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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 3, 2017 2:00pm-2:33pm AST

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mrs ford to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life it part of life is culture. with. documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. syria says it's recaptured i saw last stronghold of dead us or iraq two makes a push to drive the group out of a car. and
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jane often this is al jazeera live from doha plaza coming up catalonia is deposed leader says he'll appeal any attempt to extradite him from belgium of his colleagues are the races in madrid. u.s. secretary of state prepares to visit me and ma on his agenda talks on the roof and a crisis. it's sixty is since a russian trained on became the first living being to venture into outer space. eisel the group whose dramatic rise captured headlines in two thousand and fourteen is staring at the feet in its final stronghold in both iraq and syria. syrian state t.v. says the army and its forces of course tries a lot of the eastern city of benghazi was the group's last remaining syrian
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stronghold and the capital of an oil rich province bordering iraq the military campaign to recapture that as all began in september when the army managed to break its three year long siege on the city and its residents. and in neighboring iraq the army and shia militia fighters have captured the last international border and eisel control the forces of also into the town of all crime in anbar province on the western border with syria. recovering but the stories from iraq and syria stephanie daycares live in the home province in northern iraq but first let's talk to. these live in gaza on top on the turkey syria border tell us about the battle for that is all. jane today there was some fighting in two main neighborhoods in particular had media and. where there was a presence of. and they maintained where they build some strong defense lies but there's been some. by the russians by the syrian government and also extensive
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shelling over the last few hours now they've managed to break those defense lines and the syrian army now has into the neighborhoods declaring the city and it's going to. still an. operation underway there trying to ensure that the areas in downtown and also those newly captured deborah those are say there's no presence of any trapped car suicide bombers or snipers and hashim what's next now for the syrian army. to battlegrounds first of all which is the last stronghold of oil i still in syria particularly on the border with iraq also there's going to be a push to try to recapture the oil fields in the others or most of these fields are now under the control of sunni tribes tried to turn some of them out after later with the syrian opposition and the f.s.a. and others are created with the as the efforts of the coalition of kurdish. groups
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so i think these are going to be the two most important challenges facing this syrian army as it is right now to consolidate its grip on the as always the last year two thousand and fourteen however. this is putting more strain on the civilians inside as we speak we've seen some statements by different activist base in saying that thousands of people have been trapped in the fighting would like to go from the city but it concerns about any future acts of retribution by the syrian government thanks for that hashing let's go to stephanie decker she is live in province stephanie i'm hearing that the border crossing has been taken back any idea how that happened. yes taken back and just in the last couple of minutes really the iraqi prime minister's office because of course he is commander in chief of the armed forces congratulated the forces in taking that border crossing now it
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is hugely significant because of course remember everyone remembers the propaganda campaign that i saw a launch when it bulldoze down the borders between iraq and syria two thousand and fourteen establishing their so-called state their caliphate while this was the last border crossing they've held yes the syrian side remains. but it was we heard from hashem they're moving towards that the border crossing has been taken it's been about a week of campaign in that area they're still fighting around the town of all crime but it's significant also jane because it is the last territory territorial area that the group holds in iraq and i think we will be expecting once that gets taken and i don't think it's going to be a long battle from what you know people feel we are expecting the iraqi prime minister probably to come out and say that the group has been their territory at least taken back in all of iraq and stephanie i expect that we'd find the same sort of horrors. that we've seen in other places that have been taken by. absolutely the same reports unfortunately you know civilians being used as human
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shields those that have managed to get out telling you know the same stories we've heard now you know for too long about how i still treats people in particular when the battle happens you know it's active battlefield it's. being used to civilian human shields also a relentless campaign from the sky the coalition air support of course also terrifying for this a billion i think it's worth remembering jane when we talk about these military campaigns and you know a victory territorially when it comes to the people even in this region northern iraq there are so many camps filled with refugees from those areas that have been taken back from i flew over the last year or two they haven't been mabel to go back yet so the challenge is a two fold or a big. these cities mosul for example the western side completely smashed by fighting and to jane reconciliation between you know people between you know this is special snus that this sort of acts of revenge you know to try and stop the
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actual grassroots feeling that make groups like isis come out in the first place so still huge challenges ahead here thank you stephanie. the lawyer for the deposed catalan president says his client will appeal any belgian approval of extradition to spain a spanish judge is deciding whether to issue an international arrest warrant for. a moment on friday he missed a summons to a soprano's court on thursday because he's in belgium seeking in his words freedom and safety the deposed leader and he's sacked cabinet are being investigated for sedition following last month's declaration of independence if a preacher mones a former cabinet members have been jailed and another was being detained in madrid they attended thursday's high court hearing that peter missed the deposed leader says their detention is an attack on democracy or. the spanish government decision to imprison the cabinet members of the legitimate government of catalonia is a very grave mistake it is
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a great attack on democracy imprisoning political leaders who have ample citizen support is an act that violates the basic principles of democracy david chance is following developments from brussels. we spoke to the federal prosecutor's office here in brussels about the actual details of european arrest warrant and they are the ones that will receive it by email or by fax when it is eventually served there will then have twenty four hours to look at the whole details to make sure the paperwork is correct then they have under the terms of the european arrest warrant up to fifteen days to detain both the deposed. president and for his cabinet ministers who are here with him when he is picked up if they say that they are against the warrant and they will appeal against the warrant then there's another fifteen days here and while they prepare the case now they can appeal against it on several grounds one of the most important ones is will they get a fair trial or are their human rights being abused these are perhaps very
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significant areas where they can combat this this arrest warrant from madrid now if that happens the belgian authorities and it's a case of the judicial authorities here in belgium have up to sixty days to put the arrest warrant into effect and to send the deposed president and his ministers back to madrid but they are under the under the guidance of a very experienced extradition lawyer an asylum lawyer who pulled back up to his dealt with previous cases here in brussels back in two thousand and ten he handled the request by one of the wanted at or past separatist leaders and he did that successfully so we can expect this process in all to take something like sixty days but there's one thing to be an important to actually add to this and that's the fact that. preached the mall has actually told his lawyer that he will cooperate
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with the belgian authorities so is an asylum case going to be brought are they going to appeal again the sense is it does. they will do that but the reminder of course was to be careful and the president did say that he is the president he doesn't consider he's been deposed and he considers the actions by madrid what he called a terrorist act against democracy america's top diplomat will visit me in marty discuss the crisis secretary of state rex tillerson is expected to meet leaders and officials on november the fifteenth pressure is mounting on the white house to impose measures against me on mars government in the u.s. senate a bipartisan group has introduced a bill which would restrict military cooperation until violence stops but here is refugee chief says it is time for the united nations security council to find a solution to the crisis grandeur spoke to al-jazeera as james bays about his with
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proper shelter proper sites without enough water without enough sanitation reminded me of those tragic moments in the ninety's when we had to deal with those emergencies. we've had a visit now and son suchi to iraq own state the first time since this crisis she's been there she's seen things for herself what does she now need to do the refugees the orange refugees have a right to return to their to their to their homes seemed rakhine state but to do that you have to recreate the conditions for them to feel safe to go back and that means. addressing finally the issue of citizenship which is really the fundamental crux of the matter here you've made strong comments on this do you believe that the security council has been strong enough or would you like them to take further action i think the security council to use their jargon
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remains seized of the matter and that is already something i don't think they have found us often happens yet the unity necessary to propose and to put forward the the solution you know if you think of syria all the years which we have waited for the security council to fight who have unity on on on resolutions on syria these are this is the difficulty this is why my message to the council today is lack of international cooperation which can happen here at the council favors the refugee flows or rather prevents solutions to refugee flows from being established and therefore these refugee flows to end so it's time for them to step up the council time to step up. and i agree i would say the key word. on al-jazeera hundreds of
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journalists have been killed while doing their jobs we'll take you to one of those dangers cases in the world to report. and our people continue to encounter a dead. how we got a good mobile flow or the weather across the korean peninsula and japan at the moment pulling out of the way allowing follow some clear skies for a time the next system will push its way through as we go on through the weekend sat that rain making its way across. the mountains tokyo still getting up to about twenty one degrees celcius further north you can see the possibility of a little bit of snow coming in so the part should be fine and dry that dry weather coming across the korean peninsula as you can see that will ease its way further to
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sunday temperatures then getting up to around seventeen degrees in tokyo seventeen celsius that for shanghai i do not see bad across much of china for shanghai on saturday it does warm up as we go into the second half of the weekend but the cloud on the right that will continue across. the south china sea that's pushing every tool central and southern areas of vietnam or big downpours coming in here and that all ties up actually with the wet weather that we have commonly affecting central and southern parts of vietnam in the form of out-i food say very heavy rain spilling in here still some very big winds as well wetter weather also extending its way over towards a good part of thailand malaysia looking wet at times wish i was to. everything you do is being analyzed it's being played and you measure that's what
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intelligence agencies are they a toss to do things in secret that are unlawful or politically embarrassing all of the colleagues that i knew chose to retire from the n.s.a. they could not stand by and see all the work that they had done being used for mass surveillance digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera. again you're watching al-jazeera mind of our top stories this hour. syrian state t.v. says the army and its allied forces have pushed i sold out of the eastern city of death as though it was i saw last remaining syrian stronghold and the capital of an
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oil rich province border in iraq. the lawyer for the deposed catalan president says he's climbed will appeal any belgian approval of extradition to spain spanish judge is deciding whether to issue an international arrest warrant. on friday he missed a summons to appear before a spanish court on thursday. america's top diplomats will visit me in march to discuss the rangar crisis later this month pressure is mounting on the white house to impose measures against government for its crackdown on a range of minorities. israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he hopes a u.s. middle east peace initiative can work and claims president trump is taking a fresh approach netanyahu is in london as part of a visit to commemorate the same ten read of the bell for decoration issued by britain's cabinet it marked a turning point in the efforts to create the state of israel and i think what is
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being discussed right now. and i was and we may go in our concerns known. to mr trump. is he wants he's coming out of. the roof russian. can do that sort of stuck at the trial for twenty years. and going to the bar. b. phillips joins us now live from london he seems amazingly positive about the peace resolution it doesn't a what i study have to say. it was a wide ranging talk jane talking first on the palestinian question he was asked whether he does really believe in a two state solution or not and i don't think he will give much to palestinians he said yes in the sense that he would like palestinians to govern themselves but that
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we would need to perhaps really evaluate the definition of sovereignty that ultimate power would have to stay with israel ultimate security responsibility right up to the jordanian border across the west bank would remain israel's prerogative we talked at some length about the region as a whole and he returned again and again to his the which is the threat of iran quoting henry kissinger saying iran not as a nation but as a cause that is determined to take over not just the sheer part of the middle east but all of the islamic middle east and indeed beyond and in relation to your story from syria this morning it was interesting he spoke about his determination to prevent to stop iran stepping into whatever vacuum in syria that may be vacated by the collapse or the retreat of i still ok but let's go
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back to the balfour declaration britain has been walking a diplomatic tightrope in marking the centennial you have and there has been weighed up do you think. you know it's all about symbolism and the british have tried to be careful even down to the details that big dinner that was held in lancaster house last night the british were stressing not hosted by the british government although very it was in one of the great mansions of central london that is associated with british diplomacy but technically hosted by the rothschilds and the balfour families those are the descendants of the families who wrote and received the original declaration of nine hundred seventeen and the british were always very careful not to use the word celebrate they said that they were commemorating that they were marking that they
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recognized that there was unfinished business as regards the balfour declaration having said all that my feeling is that the israeli prime minister is leaving london pretty happy yes there are dissenting voices yes the opposition labor party here is pressing for the immediate recognition of of palestine that's not going to happen while to reason may is the prime minister the conservative government remains in power and it was telling that mr netanyahu speaking here a short time ago that he found to resume a speech last night deeply moving and very supportive indeed when you look at the details of what he said stressing britain's friendship with israel is resolute opposition to disinvestment disinvestments sanctions and so on you'd have to say that the israelis will be delighted with the content. thank you. the un
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wants australia to restore food water and health services to six hundred refugees who are refusing to leave it's decommissioned prison camp guinea's manor silent services were ended when the camp closed on choose a but the refugees are too scared to move out into the community because of previous attacks by locals australia runs offshore prison camps to house refugees who try to reach the country. land mines and unexploded bombs are still being discovered in residential and farming areas of south sudan the weapons are largely from south sudan's war with sudan which ended in two thousand and five but with the country now in its own civil war there are more threats have morgan reports in the capital juba all has been hoping to do was take the soil for farming to sustain himself instead martin ago says he found something else not far from his house having it in a million and. i started forming this year and while i was digging i fell in the
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land mine are reported to the chief of the village and they took it without incident i continue digging and again filling another learn more in the land mines are just some of the more than thirty one thousand anti-personnel mines discovered in south sudan since two thousand and five they were planted during the country's twenty one year civil war when it was still part of sudan a conflict that has left many areas with land mines and other unexploded ordinances more than one thousand three hundred deaths have been recorded as a result and more than three thousand five hundred people have been injured wasn't a rope is one of them. i lost my arm and like in a landmine accident my colleague died in the same incident now i tell people that landmines are deadly and that if they find one they should stay away from it. but many areas still haven't been checked for landmines and other bombs it's not uncommon to find land mines in areas where people are living over the past few years and the population's been on the move to escape hunger and violence to
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include areas increasing the risk of stepping on landmines or unexploded devices but these devices from the previous civil war are not the only threats facing people here. for the past four years south sudan has been going through a war that is bound to leave another dangerous legacy the legacy of this forest is going to be a prayer for a shin a bomb exploded ordinance that is dangerous. to have a comes across and handles it and it's spread across a wide area and it will take time to clear. years rather than weeks or months martin said he was lucky that he found the landmine before it exploded but says he hopes will find the next mine also has his luck and survives he will morgan al-jazeera juba venezuelan president nicolas maduro says he plans to renegotiate all future foreign debt payments with banks and investors it's in response to financial sanctions imposed by the trumpet ministration the country's sank into
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a deep recession following the collapse in oil prices and to know more as a latin american analysts he says venezuela defaulting on its debts is inevitable. it hasn't paid those eight hundred million dollars that have already come due and tonight is a principle payment or at least the it is a lot of oil company owes a personal payment of one point one billion dollars and so technically that is all be in default by midnight tonight all the motorists said that the pay that was going to be made tomorrow it is so how to put it simply it's. this is the day of reckoning that everyone knew was going to come but as well it simply does not have enough money to pay its foreign debt and this has very little to do with the american sanctions that's what mcgrew would want people to think the reality is that under tavis is previous esther and then withdrew they the venezuelan government has indebted itself. astonishingly and most of that money has been robbed by the government itself there are enormous public works projects that were
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finances to the billions of dollars in venezuela that went nowhere that money went into the pockets of the government so it is a government that has indebted itself terribly and would have been in bad shape anyway and then had the oil prices fall which made things even worse so this is a disaster that was long in coming out the past decade more than eight hundred janice have been killed while doing their jobs a few of the cases have ever been solved any makes because two thousand and seventeen is said to be a record year for the number of journalists made its own home in the polls. eleven killed so far this year just for doing their jobs because one of the most dangerous countries in the world for journalists among them happy about there is a middle slava breach internationally renowned reporters who investigated government corruption and organized crime now they're gone but it's not just that there that's worrying press freedom groups it's what comes after after half year
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was worth it even in these two high profile cases months later still no one's been arrested well one of the main consequences of the impunity is that journalists start censoring themselves they stop reporting on organized crime to stop reporting on corruption and as a result entire areas in mexico basically have no serious journalistic coverage or if that's the gate of journalism going. free speech groups estimate that ninety nine point seven percent of verbal or physical attacks against journalists go on punished in mexico. ricardo sanchez is the special prosecutor for crimes against free speech in the last six years it's only been three convictions what's going on . this is a very complicated issue the federal government and attorney general's office know we face a big challenge in beating the impunity. we created a group to execute arrest warrants with the federal police and get people before a judge so we're doing important work i recognize we've got
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a long way to go we're working hard with the state governments. cinna lowest day in the grip of organized crime is one of the most dangerous for reporters. martin didn't fled after getting threats it still bothers him that the articles he and other journalists risk their lives for make little impact in an often openly corrupt society. i think sometimes it's kind of a suicidal calling you wonder why should we run these stories because we know things aren't going to change. martin and around. five hundred other journalists are in a government protection program that free speech groups say authorities themselves are actually responsible for the majority of attacks on the press and that really doesn't bode well as we head into what's going to be a fiercely fought election season if politicians are willing to use violence against journalists and if there are virtually no consequences for doing so that spells bad news for the more chrissy john home and. just as
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a former employee used their last day on the job to shut down president donald trump's account on thursday it was reactivated eleven minutes later the company had initially said human error led to the brief closure of the account to says it's working on steps to prevent such incidents occurring again now six years since the soviet dog called like became the first animal to orbit historic flight was one of the defining moments of the space race as victoria they can be reports. on the morning of november third one nine hundred fifty seven this quiet unassuming street dog changed history like his mission was to prove that a living creature could survive in space. when like it was sent to space most people thought that going outside the atmosphere was impossible and that it caused death immediately so it was necessary to collect data that simply prove that that isn't the case. of the same brain like that and they seem to like it
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like a slide made headlines around the world and she quickly became a household name for the soviets like his flight represented more than a scientific breakthrough it was a source of national pride and proof that they were leading the space race against rival the united states. that they're working through and. it is very difficult to describe their feelings but like his flight was something fantastic and unbelievable so we thought the russians have achieved something they did such a good job so we did a good job in. like a symbolic mission was only ever intended as a one way trip but her cultural legacy can still be felt in russia and abroad unfortunately like a died a few hours into the flight the cause of death was put at overheating. like a hasn't been forgotten and in some sense she was always remembered because many
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products at the time would named after her there was even a haircut named laika so she really affected the soviet culture for years after like his journey astronaut yuri gagarin became the first human to travel into outer space it was a pioneering mission that wouldn't have been possible without like his contribution to scientific knowledge victoria gates and be al jazeera. and i get the top stories. syrian state television says the army and its allied forces have pushed eisel out of the eastern city or dead as it was i saw last remaining syrian stronghold and the capital of an oil rich province bordering iraq and in neighboring iraq the army and shia militia fighters of capture the last international border and control the forces of also enter the town of all kind in anbar province on the way some border with syria the lawyer for
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the deposed cattle and president says his client will appeal any belgian approval of extradition to spain the spanish judge is deciding whether to issue an international arrest warrant for colors put your mouth on friday he missed a summons to appear before spanish court on thursday it's a prism and form a cabinet many members have been jailed and another was being detained in madrid they tended thursday's high court hearing that missed. the spanish government decision to imprison the cabinet members of the legitimate government of catalonia is a very grave mistake it is a great attack on democracy imprisoning political leaders who have ample citizen support is an act that violates the basic principles of democracy america's top diplomat will visit myanmar to discuss the rangar crisis later this month pressure is mounting on the white house to impose measures against me and mas government for
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its crackdown on minorities jurors in hong kong and failed to reach a verdict in a bribery case involving the former leader don't sign a judge dismissed the jury after they were unable to provide a verdict was accused of accepting a free renovation for a penthouse and in return becoming in quotes favorably disposed to a local radio station. trances is a former employee used the last day on the job to shut down president donald trump's account on thursday it was reactivated eleven minutes later the company had initially said human error led to the brief closure of the account twitter says it's working on steps to prevent such incidents occurring again as the headlines and news continues but first it is inside story.
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it's just sixty seven words long and has been described as britain's broken promise the balfour declaration marked the start of the century of suffering for the palestinians and led to the creation of a jewish state so one hundred years old should britain atone for the past this is inside story.


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