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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 10, 2017 5:00pm-5:33pm AST

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and to read a statement made by them and their wordings and now he is put to house arrest and prevented. from returning home he's banned from returning her and. this is definitely what has happened beyond any doubt. the prime minister is held and so the arabiya he is banned. from traveling back lebanon this must be made clear. the lebanese prime minister is held in saudi arabia banned from returning to lebanon. what else. saudi attempts. to topple the prime minister. but to remove him from
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the leadership of the movement future movement this movement are in difference with us they are our political opponent however what we are seeing now requires us to stand together saudi arabia as tempting to impose and you leave the ship on the movement even without the knowledge of the members of the future movement. what else. and i tend. to dictate and impose annual prime ministers to be dictated to the president to the parliament and to all the lebanese people. saudi arabia would dictate i want this person to be appointed as prime minister otherwise and threats will follow. the former saudi arabia
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believes. falsely believe that he can dictate. the new prime minister and his functions i don't know what else. but. provoking. lebanese among themselves their entire rhetoric. and articulated by saudi arabia is aiming at bravo catering the lebanese to start firing. and. saudi arabia is provoking the lebanese to start vilifying and fighting among each other otherwise they would be described as weak. also tells saudi arabia is inciting arab and foreign
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countries to take retaliatory measures against lebanon calling the saudi officials from lebanon and calling on their citizens to return and the what is that gray davis. the gravest which is not causing any source of fear to us. the grave is just is the inciting israel against us this is not my and alice is speaking based on the television at my hand saudi arabia requested israel to direct military strike against lebanon and they are prepared to pay billions and dollars today. discussions among those circles are under
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way today and yesterday the israeli media if you are following. many reports that the july twenty sixth wall was at the behest of saudi arabia was at the request of saudi arabia and when the enemy israel. wanted to stop the war in the last day the saudi officials called them to continue. with the war. this is the worst. however israel's israel has their own calculations how would they act i would tell you later. it is not the war simply pick it has other calculations. and i'm not. it is clear that saudi arabia and the saudi officials have declared war against lebanon
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and hezbollah however let me tell you this is a war against. the entire lebanon not hezbollah and i want to know and here i would like to address the lebanese the lebanese with absolute veracity and openness and passion. propose also stress. points. i made. the happenings around us. and the state of the car we have been enjoying shears until the said saturday last. month a state and institutions presidency prime ministership stability security
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financial economic instability. all these benefits of pressures today many of the regions peoples are biting they fold that grave and dire situations they are living we must realize the value and the preciousness of what we enjoy in lebanon and hold on fast to this end contrast so the arabia is calling on them to read when. this troll to demolish all that. site has war against hezbollah saudi arabia is calling on you to read when your own homes will you do that.
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it is saudi arabia for all the statements and measures made by them are they willing or i the they keen on lebanon's interests. much we should admit that there is a problem between so the arabia and hezbollah and i will address that later however the measures the rhetoric that threats initiated by a soda or a bear is it a war and on or against lebanon or hezbollah. all the bennies must learn the lesson from all what happened around the region in syria all the documents facts on the ground confessions media reports. the saudis the qataris the americans now are reporting how incidents start. saudi princes were running the combat operations from jordan
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and this is what has. become of syria. those who have been killed wounded homes and a situation destroyed those princes who were running the combat operations from a man where are they now and i. call on all the lopin ears all the lebanese. to pose. before adopting any stand or taking any decision where are we all take in lebanon to. hold the lebanese. crossroads and they should take decision based on that i must emphasize the following. openly and frankly.
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we damn the blunt bare faced saudi intervention in lebanon is a fair they. suppose or allowed and they can log and surveying in our domestic affairs tickler this. behavior and again is our prime minister saddle from the moment he set foot on. that airport land how he was received how he was addressed how he was dressed how he was given orders to remain. and we and hezbollah and we all know lebanese take this as friends and any of fence to the lebanese prime minister is an offense to all the lebanese. even if he is our political adversary simply because he is head of
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a government hen he cannot be dealt with in such a fashion. from that moment until he was forced to render his resignation and to read a statement in which he did not write or draft a single letter and above all banned from traveling back. to lebanon to. all the lebanese and the outcomes that the meeting of future movement did and yesterday that we all jointly call for the immediate immediate return of saddle the prime minister to lebanon. if he has resigned let him come back let him come back to the presidential palace and make a statement let him come back and speak freely.
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to. declare that he has resigned or it is june studios or even declare the war against hezbollah let him return to lebanon. yes. the prime minister of lebanon. remains just under house arrest. is a grave matter that cannot and the against which. honest men should stand silent and here we must reiterate that the prime minister of lebanon is held and so the arabia and that's how you answer it is must release him and the lebanese must work together to have him return. to lebanon and speak of his own free will matter third.
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we. d.m. that is sick nation cited by the prime minister unlawful illegal and i'm going to sit. and of no value. simply because it was render under duress. old advocates and this is known to every one someone is forced to divorce a wife. the statements made by any person and deal rests well carry no value or legal value and zero legal ethics if someone is forced to sell his own home at gunpoint. do you think that title to the house and ownership would pass
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on to the buyer. here we are a lot before they have a valid resignation and. they say. that the government of lebanon is functioning fully and. the prime minister has not resigned and the ministers are fully functioning they are marked caretaker ministers. that government is not able to me simply because the prime minister is held and so do arabia i mean that's why the coals for the deliberations under the dome of the parliament. are not and void. deliberations can be made in the parliament if the prime minister has resigned and this has not happened we have a fully functioning prime minister and. if saddam how do you the prime minister
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came back to lebanon and. his resignation even if he is forced to do it but this is an end the case and that he has made this decision of his own free will but as of now openly and clearly we accept pressley declared that we have the prime minister has not resigned. for. the. prudent presidency represented by president michel and the speaker of the parliament and to be very. must be the center. of support and consensus among all the lebanese whereby all the lebanese must stand behind this prudent leadership
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as of now this prudent leadership. has been able to maintain our security stability and missed the opportunity to do is our prime minister. and this must be cemented and our. fifth. cold for more awareness and consciousness among the political elite. and this is what we appreciate. that we know that many. communications are being initiated with so and so. where are you why haven't you released statements why haven't you convened. however.
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those conspiring against lebanon must. evaluate and recalculate even of they are planning to wage a war they have to do their calculations this war declared against lebanon and hezbollah is better very. and. even those behind. the declared war what experience do they enjoy. this awareness i mentioned. is. to call on the lebanese to continue to maintain carbon self-restraint in order to be able to deliberate and discuss the how to act. and from our end we are prepared and as i
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said on sunday do not warry do not our unified national will me to preserve our homeland is the linchpin to our behavior and today we as lebanese more than any time in the past in the face of this deal risks. of. provocation. malice and. threat straker. that we must live up to the sense of responsibility patriotism. and. responsibility to stand side by side and defend the one another. and to live above any difference is. concerns
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that the six. of. us even if i touched on this on sunday last i must. pose before the statement released on. television about it and i attempt on the life of prime minister. and it is known that the lebanese security apparatus is. denied and the gated and refuted this reports however a lot of television with. the . statement. released by a lot of television. copied the same wording of that
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is ignition that. dictated the prime minister speaking of distortion devices on the road to the airport. that they were able to find out that these devices are made in iran have their workers. one of. the proxies the lebanese spoke about political assassination to them i say this is a grave issue they insist on this. that i do not wish to intimidate any however we must be careful why are the saudis up to these wordings these assumptions. what are they preparing to. seventh.
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speaking of israel. have the. issue of wall. even if at the request of the arabia. we cannot be certain definitely that it will happen however we in the light of the calculations and their lists is indications. direct and direct. international cations etc etc we rule this asset. holds that is that the day israel is. up before an opportunity to settle accounts with hezbollah with our twitching
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a war or engaging in a costly war which the cost of which will be. high pressures. of the israelis can come on course under other head lines and today you have listened. to the statement made by the israeli prime minister sharon. said by netanya. that all the israeli embassies are required to provide diplomatic and political support. from all that zionist lobby and the world listens to saudi arabia and their war against hezbollah the call was made to all the embassies and their present station offices worldwide to provide. to work towards with the zionist lobbies to provide support to the saudis and their wall against lebanon.
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if. so we have been listening there to hezbollah leader hassan nasrallah speaking from beirut in lebanon about the resignation of prime minister. what he called a blunt interference on the part of saudi arabia and calling for unity of lebanon and the lebanese at this time when the prime minister went to saudi arabia resigned from their capital. a few days ago let's cross to our correspondent zain a holder who's been listening to us and from beirut herself a striking address saying i go in all of the saudi actions what has called and you know an act of war against eleven on and the lebanese people and and very much
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a message of unity between all political factions at this time. the secretary general of hezbollah adding his voice calling for the immediate return of saddam how do you see the prime minister to lebanon we know that and of unease officials believe that saddam had it in one way or the other does not have any freedom of movement so. adding his voice saying that we know that the prime minister is being held in saudi arabia we have to bear in mind that saddam how did he is a political opponent of hezbollah but not portraying him more as a victim saying that ok if you want to resign we have no problem you want to criticize us you have no problem but come back to lebanon has on us or to the lebanese people not just his own constituency trying to tell them that the situation is dangerous telling them to stay away from the streets to maintain calm not to be provoked because honestly it is very dangerous times because there is a political divide in lebanon there is a pro saudi camp there is
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a pro iran camp and there are deep deep. answers between them for now those differences have been put aside there are calls for unity even the summit community is quite upset because if you ask people in the streets they'll tell you we want our prime minister to return to lebanon because he is the symbol of their community he reflects their power so they feel if he is gone they will be marginalized even further and that in one way or the other the country is being handed over to iran so that so the secretary general of hezbollah avoiding any political escalation calling for calm but clearly saying that he believes he is being held in saudi arabia a view shared by the president of the country and the speaker of parliament and even how do these political party itself yeah and saying asking lebanese to get behind the president's own house speaker nothing in betty echoing what the interior minister was saying that the saudi arabia cannot dictate what
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happens in lebanon cannot replace one sunni leader with another and even going so far as saying that saeed is not just the figurehead the leader all sonny's and eleven on he is our prime minister he said repeatedly throughout the said dress. well yes he also said that the lebanese are not cheap in news strong words really from the interior minister who is a political ally of saddam how do you do and who is believed to be an ally of saudi arabia yes there are a lot of concerns we were in a sunni neighborhood just the just the other day and the rhetoric was very different we've covered lebanon's political crisis over the years over the past ten years this is not the first time this country is caught up in the iranian saudi rivalry which is playing out across the region in the past we would have heard words like you know hezbollah should be disarmed hezbollah should pull its troops out of syria and not support the syrian government because there is a divide on on syria but now we did hear those words what we heard time and time
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again. needs to return to lebanon he is our leader because lebanon has a sectarian balance of power the power sharing system is based on secretary is sects you have the prime minister who should be a sunday the president the christian the speaker of parliament the shia so when you lose a prime minister a symbol like sadat how do you get the community itself feels marginalized so even from within his own party in their statement yesterday they didn't just ask me to three return they said he needs to return to maintain the internal balance in the country which means to preserve the power of this community so right now yes by the resignation this was a saudi move against hezbollah but people in the sunni community feel that they have been targeted as well and i thank you so much for that joining us with the nexus from beirut thank you. now a u.s. air force commander says the ballistic missile targeting the saudi capital last
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week was provided by iran the missile was launched by iranian backed rebels from inside yemen was aimed at riyadh international airport but down by saudi forces a saudi led coalition has been fighting with the rebels and yemen for the past two and a half years let's get more on this now with our correspondent kimberly how live for us in washington d.c. what more you hearing about this company. well certainly what we're hearing is from the commander of the central command in the region of course saying that they've obviously been investigating this since this occurred on saturday and the conclusion being that the missile that was intercepted that you spoke about just moments ago in fact had in his words iranian markings and that this was a capability that was provided by iran now certainly the united states has been watching all of the region very carefully in recent days because of the escalating tensions not just what we heard from our colleagues in
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a holder commenting on there but also to just the fact that we've seen in saudi arabia sort of the escalations from this anti corruption probe the concerns that potentially this could be some sort of a power grab in the words of the united states and to the sort of complicating factors with regard to iran's role in terms of this missile so it's not just the united states that is watching this very carefully of course there are others in the international community who have weighed in on this including the french president emmanuelle matter who has in fact come to the same conclusions with regard to the origin the capability of this missile and that has been echoed to by the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley committee thank you very much for that company with the latest from washington d.c. . we're following that missile launch salbi has intensified its naval and air blockade of yemen with aid supplies allowed into the war torn country humanitarian
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groups are warning more than twenty million people need help as food and fuel prices rise drastically they warn mass starvation could be just weeks away hannah hawk starr has more. it's difficult to understand that this is what humans can do to each other and millions of people face famine and are in desperate need of urgent humanitarian assistance. now the u.s. has backed aid agencies in calling for more to be done to alleviate the situation we've seen tremendous few food shortages in yemen we've talked about how this is really a manmade situation there the announcement that the ports were being closed down or limited in terms of some of the supplies is an area that's of concern to us because the yemeni people are not the ones at fault for their situation we would like to see food aid medical equipment and all of that be able to brought be brought in to
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the ports saudi arabia has stepped up a land and sea blockade on yemen after ballistic missile was towards the capital riyadh on saturday. before the blockade more than twenty million people at that site the two thirds of the population needed humanitarian assistance now many hoffer like completely on food aid to survive. the country is experiencing a cholera epidemic which is expected to affect one million people by the end of the year aid agencies say they're struggling to work inside the country it takes from one town to another we have to almost go through one hundred checkpoints this is a man made disaster and there is no humanitarian solution to this we're asking for parties to come together to find a solution desperate which is desperately needed for the people of yemen it's becoming increasingly difficult for people to get their hands on vital commodities with prices of petrol cooking oil rising by as much as fifty percent in
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a week. and so far as closing down the ports and borders these are war crimes in the first degree the longer yemen sit empty the longer the suffering will continue . the problem and the headlines on al-jazeera has been. has appeared on lebanese t.v. and festing lebanon's government is still legitimate and that prime minister was forced to resign by saudi arabia and is being held there against his well. in the saudi capital riyadh last week. well even as prime minister was forced to resign and forced to read a statement made by saudi arabia officials and now he's been put under house arrest and prevented from returning home this is definitely what's happened beyond any
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doubt the prime minister is held in saudi arabia and is banned from traveling back to. the u.s. air force commander says the ballistic missile targeting the saudi capital last week was provided by the missile was launched by iranian backed what the rebels from inside yemen it was aimed at national airport was shut down by saudi forces a saudi led coalition has been fighting what the rebels in yemen for the past. two and a half years the u.s. has joined the un and more than twenty eight groups in urging saudi arabia to end its blockade on yemen humanitarian groups warn that more than twenty million people need urgent help. donald trump has told apec members in vietnam that he warned that the united states be taken advantage of global trade but china's president xi jinping says asia pacific leaders must work to improve a multilateral trading system the whistleblower group of global leagues has released a plan by the united arab emirates to destroy carter's economy was found in the
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e-mail account of the u.a.e. them back to the united states use of. the headlines on al-jazeera the stream that's coming up next. germany is hosting this year's climate talks from the united states out of the. climate change. reports from the climate conference and gone from the front lines of great warming climate so when. i mean ok and you're in the stream today how is u.s. president all transfers since he was elected governor we're joined by a special panel of naturalized u.s. citizens they're here to share their thoughts.


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