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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 5, 2017 7:00pm-7:34pm AST

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enough to fill his museum enough to break a guinness world record. with a story for every object he's become an environmental activist uninspired. on the voice for the plight of countless migrants. march. this time on al-jazeera. i really feel liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth a little bit that's what has killed. catherine isac leader carter's budged a month and four of the ministers turned themselves into belgian police. hello i'm maryam namazie in london you're watching al-jazeera also coming up sound
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you ground prince consolidate his hold on power to eleven princes and four ministers are arrested in a corruption crackdown. syrians displaced by the fighting and arizona hit by a car bomb reported to have killed at least one hundred also no dictator no regime and no nation. should underestimate. american resolve. and a warning from president trump as he kicks off his asia toe with a round of golf in japan. to. oust a captain need a card is put in four of his colleagues have turned themselves into the belgian police spain issued a european arrest warrant for them on friday over their role in catalonia as controversial secession referendum they face charges of rebellions addition and
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misuse of public funds a spokesman for brussels prosecutor says a judge has until monday morning to decide on whether to extradite him. in compliance with the urgent procedure the prosecutor. we'll seize an investigative church in order to execute the european arrest runts the investigative judge can decide accordingly refusal to exit cute european wrist arresting the people involved releasing them the conditions or under bail. meanwhile hundreds of people have been rallying in barcelona against the detention of cattle and politicians in the trade on thursday a judge in spain jailed eight former members of catalonia separatist government protesters held up posters of the detained can't mandate as an chanted freedom david has more on that from brussels. and his deposed cabinet ministers surrendered
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to the police at the national police headquarters nine seventeen on sunday morning they were then driven into this building which is the brussels prosecutor's office they were taken in a police van they weren't handcuffed they're now being detained in this building while an investigative judge decides on their case that judge has not yet been named but it's expected the meeting will take place between the two to mind his cabinet ministers and their lawyers and the investigative judge some time this afternoon and he will then decide whether they will grounds for refusing the arrest warrant whether they should be detained whether they should be released and that decision will have to be made by the investigative judge within twenty four hours of them surrender themselves to the police so an expectation that sometime on monday morning he will make that decision or even later on on sunday so it's the
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beginning of a long procedure under the european arrest warrant although it's been streamlined and reformed to still take up to sixty days for this matter to be sorted before there could be any extradition of push him on his cabinet ministers back to madrid to face the court there refused to attend and in special circumstances even thirty days extra could be added to the legal wrangling that's about to start here in brussels. now there's been a major shake up in the top ranks of saudi arabia's government and ruling family between saturday night and sunday morning eleven saudi princes four sitting cabinet ministers and dozens of former ministers were arrested the government describes all this is the work of a new anti corruption committee which itself was only formed on saturday night as
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well so among those detained is prince ali bin talal he's best known as a billionaire investor controlling major stakes in companies like twitter twenty first century fox and citi group and previously listed in time magazine's one hundred most influential people list the most significant internal move involves prince met have been a dollar who was removed from his post as the head of the national god is the son of the late king abdullah and was considered a contender for the throne also out as the minister of economy and planning adil been mohamed folky the dismissals a widely seen as consolidating the power of the crown prince mohammed bin some money also known as m.p.'s it was elevated to the position just four months ago displacing an older cousin with saudi arabia's king solomon has discussed security and economic issues and domestic reform in a phone call with the u.s. president donald trump but it appears they did not discuss the major capital overall especially the name reports on the implications of a shake up call it
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a surprise saturday night shake up. saudi state t.v. reported that eleven princes three current and dozens of former ministers have been detained as part of an entire corruption probe only hours after the formation of an investigative committee was announced it's difficult to relate this to corruption since they didn't have enough time to make a prosecution or to make investigations about that if there was something or some information collected previously why did the and with. the case by case in different be this before about the not doing this overnight all these people together which is rather spacious the saudi cabinet overhaul is viewed as a power play by king solomon analysts say it's designed to ensure his son and heir to the throne crown prince mohammed bin solomon consolidates power and does so among their branch of the royal family he's making this public relations stands to
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get more public support and also a little bit of the way to afford his popularity one of the most high profile figures pushed out is the minister of the national guard prince metabo bin of dollar he was the son of former king of dollar and once thought to be next in line to the throne he was the remaining member of the abdullah family in such a high level position. also detained is prince will lead bin tell out he's one of the wealthiest men in the world and given his widespread investments is detainment could have an impact on global business. this shakeup sends a message there's a new political order it's also a reminder that for months after the crown prince was named heir to the throne there can be no mistake mohammed bin selman is the future for saudi arabia
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natasha going eight zero zero. more now on the balance and lebanon hezbollah leader hassan nasrallah is speaking let's just listen to the nation we know the lebanese we know the words used. that harry the prime minister and these text is not. text this text is written but as this is their language and the prime minister just read the text this is clear it was a shock and a surprise in lebanon because in politics things cannot be done that way and that it was a big surprise from the president from from the cabinet and political powers and
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even leaders and ministers and the present of the future. front car and it's it causes cons in lebanon because a lot of. analytic things threats rumors that's why every political power in lebanon has to. they're understanding of these political think that's why here in his back we say the following we it's not. for them really to resign on a slate we see matters go in. in a way it's not a fantastic way but it's a way that we can accept in the government and the ministerial committee as
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things being discussed. there and sometimes through discussions you can find some difficulties and you think of a way to solve these difficulties that's why we have this government has achieved a lot during the last period and i think the government has the power to continue and has the authority to go with it cope with achievements meant until the parliamentary elections this government could have been there till the parliamentary elections the atmosphere was ok in lebanon in our country this is number one number two we need to discuss the form
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of the resignation the indications behind that people have expressed their views in a tough rough way but we in hezbollah we just want to see the plays the way the text and the end occasions that are all aided to the sovereignty and the dignity of lebanon and the dignity of the prime minister even if he was food to resign it was better to allow him to go back to lebanon to meet the president to submit his resignation and to declare it from the palace. it's not the first time for prime minister to resign but this way. make it clear about the way saudi arabia medlars and the lebanese and.
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saudi arabia declares war with the criticizes others for meddling in saudi arabia and arab affairs so this is another can lead. on the level of form the volume that is not suitable of total regarding the text read by the prime minister we will not comment about the political content of these text despite it is a tough text that includes accusations and other things we are not going to discuss the political content of the rizieq nation texts because we thought we think we all was thinking that this is the statement written by saudis if you want to discuss it we need to discuss that. the way. it
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is it's not the way of some of the really it's not the way of the most stuck but block and what has been written and the resignation statement is completely different even sends out that harry. came to power the way he thinks the way he deals with matters the way his sorts of problems doesn't go. with the content of those of a nation statement we and everyone. have to be a little bit patient don't trust we need not to rush into and the law is in or understanding or at the opt in positions or taking procedures. other than those that will keep security and stability in lebanon until
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now we need to know what is the reason since that moment. we are in contact with everyone we listen we gather information but. what i know is that everyone in lebanon doesn't understand the real reason behind that is ignition everyone in lebanon. is surprised for this sudden resignation to understand the real reason behind the resignation is the key to know a lot of things about the surroundings. for example. forcing the prime minister to resign is it because of an internal affair i think no i think the lebanese would say the man was ok the man was in contact with everyone
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the man was active the man was effective and sessions of the government of the cabinets of the ministerial committees were ok so there is no an internal affair that will lead him to resign some lebanese. some of them say the prime minister was not happy because of this or thought because of this minister this is not a reason for the prime minister to resign this is just a way to score point there is no. affair. for the prime minister to resign then we need to go into saudi arabia and to see what is the reason is it because of an internal conflict between the princes in saudi arabia a conflict for the throne a conflict between the. hero parent or the crown prince and the other
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members of the royal family is it a conflict that is related to financial matters that we lead to grapple. the money the millions and millions of the family members. does this have that relation with. the problems in iraq and saddam i really primaries are the same time has been lost in the trends of being attached or linked to these lie and all to that line it's a question it's a legitimate question or it might be another is that has nothing to do with the internal conflicts it has a relation with the same day that is not quite happy with the performance of saddam i really and saudi arabia my thing that
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sather harry might be replaced with someone that can't abide by the policies of saudi arabia it might be a question. or the reason. might be oh no there might be a plan in saudi arabia to add to lebanon because there are a lot of talking about about the iranians they can flip to has been. this is another matter that could be a conservative so we need to know what is the real reason behind the prime minister's resignation or behind saudi arabia imposing this on the prime minister in addition to that matter of fact. today
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when people say in lebanon about some information. some. who speak about the. about the man as he. can he live saudi arabia will he be allowed to return back to lebanon because when you listen in the news that prince. abdullah sees the son of the former king and prince turki but i think is the son of god and then what he did. when you see the minister of the national guard which is a big power in saudi arabia royalty sons of the king's former king's grandchildren for mccains who used to have big responsibilities lot
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of money a lot of responsibilities when you see them in the prisons than when you have to ask goodness where is prime minister where is prime minister it's a concern that is legitimate as well we need to know why and how. do we need to understand the things and matters behind this is a nation this saudis step came within the context of changing the prime minister. in the context of deleting the cabinets in lebanon within the context of hitting the stability and security in lebanon or within that context of a war against lebanon like war was launched by saudi arabia in yemen or was supported by saudi. in iraq. as it personel conflict between
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members whoever they are we need to know is it related to the internal saudi. so we need to understand during the few coming days everything in all due to be in a way or another to determine the way we will all be havey in the next period period. according to what. have been said and called for the following one we called for patients we call for moving in a sad lonely way. to get enough information to know what is the overall picture we need not to listen to those who analyze and to those
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who speculate to those who spread rumors because i will talk about elements within minutes. this is number one number two. we in hezbollah we stress the importance of security stability peaceful atmosphere in lebanon and we the libyan easier not to worry there's nothing to fear of. the minimum from side from the side of hezbollah and what is said what will be said what will be done what has been done by arabia will lead us to feel uncomfortable to be rate ated or whatever you know this is completely wrong we will behave with national responsibility. and we urge everyone to be have
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this way and we need to keep and maintain our security stability and national peace in our country in a region that has been to so many troubles and security problems that's why. i joined oh the voices in lebanon let's be calm let's be patient let's deal in a very wise way with this matter with the full responsibility we are a state we have our constitution we have our constitutional mechanisms we have the country and we can overcome this matter. within the same context. i would like to say that some might
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say. and look at our meeting between myself. yesterday and the element of the survive because this meeting has been organized and. regarding the twentieth and the survey of the establishment of the spate will we have been there and this meeting was already there on the agenda in the most fair that is ok the government is they nothing in the country no tension in the country you met them only for this ok agent and we have no idea that the prime minister will resign here resigned only two hours before my amazing and meeting these leaders of the groups of of hezbollah
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was to. stress blessings and stress that these people who are part of the libya needs people who will be ready anytime to defend lebanon this meeting has nothing to do with the political development in the country those people who attend the meeting where about one thousand. this makes a lot of concern this can be declared normally the meeting is that turn that around one hundred one fifty by the the number was big this time you know on the political level yet. and the media also the media people to be white to be calm not to escalate in
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lebanon we have people organizations that are ready to escalate because they have their own calculations here or there but. people some people think that it's the right time to a skillet against hezbollah it's the right time to escalate again as the president has the time to is collate with the future blog the how do you know i'm calling and i always been calling for. the importance of no escalation escalation would lead to nothing statements declarations and so on think here million ating there will lead to nothing this will only harm the general atmosphere in the country the stability in lebanon this will it live a negative impact on the economy on the businesses on the projects.
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but this will never be a pressure on us and will never lead us to really think about steps our path you know you have to be careful about this we need not to destroy our come trace this. will never be for the benefit of everyone that we need not to a skill eight in politics or in media and we need not to go back to the previous atmosphere sitting in he brought the demonstrations here we need to leave the street alone not to be represented in the street because this will lead to nothing other than most tension. and contacts must be there
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between everyone with everyone consultations might be there between the political powers to see what will happen in the future the media have mentioned that his ex didn't see the prime minister saw his ex and see the president who is able and capable enough to leave the country is from day one in consultations with the political blogs and political powers was in contact with the parliament speaker who as well is doing his national role on this in this regard the president and the parliament speaker are in contact in consultations with all the parties concerned in the country in a cool way in
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a calm way because we are still waiting for the prime minister to come to lebanon if allowed on thursday. right so we've been listening to the has been the leader. denouncing the resignation of the prime minister saad hariri and in a sort of mirror image of the comments we heard from in riyadh condemned saudi arabia for its interference in lebanon saying the aim was to cause further taught tell moral in the country this of course after prime minister prime minister hariri saad hariri resigned citing iran's role in the region and saying that he feared for his life so also listening into this our correspondent zain a hoarder who is live for us now from beirut and so we had no saying that basically however he's resignation caught him completely off guard and that it had nothing to do with the situation inside lebanon and everything to do with this sort of
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regional chess game well yes the hezbollah secretary general is saying that the organization and himself really are in shock what happened what is the reason behind the resignation in fact he said that the it was a decision taken by the saudi government and he even went on to say that the prime minister assad know how did he was forced to resign and he's also questioning the whereabouts of the prime minister saying why did you make the announcement in beirut why does he come back to beirut why did he make this announcement in saudi arabia where is our prime minister so the hezbollah official reaction really to the shock resignation yesterday of questioning the whereabouts of the prime minister and trying really not to escalate the situation and changing the narrative because at the end of the day the resignation was really the target hezbollah what hezbollah is trying to say is that this resignation is targeting levanon as a country that this resignation. trying to sow strife in the countries also calling
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for calm and unity. thank you very much and just apologies there for some technical problems issues with the audio that but thank you very much let's go on this marwan bashara joins us now from doha in as a new was saying they're very much trying to counter the narrative we heard from in riyadh but it seems once again lebanon very much the arena for these regional rivalries to play out. yes for sure and there he did two things one he structured his talk on four or five elements which is where how do we deliver this speech meaning to riyadh saudi arabia to the delivery meaning a saudi satellite channel a lot of. three the style of the of his
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of his speech or press conference if you want to whatever and four or five it's about the content which he said he didn't want to dwell too much on because he thought it was written by the saudis but all in all when he delved into the various aspects of how do these timing and substance he basically poor cold water on the whole affair saying this is not a lebanese affair in the sense of side that had a he has no real quarrels within lebanon because he behaved so naturally and so contently over the last several weeks and months and hence it must be a saudi issue it must be a cell with the angle and it must be a so do you wish or instruction for that matter for harry to resign and hence for the hezbollah leader it's very important not to escalate in reaction to the
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saudi escalation and to keep calm and to continue to govern as he put it lebanon until the next election so all in all he's basically saying we will not just let the saudis. take lebannon into a new regional equation because we the lebanese we are happy and we're not going to and we certainly not even going to go down to the streets so all in all an attempt by the lebanese hezbollah leader not to escalate the situation further thank you very much on scene. honest marwan rashard joining us from doha going to bring you much more on this story at the top of the next hour we'll have more on all of our top stories and of course if you want to get the latest analysis that takes you behind the headlines a great deal happening right now particularly in the past twenty four hours our web site is the place to go out there at dot com you can watch us live there as well that's it for now but we have much more coming up at the top of the hour as i was
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saying want to wanny starts now but we will be back with all the latest on our top stories including developments in lebanon and of course a very important cabinet shakeup in saudi arabia as well. they may be in their seventh but these are. the pressure to have children is so great that elderly childless women are turning to the countries in vitro fertilisation industry to help.


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