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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 3, 2017 9:00pm-10:00pm AST

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the consequence of war. he served in the marine corps. just doesn't go away. for a living out of the trophy. home was. follows a group of us veterans. by war. as they struggle to get their lives back. at this time. al-jazeera. hello i'm see this is the news hour live from london coming up significant defeats for eisel in syria and in iraq where the army says it's taken the group's loft may
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just stronghold. the u.s. army sergeant held hostage by the taliban for. gets a dishonorable discharge because skate's prison time. thousands protests around catalonia over the jailing of eight of their government ministers. and the novelty are a warning sign couldn't robot take over. and i'm joined again with oil sports news of the day is patrice evra suspended for kicking a fine in the head for your bro police match i'll have that story and more later in the program. iraq and syria have dealt a major new blow to the slum extent of iraq on the bones the iraqi prime minister has just announced the recapture of chi him on the syrian border earliest syria's
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army said it now controls a city of darrow's all which has been. divided rather for three years just five months ago i still still control vast swathes of territory marked in brown here including major cities on both sides of the border since then it's been driven out of mosul itself declared capital rocka and now dare as all the capital of an oil rich region which was crucial for the group's finances the syrian army is now in a race with u.s. backed rebels to retake the rest of the province and now iraqi forces how full control of com last stronghold in the. after seizing the last border crossing the group held well we'll have more on that in a moment but first. losses in syria syrian army is expanding its military gains in the eastern part of the country government forces have retaken the city of bell saw after months of fighting they
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are now moving north to secure major oil fields but moving north could lead to clashes between the army and his main rival the syrian democratic forces of the. coalition of kurdish factions and backed by the united states of america. following a series of targeted operations units from our armed forces in cooperation with the allied forces fulfill their mission restoring order and stability to the entire city of the resort after destroying the hideouts of the remnants of the terrorist organization of. these are i still celebrating their control of dale saw and iraq in two thousand and fourteen the armed group launched a spectacular attack sweeping through eastern syria. and city to towns on the border with turkey but isis gains was shortlived its
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fighters from northern syria following a major campaign by a coalition led by the united states of america and a turkish cross border operation in two thousand and sixteen. and two weeks ago. i said out of itself proclaimed capital city with finally under its control the syrian army only have one more pocket of i still territory to delaware the border city of command. is already under attack by iraqi forces if i see a loser book a man. presence in syria would come to an end the syrian army which has suffered major setbacks over the last six years says it's determined to take all the territory it lost including. of the house a couple problems which are still under the control of an opposition groups.
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well stephanie decker is in the hoke province. in iraq and the continuing find. is hugely significant why because it is the last border point that i still control the border with syria the group made a huge point in their propaganda videos of showing them bold osing down these borders and establishing their so-called state while their territorial gains certainly seem to be at their very and it's also the last sort of areas that they control in this country in iraq there's a small area called to the east of all crime fighting is still ongoing but certainly judging by the that the swiftness of this campaign it does seem to be over soon it will of course be huge victory for the iraqi federal forces once they can announce that is no longer in iraq in this terms of holding territory but it doesn't mean that the group will no longer pose a threat. well joining me now is hide hide
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a syria research and associate fellow at chatham house think tank thanks very much for coming into al-jazeera all this talk about these various areas both iraq and syria now being pushed back i still being pushed out of the way but we're not saying that disappeared away not exactly because it happened before it happened after two thousand and seven two thousand and eight when the americans start the whole program in iraq and they were able to defeat what was called a time that islamic state in europe but it came back because the reasons and the reasons that the cause of that allowed the group to flourish in the first place were not dealt with and what we're seeing here is similar situation they're pushing the group out of the urban areas but the group will disappear and will continue to pose a threat not only inside syria but as far as what we understand now there are vast swathes of the country the various groups now pushing towards is almost
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a rush to take back control of those areas with just one line. agency senior iranian official valeyard he says syrian government forces and their allies will advance to see what they call liberate syria as iraq a city in the near future of course kurdish forces went into iraq or is this basically laying down a line that says there's going to be now yet another battle where it's not clear but people basically say. statements in the media for different reasons one is to send a message but to basically implement those messages on the ground is a different story because part of the. unspoken agreement was broken agreement we are not clear on what happened behind the plan to close doors here but there is some kind of agreement between the russians and the americans on what's happening in the eastern part of syria before the regime or the iranians or even the russians will decide to go. takeover rocca they have to deal with the syrian democratic
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forces in the countryside of their reserves so this will be i think the first indication in which we will be able to know whether there will be a future or or new clash between the regime and the syrian democratic forces how important is it to watch very carefully what happens to those populations who have lived under i so forces and to see how the syrian government forces indeed treats them there is a lot of fear i know of these people as to how they don't exactly because even before isis capture there is are people there were opposing the regime so when the rejean goes back to those areas first of all is angry with those people because they started demonstrating on the streets and kick the military forces and then they stayed under isis so there is will most likely carry out revenge and discriminatory actions against those people people many left their areas but the
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problem is that there is no place for them to go to most of the places that are controlled by the syrian democratic forces are basically close and they're not allowing the people to cross to those areas and that's the only way out so they have no safe place that they can go to and they can be safe and of the the isis forces who are now looking for another site do you get the sense that this is almost an export now that could be heading towards areas in asia in africa where the battle is still going i think they are now exploring all their options but that doesn't mean that they will not continue fighting in syria and iraq they have people there and they have resources and they will for sure change the formant and which they are carrying out their attacks they would be most likely hit and run operations more suicide and stuff like that but they will continue to operate in syria and iraq while they are exploring other opportunities as well thanks very
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much for coming to see is announcing. meanwhile the united states has carried out two ass strikes targeting eisel finds in somalia it's thought to be the first time it's targeted the group that the strikes were in the north east of the country where i so has been gathering recruits it's not clear how many of its members were killed. italian authorities say they've seized twenty four million tablets of an opioid painkiller that i saw was planning to sell to finance attacks around the world the shipment of the drug tramadol was on route from india to libya when it was seized by customs officials in the southern calabria region prosecutors in italy have said the hole is worth fifty eight million dollars they also suspect i saw has been giving the powerful painkiller to its fighters to supposedly enhance their fighting abilities a judge has ruled that u.s.
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soldier bowe bergdahl will not serve prison time for endangering his comrades i do it in his afghanistan post the army sergeant was held by the taliban for five years after walking away from his post prosecutors had sought a fourteen year sentence the court has instead ordered dishonorable discharge in his desertion case daal will also lose his rank and forfeit pay. this is been a terrible ordeal. you against the background the ordeal that you're all familiar with the time during judge nancy's deliberations has been particularly. anxiety inducing for obvious reasons he's certainly glad this is over. russell and jordan is live from washington d.c. he didn't get a jail term but the. punishments relate to this sentence. that's
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right bowe bergdahl has been demoted to private which is the entry level for any military around the world he is going to receive a dis honorable discharge which means he won't get any pay or any other benefits including health care or the ability to buy a home with the government's help and he's going to have to pay a ten thousand dollars fine although that will be spread out over nearly a year the fact is the his name is going to basically be toxic and military experts have suggested that he's going to have a very difficult time trying to reintegrate into civilian life because he has admitted that he walked away from his post in afghanistan in two thousand and nine in order to make a point about what he considered poor command of control within his unit something which has some of his fellow soldiers and put their lives at risk. president
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was sadly outspoken about what he thought should happen to this soldier and he's been fairly outspoken since the sentencing was announced. that's right sue while he was running for president in two thousand and sixteen he called bowe bergdahl a traitor and said you know that he basically should be shot for a desert in his post to double down on that in recent weeks as the sentencing phase was about to start the president basically reiterated that he felt that bergdahl should be facing prison at the very least something which his lawyer said was trying to work tamper with the judicial process the judge in the case actually took note of what the president said and said he would consider it a reason to not put a hard punishment against bergdahl and so this is why we have impart the man not going to prison at all even though the military wanted him to spend about
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fourteen years in prison for his crimes. in jordan live for us in washington d.c. coming up at this news hour the funeral is held for the multis investigative journalist killed by a car bomb. an american woman is chance's involved way for tweets calling president mugabe a goblin and the sick man. and the new world series champions. for the streets of houston joe will have more in sports. the formulated of catalonia says he will fight extradition if an international arrest warrant is issued against him spanish central judges want colace preached them all to come back to spain from belgium to face challenges related to his declaration of independence for catalonia which inferior politicians in madrid
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david reports. that oppose cattle and president. has pledged to cooperate with the belgian courts as soon as his arrest warrant from the national court in madrid is. this is the office of brussels that will receive the documents once they've been checked and will have to attend a court hearing at the palace of justice facing. the same applies to his four former cabinet ministers of belgium. proceedings under the european arrest warrant can take up to sixty days and in special circumstances an extra thirty days can be added. legal experts say the new streamlined measures amid to make extradition between countries inside the european union much more simple but this case might bring unforeseen challenges to the legislation i think that this case so it's very sensitive for an exceptional case will be a test for the you were. and for the mutual trust between the member states of the
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you when more particularly between benjamin and at the european commission's friday press briefing every question was about catalonia and they all received the same response this is a matter entirely for the judicial authorities who. thankfully the arrest warrants can only be challenged on two grounds on the basis of human rights abuses or what the lawyers call double criminality and that's where it gets complicated. the charge of sedition has to be defined in broadly the same way in spain and belgium for the warrant to work but belgium's definition of sedition dates back more than two centuries and spain's was last amended in one thousand nine hundred five. a lawyer working for is an expert in extradition and amnesty cases having defended members of the basque separatist organization after this story is far from over
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david chaytor al jazeera brussels. thousands are currently demonstrating outside regional government buildings around catalonia about the jailing of catalan leaders and joins us live from the protest. and the sorts of things that the press has to say. but there's also short answer because people in exactly one week ago were in this same were celebrating the declaration this fashion. all of a free vote in favor over now those full to rule because the votes hold all those politicians even though. you could imagine the food we're going through. let's take you immediately closer to take a look at the numbers here has moved the standing room only this week the food
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building there with the final. freedom for political prisoners building is the city hold on that is the only place where any form of political activity is going on the elected council of this city let's go across the crowds moving over to the other building that's in relative don't miss right now that is the palace of the general the town that is the seat of government that is the case there is no presence. on the central government. will ever will stop that. and so you have a picture here which is what you saw really angry let's assess the situation with sonia until you suppose it was ok well you know you want to make this a good message and. i think it's pretty clear that. after. the
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sentence the sending tea rented to the men who were in spain people just reacted in a very logical but it seems very logical reaction which is asking for freedom and asking for the state a flaw in the rule of law to be respected many experts from you know law experts are just saying that preventive according to the charge. that general chinese asking for it it's absolutely this before she. could give up any a list would go. google was a good way to make if you will remove those who will post your move. move soon. will still work and so. yes at the beginning people were a bit concerned because the frost voices said that he was going to ask for asylum
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and then many people saw it as if he was living in a bar position the rest of us but then he made a public statement saying we're not going to pull for asylum we're just here so that we can visit ilana's the very very broad jato them spanish judiciary the food sauce with no one and no grantees olfa fair judge them situation now people. opinion on that i think it's shifting because also just the day of the government were put into jail know many people this morning and local news were just saying maybe it was actually a good move that both puts them on and hope of the government when to brussels because otherwise they would also be in jail now with it right now so people thing are divided between those who see it as a maybe not crazy shit like ration but not very fair and hop of the
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society that are saying oh it's the only way for them to not being jailed and to keep claiming to the international media dontcha we have a case here we need attention and things are happening. but we're watching you you'll hold still we're hearing the so called us pistol is appearing will go into the within the next oh possibly going to be such a new historic them accordingly mariama will holding the scottish foreign minister to actually go into the fold with the. also i understand that his lawyer is insisting that he will challenge any attempt to extradite him from belgium back to madrid so right now the situation here is ongoing expression of anger self expression of disappointment and a slightly confusing picture as to where this is all leading many times and
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anderson is that bringing us the very latest from barcelona. well to multan now where thousands of people have attended a funeral for the journalist. who was killed by a car bomb last month the island of the day of mourning and. lost in brussels the e.u. is calling a multitude find those responsible for john the helpful. destiny kyra one it got least see it was no ordinary journalist. at her funeral on friday friends and family remembered a to listen vesta gator who'd faced threats to her life and in the courts. in thousands of posts on her popular blog uncovered scandal and corruption in what her son described as multi mafia state she helped trigger a snap election earlier this year after alleging links between prime minister joseph must scott and offshore business dealings contained in the panama papers.
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many in positions of power politicians judges and the police had reason to want her silenced on the sixteenth of october someone succeeded with a bomb in the car apart you're a poll and the f.b.i. have joined the investigation the government has offered over a million dollars for information but no arrests have yet been made on facebook her son matthew wrote my mother was assassinated because she stood between the rule of law and those who sought to violate it we are a people at war against the state and organized crime which have become indistinguishable. from the family made clear that maltese leaders were not welcome at the funeral and in a statement a european commission vice president france to months said the eyes of europe are on the multis all surratt is. the last words on a final blog post all for
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a reason they recruit everywhere you look now daphne wrote on the day she died the situation is desperate joe now al-jazeera. al-jazeera is demanding they release of its journalist has signed who's been in an egyptian prison for three hundred nineteen days he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which. strongly deny who has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested in december visiting his family. american woman accused of insulting zimbabwe's president mugabe on twitter has been charged with subversion o'donovan who works for my gamble t.v. was detained in a dorm made on her home in harare that's the first arrest since the ministry of cyber security was created last month he faces up to twenty years in prison to cordon mcgarvey a selfish and sick man in a tweet and sharing
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a post which referred to a goblin whose wife and stepsons had imported a rolls royce o'donovan denies the charges as basis and malicious. but the cult party is a human rights lawyer in harare says o'donovan is being targeted because of her work with my campaign t.v. which produces political satire it is actually to some degree outside of the typical murders operandi of this bombing. typically reserved for these sorts of charges that this level of repression for its own citizens so it is it is an interesting dynamic that comes with martha. the fact that she is a citizen of another country which brings in as you say the whole a whole new diplomatic angle which will be interesting to see outlets art she's charged with subverting a constitutional government which carries a very hefty sentence of twenty years in prison and this is
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a charge sort of almost akin to treason that relates directly to her role with mccumber t.v. and subsidiary of macumba called open pylea which is which talks all about the work of parliament so this is really what we've been what we expected all along that it wasn't really about the retreat but but that it was really an expedition to try and get information about her work with. and to try and go through the organization. liberia's president selection run. supreme court investigates allegations of election the vote was jus to take place next was expected to mark liberia's first democratic transition of power but this week the supreme court halted preparations it says it will rule on monday on the petition filed against the national election commission by the liberty party candidate. let's get more on this from who is in
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the capital monrovia and what was the liberty party candidate complaining why did it protection the supreme court. well basically. is asking for a complete rerun of the election not of course the runoff between the top winners of the last presidential elections or the leaders of the last presidential election but. on october tenth. alleging that there are irregularities in voting and of course the counting of ballots during the october tenth election so he's asking the court now to sort of suspend even the issue of going for a run of between former world football player of the george ware and the current vice president who came second in the october. elections.
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so basically what he wants is a complete rerun of the election and not for the two to go for a run of next tuesday how important is it for this election to be seen to be transparent. reign. in the country but how and how crucial is it really for the country to be to be seen to be a transparent election. of course this is very important for this country this particular election is coming after more than forty years of. successful transfer of power from one political a government or the democratically elected government to another so if we look back at the last two decades we've seen liberia going through different crisis from two civil wars to the ebola crisis that hit the country very hard to the economic downturn in liberia as well the poverty rate is very high and
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a lot of people angry a lot of people are expecting the elections that was all that was held on october tenth will be clean. sharing a new government to take care of the new the problems that seen all over liberia so basically what is happening now a lot of people angry that is and that is the fear that perhaps if anything the next round of the election and this election is suspended probably will see some angry taking to the streets and that's what the government here is trying to avoid at all cost now whatever happens during monday's judgment by the supreme court then definitely the election runoff between the two top leaders of the elections will not because simply because a lot of time has been lost way of distribution of election material was suspended training of election officials was also suspended so the election commission here will need more time to do all this to deliver materials to. counties in liberia
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train election officials to deal with all these problems and that will take a lot of time probably will see these elections shifted by at least another seven days or so many thanks very much from liberia. still to come. under water. and i'm on this island detention center. a world away from the violence. in the u.s. and ramping up security how preparing for sunday's new york marathon after this week's attack. hello no the parts of the middle east could see some wet weather over the next
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couple of days ago some clouds and rain in our forecast you can see this line of cloud just stretching out over iraq around the caspian sea northern areas of iraq pushing right up into was back down south of that dry. a lot of the showers been pushing out as he crosses cyprus joining up with some wetter weather this been easing across the north of syria into those northern sections of iran then system weather certainly a possibility for some as we go on through saturday and i think by the time we come to sunday bloody heavy rain coming into the eastern side of the med further north turkey yet again seeing some rather unsettled weather for many though it will be fine and dry a little bit of cloud sliding its way further south would have been in over the next day or so i find it dry on saturday but you can see this lot of clash stretching from kuwait data through central areas of the red sea that will sink its way further south was this thing out as it does say petering out dying out thirty three celsius the top temperature here we will present sunshine coming through
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there will see more though of sunshine across western parts of a cell of africa long lost a lot of cloud is making its way further east was weakening as it does so i think many it will be dry. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is the simplistic you have the phrase good logical rational crazy month and misinformation is rife dismissal and denial of well documented accusations and evidence is part of the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream narratives at this time on al-jazeera. responding six continents across the globe. correspondents bringing the
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stories they tell. us a letter. we're at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian better. world news. welcome back reminder of the top stories say on al jazeera iraqi and syrian forces have dealt a new blow to iso pushing them out of the syrian city of dera saw an al qaida on the border between the two countries. a judge has ruled that u.s.
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soldier bowe bergdahl who was kidnapped by the taliban will not serve prison time for deserted his post in afghanistan but he will get this on the boat discharge. and thousands are currently demonstrating outside regional government buildings around the spanish region of catalonia against the jailing of catalan leaders. the un has yet to restore food water and health services to six hundred refugees who are refusing to leave stay commissioned prison camp on papua new guinea's man a silent services were caught when the camp closed on tuesday the refugees are too scared to move out into the community because of previous attacks by hostile locals australia runs off shore prison camps to house refugees who try to reach the country by boat and diplomatic editor james space has more from the united nations there is growing concern in the united nations in geneva strong statements coming
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from the office of the high commissioner for human rights condemning the actions of a stray papua new guinea and here in new york in recent hours i spoke to the high commissioner for refugees who expressed his deep concern we are worried now about the humanitarian conditions of these people because the center disclosing and no proper plans have been me. to support these people so this is now the urgent matter that needs to be tackled that we believe that australia has a responsibility in helping finding a solution for this do you believe that australia in this instance and in its overall refugee policy is living up to its commitments in international humanitarian law we have had a difference of opinion with everybody knows that over the outsourcing of of reception in man
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a silent in the now row and we have disagreed with this aspect of their asylum policy but we keep talking to them about that so the picture even is is is not the is not uniform we have to look at the different aspect of australia's refugee policies and some are very good on others we the discussion is open the un has long condemned australia's policy of contract ing out its refugee obligations by paying neighboring countries to process asylum seekers the key now i think will be public opinion inside australia even the most neutral observer will i think conclude that the events of the last few days have been a complete mess all the refugees is using to leave the camp have released a video pleading with the australian government to secure their safety they're asking to be allowed to seek asylum in new zealand australia has been paid today refused new zealand's offer to relocate up to one hundred fifty rescue. united
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nations says more than a million were hand persecution and mammal many are living in camps in neighboring bangladesh but hundreds have succeeded in finding a new home in the us either as a few g.'s or with the support of family and friends one of the largest concentrations of ahead is in the us is in chicago john hendren went there and filed this report half a world away from me m.r. hundreds of really enjoy have found a distant refuge in america's midwest but for many like abdul-jabbar a manilla their thoughts are of home their relatives in pictures and videos of their villages on fire used to make me very sad and i mean even though i'm here in safety in you know it has to be when i'm. going to sit in here so i feel not happy some four hundred range of families about fifteen hundred people have moved here to
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chicago in the cities rohingya cultural center they gather for help in applying for jobs and get medical advice they also come to plead for help for their relatives in me anymore or as many still call it burma only solution us military and united nation because. india. everyone is so humid. force military. life and this and people didn't need your help those here are learning to speak english. and they're starting from scratch part of persecution in burma is that they have no real access to state education. so when they get to america to be resettled they can be forty fifty sixty years old and have no education whatsoever which means from a teaching english we have to start right at the beginning with phonetic alphabet
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and just the sounds of the language and build up. they come here to divonne avenues some call the most diverse street in america landing place in each successive wave of immigrant to chicago from eastern europeans to orthodox jews pakistanis indians are now the rohingya here they form their own community where they share their own store and their own worries i'm worrying about the us. about the food because the government not allowed any international or united nations it is a fear for those they left behind the real injury here comfort themselves in knowing it least they've brought some of them to safety john hendren al-jazeera chicago. to yemen now where dozens of supporters of the southern transitional council have been protesting against the government after friday prayers in aden province they say they plan to start a sittin in the main square in the crater district backed by the united arab
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emirates and led by the former governor of aden in recent weeks the council has stepped up its campaign for southern yemen to break away from the north again. argentina's former vice president has been arrested on corruption charges. do do is the second senior official from the government of former president cristina curse chynna to face detention he was taken into custody by police in buenos aires over accusations of rockets hearing and money laundering is also facing corruption allegations but as a senator she is immune from arrest colombia has signed a deal with the united nations that aims to up roots its thriving cocaine in the street is part of ongoing peace efforts between bogota and control the country's drug trade agreement with more than three hundred million dollars well when farmers off growing coca the basing gradient folk again by replacing it with safe across
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coffee and. new figures show unemployment in the u.s. fell slightly last month but the long term trend is likely to be in the opposite direction official intelligence and robotics are set to take more jobs away from people as they become more developed that's according to a us study which found that automation could impact sixty percent of businesses by twenty twenty two. is in los angeles and sent this report. don't expect this bartender to listen to sad stories about your love life he's made of metal and plastic and has no heart the world's first one hundred percent robotic bar opened in las vegas in june it's a novelty but also a warning sign till now most automation related job losses have been in manufacturing that's about to change there now it's moving over to the service
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sector and that makes a big difference jobs such as cashiers such as bank tellers jobs in the service industries jobs and food preparation jobs office support office administrative support the a lot of these jobs have a high risk of automation in the coming ten or twenty years it's already happening in retail stores more people are shopping online forbes magazine estimates twenty one retailers will shut three thousand five hundred stores in the u.s. this year that equals tens of thousands of lost jobs for sales people and support staff who is most at risk experts say african-americans hispanics female workers of all races and people without a college education will lose jobs to automation at the highest rates and that's going to really. change the face of our society certain cities will be hit the hardest but sixty one percent of the jobs in las vegas could be automated in coming
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twenty years and so a lot of the jobs are office administrative support they're in sales their food preparation and so within those industries we see a lot of workers you know doing tasks that could be taken over by robots in the coming years it seems that american workers and policymakers are not ready for the massive economic and social disruption this new wave of automation could bring as a society i don't see us prepared our politicians are remarkably silent about this issue so we're clear of course you know we had seen we have seen plenty of technological waves but we claim this time it's different it's really different no one knows how this seemingly unstoppable wave of automation will play out but in communities where mining and manufacturing jobs were replaced by robots people are suffering from widespread poverty depression drug abuse and alcoholism those robot
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bartenders are going to be busy rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles. almost and so it is the author of the rise of the robots he joins me live from mountain view in the u.s. state of california thanks very much for joining us on al-jazeera granules really painting a picture there of almost a robot so we have a lucian on the collards really is i robot is the i robot welds and really around the corner. well that world may not be right around the corner but we're definitely looking at a disruption especially as concerns the job market and the key is that this is going to be a lot more broad based than what we've seen in the past as that report made clear it's not going to be just about factories or warehouses or the places that we now think of seeing robots is going to it's going to scale across the service sector and lots and lots of white collar jobs so it's actually going to impact a lot of people that are also educated you know people that have university degrees
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as well so i think that we're looking at something quite unprecedented probably over the next ten to twenty years it's almost reminding me of what happened in the u.k. when the mining industry was closed down and whole communities were jobless what would you say that government is a multinational should be doing to look off to the workforce is this is implemented . you know i'm a proponent of a universal basic income i think that alternately in all it's not going to happen next week but within ten twenty years or more it's almost inevitable from my point of view that we're going to have to do something along those lines in order to you first of all take care of people and secondly to make sure that people have some money to spend to keep the economy going because if we don't do that we're going to have i think enormous social and economic problems as this becomes a bigger and bigger issue what are some of the things that the developments in an artificial intelligence are going to allow people to to do to the robotics to take
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over people's jobs that maybe we haven't heard of that my surprises. well i mean it's really across the board already there are systems that can do basic journalism so there are a good chance that if you read new stories online some of the stories that you have read have actually been written by an algorithm or effectively by a robot and not by a human being that's happening already and it will get a lot better. in the area of finance we used to have trading floors are wall street they were full of people talking on phones that's almost all gone now and of course these are occupations that are not blue color they're not you know done by people without college you know college degrees usually they're done by educated people so you're certainly going to see robots in fast food of course eventually we will see a self driving vehicles cars and trucks and that alone will be millions of jobs so
9:47 pm
this could be huge impact of course there also is a strongly positive side to this i mean all of this new technology is going to allow us to do amazing things a lot of areas in medicine for example we're going to have much better results than we have now so it's not something we want to stop but we do want to find a way to adapt to all of this or both take journalists to solve that taking over my job say thank you martin ford speaking to us from california to assess its is implemented safeguards to prevent employees from disabling user accounts it follows the revelation that's an employee use that last day on the job to shut down u.s. president donald trump's accounts for eleven minutes the company and nationally said hugh minera led to the breach closure some reacted to the after which with the tweets suggesting it showed the impact he was having he wrote i guess the word is finally getting out. still ahead this hour fighting addiction we meet the
9:48 pm
americans getting professional help for the arab session with video games. and. took his frustrations out on the.
9:49 pm
i'll come back it's estimated more than one point two billion people play video games well why but some of them do it to excess so much so that it interferes with that daily lives on south i reports on the growing recognition of the threats that's is gaining addiction. this is college three
9:50 pm
that is known for having realistic i'm alexandra gies mn shows us some of the popular video games she sells in her seattle shop and guess mn knows that sometimes players play too much video games and a very intense liking to forget that like and fan out of action. i definitely have interacted with people that i think that. bob. charlie baccy was one of those who needed to stop and came here to do it where outdoor chess replaces online made him he was gaming twelve to sixteen hours a day it was like a high jacked my instincts you know it put gaming on the same level as eating this is the start life the first treatment program in this country to specifically target video games and internet addiction but i was planning suicide i had lost my
9:51 pm
career in real estate to escape from the gaming addiction yeah yeah i didn't know what to do about it i was totally hope was the addiction remains he says and is a matter of daily battle it's a six to eight week live in program all personal electronic devices are locked away one phone call per week is the suggested maximum on the house landline. physical fitness is a big part of treatment as patients look for new ways to fill the time gaming used to eat up the cost twenty five thousand dollars per person but the american psychological association doesn't yet recognize videogame obsession as a full blown addiction calling it instead a disorder that needs further study co-founder and chief clinical officer hilary cash believes that needs to change and will it just opens the door because everyone can say ok this is a real thing while we need to study it we need to take it seriously we need to do
9:52 pm
something to mitigate it the ninety one billion dollar a year video game industry isn't going away and other countries notably china south korea and japan have been quicker to recognize the dangers of obsessive gaming and commit resources to research treatment and early education alexandra geese minigame or her entire life says she knows when to step away and knows that some who can't need help i think i mean. there's going to happen whether defined as full blown addiction or just a mental disorder there is digital detox for it here at a price alex offer al-jazeera outside seattle washington. now his toe with all the sports. so you thank you very much or here's someone else who needs a little time out french footballer patrice evra has been banned for at least one match after kicking a supporter in the head u.a.
9:53 pm
for open disciplinary proceedings against him in the suspension could well be increased these didn't happen before more ses europa league game against victoria in portugal the former manchester united defender was warming up when he cast with his own mass a supporters' thirty six year old ever was seen launching an acrobatic kick forces head and was given a red card before the game even kicked off. one of the biggest matches on the german football calendar takes place on saturday when by munich and brazil dortmund clash in what's known as dec less ika the club giants have dominated german football having won fourteen out of a possible sixteen league and cup titles since two thousand and nine byron are in a bit of a hot streak right now with maximum points from their last four games this run a seen the move to the top of the league standings coach chip has has won nineteen of his last. on know from experience brasil won't falter and it won't be an easy
9:54 pm
game on the contrary it will be appearing games because five weeks ago i was five points ahead of us and they were playing excellent football that is something we cannot forget that's why we should be alert and travel to dortmund with optimism but also with realism that means anything could happen in football the moroccan city or casablanca is preparing to host the deciding leg of the caf champions league final home team with dad play out actually of egypt on saturday with a match evenly poised at one one after the first leg without casablanca have only won the champions league once before that was in one thousand nine hundred two or their move recently they were defeated in the two thousand and eleven final they will be hoping to take advantage of playing at home against the seven time african champions from egypt dr levein of course and lynn know it is the. it will be on our opponents because they goal is to school because otherwise they won't have a chance of winning the title so we know that we must prevent that we must play the match intelligently and hope to school one or two goals first to win the title and
9:55 pm
satisfy our fans. an injury has forced tennis world number one rafael nadal out of the paris masters before his quarterfinal match the thirty one year old was due to have faced feel it's ok you know if it shelf to beating public quivers increase for the second round the spaniard is now in doubt for the a.t.p. finals in london later this month if. i feel like home here for the relationship that i have with the french for the nation for everybody for me it is a bad day so it's not the right day to talk about london no dollar thing that i can say so i'm going to do my treatment i'm going to that i my best. will be playing in london but i cannot. talk about that now because he is a day. that is enough time for me from here argentina's juan martin del potro will be among the top players for the a.t.p.
9:56 pm
finals unless someone pulls out that salty he lost in three sets to john in the quarterfinals in paris the american can make the season ending tournament if he wins the masters to face you know that the semi. in the next few minutes the newly crowned baseball world series champions the houston astros will begin a victory parade in their home city the astros plane got a god of honor on their return from l.a. after beating the dodgers in came seven the championship trophy was on display as well held by world series m.v.p. george springer it's the first time the astros have won the world series. police in new york are ramping up security ahead of sunday's annual marathon after eight people were killed in an attack in manhattan earlier this week the n.y.p.d. has doubled the number of rooftop observation posts and sniper teams more uniformed police officers and dogs will patrol the forty two point two crimes course as well
9:57 pm
fifty one thousand combat says a jew state parks with a two and a half million spectators is also expected new yorkers are resilient and you know i think they love to make statements and this is a way to make a statement to come together and show the world that you know we we don't we don't the heart you know this is this and we can't be put down and i think i think that that's the marathon brings that out that kind of spirit having. all right that is all the sport for now but to say in london. that is if i'm a citizen but johnny mcdonough will be here when the with law all the day's news.
9:58 pm
provoking debate the corporate taxes not hard job growth on the barack obama the wall when only george without enough not true tackling the tough issues restrictions on media freedom of the tree killings torture maybe you giving me room didn't give me crap challenging the established line every single one of the three and all thousand people who was killed was a drug dealer yes how do we know that you didn't try them didn't prosecute if you didn't show them to show them one story joined that he has done for up front at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera where ever you are. facing the realities your president said that there would be a complete audit
9:59 pm
a hundred percent ordered that order hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying then that the future of the g.c.c. will be in doubt. he had a story. on talk to al-jazeera at this time. like a book a tape or is it a listen when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that new u.k. has to address or if you join us on set if i'm a member of a complex one. but. a relationship is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. syria's army takes back isis last stronghold in syria and the group has suffered
10:00 pm
a major blow in iraq.


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