fuel extremism and create a bigger problem for the region now the myanmar government has denied the
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allegations leveled against it and says the crisis is being distorted by a campaign of mis information the government spokesman told our jazeera on friday that there is no such thing as ethnic cleansing taking place in myanmar but written your refugees continue to stream into bangladesh or bringing with them consistent accounts of persecution and abuse. and they.
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first country to withdraw from the international criminal court takes effect on friday after it notified the united nations of its intention to leave. focuses too much on africa. doesn't affect ongoing court proceedings. this was an unexpected move but still why why this move.
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as i mentioned some african nations have accused the i.c.c. of targeting in the continent which is why countries like gambia and south africa had also threatened to leave the i.c.c. was created in part because of their wanton genocide in one thousand nine hundred four one hundred ten thousands of people were killed thirty four african nations are among the one hundred twenty four countries who joined the body of the us russia and china are not part of the international court and neither are many arab nations have the prosecutors ten current investigations all except one in georgia and volved african politicians and warlords body is they spokesman for the i.c.c. and joins us from the hague on skype and we appreciate your time very much so i
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guess my first question is your reaction to this move something that we knew was coming but still your reaction to it i think that the meeting important thing here is to highlight two points one is that we respect the sofa and each state interstate is going to decide to join or to withdraw from one national t.v. so i didn't part of that is that the consequences of this withdrawal are covered by the article of that you keep it so and according to the statute the withdrawal will not affect the jurisdiction of the i.c.c. over crimes that they have been going to did prior to the date where with all due respect to us and we know that there is a nation into the. case that has been overweight since april two thousand and sixteen and i see prosecutor with goals that is almost of this for me an example nation chose to do so with a lot of persecution is necessary and it was again
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a sort of is this is what i was in due course what all of that critique of that criticism that the overwhelming majority of cases that you pursue are an african nations. well again that is to force for this question and the first one is that i see it's protecting the african citizens there are tens of thousands of african victims who are participating in the i.c.c. cases and that the day to see intervention has depressed actually of protecting the victims and not being against a handful of persons who are suspected of presumed innocent until it's are not true it is made the second fall is in most of the cases that you are mentioning it was actually the states them sense what you heard that says to that i.c.c. that was the case for example for money for you got up center in a public order for the democratic republic of the congo what has been your similar role strong states from other states and also there was
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a security council referred to a situation as to that i.c.c. and the african states were also represented in the security council and for example that it fell off that yet words by any known with the of the security council so that they get the african states that were there were in support of the referral to that sissy are you are you concerned are you concerned that other nations may follow suit. currently there is no other nation that is in the process of withdrawal other countries has threatened to. currently not there is no indication at all that you remember that there was the withdrawal that the stores that were deposed by myself and then there were in fact because of their own decisions whether the change of the presidency or internal discussions but currently there are all withdrawals that are depressed. thirty
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ellabella thank you very much for joining us we appreciate it. a un investigative panel has blamed syria's assad government for a lethal chemical attack on a rebel held village in april more than eighty people including tens of children were killed when the nerve agent sarin was dropped on the town of concha coom almost six hundred people were injured two days after the attack u.s. president donald trump ordered a missile strike on a syrian government airbase syria has repeatedly denied any responsibility for the attack assad government's ally russia has criticized the owner port saying it contains many of consistencies and unverified evidence mike hanna has more from the united nations. well the joint investigative commission or jim as it is known has presented a thirty three page report to the u.n. security council in a says that it's received a number of allegations of the use of chemical weapons within the war in syria over the last few months it focuses though on two specific attacks the one that hunch
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a coup in it finds that the syrian government must be held responsible for that attack it admits that it did not send its fact finding team to the actual scene of the attack however two satellite imagery interviews with witnesses cell phone footage and importantly it found that the precursor used in the explosive that disperse the siren was identical to the precursor that had been stored by the syrian army when it was tested before the civil civil war began so it found that the syrian government must be held accountable it looked into the syrian claim that aircraft had dropped bombs on a warehouse where rebels had stored a chemical weapon but found that that particular theory could not be upheld and found incontrovertibly it says that the syrian government was responsible for that sarin gas attack the other incident it looked at was in omaha in september last
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year where jim found that i saw had used mortars to disperse mustard at a village and at least two people were killed in that particular attack now the mandate for germ is due to be renewed by mid november earlier this week the u.s. brought a resolution asking that its mandate be renewed before its report russia vetoed that particular resolution what we'll be hearing over the next few days and weeks is discussion between russia and other members of the security council as to whether this report by jim can be seen as a fair unbiased and honest it will be. russia's reaction to this which will determine whether or not it with holds its veto when the mandate for jim comes up with full renewal within the next few weeks and the un human rights chief is demanding food and medicine be allowed to reach parts of the syrian capital to
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alleviate the threat of famine there a tightening siege on the eastern suburbs of damascus has left many children severely malnourished said hussein has called the situation an outrage and humanitarian emergency eastern good has been under siege by government forces since two thousand and thirteen with three hundred fifty thousand people trapped in that area. latest. still have. christians in different parts of central african republic say they've had to hide their religious identity just to survive. and. making it. more in sport.
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and if. well thursday was dramatic on the argentine pompous is a massive south america this is not just run the video for you with uses satellite picture moves all the clouds slowly in that direction but they are big white topped clouds and this was the result now have a guess what do you think that actually is and he's a little puzzled him self a striver. you think no but it was swept off the roads by a vast amount of rain it is actually hail that is hail the best part of a beach a deep obviously talking to such an extent have to have to be dug out this is in the the state of court about the area of quarter which is in the northern part of argentina at the moment it looks like things are much drier the focus of finally dawn breaks will see the rain probably have moved up to the northeast towards one a series or beyond that's where it keeps going so across days to come thankfully
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it's quite dramatic now remember yesterday we were talking about the middle of brazil where it's been particularly dry they've been suffering from what looks like a deliberately set which is an area of study national. city already burnt the good news is we see showers coming this way in the next two days . the weather. sponsored by qatar airways. used to be with. him. you want to do a good move. but. just. jump on the truck. with the one today. just to zero the growing up in the united states i learned that the first amendment is
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really key to being a good citizen freedom of. the born to be. men and women of the resources that are available what makes an al-jazeera story is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth. you're watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories this hour procession hardy's in catalonia have registered a motion with the regional parliament to proclaim and dependents from spain this
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move comes as a senator measure of debates whether to print the prime minister or on a report special powers to sack the catalan president and his regional governments . become the first country to withdraw from the international criminal court comes a year after it notified the un of its intention to leave prodi has faced violent protests and crackdown since april two thousand and fifteen. and president here in currencies an ounce plans to seek a third term big he ultimately won. kenya's election commission says six and a half million people voted in thursday's presidential election right but that's only a third of registered voters authorities postponed voting and four counties until saturday after all position. with police. james gandhi is a governance and rule of law analysts who joins us live from nairobi so let's can you put what has happened in some sort of context for us there was the first election which was obviously disputed but eighty percent of registered voters
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turned out now with this rerun there's a third of registered voters that have turned out is there any legitimacy to this election. yes the august eighth election. took place and was nullified by the supreme court due to substantial illegalities and irregularities that tainted the process irredeemably. the supreme court then called it an election be held within sixty days and that is a water cold yesterday however the opposition leader boycotted the election leading to a very low voter turnout which. he's been is boycotting the election was due to the fact that the minimum standards that the supreme court set out why not met for a credible election. he supported and because of the election leading to a very low voter turnout which in my view is not a legitimate expression of the sovereign will of the people through the ballot it
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is a legitimate because it is tainted by the ghosts of august eighth the issues of transmission the issues of the voters' register and other critical issues. around the service that were highlighted by the supreme court have not been addressed the i.d.c. commission is on record as stating that he cannot guarantee a credible process ok another commissioner fled the country fearing for her life so what is this what they're also stating that she kind of what carry on carry on yes another commissioner. did flee the country expressing fears for her life but also stating that she cannot guarantee a credible process because the electoral commission is under seige of bipartisan interests therefore the election cannot be free tracked and credible ok so having said that so what does that mean splay what does that mean for the stability of as
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ten yet politically economically what does this mean and what does the what does this say to the larger international community that deals with kenya. i think you know that to get our economy under our government and our and our and you know you get our economy and our stability right we've got to get our governance architecture right which means we've got to be able to run credible elections this election was in some way and in many ways our referendum on the economy. we've been beset by strikes by doctors dock workers nurses and so on over the last five years we have a public debt that is rising and endemic levels of corruption in our government. this election was this election was fought by political actors on the basis of of economic progress and lack of there of cited by the opposition and then we could
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option occurs in kenya in the areas of public infrastructure. in grand infrastructure process such as the time to get really way into any way scandals billions and billions of of commissions have been lost hundreds of millions of u.s. dollars i think you know difficult for us to have stability we've got to get our constitutional minimums right we've got to get our democratic governance right and that includes being able to run and a credible election this election was not credible in august eighth very peace process was illegitimate because it did not represent. the right to suffrage of the suffrage of the kenyan populace and i hold the turnout does not represent the sovereign will of the people of kenya james candy thank you very much for your answer i really appreciate it. at paris court has handed down a suspended jail term in the corruption top trial of equitorial guinea's vice president to a door and over gang of yang is the son of the long time leader to doro gamma who
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was president of the oil rich rest african nation for thirty eight years now be younger and was accused of spending more than one is spending more than one thousand times his official annual salary on a six storey mansion in paris a fleet of luxury super cars and michael jackson memorabilia and the case was started by two anti-corruption groups who say families of several african leaders live in france on the proceeds of corruption. david chaytor live court house paris so david tell us more about. the legal proceedings here. very important precedent this is under the new legislation called. the best for it in the tribunal in the courts behind me found. on charges of corruption of the bessel months and money laundering most importantly. he was guilty
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and he was given a three year prison term a conditional term not necessarily suspended conditional on the basis that he doesn't get involved in any of these activities again he also some a thirty five million dollars fine and the call confirm the seizure of his assets here which consider books and now the case was bought by brought by transparency international and i have with me the head of the group in ecuador now. this really does set a huge president. just to verify yes it's a huge president because of the first time. or head of state i would say about that the vice president of the country is sentenced to jail for corruption is this we've
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never had this situation in many many years. more than ten years ago and i started by transparency international friends we have to also give credit to for for. a very important president a president that says that. leaders cannot take their money away from the countries and. poverty. but ok now the french have got this man. if seize the assets how do you get the money back to the people who essentially has been stolen from is very very important point because one of the things that we already advocated from. this sentence was to create a mechanism to allow this funding. to get back to the population one of the problems actually is that the french legislation doesn't have a mechanism but the french. of france is also part of.
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convention against corruption that forces them to return to their countries of origin but the problem here we face is that those. countries might. be benefiting could be benefiting from that and that's where we're saying we need to make sure that that doesn't happen through different mechanisms that is sure that it goes directly to the population. and briefly could you tell me what are the conditions like in equitorial one of the i think the oil producer in africa they get a large income from the or revenue but what's the condition of most of the population . in poverty. the issue here is actually the fact that this is not a poor country this is a very very rich country that is very poor condition and that's only because there is. this level of corruption that it's. not allowing the population to benefit from
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their wealth they actually have to but this is a more of a global problem. it's a country that there are companies there are banks we heard from the just today saying how you know how much involvement was there from the banks that allowed this to happen without raising questions at least so thank you very much for that so as we've seen a very important. it means that there are other cases especially against and in the congo where the same legislation is going to be used so the days when african leaders can rub their own people in their own countries and live off the proceeds here in france are over ok i live in paris david thank you. they win she says calling for militia groups and central african republic to put down their weapons
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and to visit a troubled nation for years after religious violence broke out and it's nicholas reports from the capital some muslims are still too afraid to leave their enclave. they are safe here but this act of faith is too dangerous to perform in some neighborhoods of banky. at the height of the ethnic violence in four years ago my son was chased down by a christian a vigilante group lynched because he was muslim the family home destroyed fled to the muslim district of p.k. five. they're hunting a stone that will run so we have to hide our religion otherwise they will cut us into pieces. that disguises his faith whenever he leaves his neighborhood he shaved his beard and changes his clothes. he even changes his name. becomes. he's not alone many muslims in the capital disguises themselves as
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christians to avoid attack. in areas outside the capitol controlled by muslim rebel groups christians do the same on a visit to central african republic the united nations secretary-general called for armed groups to design an engaging in political dialogue. for decades religious leaders and politicians have been fomenting hatred and divisions in this community bringing this country to the edge of civil war it's now with a recently elected president and his newly appointed government to bring back dialogue instability to this country president says he will bring peace. we want to build a safer c.a.r. where the population lives in peace in mutual respect so that we work together to build a dignified nation. some question his decision. has
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appointed former leaders of christian militia groups to his government he also wants the weapons embargo imposed on his country to be removed so he can arm his soldiers but this is a country already overflowing with weapons at a food relief distribution point. a man pulls a grenade sending the crowd into panic christian and muslim men with guns continue to run this country this is as far as music can go they call it the bridge of death on one side are muslims and the other are christians who says home is on the other side across an invisible border built on hate now tearing the central african republic apart nicholas hawk al-jazeera. a prisoner and yemen has spoken exclusively to al-jazeera about alleged torture methods used in secret jails run by the and its allies dozens of detainees have gone on hunger strike in the same way
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that they are being abused atory gangly reports. human rights watch says there are at least eighteen secret prisons run by you a forces in southern yemen they include made prison in aden al jazeera has obtained a voice recording of one detainee he says prisoners are regularly to watch it. there are various methods such as the electric shock waterboarding as well as forcing detainees to strip naked this is how they torture and different prisons they use different methods human rights watch says other detainees at the prison have begun a hunger strike in response to mistreatment it wants the u.a.e. and its allies to take action to stop the alleged abuse in a statement it said detainees should not have to refuse food to be treated humanely and free from abuse the u.a.e. and a yemeni proxy should stop denying responsibility for mistreatment and investigate
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and act on the complaints. of. the u.a.e. is part of a saudi led coalition helping the yemeni government fight heathy rebels taking control of northern and central yemen including the capital sana'a more than ten thousand yemenis have been killed and almost forty thousand injured since twenty fifteen. eighty percent of the population is in need of humanitarian aid and human rights watch says the u.a.e. has been arming and training yemeni special forces to fight local branches of al qaida and eisel it's documented dozens of cases of people including children who were detained by those horses and may have been subjected to torture the u.a.e. denies the allegations. lawyers though say nearly two thousand men have disappeared in southern yemen family members have been demonstrating for the release of their
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relatives for months victoria gate and be al jazeera. egypt's state media says twelve fighters have been killed in the country's western desert the interior ministry says the exchange took place one hundred seventy five kilometers southwest of the capital cairo there he is under is near the region where several policemen were killed last week in an ambush. and al jazeera is demanding the release of a shirtless man luda saying who's now been entered egyptian prison for more than three hundred days he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos claims he and al-jazeera strongly deny hussein has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested in december all visiting his family it's estimated more than sixty four thousand americans died last year because of opioid addiction and overdose opioids can be an illegal drug like heroin or prescribe potent painkillers on thursday u.s. president declared open good addiction
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a public health emergency chopper tons of reports on how the crisis began with prescription drug manufacturers. do you pharma based here in stamford connecticut is often identified as the originator of the us is opioid epidemic and it's never been easy to hold them to account with. the company pioneered the aggressive marketing of with the release of oxycontin one thousand nine hundred seven up until then such narcotics derived from the poppy were reserved for cancer patients and palliative care the rate of addiction among patients who are treated by doctors is much less than one percent the company courted doctors eager to treat chronic pain with assurances that opioids were safe and all addictive. financial incentives were also offered other pharmaceutical companies also followed the strategy and soon opioid sales rocketed in the us but so too did opioid deaths
1:48 pm
ten years ago purge you pharma finally admitted it knew its drug wasn't the miracle cure for pain it said it was paid out six hundred million dollars in fines but as of last year the company's estimated to have made some thirty one billion dollars from the drug states around the country are suing the company or exploring legal action whether this is a public health crisis there's no bigger public health crisis and and then right now it's not just about getting a paycheck for the state it's about rehab for people addicted to drugs and also the kind of education and reforms that would hopefully prevent a circle like this again not only does but you know what are filming anywhere near its headquarters and also declined our request for an interview however the company did want to use a statement wood said. it is committed to working collaboratively to addressing the opioid crisis but even as opioids face scrutiny in the us oxycontin is going global
1:49 pm
in may twelve members of congress wrote to the world health organization with this warning the. and recklessness of one company helped spark a public health crisis in the united states that will take generations to fully repair we urge the w.h.o. to do everything in its power to avoid allowing the same people to begin a worldwide opioid epidemic the w.h.o. has yet to respond to the letter which has congresswoman marcy kaptur concerned one county and her state of ohio leads the nation in per capita u.s. deaths i would say do not let these medicines be used in your country i don't want to call them medicines i do not let these pharmaceutical products be used in your country. without very careful review and tight control oxycontin is already being marketed as an internationally proven low risk treatment for chronic pain to doctors and consumers globally. affected medicine can change
1:50 pm
the. us politicians are warning the world to be vigilant she had her time see al-jazeera connecticut. still ahead on al-jazeera show we'll tell you how they dolphins team wasn't the only pastor for the call from the field and the n.f.l. yes get that little katie go details and support.
1:51 pm
with. our time for sport with joe michelle thank you twenty five time grand slam tennis
1:52 pm
champion martina hingis has announced she would tire for the from the sport for the third time at the end of this week's finals in singapore and just began her career as a teenager in one thousand nine hundred forty three years later she donated women's tennis by winning the australian open wimbledon and u.s. open she claimed two more australian opens before retiring in two thousand and three at the age of twenty two because a persistent injuries and then she returned in two thousand and five and after a reasonable success retired again following a positive drug test for a banned substance now the swiss made another comeback in two thousand and six quitting singles all together and enjoying success in mixed doubles many a total of seven grand slam titles it was in doubles where she really came to the force winning thirteen titles in all four grand slams the thirty seven year old will retire with a total of twenty five grand slam titles in a twenty three year career. some people knew it some didn't i mean still probably
1:53 pm
people think year after year like this after a season like there's been over you and also perfect timing you know you want to stop and tarpon not when you're already going backwards you are going to ask for a better finish. meanwhile the race to finish top of the women's rankings this season continues in singapore caroline wozniak e has a slim chance of clinching that spot after she qualified for the semi's at the finals and it's a good thing because she's just lost to caroline got a garcia just a few moments ago well dustin johnson has made a play for his fourth world golf championship title in five advance the world number one overhauled overnight leader brooks kept her with a nine under par sixty three in the second round in shanghai on friday to take a one stroke lead over his fellow american and his performance on the green was even more impressive considering he'd been handed a new part or just fifty minutes before the round began. now football's governing body fever has decided not to take any action against six
1:54 pm
israeli football clubs based in west bank settlements the palestinian football association has been asking for to force the relocation of the clubs all to suspend the israeli federation but after two years of delays a fee for council meeting decided to close the matter without resolution saying they must remain neutral in regards to political matters. the rugby league world cup is getting underway in australia with the host nation currently taking on england in the tournament's opening game in melbourne the ozzies lead twelve to four rugby league is a different sport to rugby and it has thirteen players instead of fifteen and it also has different roles where it's particularly popular in australia new zealand which is hosting the tournament over the next five weeks along with poor new guinea the diverse countries among the fourteen competing nations that varies from tonga fiji and samoa to italy the united states and lebanon on who are competing for the very first time we spoke a little earlier to the c.e.o.
1:55 pm
of lebanese rugby league ramon saffy who told us how and why the sport has gained a for taking over there. there's a large lebanese community here. in the games since the early eighty's and we began here in ninety seven dissipated in the seventy's tournament in sydney and participated in the world cup qualifiers in ninety nine where we participated in the war cup two thousand in england from there was for us established a game eleven on for us to continue to play at international level and use the name let me on the state represent the state where we're just under a thousand in lebanon on we would have been more it wasn't for the instability that we went for in the last five years where most of the places have left two thousand and twelve to two thousand and fourteen and have not returned back here now
1:56 pm
a group of british engineers is aiming to smash the world record of land speed by car and it's called bloodhounds that they're hoping to eventually exceed speeds sixteen hundred kilometers an hour in south africa reports on how it's very first test went in england. the dream is to go faster on land than have a. bloodhound is the name of the jet powered car. that a british team has developed type of. and new key in the southwestern corner of britain was the venue for crucial testing the will we can command and degree and if anybody knows how to how to speed its head he set the fastest time of a twelve hundred kilometers power twenty years ago. but this is not any surprise
1:57 pm
that over thousand miles per hour which is over sixteen hundred kilometers per hour these tests were kept down to a mere three hundred twenty kilometers per hour along formula one's top speed a fifth of what they'll attempt at the next stage in south africa. this is about testing steering brakes suspension systems on a jet engine sourced from a year zero five to talk to. the wheels will be solid because rubber tires would never hold together at this pressure he said a project to run over ten years and you're at the cutting edge of technology and you're one you certainly have to innovate to keep on the cutting edge so that when you get to your ten you move forward and you're still on the cutting edge of technology so i guess i would say it's this innovation. course so i don't finances. the husking and in north west and south africa will be the place this team look to go to the next level and beyond as early as next year it's not quite
1:58 pm
all systems go for the world record attempt there is plenty of work still to do including over to to be a touch too but bloodhounds lead part not chinese com i could generally finance this project through to its conclusion the new contest was a success showing a pioneering taking the can break a sound barrier with a new line speed record. now the miami dolphins suffered an absolute mauling at the hands of the baltimore ravens in the n.f.l. . teams forty nothing loss was nearly catastrophe on the field seacat found its way onto the sidelines lighting the game taunting the miami bench it set twitter lights with many suggesting that the kitty gained more yards in nine seconds than the dolphins date. of the evening. sign that cat up another school another child. thank you to keep it here martinez is up on the other side of
1:59 pm
the break.
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oh is it when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on set. but. it will this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. rigid ways using the nuclear option the prime minister threatened.


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