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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2017 2:00am-3:01am AST

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to get them out. at this time. with. documentaries that open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. hello i'm so ramadan you're watching al-jazeera as news on line from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes.
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driving out major advances against the armed group in syria and iraq. i also thousands of catalans protest against the detention of their leaders as a spanish judge issues and the rest warrant for the deposed regional president. u.s. president is donald trump prepares for his tour of asia we'll have a preview of the challenges facing him during his twelve day visit and a new treatment program in the united states to help those addicted to video games . good to have you company welcome to the news hour we start in the middle east where eisel has suffered major setbacks on two fronts. in iraq the prime minister has
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announced the recapture of came on the syrian border and syria's army has taken control of the city of durham but as hashem reports there are fears of an escalation in syria's civil war as government troops and u.s. backed opposition groups vie for territory taken from i saw syrian army is expanding its military gains in the eastern part of the country government forces have retaken the city all day and saw after months of fighting they are now moving north to secure major oil fields but moving north could lead to clashes between the army and his main rival the syrian democratic forces or the. coalition of kurdish factions and backed by the united states of america. following a series of targeted operations units from our armed forces in cooperation with the allied forces fulfill their mission restoring order and stability to the entire
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city of the resort after destroying the hideouts of the remnants of the terrorist organization of. these are icily fighters celebrating their control of dale saw and iraq in two thousand and fourteen the group launched a spectacular attack sweeping through eastern syria parts of. eastern and strategic towns on the border with turkey but isis gains were short lived its fighters pulled out from northern syria following a major campaign by a coalition led by the united states of america and a turkish cross border operation in two thousand and sixteen. and two weeks ago. i said out of it's self proclaimed capital city with finally under its control the syrian army only have one bucket of ice still territory to deal with
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the border city of. it's already under attack by iraqi forces if i see a loser book about its presence in syria would come join and the syrian army which has suffered major setbacks over the last six years says it's determined to take all the territory it lost including the whole. of the house like a problems which are still under the control of kurdish opposition groups. well as we mentioned iraqi forces now have full control of all came near the syrian border stephanie decker in the hook province has more i sold latest loss in iraq. is hugely significant why because it is the last border point that i still control the border with syria the group made a huge point in their propaganda videos of showing them bold osing down these borders and establishing their so-called state while their territorial gains certainly seem to be very and it's also the last sort of areas that they control in
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this country in iraq there's a small area called to the east of all time we're fighting is still ongoing but certainly judging by the the swiftness of this campaign it does seem to be over soon it will of course huge victory for the iraqi federal forces once they can announce that i still is no longer in iraq in this terms of holding territory but it doesn't mean that the group will no longer pose a threat. well in the past year and a half isis control over syria and iraq has been steadily declining but in recent months the pace of collapse has increased drastically and will take a look now at the map from june eisele was still in control of the vast swathes of territory shown here in brown cities like iraq or mosul and dealers who are still under its control fast forward to well now it's lost all of these major cities including iraq itself declared capital and now there is zero in an oil rich region
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which was crucial for the group's finances faisal istra bharti is director for the center of study at the middle east of the middle east at the indiana university pardon me mistress of the former iraqi ambassador to the u.n. joins me now from bloomington indiana good to have you with us again on al-jazeera i mean all paper it looks good i saw squeezed out near defeat in what was that self-proclaimed caliphate but a total defeat is not a certainty when some can easily slip through the fingers of the author already is not really the main concern at the moment isn't it. yes that's right time in obviously you can sort of kill you can recapture territory which we have done in iraq and are doing apparently the syrians are doing it while. you can kill some of their adherents but you can't kill that if you're lucky and obviously the individuals who survive one suspect will live to fight another day under
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a separate guys by their own in iraq or in syria or elsewhere around the world and one can expect that that the second incarnation of ice will be more of a sort of classical terrorist organization carrying out the kinds of attacks or inspiring the kinds of attacks that we've been seeing in europe and the united states and indeed across the middle east and well let's talk about the void of control of two specific areas there is a. very different geographical positions also very difficult but not difficult to different full both damascus of baghdad to deal with those areas it is a void that can be filled but who will fill it and what sort of conflicts are we looking at. well i think at iraq as a separate. there's a connection between iraq and syria and getting things right in syria has an impact on iraq getting things right in iraq will have an impact on syria but they're two different proposition because at least with respect to isis everybody in iraq is
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sort of pointing their guns in the same direction everybody in iraq is fighting isis that's not quite necessarily true in syria. the so in iraq in a in an area like and that's obvious that the iraqi federal forces will come in and filling the vacuum in syria you still have a civil war raging on the tween the syrian government and other groups some of whom have sympathies with isis and so it's a very complicated matter in syria. in iraq i think it's somewhat easier the route so you shouldn't of both countries is getting the politics right after i saw if we don't get the post i saw politics correct in both countries then we can have a problem. does this then lead on to the fact that from your understanding that there
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is a drive or is there a drive by any one group whether government or non-government to continue chasing ice all down or is it really just about clearing the area claiming victory and then rebuilding. well of course new building is going to be much easier said than done the costs. are still going to be astronomical because of the manner in which i saw fight sort of. street by street i think if if if we just sort of reclaim the territory and move on to business as usual will find i some two point zero three point zero we need part of the sort of political program that has to be in place particularly in iraq now syria has other problems is rebuilding but also it's crucially important that everyone feel in franchise in the post i saw period i think that is going to be key to ensure that i saw those who are sitting on the
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fence might be tempted to either join or look the other way as an eyesore to the point of tries to form itself but those individuals feel they have a stake in the political process in each country if that doesn't happen then we will be condemned to living with i sold two point zero three point zero so my hope is that that sort of political reconciliation and sense of enfranchise men will be one of the priorities as well as physical rhythm mr bott i want you to stay with us for a few months i want to give our viewers at home just a little bit more information because a senior advisor to iran supreme leader says he expects syrian government troops will soon advance on iraq and now the city is currently under the control of us back syrian opposition fighters earlier this week a syrian government official told the state news agency the city would not be considered liberated until it's controlled by forces loyal to president bashar al assad say mr body come back to you based on that statement by the iranians that
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creates again the dynamic we were talking about about filling the void of who might fill it and why. well precisely that in syria in particular it has almost been the pre hobbs' instead of all versus all that you have had sort of a civil war. against the government of syria against the government in damascus you have had i saw you've had some that it dies and you've got other groups that as you said have been supported by the united states that are fighting both i saw and the syrian government it's a very complicated business and this is going to be the real problem of syria because the syrian government is responsible for the deaths of hundreds of thousands of people far more than i saw those responsible for how that process goes forward. when iran and the russian federation who are supporting the government in
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damascus seem uninterested in a political solution that involves the opposition the united states which is which did very little under the obama administration has been doing next to nothing under the trumpet ministration it's a very complicated mess and unfortunately at least in iraq to the extent that i saw this concern once i saw his defeat or have a hope for a peaceful iraq in syria it's use seems to me you simply go on to more violence which is what we're seeing. and it's telling that the statement comes out of iran not damascus and iraq for the moment so we'll leave it there it's always good to speak to france the stability than in bloomington indiana thank you sir it's a pleasure thank you. and the international search and arrest warrant has been issued for the house of catalan president. the former leader of catalonia remains indulgent and his lawyers confirm that he will fight against extradition it stirred
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up plenty of anger back in that catalonia as andrew symonds reports from barcelona . the judge's action came as crowds protested in barcelona about the jailing order made on thursday just before they started gathering colors proved them all appeared on belgian television again denying that he's a baiting justice of the peace i'm ready to face it but to face real justice so i'm not running away i'm here and i've instructed my lawyers to inform belgian justice the time ready to fully cooperate. with on this particular boy. back in barcelona the crowds demanded the release of the eight sacked ministers from push demands cabinet as they await trial clapping and chanting our president is positional. catalonia is
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still in shock after the jailing order from the judge at spain's national court the intensity of emotion is written on this woman's face carmel for carde president of parliament returns to see her staff after a separate hearing at the supremes court that was adjourned to manage it on the little bit of our land a good bye i ask you to keep working to improve this country so people still know that this is their parliament and we are here the members of the parliament because the people have voted for us and we are here to serve this country but it's hard to serve your country from a jail cell when she and five other elected officials return to court next week they could be sent to prison to await their trials as well. this politician believes the spanish government was clever in calling elections for next month but the call to action is misguided they threw away their best card how can you say now
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that the spanish government and the powers of the state in general the courts included are not repressing when they put people in jail without bail people who organized a vote nobody can understand that it's uncomprehensible mr barr serves on the city council is now the only visible political force here and so city hall is sending out a message while on the other side of the square the palace that used to be the seat of power is vacant. the people are restless. the emotions have shifted slovaks almost square one week ago they were elated celebrating with declaration of the session now well look there they are holding on to this whole finals to molding freedom the political prisoners. and recently al-jazeera off alone. u.s. president. his longest foreign trip yet
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a twelve day journey through asia he'll visit china japan vietnam south korea and the philippines as a white house correspondent kimberly how could explains north korea's nuclear threat is expected to be high on the agenda. as president donald trump has worked to nurture relationships on u.s. soil with chinese president xi and japanese prime minister abi dinners at mar a lago even rounds of golf president trying to liberty now trumps headed for his first trip as president to asia it's a twelve day tour to visit japan south korea china vietnam and the philippines and given trump's inconsistent stance on foreign policy issues no one's quite sure what to expect they will be met with fire fury and frankly power. looming over the visit is trump's brazen rhetoric with north korean leader kim jong un trumps escalated the crisis and raise fears even the smallest miscalculation on
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both sides could lead to war unlike the trip in the spring by u.s. vice president pence white house officials say trump will not visit the south korean side of the demilitarized zone overlooking north korea instead he'll visit u.s. soldiers at nearby camp humphries trumps meeting with leader moon j.-e. and could be tense trops inflamed the relationship by suggesting south korea alone pay for the u.s. missile. defense system in itself. well moon has reminded trump there can be no military action against north korea without souls consent their money manipulators their currency manipulators trumps china visit may be equally complicated on the campaign trail bash china as a currency manipulator stealing american jobs officials say he'll make a similar argument over unfair trade practices well in beijing and private
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enterprise in open markets is the best model to increase prosperity throughout the region and despite trump's positive relationship with japan's leader there is concern in that nation that trumps tough talk on north korea continues to put the country and wider region at risk those fears are casting a shadow over trump's attendance at two major economic summits in vietnam and also in the philippines overall it is i have to get genda for a region that remains wary given donald trump's consistently unpredictable diplomatic style can really help at al-jazeera washington. well still plenty more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including argentina's former vice president has been arrested on corruption charges. satire all slander zimbabwe and police arrest an american woman for sharing a tweet that appeared to mock president regarding. there isn't
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a thing that's ever going to be perfect but if the team goes i'll go. there after winning their first world series the houston astros are thrown into the debate on whether to celebrate or the white house those details with joe principle. because asia pacific now where the u.n. is a jewel strayer to restore food water and health services to six hundred refugees who are refusing to leave it's decommissioned prison camp on power point new guinea's man a silent services were cut when the camp closed on choose day but refugees are too scared to move out because of previous attacks from locals australia and offshore prison camps to house refugees who try to reach the country by boat are diplomatic editor james payne's has more from the united nations there is growing concern here
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in the united nations in geneva strong statements coming from the office of the high commissioner for human rights condemning the actions of a stray and papua new guinea and here in new york in recent hours i spoke to the high commissioner for refugees who expressed his deep concern we're worried now about the humanitarian conditions of these people because the centerpiece closing. and no proper plans have been made to support these people so this is now the urgent matter that needs to be tackled that we believe that australia has a responsibility in helping finding a solution for this do you believe that australia in this instance and in its overall refugee policy is living up to its commitments in international humanitarian law we have had a difference of opinion with everybody knows that over the outsourcing of of reception in man
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a silent in the now row and we have disagreed with this aspect of their asylum policy but we keep talking to them about that so the picture of them is is is not the is not uniform we have to look at the different aspects of australia's refugee policies and some are very good on others we the discussion is open the un has long condemned australia's policy of contract ing out its refugee obligations by paying neighboring countries to process asylum seekers the key now i think will be public opinion inside australia even the most neutral observer will i think conclude that the events of the last few days have been a complete mess. the refugees refusing to leave the camp have released a video pleading with the australian government to secure their safety they're asking to be allowed to seek asylum in new zealand australia has repeatedly refused these ilands offer to relocate up to one hundred fifty refugees are expected to
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discuss the issue again on sunday when new zealand's new prime minister meets her australian counterpart. today every country around the world the new what is try to get today what. do you mean we are just a human being who are running from the war zone and we're asking for your protection we're not asking for a reason so this reason that we've been seeing for years and how and i want to send us to another prison how long are we going to spend our life in the prison we are human beings we have the feeling we are the family so we need to get our freedoms please please please if you hear this message we want you to act immediately we want you to stand up for us the un says more than a million fled persecution in me and maher many are living in camps in neighboring bangladesh but hundreds have managed to find a new home in the u.s. especially in chicago john hundred reports. half a world away from e.m.r.
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hundreds of brilliant you have found a distant refuge in america's midwest but for many like abdul-jabbar a manilla their thoughts are of home their relatives in pictures and videos of their villages on fire you make me very sad and i mean even though i'm here in safety in you know it has to be when i'm. going to sit in here so i feel not happy some four hundred range of families about fifteen hundred people have moved here to chicago in the city's rohingya cultural center they gather for help in applying for jobs and get medical advice they also come to plead for help for their relatives in me anymore or as many still call it burma only solution us military and united nation because china india everyone is so humid in the force military in world save life and this and people didn't need
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your help those here are learning to speak english. and they're starting from scratch part of that persecution in burma is that they have no real access to state education and so when they get to america to be resettled they can be forty fifty or sixty years old and have no education whatsoever which means that my teaching english we have to start right at the beginning with the phonetic alphabet and just the sounds of the language and know that. they come here to divonne ave some call it the most diverse street in america landing place in successive wave of immigrant to chicago from eastern europeans to orthodox jews pakistanis indians and now they're all hinges. here they form their own community where they share their own store and their own worries i'm worried about their safety and also about the fords because the government not allowed any aid
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international or united nation and it is a fear for those they left behind the ranger here comfort themselves in knowing it least they've brought some of them to safety john hendren al jazeera chicago. the united nations says thirty one new allegations of sexual abuse were made against staff in the three months between july and september of the cases relate to the un refugee agency most of the others concerned peacekeeping missions in africa to formal investigations are under way while the other allegations are being reviewed it says about one third of the cases relate to incidents this year. while still ahead here on al-jazeera the agreement with the un aimed at uprooting colombia's thriving cocaine business and how people in south sudan continue to uncover deadly weapons of past wars. also french footballer suspended for kicking a fan in the head before
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a europa league match joe i have that story and it's. however we've got something of a mixed bag across north america the moment lots of cold air raving out of canada heavy rain there pushing towards the appalachian mountain south of that was still hanging on to a little bit of late season warmth and across the deep south so thirty celsius in dallas twenty eight degrees in miami getting up to around twenty five for allowed to bits and pieces of cloud and rain but that eastern side of the u.s. also just around six degrees celsius the temperature struggling a little bit here but nothing like the struggle that we have across the canadian prairie's northern areas of the u.s. through the northern plains and around the mountain states there some bits and pieces of snow all pushing
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a little further east which as we go through the next day or so another one coming in behind across the pacific northwest seattle which attempts to struggling to get to four degrees celsius meanwhile somewhere to weather coming into the eastern side of the u.s. maritimes also word around eleven degrees celsius with that cloud and that rang clouding over and warming up in the process but down towards the south still some hate dallas at around thirty one degrees celsius and sort of temperature that we can expect across the caribbean still some outbreaks of rain through the great around to these into those central areas some wet weather to pushing into the less around tilly's for saturday. for twenty three years mussen has collected objects he finds along the coast. to fill his museum enough to break a guinness world record. with a story for every object he's become an environmental activist and inspired artist
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. boyce for the plight of countless migrants. this time on al-jazeera. grow in a very short time to be a trusted news source wherever you are in the world he really want to know what's going on here and you will find out very quickly when i look at the news some nations prison. we are probably international everybody will learn something watching our coverage. be showing that we can be the best international news and the trusted source of stories that people actually can't find elsewhere and that's going to continue.
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welcome back you're watching officer on cell robin a reminder of our top stories this news the iraqi prime minister has announced the recapture of the town of el came from while in syria government forces have taken control of the city of dinners or the losses of levi so with little to have a tree in the region. also an international search and search and arrest warrant has been issued for the ousted catalan president that's pujol along with several of his aides he remains in belgium where he fled to after the declaration of catalan independence pitch well as criticize. spain of belgian television for what he describes as politicizing the justice system. and the u.s. president trump has set off on his longest foreign trip yet a twelve day journey through asia he's just on a stopover as you can see there why before you visit china japan get south korea
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and the philippines north korea its nuclear threat is expected to be high on the agenda. a u.s. soldier who deserted his post in afghanistan and was captured by the taliban it will not serve a prison sentence army sergeant bowe bergdahl faced up to fourteen years in a military prison for desertion and putting his fellow troops in harm's way but a military judge has ruled that a lesser punishment was appropriate rosalind jordan has more. the u.s. army sergeant bowe bergdahl on trial for desertion and putting his fellow soldiers in harm's way through myself at the mercy of the court it paid off he faced up to fourteen years in prison but a military judge ruled instead bergdahl will be demoted kicked out of the army and forced to pay a fine and the soldier's lawyer saying all that and his guilt is punishment enough sergeant bergdahl is deeply grateful to everyone who searched for him in two
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thousand and nine and thereafter. especially those who heroically sustained injuries military lawyers and some of the bergdahl fellow troops had wanted him in prison for abandoning his post in afghanistan in two thousand and nine the taliban captured bergdahl almost immediately during the military search for him to soldiers were so badly injured they had to retire then came the political controversy in twenty fourteen the obama administration released five taliban fighters for bergdahl safe return this morning i called bob and janet bergdahl and told them that after nearly five years in captivity their son bo is coming home to trade with the taliban angered troops and politicians alike including the presidential candidate donald trump we don't have victories with sergeant bergdahl where this traitor this dirty rotten traitor he gets don't jail time gets no joke i
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think it right. twenty five fifty years ago thirty years ago what would they have done being right back the president's reaction on twitter release from air force one soon after the verdict a complete and total disgrace to our country and to our military burgles lawyer called the sentence a blow against trump's interference president trump's unprincipled effort to stoke a lynch mob atmosphere while seeking our nation's highest office has cast a dark cloud over the case like every american should be offended by his assault on the fair administration of justice and his disdain for basic constitutional rights pending a final review will soon be a free man but the notoriety attached to what he did in afghanistan and its impact likely will follow him for the rest of his life roslyn jordan al-jazeera.
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international criminal court prosecutors want to open an investigation into allegations of war crimes in afghanistan who date back to cases since may two thousand and three the u.s. led war in afghanistan began in two thousand and one in response to the september eleventh attacks it was supported by a broad coalition of international forces. the united nations and colombia have signed an agreement aimed at disrupting the country's booming cocaine business it's all part of peace efforts between the government and fog rebels who long controlled the drug trade there but the deal with three hundred fifteen million dollars has left some colombian skeptical as on a sunday reports. it's the largest deal colombia ever signed with the un's office on drugs and crime colombia will hand over to the u.n. agency more than three hundred million u.s. dollars over four years in exchange the country receives assistance in its efforts
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to encourage farmers away from growing coca the basic ingredient for cocaine by replacing it with legal crops like coffee and cackle both sides describe the agreement that's crucial. to move forward. for a time coca-cola deviation in colombia subsided but it's proving again production is said to have doubled in the last three years. and the country is under increasing pressure to deal with it in part to force the revocation and by convincing farmers to turn their back on the crop for good but it's proving a challenge the colombian government hopes the u.n. deal will help. with the un will monitor and assist the farmers participating in swapping crops and it's also going to help rebuild the conflict areas. but some
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drug trafficking experts fear the money will mostly end up paying for the un's bureaucracy and not bringing benefits to farmers. what we have to observe is that ninety five percent of the resources of the amount of money that is invested is expander in areas that have no coca so ninety five percent of the money is going to the wrong areas and who's the man responsible for this i think is the responsibility of the colombian government and you know d.c. they're taking a big overhead on it and they are late may be responsible why does programs has no provide the resource that we all expect the u.n. does have a track record of some success in colombia where it has helped monitored the story peace deal with the fire gravels the question now is whether this u.n. agency deal will help change the conditions where illicit crops have long been the only means of survival for hundreds of thousands of farmers alison that i'm just
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you know. argentina's for vice president has been arrested on corruption charges a man who is the second major official from the government of x. president cristina kirchner to be detained he was taken into custody accusations of racketeering and money laundering trees about reports from buenos aires. he was arrested early in the morning argentina's former vice president who was taken away by the police at an upscale neighborhood of one a site is accused of corruption and money on the ring. anti-corruption campaign justice is being done. to cut the wings. of committing crimes try to hide their wrongdoing and complicate the case and that was decided in that he was called over. who are investigated or suspected of corruption. the fifty five year old economist faces three charges of what is formally term does
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elicit enrichment you accusations date back to two thousand and nine when he was cristina fernandez the economy minister. two years later he became argentina's vice president after cristina kirchner won reelection. just last year several members from the previous administration and people close to former president cristina kirchner have been arrested they have been accused of corruption money laundering i mean part of a criminal organization that stole millions from state funds this investigations have been ongoing for years but it is now with a changing government that they have started to move forward. is the second major official to be arrested last week former public works minister who was detained also on corruption charges which he denies the arrests represent a blow to the former president who has herself been accused of corruption.
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but what worries him is that the high profile detentions appear politically motivated. there's been a change in the way the judiciary is operating because much of what we have seen are preventative detentions and not to happen in the past judges are requesting the detention of high profile figures that satisfy the media and society. they are more political than anything else. but you. also question why some cases are moving faster than others. why hasn't kirshner been detained she is supposedly the chief of the criminal organization president main challenger was elected a senator last month cristina kirchner continues to be a strong political figure that polarizes argentinean society something that analysts say benefits the current administration arrests of high profile figures are expected to continue in the months to come some in argentina believe they are finally seeing justice others fear they are witnessing
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a politically inspired witch hunt. liberia's presidential election runoff has been delayed as the supreme court investigates allegations of electoral fraud the vote marking the country's first democratic transition of power was due to take place next tuesday but this week the supreme court halted preparations that will rule on monday on a petition filed against the national election commission by the liberty party candidate who came in third ever did from the capital monrovia. the candidate for liberty party charles brownstein is asking the supreme court to council the vote and he's asking for i rerun of the whole election the presidential election in particular he wants the court to set aside the move by the national electoral commission to all i don't know of between georgia where was former world football player of the year and of course the current vice president this is rob
2:40 am
walker according to mr. brown skin a lot of regular irregularities have taken place in the october tenth election now whatever the court judgement on monday what is certain at the moment is that the runoff election between the two top leaders of the vote on october tenth will not happen on tuesday the november seventh this is because a lot of preparations have been put on hold because of the court. judgment in anticipation of the court judgment it was set aside the the distribution of election materials to various counties especially those far away from the liberian capital monrovia as well as the training of officials to handle the runoff between the two candidates so whatever happens on monday in the supreme court judgement then definitely a lot of days will have to be located or rather the election commission needs a lot of days to make sure that all preparations are in place for the election to
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go on. land mines and unexploded bombs are still being discovered in residential and farming areas of south sudan the weapons are largely from the war with sudan which ended in two thousand and five but with the country now in its own civil war there are more threats to the morgan has more from the capital juba. all his been hoping to do was dig the soil for farming to sustain himself instead martin ago says he found something else not far from his house having it in the bin and. i started forming this year and while i was digging i fell in the land mine are reported to the chief of the village and they took it without incident i continue with digging and again filling another learn more in the land mines are just some of the more than thirty one thousand anti-personnel mines discovered in south sudan since two thousand and five they were planted during the country's twenty one year civil war when it was still part of sudan
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a conflict that has left many areas with land mines and other unexploded ordinances more than one thousand three hundred deaths have been recorded as a result and more than three thousand five hundred people have been injured wilson a rope is one of them. i lost my arm and like in a landmine accident my colleague died in the same incident now i tell people that landmines are deadly and that if they find one they should stay away from it. but many areas still haven't been checked for landmines and other bombs it's not uncommon to find land mines in areas where people are living over the past few years and the population's been on the move to escape hunger and violence to include areas increasing the risk of stepping on landmines or unexploded devices but these devices from the previous civil war are not the only threats facing people here. for the past four years south sudan has been going through a war that is bound to leave another dangerous legacy the legacy of this for it is
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going to be a prayer for a shin about exploded ordnance that is dangerous. to whoever comes across and handles it and it's spread across a wide area and it will take time to clear. years rather than weeks or months. martin said he was lucky that he found the land mine before it exploded but says he hopes whoever finds the next mine author has his luck and survives he will morgan al-jazeera juba. and american woman accused of insulting zimbabwe's president robert mugabe on twitter has been charged with subversion wealth o'donovan who works for my gun but he was detained they don't raid on a home in harare is the first arrest since the ministry of cyber security was created last month she faces up to twenty years in prison after calling mugabe a selfish and sick man in a tweet and sharing a post which referred to a goblin whose wife and stepsons had imported
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a rolls royce donovan denies the charges are baseless and malicious al-jazeera is demanding the release of its journalist mahmoud to say who's been in the gyptian prison for nearly a year he's accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny my mood has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested in december last year while visiting his family. well still ahead here on al-jazeera if you thought you had one of those jobs that the robots what it's going to take well think again and blasts from the past put on the spalled see how the really how the rail madrid stars help much of a regular joe us that story ahead in sport.
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welcome back there are growing concerns that artificial intelligence on dr baltics will take more jobs away from people as they further develop become more complex rob reynolds reports on how these advances could be coming quicker than many think . don't expect this bartender to listen this sad stories about your love life he's made of metal and plastic and has no heart the world's first one hundred percent robotic bar opened in las vegas in june it's a novelty but also a warning sign till now most automation related job losses have been in manufacturing that's about to change and now it's moving over to the service sector
2:47 am
and that makes a big difference jobs such as cashiers such as bank tellers jobs in service industries jobs preparation jobs office support office administrative support the a lot of his jobs have a high risk of automation in the coming ten or twenty years it's already happening in retail stores more people are shopping online forbes magazine estimates twenty one retailers will shut three thousand five hundred stores in the u.s. this year that equals tens of thousands of lost jobs for sales people and support staff who is most at risk experts say african-americans hispanics female workers of all races and people without a college education will lose jobs to automation at the highest rates and that's going to really. change the face of our society certain cities will be hit the hardest but sixty one percent of the jobs in las vegas could be automated in coming
2:48 am
twenty years or so a lot of the jobs are office administrative support they're in sales their food preparation and so with those industries. lot of workers you know doing tasks that could be taken over by a lot in the coming years it seems that american workers and policymakers are not ready for the massive economic and social disruption this new wave of automation could bring as a society i don't see us prepared our politicians are remarkably silent about this issue directly of course you know we had seen we have seen plenty of technological waves but we claim this time it's different it's really different no one knows how this seemingly unstoppable wave of automation will play out but in communities where mining and manufacturing jobs were replaced by robots people are suffering from widespread poverty depression drug abuse and alcoholism those robot bartenders
2:49 am
are going to be busy rob reynolds al jazeera los angeles. well don't think of a book could replace joe his she is with all sports news. thanks very much will baseball's new well series champion houston astros have paraded that and i'll be trophy in front of thousands of fans at home after winning the title for the first time in front china's history wouldn't fire trucks as they went on a downtown take a tape parade they beat the l.a. dodgers in game seven on wednesday while the team focus on the winning feeling questions over whether they'll celebrate with president donald trump at the white house have become well both the n.f.l. and n.h.l. a champions have attended rescinded in the taishan to the n.b.a. champion golden state warriors off to round with star players to curry so far it seems the astros haven't quite made any firm decisions i believe in celebrating the
2:50 am
championships i believe that our organization should bask in the glory of what this work is done from the years that jeff has been here through through through me and in our long history what comes out of this moving forward on the on the political side or what we do or don't do or what sports has turned into to representing the kind of the country's town well how do we decide in time we're not going to allow anything to polarize this this moment that we we want to celebrate with our fans if the team goes i'm going you know i'm not going to i'm not going to say no. you know i understand the impact of it i understand the stuff that's been happening in our country and yes that there there there is things that have to change but there's always things that have to change you know there there isn't anything that's ever going to be perfect but if the team goes i'll go. french footballer patrice evra has been banned for at least one match after kicking a supporter in the head you a for open disciplinary proceedings against him and the suspension could well be
2:51 am
increased the incident happened before ses europa league game against victoria gotti mannish in portugal the former manchester united defender was warming up when he clashed with his own mass a supporters' thirty six year old evra was seen launching an acrobatic kick at the supporters head and was given a red card before the game even kicked off. one of the biggest matches on the german football calendar takes place on saturday when by munich dormand clash in what's known as classic at the club giants have dominated german football having won fourteen out of a possible sixteen league and cup titles since two thousand and nine by and are in a bit of a hot streak right now with maximum points from their last four games this one has seen the move to the top of the league standings coach you're behind pearce as one nineteen of his last twenty games the only exception was a one one draw against dortmund the team who play in yellow will look for
2:52 am
a change in recent fortunes though they've drawn one and lost two of their last three games conceding nine goals along the way. they don't there's always pressure at dortmund and when you don't win a series of games in a road like happened recently then there's more pressure this is part of the game and then when you play against the yeah there's also some extra pressure so you with regard to tomorrow's game yes they respond but i use the coach and the players must cope with this because it's just the way to being a top team and club yourself how long this i know from experience bursey i want falter and it won't be an easy game on the contrary it will be a very intense game because five weeks ago perusia was five points ahead of us and they were playing excellent football that is something we cannot forget that's why we should be alert and travel to dortmund with optimism but also with realism that means anything could happen in football the american city of casablanca pairing to
2:53 am
host a deciding leg of the caf champions league final home team would add play our play of egypt on saturday with a match evenly poised at one one after the first leg dad casablanca have only won the champions league once before that was in one thousand nine hundred two or they move recently they were defeated in the twenty eleven final now they will be hoping to take advantage of playing at home against the seven time african champions from egypt but. the pressure will be on their opponents because they goal is to school because otherwise they won't have a chance of winning the title so we know that we must prevent that we must play the match intelligently and hope to school one or two goals first to win the title and satisfy our fans a knee injury has forced tennis world number one rafael nadal out of the paris masters before his quarterfinal much the thirty one year old was due to face a philip crane of itself to beating public with us in three sets in the second
2:54 am
round the spaniard is now in doubt for the a.t.p. finals in london later this month. i feel my home here for the relationship that i had with the french for the nation with everybody for me is a bad day so is not the right day to talk about london with him that i can say i'm going to do my treatment i'm going to that my best. to be plain in london but i cannot. matter now because he is a day. that is enough time for me to pull out from here argentina's one martino portrait won't be among the top players for the a.t.p. finals unless someone pulls out that salty lost in three sets of john isner in the quarter finals in paris the american can make the season ending tournament if he wins the masters before pulling greats have once again been making their mark in spain real madrid legends roll roberta collison emilio rocked up the rap records during their playing days now make it out another of the trio helping break a penalty taking record with
2:55 am
a one thousand six hundred forty four spot kick so in ten hours the challenge was to promote the inclusion of people with disabilities in sports and that's all the sport for now more later thanks joe well it's estimated more than one point two billion people play video games worldwide most play to enjoy but a percentage of them do it to excess some so much it interferes with normal family life island reports on the growing recognition of the threat of gaming addiction. this is called the blackout three it is known for having realistic gun play alexandra gies mn shows us some of the popular video games she sells in her seattle shop and giza knows that sometimes players play too much video games and a very drunk like me just get that like and stand kind of action. interactive that i think that. bob.
2:56 am
charlie baccy was one of those who needed to stop and came here to do it where outdoor chess replaces online mayhem he was gaming twelve to sixteen hours a day it was like a hijacked my instincts it put gaming on the same level as eating this is restart life the first treatment program in this country to specifically target video games and internet addiction while i was planning suicide i had lost my career in real estate to escape from the gaming addiction yeah yeah i didn't know what to do about it i was totally hope was the addiction remains he says and is a matter of daily battle it's a six to eight week live in program all personal electronic devices are locked away one phone call per week is the suggested maximum on the house landline physical fitness is a big part of treatment as patients look for new ways to fill the time gaming used
2:57 am
to eat up the cost twenty five thousand dollars per person but the american psychological association doesn't yet recognize videogame obsession as a full blown addiction calling it instead a disorder that needs further study co-founder and chief clinical officer hilary cash believes that needs to change and will it just opens the door because everyone can say ok this is a real thing why are we need to study it we need to take it seriously we need to do something to mitigate it. the ninety one billion dollar a year video game industry isn't going away and other countries notably china south korea and japan have been quicker to recognize the dangers of obsessive gaming and commit resources to research treatment and early education alexandra geese minigame or her entire life says she knows when to step away and knows that some who can't
2:58 am
need help. from. weather defined as full blown addiction or just a mental disorder there is digital detox for it here at a price elegy offer al-jazeera outside seattle washington. now back with more news on the other side of the break you happy watching the news hour with lisa hello rob i'll see you in a little while. november
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on al-jazeera. in a historic visit the pope will travel to me in my bangladesh bringing more focus to the plight of the range of. a new six part series about extraordinary lives of the common people from across tunisia. as the u.s. backs away from the paris climate agreement well diplomats will be gathering in bonn to restate that commitment. from the heart of asia one when east brings captivating stories and award winning fields. as tensions on the korean peninsula remain high president trump embarks on a five nation tour to east asia november on al-jazeera. sixty seven words that spelled promise for one people but ended up
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a disaster for another. that led to the establishment of a jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians one hundred years on al-jazeera world tells the story of the british declaration that changed the middle east for seeds of discord at this time. driving eisel major advances against the group in syria and iraq.
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