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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 3, 2017 8:00pm-8:33pm AST

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consequence of war i got ventures into russia he served in the marine corps for ninety two ninety ninety five just doesn't go away he's been living out of the truck for the last couple years. he's homeless. follows a group of us army veteran traumatized by war. as they struggle to get their lives back. at this time. significant defeats for i saw in syria and in iraq where the army says it's taken the group's last major stronghold.
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and this is al jazeera live from london also coming up a u.s. army sergeant held hostage by the taliban for five years gets a dishonorable discharge but escapes prison time. catalonia is deposed president vows to fight any efforts to extradite him to spain. the funerals been held for the multis investigative journalist killed by a kabul. islamic state of iraq and the levant has lost further ground in iraq and syria the armies of both countries and the syrian opposition squeeze its forces in the last few minutes the iraqi prime minister has announced the recapture of on the syrian border syria's army said it now controls the city of daraa which has been divided for three years just five months ago i so still control vast swathes of territory
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marked in brown here including major cities on both sides of the border since then it's been driven out of mosul itself declared capital rocka. the capital of an oil rich region which was crucial for the group's finances the syrian army is now in a race with the us backed rebels to retake the rest of the province iraqi forces meanwhile took full control of him. i saw last stronghold in the country after seizing the last border crossing the group will be live from iraq in a moment but first is in gaziantep on the turkey syria border with the latest on i saw losses in syria. syrian army is expanding its military gains in the eastern part of the country government forces have retaken the city of dale saw after months of fighting they are now moving north to secure major oil fields but moving
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north could lead to clashes between the army and his main rival the syrian democratic forces of the. coalition of kurdish factions and backed by the united states of america. following a series of targeted operations units from our armed forces in cooperation with the allied forces fulfill their mission restoring order and stability to the entire city of the resort after destroying the hideouts of the remnants of the terrorist organization of. these are icily celebrating their control of dale saw and iraq in two thousand and fourteen the armed group launched a spectacular attack sweeping through eastern syria. and city to towns on the border with turkey but isis gains was shortlived its fighters from northern syria following a major campaign by
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a coalition led by the united states of america and a turkish cross border operation in two thousand and sixteen. and two weeks ago. drove ice and out of itself proclaimed capital city with finally under its control the syrian army only have one more pocket of i still territory to delaware the border city of command. is already under attack there by iraqi forces if i see a loser book a man its presence in syria would come to an end the syrian army which has suffered major setbacks over the last six years says it's determined to take all the territory it lost including. well the house like our problems which are still under the control of god is opposition groups. well stephanie deck is live for us now in the hawk in iraq stephanie the iraqi prime minister just a few minutes ago saying that they've now taken him how significant is this capture
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. it's hugely significant because as you heard. there this is on the border with syria it's the largest of the last border for and that they control so they have the cross and they took that officially a couple of hours ago and now just in the last hour the prime minister saying that that entire town had been taken they still need to push. sort of area to the east of all but it's small i don't think it's going to take that long judging by how this offensive how quickly it has been moving and then its territorial presence at least sue in this country in iraq will be over it doesn't mean you know it no longer poses a threat but certainly it will be significant you know three years in two thousand and fourteen when the group and sways of territory that campaign financing will be announced or i think we will expect to hear from the prime minister actually
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televised speech at that point when that happens which is probably quite soon as hashem was explaining in his report there on the launch areas in syria as well as in iraq. has been pushed out of print these soldiers all just disappearing all they all still posing a threat. absolutely it's a very good point where they will go and yes many of the move been killed but many of them of course one of you know amalgamated into you know the waves of internally displaced people particularly that's what the intelligence services will tell you that they are concerned about the concerns of sleeper cells and we've seen sleeper cells carrying out attacks particularly a rather large one in car cook at the beginning of the year so that's a huge challenge and of course you know these sort of you've seen attacks in baghdad large scale attacks and then you know you take it further afield and the inspiration that isis gives always claims attacks we've seen them in europe further afield as well it's very difficult to control far more difficult to control for the
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intelligence agencies once it morphs into sort of you know a more i. a logical and sort of guerrilla tactics if you will absolutely to territory of course it's significant that they no longer hold up but many people will tell you that it will simply morph into some form of another form. but it will still remain a challenge and one that is particularly difficult to deal with when you're talking about sort of these random attacks good to get your thoughts. a judge has ruled that u.s. soldier bowe bergdahl will not serve prison time for endangering his comrades by deserts in his afghanistan post prosecutors had sought a fourteen year sentence for the army sergeant a court has instead ordered dishonorable discharge in his desertion case will also lose his rank and forfeit
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pay he was held by the taliban for five years after walking away from his post this is a terrible ordeal. ordeal that you're all familiar with. time during. deliberations has been particularly. anxiety inducing for obvious reasons. certainly glad this is over. where ruslan jordan is live from washington d.c. . the president doesn't trump was quite outspoken with regards to this particular case and indeed has reacted to the verdict. that's right apparently there is why five vailable on air force one the president is on his way to asia for a multinational trip but clearly he is able to keep up with the developments back
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here in the united states and he has essentially called the decision a very bad decision i'm paraphrasing here but the president's views of sergeant bro bergdahl were not a secret during the campaign in two thousand and sixteen he called him a dirty rotten traitor and said that he should be executed for abandoning his post in afghanistan back in two thousand and nine if there was any question about whether the president still felt that way he made similar comments in recent weeks even as this case was headed to a sentencing deliberation and the judge in this case a military judge said that the now sitting president's comments would very much be considered as a mitigating factor as a reason to perhaps give sergeant bowe bergdahl lusts of a sentence less of less punishment than a harsher punishment because that could be seen as trying to influence the military
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judicial process something which normally isn't done and was only reaction of the miniature how do you think they will be feeling about the census of course some soldiers were injured as they try to set for the sergeant when when he was being held in captivity. well i'm waiting for some sort of official reaction from the u.s. army which insisted upon having bow bergdahl stand in a court martial for desertion which he has pled guilty to as well as for something called misbehavior essentially putting his fellow soldiers in harm's way at least two soldiers involved in the search for him were so badly injured that their military careers were ended and so there has been a considerable amount of disgust with bergdahl is behavior even though he says he was acting one out of a sense of trying to eliminate command problems within his unit as well as trying
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to deal with an undiagnosed mental illness some of those soldiers aren't buying that argument there are others though with in the u.s. army who had argued that he should have been treated more leniently and not been put forward in this court martial but of course a less something goes wrong but very soon will be a free man so it's a question of whether his reputation can be rehabilitated also in jordan that with the very latest out of washington d.c. thousands of people and mult have attended a funeral for the journalist daphne that got it c.-a who was killed by a car bomb last month. a day of mourning and flags fluid hamas in brussels the e.u. is calling on multiple find those responsible for them jonah hill reports. daphne. was no ordinary journalist. at her funeral on friday friends and
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family remembered a tireless investigator who faced threats to her life and in the courts. in thousands of posts on her popular blog uncovered scandal and corruption in what her son described as multi state she helped trigger a snap election earlier this year after alleging links between prime minister joe's of muscat and offshore business dealings contained in the panama papers many in positions of power politicians and the police had reason to want to silence on the sixteenth of october someone succeeded with the car apart. and the f.b.i. have joined the investigation the government has offered over a million dollars for information but no arrests have yet been made on facebook her son matthew wrote my mother was assassinated because she stood between the rule of law and those who sought to violate it we are
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a people at war against the state and organized crime which have become indistinguishable. from the family made clear that leaders were not welcome at the funeral and in a statement the european commission vice president. said the eyes of europe. is the last words on her final blog post for a reason they're a crook so everywhere you look now daphne wrote on the day she died the situation is desperate. still to come on. conflict with. the world away from the violence we meet the range of people hoping for a new life in the u.s. .
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hello northern parts of the middle east could see some wet weather over the next couple of days ago some clouds and rain in our forecast you can see this line of cloud just stretching out over iraq around the caspian sea northern areas of iraq pushing right up into was back down south that is generally dry. pushing out to the cypress joining up with some wetter weather this been easing across the north of syria into those northern sections of iran then system weather certainly a possibility for some as we go on through saturday and i think by the time we come to sunday bloody heavy rain coming into the eastern side of the med further north turkey yet again seeing some rather unsettled weather for many though it will be fine and dry a little bit of cloud sliding its way further southward syquest the reg of financial over the next day or so i thought to dry on saturday but you can see this lot of clash stretching from kuwait data through central areas of the red sea that
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will sink its way further south was this thing out as it does say petering out dying out thirty three celsius the top temperature here with more pleasant sunshine coming through there will see more though of sunshine across western parts of southern africa long lost a lot of cloud is making its way further east was weakening as it does so i think many it will be dry.
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welcome back a reminder of the top stories say on al jazeera i saw has lost the ground in iraq and syria as the armies of both nations and the syrian opposition squeeze its forces. a judge has ruled that a u.s. soldier who was kidnapped by the taliban will not serve prison time for endangering his comrades in his afghan post the bowe bergdahl will get a dishonorable discharge. thousands of people in malta have attended a funeral for the journalist daphne galaxia who was killed by a car bomb last month. the former leader of catalonia says
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he will find extradition if an international arrest warrant is issued against him spiny central judges want them all to come back to spain from belgium to face charges related to his declaration of independence for catalonia which infuriated politicians in madrid david schaper reports. that oppose catalan president. has pledged to cooperate with the belgian courts as soon as his arrest warrant from the national court in madrid is. this is the office of brussels that will receive the documents once they've been checked and will have to attend a court hearing at the palace of justice will face arrest by the police the same applies to his four former cabinet ministers and belgium. proceedings under the european arrest warrant can take up to sixty days and in special circumstances an extra thirty days can be added legal experts say the new streamlined measures are
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meant to make extradition between countries inside the european union much more simple but this case might bring unforeseen challenges to the legislation i think that this case still at very sensitive an exceptional case. at this. for there you were. and for the mutual trust between the members of the u.n. more particularly between the benjamin and at the european commission's friday press briefing every question was about catalonia and they all received the same response this is a matter entirely for the judicial authorities. thankfully the arrest warrants can only be challenged on two grounds on the basis of human rights abuses or what the lawyers call double criminality and that's where it gets complicated. the charge of sedition has to be defined in broadly the same way in spain and belgium for the
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warrant to work the belgium's definition of sedition dates back more than two centuries and spain's was last amended in one thousand nine hundred five. the lawyer working for push de mar is an expert in extradition and amnesty cases having defended members of the basque separatist organization after this story is far from over david chaytor al-jazeera brussels and andrew symonds joins us live from barcelona andrew i understand a protest is warming up where you are at the moment what is been the reaction so far in barcelona stalling huge developments. will the jailing of half the sacked capital cabinet has really caused shock and anger right the way through catalonia not just among politicians but also the demonstrators those in civic life who feel strongly that there should be secession
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there's also some concern among those who back what spain has done concern about the way the courts are acting because there is a perception amongst many people now that the actions of a judge in madrid are all somewhat political and that is obviously having a resonance here the. decision in parliament to declare secession was exactly a week ago and it was this square. square where tens of thousands tried to pack inside last friday night we're going to see again tonight an attempt at a demonstration perhaps not as big and the mood a week ago was one of complete elation i hasten to add the mood on this night is going to be one of complete concern of real anger and a deep set anxiety about where this all leads the slogan will be free
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political prisoners not just the government ministers ministers involved in this crisis but also to activists who were jailed a while back now for sedition but when i say for sedition charges of sedition which are in the pipeline they haven't been heard yet the same applies to the ministers who are staying in jail until their cases are heard they could be there for several weeks there are suggestions from the political leaders here that they will be in a position to actually have candidacy in the elections on december the twenty first even though they're in jail if their cases haven't been heard if they haven't been convicted if no special measures are taken against them the word is amongst the politicians here that they feel that they could actually be standing as candidates in those elections so right now the mood is one of tension of one of concern and one of more defiance than the was before border funds toward spain which is rolling
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out this whole. process of direct upon catalonia right now many thanks anderson is that with the very latest out of barcelona. and the mines and unexploded bombs are still being discovered in residential and farming areas of south sudan as a result of the conflict with the down which ended in two thousand and five and with a country now caught up in its own civil war there are fears that the danger will continue for many years from the capital juba morgan reports. all his been hoping to do was dig the soil for farming to sustain himself instead martin ago says he found something else not far from his house having it in the bin and. i started forming this year and while i was digging i fell in the land mine are reported to the chief of the village and they took it without incident i continue with digging and again fell into another learn more in the land mines are
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just some of the more than thirty one thousand anti-personnel mines discovered in south sudan since two thousand and five they were planted during the country's twenty one year civil war when it was still part of sudan a conflict that has left many areas with land mines and other unexploded ordinances more than one thousand three hundred deaths have been recorded as a result and more than three thousand five hundred people have been injured wilson a rope is one of them. i lost my arm and leg in a land mine accident my colleague died in the same incident now i tell people that land mines are deadly and that if they find one they should stay away from it. but many areas still haven't been checked for landmines and other bombs. it's not uncommon to find land mines in areas where people are living over the past few years and the populations been on the move to escape hunger and violence to include areas increasing the risk of stepping on landmines or unexploded devices but these
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devices from the previous civil war are not the only threats facing people here for the past four years south sudan has been going through a war that is bound to leave a dangerous legacy the legacy of this forest is going to be a peripheral vision of unexploded ordnance that is dangerous. to whoever comes across and handles it and it's spread across a wide area and it will take time to clear. years rather than weeks or months martin said he was lucky that he found the land mine before it exploded but says he hopes will find the next mine also has his luck and survives he will morgan al-jazeera juba an american woman who is accused of insulting zimbabwe's president mugabe on twitter has been charged with subverting a constitutionally elected government donovan who works for my gambits he was detained during a dawn raid on a home in harare if found guilty of the offense she faces up to twenty years in
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prison o'donovan denies any wrongdoing and calls the charges baseless and malicious . colombia has signed a deal with the united nations that aims to operate its thriving cocaine industry it's part of ongoing peace efforts between bogota and groups that control the country's drug trade agreement worth more than three hundred million dollars will win farmers off growing coca the base ingredient for cocaine by replacing it with safer crops like coffee and kick out the un hope to see initiative can free rural communities from the increasing pressures from drug traffickers to produce the coca leaf. josie marino the manager of the english football club manchester united has appeared in court in madrid over charges of tax evasion it's allies the fifty four year old did not declare taxable income from image rights in twenty eleven and twenty twelve when he was head coach of around madrid however marino says he's
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already settled the issue with spanish authorities and has nothing more to pay. is going for the model. i was informed that an investigation was opened and i was told that in order to make good my situation i had to pay x. amount of money i did not answer back i did not argue i simply paid and signed with the state to testify that everything was already dealt with that's why i've been here for five minutes just to tell your excellency the judge exactly what i'm telling you i have nothing else to say the u.n. refugee agency is calling on governments worldwide to result the status of the world's state close millions by twenty twenty for the u.n.h.c.r. says three point two million people in seventy five countries are officially known to be stateless not accepted as nationals by any state they face discrimination and exclusion the largest group is one point one million who are not recognized under
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the country's nationality law but the u.n. estimates that the true figure counting those not registered by governments could be ten million including large populations in indonesia ivory coast of lebanon and democratic republic of congo the un is urging governments to give nationality to anyone born on their territory who would otherwise be stateless well here's the chief of the un refugee agency addressing the security council on thursday the sharp rise in force displacement reflects weaknesses in international cooperation and declining capacity to prevent cantin and resolve conflicts. competing interests are being pursued through proxy wars instead of being resolved through diplomacy and dialogue neglected local crises gather peace and become transnational with broader implications the focus is on short term interests rather than long
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term collective stability and the united nations says more than a million of mammoths a close range of people have now fled the country most are living in camps in neighboring bangladesh but a few have found a new home in the us either as refugees or with the support of family and friends one of the largest concentrations of ranger in the us is in chicago john hendren is there and filed this report. half a world away from me m r hundreds of brilliant you have found a distant refuge in america's midwest but for many like abdul-jabbar a manilla their thoughts are of home their relatives and pictures and videos of their villages on fire you make me very sad and i mean even though i'm here in safety in you know it has to be when i'm. going to sit in here so i feel not happy some four hundred range of families about fifteen hundred people have moved here to
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chicago in the city's rohingya cultural center they gather for help in applying for jobs and get medical advice they also come to plead for help for their relatives in me anymore or as many still call it burma only solution us military and united nation because china india everyone is silent so you made a plea for us military in world save life of and this and people didn't need your help those here are learning to speak english. and they're starting from scratch part of that. is that they have no real access to state education and so when they get to america to be resettled they can be forty fifty sixty years old and have no education whatsoever which means that my teaching english we have to start right at the beginning with the phonetic alphabet
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and just the sounds of the language that. they come here to have on avenues some call the most diverse street in america landing place in successive wave of immigrant to chicago from eastern europeans to orthodox jews pakistanis indians and now they're all hinge up. here they form their own community where they share their own store and their own worries i'm already about just have to know so . because the government not allowed any international or united nations is a fear for those they left behind the real injury here comfort themselves in knowing it least they've brought some of them to safety john hendren al jazeera chicago. the main story on al-jazeera i saw has lost further ground in iraq and syria as the
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armies of both nations and the syrian opposition squeeze its forces iraqi prime minister has announced the recapture of out on the syrian border syria's army says it's in control of the whole of the city of daraa zor which has been divided for three years. a judge has ruled u.s. soldier bow bergdahl will not serve prison time for endangering his comrades i deserted his afghanistan post prosecutors had sought a fourteen year sentence for the army sergeant the court has instead ordered dishonorable discharge he was held by the taliban for five years after walking away from his post. this is a terrible ordeal. you can't back or deal but you're all familiar with. time during deliberations has been particularly. anxiety inducing for obvious reasons. certainly glad this is over. the former leader of
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catalonia says he will fight extradition if an international arrest warrant is issued against him but colace pushed him out as a lawyer said the ousted president of the catalan regional parliament will not seek asylum in belgium where he fled earlier in the week. thousands of people in malta have attended a funeral for the journalist daphne khurana galaxia and with killed by a car bomb last month the european union is calling on mall to find those responsible the vice president of the european commission is warning that democracy is on the island the un is urging australia to restore food water and health services to six hundred refugees are refusing to leave recommissioned prison camp. and the camp closed on choose day but the refugees are too scared to leave because of previous attacks from locals colombia has signed a deal with the united nations that aims to. going peace efforts between the
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government and armed groups that control the drug trade that so for now feel new york news hour is coming up in twenty five minutes inside story. from hollywood to westminster in the office on the street never before have we been made so where of sexual harassment and it's everywhere from australia to zimbabwe so how does it differ around the world and can we do anything to stop it this is inside story.


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