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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 6, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm AST

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stories of people keeping the spirit of freedom alive. by courageously defending their right to. be here. at this time. a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of have fled ethnic cleansing you mean mars for bangladesh one of the world's poorest countries when used investigates what their future holds at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera. and i welcome to the al-jazeera news our life or my headquarters in doha with me it is a problem coming up in the next sixty minutes more in a small texas town hall
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a vigil to remember the twenty six victims of sunday's church shifting. of strategic patience is over a united front against north korea donald trump and japan's shins are they denounce pyongyang's aggression warning that all options are on the table lebanon's former promise to solve what he meets with saudi arabia's king salon what his resignation mean for stability in the middle east and a leaked documents reveal how this man donald trump's commerce secretary and other mega rich hide their money in offshore tax havens. the man who gave chase to the gunman of a church shooting in texas speaking out at least twenty six people including children were killed in the attack on sunday and police say the death toll could
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rise the good samaritan said he was driving near the church when he saw two men shooting at each other. i did what i thought i needed to do which is they said that there's a shooting i pursued and i just did what i thought was the right thing. while a vigil has been held for those killed in sunday's church shooting dozens of people holding candles attended the gathering across the street from the first baptist church and five of them sprang. has more on. your. feet a sunday gathering of christian worshippers turned horrific when a man dressed in full combat gear walked in and opened fire he was dressed in all black suspect crossed the street to the church and exit is being cool and began firing at the church the suspect then moved to the right side of the church and
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continued to fire that suspect enter the church and continued to fire as he exited the church a local resident grabbed his rifle and engaged the suspect the suspect dropped his rifle which was a ruger they are assault rifle and fled from the church more than two dozen people were killed at least twenty more injured in a town of fewer than nine hundred the death toll made up a startling portion of the population members of the community gathered here to hold a candlelight vigil well into the night to remember those lost. in this town of fewer than a thousand the death toll makes up a startling proportion of the population back home as a family or family. just. to stop for doing hard to pray and see how we can serve and that's what you're seeing right here in this community is rallying around these folks and so we're just going to try to do our best to
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comfort him and minister how we can but the community's pain here is deep the pastor and his wife were out of town but their fourteen year old daughter is among the dead other children including a five year old were also killed the eldest victim was seventy two investigators say the gunman was devon kelly a twenty six year old man who lived in a neighboring county he led police on a brief vehicle chase after the shooting before being found dead police say it's unclear whether he took his own life or was killed by officers so far no motive has been found we are only hours into this medication which is going to take a significant length of time we will continue to provide to provide information as it becomes available we know you're going to have a lot of questions there are many many that we cannot answer us president donald trump speaking from a trip to asia condemned the attack americans do what they do best we pull together
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we join hands we lock arms and just through the tears and through the sadness we stand strong oh so strong the church regularly post a video of it sunday services raising the possibility the massacre may have been captured on camera this clip is from a week ago we have gathered in this place may you be able to look down from heaven and say those are my children. they gather together in my name and worship me capturing the last days of peace before tragedy. castro al-jazeera southern springs texas. well as heidi mentioned and have a port the shooting came up during trump's visit to asia during a news conference with japanese prime minister shinzo trump was asked what can be done to curb gun violence and here's his response the mental health is your problem here this was a very based on preliminary reports very deranged individual
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a lot of problems over a long period of time. we have a lot of mental health problems in our country as do other countries but this isn't a guns situation i mean we could go into it but it's a little bit soon to go into it but fortunately somebody else had a gun that was shooting in the opposite direction otherwise it would have been as bad as it was it would have been much worse but this is a mental health problem at the highest level. of donald trump's next stop on this asia tour as the south korean capital seoul on monday he wrapped up ten days of talks with japan's prime minister the threat posed by north korea dominated discussions it's got heart of a pause from tokyo. during his two days in japan there's no question that president trump and prime minister they have grown close as friends trump calling the relationship extraordinary calling trump a precious friend and they have also strengthened the alliance between the two
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nations to a level not seen before but it's not just because they like each other after a summit meeting on monday they both underlined why they think that alliance is critical standing together against north korean aggression. there's no point in dialogue for the sake of dialogue with north korea now is the time not for dialogue but for applying maximum pressure on north korea we completely agreed that for north korea to change its policy to japan and the u.s. must take leadership closely collaborating with the international community so that we can enhance pressure on north korea through all possible i mean it's the era of strategic patience is over some people said that my rhetoric is very strong but look what's happened with very weak rhetoric over the last. twenty five years look where we are right now the two agreed more pressure needs to
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be applied to north korea saying that should come from russia and china prime minister announced tougher unilateral sanctions against north korea assets of thirty five people and groups will be frozen earlier today the president and first lady met the japanese emperor akihito and empress michiko at the imperial power japanese citizens abducted and taken to north korea is an issue prime minister has worked to keep alive a way of showing strength against the provocations of north korea and something he wanted to highlight with president trump in town. the leaders met with a group of abductee family members and one abductee who was returned to japan fifteen years ago most of those taken had been gone for thirty to forty years less trade was also discussed in trouble again raise the question of the trade deficit between the u.s. and japan we've started the process and it's gone on for a long time but i know that we will be able to come up with. trade deals and trade
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concepts that are going to be fair to both countries the first leg of president trump's trip to asia drew to a close with a state dinner the next stops on tuesday he's got other al-jazeera tokyo. lebanon's justice minister says there will be no action on the resignation of prime minister . until he returns from saudi arabia hadi met on enviable monday out announcing his resignation there two days earlier iran and its ally the lebanese shiite group hezbollah accuse saudi arabia of being behind the move lebanon's justice minister says had eighty s resignation must be voluntary and they are style has the latest from they would by the political temperature across lebanon remains that boiling points after this shock resignation by the prime minister saad hariri on saturday there was an emergency cabinet meeting an emergency security cabinet meeting at the presidential palace in a statement the president said that lebanon security and economy was quote
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a red line and that all political parties were in agreement that the stability of the country was a priority whatever the case an interesting statements from lebanon's justice minister who said that no action would be taken on mr various resignation on my c.v. seems to be both volunteer about plans to the narrative here in lebanon that many believe saddam very was forced by his backers in saudi arabia very close ties to saudi arabia that they forced him to step. down from this job and some suggest that he may be in saudi arabia by choice but because they demand him to be there very keen to push back against that narrative mr hariri has released photos of him meeting with the saudi king we've also seen video of this on saudi state television then meeting but again it really does beg the question if you will return to
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lebanon at this stage we don't know if you will. iraq's highest court to declare that a province can break away it's in response to september's kurdish secession referendum the central government in baghdad had asked a legal clarification after what it called a mis interpretation of the constitution by kurdish leaders well let's get more on this now we're joined by correspondent stephanie deca she's live for us in the hole in northern iraq so what more did the supreme court have to say stephanie. what it was that ruling where basically they had been asked by baghdad to look into the constitutionality of secession the constitution iraqi constitution does stress the point of territorial unity well the supreme court has now issued their ruling their reading of the constitution saying that it does not allow for any region of iraq to secede so of course this is in response to the september referendum the controversial referendum that was held here in the kurdish region of northern iraq
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and also the disputed territories of with a massive backlash and also interestingly we've had the office of the iraqi prime minister. respond to that as well putting the ball again in the court of the k r g kurdistan regional government saying that they need to clarify their position on that ruling of the supreme court basically saying to them you need to make it clear whether you are says c. they were basically saying that you should not be sitting present course we know that that is the prerequisite of baghdad to a novel the results of that referendum after say it was a non-league. the binding referendum of course but just the message that it sent ninety three percent of three million kurds in this region voting yes to independence an independent kurdistan schools this massive backlash and certainly this is why we are at the point that we are now and what is the kurdish regional government saying about the supreme court ruling and stephanie. i haven't responded to exactly that point but i think it's significant that we did hear from the prime
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minister today that trayvon birdsall any the first time he made a public address since the president the former president now decided on november the first that is of course his uncle but he struck a real reconciliate tone in that speech urging dialogue for baghdad stressing that yes they did interpret the constitution differently but that didn't mean that dialogue wasn't the only way forward you also touch points on certain specifics that are issues between baghdad and erbil for example the budget it's complicated but it has been withholding or beal's section of the budget seventy percent the prime minister saying well if the reinstated that we've put on pause to the oil port photo this is something important and also back of his offer to pay the salaries. of government workers here this is another issue that's been a real economic crisis here since baghdad started with holding that that budget to this region three years ago
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a lot of people have been having real problems being paid back is now offered to pay them they're welcoming that here and whether that you know there's a doubt but i think the bigger picture without going into all those details is that there seems to be somewhat of a of a sort of atmosphere of more reconciler dialogue because of course we had military confrontations here there is a cease fire in place but i can tell you people are still nervous there's issues of disputed territories that need to be resolved there's issues of borders and baggage has made it very clear it will be taking back control of the k r g borders that the carriage administers. very soon that that's an. and it goes for those talks is still going on but i think the message of dialogue an important one stephanie thank you very much for that stephanie decker joining us with all the very latest from the hope thank you. we have plenty more ahead on the news too young to be blacklisted we're in canada where parents are lobbying the government to rethink the country's no fly lists plus. reporting from vietnam which is still feeling the
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effects of a deadly typhoon as it prepares to host the world leaders for a key economic summit and in sports one of the n.b.a.'s biggest stars gets a career high. dollar transcona secretary britain's queen elizabeth and a top aide to the canadian prime minister are among thousands named in a new leak of offshore financial accounts mariana hall and has more on what is being called the paradise papers. more than thirteen million files taken mostly from the offshore law firm epilepsy and leaked to the same german newspaper that took hold of the panama papers last year this new release shedding light on who was secretly investing huge amounts of money in offshore tax havens there's a new global industry that caters to money that moves around the world and
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this money tax havens and it used to evade taxes to hide assets to steal money if you are going to have a crime if you buy large businesses the paradise papers are being poured over by around one hundred different media outlets newspapers broadcasters from around the globe and over the next week they'll be disclosing their findings so why so much interest well first up the money involved here is huge boston consulting group estimates ten trillion dollars is held in these offshore financial centers and while most of us know them as techs havens few of us actually use them that's because around half of that ten trillion dollars is concentrated not in the rich but in the mega rich think zero point zero zero one percent of households and while in most cases putting your money offshore and outside of your country's financial
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regulations is legal many argue hiding from the text men is unfair and critics say governments have been slow to deal with it. but it's more than an equality and aleck affinis the offshore financial system is also incredibly secretive arguably enabling the wealthy and the powerful to hide their dealings and break the law very difficult when somebody is using five or six different offshore jurisdictions to get a true picture of what they're really doing and in countries need that because law enforcement not easy to cross borders but crime can cross borders so this ross please come forward day one of the disclosures and already there have been some big names donald trump's comma secretory wilbur ross with apparent links to russian businesses and aid to canadian prime minister justin trudeau using offshore havens to not pay text at home and revelations around the investments of queen elizabeth
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the second the law firm epa b. insists they reznor no evidence of wrongdoing but legal or not as more information rolls out the public will be assessing with the what's being done is ethical even appropriate or maybe given who's involved just not a good look down the hall and al jazeera. well the u.s. commerce secretary wilbur ross who we mentioned in that report has not been doing anything improper we're joined by. jordan i correspondent in washington they say so what is ross saying rosalind. well ross has apparently given a brief broadcast interviews to two other international broadcasters and he says that he has done nothing wrong in a statement that was released by the commerce department on sunday it indicated that the commerce secretary is very much in favor of sanctioning russia and venezuela among other countries for bad behavior and that he disclosed what he
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needed to disclose under u.s. law when he was nominated to take over the commerce department late last fall now it's important to note that even though wilbur ross who has a long career of working in international business and is known as someone who tries to work with companies that have been on the verge of bankruptcy and bringing them back to solvency it's worth noting that while he was questioned about his ties to russian business officials and russian government officials while he was undergoing his confirmation hearing senators did not ask him about his investment in navigator which is a company that does shipping of a primarily oil and natural gas around the world that company navigator apparently has a business relationship with a company that was centrally was set up by the russian government and includes close ties to the russian president vladimir putin so there are new questions about
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whether wilbur ross is following the spirit of the law and not just the technical letter of the law and what's been the reaction to all of the so far and in d.c. . well one senator richard blumenthal from the state of connecticut says that he believes that will ross did not. act truthfully when he was undergoing his confirmation hearing and should have been much more forthcoming ethics ask birds around the country have also said that even though. it's perhaps on realistic to expect an investor wilbur ross stature to know every single company and every single person involved in a company in which his private affairs would be doing investment they do say that he does have as a public servant a higher ethical standard to me now of course so the question will be whether or
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not this becomes a note of a political problem where wilbur ross might have to consider stepping aside but so far there's been no intimation of that here in washington are awesome thank you very much for that for now that's jordan with the latest from washington d.c. thank you. catalonians deposed president collins pushed him on has been released from police custody in belgium pushed him out and four of his former ministers handed themselves to police in brussels after spain issued a european arrest warrant pushed amongst lawyers says he was freed under conditions and is expected to appear in court within fifteen days of the barber has moved from brussels. the charges for which the european arrest warrant was issued include rebellion sedition and the misuse of public funds charges which carry a possible jail sentence of thirty years so extremely serious lots of people were wondering whether the five will actually start to apply for political asylum something that color's put him on said he wasn't interested in at the moment that's
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not an issue but there are several steps that could happen in the next couple of months for those five to appeal if in fact the belgian legal authorities decide to extradite them back to spain beyond that political asylum could buy them some more time although the very unusual for belgium to grant asylum to citizens of another e.u. country for the moment the politicians here are probably very grateful that it's not up to them to decide what happens it's purely a judicial matter it's extremely of course extremely divisive here and in spain to canada now where parents of children who are mentioned on the country's no fly list according on the government to remove their names hundreds of children someone of the age of two are on the secret list which is shared airlines and foreign governments daniel lapp reports from toronto. adam
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ahmed loves video games and he's an avid fan of ice hockey his country's favorite sport two years ago he and his father were heading to boston to watch a match when he was stopped from boarding a flight in toronto a six year old boy is name had been on and it has no fly list three years when we went on a family vacation to mexico my son adam was eighteen months at the time our passports were confiscated for an hour and we weren't given a reason or explanation so we've seen what happens with false data being shared that this can have broader implications on the civil rights and the help and safety of canadians unlike the us canada doesn't allow people to put mistakenly on the no fly list to apply for the right to travel on hinders it's all about a person's name as another canadian called adam ahmed discovered when he was stopped in two thousand and sixteen and boarding a flight home during a trip to india now that he's legally an adult he's worried it'll be even harder to
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clear his name because there's no official list that the public is aware of but i'm fairly certain being eighteen makes my situation a lot worse. a social media campaign by parents of children whose names are on the no fly list has led to more than one hundred fifty members of parliament from all parties demanding the government make sure everyone on the list is a legitimate national security threat legal experts say as it stands the list is probably unconstitutional these people are deemed too guilty to fly but too innocent to charge and i think that's real the real paradox of being on these kinds of lists is you have suspicion attached to you but there's not enough evidence to bring a court case against you canada's government promised to fix the no fly list last year but then didn't provide money for the program no explanations have been offered parents of the hundreds of children still on the list try hard to explain the situation to their families what we do try to tell our son is that there are
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hundreds of canadians who've helped across the political spot from americans as well who are supportive we want him to see that you know you have to push forward that's what you do you have to help your fellow canadian you love your young adam ahmed hopes that someday he'll be able to do what many others take for granted board a flight and take a simple family vacation daniel like al-jazeera toronto. tens of thousands of people homeless in vietnam often typhoon don really struck killing at least forty four people in the storm and an area that's hosting an economic summit that will be attended by world leaders including donald trump that amy puton and she's been paying when hey reports from twenty on. vietnamese living in this area used to wild weather typhoon down ray was the twelfth major storm this year but it was particularly severe when it struck on saturday demmer a dumped huge amounts of rain on the central coast the ancient city of is usually
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bustling with tourists but the water has taken over homes and businesses and damaged livelihoods in the process and it's not for us to get around and continue with our business but we're trying to get on with our lives it's very difficult here at the moment the whole town is flooded only on to higher ground outside all our furniture has been taken by the water days after the storm and the effects are still being felt with rain continuing to fall just a few kilometers from here is the city of dunn anguage this week is hosting the asia pacific economic cooperation summit on the show jill is supposed to be a visit here to. some of the partners the world leaders who are coming like donald trump and she jinping. meetings began on monday in dunning but the leaders don't arrive until thursday or friday vietnam's government is hoping to use the event to show off its economic success to the world now it will also be hoping for a quick recovery from typhoon dam ray but in the worst affected areas that's
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unlikely to happen wayne hay al jazeera vietnam. it's time for the weather now and more on the rain situation in southeast asia richard yeah i mean i was in a few weeks ago is a beautiful place it really is lover's shame to see it under such water but really that's what we've got at the moment with the worst typhoon to hit fear in some sixteen years now as i run the sequence but is not our typhoon in fact last another area of low pressure this is another area of low pressure which is developed into a tropical depression and that's been given some very heavy rain for coast and in thailand also pulling further south in malaysia where people have been. evacuated from the homes more than two thousand so this situation though it looks pretty nasty i think is going to be more rain in the forecast at least in the shorter term so if on the side you can see that rain developing before eventually starts to move away out into the towards the andaman sea and into the andaman sea so pretty wet
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for much of the area for vietnam dry weather conditions generally the further north we've got some showers coming in and some of those could well be heavy at times so this is already tied in with the monsoon trough and as we move further towards the west into south asia you see the cloud from that monsoon just across southeastern parts of india and although you tend to think the monsoon be on its way out for southeast and that's when it really is at its peak now in the month of november more heavy rain to come here but dry and fine further north thank you very much richard still ahead on. the u.n. issue with its latest warning on global temperature rises as the u.s. sends mixed signals on climate change find out why new mining project in senegal is being described as an act of war and inspire the football team going from bottom to top and from the biggest club competition.
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facing the reality your president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent audit that audit hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying then that the future of the g.c.c. will be in doubt here the story. on talk to al-jazeera at this time. i really felt liberated as a journalist was. getting to the truth as i would that's what this job.
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good to have you with us on the al jazeera news on these are our top stories. mental health issues for a mass shooting in the u.s. state of texas a vigil has been held for the twenty six people who died when a gunman opened fire in a church police say the death toll may rise north korea has dominated talks between the u.s. president and japan's prime minister shinzo ave in tokyo both leaders agreed that the time for dialogue and what they called strategic patience is over. and lebanon's justice minister says there will be no action on the resignation of the
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prime minister. until he returns from saudi arabia. in riyadh on monday to announcing his resignation there two days earlier iran and its ally the lebanese hezbollah accuse saudi arabia of being behind the. now liberia's supreme court has ruled that a presidential runoff vote to go ahead on to the legal complaint by the opposition liberal party is resolved the national elections commission will now need to consider allegations of voter for the runoff between former international footballer george and vice presidents joseph was originally set for tuesday well let's get more on this now with our correspondent with interest he's live for us in the capital monrovia so what is the judge to say i. agree with the complaints filed by. the representative of the. party
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in the last election. these two. head cases before the election commission to investigate allegations of irregularities conducted in at least thirteen or fourteen election areas in liberia election but the election commission did not complete the process but went ahead to announce a runoff between the two leading candidates by the way charles brehm came in third in the vote so he said that would be due process you believe that all these questions need to be exhausted before the election commission can go ahead and announce the date and candidate for the runoff so he prayed that the court should stop the runoff from taking place and prayed that the case should be heard first before any move by the. election commission went ahead and announced the date for the runoff between the two leading contenders and also. importation of materials and distribution of same election materials have started and they have covered at
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least sixty to seventy percent of which the candidate said it's not right and the court agreed with him today and so what are the implications of all of this argument on the political process. when basically for the time being everything is on hold until one of the election commission finishes entertaining the complaints filed by a child before it and that will mean the supreme court by the way gave an order to the election commission to expedite action on that but if the supreme court fails to act within time it will eat up the remaining time before the next handover date from one political transition to another i mean from this kind of government will have to get selected after the run of the the handover date is generated and the election needs before that that is of course if there are no father challenges to the legal challenges to whatever decision the election commission has arrived at
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whether or not the candidate will file the case before the supreme court tells us. it is such a stride with the outcome of the investigation by the election commission so this delay is creating and that people don't really know what the final outcome be willing result. to be election with it would count in delaying. the election. so people are beginning to speculate and the call for an interim government in liberia thank you very much for that that's the very latest from monrovia thank you. the election commission in the democratic republic of congo this promise and a long overdue presidential poll in december two thousand and eighteen there has been widespread anger at president refusal to relinquish power term ended last year the commission had said elections couldn't take place until two thousand and nineteen because of violence and logistical hurdles. one more year
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that is what the democratic republic of the congo's electoral commission has demanded to prepare an election that was already a year overdue the opposition had merely rejected the process in the face of this relentless abuse of power joseph kabila and his servant the country's electoral commission have declared war on the congolese people. president joseph kabila was supposed to step down in december after fifteen years in power his refusal to go provoked months of violence and protests in the capital kinshasa which killed dozens the catholic church brokered a deal to be look at stay one year more organize elections and never hold power again now the combined opposition are blaming both the president and the electoral commission for the delay. to the are we saying there won't be an election now but we have to find mechanisms that lead to these elections and that is what we're trying to do night and day. seventy million congolese live in
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a nation almost the size of europe with poor roads and little power to run registration machines the commission says it requires months to set up nearly seventeen thousand registration centers then one hundred thousand polling stations the government said the election might cost one point eight billion dollars and new conflicts have started one point four million people have been displaced by fighting between militias in eastern the home of the father of the opposition and its current leader felix she's a caddy government and opposition leaders accuse each other of supporting militia groups like this one the election commission says forty three million voters have been registered already but human rights organizations say activists investigating voter registration into side have been detained on the streets of can patience is wearing thin again. they're waiting for elections on the thirty first at midnight president kabila loses his legitimacy in. the united states and international observers demanded the vote be held before the end of the coming year they've
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gotten their wish but others may be less patient column baker al jazeera a staggering one point two five million people in south sudan and facing starvation according to the united nations that is double the number from the same time last year there are fears the country could face famine by next year aid agencies blame the worsening situation on south sudan's continuing conflict which is nearing its a fifth year and has killed more than fifty thousand people. rebels in southern senegal say in australian companies plans to mine for a rare mineral use and smartphones as an act of war nicholas hawke reports now from the village of meow from where many say the mining would affect an area already fearing the brunt of climate change. when an australian man wearing a big hat and his senegalese assistant came to the sos home asking did they all thought it was a bit odd but didn't make much of it she lives in the southern region of gaza most
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where rebels fighting for independence battled senegal's military until the recent cease fire and. we don't see many white people around here and we don't really know what they're doing but now they want me to leave my home i am scared and worried who are they and what have they done it turns out the australian and his colleagues were sounding the ground for minerals for the multinational mining company astra they found an estimated twenty five thousand tonnes of jerk on binny so it's village and want to extract it the mineral is a diamond substitute lighter than steel and stronger than copper it's in the central component for mobile phones high tech electronics in nuclear power plants in sos villages the mineral is visible in the sand at low tide sparkling in the sun the global demand for their car on outstrip supply and so multinationals across the world are searching for sites like this one the government of senegal hopes this
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will bring jobs to a region neglected by decades of conflict but the environmentalists that i speak to here fear that the extraction of the mineral could cause that you're reversible damage to the environment you have from is barely one meter above sea level environmentalists say rising waters in climate change have already destroyed homes they fear extracting zerk on will wipe out dunes that protect villages. who come in to heavy mineral in the junes that creates a natural barrier that allows us to cultivate and grow food if you take it away it will destroy everything. after thirty years of armed conflict a cease fire between the government and rebels in gaza most is now in jeopardy. for us this is an act of war it's our land we get to decide what we want to do with it not senegal but the exploitation rights have already been signed leaving villagers
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such as wondering whether this small grain of sand could cause conflict and break the peace for which he had waited so long nicholas hawke al-jazeera southern senegal. two thousand and seventeen will be one of the three warmest years on record the un's weather agency made the announcement of the cop twenty three climate change conference which is open in germany the host country is often seen as a pioneer in the fight against global warming germany is failing to live up to its own promises clock reports. place of the polish border in the german province of lease a landscape dominated by open cost mining they've been producing coal has since eight hundred forty four and germany still carves out hundreds of thousands of tons every day this from a country which bills itself one of the planet's most climate friendly nations in recent years there has been an enormous upsurge in the use of renewables here in
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germany especially when. coal still represents forty percent of the total energy mix a movement of germany's coal fired power stations use and it is cold but the lignite to mind here its shape but it's more carbon than anything else. renewables cover around a third of the country's electricity demand but there's a view that the coal truth is hidden behind the curtain of germany's green energy revolution emissions actually a not dropping over the last two years we have seen basically constant emissions not increasing emissions but constant emissions in the power sector by two thousand and twenty the government wants to recuse the emissions roughly minus forty percent compared to the level of nine hundred ninety so without a phase out of coal it's quite simple this cannot be achieved but some believe germany's climate promises were too ambitious
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a transition away from coal must be done slowly and cautiously. so. we need to bear in mind that we cannot stop our industrial and economic life just save carbon dioxide they will need spirit justing of goals a realistic one option is to replace all power plants with new ones to reduce emissions meanwhile the threats of thousands of job losses has not encouraged germany's politicians to commit to ditching coal but that could change seen problem is that the old government because they couldn't decide whether they go hundred percent renewables or not put a ceiling on new power plants and if you lift the ceiling again there's no problem of guaranteeing electricity in the net the big thing is to actually talk about and then do the final transition step of phasing out of coal together with the regions which are highly involved in this process as a palm conference begins chancellor merkel knows her nation has
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a filthy habit that she might be forced to kick by fast tracking a way out of germany's dependence on coal. and mike is joining us live from bonn germany now the sounds the sounds like a good opportunity for the green party that. it's a good moment for them to try and extract some leverage from. has displayed sympathies to the movement in the past she was the very first president of call one twenty three years ago twenty three she will be returning this week and many people here will be looking to her to show some leadership to try and make things up and go in the right direction in terms of formulating the rule book for the paris agreement forged back in two thousand and fifteen and let me introduce you to. this from going which is. friends of the earth. and to you know well that the
4:44 pm
situation. in germany and. these climate credentials but it doesn't seem to be the case now actually i we miss her voice in the current negotiations. and we have heard that the end agreements on climate couldn't be close because the . opposing it and there was no support family. to support the greens on that case ok and as far as this climate conference is concerned how important is it for her to come in and cools and create some action given the fact that she has these kind of credentials behind yet it's very important that she and setting it strong sign here in bonn germany promised within the applications of the paris agreement to. reduce its emissions by forty percent by twenty trying to get an idea and we recently heard from the environmental ministry that this is not
4:45 pm
going to happen if not actions are going to be taken that we have to reduce by forty percent. at the moment it looks like we will reduce only by thirty three and this can only be achieved if we shut down all plants ok that's a very easy thing to say that is shut down well it's it's not as straightforward as this job involves thousands of jobs through goaltimate still supplies a significant amount of power for the. well what many people doesn't know is that we export electricity ten percent of our electricity is going to be exploited into neighboring countries so there is a good. fantasy which we can cut down without any problems in germany it's true that there is people and will but it's also true that the coal power agencies are reducing their employees already in the
4:46 pm
eastern part of germany the e.p.a. just one step down from eight thousand to three thousand no matter what the government is doing there that is a development we have to. we have to have a little get involved and help the people to find new perspectives ok thank you very much indeed i guess whichever way you cut it trying to undergo an energy transition of the the saudis it just means trying to do is never going to be straight through with that too thank you very much for that joining us live from bombay thank you. sports news to the head on the news hour a rare harm when the new york master andy stay with that story. and.
4:47 pm
4:48 pm
al-jazeera is demanding the release of its doing this mock with hussein who's been in the gyptian prison for nearly a year he's accused of boycotting false news to spread chaos which he and al-jazeera strongly deny mahmoud has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested in december while visiting his family. but more than eighteen thousand people murdered in mexico so far this year two thousand and seventeen is set to become the country's deadliest situation worse than in two thousand and eleven when the government declared a war on drug cartels. reports from mexico city. would have turned twenty one today instead his family and friends gathered at their local church to remember him he was stabbed to death three months ago at
4:49 pm
a friend's party following an argument several men arrived and killed him in front of dozens of witnesses no one has been arrested. they must pay for what they've done because they destroyed our family they destroyed all of us he had his whole life ahead of him so many plans. these kids just show up and kill each other that's so rough imagine reaching that extreme where these youths are killing each other there's a total lack of security. mexico's latest wave of violence is expected to claim over twenty four thousand lives by the end of twenty seventeen worse than at the height of the drug war a few years ago the main reason for the unprecedented numbers say crime tracking n.g.o.s is the splintering of drug cartels into smaller more violent groups that have disrupted areas previously considered safe you look at can you look at extortions or you look at garth. any of the high profile and. the
4:50 pm
mexico informant. in his state of the union address last month mexican president and we get said security continues to be his government's main priority but many here disagree arguing that his administration has persisted with failing policies of prior governments ever since the beginning of the drug war in two thousand and six mexico has made headlines both nationally and beyond in a conflict that continues to unravel but increasingly neither the government nor the private sector is speaking publicly about the worsening security situation or how to tackle it. something that worries analysts as mexico heads into an election year crime rates tend to go up when when the elections come along so and another thing and many mexicans might be distracted and thinking that they can change something by electing another party or another candidate or whatever and this
4:51 pm
doesn't work that this way we have to change our strategy. for. parents say they won't rest until those responsible for their son's death are found and tried but ninety eight percent of such murders here go unpunished so like thousands of other mexicans they may never get the justice they seek. you go last may become another statistic in mexico's year a relentless bloodshed. al-jazeera lexical city. it is time for sport now andy thank you so much elizabeth well run madrid back to winning ways in the spanish christan are once again failing to get his name on the scoresheet hit back from two straight defeats to beat last promise three male betrayal latest barcelona by eight points when i was from a not just once in league of this season but is still scoring in the champions league with six goals in four games. you always think about the negatives but i
4:52 pm
think about the positives cristiana gave the a sister is goes go and use please that we all know that christiana tapir when he scores goals he may not be scoring goals in the league at the moment but christiane it was always a player that is going to make the difference. being far as manager of west ham united the club are in the premier league relegation zone they were beaten four one by liverpool in their last game for sunderland the novice manager david moyes expected to take over. the city and starts in the english season city beating arsenal three once wiping up an eight point advantage over their nearest rivals man united. if you want to win the premier league against arsenal liverpool chelsea united tottenham of course the others well but especially when at home you have to an event. good day it would be sort of a way in that. we would continue and in the rhythm the houston dynamo have not sound the top seeded pull and semblance to progress in the m.l.s.
4:53 pm
conference finals after a goal was first like houston want to want to call in to set up a western conference final with the seattle sounders what a turnaround in fortunes for houston who last season finished bottom in the west. last season's rose up to run so it came through a pretty bad tempered side with the new york red bulls to reach the eastern conference finals there were six yellow cards and two straight reds the red bulls needed to win this game by two clear goals after losing the first leg at home to one they did take the lead here but couldn't quite manage a second so as to run so he will face the columbus crew in that eastern final. james harden hits a career high fifty six points in houston rockets team beat the utah jazz hard also recorded thirteen assists to account for type of ninety one points in the one thirty seven to one ten victory last season's n.b.p. runner up finish point short of the rockets all time records that have been set by calvin murphy back in one thousand nine hundred seventy eight.
4:54 pm
ashland flanagan has become the first american woman to win the new york marathon in forty years flanagan winning an event that involved a huge security operation the race took place less than a week after a truck attack in the city had killed eight people mike hanna reports from new york . athletes of the future of first along the course youth runners completing a short part of the route. this is the new york city police chief is the largest security operation ever mounted. snipers are posted on rooftops and sanitation trucks loaded with sand opposition to prevent any vehicles from gaining access. the race taking place just days after an attack that killed eight. people and injured dozens but cyclists walkers and runners are undeterred they've been more than happy to use the path along the hudson river that was the scene of the carnage
4:55 pm
. at the gyms and the same sensor for claiming the city streets is evident throughout all five boroughs with the marathon is taking place. there and taking off on the marathon is a cool moment it brings people together and i hope we can just like keep that in the forefront we should all the police out here and there was the out here for our safety but. we've given her afraid of terrorists then you're just living lives of fear let us stop us from moving on with our lives so this is a great way to support new york city and have fun it feels as if the flow of runners on the surge of spectators is washing away the residue of tuesday's attack the apparent signal if that act was intended to so tara in the city it failed. shalane flanagan becomes the first u.s. woman winner in forty years. geoffrey cum war of kenya takes the men's gold.
4:56 pm
but on this day in the city it's as if every athlete and every spectator achieves victory. mike hanna al-jazeera new york ok for some fun i was thank you very much andy. finally the ball is in the conflict in kashmir has had a profound impact on the movie going in the region in the early days of the troubles many cinemas before its to shot by some armed groups residents relied on d.v.d.'s and even tapes to watch the latest flicks but now a new festival is hoping to change this song your guy has more. it was meant to be a welcome distraction from reality a trip to the cinema and it was no different in srinagar once for the past thirty years the cinemas have served other functions including military camps and hospitals it's a legacy from the early days of the indian administered kashmir separatist movement
4:57 pm
that's when a rebel group tigers shut down cinemas no movies were able to be screened anywhere student because he was safe and his friends say they feel they've missed out i think it's high time that the cinema should be reopened i mean we have been hearing from our father. that they used to go to cinema watch movies watch two or three shows but when why have we been delayed from that entertainment but it's hoped the kashmir world film festival will change that and introduce a new generation of film fans to the pleasures of the big screen a generation that was brought up watching films on rented videotapes pirated c.d.'s and internet downloads and for the festival's organizer it's essential for kashmiris freedom of expression we have newspaper we have television we have real channels fms coming up to our already geared toward one is coming so why is. our collecting behind. this a very strong medium and
4:58 pm
a wonderful art. it will be a challenge to restore the cinemas from the military base camps and the hospitals they become but the hunger is there specially from younger people who want to experience film in its original form. al jazeera. i have more news for you in just a few minutes. discover a wealth of the world winning programming from around the world powerful documentary as we were running away for our life from a brutal regime that kills its opponents debates and discussions we're getting comments on what the international community should do how worried should we therefore me that this guy has the nuclear codes on a scale of one to ten and can challenge your perception.
4:59 pm
tracing the fall from prosperity to financial ruin this is precisely the movement where we humanize that nothing worse first will be in three years the devastating impact for say the bank means old soldier save the deposit simple ordinary citizen and the failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders are the people who needed to learn the less i gora from democracy to the markets at this time on al-jazeera. the. al jazeera. wherever you are.
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folks something that i was told by the pakistani army to the americans that i would get held in guantanamo the number of al qaeda and taliban detainees transferred to u.s. forces in afghanistan has continued to grow for years without trial they had a paper that said they were innocent ever talked or screamed would be beaten again a quest for a better life but ended in incarceration. of one ton a mode twenty two at this time on al-jazeera. i just did what i thought was the right day. and i don't try to stop the carnage in the texas church shooting speaks out as a small town mourn for victims.


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