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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 8, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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an archaeology graduate from iraq he's also a part time guided by pergamon museum which includes a reconstruction of the famous ishtar gate in babylon most of the people he's showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several berlin museums taking part in the project called a meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasize the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture office in a language he had been because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that moves us forward to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life it part of life is culture. everyone
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i first of all and a welcome to this news hour live from london coming up the next sixty minutes donald trump has given the five star treatment all day one of his visit to china his mission to get beijing's help to rein in north korea. the international criminal court calls on libya's renegade general khalifa haftar to handover one of his commanders. and of course his cabinet ministers ordered back to london over secret meetings with this well is just the latest crisis facing prime minister to resign may. have all the day's sport including baseball remembers one of the finest pitchers of his generation a two time winner of the sa young award roy halladay died in a plane crash on choose a. u.s.
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president donald trump has arrived in beijing on the latest stop on his tour of asia north korea and trade between the two countries are likely to top the agenda but day one in beijing has been more about the size of the welcome the trump stepped out of air force one onto a red carpeted staircase in contrast to the twenty sixteen visit by then president barack obama who was forced to exit his plane from a lower door. or president xi jinping then personally a score to them on a tour of the forbidden city the unesco world heritage site which was declared off limits to tourists the day. trump has tweeted about the visit describing the day as unforgettable and as he began his beijing visit u.s. and chinese firms signed trade deals worth nine billion dollars brown has more details. exactly a year to the day that he was voted into office president trump arrived in china
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the country very savage throughout the presidential campaign when he called china a currency manipulator and said that china was raping the u.s. economy all that though was forgotten on wednesday afternoon as president xi jinping and his wife a score to the trumps around the forbidden city one of the most popular tourist attractions in china a chance perhaps for president xi to remind donald trump the china was once the center of culture and civilization president xi very much wants china to be center stage in global affairs now top of the agenda of course is going to be north korea and the feeling that the united states believes china could be doing more to rein in its ally china will be pointing out that actually it's done a lot in the past few months to tighten the financial news around p.r. niang early next year north korean firms operating in china would have to cease business north korean workers would have to leave the country and of course china
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has been enforcing u.n. sanctions against north korea trump wants to ensure that there's no backsliding by the chinese and of course there's the issue of the trade deficit the fact that china exports far more to the united states than the united states sends the other way also trump wants u.s. companies to have more access to the china market particularly tech companies like facebook and twitter who are still locked out of china it's very important that these two men get along because the decisions they make will ultimately affect all of us or the previous stop on translator with south korea where as expected is what to do about north korea dominated the visit and here's kathleen a that has more from self. donald trump's gay was supposed to start with a surprise visit to the d.m.z. the heavily for. defied line separating north and south korea but bad weather
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prevented what would have been his opportunity to deliver a symbolic message to the north korean leader kim jong un so he used his speech at seoul's national assembly to address the man he called a tyrant and a cruel dictator the weapons you're acquiring are not making you safer they are putting your regime in grave danger north korea is not the paradise your grandfather envisioned it is a hell that no person deserves. though he refrained at this time from referring to kim as little rocket men trying to paint a picture of a north korea likely to infuriate those in its government he called it a country ruled by a cult centered around the range to beliefs where people still die of hunger and are tortured in gulags and as the north korean government continues to pursue its nuclear ambitions trump has to this morning. this is
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a very different administration than the united states has had in the past do not underestimate this and do not try. as he vowed america would not be intimidated and listed the u.s. military assets currently stationed around the korean peninsula protesters outside called for pete's. look at him but i demand that the u.s. stop our threats on the korean peninsula just a fountain valleys of arms have researchers. trump says south korea has agreed to buy more u.s. military equipment a move he says will help close the trade deficit between the two nations it's the first time in more than twenty years that a u.s. president has addressed the national assembly the president monday and says he hopes donald trump state visit will mark
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a turning point in efforts to deescalate tensions with north korea. trump says that begins with north korea stopping the development of its missile and nuclear program and in exchange we will offer a path to a much better future with a nod to south korean achievements from economic development to female golfers the speech was well received in the chamber likely very much less so across the border kathy novak al jazeera so. now the international criminal court is demanding libya handover a commander loyal to the renegade general khalifa haftar market alwar folly is suspected of carrying out extra judicial killings more on that let's go to our diplomatic editor james bases at the u.n. in new york and james what do you know about the story well the u.n. and the security council heard from the international criminal court's chief
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prosecutor who said that this commander is responsible for war crimes war crimes which were executions in cold blood of a total of thirty three people and she told the security council that despite the fact she's issued an arrest warrant she believes that he's still acting as the good the commander of the special forces unit in my office that's also to see if reports including indicating that mr fairlie is at large at a man's command as saker brigade and may have been involved in further killings i am investigating these reports. mr president you know excellences let me stress that aspect of any reported the mystic investigation that may be underway libya demands under a legal obligation arising from resolution one nine hundred seventy to immediately
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arrest and so when them is that. the i.c.c. . he must be transferred to the court to stand trial or mr r. while farley or major role while farley is part of the forces led by general holy fire have start in libya she urged the general to make sure that he is handed over and doesn't continue to serve in this capacity where he may still be committing crimes the egyptian ambassador to the u.n. didn't hide his support for general haftar because he came out and said no this was an internal libyan matter not something that should be governed by the international criminal court it's also worth noting that the u.s. representative came and backed the international criminal court and demanded that this suspect is handed over to the court as soon as possible that was on libya it's worth noting that the u.s.
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deputy ambassador speaking to the security council then turned to afghanistan where the chief prosecutor is launched an investigation into possible war crimes by the u.s. and she said with regard to that the u.s. has its own procedures its own military justice procedures and it was not appropriate for the international criminal court to investigate the u.s. military all right james out of the u.n. in new york thank you. syria's army and its allies have surrounded and can enter at the eisel control town of al bookham outlets located near the border with iraq and is isis stronghold in that region well this video released by processing government media shows fighting in the surrounding area on saturday was on the debate has more now from gaza and ten in turkey. according to syrian media as well as hezbollah media sources syrian forces have surrounded the border town of become are the last remaining stronghold by isis fighters according to sources on the ground this is
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going to be a tough fight because isis fighters have been coming to this place from all sides not just the iraqi side of the border but from syrian town just far away and there is or. is in the darrow's or province which is also being fought by s.d.f. forces these are the forces of kurdish predominately who are backed by the united states forces on the eastern bank of the euphrates river the town of one who is on the western bank and it is now being surrounded by syrian forces some reports say that they have started to enter the city but they expect that isis fighters are going to put up stiff resistance in this area it is worth noting that would not mean the end of ice and isis still has a number of villages and other surrounding areas in that there are problems and across the border in the province in iraq that it's still controlled but it would be that the last stronghold in terms of urban settings small town and cities eisen
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would have lost all of them when it moved as a good come out saudi arabia is making it clear it intends to take action against iran and its lebanese ally has the law as the crisis in regional politics deepens the resignation of lebanon's prime minister saad hariri was the first step but it's not clear what further action riyadh intends to take inside lebanon itself some people fear the worst so no one has more from beirut. posters are springing up with messages of support her side the heavy it has been four days since he announced his sudden resignation of the saudi capital this neighborhood the lebanese capital which is one of heidi the strong. returns to the country under. him we hope the government functions again because people put off their plans like buying a car out of no one knows what the model is going to. regardless of whether they support or oppose heavy decision to step down people here are worried the
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resignation is linked to the saudi iranian rival the region's past attempts to weaken iran's lebanese ally has a law has led to violence. in. the resignation just like when his father was campaigning there was a political earthquake. an attack he wanted to return. already people are complaining that the pace of the economy has slowed down in a country already struggling with financial problems. but i'm a good education is a regional but it's a fact first day of a business we need. saudi arabia has made it clear today tends to confront iran and seems to start going to heaven on. one knows what saudi arabia will do next it will be a war but they can't for example. saudi
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arabia no longer considers hezbollah as its only enemy but all of those who don't go away with action against the. resignation was a saudi move against has the last brought down a government considered too close to iran now saudi arabia wants lebanese leaders to sideline and curb hezbollah's powers but. then die. hezbollah is a powerful political party with an armed wing stronger than the national army lebanon has seen turbulent years political crises and wars late last year there was a rare deal between saudi arabia and iran to leave lebanon at the sidelines of their power struggle that deal is now a thing of the past and tangle in lebanon teacher with a deepening regional crisis that hurt their neighborhood. and still has all this news hour commuter chaos in catalonia independence supporters of blocking rail
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stations to protest against the jailing of six politicians. spreading it said they are europe's biggest consumers but french shoppers are now facing a nationwide shortage. and a glimpse of how professional tennis may look in the future that story a little later in sports. first british prime minister to resign may is widely expected to international development secretary over undisclosed contacts with senior israeli figures pretty battell has been summoned to london for failing to report meetings with the prime minister binyamin netanyahu and others on what she said was a holy day to israel. with me now as our correspondent. following the twists and turns of this story we're all expecting her to be sacked but nothing's actually happened yet no that's true will she be reprimanded that's the other option as well
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we know the pretty brutal has arrived back in the country she arrived at heathrow airport a few hours ago everyone assumed that she was going to be going directly to downing street for a free software her boss to reason may and for potentially. breaching a whole series of different foreign office and diplomatic protocols that could eventually mean that she would have to step aside from a role the secretary. state for international development by the end of the day but right now it's all looking very very clear on monday we know that she was forced to apologize for meeting twelve different israeli officials when she was meant to be on a family holiday to israel back in august since then it's emerged that she went to further israeli officials here in london and in new york and crucially she also discussed the possibility of britain's international aid budget some of it going to the israeli army to deal with injured syrians being treated in field hospitals in
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the golan heights it's now emerged that she even visited the golan heights as a big issue when it comes to breaches of diplomatic protocol here because the british government does not recognize the israeli presence there in the golan heights seized of course by israel from syria back in one nine hundred sixty seven a very sensitive part of the world very serious questions being asked a pretty would tell what about the position of terrorism a right now how is her cabinet looking given she lost her defense minister last week didn't she and she may well now lose another one it seems to me there's one that's free after another for her of course michael fallon so michael fellow ended up resigning last week embroiled in a in a sexual scandal several other leading politicians also embroiled in in similar allegations boris johnson the foreign minister accused of putting it in jeopardy the legal status of a british woman who's currently jailed in iran and now this situation with pretty fit treason may is left with little choice but to either sense to her or fire her
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but pretty battels loss will be a huge loss for the government she's a key breaks a tear at a time in which to reason may needs to sell that the government can leave the e.u. in a very orderly fashion keeping an eye on those events for us thank you. well spain's constitutional court has officially and all the declaration of independence by the castle. was issued as pro independence protest as roads and some public transport. bringing poles of catalonia to a standstill john holl has more from. blocking roads and other transport links in barcelona and across catalonia students activists and union members came out in defiance of the spanish government. madrid has taken control of the regional administration and depended supporters want to show they controlled the streets.
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north of boston low down in the city of jerome the heart some say of capital are nationalism large numbers took to the railways disrupting spain's much prized of a high speed network later there were efforts to shut catalonians borders with the rest of the country. outside the regional government building in barcelona the crowd chanting liberty or freedom once the rallying cry for independence now a show of support for what is being called political prisoners opposed president we've had more in exile in belgium employees former ministers and civil society leaders in jail in madrid. we're here because. our government is in prison so we need to help them and we need to. as bunny's government actions because they are doing what. they should does this crowd is
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a sign that at least i think the grassroots the independence movement in catalonia is alive and well but politically it is sorely weakened much of its leadership behind and facing an election in december the probably dependent parties are far from certain of winning. spain's constitutional court on wednesday a no october twenty seventh declaration of independence this is a movement divided over what to do next whether to do it together as a coalition partner i think that's about that. we have had that but we haven't got to leave as if nothing has happened. but out of the focus is on freeing the independence leaders but druids price for their freedom they will be the movement's silence i don't know how al-jazeera barcelona. the un's international labor organization has closed
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a complaint over the treatment of migrant workers in casa that's all to doha said it would introduce a minimum wage and allow its labor practices to be monitored by inspectors is now expected to sign a bilateral agreement with the un protecting laborous making it the first gulf country to the site from geneva. reports and on market day for workers' rights and the international labor organization in geneva on wednesday the united nations body roll can do what it described as major progress by qatar in unharnessing its labor laws there had been under investigation accused of failing in its responsibilities towards migrant workers however now the iron loss' that qatar has engaged positively with its inspectors and officials i think it's fair to describe today's events as a landmark above all because we have the rifle to point today we've done two things we've closed the complaint that was open against the state of qatar in respect of
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international labor conventions it's ratified that's finished and we've moved on to a new process of cooperation. under new laws set out by the qatari government a minimum wage will now be introduced something previously unheard of among gulf countries it will now be illegal for employers to prevents workers from leaving the country and strict penalties will be imposed on those who try and confiscate workers' passports or withhold their salaries while the other southern. part of the nation of qatar looks to be a role model that can be counted on to follow international law and to protect workers' rights through our ongoing go to improve the quality of life for workers there are close to two million workers currently in qatar many work on the massive infrastructure projects currently being built as the country continues to develop at a rapid pace despite the positive steps taken by the government in the past few years rights groups still have concerns at least two workers lost their lives at building
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sites in the past year and i thought it is being urged to make sure that such fertile ities never happen again without that schedule to host the twenty twenty two world cup the spotlight has been firmly placed on it when it comes to workers' rights there is a feeling among the thirty officials however that there has been unfairly scrutinized with its all attention being given to countries like saudi arabia or the united arab emirates where according to workers' rights groups conditions there are much worse now that qatar has been praised in its efforts have been indorsed by the ilo the onus is on other countries in the region to follow in its lead. al-jazeera is demanding the release of its journalist mark where he's saying he's been in an addiction prison for nearly a year he's accused of broadcasting false news despite chaos which he and al jazeera strongly deny it has repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail he was arrested last december well visiting his family. india's capital new delhi is
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choking under a blanket of toxic smoke that's for schools to close with residents advised to stay indoors if they can lucia levels in the city measured at the u.s. embassy now reaching forty times the world health organization safe limits novembers cooler air is trapping car in fact for emissions at street level farmers illegally burning crops and fireworks from the recent the wyly festival also contributing to the poor air quality. now france is suffering its biggest butter shortage since the end of the second world war shoppers are facing empty shelves with stocks reaching critical levels the french are the world's biggest consumers of butter and some disgruntled customers are blaming the nation's rigid rules over food supply and tasha butler has that story. few things are is french as croissants customers come early to this fakery in paris to buy them warm from the
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oven most say it's the butter that makes them so tasty so rising or butter prices in europe is worrying because in france. the cost has doubled but we can't get our prices because the customers won't understand class on some pastries or part of daily life here so if you raise prices will lose business global demand for butter is soaring as tastes change but milk supplies in europe have decreased forcing up prices and feeling a shortage it's a color a catastrophe for the french rate the most butter in the world and marginally i'm still managing to find some but even if there is not much in the shops we love the taste of butter especially when it's organic and delicious france is suffering shortages because of the rigid rules that govern food supply suppliers and supermarkets decide prices annually in february so supermarkets are refusing to renegotiate until next year analysts say retailers and other car. like germany
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adapt by paying and charging more in other countries in europe the prices when there are stronger will usually prices the prices go negotiated everyone every two months for the case for example in germany it's dairy farms like this one in normandy that supply the milk used in france's famously creamy butter while most dairy farmers are saying is that they have been forgotten in this crisis they haven't seen any benefit from the higher butter prices and what most tell us is that they're still selling their milk at the same price as they did thirty years ago. manual gavel says farmers are fed up with seeing others in the industry profits. it is a real concern we should about a shortage in the shops but we farmers are not being paid more after some turf years we need more financial help there is obviously a problem between suppliers and shops but when will farmers get their share of the
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pie. france's government has called on all sides to in the past a crisis at its promise to help farmers get better paid for their produce manual hopes that will mean farmers like him will be able to make a fairer living natasha butler al-jazeera arabic or attic or france you're watching the al-jazeera news hour still ahead robert mcgarvey takes aim at other so-called conspirators after sucking his vice president. playing for global domination at a time when the kenyan capital of the world scrabble championship. is hoping politics doesn't break up the country's national team.
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hello cloud has crossed levant still crossing levant actually it's given a bit of rain a few millimeters nothing to significant as it develops it over the caucasus it may well produce some sparkies understands the forecast for thursday still one of potential rain in northern syria northern iraq says that it will not begin twenty nine in baghdad about twenty three in beirut the clyde lobby signatures foster very maybe in some parts of iran even kuwait but i think probably not and you'll notice that the time we get to friday is a much dry picture including in the east and met the bright skies rather than blue skies if you thought of the breeze the arabian peninsula is lousy at the just time the it should be low humidity reasonably warm also very hot but the kids we've still got this southwest monsoon of india having not disappeared this is the time the year when you can get something quite interesting bring up it's not you know we've just got shot of those showers across a cultural make it to the coast of yemen and
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a man in the next day oh say. southern africa has been showing some pretty poky showers in the last week or two and it's been something active running through southern mozambique recently but to be honest in the next twenty four hours it's a reason because i picture. to be a child is to be innocent and carefree but it comes to an abrupt end with the burden of younger children. with a mother behind bars four siblings must spend for each other and decide whether to stick together. with the family in the hope of a chance across the us mexico border the other side of the border a witness documentary at this time al-jazeera. hurrican harvey's destruction was indiscriminate but will there be an equal recovery i didn't want to be the
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mayor of two cities i have and have no food lines discovers how the disparity between rich and poor is brought to the surface in times of crisis someone's life. culture. clients houston after harvey at this time on al-jazeera. again i don't mind at the top stories on the al-jazeera news our u.s. president donald trump's in beijing by trays on the north korea nuclear crisis all dominating talks with the chinese leader xi jinping. the international criminal
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court wants libya's renegade general hafer have to to hand over one of his top commanders to face criminal charges. and serious all me and its allies have entered the border town of al become all i saw last urban stronghold in the region. zimbabwe's a former vice president's imus and a magog one says he's crossed the border to south africa. two days after being far as for president robert mugabe speaking to supporters in harare mugabe says he also had his sights on many others who were involved in defying him how tough has been following events on the ground is president robert mugabe wanted to send a clear message to anyone planning to remove him from power for now one faction in the rulings on the party led by the first lady grace is in charge on monday zimbabwe's leader fired his vice president gore for being disloyal the ninety three year old his managua had ambitions to become president.
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and. he's. the one who is a war veteran hasn't been seen in public since he was sacked on wednesday he released a statement saying he's out of the country and that he will return soon to lead zimbabweans. zanu p.f. supporters at the solidarity rarely insist the world's oldest elected leader will die in office the focus for now is who replaces when it got some people. say they want. the country's first lady. to get. the government tamed
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a tight grip on power but some analysts warn recent political developments over the question of succession could cause more divisions in the ruling party the. weakens of the pad because the. years happened you will definitely. go with. the. people would lose. all that we know for certain already not here within the body in a statement when god was said he and his family had been threatened and he accused president mugabe of destroying zanu p.f. by making it his own personal property. al-jazeera had. to talk more about what's going on in zimbabwe right now joined by alex mcgee so he's now a law actually here in the u.k. a few years ago he was the chief advisor says the ball boys then prime minister more chiang rai and he also helped write the country's new constitution so he should know what's happening in zimbabwe right now i'm alex ferguson first question
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to you really is does this mean that it's now almost certain that grace mugabe will be mugabe's nominated successor there's a very good chance she has she has put yourself in a strong position but in this succession battle we have seen that there's no way in which we can say everything is locked up. three years ago she was almost a muslim longer work just now yours almost and she's in a strong position but is by no means the end of it and she's also as we've seen by demonstrations on the streets she's been booed it's not like she's the most popular person in zimbabwe right now of course in here march to power she has created many enemies she's been very aggressive very abrasive in your approach and that is ruffled feathers in many quarters and has been very passive to many people so she she is she has your supporters but she's not very popular in the larger part of the community what about the former vice president we know now has told us he's in
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south africa he's been issuing statements saying he will return to zimbabwe and he will effectively fight for all the country do you think he will come back i think it's obviously a very huge setback for him in his career i mean he has waited for many years he's been politics for more than fifty years and for this to happen in this time i think it must be a shock to him. he needed to go away to regroup to try and settle whether it comes back to zimbabwe it depends on how the mugabe government is going to be reacting to his recent statements or he's not been well but also he may have threats to his life and that may be a good reason for him to go out and try and reset i guess one of the key questions has to be for him is whether his allies within the zone appear whether they will stand by him or will they will tow the line under god because mugabe has come out and said look and eco conspirators i'm going to go after you as well well you know politicians in zimbabwe are politicians generally elsewhere don't have much loyalty
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they look after themselves and we have already seen in the last few weeks that people who are trying to be close to you may have already started jumping to the other side and there will be doing that over the next few months and mugabe will be firing some of them just to demonstrate the power that he has some of them to. stick by him but others those who sit on the fence i think they will be jumping on to the to the other side sounds like a case of watch this space i. prefer it on thank you notes or come. talks are underway in bold in germany to figure out ways to implement the un's powers agreements on climate change syria's decision to sign up to the accords has been praised it leaves the us as the only country not to be part of the deal climate leaders are trying to draw up a so-called rulebook for the according to state house on how countries should report and check their greenhouse gas emissions. well the effects of
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a changing climate are especially obvious in the northern latitudes across the top of north america average annual temperatures are rising at more than twice the global pace and not a spell trouble for the canadian seaport of churchill in manitoba very cold daniel lack is that right now for al jazeera daniel. it does seem odd i guess to be talking about warming temperatures on a cold day like this but the fact is that temperatures are much warmer up here at least in the summertime and that's crucial that means that the permafrost the permanently frozen ground around this place and across the north is actually beginning to melt posing huge problems in fact right now we're talking about a rail line the only connection between this town churchill and the rest of canada severed this year by catastrophic floods and catastrophic snowstorms blamed on climate change so i've been trying to find out just what the effects on this town were and we are still in good. dave daley loves
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his thirty six dogs they pull sleds during the winter and take tourists on a thrilling ride through the forest but without a train to deliver the dog food is paying five times more to feed them it's not a viable economic proposition most of the businesses and turtle are trying to figure out ways how not to lose too much money this year if the train doesn't get restored or the rail line doesn't get restored who are afraid that we're going to be losing some businesses here in toronto canada's most northerly rail line was built ninety years ago to get grain from its western prairie's to a port on hudson's bay thousand kilometers of track was cut through forests across rivers and along frozen stretches of sub-arctic tundra fierce storms and floods earlier this year devastated the rail line cutting churchill off from the rest of canada a stranded passenger train had to be loaded onto a ship by cranes a port that one ship canadian wheat to the world lies rusting abandoned through
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this belt system here that many now question whether a miracle of one nine hundred twenty s. engineering can withstand today's sinking permafrost and other changing conditions we're all going through this climate change period that we need to deal with and so we all governments need to really invest in that you know we're doing our part you know has a community a small community in northern canada we know what's going on so we're pretty critical and confident climate change well there are disputes over who is going to repair this line if anyone there's little doubt that warming temperatures and changing weather patterns here in the north have turned canada is only northern seaport into a town with a very uncertain future. these days tourists are pretty much the only source of income up to ten thousand a year come to see polar bears but melting sea ice and warming have cut the local bear population thirty percent in three decades researchers warn that worse is to
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come. a messenger. for all of us you know if. we're going to have another of the roses it's not good either up here there's no debate climate change is real rapid and may soon be uncontrollable of steps aren't taken to reduce greenhouse gas emissions in places far away from this unique landscape and felicity just what that scientist said is pretty much what you can say about the population up here in the arctic this is the place where climate change is happening now and it's going to start happening elsewhere very soon unless something is done or it's our lack live there in a very chilly churchill in canada thanks so much well the leaders of small line and nations are warning that without rapid action to cut carbon emissions they face further devastation from ever strongest storms the twenty seventeen hurricane season in the caribbean as the one of the most active on record with category five
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storms an area causing devastation in the leeward islands puerto rico and the dominican republic in the pacific last year's cycle in winston was the most intense the southern hemisphere has seen causing one hundred million dollars in damage to infrastructure and. experts believe global warming is contributing to heavier rainfall and more powerful storm surges officials on the on and say they are trying to adapt but unless governments switch from fossil fuels to renewable energy to keep any rise in temperature to one and a half degree celsius their efforts may be quickly overwhelmed. well earlier i spoke to fiji's permanent representative to the u.n. in geneva now that charmaine kong she's at the u.n. climate change conference i started by asking her about the impact of america's decision to withdraw from the powers climate change agreement well when president made his announcement of course we regretted it very much because the united states
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is a valued member of the family in relation to the paris agreement but the message that we've been getting from the u.s. delegation is that they will continue to take part constructively in the delegate in the negotiations that they will attend all the meetings and that they will be supportive of fiji's presidency and we've heard that on several occasions throughout the year related meetings and from the way that the u.s. delegation has conducted itself in the last three days we've seen that indeed that reflects the way that they intend to engage at this car i guess one of the key questions surrounding the u.s. is participation is whether or not the u.s. intends to continue funding commitments to things like helping less developed nations restrict their emissions have you got any indication yet from the u.s. delegation of whether or not some of that funding is going to continue. no we
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haven't. but there are a number of meetings and negotiations around finance so no doubt we will hear in the course of those negotiations but it's early days yet one of the most important parts of the negotiations at twenty three is the design for what it was known as the facility of dialogue and what we now call quite commonly the talent of our dialogue so the talent our dialogue is shared to to happen next year and it is centered around three questions where are we now where do we want to go to and how are we going to go there all three questions are about twenty ambition and climate action in other words the urgency of climate action is reflected and included in the work around the palin our dialogue so i don't think that this is a question or an agenda that is delayed in fact it is right at our doorstep and something that we must deliver by the end of cup twenty three what would
9:44 pm
a success for you what do you hope this conference with a change. well i think top of the list is a design for the talent our dialogue all i know is a pacific methodology it's a way of talking it's a way of discussing problems together in a storytelling methodology and it is intended to make decisions for the collective good and if we are able to get a degree of consensus around the design for the fall into a dialogue this would be a very important success for fiji's another very important success will be substantial progress on the negotiations for the paris agreement work programme as you know a cop twenty four at the end of two thousand and eighteen countries must agree to a framework for making the paris agreement operable and so important part of the success of prop twenty three is ensuring that there is a good basis for negotiations in the next year there's a lot of work to be done next year and the work next year is going to be not just
9:45 pm
challenging but it is also going to be quite voluminous it covers so many areas of the paris agreement and so it's very very important for the purpose of top twenty three that fiji delivers a document which marks progress in relation to the paris agreement framework and also lays a good basis for negotiations for next year of all my afghan warlord has held a large political gathering in kabul six months after returning from exile who bought and hekmati here is a controversial figure he was able to return in exchange for a promise to renounce violence on supports the government jennifer glass reports on couple. former religious spider remake himself as a politician who was one of afghanistan's most notorious warlords but last year he signed an amnesty deal with the government and in may return from exile and triumphantly paraded through kabul. it's taken six months for the first public
9:46 pm
gathering his political party has been islami it filled the largest speaking hall in the country. i never in my dreams thought we could have this event or that it would be so big participants took an oath in arabic passed two and dari pledging everlasting allegiance to his business. and had here emphasize the importance of elections saying the democratic process is the only way to build a strong central government and he wants his b.s. lonnie to play a big part in fanciers as only a strong government can bring security and stability to afghanistan but it's unclear whether a big turnout here will mean more votes or women to relax into next year's presidential vote in two thousand and nineteen in the meantime hekmatyar says he's meeting taliban members who could help end the fighting we're going to put i want to get this. done there are those in the taliban who are top of war want peace they were forced to enter the war is possible to convince these groups and we could focus on these people he says negotiations are the only solution and afghanistan
9:47 pm
must take the lead and. neither the taliban nor the americans can win this war is not winnable both sides have tested the strength nato has used maximum power here but couldn't win. for afghan president ashraf ghani bringing him in from the cold is a risk he's a divisive figure still mistrusted even hated by many afghans but gandhi hopes his amnesty and return can serve as an example to the taliban and other opposition groups that if they lay down their arms they too could have a place in politics jennifer glass al jazeera kabul or at all schools coming up here. going to tell you about hungary and all that determined not to go off the rails.
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9:49 pm
again times that i just poured out his phone. felicity thank you so much the philadelphia phillies have described roy halladay as one of the most respected man ever to play baseball holiday died in a plane crash on shoes day aged forty and a time all-star for the phillies and toronto blue jays he was among the finest pitchers of his generation he was one of only six players in baseball history to win the sa young award for pitching in both the american and national leagues before his retirement in two thousand and thirteen holliday who was a keen amateur pilot died when his private plane crashed into the gulf of mexico off the coast of florida. being a pilot point point that was his passion he would talk about it about refurbishing
9:50 pm
planes. you know we had family that were involved in flying is that and so really you know so you use one in a million it is a true loss for us really given the search. a way to perceive and then to look at baseball and to try to improve and be the best of what i do. it's he was he was a man to see words but he just sat back and you just watched him and you watch what he did you know his his work i think was. second to none. a glimpse of what pro tennis may look like in the future is on show at the next gen a.t.p. finals in italy it's an event for the world's best under twenty one male players and features a number of new rules that's our best of five with a tie break played at three three there are no would damage points with deuce
9:51 pm
effectively becoming sudden death a shot clock ensures that there are more than twenty five seconds between points and computers have replaced line judges the match higher is the only human on court official and the crowd is free to come and go as it pleases the traditional courtesy of sitting quietly until a changeover takes place doesn't apply. earlier we spoke to john we're time sports illustrated he says the changes could have a positive impact on the game. there's a big difference between and. a lot with young players and a big grand slam tournament i think some of these changes make a lot of sense frankly if you have the technology to get the line calls correct why wouldn't you use that even if that might come at the expense of human hires i like the idea of keeping the pace of play moving and having a shot clock i think that makes a lot of sense i think some of the other some of the other changes that we're going
9:52 pm
to see are going to go over less well but but again i think the message here is that and is willing to innovate and explore and some of these again some of these will be ludicrous misfits that we're going to be lapping at others are going to be successful i think the culture i think the message here is really a strong one in a positive. or well number one andy murray says he's targeting a return to action in january played roger federer in a charity game in scotland but hasn't played competitively since july due to a hip injury the thirty year old has slipped in sixteen in the world rankings. and i you know probably the mistake of trying to get ready for the u.s. open but it was the last measure of the year and i wanted to give the go. you know trying to get good money going to the us and talking about it in the sun. on come back on the road when you come back you want to be a hundred percent otherwise the problem is just this feels like you can't beat the
9:53 pm
best can win the big tournaments so it's wise and worthwhile to take the extra weeks or months whatever that may be. shootout for places at next year's world cup begins on thursday for european places at the finals in russia are still up for grabs the playoffs begin with northern ireland tie against switzerland and encounter with greece teams play each other home and away with the winners progressing into the finals northern ireland are aiming for their first world cup since one thousand nine hundred eighty six these players have gone through a lot of experience a lot of good a lot of. you know the one thing i will say them is that you know not not to not to fear the situation to embrace the situation. and make sure that whatever happens you know when you look back you know we don't have any regrets regardless of you know if it goes our way or not from around the dread and spain goalkeeper i could see this has been honored at the golden foot awards in monaco because he is who now
9:54 pm
plays for porto edged fellow nominees cristiana rinaldo lino massi and suarez the award is voted for by fans and recognizes the career achievements of players who are at least twenty eight years of age the world cup winner hopes spain's political crisis will impact the national team. and i'm not going to go but i hope it's not going to be a problem but if that occurs we have to find a solution right now anybody who is where they need some catalonia or the canary islands or madrid he is going to play because he believes in the team and wants to take advantage of i have not seen any player thing they don't want to play for spain. now some footballers can be criticised for going off the rails on a charge that can be levelled at this player tears barno beside a entering the action for a fourth tier league game in hungary but he's done this before which may explain
9:55 pm
his teammate seemingly being rather unimpressed. and that's all your support for now it's now back to full effect and london fire thanks so much now it's time to meet a group of competitors who are never lost for words all gamers from across the world are gathered in the kenyan capital nairobi for the world scrabble championship the game invented back in nineteen thirty eight is now played in more than one hundred twenty countries worldwide out of there is for me to miller spells out what's at stake. a six am run willing to garrus preparing mentally and physically. to defend his title at the twelve world championship of scrabble the world game is serious business for the two hundred fifty players competing in nairobi it's played in twenty nine languages but players here are competing to make the best english words they can seven letters at a time gary is from nigeria he won the last competition held in australia with four
9:56 pm
hundred forty nine points he's been playing competitively for fifteen years and is the first african to win the championship scrabbling through private top two human development dogs it pains me when we see so little attention which is why even after dinner put myself to. a current in the coming years to see how we can become more and more prominent there's no talking and hardly any spectators as players work on each tactical move scrabble mass to say that at the end of a close game these are the tiles you don't want to be left with they often can't be played and could cost you the game the eighty year old board game is cheap and sold worldwide the best players say it's about problem solving and quick thinking you have to have really expensive work well and of course your goals of to be strategic
9:57 pm
in your thinking if you play carelessly you'll give your open and opportunity to score one of them or if you play our own one you lose five marks to your opponent kenyon hurried patel says he's been playing since he was five years old he's competing for a place at the youth world championship in malaysia later this month it's just my hobby like playing with words improving in studies are giving a high number of position in class so scrabble is just all about study players from two. in african countries are competing this year along with competitors from the united states strayer the united kingdom and bahrain the two players with the most points after thirty two games will play the final round on sunday the first time on african soil and for whoever is crowned the winner that word is worth at least nine points from al-jazeera nairobi now scientists in the u.k. have proven that she are as good at celebrity spotting as humans the university of
9:58 pm
cambridge study tested whether she could be taught to recognize pictures of human faces they were given food rewards for choosing faces but they've been shown before including former u.s. president barack obama and the actress emma watson perry the findings could be useful in future studies on human brain disorders but affects mental recognition. well on the sleep that's it from the me is our joy merriam in a couple of minutes thanks for watching.
9:59 pm
high-pockets or is it allison when they're on line we were in hurricane winds for almost like thirty six hours these are the things that you u.k. has to address or if you join us on sat i'm a member because one but we struck up a relationship base is a dialogue tweet us with hostile a.j. stream and one of their pitches might make them actually join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera. this is a really fabulous news for one of the best i've ever worked in there is a unique sense of bonding where everybody teams in but something i feel every time i get on the chair every time i interview someone we're often working round the clock to make sure that we bring events as i currently as possible to the viewer that's what people expect of us and that's what i think we really do well.
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provoking debate the corporate tax have not hurt job growth on the barack obama the world will only try to that one that's not true tackling the tough issues restrictions on media freedom of the tree killings torture maybe you giving me room between if we wrap challenging the established line every single one of the three and a half thousand people who was killed with a drug dealer yes how do we know that you didn't try them you didn't prosecute if you didn't show them to show them one saw and join many has done for up front at this time on al-jazeera. a red carpet welcome for donald trump as he touches down in china but a day.


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