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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2017 10:00am-10:34am AST

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it has never been more available it's a constant barrage with every day but the message is simplistic you have the brain the good logical rational crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and does not hold well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives of this time on al-jazeera. catalunya suppose president as a wanted man after spain issues an international warrant for his arrest for rebellion sedition and misuse of funds.
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i'm richelle carey this is out to sara live from doha also coming up russian and syrian troops launched an offensive to retake. border town under eisel control in syria. what is going on on models i love the movie the crisis and no one will help us a desperate plea from hundreds of refugees who say they have been abandoned on manis island. plus one should issue to the new wave of artisans in hong kong weaving modern life into an ancient craft. an international search and arrest warrant has been issued for the deposed cattle on president carlos pushed him on spanish prosecutors want to investigate him for rebellion and sedition over last month's declaration of independence but the sacked leader has missed two days of court hearings and madrid he is in brussels. he
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intends to challenge any belgian agreement to extradite him back to spain despite that he says he's ready to run and regional elections call for in december belgian authorities have twenty four hours to react to this european arrest warrant several of his aides are also being sought by catalans views are split on how the deposed president has handled this crisis. she get giggling live in india then you know i want catalonia to be independent and i think all politicians are doing everything possible so they can help calm the public we are suffering a bit because spanish politicians are playing like a cat chasing a dog but i think collins put you money is not going to let us down you know she. i don't know what beliefs they have but when someone does what he's done and calls for independence and then flees that's not good he's fleeing from the law the president has to fulfill the law if he starts doing something else a lot of it that is going to lose everything so david chaytor is following all these developments from brussels so david what else to we know the latest about
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this arrest warrant. reseller two sets of arrest warrants were issued by the national court in madrid and international law has you said and also a european arrest warrant now those that paperwork arrived at the federal prosecutor's office here in belgium last evening last night and a spokesman did tell those that essentially what will happen now is they'll check through the those arrest warrants and the order is to search and seize the the former cattle and president and four of his cabinet ministers what will happen is that they will put this paperwork to an investigative judge either this morning or on sunday they haven't said yet officially when that judge will be appointed and then the the catalans the president pushed him on and his full cabinet ministers will have twenty four hours in which to appear before him and then he will decide
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on their case he will listen to their pleas it's now very likely of course that that puts him on the cabinet ministers will actually surrender to the belgian authorities to the belgian judicial system they're not going to be fugitives they said they will cooperate but they tend to use the grounds for challenging the arrest warrants that are there in the european. warrant system now i can tell you a bit more about that what i mean essentially is that they've got up to sixty days to try and combat this extradition order and in special circumstances even another thirty on top of that so this is beginning of a very long process and they have an expert lawyer pulled back out who has been working about seven years ago with leaders of the basque separatist movement at and he successfully fought any attempt to extradite them so he knows his business he said thirty years of experience and i think this is going to be
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a long legal process into such and that david chaytor live for us from brussels david thank you. a military assault to push eisel out of a border town under its control in syria it is underway russian jets are pounding on the syria iraq border and the daraa zor countryside six civilians were killed after residential areas were targeted syrian army's elite forces aided by iran backed shia militia and hezbollah fighters are leading the operation on the ground on friday eisele was pushed out of doors or the armed groups last major urban stronghold and that country on top adviser to iran's supreme leader says syrian government forces will advance soon to retake rocka city tehran has been backing syrian president bashar al assad on the battlefield against opposition fighters and i mean you know if you couple the americans by locating in eastern iraq or trying to divide syrians into two parts of they tried to do in iraq they won't succeed in
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syria you'll witness in the near future the advance of government and popular forces in syria and east of the euphrates and the liberation of iraq a city with the latest from hosmer tracking all the developments from gaza on the turkey syria border will come to rock in a moment first though tell us the latest about what's happening in the significance of it. rochelle the military operation continues now windowed book come out of this push by the russians by the syrian government backed by different armed groups to try to retake the city now there's been this sentiment among the intelligence community is that most likely the top operatives will be now based since this last all the territory and syria this explains now why the russians are insisting on those targeted attacks they saying that they are targeting
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a militia and fortification centers and also voice and also top leaders in in the book come out now i said has been over the last few days in dying that any of the commanders were killed in those attacks. but however we've been getting reports from activists. that many civilians were killed over the last forty eight hours in different areas particularly on the outskirts of the book about where there's been some intense strikes targeting. positions in the city and as i mentioned right as we were coming to you this talk of rain taking iraq out what do we know about this and. we were taken in iraq is going to buy the syrian government. that it is determined to take over every single territory in lost. to the rebels or to the kurdish
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factions and this is something which is going to create further problems for the international community in the future so you have the syrian army backed by russia you have the s.d.f. backed by the americans imagine both in tangled in a fight over the americans are determined to continue providing significant logistical and military assistance of the s.d.f. in the push i guess what happens next when isis is driven out of. and out of syria. continue to have a significant role now the syrian government says that it is determined to claim its. tutorial independence in the near future and that the syrian army will be the ultimate power all over syria a sentiment not shared by different opposition groups but particularly the s.d.f. which hopes to be able to create a state of its own in areas like iraq. and also northern part of syria so this is
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definitely going to be a delicate situation now if the syrians go ahead with the russians and the iranians to move forward towards it can certainly afford under their control i mean there's absolutely no way the ask the afghan put up resistance against the syrian army but then what will be the reaction of america as they go into a lead their own ally in the region be under the control of the syrian military all right. thank you. more than six hundred refugees have made a desperate plea to new zealand's prime minister ahead of her meeting with her all civilian counterpart for years new zealand had offered to resettle some of the refugees australia locked in its offshore prison camps the man asylum camp was decommissioned on tuesday but hundreds of refugees are refusing to leave because they fear being attacked by locals we are losing the international community to discuss what is going on on models one of the movement is in human journey and crisis and no one will help us all is the international community will intervene in
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this and we have big new zealand government three screw us because new zealand is the only country to go there have been fighting again and again and again they want to get us out of the go to the center so the tense stand off on man asylum has been the focus of weekend rallies in several australian cities and thomas went to the gathering in sydney. the central message of this protest is bring them here by sight of the refugees who were sent to the pacific gardens of mass improper new guinea and the route before a half years ago have suffered enough and should be brought to australia and the more immediate and of course the concern very concerned about conditions inside the walls australia is frozen on the minus on in the six hundred men who are refusing to leave. now being without fresh water without food and without power. is mine a drinking water there. and we're getting out of
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a self built well but there are real concerns about dysentery and other health problems present now australia's government says those men have been in accommodation elsewhere on minus all islands but the united nations analysts say that accommodation isn't ready for them yet it's still a construction site and the refugees any why site that accommodation isn't site by site that it isn't protected from the locals who want to do them harm who don't welcome them into the community and many of those refugees when they have been out of that person in the past on have. well we spoke to a few of the protesters here and here's some of what i have to say is appalling and . point. here i think i think i think. it's completely and utterly horrible and i think it's really. stands.
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out we really need to get off message across. these men who are suffering. on sunday in new zealand prime minister comes to australia to talk to her australian counterpart. to say that she sticks by an offer made by her freedom to take one hundred fifty of the refugees and resettle them. in new zealand now some fall strike has rejected that offer but it will be light again on sunday and then there is the question of whether new zealand makes little for the rich really to papua new guinea leaving australia what will strike me then it would be all is my between those two independent countries still ahead on al-jazeera us president donald trump is about began his first official trip to asia take a look at what's on the agenda. because argentina's former vice president has been arrested on corruption charges.
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it looks like you've got a nice little taste of autumn for western parts of europe over the next couple of days clattering spilling in from the atlantic that will make its way into the by a base case of wet weather pushing across that period potential lively outbreaks of frank pushing into western parts of france has of area of low pressure so this area of high pressure well that will get squeezed a little further research is because through the next day and a cloud of rain that we have across eastern parts that will eventually push out of the way to allow some bright skies back in for saturday across the u.k. should be dry bright dry and fine i should say for a bonfire night by sas the evening but in the day lots of cloud and right around haiti right it'll be wet on the foot and in the evening in london wet weather coming in across much of spite of portugal southern parts of france pushing further
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research as you go through sunday over the alps guys come back in behind me ten or eleven celsius for london and paris so certainly cold enough cold enough to get around ten degrees four celsius in moscow others say that's warming up here that basically says the cloud of rain across the eastern side of the maddest well maybe brushing the north of libya pushing towards egypt and some wet weather spilling out of spite of portugal that will affect the fall north america about with a high of twenty degrees.
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you're watching al-jazeera let's recap the top stories this hour an international search and arrest warrant has been issued for the deposed catalogue president carlos pushed him off along with several of his aides he is still in belgium where he fled after the declaration of cattle on independence. a military assault to push i saw out of a border city under its control in syria is under way russian jets are pounding on the syria iraq border and the doors were countryside the syrian army's elite forces
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are leading an operation on the ground. more than six hundred refugees have made a desperate plea to new zealand's prime minister ahead of her meeting with her australian counterpart has offered to resettle some of the refugees from the now decommissioned australian run prison camp on manis island a half on the kenny. yes president donald trump has visited pearl harbor during a stopover in hawaii before he embarks on his first official visit to asia pearl harbor of course was the seat of a surprise attack by japan in one thousand nine hundred one that plunged the u.s. into world war two. the thousands of americans who lost their lives there will now leave for asia on an eleven day trip that will take him to japan south korea china vietnam and the philippines as our white house correspondent kimberly how good reports north korea will be high on the agenda. as president donald trump has worked to nurture relationships on u.s. soil with chinese president xi and japanese prime minister abbay dinners at mar
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a lago even rounds of golf president liberty now trumps headed for his first trip as president to asia it's a twelve day tour to visit japan south korea china vietnam and the philippines and given trump's inconsistent stance on foreign policy issues no one's quite sure what to expect they will be met with fire and frankly power. looming over the visit is trump's brazen rhetoric with north korean leader kim jong un trumps escalated the crisis and raise fears even the smallest miscalculation on both sides could lead to war unlike the trip in the spring by u.s. vice president pants white house officials say trump will not visit the south korean side of the demilitarized zone overlooking north korea instead he'll visit u.s. soldiers at nearby camp humphries trumps meeting with leader moon could be tense
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trumps inflame the relationship by suggesting south korea alone pay for the u.s. missile defense system in itself. well moon has reminded trump there can be no military action against north korea without souls consent their money manipulators their currency manipulators trumps china visit may be equally complicated on the campaign trail trump bash china's a currency manipulator stealing american jobs officials say he'll make a similar argument over unfair trade practices well in beijing private enterprise and open markets is the best model to increase prosperity throughout the region and despite trying to positive relationship with japan's leader there is concern in . that nation that trumps tough talk on north korea continues to put the country and wider region at risk those fears are casting
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a shadow over trump's attendance at two major economic summit in vietnam and also in the philippines overall it is a have to be agenda for a region that remains wary given donald trump's consistently unpredictable diplomatic style can't really help at al-jazeera washington the united states has carried out two air strikes targeting eisel fighters and somalia it's thought to be the first time american forces have targeted a group there the strikes were in the north east or eisel has been recruiting it's not clear how many of its members were killed a u.s. soldier who deserted his post in afghanistan and was captured by the taliban will not serve a prison sentence army sergeant bowe bergdahl spent faced rather up to fourteen years in a military prison for desertion and putting his fellow troops in harm's way but a military judge has ruled that a lesser punishment was appropriate in jordan reports the u.s.
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army sergeant bowe bergdahl on trial for desertion and putting his fellow soldiers in harm's way through with the mercy of the court it paid off he faced up to fourteen years in prison but a military judge ruled instead bergdahl will be demoted kicked out of the army and forced to pay a fine and the soldier's lawyer saying all that and his guilt is punishment enough sergeant bergdahl is deeply grateful to everyone who searched for him in two thousand and nine and thereafter. especially those who heroically sustained injuries military lawyers and some of the bergdahl fellow troops had wanted him in prison for abandoning his post in afghanistan in two thousand and nine the taliban captured bergdahl almost immediately during the military search for him to soldiers who were so badly injured they had to retire then came the political controversy and twenty fourteen the obama administration released five taliban fighters for
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bergdahl safe return this morning i called bob and jenny bergdahl and told them that after nearly five years in captivity their son bo is coming home the trade with the taliban angered troops and politicians alike including the presidential candidate donald trump we don't have victories with sergeant bergdahl where this traitor this dirty rotten traitor he gets no jail time gets no jail time i think of it right. twenty five fifty years ago thirty years ago what would they have done being right back the president's reaction on twitter release from air force one soon after the verdict a complete and total disgrace to our country and to our military burgles lawyer called the sentence a blow against trump's interference president trump's unprincipled effort to stoke
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a lynch mob atmosphere while seeking our nation's highest office has cast a dark cloud over the case. every american should be offended by his assault on the fair administration of justice and his disdain for basic constitutional rights pending a final review will soon be a free man but the notoriety attached to what he did in afghanistan and its impact likely will follow him for the rest of his life roslyn jordan al-jazeera. five more fighters from a gaza based armed group have died after israel blew up a cross border tunnel earlier this week that brings the number of dead from the blast to twelve old losers' have been filling in the tunnel which is on the israeli side of the border the armed group says it's been denied access to recover the bodies people in gaza used the tunnels to smuggle foods circumventing the israeli blockade which has been in force since two thousand and seven and a blow to venezuela's government the fitch ratings agency has cut venezuela's
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foreign debt grade the decision comes after president nicolas maduro called for a creditors meeting to renegotiate an estimated one hundred fifty billion dollars every payments so fitch says it cut the long term debt rating from c. to double c. based on request and venezuela's history of missed payments meanwhile in israel a supreme court is blocking the vice president of the national assembly from leaving the country it says friday vera is suspected of inciting unrest during four months of anti-government protests earlier this year the opposition leader led many of the large demonstrations over the country's spiraling political and economic crisis. argentina's former vice president has been arrested on corruption charges. a second key official from the government the former president cristina kirchner to be detained. he was arrested
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early in the morning argentina's former vice president. was taken away by the police at an upscale neighborhood of one accused of corruption and money laundering . justice is being done. to cut the wings. of committing crimes try to hide their wrongdoing and complicate the case and that was decided he was called over all. who were investigated or suspected of corruption. the fifty five year old economist faces three charges of what is formally term does elicit in richmond view accusations date back to two thousand and nine when he was cristina fernandez the economy minister. two years later he became argentina's vice president after cristina kirchner won reelection. this last year several members from the previous administration and
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people close to former president cristina kirchner have been arrested bay have been accused of corruption money laundering part of a criminal organization that stole millions from state funds and this investigations have been ongoing for years but it is now with a change in government that they have started to move forward. who is the second major official to be arrested last week former public works minister who was detained also on corruption charges which he denies the arrests represent a blow to the former president who has herself been accused of corruption and. that what worries him is that the high profile detentions appear politically motivated. there's been a change in the way the judiciary is operating because much of what we have seen are preventative detentions and not happened in the past judges are requesting the detention of high profile figures that satisfy the media and society they are more
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political than anything else. also questions why some cases are moving faster than others. why hasn't kirshner been detained she is supposedly the chief of the criminal organization. main challenger was elected a senator last month cristina kirchner continues to be a strong political figure that polarizes argentinean society something that analysts say benefits the current administration arrests of high profile figures are expected to continue in the months to come some in argentina believe they're finally seeing justice others fear they are witnessing a politically inspired witch hunt. mexico has made its biggest on shore oil discovery and fifteen years president pena nieto says the field discovered by state oil company pemex is estimated to contain around one and
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a half billion barrels of crude the site in the eastern state of had a cruise this close to an existing infrastructure so tapping could begin soon at relatively low cost the whole company says the size of the fire may prove to be larger and even double the estimate. makes has just made a significant discovery of an oil and gas reserves in the coast of the loop an inveterate crews south of better to support let me tell you that the preliminary findings indicate there is a volume of one point five billion barrels of crude oil this represents a total reserve of about three hundred fifty million barrels of proven probable reserves they streaming service netflix has cut ties with hollywood actor kevin spacey over allegations of sexual misconduct that flick says spacey will not be part of any further production of its popular show house of cards in which he was the star face he faces a number of accusations in the u.s. and britain of sexual harassment towards men he's one of several big showbiz names
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including actor dustin hoffman to have been accused of harassment and recent days that follows the harvey weinstein scandal where more than thirty women accuse the producer of sexual assault it's an ancient craft in china and a staple of its national culture but the future of silk and border may be in danger learning the art takes time and consumers are looking for a modern twist to traditional designs a group of artisans in hong kong is giving the trade a make over sarah clarke reports. it might be a tiny space with each shelf crammed with colorful shoes but it's not a problem for these customers seeking unique hand-woven designs them already come the shoes are totally handmade i appreciate this kind of traditional croft embroideries a family affair with a mirror wall she learnt the craft from her grandparents who set up the business sixty years ago she's now taking up the reins expanding what's on offer modernizing her grandfather's traditional approach many years ago my grandfather only made one
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sawzall wearing suits but now i have many many different styles and you can see there are some blossoms dragon and phoenix and also some flowers for the same of my boarders use the spot the popularity of the shoes she's worried the trade is struggling to attract new talent who came to pursue it as a long term career many people are just interested in making them as a hobby or make them for their friends and their families that they want to as a future career it's with that in mind young artists and the trying to promote this refined we want has embraced social media earning her an international profile others like added you are trying to modernize the ancient chinese design. now didn't you and i'm going to the customers used to be interested in the traditional double sided embroidery. over recent years our customer groups are from the younger
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generation. this silken broidery business dates back three hundred years as well as some of the traditional designs there updating their techniques needlecraft with calligraphy brush paintings creating popular modern designs. i notice the growing number of people appreciate. chinese embroidery culture in recent years including westerners but there are now more westerners appreciating and understanding our embroidery culture so next generation artisans may be thriving but that might not be enough to entice more young people to take up this property and with out more young apprentices some are concerned that the future of chinese embroidery could remind fry. al-jazeera hong kong. as al-jazeera and these are the headlines international search and arrest warrant
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has been issued for the deposed president carlos pushed him on a wall with several of his aides he remains in belgium where he fled after the declaration of cattle on and dependence like a military assault to push out of a border city under its control in syria is underway russian jets are pounding on the syria iraq border and also the countryside the syrian army's elite forces are leading the operation on the ground. more than six hundred refugees have made a desperate plea to new zealand's prime minister ahead of her meeting with her australian counterpart the zealand has offered to resettle some of the refugees from the now decommissioned australian run prison camp a man a silent and papua new guinea. we are leading the international community to discuss what is going on on models one of the movies and here. and no one will help us all is the international community will intervene and we are big. government
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three screw us because new zealand is the only country today they have been fighting again and again and again they want to get us out of we go to the center as president donald trump has visited pearl harbor tearing a stopover in hawaii before he embarks on his first official visit to asia pearl harbor was the scene of a surprise attack by japan in one nine hundred forty one plunge the u.s. into world war two trump honor the thousands of americans who lost their lives there he will now leave for asia on an eleven day trip that will take him to japan south korea china vietnam and the philippines by war fighter some a gaza based armed group have died after israel blew up across a border tunnel earlier this week that brings the number of dead from the blast to twelve bulldozers have been filling in the tunnel which is on the israeli side of the border the armed group says it's been denied access to recover the bodies people and gaza used the tunnels to smuggle goods circumventing the israeli
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blockade which has been in place since two thousand and seven and those are the headlines and news continues right here on al-jazeera inside story is next here. on counting the cost black gold big dreams in a mega city in the desert why saudi arabia is pinning its hopes on a ram coaches future proof its economy to raise or not to raise a big decision for the bank of england and talking turkey the challenges behind its strong recovery counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. from hollywood to westminster in the office on the street never before have we been made so words sexual harassment and it's everywhere from australia to zimbabwe so how does it differ around the world and can we do anything to stop it this is inside story.


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