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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 4, 2017 8:00pm-8:34pm AST

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sixty seven words that spelled promise for one people but ended up a disaster for another. that led to the establishment of a jewish homeland at the expense of the palestinians one hundred years on al-jazeera world tells the story of the british declaration that changed the middle east for seeds of discord at this time. lebanon on alert after the prime minister resigns during a trip to saudi arabia criticizing iran and saying who fears for his life.
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alone barbara starr you're watching out is there live from london also coming up on the program russian air strikes kill six members of the same family in an offensive to drive i saw from the last trip of land they controls in syria catalans ousted leader urges independence parties to unite for december's election after spain issues a warrant for his arrest protests in south korea as president trump repairs to the park for a five nation tour of asia with north korea top of the agenda. hello welcome to the program in a surprise move lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has resigned accusing iran of sowing strife in the arab world and saying he fears his life is in danger he compared the current political climate to that prior to the assassination of his father former prime minister rafik hariri in two thousand and five an open critic
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of iran and hezbollah how do you remade the statement in the saudi capital riyadh iran's foreign ministry has responded by saying how we reason resignation will create tensions in the region and is based on unfounded accusations from israel saudi arabia and the us. i hereby announce my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government knowing that the will of the lebanese are stronger and that determination is that force and will overcome attempts to impose. over them from powers either inside or . outside of our country long live the people of lebanon. well lebanon's politics is a complex minefield of rival regional and sicked hereon interests resignation threatens to inflame tensions between the country sunni and shia muslims the country's government is finely balanced the president must be a maronite christian the prime minister
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a sunni muslim and the speaker of parliament a shia muslim the country's broadly split between two political camps a u.s. and saudi backed alliance and the pro syrian coalition differences between the two on how to run the country led to the collapse of the government in two thousand and five two thousand and eleven and two thousand and thirteen last year lebanon's parliament swore in a new cabinet dominated by hizbullah and its allies in a major victory for the shiite iran backed side i reread is lebanon's most influential sunni politician and a saudi ally who is a fierce critic of iran and hezbollah the killing of his father refute harry reid by a massive car bomb in two thousand and five was blamed on members of his bala charlotte bellus is more now on such heavy reasons political career. saad hariri had been in office for less than a year the forty seven year old was appointed in twenty sixteen to lead
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a coalition government which included iran's powerful shia ally hizbullah. stability what i see is. focusing on. the interests of the lebanese citizens. this was horary second turn as prime minister it previously served between two thousand and nine and eleven horary had followed in his father's political footsteps griffey career he was assassinated in beirut and favoring two thousand and five he'd been seen as the driving force behind lebanon's rehabilitation and reconstruction following civil wars and foreign invasion between one nine hundred seventy five and nine hundred ninety one. saad tried to continue the family legacy but began to lose popularity as lebanon faced multiple political and economic struggles unemployment has been at more than twenty percent its population of six million includes one and
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a half million refugees the two years it was unable to elect a president as its parliament was crippled and it couldn't provide basic services such as alec tricity and waste collection last year harare announced he was backing his rival michel aoun for the presidency the move was seen by analysts says hariri losing strength in his sunni dominated future movement party our own did become president and hariri prime minister. this is a very important day for lebanon and god willing all the lebanese will recognize that we were in a very dangerous situation today is the end of the danger and the threats. but horary is relationship with longtime allies saudi arabia was sit to have weakened and last year billions and. latrice support to lebanon was cancelled the saudis frustrated by the growing influence of his. career his resignation puts the issue
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of saadi rainy and regional rivalry back in the spotlight. zero so how is the news of hariri is resignation going down in the region or we have correspondents covering the story in the capitals of lebanon and iran let's start with m.t.s. tie of the joins us live now from beirut we heard there that obviously there is a chance very likely possibility that this resignation is going to inflame tensions in the country so in light of that what reaction has there been now a few hours after the announcement was made. well barbara indeed when the announcement was first made an awful lot of shock right across lebannon many people stunned and certainly those who were close to the prime minister saad hariri those in his inner circle if you will they told al-jazeera they had no inclination that this was coming but they had no idea that the prime minister was thinking of stepping down let alone was going to announce his resignation but there
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we have it we have now this resignation from mr hariri while he's in saudi arabia this is his second visit to the saudi capital in the past five days and many people are looking at not only his resignation but the location of this resignation and view this as saudi arabia trying to influence the politics of lebanon now that in itself is not something new saudi arabia is of course a major player within the region but for a long time has had a very dominant force politically here in lebanon not only with mr hariri but also with his father the koreas we saw in that report who was assassinated in two thousand and five but is this issue of the fascination which many people have really frankly scratching their heads here in lebanon not least lebanon's internal security services they've issued a very diplomatically phrased statement in which they say that they are not
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the organization or the intelligence apparatus that has put out any kind of intelligence which suggested that mr hariri was under threat so in some ways pushing back on mr hariri is assertion that his life was at risk whatever the case it really has exposed the tensions we've been seeing not only within the region but of course broadly as well iran which backs hezbollah which is a very powerful movement here is of course a bitter rival of saudi arabia and then he believe that mr hariri his resignation is tied to that rivalry. from beirut in lebanon and yes thank you and now let's cross to al jazeera same bus driver who speaks to us from tehran the saad hariri has made no secret of his feelings towards the iran so what kind of reaction of we had from the iranian capital well just hours after
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the lebanese prime minister made his resignation and criticize to run for their involvement in his country and in the region iran's foreign ministry spokesman back home kasumi rejected any allegations and said that the sudden resignation by the lebanese prime minister was both regretful and something that would not be good for the future of the country and he said that the optics of the resignation were unmistakable the fact that south korea made this decision to resign outside of the country in saudi arabia showed that he was surrounded by parties that didn't have his countries or the regions best interests at the tops of their respective agendas and he pointed out the usual suspects for iran the united states saudi arabia and israel and he said that any division in the region or only serves to escalate tensions in lebanon and the wider region and further the agendas of those countries which are plainly divisive and here advisors within the government as well as the
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foreign minister of him before and ministry spokesman himself have been urging lebanese politicians the remaining political groups to now look forward already right away and they're encouraging them to resolve any future problems or a conflicts through dialogue instead of allowing them to be divided by this kind of event as ravi with the latest from tehran zain thank you. syria's government and its allies have launched a military assault to push i saw out of the last strip of land the controls in syria russian jets have been pounding the city of al book amal on the syria iraq border and the deir ez-zor countryside six members of the same family were killed after residential areas were hit the syrian army's elite forces iran backed shia militia and as paula fighters are leading the operation on the ground on friday i
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saw was pushed out of there as or city the armed groups last major urban stronghold in the country. is tracking those developments from gaziantep on the turkey syria border. the military campaign to take over a welcome mat is underway the russians are pounding i still position in fiber turn of the syrian army pounding wheel for some of an elite unit which is going to engage with i still love the videos are concerned about their fate of a double of people were killed during those strikes i said and i was left with very few options if we did five why it was absolutely no way they can cope with vastly superior army the syrian army which is backed by russia i do think that this time we're going to see is basically the syrian army coming from the east the turkish of the iraqi army coming from the south we will coordinate very military push to try
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to drive i spilled out from the last pocket in syria. oh is that. all political parties in favor of catalonia from spain to form a coalition for the regions election in december where is the moment posted the message on twitter he's in belgium where he fled to after being removed from office but his exact whereabouts are unknown after a european arrest warrant was issued for him and four of his allies they face charges of rebellion sedition and misuse of public funds for pursuing the referendum the man says he will not return to spain until he receives a guarantee that he will face a fair trial well here's how people in barcelona reacted to news of the arrest warrant. to pick someone up in a risk that is not politics politics is talking discussing the risking someone it seems to me is a little bit like a fascist government it's something that doesn't make any sense in these times in
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europe we all need to talk and discuss that's what we live in a democracy. it's very bad because the dictatorship is supposed to be over in this country and now we are in a free democracy in the twenty first century it is sad that this is going on with the president of the catalan government. you're watching still to come on the program as a new report highlights the devastating. malnutrition we report on the recovery of a teenage girl who. became a symbol of suffering on the war. craft gets a modern make over we'll tell you how artisans are trying to save china's. trade.
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welcome back as we look at weather conditions across the levant and western parts of asia we've got to find a cloud there crossed iraq into run it's not yielding anything where precipitation so dry conditions here indeed through sunday should be brightening up but we have got showers for parts of turkey and threw down into cyprus and that will be breaking up as it moves further towards the east during the course of monday but this will be some scattered showers around beirut there draw a high of twenty two. looking for baghdad at twenty nine kuwait city still pretty warm at thirty three here in the arabian peninsula temperatures into the low thirty's but the humidity refuses to drop around the gulf for the moment and so are quite sticky conditions likely here but as we head on through into monday if anything temperatures are dropping a little bit doha thirty two degrees on the other side the potential mecca there coming in at thirty five a low risk of showers for the coast of yemen as we head across into southern portions of africa satellite imagery shows a lot of cloud particular across parts of namibia and up through into angola and
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saudi though in the far northwest of i've got a we've got a real shower or risk otherwise coming. down there sunshine highs of twenty one should be a fun one in johannesburg too with the mice and temperature here of twenty eight.
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time now for a reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has resigned accusing iran of sowing strife in the arab world and saying he fears his life isn't being made the surprise announcement in the saudi capital riyadh a military assault to push i saw out of the last strip of land under its control in syria is underway russian jets are pounding the city of al gore come out on the syria iraq border and that there is or through to the site and the pows catalan leader cadmus wisdom on all political parties in favor of catalonia session in spain to form a coalition for the region's election in the sense. that almost every country in
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the world rich or poor is affected by mt new tradition in all of its forms that's the stark finding of this year's global nutrition report it says there's a big burden on the one hundred forty countries that it studied one hundred fifty five million children under five are stunted meaning that they are short for their age africa is the only continent with the numbers seem to be rising because of the growing population fifty two million children in the world do not weigh as much as they should for their height a condition defined as being wasted obesity is also on the rise in almost every country affecting two billion people around the world one third of men and women in north america for example are obese and it's affecting children from both high and low income countries with forty one million children around the world under five being classified as overweight when that other name looks at the situation in yemen where the war has left millions of people without proper access to food and the
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warning you may find some of the images disturbing. arms and legs like twig barely able to hold her head. up and looking more like a child slated became a haunting reminder of yemeni suffering last year. this year nineteen year old queda is strong enough to smile play with their siblings and even do chores for her family of ten but she's still suffering she can't chew her diet consists of biscuits milk and juice and she didn't have enough energy for an interview. i cannot afford her medical treatment it's costly in the end i gave up some benevolent people came to help and took a treatment now she's back here but still well. the global nutrition report says almost every country is grappling with serious nutrition issues ranging from what
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it calls undernourishment to obesity that means millions of stunted children and mimic women and a rise in obesity across the globe in yemen the issue is exacerbated by a more than two and a half year war that's created what the u.n. describes as the worst humanitarian crisis in the world earlier this year it warned that yemen and twenty million people across africa were at risk of starvation leadin if in yemen in yemen there are more than ten million children and done need of humanitarian aid one and a half million of suffering from malnourishment and three hundred seventy thousand from acute male nourishment saida tripled her weight in the last year but her father earns only a dollar a day and says he needs help feeding his family lives and that i will have it the aid is not reaching us if you are destined to receive a bag of flour it takes ages. the global nutrition report says forty five percent
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of children in the world die from nutrition related issues yet only one percent of global aid is earmarked for addressing them that's why there's an urgent call for greater funding and understanding that properly nourished people are the engines of economic development natasha going to hell does iraq. new zealand's prime minister is you to meet her australian counterpart on sunday for the first time since her election win last month she seemed to are doing is expected to reiterate her predecessors offer of accepting up to one hundred fifty refugees from australia as decommissioned man asylum detention center in papua new guinea about six hundred men have barricaded themselves inside the camp food running water and medical services were cut off by australia four days ago their treatment has fucked protests in many australian cities with more than a thousand people demonstrating in earlier andrew thomas was at the protests. the
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central message of this protest is bring them here by sight of the refugees who were sent by australia to the pacific islands of mass improper new guinea and the route before a half years ago have suffered enough and should be brought to australia in the more immediate term of course but concerned very concerned about conditions inside the walls australian is frozen on the minus side of the six hundred men who are refusing to leave that facility have now been without fresh water without food and without power. both men are drinking water they're collecting in wally bins i'm getting out of a self built well but there are real concerns about dysentery and other health problems inside that prison now australia's government says those men have been offered alternative accommodation elsewhere saw and but the united nations and others cite that accommodation isn't ready for them yet it's still a construction site and the refugees anyway so i bet accommodation isn't site that
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it isn't protected from the locals who want to do them harm who don't welcome them into the community and many of course of those refugees when they have been out about frozen in the past on day release have been attacked well we spoke to a few of the protesters here and here is some of what i have to say is if you think . fearing for their lives i think i think i faint pretty fearful loud like if you were coming to me having. the situation all right but it's completely not illegal horrible but i think it's really important we don't like to stand the cold of them and feel like a party we really need to get on to get our message across also in bringing these men who are suffering it was. on sunday in new zealand prime minister comes to australia to talk to her australian counterpart is in or out and has said that she sticks by an offer made by her predecessor to type one hundred fifty of the
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refugees and research has been in use eight enough some has rejected but it will be made again on sunday and then there is the question of whether new zealand makes little for the rightly to papua new guinea leaving australia affability one of. then it would deal is made between those two independent countries. donald trump has embarked on a twelve day tour of asia the longest trip to the region by a u.s. president in twenty five years he's already be in the how why you can see these are live pictures from honolulu where in the past few minutes he has boarded air force one which looks like it's about to take off and the plane will be jetting off to japan trump will then visit south korea and china before traveling south to vietnam and the philippines hi there in tokyo takes a look at what's in store for him in japan. japan
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the first stop on president donald trump's twelve day trip to asia his longest abroad since taking office here and throughout his trip a great deal of focus will be on the mounting tension over north korea's missile and nuclear program. japan's prime minister shinzo abbate was the first head of state to visit troops even before he was sworn in as president. mr prime minister the two leaders have a tight relationship will play a round of golf and have a steak dinner out with their spouses on sunday monday's meetings will be more formal including an audience with emperor akihito the most important thing for trump mr trump to do. he stay in tokyo east to make sure. and send a message that u.s. japan remain solid and japan and the prime minister. on board with regard to north korea and with regard to china
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a recent poll in japan found nearly half of those asked about the leader's relationship said it was only good for the u.s. . japan is always wary of the united states reaction when talking about trump i'm a bit afraid of what lies ahead to continue to fly towards us but the united states doesn't do anything so suddenly that it probably isn't wavering in who he is but i'm doubtful of whether he's really thinking about the interests of the united states all the rest of the well hawkish in dealing with north korea has kept the issue of the abduction of japanese citizens by north korea a live monday trouble visit some families of those who have been abducted over eighteen thousand police officers will be on the streets of tokyo during president trump's visit one of the largest ever security personnel mobilizations and for the very first time an all female security team has been created from milan and of on to trump. as a candidate and as president trump has slammed unfair trade deals with asian nations but it's not expected he will talk much about this in japan the focus is
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expected to remain and how the two allies will deal with north korea. so. well after visiting tokyo president trump will fly to the south korean capital seoul protesters already rallying against his visit saying trump's dangerous rhetoric risks triggering war in the region of the smaller in attendance there were also some counter protests. protesters rallied in london in opposition to the one hundredth anniversary of the balfour declaration it was issued by britain's cabinet in one nine hundred seventeen and marked a turning point in the effort to create the state of israel. has more. this week the british government commemorated the signing of. an act which it was proud of but on the other side. here on saturday in london outside the u.s.
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embassy is another voice which runs counter. to our against the legacy of the. aeration. activist who said that the u.k. was wrong proud of its legacy it's very important because. it used. against the palestinian people it was a crime that led to several other crimes including. and it's a crime that is still going down it's not finished the crime is being conducted. and we want to be stopped. by the british government is a problem. helping to create the state of israel. surely hundreds of thousands of palestinians are on their home in britain and
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diaspora of about million. and while there is a lot of political will to fry. onside for the british government certainly in terms of israeli listening and just to bring sit. seems really a little political will a tall order to ensure that there isn't some form in the future of the as we say solution namely the palestinians have their own state. it's an ancient craft in china and the staple of its national culture but the future of silken bordering may be in danger now a group of our citizens in hong kong are giving the trade a make over sarah clarke reports. it might be a tiny space with each shelf crammed with colorful shoes but it's not a problem for these customers seeking unique hand-woven designs them already come the shoes are totally handmade i appreciate this kind of traditional croft embroideries a family affair with a mirror wall she learnt the craft from her grandparents who set up the business
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sixty years ago she's now taking up the reins expanding what's on offer modernizing her grandfather's traditional approach many years ago my grandfather only made one sawzall wearing serious but now i have many many different styles and you can see there are some blossoms dragon and phoenix and also some flowers. of my boarders use the spot the popularity of the shoes she's worried the trade is struggling to attract new talent who came to pursue us as a long term career many people are just interested in making them as a hobby or make them for their friends and their families that they want to as a future career it's with that in mind young artists and the trying to promote this refined art we want has embraced social media earning her an international profile others like added you are trying to modernize the ancient chinese designs now didn't you know how many going to the customers used to be interested in the
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traditional double sided embroidery. over recent years our customer groups are from the younger generation. this silken broidery business dates back three hundred years as well as some of the traditional designs there updating their techniques merging needlecraft with calligraphy brush paintings creating popular modern designs. i notice the growing number of people appreciating this aspect of chinese embroidery culture in recent years including westerners there are now more westerners appreciating and understanding our embroidery culture some next generation artisans may be thriving but that might not be enough to entice more young people to take up this craft and with out more young apprentices some are concerned that the future chinese embroidery could remind fry sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong.
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you're watching al-jazeera here's a reminder of the headlines lebanon's prime minister has resigned the cues in iran of sowing strife in the arab world and saying he fears his life is in danger saad hariri made the statement in the saudi capital riyadh he compared the current political climate to that prior to the assassination of his father the late prime minister rafik hariri iran's foreign ministry has responded by saying the reason resignation will create tension in the region and is based on found that accusations from israel saudi arabia and the u.s. . are hereby announce my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government knowing that the will of the lebanese is stronger and that immigration is that fight and will overcome any attempts to impose any over them from powers either inside or outside of our country long live the people of lebanon. syria and its allies have launched
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a military assault to push i saw out of the last strip of land that it controls and syria russian jets are pounding the city of our book amal on the syria iraq border and that they resort countryside the syrian army's elite forces iran backed shia militia and hezbollah fighters are leading the operation on the ground ousted caton a leader can this push them or has urged all political parties in favor of catalonia secession from spain to form a coalition for the regions the center pole push them and posted the message on twitter but his exact whereabouts in belgium where he fled to after being removed from office are unknown after a european search and the rest warrant was issued for him and for his allies more than one thousand people have taken part in protests across australia against the treatment of hundreds of asylum seekers in an offshore detention center in papua new guinea about six hundred men on my messiah and have been without food running
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water and medical services for days. now these are your headlines i'm going to have the al-jazeera news hour for you in less than half an hour stay with us though coming up next it's inside story of i. know the earth you. imagine you can't go to school see a doctor travel when you want to feel constantly look down on the ten million people that's life life without a nationality but why in twenty seventeen a so many people in this position of what can we do about it this is inside story.


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