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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 3, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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the weather sponsored by qatar airways. or is it when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that has to address or if you join us on set. but. this is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. zero. zero i'm richelle carey this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. syrian and iraqi forces push into isis
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last strongholds. catalonians deposed leader says he will appeal any attempt to extradite him from belgium. the strong he's committed he's smart. president onil tromping ordered recent precedent in picking the next us federal reserve chief and i'm peter simmons with all the sports news of the day as patrice evra has been suspended after kicking a phone in the head during a europa league match all of that story and more later in the program. i saw the armed group whose dramatic rise captured headlines in two thousand and fourteen is staring a defeat in its final strongholds in both iraq and syria. syrian state television says the army and its ally forces have pushed out of the eastern city of doors or it was the group's last remaining syrian stronghold and the
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capital of an oil rich province border in iraq the military campaign to recapture doors or began in september when the army managed to break a three year long siege on the city and its residents and neighboring iraq the army and shia militia fighters have captured the last international border under control the forces have also entered the town of our province on the western border with syria and the past year and a half isis control over land and resources in syria and iraq has been steadily declining but recently it's been a very drastic fall so let's look at a map from june of this year i saw was still controlling vast swaths of territory marked in brown cities like rocka mosul indoors or were still under its control so fast forward to now it's lost all these major cities including rocca the self declared capital of its so-called caliphate and now to resort in an oil rich region which was crucial for the group's finances so we're covering the story from iraq
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and syria stephanie decker is live in just a province in northern iraq first let's talk to our live in ghazi on tap on the turkey syria border so hot talk us through this how how do they all get to this point. well basically the syrian army backed by a russian warplanes tottered a major military campaign breaking the defense lines of i sailed around the city and then they managed to move into the heart of the city now the syrian army was backed by different armed groups militia fighters and also hezbollah and iran that their contribution was very crucial to the military gains made by the syrian government by the russians definitely played a key role here because their. through the last four months managed to undermine the defense lines of i saw hundreds of eyes of fighters were killed during the
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military operation now the syrian army controls. but in needs to move and move to secure the oil fields which are still under the control of sunni tribesmen affiliated with the syrian opposition or the as the f which is a coalition of code this and other factions and this is could this is something that could put this in i mean a collision for the course with the because the as the air in says it wants to maintain control of those major oil fields so here tell us what is next for the syrian army in addition to what you just mentioned what is potentially next for them. rochelle i mean if you look at the map you can tell that the syrian army now is determined to consolidate its gains in eastern syria now they lost iraq into a thousand and four. twelve and two thousand and fourteen isis came and took over and took over so this is quite important for the syrian army to reverse the gains
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that were made by the opposition and by the rebel groups or i said and say i am back and again in the war against my rivals the next battle is definitely going to be over. which is the gateway city on the border. with iraq it was. because of a book about the manage to get supplies from iraq continue the. recruits from all over the world to continue expanding in syria ok our live for us in gaza on to thank you it's going to stephanie decker now who isn't a whole province so stephanie tell us more about what is happening and this this border crossing that has been retaken. yes that's just on the other side of what you heard him speak about there becoming is the iraqi side while the official border crossing has been taken that was taken in the last couple of hours even the iraqi prime minister in a statement from his office congratulating the iraqi forces and the battle is now
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on for all calm which is the town on the border there really taking districts by the hour just goes to show how quickly this operation the final push is taking place the center of the town has also been been said taken back by iraqi forces it's a large operation it's been going on for the best part of most two weeks now iraqi federal police together with the sunni tribal fighters also the hash oil shabby there shia militia pushing ahead it's significant because of course it's the last border that i was in control of the group has always made a huge deal out of breaking down borders that propaganda video with bulldozers as they broke their way so to speak into iraq from syria in two thousand and fourteen and also because it is the last territory that the group holds here in iraq so it is significant and i think some people will tell you that perhaps in the next couple of hours it could be announced taken back we'll have to wait and see but certainly i think we will be hearing from the iraqi prime minister when that takes place will announce that the group is finally territorially out of iraq but
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certainly it still poses a threat so stephanie any indication of when we will get official word or is that just kind of not clear right now. i mean it's speculation there's been a lot of talk with the fact that they do think that this is going to be quick if you look at other areas like the law fight even how we relatively speaking they managed to take those areas back in just a matter of days or week i think i'll call i'm certainly just looking out today at stars in the early hours richelle and they've been making very good headway so i you know i'm not on the ground not a military expert but it does seem to see certainly from the sources we spoke to that they don't think this is going to be a long battle but challenges remain here i think yes of course once. territory is as deemed taken back fire off the forces it is significant but there are massive challenges here one it's rebuilding richelle the areas left behind where the fighting has taken place some of them are absolutely flat and you have hundreds of thousands of people who remain in refugee. internally displaced so here in the in
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the region the kurdish region of northern iraq and then you have reconciliation there are huge ethnic sectarian divides in this country that we can see just playing out now which is you know it's a different topic but there are huge challenges here richelle so i think yes it's of course a course to celebrate but not too much because there are very many things that need to be addressed going forward and so much unknown stephanie decker live for us and hope province thank you the lawyer for that oppose cal on president says his client will appeal any belgian approval of extradition to spain a spanish just deciding whether to issue an international arrest warrant for carlos pushed on he missed a summons to a spanish court on thursday because he's in belgium seeking freedom and safety as he says the deposed leader and a sacked cabinet are being investigated for sedition following last month's declaration of independence now eight of which demands former cabinet members have been jailed another being detained in madrid they attended thursday's high court meeting that pushed him on missed he says their detention is an attack on democracy
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. the spanish government decision to imprison the cabinet members of the legitimate government of cattle only is a very grave mistake it is a great attack on democracy imprisoning political leaders who have ample citizen support is an act that violates the basic principles of democracy. and the catalan capital barcelona so. we have entered ok there is andrea so enter there is that there's a lot of moving parts there's the potential for an international arrest warrant there is people that have been in jail there are people that have been released there's a lot of things going on so get us up to speed. rivaled basically what's happening now is that we're waiting on that decision in madrid over a european arrest warrant that would be. sent by electronically to brussels indeed sent by facsimile and that the arrest warrant would be checked over twenty
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four hours by the belgian prosecutors and they would then make a decision on in terms of actually arresting them on the pushable has told everyone via his lawyer that this was his concern he will cooperate with belgian or forty's he won't go racing off trying to get over the border to beat the prosecutors to actually do with him but there are a whole lot of possible moves that could take place once that that warrant is issued in terms of representation in the belgian belgian justice system he could he could then make some appeals and so on and so forth but this is really a fast track extradition process that madrid wants to pursue now as far as the rest of the capital go there are harsh the that the sacked cabinet before the
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national court in madrid and of course they are all subs. to jail until a further hearing for the further away that development has really caused ructions here in the in barcelona in particular. ok andrew symonds live with the latest from barcelona thank you i've had a cup as a lawyer and head of the brussels office of the open europe group he says any attempts to extradite to depose catalan leader to spain quote take months. well they're being arrest warrant is a very technical procedure should basically doesn't it just merely have to check if indeed this arrest warrant bryce formerly they don't have to look into too much into the actual details of the case the assumption is that spain can be trusted no if spain with her or her requests this particular spanish citizen
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to be extradited on the basis of something that is not criminal in belgium and that is not on a joint list a joint even list of crimes that the recognized then judge could well refuse it but those are a lot of ifs the good thing for a belgian government is that this completely this is completely out of their hands this is in the hands of the belgian justice system and indeed they will have to look at the questions what are the justice system is sufficiently independent in spain what are this is all politically motivated or not the lawyer for tomorrow has said that the first stage at least takes one of the whole thing two months before we get the first judicial decision in belgium which then can be appeals and can go up to the highest courts in the country. and the whole focus sosie now author doubts. bush dumont goods also apply for asylum which can
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drag out takes even longer something does very much worse playing out. but in my head of the news hour including the u.s. secretary of state prepares to visit me and mark on his agenda talks in the hunter crisis and no verdict in hong kong where a jury debates the fate of the former chief executive donald sang and support a happy homecoming for houston's world series champions peter has all that in just a bit. with. president donald trump has named jerome powell as this pick to lead the federal reserve palace a multi-millionaire who now serves on the central bank's board and is one of five candidates interviewed for the role including current chair janet yellen his term finishes and february alan fischer reports it's my pleasure and my honor to announce my nomination of powell. to be the next chairman of the federal
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reserve this is the man donald trump wants to steer economic policy in the u.s. if confirmed drone poll over the next chairman of the federal reserve a position many call the second most powerful job in the government inside the federal reserve we understand that monetary policy decisions matter for american families and communities i strongly share that sense of mission and i'm committed to making decisions with objectivity based on the best available evidence in the long standing tradition of monetary policy independence the decision to replace janet yellen is not a surprise but it is a break with precedent the last three fed chairman more automatically be appointed even by presidents of the opposite political party i think it's very much a political decision and so very much a desire for president truong to say that he is replacing current fed chair janet yellen because she was appointed by obama and is essentially
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affiliated with the democratic policies not many people know the name of the new fed chair not many people will care there is a new fed chair but the position holds enormous power over pensions over savings and over job prospects across the united states the fed steers economic policy in the u.s. while it sets interest rates its job essentially is to maximize employment and stabilize prices janet yellen to control in twenty fourteen the u.s. was through the wash to the financial crisis in a first year g.d.p. the best way to measure a country's economy was a two point six percent unemployment was six percent inflation was point seven percent according to the latest figures g.d.p. is up to three percent unemployment is down four point two percent and inflation is just half of one percent with a record like that many observers doubt there will be radical change with a new person in charge it seems in appointing power it's going to continue. the
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federal continue in its route. pursuing lower interest rates in the president seems ok with the beyond that he had expressed much interest in what's going on in the. poll is a lawyer but he has said he's a fed governor for five years and is no saint for one of the biggest jobs in washington on global finance alan fischer washington thank you joe watkins is a republican political strategist is joining us live from philadelphia always good to talk to each of so. recent president has been for the presidents to generally reappoint the fed chair who's who's in the opposition when they come into office kind of regardless of the politics of it in particular there has been an economic recovery under janet yellen so having said that are you surprised by this really i mean of course janet yellen is four years were the second shortest tenure for a fed chair. that being said it wasn't because of what was happening under her
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tenure certainly. the rate of unemployment was headed in the right direction as well as interest rates and i don't think the president was at all displeased with her policy but i think he wanted to have the freedom to appoint his own person and so this is very much like donald trump he wants his own course in that position he wants to make his own mark while he's president and states have his own fed chair and so he's done that he's appointed a pal to this position and jay powell represents somebody who will likely not do much different from janet yellen so exactly and that's exactly that is exactly the point you expect there to be a lot of continuity between yellen and pell. i do i do expect to be a lot of continuity not a lot of surprises i think the market so far it's showing that i expect a lot of surprises a lot of differences and a lot of policy shift their own expecting any of that but nonetheless they do know that jay powell represents somebody who is down trans person he's not an economist
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as we know although he served. on the fed board but he's a lawyer by trade but nonetheless he's got a great background and there's some by the donald trump is high confidence and. this is kind of an obvious question but perhaps not what talk about the impact the power that this particular person as you know when janet yellen will she still is not when she will as she still is the current fed chair making her probably one of the most powerful women in the u.s. an addition to you know the women that are you on the on the u.s. supreme court so put in context just how much weight this position carries and how it has ripple effects around the world well i can't begin to underscore how powerful a position it is normally the people that are chairs of the fed a very understated people but what they say matters greatly and a word or two words can impact the market a huge way and of course there are ripple effects since we have
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a global economy so that what happens in the u.s. affects economies all around the world so clearly what jay powell says everybody will be looking to see what jay powell says what kind of hints he gives in these speeches alan greenspan certainly did this janet yellen did the same really expect the same from jay powell what he says going forward will have a great deal to do with. his interest in where the economy should be headed and it will certainly impact other economies around the world so let's let's hope that he doesn't tweet then senseless words so much in fact. joe watkins always good to talk to you thank you. thanks so much thanks for having me. america's top diplomat will visit me in mar to discuss the right hander crisis secrest rex tillerson is expected to meet leaders on nov fifteenth pressure is mounting on the white house to impose measures against her hand just government and the us senate a bipartisan group has introduced a bill which put restrict military cooperation until violence stops the u.s.
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refugee chief says it's time for the united nations security council to find a solution to the rancher crisis philip aggrandize spoke to al-jazeera as james bays about his recent visit to refugee camps and bangladesh i felt as i felt more than twenty years ago in those camps in eastern congo is the time when rwandans were coming by the hundreds of thousands of conflicts is different but the could dish and the physical conditions of this huge out floor in a very poor area without proper shelter proper sides without enough water without enough sanitation reminded me of those tragic moments in the ninety's when we had to deal with those emergencies we've had a visit now and so on suchi to iraq own state the first time since this crisis she's been there she's seen things for herself what does she now need to do the
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refugees that orange refugees have a right to return to their. to their home seemed rakhine state but to do that you have to recreate the conditions for them to feel safe to go back and that means. addressing finally the issue of citizenship which is really the fundamental crux of the matter here you've made strong comments on this do you believe that the security council has been strong enough or would you like them to take further action. i think the security council to use their jargon remains seized of the matter and that these already something i don't think they have found us often happens yet the unity necessary to propose and to put forward do the solution you know if you think of syria or the years which we have waited for the security council to five who have unity on resolutions in syria these are
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this is the difficulty this is why my message to the council today is lack of international cooperation which can happen here at the council favors the refugee flows or rather prevents solutions to refugee flows from being established and therefore these refugee flows to and so it's time for them to step up the council time to step up and to agree i would say this is the key word there and wants australia to restore food water and health services to six hundred refugees are refusing to leave it's decommissioned prison camp on the guineas mannus island services were ended when the camp closed on tuesday but the refugees there and say they're too scared to move out into the community because of previous attacks from hostile locals the international bodies describe the situation on the island as an unfolding humanitarian emergency style your buns off shore present camps to house refugees who try to reach the country by boat hong
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kong's former chief executive has avoided conviction on a bribery charge after a jury returned a hunger for a second time tunnel saying walked free from court but his future is still uncertain as he appeals another related conviction and a potential retrial sir clark reports from hong kong. he was noted by prince charles for his role as finance secretary guarding hong kong's money reserves through the last two years as a british colony his popularity saw him elected chief executive in twenty five he served two terms in the top job it was his conduct between twenty ten and twenty twelve that led to his fall from grace the once popular civil servant became the focus of a three year investigation by the independent commission against corruption it found he accepted five years from tycoons while in the top job. in april this year he was found guilty of misconduct and was sentenced to twenty months behind bars
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the verdict made in the highest ranking public servant in hong kong to be giles but the jury failed to reach a verdict on one bribery charge forcing a retrial last month the seventy three year old returned to court he was accused of accepting half a million dollars from a majority shareholder in a t.v. company to pay for the renovation of his penthouse apartment he later granted a license to the broadcaster triggering accusations he was using his position for personal gain the former chief executive pleaded not guilty to the charge one hundred it means he avoids conviction for now with the judge yet to declare if there be a retrial. don't song isn't the only form of hong kong laid out by sea accusations of financial impropriety the former chief executive see why long is also accused of accepting illegal pirates from a struggling company that investigation is still underway but a conviction for chung could have ramped up the pressure to see why long to also
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face calls sarah clarke out easier hong kong. second might ever turn now from on whether it was only the third of the month shell but we're already seeing more than a month's worth of rainfall the entire average rainfall for november has fallen and i have got more where that came from look at this area a cloudless been swirling away in that southeastern corner of in the northeast the monsoons come in that means much of india is fine and dry but not so for the southeast southern past couple nadu right the way down into sri lanka four hundred seventy nine millimeters of rain in the past four days the average for the entire month of november is around three hundred fifty millimeters of rain so a huge amount of rainfall has come down and that has left the streets flooded no surprises here major power cuts major disruption across a good part of the region and those floods do look set to continue as we go on through the next few days if the truth be no more heavy showers are rolling in on that's a northeasterly wind then into
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a good part of the southeastern corner of in the sea more heavy downpours there just edging up into entrepreneurship as well further showers through saturday going on into sunday more heavy downpours either side of the bourbon go with same flooding here as well more heavy rain has been affecting parts of thailand. two hundred twelve millimeters of rain and again there's more where that came from listener massive cloud that's been swirling away that is a typhoon and that is going to roll so wards the gulf of thailand as we go on through the next few days with further flooding next week for many years shall i. thank you still ahead on al-jazeera had one of those jobs the rob robots weren't going to take i think again inspired by freedom a rare look at the art of the impressionists over refugees and london and in sport how police are preparing for sunday's new york marathon after this week's attack and manhattan.
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in colombia transforming urban waste into building blocks of years just of course same for the west blasting the war we can finish their house in china to make in just ten years and in singapore fridge go farms and living building anything you do on land on the ground doesn't make sense to do that on a building now can we mike of not just decorative that feeling like it biologically productive first prize discovers cutting edge solutions for sustainable cities at this time when i was a zero. zero zero. every year.
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you're watching al jazeera let's recap the top stories this hour syrian state television says the army and its allied forces have pushed eisel filed fighters out of doors or it is the last remaining urban center that was still under eisel control and in neighboring iraq forces have entered the town about one of the last pockets the group controls their lawyer for the post count on president says his client will appeal any belgian approval of extradition to spain spanish judge is deciding whether to issue an international arrest warrant for carlos bustamante he missed a summons to appear before a spanish court on thursday as president on
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a trump is nominated to chair the federal reserve starting next year will take over when current chair janet yellen term expires following a long period of speculation over who would be chosen to head the central bank or now on our top story the fall of some advice was last strongholds in syria and iraq are in kabul honest director of the policy analysis at the doha institute he joins us from doha thank you very much so these doors or in that as well as what's happening in. these things happening simultaneously kind of put in perspective how big this is there have been other seizures that have been broken along the way how does this compare to others think this is it's over though it's it was like the expected i said was going to be defeated and there was or. was in the west of iraq what i think this is significant in my view know why because from just a blink of view this would be allowing that your long years to have this juco.
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between syria and iraq and the americans have been trying to prevent that from happening over the past few few months and trying to push their allies on they can hear about the syrian democratic forces the minute the main backbone of the kurds so this is in my opinion very important and maybe the russians they were actually the only party in this in this conflict to realize how important it was because i remember last year during the during the battle in the summer of two thousand and sixteen the russians were trying to convince the regime and the iranians to go eastward and leave a liberal because i actually would be there should be understanding with the turks later but the russians the the thought that the americans are actually trying to control these territories. there are laws on the ground the kurdish forces on the ground and given the syrian army from taking control regaining control of these
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territories and this is why you have seen the russians over the past couple of months actually pushing so hard in order to. have these territories regain by by the regime and its allies in this. conflict between the russians and that medic and so. that you mentioned what's next for them and this i think. this is why we are expecting the syrian regime forces to go for. this is the last city under ice of control on the borders between. iraq and i think the syrian regime forces would be that i should do this this city to take it back from i said before the season democratic forces do that we see as a said that we see this competition on the ground between the russians and the americans and their proxies in this in this war by proxy obviously territory shrinking shrinking almost nonexistent that doesn't mean that they're. so what is
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actually happening as they're losing all of this land militarily i said has been defeated in my opinion but. was an idea before it became an autumn me. states declared by the in june two thousand and fourteen so if we don't actually tackle the problem the cause of these of the why also has emerged in the first place because. policies that have been posed by both the governments of syria and in iraq the sunni majority in syria the sunni minority in iraq actually to. find in somehow representative all i said actually has taken advantage of that atmosphere of the sort of feeling for the sunnis in iraq that. the two governments in the two countries and that was . the main cause actually that has led to the imagines of us who don't deal with
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the grievances which have led in the first place to the allies if i said i think i said would come back sometime in the future so having said that when some of these cities like ours or have been under siege for three four years how important is the aftermath of all of this because if that is not dealt with properly you will have another vacuum that can create another problem simply because if you go back to two thousand and seven two thousand and eight when general actually has led the search in iraq and that led to actually to the defeat of al qaida a few years later because the grievances of the people of these regions actually have not been dealt with that has led to the emergence of a few years later so you know if we don't solve this the building reconstruction process and try to have this national reconciliation in which degree of the people of the locals are dealt with i think that will be a new lifeline for. to come back maybe
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a few years later and some other form for how absolutely thank you very much appreciate it. a israeli security forces have offered to defend the syrian village of dare and can tear a province earlier at least nine people were killed and twenty one injured in a suicide attack in the village that air is in a syrian controlled part of the golan heights area that borders israel it is home to the druze community a minority religious sect found in syria israel and the palestinian territories as well as lebanon on harry fawcett joins us live now from west truism so what's what's actually happened terry. well it was a sizable blast that took place inside this village just three kilometers away from the border fence that separates syria proper from the israeli occupied golan heights and as you say nine injured more than one killed more than twenty injured as well as that there was a light injury on the israeli side of that border fence when small arms fire struck
4:35 pm
a druze village or from the village of shams on the israeli side of the border fence this attack has been claimed by to here all sharm better known by its foreman aimed at the news or a front it was saying that it was trying to end the blockade of villages it's continuing fight against assad regime forces saying that it didn't intend to harm the property or people of the village but warned those druze villages against fighting on the side of president assad there's been a call from the spiritual leader of the druze in israel for all druze men including soldiers serving with the military the israeli military to leave their posts and go and defend their brethren there was a demonstration of about one hundred fifty people from this druze villages in the israeli occupied golan heights along the border fence and so i think because of that we've had this rather unusual statement from the israeli military. giving way to the possibility of direct israeli on the ground military involvement in syria
4:36 pm
saying that it is prepared and ready the israeli army to help the villages and prevent damage or occupation of the village and also answering some allegations by jews that it has been assisting groups like the news referencing the allegations of israeli involvement and assistance to global jihadi elements in the fighting groundless how serious hereon how serious is the risk of an escalation and all this . well i think there are two things to look at firstly the atmosphere it on the israeli side of the equation among the jews are a minority here in the village of my style shams we've been speaking to a village there saying after this demonstration things are relatively quiet he didn't think that there would be suddenly dozens hundreds of soldiers from the druze minority rushing the to try and take up arms by themselves but i think
4:37 pm
because of that we've seen this statement from the israeli military raising the prospect at least of some kind of direct involvement that to some extent depends on what happens in this village next is there going to be a real influx of of fighters from this armed group will things return to normal i think to some extent the israeli army is talking to this druze minority audience by putting on this pretty strong show of support for them but obviously that the situation is tense and a lot depends on what happens on the israeli side of the border and there fossett live from west for us on harry thank you. and israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu says he hopes the u.s. middle east peace initiative can work and he claims president donald trump is taking a fresh approach that yahoo is in london as part of a visit to commemorate the centenary of the balfour declaration it was issued by britain's cabinet and it marked a turning point in the effort to found israel. i think what is being discussed
4:38 pm
right now is an american issue and obviously we make our interests and our concerns known to. mr trump to those who wants to he's coming out of the sort of roof russian. can do that sort of stuck at the trough for twenty years really trying to. go to the bar. hardly phillips reports from london the israeli prime minister said that he wanted to see the palestinians governing themselves but that the overriding security responsibility overriding power if you like over the west bank would have to remain israel's prerogative that israel would be responsible for that right up to the jordanian border and in that context mr netanyahu argued the whole definition of sovereignty would perhaps have to be rethought i don't think that will go down well with the leadership of the palestinian administration he spoke at length about what
4:39 pm
he sees as the threat of iran and he said the one thing that gave him hope was that more and more arab governments in private agreed with him on that threat and his determination not to allow iran to dominate the middle east and specifically not to take over any event if you will that may emerge in syria as a result of i still say military defeat that he said not serious disagreements on iran with president obama no secret there and that he was gratified that the president saw things much more along the same line my impression is that the israeli prime minister is leaving london a pretty comfortable man gratified with the overall overt support that he's received from the british government on the seventeenth of the balfour declaration al-jazeera estimating the release of its journalists mahmoud is saying has spent
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internet chips in prison for nearly a year he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which an al-jazeera strongly denied a move has repeatedly complained of mistreatment and jail he was arrested in december while visiting his family. prosecutors of the international criminal court want to open an investigation into allegations of war crimes in afghanistan it will date back two cases since may two thousand and three in afghanistan that also want to look at cases where war crimes may have been committed on territories that are part of the rome statute that's the international treaty which led to the foundation of the hague based i.c.c. the u.s. led war in afghanistan began in two thousand and one in response to the september eleventh attacks it was supported by a broad coalition of international forces or growing concerns that artificial intelligence and robotics will take away more jobs from people as they are further developed and become more complex us study that question leaders and information technology says automation could impact sixty percent of businesses by two thousand
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and twenty two. reports on how these advances could be coming quicker than many think. don't expect this bartender to listen this sad stories about your love life he's made of metal and plastic and has no heart the world's first one hundred percent robotic bar opened in las vegas in june it's a novelty but also a warning sign till now most automation related job losses have been in manufacturing that's about to change there now it's moving over to the service sector and that makes a big difference jobs such as cashiers such as bank tellers jobs in the service industry jobs and food preparation jobs often support office administrative support a lot of his jobs have a high risk of automation in the coming ten or twenty years it's already happening in retail stores more people are shopping online forbes magazine estimates twenty
4:42 pm
one retailers will shut three thousand five hundred stores in the u.s. this year that equals tens of thousands of lost jobs for sales people and support staff who is most at risk experts say african-americans hispanics female workers of all races and people without a college education will lose jobs to automation at the highest rates and that's going to really. change the face of our society certain cities will be hit the hardest but sixty one percent of the jobs in las vegas could be automated in coming twenty years and so a lot of the jobs are office administrative support they're in sales their food preparation and so within those industries we see a lot of workers you know doing tasks that could be taken over by robots in the coming years it seems that american workers and policymakers are not ready for the massive economic and social disruption this new wave of automation could bring as
4:43 pm
a society i don't see us prepared our politicians are remarkably silent about this issue so we're clear of course you know we had seen we have seen plenty of technological waves but we claim this time it's different it's really different no one knows how this seemingly unstoppable wave of automation will play out but in communities where mining and manufacturing jobs were replaced by robots people are suffering from widespread poverty depression drug abuse and alcoholism those robot bartenders are going to be busy rob reynolds al-jazeera los angeles. and u.s. president donald trump's former campaign chairman has appeared in court accused of conspiracy against the united states and money laundering paula metaphor and says the criminal case brought by special counsel robert muller is embellished his lawyers argue he's a successful political consultant involved in international financial transactions
4:44 pm
as part of his work the judge has ordered him to remain under house arrest dollars investigating alleged russian links to the election campaign and interference in u.s. politics britain's new defense secretary says the war against i so will be his priority prime minister theresa may appointed conservative chief whip gavin williamson after michael fallon quit the role over allegations of inappropriate sexual behavior. so the men's privilege should be going to secure safe the defense lawyer and what we need to be doing is continuing to focus on country. making sure there's no national security reform from today everything that we do and we have some good graces and i am senses privily should be able to route. china has rejected claims that it is flooding the us with cheap and deadly fenton all it comes as u.s. president donald trump says most of the drugs at the center of the country's opioid crisis are made in china more than twenty thousand americans were killed by guns in
4:45 pm
the last year president trump arrives in beijing on wednesday and says the issue will be a top priority when he meets his counterpart she's in pain china and vietnam have reached an agreement to managers their dispute in the south china sea through diplomatic talks relations between the two countries had been tense over the militarization of the strategic waterway the announcement was made ahead of chinese president xi jinping state visit to hanoi next week for meetings with asia pacific leaders scientists say they have identified a new species of primate in indonesia but fear it survival is already in jeopardy due to habitat destruction so take a look at the small population of less than eight hundred frizzy hair was discovered on the island of sumatra gorges researchers say the population is highly vulnerable and its habitat is facing further pressure from development it was the first newly discovered species in nearly ninety years. under siege in the franco-prussian war and eight hundred seventy one unexpected
4:46 pm
consequence was the number of artists who escaped to london as refugees an exhibition celebrates there are precious artwork the city's tate britain gallery. for a look impressionists a surefire way to attract crowds london one of the most illustrated cities in the world put the two together and what's not to like. tate britain is showing french impressionist who came as a refugee artist to london in one thousand nine hundred seventy they looked at london with an outside his own eyes if you look at this painting for example by my mooney of hyde park and he got very interested with the fact that people were allowed to walk on the grass in the country interest is in the sheer expanse of these pockets of nature within london at a time when paris was you know bombarded by the persians paris was under siege and badly damaged in the franco-prussian war the wounded soldier by james t.
4:47 pm
so has never been seen in public before nor has his watercolor showing a mass execution in paris in eight hundred seventy one escaping the violence in london provided a sanctuary the english aristocrats proved interesting subjects but many of the frenchmen were transfixed by london the grime the din at the time the largest city in the world the city's river the thames held a special fascination with its pollution grittiness and fogs the houses of parliament had just been completed with what was then europe's tallest building a powerful symbol of the british empire the houses of parliament along the river thames became an obsession for monet at one point he was working on a hundred different calluses at the same time trying to perfect the light the mist and the fog that enveloped london and for the artist became his ensuring impression
4:48 pm
of the city jessica baldwin al-jazeera london. still ahead on al-jazeera it's been sixty year since a russian stray dog became the first living being to venture into albert space. and find out what has caught this all for in india so angry peter will have that story in support.
4:49 pm
and you're out of your sport now appear michel thank you so much french footballer patrice evra has been banned for at least one match after kicking
4:50 pm
a supporter in the head you a for have open disciplinary proceedings against him in the suspension could well be increased the incident happened before massa's europa league game against victoria in portugal the former manchester united defender was warming up when he clashed with these own marsay supporters thirty six year old ever was seen launching an acrobatic kick at the supporters' head and was given a red card before the game even kicked off. everton the season is going from bad to worse the english premier league side have been knocked out of the europa league after being beaten by leon they lost three nil with all the goals coming in the second half the team known as the toffees sector manager ronald cumin last month he's temporary replacement david ensor with has now lost the three matches that he has overseen it's not about me it's about the football club and what will be will be i've said all along you know whoever gets the honor of being every manager
4:51 pm
you know will you know all the people will decide that elsewhere arsenal confirmed this part of the knockout stages despite a goal a straw with red star belgrade ac milan who are also held to a school of straw by a athens and they will need to wait until the next round of matches to ensure their progress in the competition and then veer away also to know when over slavia prague has helped them to move to the top of group a. we're close to learning the final four teams lift in major league soccer this season the seattle sounders became the first signs of book of a spot in the conference finals u.s. international clint dempsey scored twice in the second half as they beat the vancouver whitecaps to know in the second leg of a semi final on thursday. the next face the winner of the portland timbers and used in dynamo they take each other on in the other western conference
4:52 pm
semifinal that one taking place on sunday they finished school or so after the first leg in the eastern conference a ways to run to see how the two an advantage over the new york red bulls new york city a.f.c. trail columbus crew for one both of those games are shared old for sunday as well. in south america's second tier club competition the copper suit americana independent of argentina have overcome paraguayans naseer now to reach the same e finals independent entity came into the quarter final second leg with a big advantage of taking the first leg one at home in the second leg they had to wait until the second half to take the lead in this game after one month martinez scored. a double the lead to send in the penny ante through to the semifinals to know on the night and six one on every good they will face another paraguayan club liberty next. injury has forced tennis world number one there rafael nadal out of
4:53 pm
the paris marsters before his quarter final match the thirty one year old has cited an ongoing knee problem to face so full of play you know which in the quarters before beating public us in three sets in the second round. the victorious baseball world series champions the euston astros will be honored on friday with a downtown parade water was sprayed from a port fire trucks to form a guard of honor as they returned home on thursday the championship trophy was also on display held here by world series m.v.p. george springer it's the first time the astros have won the world series they beat the l.a. dodgers in game seven security measures are being increased for sunday's new york marathon after eight people were killed in an attack in manhattan earlier this week the new york police department has doubled the number of rooftop observation posts and sniper teams more uniformed police officers and dogs will patrol the forty two
4:54 pm
point two kilometer course as well fifty one thousand competitors are due to take part with two and a half million spectators also expected. new yorkers are resilient and you know i think they love to make statements and this is a way to make a statement to come together and show the world that you know we we don't we don't go hard you know this is this and we can't be put down and i think i think that that's the marathon brings that out that kind of spirit out of. the los angeles lakers poor start to the n.b.a. season is continued as they were narrowly beaten on thursday by the portland trail blazers the blazers started well even leading thirty five twenty three late in the first quarter but the lakers fought back and managed to take the lead half way through the third quarter and then tied at one hundred ten all with just zero point seven seconds left on the clock that's when damian lillard made a three pointer to ensure victory for portland you know have a thirteen game winning streak against the lakers. well
4:55 pm
we've seen that no shortage of sports stars in gauging in politics this year and a russian ice hockey star has joined the trained washington capitals leader alex ovechkin used these instagram page to launch what he is describing as a social movement to support a russian president vladimir putin elections are scheduled in russia for march the post has attracted seventy four thousand likes. south korea as we came is the first round leader at the p.g.a. event in las vegas after carding a six under par sixty five he holds a one stroke lead over five men tied for second now seamus power of the republic of ireland he's tied for sixteenth position that's three shots behind we came but it could have been less the world number three hundred three agonizingly close to a hole in one here on the fourteenth the irishman has never won a title on the p.g.a. tour. now something all go for his with putting problems could sympathize with australia's terry. wasn't having
4:56 pm
a good day after two straight years in the opening round of the asian tour event in india so he missed out on the very top he took his frustration out for his pattern . of course would never do anything like that well just throw a pen maybe. all right in sixty years since a soviet i call like became the first animal to orbit earth or storks light was one of the defining moments of the space race reports on the morning of november third one nine hundred fifty seven this quiet unassuming street dog changed history like his mission was to prove that a living creature could survive in space covered war for so long and. when like it was sent to space most people thought that going outside the atmosphere was impossible and that it caused death immediately so it was necessary to collect data that simply prove that that isn't the case live on jackie and others of the same breed learn like that and they seem to like it like a slight made headlines around the world and she quickly became
4:57 pm
a household name for the soviets like his flight represented mood in a scientific breakthrough it was a source of national pride and proof that they were leading the space race against rival the united states. that they're working through and. it is very difficult to describe their feelings but like his flight was something fantastic and unbelievable so we thought the russians have achieved something they did such a good job so we did a good job in like a symbolic mission was only ever intended as a one way trip but her cultural legacy can still be felt in russia and abroad unfortunately like a died a few hours into the flight the cause of death was put at overheating. like a hasn't been forgotten and in some sense she was always remembered because many products at the time would named after her there was even a hair cut named like so she really affected a soviet culture. for years after like his journey astronaut yuri gagarin became
4:58 pm
the first human to travel into outer space it was a pioneering mission that wouldn't have been possible without like his contribution to scientific knowledge victoria gates and be al jazeera. in history there so keep it here. other side of the. character. the nature of news as it breaks because you can see there in the hall shia militia vehicles you can see on the horizon there the peshmerga telling us are actually tanks with detailed coverage when the mine closed in one thousand nine hundred four many people lost their jobs. from around the world this is supposed to last for a month but that it only lasts for eight days if you look around this is the only
4:59 pm
food available in this household. the consequence. he served for. just doesn't go away. for a living out of his truck for the last couple years. he's homeless. follows a group of u.s. army veterans. by war. as they struggle to get their lives back. at this time. sometimes pictures of the. story and. some of the latest new camera gear and technology to make sure these images are innovative to be a village it is not just behind because it's giving them the view. with the theme whenever needed. and the political refugees ways been aware of different kinds of stories in different kinds of health charity there was
5:00 pm
a space for. sixty seven words that spelled promise for one people but ended up a disaster for another. that led to the establishment of a jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians one hundred years on al-jazeera world tells the story of the british declaration that changed the middle east for seeds of discord this time. thank. syrian and iraqi forces push into last strongholds.


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