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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 8, 2017 8:00pm-8:25pm AST

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and a warning to republicans that the democrat threat could intensify in the crucial midterm elections next year. comes in a few. different. republican campaign has been run at a grassroots level taking a leaf out of the trump playbook that led to his victory a year ago. that election indicated an antipathy among voters to traditional political leaders and in this campaign organizers maintained it was necessary to campaign on issues not individuals who are really surprisingly itis campaigning for it like republicans were democrats and were just saying please go on like what you believe in a single issue and i think people are really encouraged by that because they're saying we execute the issues and not just the first. democrats too focused on energizing the voter base working on a bottom up rather than top down principle in gathering support.
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there's no doubt that this democratic challenge is very different from those in the past and the virginia state elections two years ago more than forty republican candidates were unopposed this year democrats are contesting all but twelve of the seats this is a massive increase in political participation. republicans maintain control of the state legislature but democrats made inroads into their majority people are talking about this is a wave a law that i mean this is a tsunami. an indication perhaps of lessons have been learned from the massive defeat suffered a year ago and a sign that public support from the sitting president could prove to be
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a political curse my kind of al-jazeera virginia. syria's army and its allies have surrounded and entered the eisel controlled town of alba kemal it's located near the border with iraq and is isis last urban stronghold in that region well this video released by price syrian government media shows fighting in the surrounding area on a saturday i was there was a song the debate has more now from gas in turkey. according to syrian media as well as hezbollah media sources syrian forces have surrounded the border town of a good the last remaining stronghold by isis fighters according to sources on the ground this is going to be a tough fight because isis fighters have been coming to this place from all sides not just the iraqi side of the border but from syrian town just far away as in
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there is or. is in the daters or province which is also being fought by s.d.f. forces these are the forces of the kurdish predominantly who are backed by the united states forces on the eastern bank of the euphrates river the town of and what is on the western bank and it is now being surrounded by syrian forces some reports say that they have started to enter the city but they expect that isis fighters are going to put up stiff resistance in this area it is worth noting that would not mean the end of ice and still has a number of villages and other surrounding areas in that there are problems and across the border in the province in iraq that it's still controlled but it would mean that the last stronghold in terms of urban settings small town and cities and would have lost all of them when it moved as i will come out. now spain's constitutional court has officially a null the declaration of independence by the castle and parliament rating was
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issued as prime independence protest as blocked roads and some public transport routes into parts of catalonia to a standstill donahoe has more now from. blocking roads and other transport links in barcelona and across catalonia students activists and union members came out in defiance of the spanish government. madrid has taken control of the regional administration and dependent supporters want to show they controlled the streets. north of boston low down in the city of jerome the heart some say of cattle and nationalism large numbers took to the railways disrupting spain's much prized of a high speed network later there were efforts to shut catalonia is boulder's with the rest of the country. outside the regional government building in barcelona the
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crowd chanted liberty or freedom once the rallying cry for independence now a show of support for what is being called political prisoners opposed to president please do more in exile in belgium and please former ministers and civil society leaders in jail in madrid. where here. our government is in prison so we need to help them and we need to then answer as bunny's government actions because they are doing what. they should does this crowd is a sign that at least at the grassroots the independence movement in catalonia is alive and well but politically it is sorely weakened much of its leadership behind and facing an election in december that probably dependent parties are far from certain of winning spain's constitutional court on wednesday an old october twenty seventh declaration of independence this is
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a movement divided over want to do next whether to do it together as a coalition or part no mind because it doesn't last that. we have had their ups and downs but we haven't gone far to leave as if nothing has happened. but out of the focus is on freeing the independence leaders but the druids price for their freedom they will be the movement's cycles don't know how al-jazeera bosler. a still has on the program they ask on warlord his return from exile with a mess. they were negotiating with the taliban can end the violence. robert mugabe takes aim as other so-called conspiracy king vice president.
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hello cloud has crossed levant still crossing the levant actually it's given a bit of rain a few millimeters nothing to significant as it develops it over the caucasus it may well produce some sparkies understands the forecast for thursday still one of potential rain in northern syria northern iraq says that it will not begin twenty nine in baghdad about twenty three in beirut the cloud lobby signatures foster very maybe in some parts of iran even kuwait but i think probably not and you'll notice that the time to get to friday is a much dry picture including in the east and met the bright skies rather than blue skies if you thought of the breeze the arabian peninsula is largely the just time the it should be low humidity reasonably warm was a very hot but the kids we still got this southwest monsoon of india having not disappeared this is the time the year when you can get something quite interesting bring up it's not you know we just got shot of those shells across
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a cultural make it to the coast of yemen and a man in the next day oh say. southern africa has been showing some pretty poky showers in the last week or two and it's been something active running through southern mozambique recently but to be honest in the next twenty four hours it's a reason because i picture.
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well again and reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump's in beijing where trays on the north korean nuclear crisis all dominating talks with chinese leader xi jinping. syria's army and his allies eventa the border town of al bucco isolate the last of its strongholds in the region. and process session activists of blocks major transport routes in catalonia spain's constitutional calls officially a no but castle and parliament's declaration of independence. now the british prime minister treason may is widely expected to international development secretary over
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undisclosed contacts with senior israeli figures pretty battell has been summoned to london for failing to report meetings with the israeli prime minister binyamin netanyahu and all those what she said also holiday to israel. out is there is need back as i think now in the studio he's following events for us and what explaining i think needs why exactly she's in so much trouble well first of all let me clarify exactly where she is we know she's back in the country we assume that she was heading directly to number ten to. all important face off with her boss to reason may she's been hold back from a shared trip to africa and the assumption has always been that she probably wouldn't last in that role and that should be out of a job by the end of the day there's been a tremendous amount of focus on her in the last couple of days she was forced on monday to apologize for children undisclosed meetings with twelve israeli officials including as you said the israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu since then it's been submerged that she also visited the golan heights
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a field hospital there run by the military a she also been involved in discussions with the officials over providing some of britain's overseas aid to the israeli military to treat syrians who are being looked after in those field hospitals why is that a problem well it's against diplomatic protocol to visit the golan heights the british government does not officially recognize the israeli presence there of course the israeli leadership the israeli authorities the government there took over and seize control from syria the golan heights back in the one nine hundred sixty seven war so it's incredibly sensitive part of the world for her to be visiting in the first place she does face more accusations of further undisclosed meetings with two israeli officials in the u.k. and in new york since then the accusations seem to be growing literally by the minute so it does appear as if she's been given very little choice but to step
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aside because she hasn't done that she may end up being fired instead that's something that terry's amazed probably going to have to do but how does this all reflects on her leadership and her government right now which should be given very little choice but to lead pretty. go but it is going to impact on her negatively but it would tell is a loyalist she back to reason may in the bid for to reason made to become prime minister in the first place she's a close insider at a time in which there are real divisions within her party and within the front bench of the members of her own cabinet she is crucially a keen euro skeptic breaks a tear and that comes at a time when two reason may is trying to push forth an agenda trying to sell to the british public that they are able to order the referendum result to lead the u.k. out of the you will be missed as a front bench or in that regard the thank you human
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rights watch is calling on saudi arabia to release evidence for arrest made during its anti corruption crackdown it says the detention of dozens of prominent saudi businessmen and princes raises human rights concerns the u.s. state department is urged transparency during the investigation which is being led by crown prince mohammed bin sound man. saudi arabia's bill kate of yemen is driving up the already inflated prices of vital commodities on stopping the delivery of much needed humanitarian aid as the united nations warns of a catastrophic humanitarian situation residents in the capital sanaa continue to struggle with daily life as mohammed reports. in yemen's capital lines to buy petrol grow longer as fuel prices rise higher having jumped more than sixty percent in recent days the result of monday's announcement from saudi arabia that it would block all yemeni air and land routes as well as sea ports in response to
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a missile attack from across the border earlier this week residents of sanaa already accustomed to a humanitarian crisis in their country that seems to grow more dire every day are angry i get even it is the idea that this is a humanitarian crime they are exterminating the yemeni people and no muslim should be doing that these are unjust operations but it's not unexpected for those who kill children to close some ports. the price of cooking oil has also spiked at a news briefing in geneva on tuesday u.n. officials expressed deep concern the situation is kind of structured in and yemen it's the worst food crisis we're looking at in the world today seven million people on the brink of famine millions of people being kept alive by our many turn off the ration so this is a lifeline that must be continued every single day there is also growing worry about how the blockade will impact efforts to combat yemen's cholera epidemic with
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more than nine hundred thousand suspected cholera cases and over two thousand deaths since the outbreak began in april the world health organization is calling on saudi arabia to allow for the flow of medical aid into the country. back in sanaa where even before this latest crisis it was difficult to obtain vital commodities the sense of outrage is deepening the. closure of the land sea in airports and yemen is considered a huge injustice towards yemenis hardships mount for a population as weary of war as they are depleted of hope. a former afghan warlord has house a large political gathering in kabul six months to returning from exile go but in heck not here is a controversial figure he was able to return in exchange for a promise to announce violence on supports the government jennifer reports from kabul. the religious spider remake himself as
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a politician who was one of afghanistan's most notorious warlords but last year he signed an amnesty deal with the government and in may return from exile and triumphantly paraded through kabul. it's taken six months for the first public gathering his political party has be islami it filled the largest speaking hall in the country. i never in my dreams thought we could have this event or that it would be so big participants took an oath in arabic passed two and dari pledging everlasting allegiance to his be as law me now to your emphasize the importance of elections saying the democratic process is the only way to build a strong central government and he wants his b.s. lonnie to play a big part in fanciers as only a strong government can bring security and stability to afghanistan but it's unclear whether a big turnout here will mean more votes on women's reelections in next year's presidential vote in two thousand and nineteen in the meantime hekmatyar says he's
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meeting taliban members who could help end the fighting we're going to put i want to get this. done there are those in the taliban who are top of war want peace they were forced to enter the war is possible to convince these groups and we could focus on these people he says negotiations are the only solution that afghanistan must take the lead and. neither the taliban nor the americans can win this war is not winnable both sides have tested the strength nato has used maximum power here but couldn't win for afghan president ashraf ghani bringing his matie are in from the cold is a risk he's a divisive figure still mistrusted even hated by many afghans but gandhi hopes his amnesty and return can serve as an example to the taliban and other opposition groups that if they lay down their arms they too could have a place in politics jennifer glass al jazeera kabul. protesters in india have held so-called black day demonstrations marking
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a year since the government's controversial decision to remove five hundred one thousand rupee banknotes from circulation a move which disrupted businesses and led to widespread currency shortages by minister narendra modi said it was needed to stop tax evasion and counterfeiting supporters of modi's government who are also on the streets burning effigies of opposition politicians. india's capital new delhi is choking under a blanket of toxic smoke that's for schools to close with residents being advised to stay indoors if they can loosen levels in the city measured at the u.s. embassy and now reaching forty times the world health organization safe limits the members cooler areas trapping car and factory emissions at street level. zimbabwe's former vice president emerson women guard corps says he's crossed the border to south africa two days off being fired by president robert mugabe speaking to supporters in harare mugabe said he also had his sights on others who have defied
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the tossers been following events on the ground. president robert mugabe wanted to send a clear message to anyone planning to remove him from power for now one faction in the rulings on the party led by the first lady grace is in charge on monday zimbabwe's leader fired his vice president gore for being disloyal the ninety three year old his managua had a missions to become president. while. these . were. men and a guy who is a war veteran hasn't been seen in public since he was sacked on wednesday he released a statement saying he's out of the country and that he will return soon to lead
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zimbabweans. zanu p.f. supporters at the solidarity rally insist the world's oldest elected leader will die in office the focus for now is newer place when i got some people. say they want. the country's first lady. to get. a tight grip on power but some analysts warn recent political developments over the question of succession could cause more divisions in the ruling party. pad the. years happened. you will definitely. go with. you know for certain. within the bag in a statement when god was said he and his family had been threatened and he accused
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president mugabe of destroying zanu p.f. by making it his own personal property. al-jazeera. pope francis has chastised worshipers who take pictures with their phones during masses saying they should lift up their hearts to god instead of the roman catholic church as previously urged the faithful to be more spiritual and his priests and bishops to be more humble after his election twenty thirty he said it pained him to see priest driving flashy calls and using the latest smartphones has driven around in a ford focus and is not known to have ever used a mobile phone in public since his election. the priest during mass says lift up your hearts he does not say lift up your cell phones to take pictures it's a very ugly thing it makes me very sad when i celebrate mass here in the or in the basilica and i see so many cell phones held up not only by the faithful but also by
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some priests and even bishops please the mass is not a show it's a meeting with the passion and the resurrection of our lord that's why the priest says lift up your hearts what does it mean so remember no cellphone. scientists in the u.k. have proven that sheen power is good at celebrities foxing as humans the university of cambridge study just where the sheep could be taught to recognize pictures of humans faces they were given food rewards for choosing faces they'd seen before including former u.s. president barack obama and actress emma watson the findings could be useful in future studies on human brain disorders that affect mental recognition. and reminder the top stories on al-jazeera donald trump is in beijing where he's been given a lavish welcome by the chinese leader xi jinping trey's and the north korean
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nuclear crisis are at the top of the u.s. president's agenda american and chinese firms have already signed nine billion dollars in trade deals trying flew in from seoul where he said u.s. led efforts to ramp up pressure on pyongyang are making progress today i hope i speak not only for our countries but for all civilized nations when i say to the north do not underestimate us and do not try this we will not allow our american cities to be threat with destruction we will not be intimidated syria's army and its allies have entered eyesores last urban stronghold in the region state media say iraqi forces help syrian troops around the town of al book a mole which lies on the border with iraq this video released by processing government media shows fighting around the area on saturday on friday the iraqi
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army proclaim victory over ice in the border town of khiam its last stronghold in iraq. spain's constitutional court has officially in all the castle and parliaments declaration of independence running comes as pro independence protesters blocked roads and some public transport routes into barcelona are calling for the release of sacks local officials who were jailed after last month's a session date. british prime minister to reason is under pressure to sack one of her top cabinet officials over undisclosed contacts with senior israeli figures international development secretary pretty patel has been summoned to london for failing to report meetings with prime minister benjamin netanyahu and others on what she says was a holiday. human rights watch is calling on saudi arabia to release evidence for arrests made during his anti corruption crackdown it says the detention of dozens of prominent saudi businessmen and princes raises human rights concerns the u.s. state department for transparency during the investigation being led by the crown
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prince mohammed bin sound one. of those the latest headlines here on al-jazeera more for me in twenty five minutes next it's inside story. it was a decision that shocked many indians a year ago prime minister narendra modi withdrew several high denomination bank notes as a way to combat corruption but as he succeeded and what's been the fallout for the economy this is.


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