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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 3, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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business update brought to you by chance are always going places to go. zero. zero i'm richelle carey this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. sirius says it's recaptured our souls
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last stronghold of doors or rock to makes a push to drive the group out of time. catalonia supposed leader says he will appeal any attempt to extradite him from belgium after eight of his colleagues are arrested and maturity and as wales president says renegotiate his country's debts with banks and investors. plus it's been sixty years since a russian stray dog became the first living being to venture into outer space. i sold the armed group whose dramatic rise captured headlines in two thousand and fourteen as staring at defeat in its final strongholds in both iraq and syria. syrian state television says the army and its ally forces have pushed i see. out of
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the eastern city of dollars or it was the group's last remaining syrian stronghold and the capital of an oil rich province bordering iraq the military campaign to recapture doors or began in september when the army managed to break a three year long siege on the city and its residents and in neighboring iraq forces have entered the town of our province it's on the western border with syria and part of the last remaining stronghold in that country so we are covering stories from both places stephanie decker is live in hope province in northern iraq but first let's go to the whole bara who's live in gaza on tap on the turkey syria border so what do we know what else do we know about what has happened in the hours or hushing. early today there's been some intense fighting concentrated in two neighborhoods in india. and other one in the some part of the province than the russians. pounding those areas the syrian army
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also launched an offensive shelling the last defense strongholds of i sell those defenses collapsed about two hours ago and now the syrian army has managed to into the last two neighborhoods that were under the control of i said however there are still thousands of people trapped in those areas that we've seen some. statements from activists in there saying that many people would like to leave the area they concerned about retrieve you acts of retribution from the syrian army this is a fire that came at a price for everyone senior syrian army commanders were killed in the fighting hundreds of people were killed in the strikes and also isis suffered major setbacks particularly in the for the syrian government this is quite an achievement there is now under their control ok. with the latest on what is happening and doors or let's
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cross now to stephanie tucker who is live in the hope province where i saw has in the process a big pushed out stephanie what's happening there. well much further south from we are west unbar is where the iraqi forces the federal police together with sunni tribal fighters also the has entered the town of all calm now why is it significant two reasons really one it is the all sort of territorial area that eisel still controls in this country in iraq and to it is the last border crossing that i still hold and of course you'll remember you know the big propaganda machine i saw showed us those pictures when it bulldoze down borders two thousand and fourteen between iraq and syria saying that they were establishing their so-called stable this is now the very last border crossing that they hold the iraqi forces are making advances there is fighting inside all climb town and also you were just speaking to my caller. today was or the syrian army intends to go to that is the syrian side of
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the border so certainly in terms of territory it seems that the group's days are numbered all right stephanie decker live for us to hook northern iraq thank you so in the past year and a half i suppose control over land and resources and in syria iraq has been steadily declining but the the fall is been pretty drastic recently so let's look at this map from june of this year eisele was still controlling vast swaths of territory marked in gray cities like rock of mosul indoors or worse still under its control now fast forward to now it's lost all these major cities including rocca the self declared capital of its so-called caliphate and now indoors or in an oil rich region which was crucial for the group's finances a change to haiti is a senior lecturer in middle east politics of bradford university he joins us now via skype from leeds so let's talk about this significance of doris or what what is it about besides the fact that it's the the last place it's almost you know
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the final straw here but what's the significance of doris or. as a city has a lot of symbolic and geo cities significance for the regime of bashar assad. as a city is considered as the largest urban center in in beeston syria and the province of tires or obviously has a relatively large border a long border with iraq and that potentially can make it sufficiently very wonderful so if bashar assad could maintain some control a reasonable control all of this process all of this province and in particular kind of the border areas different areas then he can claim that effectively he has managed to recapture eastern syria and also you have to remember the fact that the
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resort has the province played a billy important and defining role in the financial and economic life of the so-called islamic state bonzo is the main center for oil production in the country so when we're talking about kind of the do city significance we're not only talking about basically to look asian dark also some other aspects which are extremely important including oil is this is there a way that the s.d.f. are try to capitalize on this anyway. yes i mean as you know as we talk there is now a competition going on between the syrian military and the syrian democratic forces all the condo capturing at least bed so tired was all
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because of its a geo political and juicy. significance despite the fact that the city of daraa story is now completely under the control of assad and his allies but again he's not all as we speak the syrian military and allies are basically moving towards come on she's considered as the beery last count of capital the fact of the capital the so-called islamic state in syria and the syrian democratic forces since september have been also trying to. broaden their spears of influence in this a very specific share province and a lot of people as you know you know in the near future we may actually see some confrontation between bashar assad and this here although this year has said that time and time again the not interested to kind of have any confrontation with
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russia or assad and his allies and they want to primarily focus on isis i shan't. and al qaeda nonetheless if they both focus on this very specific and limited qana area and the region it seems that maybe a confrontation may be on. that see what happened within the next few days so i saw as we as i said as clearly. kind of in a box they've lost a significant amount of territory how does that how does that translate to losing influence if it all of his territory employees aren't necessarily the same thing. it is absolutely not the same thing remember what happened in afghanistan in two thousand and one this state of taliban which at least to a degree resemble the caliphate that was it was a surplus body slamming state clubs in the matter of a few weeks when the americans invaded afghanistan since then the americans have
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spent at least two dollars in order to support the central government in afghanistan nonetheless over the last sixteen years taliban managed to maintain a parallel power structures shadow government shut to a state in afghanistan despite the fact that they don't control a great deal of territory but they manage to maintain their influence and i think we'll be talking about people as we need to wait and see what happens when the conflict compliant i think defeat to quiet is not going to be decided by these conflicts the fate of quiet is going to be decided why did reconstruction process is going to be decided why did we reach these kind of course always his administration is going to come and deliver social services and provide security and if they fail to deliver an effective reconstruction program if they feel to
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deliver and have picked a kind of security mechanism one unfortunately almost inevitable to see them you know returning and kind of broadening their influence and control in a lot of areas in the country thank you very much for joining us i change the hay thank you very much the lawyer the deposed president says his client will appeal any belgian approval extradition to spain a spanish just deciding whether to issue an international arrest warrant for carlos pushed him out on friday he missed a summons to a spanish court on thursday because he is in belgium seeking freedom and safety as he has described at the post. later in a sacked cabinet are being investigated for sedition following last month's declaration of independence now eight of which two months former cabinet members have been jailed and another was being detained and madrid they attended thursday's high court hearing that missed they the deposed leader says their detention is an attack on democracy. you can look at them the spanish government decision to
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imprison the cabinet members of the legitimate government of catalonia is a very grave mistake it is a great attack on democracy and imprisoning political leaders who have ample citizen support is an act that violates the basic principles of democracy so we're covering the story from all angles hotel maid isn't mature it andrew simmons is in the callan capital barcelona first let's go to david chaytor and brussels so david the question is these international warrants arrest warrants for me and how does this procedure actually work. the european arrest warrant is a procedure that was adopted just after the nine eleven attacks in the united states and is supposed to actually make it a much easier process for extradition between the twenty eight members of the european union are been talking this morning to the belgian federal prosecutor's office to discuss exactly how this will be carried out they say that the arrest
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warrant when it is issued will come to them either by email or by fax is not going to be posted and they then have twenty four hours to look at the the paperwork itself to check that all of that is correct under the laws governing the european arrest warrant and then they have fifteen days to get hold of those named in the arrest warrants the police would then look for those individuals they would be technically a fugitive so that stage twenty four hours a century after this arrest warrant is received by the federal prosecutor's office here in belgium now there are several ways that the catalonian deposed president and his cabinet members for cabinet members can then tackle a situation they have another fifteen days if they start an appeal and that appeal can come on several grounds one if they're human rights are going to be abused too if there's a question about how fair the trial actually be and also if they are being
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discriminated against politically now if you look at all of those three aspects they are particularly strong cases perhaps for an asylum request and he has with him and his ministers the advice of a particularly experienced asylum lawyer will pull back hard he is dealt in twenty ten here with the leader of the the the basque separatists and so he knows his job you know is a very very well but according to the. the european arrest warrant guidance you have to return somebody who sees the arrest warrant has been issued within sixty days but this is a decision not for the belgian government it's a decision for the belgian court but i must add one thing first of all that the lawyer has actually said that to. has said that he will cooperate with the belgian authorities so it will be a case of
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a car chase him hiding him being a fugitive he said he will cooperate as soon as that arrest warrant is served and appears in the federal prosecutor's office here ok david chaytor live for us and brussels let's go to madrid which is. kind of ground zero for this with hotel maid in the sense that this is where the arrests are actually happening so. some people have already been arrested and been released is that correct. nine former cabinet members. government has been released this morning on bail. have been detained pending investigation without bail now they have been very interesting to several different prisons all in the same facilities now we're waiting today for this european arrest warrant issued from the judges inside this building the national. technically on had.
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friday here. so technically we think the judge will be waiting until a bit later in the day before issuing a warrant. ok. let's go to anderson it's now in the catalog. where all of this started and it's gotten so far now so what is the latest there and. exactly a week since the declaration of secession was made and what an extraordinary week that's been we're now seeing a change in tactics from the protesters and warm striking change here in. the seat of the. government over here on the other side of the square the city council building you see there a banner which says freedom for political prisoners that's
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a slogan. you can hear all over catalonia now on thursday night some pounds crashing against balcony. or way across barcelona. demonstrations thousands. of the dissolved parliament people saying that they will continue they will they vowed to stay with this protest it has to be said there is really oxygen there's been a. to this whole pain. the jailing action of the spanish court has definitely had a profound effect on the view of the ordinary street protests and we're also seeing some forms of civil disobedience with some roads cut off that was more spontaneous but in the main it's organized action phased organized action which will according to organizers be long term aimed at the elections on december twenty first when so
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many people are now predicting that the could be a turn despite the fact that the political leadership is in jail there could be a turn towards even more people backing independence this could be found on the spanish government but it remains to be seen and that's a long way ahead and there are so many twists and turns with this crisis ok. for us in barcelona plenty more ahead in the news hour including the u.s. secretary of state prepares to visit me in mar on has agenda talks on the hendra crisis and hundreds of journalists have been killed while doing their jobs we take you to the most dangerous place in the world to be a reporter and in sport a french footballer sent off after kicking a supporter in the head peter we'll have the details.
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america's top diplomat will visit me in march and discuss the crisis secretary of state rex tillerson is expected to meet later on november fifteenth pressure is mounting on the white house to impose measures against myanmar government and the u.s. senate a bipartisan group has introduced a bill which would restrict military operation until the violence stops the u.n. refugee chief has rounded on the organization for failing to stop conflicts that have displaced nearly sixty six million people worldwide. told the u.n. security council that countries are focused on their short term and long term collective stability. have we become unable to broker peace i ask this question here in the security council who is a result of their peace and security because i see the direct impact of these failures every day on the lives of tens of millions of people forced to abandon
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their homes with green prospects of being able to return sometimes for generations when i meet refugees their first question is not about food or shelter but about peace and security because it is security and peace that will convince them to return home also criticize those countries that have closed their borders to refugees and weaknesses in international solidarity are also eroding protection for those who flee many refugee hosting states particularly those neighboring conflict zones keep their borders open and generously host thousand sometimes millions of refugees but certain states often those least impacted by refugee flows and often wealthy ones have closed borders restricting access to asylum and deterring entry landmines and unexploded bombs are still being
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discovered in residential and farming areas of south sudan the weapons are largely from south sudan's war with sudan and that it is back in two thousand and five but with the country now in its own civil war there are more threats even more going to ports and the capital juba all has been hoping to do was dig the soil for farming to sustain himself instead my thing ago says he found something else not far from his house. i mean it in a million and. i started forming this year and while i was digging i fell in the land mine i reported to the chief of the village and they took it without incident i continue with digging and again fell into another learn more in the land mines are just some of the more than thirty one thousand anti-personnel mines discovered in south sudan since two thousand and five they were planted during the country's twenty one year civil war when it was still part of sudan a conflict that has left many areas with land mines and other unexploded ordinances
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more than one thousand three hundred deaths have been recorded as a result and more than three thousand five hundred people have been injured whilst in a rope is one of them. i lost my arm and like in a landmine accident my colleague died in the same incident now i tell people that landmines are deadly and that if they find one they should stay away from it but many areas still haven't been checked for landmines and other bombs it's not uncommon to find land mines in areas where people are living over the past few years and the population's been on the move to escape hunger and violence to include areas increasing the risk of stepping on landmines or unexploded devices but these devices from the previous civil war are not the only threats facing people here for the past four years south sudan has been going through a war that is bound to leave one of the dangerous legacy the legacy of this for is is a kind of a prayer for ration a bomb exploded ordinance that is dangerous. to have
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a comes across and handles it and it's spread across a wide area and it will take time to clear. here is rather than weeks or months. martin said he was lucky that he found the landmine before it exploded but says he hopes whoever finds the next mine also has his luck and survives he will morgan al-jazeera juba. venezuelan president nicholas mentor s.s.a. plans to renegotiate all future foreign debt payments with banks and investors that's in response to financial sanctions imposed by the trumpet ministration country a something to a deep recession following the collapse in oil prices and it spent struggling to deal with shortages of basic products like food and medicine and tell you more as a latin america analyst he says venezuela defaulting on its debts is inevitable. but it hasn't paid those eight hundred million dollars that have already come due and tonight it owes a principal payment of at least the of it as well company owes
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a personal payment of one point one billion dollars and so technically that as well we're going to fall by midnight tonight all the girls said that the paper was going to be made tomorrow it is so how to put it simply it's this is the day of reckoning that everyone knew was going to come but as well it simply does not have enough money to pay for and this has very little to do with the american sanctions that's what mcgrew would want people to think the reality is that under thomas is just us or in them a group the venezuelan government has indebted itself. astonishingly most of that money has been robbed by the government itself there are norms public works projects that were financed into the billions of dollars in venezuela what know where that money went into the pockets of the government so that is a government that has indebted itself terribly and would have been in in bad shape anyway and then have the oil prices fall which made things even worse so this is a disaster that was long in coming throughout the past decade more than eight
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hundred journalists have been killed while doing their jobs here the cases have ever been solved and in mexico two thousand and seventeen is set to be a record year for the number of journalists murdered john heilemann reports. eleven killed so far this year just for doing their jobs because one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists among them about there is a middle slava breach internationally renowned reporters who investigated government corruption and organized crime now they're gone but it's not just that there that's worrying press freedom groups it's what comes after after half year was worth it even in these two high profile cases months later still no one's been arrested one of the main consequences of the impunity is that journalists start censoring themselves they stop reporting on organized crime to stop reporting on corruption and as a result the entire areas in mexico basically have no serious journalistic coverage or if the gate of journalism going on. free speech groups estimate that ninety nine
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point seven percent of verbal or physical attacks against journalists go on punished in mexico. ricardo sanchez is the special prosecutor for crimes against free speech in the last six years it's only been three convictions what's going on . this is a very complicated issue the federal government and attorney general's office know we face a big challenge in beating the impunity. we created a group to execute arrest warrants with the federal police and get people before a judge so we're doing important work i recognize we've got a long way to go we're working hard with the state governments. cinna lowest day in the great crime is one of the most dangerous for reporters. martin didn't fled after getting threats it still bothers him that the articles he and other journalists risk their lives for make little impact in an often openly corrupt
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society. i think sometimes it's kind of a suicidal calling you wonder why should we run these stories because we know things aren't going to change. martin and around. five hundred other journalists are in a government protection program that free speech groups say authorities themselves are actually responsible for the majority of attacks on the press and that really doesn't bode well as we head into what's going to be a fiercely full election season if politicians are willing to use violence against journalists and if there are virtually no consequences for doing so that spells bad news for the more chrissy john home and how does it mexico city. and a few moments we will have the weather with everton but still ahead on al-jazeera what happens when video games take over your life and how some people in the last are seeking help for this newly recognized addiction and sport how police are preparing for sunday's new york marathon after this week's attack in manhattan.
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island winds to an enchanting desert breeze. the northeast monsoon now bringing some very heavy rain into southeastern parts of india and also sri lanka look at that massive cloud it's been a really wet week across chennai for example hundred sixty five millimeters of rain here in the past twenty four hours take a look at this for the last four days we've seen four hundred twenty two millimeters of rain the average for the entire month of november is about three hundred fifty millimeters of rainfall so certainly enough to get the shoes wet lots of very heavy rain more than just a sheet as you can see that's coming right up to the thought either causing major problems across a good part of southeastern indian i'm afraid those showers there in the forecast
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over the next couple of days as well as that western weather pushing up towards are there but there are still quite a few showers into a good part of time will not do maybe some showers also pushing up the west and get to see a little bit of wet weather there into kerala sri lanka staying very disturbed on the other side of the thing go into thailand see some very heavy rain here as well and in fact in some sort of coastal movie not society recently two hundred twelve millimeters of rain in twenty four hours they'll be more that as we go through the next few days here comes out typhoon sustained winds of one hundred forty kilometers per hour and flooding rains for the middle of next week. the weather sponsored by qatar airways. sure transit home. and inspiration. the stories of people keeping the spirit of freedom alive. by courageously defending men rights to
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be heard. as the civilian that we begin to al-jazeera selects at this time. we hear to jerusalem bureau coverage israeli palestinian affairs we cover this story with a lot of intimate knowledge we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of the story we have a presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the fields covering the united nations and global diplomacy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happened and what happens there matters.
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you're watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories right now. syrian state television says the army and its allied forces have pushed eisel out of the eastern city of daraa zoar it was last remaining syrian stronghold in the capital of an oil rich province border into iraq. the lawyer for the deposed cattle on president says his client will appeal any belgian approval of extradition to spain a spanish judge is deciding whether to issue an international arrest warrant for carla's put him on friday he missed a summons to appear before a spanish court on thursday america's top diplomat will visit me in march to discuss the right hensher crisis later this month pressure is mounting on the white house to impose measures against me and mars government for its crackdown on revenge and minorities. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he hopes the u.s. middle east peace process peace initiative can work and claims president trump is
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taking a fresh approach who is in london as part of a visit to commemorate. britain's cabinet it marked a turning point in the effort to found israel army phillips reports. his invitation to downing street this day to israelis an affirmation of friendship to palestinians an insult to reason may says that britain is proud of its support for israel. at a lecture in london organized by the british jewish community a leading historian says the balfour declaration should be celebrated as a lead to the birth of a great country for all its problems and troubles for the. liberal zionists like me ardently wish were not in the act for all the demolition. and terrorist atrocities on the other side. further and further out of reach israel still.
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breathing debate thriving rejoicing democracy on the streets of ramallah very different sentiments. to many palestinians even britain itself are synonymous with treachery it period and broken promises the man the country that set in motion a century of oppression. not all british politicians are believe yes to that but another london gathering the main opposition party says the government's policy towards israel and palestine must change. the opposition labor party's emily thornberry said there's no better time than now for the british government to recognise the state of palestine she said that the labor party if elected is ready to take that step the british government is not about to apologize for the ballot. declaration no matter what the palestinian authority would like
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a british government minister said this centenary is being marked with pride and respect but also a degree of sadness sadness because as the british acknowledge when it comes to israel and palestine so much is still unresolved the israeli and british prime ministers spent the evening at a dinner to mark lord balfour declaration but the british are careful with their language because as rival demonstrations suggest there is too much division and anger for britain to truly celebrate this and. to be philip's al-jazeera lancaster house in central london. more on this let's talk to amar palestine's integrity foreign minister for multilateral affairs who joins us now from ramallah and we appreciate your time very much would an apology from britain make any difference yes it would but it needs to be also followed by several steps including trying to
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rectify what has been done thus far to the palestinian people first of all the political aspirations of the palestinian people including in the statehood needs to be the first to come secondly britain needs to also recognize the injustice of the collaboration and the policies that followed by the british empire in palestine. so. when there are such vastly different views of the effects of the balfour declaration such vastly different views and camps on this one is there any way to get from that to actually having any type of initiative for peace as benjamin netanyahu says when when the gap is so vast. well first of all the nations of the for peace has been open for the past twenty years but israel has chosen only one path colonialism and expansion at the expense
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of the future of peace and the expense of the two state solution that has been present and netanyahu cannot blow says his actions and that of his governments and the colonial settlements in palestine including the subjugation of the palestinian people for over fifty years of occupation with these words in terms of the diverse in views we think that the whole world has moved far away from colonialism and has has put an end to that chapter. celebrating colonialism or joy joy seeing colonialism or call a colonial past is not the way to go it should be something that is unfit for the current century that we live it is unfit of the british place and responsibilities under the u.n. charter and as a member of the security council as
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a permanent member of the security council it's on foot of the so many international obligation that the u.k. has signed up to ok so it's a stated and declared position in relation to the two state solution so i hear what you're saying that you're saying that you know quanell lesson is something that much of the world is try to move past but does there still need to be some sort of acknowledgement or reckoning if you will to truly move forward. well the palestinian has made the start of cool concession to truly move forward and we made each and every effort to bring our people to terms to accepting a state of that on only twenty two percent of us started called by this time and return countries that are even promoting this peace initiative still refuse to recognize the second party to this whole. episode where that is the palestinian
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people and their right to statehood and independence they refused to take the steps required to bring israel into compliance with international law and with its obligations towards peace they still refuse to recognize that the palestinian people has suffered and justice for the past one hundred years because of the colonial and racist policy that's the problem the problem starts with that and we need to change the mentality in order to reach a level what peace can be achieved if the mentality continues to be racism and colonialism then we are going nowhere. thank you very much. gerson hong kong have failed to reach a verdict in a bribery case involving the former leader saying a judge dismissed the jury after they were unable to provide a verdict saying this accused of accepting free renovation for a penthouse in return becoming favorably disposed to a local radio station prosecutors said the former top official accepted home
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renovations worth four hundred eighty seven thousand dollars where he attended to intended rather to retire so sir clark joins us now from hong kong so cyrus we said the jury has not reached a verdict so what next what now. what exactly was a twenty five day trial in the last two days the jury the jury has spent deliberating that verdict they filed to reach a unanimous decision and majority decision i made this announcement to the judge at lunch time but the judge said simply go back and rethink that position i should start this is the second time this charge of corruption has been before the court earlier this year. before the hong kong chief executive was found guilty of a broad very charge this is a corruption charge the jury then failed to reach a decision on this hence why we're back in court now so what happens now we're yet to find out what the judge will do you has dismissed the jury they've been let out
1:40 pm
from court to nosh but he's yet to announce whether or not he'll have a retrial given it would be the third time this court in this case has been before the courts can you put the implications of this in some sort of perspective the fact that that corruption seems to be something they're going after. what certainly would. be the most highest ranking public civil servant in hong kong has been found guilty of bribery and also serve jail time as i mentioned he was giles. on these charges of bribery by still in this acceptance of the donation as you mentioned before from the majority shareholder in a t.v. company which the government to renovate his apartment that t.v. company was granted a license from the government so it's certainly not right accusations of a conflict of interest and cozying up the government cozying up to some of these big bright is in the tycoons fight and as you can see we just
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lost sarah clarke there but she'll continue to follow this for us and we'll let you know whether or not there's going to be a retrial yes present on all trump's former campaign chairman has appeared in court accused of conspiracy against the united states and money laundering metaphor it says the criminal case brought by special counsel robert waller is embellished his lawyers argue he's a successful political consultant involved in international financial transactions as part of his work the judge has ordered him to remain under house arrest ehlers investigating alleged russian links to the trump election campaign and interference and u.s. politics the daughter of u.s. president to u.s. president donald trump iraq a trump that is has been speaking at the world assembly for women in tokyo ahead of her father's visit to japan as a presidential advisor said workplaces need to make better efforts and respecting women's values and accommodate their needs to balance work and family our workplaces and our public policies must mirror our values work and family.
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it is time for our societies to find new and innovative ways to make it easier for women to experience the joy of motherhood without facing major career setbacks this isn't a woman's issue it's a family affair yet it disproportionately impacts women who are the most likely to leave the workforce or curtail our ambitions because we have no access to affordable care for our children and our adult dependents chitter says a former employee used their last day on the job to shut down president donald trump's account on thursday it was reactivated after eleven minutes the company had initially said human error led to the brief closure of the account but has working on steps to prevent such and siddons from happening again it's estimated more than one point two billion people play video games around the world most play to enjoy but a percentage of them do it to excess some so much it interferes with their normal
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family life alan shuffle reports on the growing recognition of the threat of gaming addiction. this is college blackout three it is known for having realistic gunplay alexandra de mint shows us some of the popular video games she sells in her seattle shop and ds minnows that sometimes players play too much video games can be very drunk i can just get that like and stand satisfaction. i definitely have interacted with people that i think that should. dogg. charlie baccy was one of those who needed to stop and came here to do it where outdoor chess replaces online mayhem he was gaming twelve to sixteen hours a day it was like a hijacked my instincts it put gaming on the same level as eating this is restart
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life the first treatment program in this country to specifically target video games and internet addiction but i was planning suicide and i had lost my career in real estate to escape from the gaming addiction yeah yeah i didn't know what to do about it i was totally hope was the addiction remains he says and is a matter of daily battle it's a six to eight week live in program all personal electronic devices are locked away one phone call per week is the suggested maximum on the house landline physical fitness is a big part of treatment as patients look for new ways to fill the time gaming used to eat up the cost twenty five thousand dollars per person but the american psychological association doesn't yet recognize videogame obsession as a full blown addiction calling it instead a disorder that needs further study co-founder and chief clinical officer hilary cash believes that needs to change and will it just opens the door because everyone
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can say ok this is a real thing why are we need to study it we need to take it seriously we need to do something to mitigate it. the ninety one billion dollar a year video game industry isn't going away and other countries notably china south korea and japan have been quicker to recognize the dangers of obsessive gaming and commit resources to research treatment and early education alexandra geese minigame or her entire life says she knows when to step away and knows that some who can't need hill i think i. am. never going to happen whether defined as full blown addiction or just a mental disorder there is digital detox for it here at a price elegy offer al-jazeera outside seattle washington still had on al-jazeera and sports a happy homecoming for his tens of oral series champions to head. scientists
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say they have identified a new species of primate in indonesia but they are its survival is already in jeopardy due to habitat destruction a small population of less than eight hundred frizzy hair hanging to hang as discovered on the island of sumatra like a bat researchers say the population is highly vulnerable and its habitat is facing further pressure from development it's the first newly discovered species and
1:48 pm
nearly ninety years it's been sixty years since a soviet all call at like a rather became the first animal to orbit earth her historic flight was one of the defining moments of the space race reports on the morning of november third one thousand nine hundred fifty seven this quiet unassuming street dog changed history like his mission was to prove that a living creature could survive in space goteborg for so long like when like it was sent to space most people thought that going outside the atmosphere was impossible and that it caused death immediately so it was necessary to collect data that simply prove that that isn't the case live on jack and others of the same breed learn like that and they seem to like it like a slight made headlines around the world and she quickly became a household name for the soviets like his flight represented move in a scientific breakthrough it was a soules of national pride and proof that they were leading the space race against
1:49 pm
rival the united states. that they're working through and. it is very difficult to describe our feelings but like his flight was something fantastic and unbelievable so we thought the russians have achieved something they did such a good job so we did a good job in. like a symbolic mission was only ever intended as a one way trip but her cultural legacy can still be felt in russia and abroad unfortunately like a died a few hours into the flight the cause of death was put at overheating at the most or. larger hasn't been forgotten and in some sense she was always remembered because many products at the time would named after her there was even a haircut named laika so she really affected the soviet culture for years after like his journey astronaut yuri gagarin became the first human to travel into outer space it was a pioneering mission that wouldn't have been possible without like his contribution
1:50 pm
to scientific knowledge victoria gate and the al-jazeera star to sport now with peter purcell thank you so much french footballer patrice evra is facing a ban from football of the kicking a supporter in the head the incident took place before maher says europa league game with victoria. in portugal the former manchester united defender was warming up when he clashed with his own marsay supporters thirty six year old ever seen launching an acrobatic kick at the supporters' head and was given a red card before the game had even kicked off. everton season continues to go from bad to worse the english premier league side was knocked out of the europa league after being beaten by leon they were beaten three know with all the goals coming in the second half the team known as the toffees cech their manager ronald cumin last month he's temporary replacement david unsworth has now lost the three games he has overseen. it's not about me it's about you know the football club and what will be
1:51 pm
will be i've said that all along you know whoever gets the honor of being everton manager you know will you know all the people will decide that elsewhere arsenal confirmed this spot in the knockout stages despite a goal a stroll with red star belgrade ac milan were held to the school of straw. and will need to wait until the next round of matches to ensure their progress and derails to no win over slavia prague helped them to the top of group a where does the learning the final four teams left standing in major league soccer this season the seattle sounders became the first side to book their spot in the conference finals u.s. international clinton dempsey school twice in the second half as they beat the vancouver whitecaps two low in the second leg of their semifinal on tuesday. the winner of the portland timbers and used them dynamo who meet in the other western conference semifinal on sunday they finished school or so after the first leg over
1:52 pm
in the eastern conference semifinals toronto f.c. holder to an advantage of the new york red bulls new york city of seed trail columbus crew for one both of those games are should yield for sunday to. in south america second tier club competition the couple sued americana independent of argentina have overcome paraguay is not see or know to reach the same you finals independent entity came into the quarter final second leg with a big advantage after taking the first leg four one at home in the second leg but had to wait until the second half to take the lead in this game after one month to score the emmanuel gidley or three double the lead to send independent entity through to the same finals to know was the score on the night six one aggregate they will face another one club liberty next. will tennis number one a rafa nadal was made to switch for his place in the quarter finals at the paris masters on thursday the spaniard won he's second round match to guarantee ending
1:53 pm
the season as a world number one but he was pushed all the way in the third round by your advise a public way of us in the french capital that needed three sets in this one to advance six three six seven and six three was the still. the victorious world series champions the euston astros will be honored on friday with a parade through the city's downtown water was sprayed it from a port fire trucks to form a guard of honor as they returned home on thursday the championship trophy was also on display held here by world series m.v.p. george springer this is the first time the astros have ever won the world series they beat the l.a. dodgers in game seven. security measures are being increased for sunday's new york marathon after eight people were killed in an attack in manhattan earlier this week the new york police department has doubled the number of rooftop observation posts and sniper teams more uniformed police officers and dogs will patrol the forty two
1:54 pm
point two kilometer course as well fifty one thousand competitors are due to take part with two point five million spectators also expected. new yorkers are resilient and you know i think they love to make statements and this is a way to make a statement to come together and show the world that you know we we don't we don't get high you know this is this and we can't be put down and i think i think that that's the marathon brings that out that kind of spirit out of. the los angeles lakers poor start to the n.b.a. season has continued as they were narrowly beaten on thursday by the portland trail blazers the blazers started well even leading thirty five twenty three later in the first quarter but the lakers fought back and managed to take the lead half way through the third quarter they were tied at one hundred ten all with just zero point seven seconds left on the clock that's when damian lillard made a three pointer to ensure victory for portland who now have
1:55 pm
a thirteen game winning streak against the lakers. we've seen no shortage of sports stars engaging in politics this year and a russian ice hockey star has joined the train and washington capitals leader alex ovechkin used these instagram page to launch what he's describing as a social movement to support russian president vladimir putin's elections are scheduled in russia for march next year the post has attracted seventy four thousand likes. and at the p.g.a. event in las vegas south korea's week kim is the first from leader after courting a six under par sixty five he holds a one stroke lead over five men tied for second seamus power of the republic of ireland is time for sixteenth position he's three shots behind we came but it could have been less the world number three hundred three agonizingly close to a hole in one here on the fourteenth the irishman has never won a title on the p.g.a.
1:56 pm
tour before. thank you when paris came under siege and they franco-prussian war eight hundred seventy one unexpected consequence was the number of artists who escaped to london as refugees now an exhibition celebrates their impressionable artwork at the city's tate britain gallery and jessica baldwin when along for a look impressionists a surefire way to attract crowds london one of the most illustrated cities in the world put the two together and what's not to like tate britain is showing french impressionist who came as a refugee artist to london in one thousand nine hundred seventy they looked at london with an outside his eyes if you look at this painting for example by my mooney of hyde park and he got very interested with the fact that people were allowed to walk on the grass and he got very interested in the sheer expanse of
1:57 pm
these pockets of nature within london at a time when paris was bombarded by the persians paris was under siege and badly damaged in the franco-prussian war the wounded soldier by james has never been seen in public before nor has his watercolor showing a mass execution in paris in one thousand nine hundred seventy one. escaping the violence london provided a sanctuary the english aristocrats proved interesting subjects but many of the frenchmen were transfixed by london the grime the din at the time the largest city in the world the city's river the thames held a special fascination with its pollution grittiness and fogs the houses of parliament had just been completed with what was then europe's tallest building a powerful symbol of the british empire the houses of parliament along the river thames became an obsession for monet at one point he was working on
1:58 pm
a hundred different calluses at the same time trying to perfect the life the mist and the fog that enveloped london and for the artist became his impression of the city jessica baldwin al-jazeera london. and that's all for me on this news hour thanks for your time trying to end this up on the other side of the break there.
1:59 pm
the sam's in archaeology graduate from iraq he's also a part time going to billings pergamon museum which includes a reconstruction of the famous ishtar gate in babylon most of the people he's showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several billion museums taking part in the project called a meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasize the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture office in a language he had been because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that mrs ford to me the great thing is it's not just about museums
2:00 pm
about forming a new life here part of life is culture. with . documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. syria says it's recaptured i sold last stronghold of dead as all iraq to makes a push to drive the group out of all kinds.


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