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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 11, 2017 2:00am-3:00am AST

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and every year their connection to their american friends gets deeper and i think while they're here they realize they're really not different when they're in the dead a dream house which is charity house they feel empowered. his destruction was indiscriminate but will there be an equal recovery i didn't want to be the mayor of two cities i have and have not thought lines discovers how the disparity between rich and poor is brought to the surface in times of crisis this is someone's life who they are the identity their culture. is houston off to harvey at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.
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hello i'm rob matheson this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes as lebanon calls for the return of its prime minister from saudi arabia the international community wants conflict that could lead to further instability in the region. refugees refusing to leave manas island by saturday or one they'll be forcibly removed. bad of the roman catholic church denounces nuclear weapons stockpiles used for the terrence plus. only ten minutes away by boat from jakarta and these villages here are drowning because of the effect of global warming that fast and reporting from the in west java. the us has joined the un and wading into lebanon's political crisis calling. for
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stability after the shock resignation of prime minister saad heidi how do you be honest he was stepping down while in riyadh last saturday blaming interference from iran and its lebanese hezbollah leader says how do we quit under duress. is accusing saudi arabia of detaining hariri and not letting him return home u.s. secretary of state rex tillerson has cautioned all sides to respect lebanon's integrity and independence warning regional powers against using it as a venue for proxy conflicts the u.n. secretary general is warning that a new conflict in the region could have devastating consequences all of this as citizens of saudi arabia kuwait and back rain begin to leave lebanon after being encouraged to do so by their governments in a lot of reports from beirut. citizens of saudi arabia and its gulf allies visiting or living in lebanon are leaving it's not the first time gulf countries tell their citizens it is not safe to stay lebanon has long been entangled in the saudi
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iranian power struggle across the region but the latest warning heightened tensions after the resignation of lebanon's prime minister saad howdy but alongside the tensions there are growing signs of lebanese unity in what many see as saudi interference in their country saturday his resignation was sudden raising concerns about the circumstances behind the decision there is also concern about how to ease freedom of movement he may have been seen since he made the announcement in riyadh but the prime minister hasn't made any more statements lebanon's president michel aoun believes how he is under house arrest he told a saudi arabia the fear in beirut. that the circumstances of the resignation are an acceptable and how d.d. should return immediately. and how did his own political party made a similar demand they didn't just suggest the prime minister is being held against his will but expressed concern that lebanon's son the community could be
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marginalized even further. from this and from charges and disappoint far. as controlling their government and for controlling their destiny on the other hand today they are concerned about. how do you know. so this is why yesterday. to. how do you really should be a priority lebanon is a deeply divided country there is a pro saudi camp led by her which has long accused has been law of imposing iran's agenda here there is a pro iran camp led by hezbollah which has long resisted demands to disarm and to withdraw its troops fighting alongside the syrian government. but even has below has added its voice to demands for howdy to return. the belief that the prime minister is being held against his will when i know not that. we have.
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all the lebanese take this as an offense and any offense to the lebanese prime minister is an offense to all the lebanese even if he is our political outbursts or . hezbollah secretary general has on the stroller was careful to avoid political escalation instead he accused saudi arabia of wanting to impose a new leadership in lebanon and start a war he called on the lebanese to avoid provocation and to stay away from the streets the political divide hasn't gone away but for now at least politicians are putting it aside there is a rare consensus for the need to unite at what many describe as dangerous times. beirut and as we said earlier the u.s. is urging all parties to respect and lebanon's sovereignty this while other world leaders look on with increasing alarm state department correspondent particle hain reports from washington. it's the one question swirling around the world's capitals
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what is going on with lebanese prime minister saad hariri he resigned his post well in saudi arabia does he want to be there or is he being held against his will by the french weighed in you know that he should i think you should ask him this we simply note that he resigned that you travel to abu dhabi on the eve of president mccrum visit so we think he is free in his movements and it is up to him to make his choice at the u.s. state department thursday the answer was less clear we have seen him in terms of the conditions of him being held or the conversations between saudi arabia and the prime minister hariri i would have to refer you to the government of saudi arabia and also to mr hariri office towards the conditions of him being held as he is he in detention well. i'm not going to put that word behi i'm i'm not going to associate that word with that but where he is right now. she went on to say she couldn't even talk about where they met but her boss is sending a strong statement about what should come next secretary of state rex tillerson
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writing that the u.s. respects the prime minister and sees him as a strong partner he went on to warn there is no place in lebanon for foreign forces and the u.s. cautions against any party within or outside lebanon using lebanon as a venue for proxy conflicts an obvious message to saudi arabia but his boss u.s. president donald trump has been more willing in the past to give saudi arabia a green light to do what it wants it remains to be seen if that will apply to lebanon but at the united nations growing alarm after saudi ordered its citizens to leave that country this is a matter of great concern to us and what we want is for peace to be preserved in lebanon. it is essential that no new coffee meet your ups in the region is going to have devastating consequences a critical time for a country wondering what's next for them and their leader political hane al-jazeera
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washington. the un has called on a story on papa new guinea to show restraint as a deadline approaches to clear the manas island refugee detention center in uganda has said it will forcibly remove and arrest anyone who's still there on saturday our water being turned off but hundreds of men remain barricaded inside that and a whole has more. for almost two weeks that refused to budge around six hundred refugees and asylum seekers living in the now closed to stray in prison camp on menace island in papua new guinea without water power food or sanitation because of the deleterious and you know. this video shows how conditions have deteriorated but the man insisted this is better than accommodation on offer in a nearby town they say it's unsafe and fear attacks from local residents and police
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calls to at least to in the power and water back on the campaign been ignored or thirty's there want them gone threatening in a written notice posted at the camp to use force to remove them if they don't leave on their own the united nations all parties to find peaceful solutions we call on both governments australia as well as papua new guinea to exercise restraint not to use violence and to find ways and means to resolve the current tensions peacefully anybody want the men come mainly from the middle east in southeast asia fleeing poverty war and persecution and risking their lives in the hope of making it to a stray leah but israeli has refused to accept anyone trying to reach its shores by boat and for four years has paid proper new guinea to house the refugees official shut down the prison camp after pup a new guinea supreme court ruled it was unconstitutional to host such
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a camp pub when you get he says these. now a stray is responsibility but the straying government maintains it has no obligation because they're not on its soil. the un his joined a chorus of criticism overstrain his response calling on the government to move them into safety in a stray year and to end its policy of same thing asylum seekers to offshore prison camps we have reported on the very dire conditions in the center it's now really high time to bring an end to these unconscionable human suffering what. the detainees at the camp would note from now. donald trump's appearances dominated a meeting an economic cooperation in the asia pacific region has delivered a strong message declaring the u.s. won't accept trade deals forcing the surrender of its sovereignty china's president xi jinping meanwhile told the summit that economic globalization is
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a process that cannot be reversed when any has more from done nine in vietnam. often the most memorable event at an apec summit is the leader's photo opportunity at the garland dinner at this year's traditional costume chosen by the host vietnam was fairly low key that was in contrast to the days earlier events that included a speech by u.s. president donald trump he went straight on the offensive seeming to attack china's trade policies without specifically mentioning china they engaged in product dumping subsidized goods currency manipulation and predatory industrial powers they ignored their rules to gain advantage over those who followed the rules causing enormous distortions in commerce and threatening the foundations of international trade itself trump has vowed to correct some of the trade deficits the united states has built up particularly in asia but the america
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first policy that he campaigned on ahead of last year's election is seen as protectionist it runs counter to the multilateral globalist approach of most other apec nations including china. president xi jinping spoke soon after trump and painted china as a champion of globalization. openness brings progress while seclusion leaves one behind we. know this too well from our own development experience we should put in place a regional cooperation framework that ensures consultation among equals with participation and shared benefits. that's what the trans-pacific partnership trade deal is supposed to achieve it doesn't include china or the united states after donald trump withdrew the remaining eleven members hoping to come to some sort of agreement during a panic but a planned leaders' meeting to sign off on a provisional agreement didn't happen on friday because of last minute objections
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by canada. deborah helms has been involved in negotiations in the past and says if a deal isn't reached in vietnam the whole thing could be in jeopardy as we've just seen in the last few weeks with the change of government in new zealand new demands on the agreement the canadians have had a government change not quite so recently but that's part of what's driving the problems in t.v. every day that you wait is a day in which the whole thing could follow god bless the united states of america if it survives quietly hope the united states will eventually rejoin but under president trump that's unlikely wayne hay al-jazeera vietnam but a bar had in the news including time's running out for british brags that negotiators with the u.k. given just two weeks to make concessions. poland's independence day it's highlighting the political polarization within the country. senegal gets revenge as
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they make it through to next year's world cup in russia that story later in the sport. as president has extended the state of emergency in the country for three more months that was forced to clear out in november twenty fifth after a series of attacks and gives police more power to ban strikes and gatherings extension comes after a police commander was stabbed to death in tunis earlier this month. turkish police have arrested one hundred people suspected of having links to isolate turkey's state news agency says eighty two foreigners had been planning to go to syria before they were arrested in istanbul eighteen more suspects were arrested in operations and donna and is mere. detentions were aimed at protecting friday's commemorations marking seventy nine years since the death of most of. the founder
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of modern turkey. pope francis has spoken out against the concept of the nuclear deterrent saying it gives countries a false sense of security the head of the catholic church is hosting a two day conference on nuclear disarmament attended by nobel peace laureates along with delegates from nato and the united nations john e. angela reports from rome. the nuclear attack on hiroshima blanket destruction never seen before nine hundred forty five or since. at this conference at the vatican u.n. officials a nobel peace prize recipient a discussing nuclear disarmament trying to ensure hiroshima never happens again pope francis launched the event by condemning all nuclear weapons. i firmly condemned refer to the u.s. as well as that position but they exist in the service of a mentality of fear that affects not only the parties in conflict but the entire
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human race. listens to this mentality has led to tension on the korean peninsula and worrying rhetoric between washington and pyongyang this is the first major international gathering since the un approved a treaty banning all nuclear weapons or excellence of the vice president over fifty countries signed the treaty in september but the nine nations with a nuclear arsenal and all nato members boycotted the talks in a debate nato deputy secretary general defended their position the treaty risks undermining years of steady progress under the nonproliferation treaty importantly the ban treaty disregards the security conditions and nuclear challenges that we face most prominently today the emergence of nuclear weapons and long range missiles in north korea without the participation of nuclear nations in the treaty some say disarmament might be
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a pipe dream but others say it's comparable to when chemical and biological weapons were banned that was a crucial first step in making those arsenals illegal in discussions like these are not the way of cranking up the pressure on those countries some speakers believe that it's up to the public to demand an end to nuclear weapons it's insane and everybody is saying insane but government are not listening and again. every every we have right now we just have to. show. what they're calling for more equitable global security system perhaps utopian and unrealistic for some but the alternative is to rethink to imagine. november the eleventh is poland's independence day and the nation is geared up to spend saturday celebrating but in recent years that has become the focus of right
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wing nationalism al-jazeera has been barred from far right party meetings underway in the capital warsaw and attendance nationalists from ukraine estonia russia and the united states and as david schaper reports the country is becoming politically polarized. was or has become a magnet for neo nazis and ultra nationalists this martial arts group from russia is just one of the far right organizations attending a congress on friday promoting white supremacist ideology. a man without a will is like a knife without a blade every year the extreme right celebrates poland's independence day with a march through the capital their opinions are no longer confined to the margins here the ruling law and justice party has adopted the nationalist rhetoric and placed it in the mainstream of the country's politics their leader. warned that refugees from the middle east would bring in parasites and diseases so. our
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message is a wake up call for europe so that one can live in peace without terrorism and islamic radicalization so that we can leave and. nobody thought and its effect. would last time for centuries for. first germany attacks. then soviet russia the controversy surrounding this short animated film shows how much the political scene is changing in poland being screened in the museum of the second world war the dance illustrates how the country's past is being rewritten by today's politicians to secure that future it's not a comic book and right now it's like they are treating our heroes comic book characters like fantastic four. to get there i do believe. to get to some political. adventure which. it's horrid it was to be at this film at the museum that was taken
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off the screens the government didn't like its message about the suffering of the civilian population in the war in syria and the plight of the refugees ultra nationalism and xenophobia gaining new recruits in a new generation here in poland there's been a vast increase in the number of racially motivated attacks directed mainly at the muslim minority here just forty thousand people in a nation of thirty eight million. throughout the capital and throughout the country ceremonies will be taking place to celebrate poland's day of independence but it's now become a political battleground between a resurgent right the liberal left. al-jazeera morsi. i you can court has upheld a ruling that drivers are entitled to workers' rights such as minimum wage and paid time off the multi-billion dollar company argues its drivers work as independent
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contractors the union supporting the drivers says they should have the same employment rights a similar businesses already announced it will appeal against friday's decision. he used chief briggs it negotiator has given the u.k. a two week ultimatum to make concessions on a divorce agreement if talks are to proceed to the next round michel barnier says it's vital for the u.k. to increase its offer on an exit bill which some e.u. officials say could be as much as seventy billion dollars peter sharp reports from london. time does appear to be running out for the british breck's at negotiators as the u. representative field in this question at the end of the second day of talks in brussels mr mann you confirm for me that you will need clarifications or concessions whichever you prefer from the u.k. within two weeks in order to move on to the second phase in december my boss or we
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my response says michel barnier is yes in december either leaders in brussels will decide whether sufficient progress has been made the two sides are to move on to discuss important future trade deals we remain ready and willing to engage as often and as quickly as needed to secure this outcome over the weeks remaining ahead of the december european council. the united kingdom will continue to engage and negotiate constructive as we have done since the start but to the prime minister's exasperate the former british ambassador to the e.u. left open the possibility of leaving breck's it altogether it's not inconceivable he said we can change our minds at any time while we're in there and while the divorce talks proceed the party is still married. reconciliation is still possible to reason mayor who lost two ministers in separate scandals this week is now determined to impose her authority over rebel anti breck's it m.p.'s writing in
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the daily telegraph she made her position clear we will not tolerate attempts from any quarter to use the process of amendment to this bill as a mechanism to try and block the democratic wishes of the british people to try and slow down or stop our departure from the e.u. the prime minister has specify that the time and date of brecht's it will be written into law eleven p.m. march twenty ninth two thousand and nineteen on monday delegation of senior e.u. business leaders will be meeting the prime minister here in london and they'll be bringing more bad news it's expected they'll tell mrs may that her plans to implement breck's it in just two years are simply unrealistic peter sharp al-jazeera in london. on kong is known for its aggressive really save markets with big developers buying up government land at a record rate but one of the city's last indigenous communities is standing up to
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them to save its heritage and as sarah clarke reports they're turning to the public for help perched on the hillside in the shadows of the surrounding high rise is park village it was home to the city's first dairy that closed more than thirty years ago but around two thousand eight hundred people still live here in one of the island's last indigenous communities. that this village means a lot to me i was born here and i've been living here for more than seventy years i don't plan to move elsewhere. so ching forms family of fourth generation residents and proud of the villages history stretching back more than four hundred years the local population lived around the dairy and after world war two it became home to a flood of refugees from milan china but it central location on hong kong island has made it a target with developers came to demolish the size. i got or you can there's always
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been talks every two or three years about knocking down the village we don't know what will happen after the demolition or when it will take place but we call to live in anxiety. despite decades of campaigns locals have filed to convince the hong kong government to preserve the village so now they're turning to the public for help this is the first item day tickets with fifty dollars each and the tour was sold out with visitors given an insight into the historical significance of village life. i hope to see this place preserved because village life is what the villages love the most as such a big opposite to living in hong kong island and that you can find this not too far away from our place and it's very beautiful there are plans to restore and preserve parts of the dairy the government has already committed around fifteen million dollars to turn it into a public museum but there are no guarantees that the rest of this village built around the dairy. site the religious cultural heritage has been recognised over
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saves the world monuments fund ice to new york dedicated to preserving heritage sites has placed it on its watch list conservationists hope that opened eyes like this will convince the hong kong government to do the sign so you know if this village is gone we will lose our history and memories we're told significant and maintain diversity of lifestyle choices. these buildings my look like sprawling crumbling facades to some to these villages they're a survivor of the city's past sarah clarke al-jazeera hong kong. still ahead and al jazeera single horsewomen so done sales ahead with rebuilding its shipping fleet after two decades of u.s. sanctions plus. in sports research is real a shocking discovery about former n.f.l. superstar aaron hernandez who killed himself in prison.
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how anyone it is being complacent on the east coast the u.s. and just hanging around in short sleeves you just felt a shock coming to you might even get of a brief notice of lake effect snow and tree of clad across the great lakes yes to very garwood now they focused is still around about zero in toronto and new york is it for now given that new york was about fourteen twenty four and twenty four not that long ago this is a huge shock to the system that cold air comes over than to washington still ahead of it is snow in the the lakes area and still snow wandering around the higher parts of washington state and more especially montana bit of oregon stop tickly cold here and notice the particular cold last northeast corner but that massive cloud stretches died down for the appalachian chain only ten degrees in atlanta so
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yes a lack of snow for the most part but that is a big difference as things are going to feel going south so i was still talking about traffic weather as we always would do in the caribbean the massacre is fairly obvious and they went from jamaica eastward through haiti is the most likely area to feel rain might also include cuba an increase in the honduras i think the yucatan peninsula. everything you do is being analyzed it's being a way to measure. life. and it's not just i phones that's almost like things i mean most not fans of the state at the moment we are in a state of the universe that have been started something that was growing back i would rather take the risks of. the risks of. digital dissidents
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at this time on al-jazeera. had to maintain the intersection of reality and comedy and post revolution to newseum. a mission to entertain educate and provoke debate through satire how weapon of choice. and internet look at what inspires one of china's year's most popular comedians to make people laugh. my tune is you hang at this time on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s.
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secretary of states warning all sides to respect lebanon's integrity and independence and says he strongly backs its prime minister saad hariri announced he was stepping down while in the saudi capital on saturday blaming interference from iran and its lebanese ally hezbollah. there are reports now that authorities of up new guinea have started to dismantle makeshift shelters at the mannus island detention center un's called a mr india up a new guinea to use restraint as training i had been using the center to hold asylum seekers. but it was closed ten days ago or a lot of them turned off but hundreds of men remain barricaded inside. bob francis has spoken out against nuclear deterrence policies developed during the cold war he says they provide a false sense of security ahead of the catholic church is hosting the two day conference on nuclear disarmament. the u.n. has told al-jazeera there's no sign of any aid getting into yemen this spite its
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warning that a mass starvation could be just weeks away saudi arabia ordered a total closure of yemeni air land and sea ports this week and responds to a missile fired from rebel held territory in yemen on a hot stock has more it's difficult to understand that this is what humans can do to each other and millions of people face famine and they're in desperate need of urgent humanitarian assistance. now the u.s. has backed aid agencies in calling for more to be done to alleviate the situation we've seen tremendous few food shortages in yemen we've talked about how this is really a manmade situation there the announcement that the ports were being closed down or limited in terms of some of the supplies is an area that's of concern to us because the yemeni people are not the ones at fault for their situation we would like to
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see food aid medical equipment and all of that be able to brought be brought in to the ports saudi arabia has stepped up a land and sea blockade on yemen after a ballistic missile was hard towards the capital riyadh on saturday. before the blockade more than twenty million people with that save a two thirds of the population needed humanitarian assistance now nearly hoffer and i completely on food aid to survive. the country is experiencing a cholera epidemic which is expected to affect one million people by the end of the year aid agencies say they're starting to work inside the country it takes from one town to another we have to almost go through one hundred checkpoints this is a manmade disaster and there is no humanitarian solution to this we're asking for parties to come together and to find a solution desperately which is desperately needed for the people of yemen it's becoming increasingly difficult for people to get their hands on vital commodities
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with prices of petrol and cooking oil rising by as much as fifty percent in a week. and so far as closing down the ports and borders these are war crimes in the first degree the longer you. sit empty the longer the suffering will continue. their syrian children is facing acute malnutrition as government forces continue bombing the rebel held area near damascus doctors say medical supplies are running out and the un is warning that the region faces a complete catastrophe the four hundred thousand civilians living in eastern go to have been under siege by the syrian government since september deliveries have been blocked hundreds of thousands of people need urgent medical evacuation. we had cases of poor growth due to chronic nourishment that has taken place over the past several years many children are lacking essential nutrients many suffer from many suffer from vitamin deficiency deficiency deficiency all of this is at
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a negative impact on the children's growth and development. the head of the united nations says violence against me and most will hinge on muslims must end and tony harris is calling for him to be allowed to return to their homes and given legal status. we insists on the need to make sure not only that all violence against these population stops but also we need to insist on and hinted at humanitarian access to all areas of state including the northern part of the region. and we insist in the need to reassert the right of return safe and dignifying return voluntary for all population that fled to bangladesh and to the areas of origin not to be placed in camps not having access to the places where they left without as comments were made as man is the
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chief faces pressure from world leaders at the apec summit in vietnam canada's prime minister justin trudeau spoke with suchi about the military crackdown in iraq and state that has forced at least eight hundred thousand ranger to flee neighboring bangladesh to it as government is facing calls to strip the nobel laureate over on every canadian citizenship a matter begum is one of the range of refugees in bangladesh she moved to the cut up along two months ago after her husband was killed by the army. i live in. with my three kids and my sick mother. the day the military circled our village and shot dead my husband and lots of other men i could not give him a funeral i just gave and i saw lots of dead bodies floating in canals. my
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children are young seven five and three years old they can't help me much my only boy who is the youngest is sick i took him to the doctor today. the doctor was saying why is your kid so weak and then. they gave me some medicine and a nutrition mix for him. i feel so stressed when i can't feed my kids properly but where can i go when my mother is sick. the only aid i got was a tourbillon and. i had to pay the porters to bring those here and build my tent. now i live here but i don't feel at peace. if my husband was a life he would have taken care of everything outside and of my happiness i could have stayed home and taking care of the children and the household now i have to take care of everything i feel helpless. we had everything back in our village
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we had a comfortable life back home we came to bangladesh to save ourselves the one thing i want now is to raise my children without giving them any hardship. i cannot forgive those who did this to us my husband was killed with lots of others. i tried to calm my heart by telling myself that it was an order from allah only our luck and forgive them i don't have any control over that content owners deposed parliamentary speaker. has been released from detention after paying bail of one hundred seventy five thousand dollars she spent thursday night in a madrid prison as part of a rebellion investigation into catalonia as pro independence leader five other sites catalan politicians were conditionally released after appearing before a judge they also face charges of rebellion and sedition after catalonia as a declaration of independence. venezuela's state run power company corporal alec
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has fallen defaulted on a six hundred fifty million dollar bond move that compounds the south american countries already ailing economy it comes a week after embattled president nicolas maduro called for a creditor meeting to discuss restructuring the nation's foreign debt the wilmington trust says a thirty day grace period expired and it had received no funds from corporate like to cover overdue interest payments an american journalist accused of insulting zimbabwe president robert mugabe has been released from custody on bail mothball donovan allegedly retreated a post that called the ninety three year old leader a sick man and referred to him as a goblin. reports the police a baby in watching the donovan for months to say that on her twitter page had a picture of a poster that said shut down zimbabwe twenty sixteen this is referring to the anti-government protests that happened last year the large scale anti-government
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protests there saying that she was arrested and charged with subversion and undermine the president. because she retreated a tweet that referred to president mugabe as old and sickly and referred to him as a goblin she is being released on bail she left in the company of n.b.c. officials from the united states this is the first race since the cybersecurity minister was set up last month human rights activists say they're concerned that this ministry will further clamp down and freedom of expression in zimbabwe and target people who speak out against the government or the president and head of next year's election. seven thousand people who suffered torture and abuse under the rule of chad's former dictator. have filed a human rights complaint against the government a lot of trial and twenty fifteen how to water one hundred twenty five million dollars to the victims and reparations but they say the government has so far
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failed to comply it was sentenced to life in prison for war crimes and crimes against humanity during his eight years in power so done this hoping to rebuild its shipping fleet off it was devastated by twenty years of u.s. sanctions it's now been a month since the sanctions were lifted the recovery has been slow to morgan reports from port sudan whenever he looks at the port has and says he remembers the days when his import business was still up and running but that was before the united states slapped trade sanctions on sudan. i used to bring in clothes for people to sign in customized now the ships have to stop at other ports the goods are unloaded there and then we ship here that has increased the cost of shipping so now i've been forced to close my business. as i am isn't alone the port is the country's logistic hub and gateway to the arabian gulf it exports not just from sudan but also from landlocked neighboring countries like
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judd and south sudan all the ships at the port are now foreign but it wasn't long ago that sudan had its own fleet of fifteen ships which transported goods and passengers but one thing happened that slowly killed the industry until last month the u.s. had imposed economic and trade sanctions on sudan it meant the government couldn't maintain its own fleet of ships and had to sell them to cut its losses the last almost sold almost a year and a half before the sanctions were lifted the sanctions came into force in one thousand nine hundred seven when the us accused them of human rights abuses and sponsoring terror it was designed to hurt the sudanese economy and so it did and all but destroyed the shipping industry the news authorities say with the sanctions lifted they'll try to rebuild their fleet but it won't be easy on the docket for years building ships takes a lot of time making one from scratch takes at least two years so we don't expect it to happen in the near future only after quite
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a while will students shipping fleet again its strength the port is becoming more active though hopefully by next year we will have more development in the industry analysts say the government should focus on modernization and. lifting the sanctions gives us a chance for the government to bring in new technologies to make the port and its industry able to provide better services for now but won't help the economy maybe in two or three years it will especially through transit services to the neighboring landlocked countries. as and knows his days of bringing in goods by sea are over but he hopes with a new post sanctions era the younger generation could export trade beyond the harbor he now only visits he morgan and is there port sudan. pollution is causing severe health problems in india's capital new delhi a blanket of toxic smog is being blamed with many residents complaining of iowa taishan breathing problems the smog has covered the city for several days new delhi's pollution levels are
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currently about eight times worse than what's considered safe schools are closed and residents have been told to stay indoors up to forty two million homes in indonesia's coastal areas are under threat from rising sea levels in many places water's rising at eight millimeters a year and a step verse in reports most of those affected rely in the sea for their livelihood . is losing his battle against the sea the ocean started creeping into his house seven years ago and most nights he and his family i haven't trouble finding a dry place to sleep. at night we only see water and garbage nothing else that is very scary. his neighbors of all flat the houses destroyed by the waves salam and his family are now closest to the sea there has been a huge change when i arrived in this village in one thousand eight hundred two it
2:44 am
was very beautiful and prosperous business was easy we all work at the shrimp on's and we are doing very well we never thought our family would suffer like this bug a village little remaining happy village looks nothing like that anymore half of its population is gone and the ponds are destroyed rising sea levels and the destruction of the seabed and mangrove trees are to blame the north coast of the island of java has lost nearly eleven thousand hectares to the sea so far it's hard to imagine it only seven years ago people were living right here farming shrimp and now the sea has taken over their land forcing hundreds to flee those who remain are watching how their village is slowly but surely swallowed by water the house where i was born has lost its first floor and its courtyard. this used to be our playground we play but when done here and together with our family we would raise
2:45 am
the plate to celebrate independence day. and his siblings are the only teachers left to educate the children that remain here when we asked the students if they know what climate change is this is their answer out and having our organic name what they do know is that their skeered. i'm afraid i want to have a place to live anymore when the water is high children are often crying. and solemn knows that action has yet to be taken care of and we always hear them talking on t.v. on this and that combating poverty etc but i'm not convinced politicians will help us too many countries are involved the government has tried to save the village by planting mangrove trees but many fear sea water will right faster than trees can grow and a village just say if no dam is built soon the happy village will completely disappear in the next five years that fastens al-jazeera but gussie west java
2:46 am
and aid group says millions of children who were saved under a malaria prevention program are now at risk of contracting the disease because of a lack of funds seasonal malaria chemo prevention or s.m.c. was a scheme which provided children with anti malaria drugs during the rainy season the charity malaria consortium says it's helped save forty thousand lives and has prevented six million cases mainly across africa it costs three dollars forty a year per child but the group says money is running out and that's leaving thirty four million children at risk of being exposed to malaria james table and is the technical director for malaria consult him and he says they're hoping to scale up the program but they need urgent funding it works so well because treatment is something which is. accepted by populations and a treatment given at the exact point just before children are likely to fall sick
2:47 am
and prevents them from falling sick is so effective and the research has shown that and we have shown it'd scale and i think. i think it's a credit to the researchers who managed to prove this in addition the drug is highly effective it's a combination of two drugs one is called so for docs impair method which is a combination and one day a green and they're used in areas where both drugs do not have high resistance the project was designed as a catalytic project i.e. to improve access to get rid of some of the barriers which we have managed to and to transition to other streams of funding like the global fund like the world bank but importantly to government funding so the project comes to an end in february twenty eighth mean i think the critical thing is that the funding has to come on the right time for example if the funding doesn't come between now and probably
2:48 am
january it will be too late to be able to order the drugs in time for the rainy season that starts in july in the sahara region so if the money for example came on board in july or august it would be too late because you need a lead time to order the medicines to put the plans in place and to get the medicines to the villages where they should be distributed. still ahead and al jazeera we're going to tell you how new york plans to bring more cultural programs to low income communities. a costly kick the action that's booked the place ever out of the game for eight months details with fara coming up in sport.
2:49 am
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as time for the sports here's fog. thanks very much senegal have seized a second chance to qualify for next year's fee for world cup midfielder saudia mani's start as they defeated south africa and to now the match in full of quantity had to be replayed after south africa won their two one a year ago if they're ruled the referee was guilty of unlawfully influencing the results the italian job of making the world cup just got a little harder they've been beaten one nil by sweden yacob johansson the score but the two thousand and six champions who qualify for fifteen consecutive finals get another chance in monday's second lank french footballer patrice evra has been banned for almost eight months for taking a fan in the face of former manchester united and you then to this defender has
2:51 am
also had his contract with the olympic marsay terminated or was given a red card after they pretty much incidents before you open league game last week europe's governing body banned him until june the thirtieth and fined him more than eleven thousand dollars the thirty six year old won the two thousand and eight champions league with manchester united as well as five premier league titles. the head of the twenty twenty two world cup in qatar has welcomed a decision by the international labor organization to close its complaints against the gulf states treatment of migrant workers this includes those working on projects this week the un agency says reforms agreed to by qatar meant some two million workers now enjoy better protection as an alpha wadi who is the secretary general of the supreme committee insists his organization has always been committed to workers' rights. the commitment towards improving worker welfare was there before the world cup but the world cup was a catalyst to accelerate a lot of these reforms and in
2:52 am
a much more effective much more accelerated way of course the decision in the in the ilo yesterday's welcome decision because it's a recognition of the commitment and the progress that has made that does not mean that it's ended of course our journey towards reform is going to continue and we always embrace and welcome anybody that provides constructive criticism and assists us in improving the situation for migrant workers in the state of. another high profile american gymnast says she was sexually abused by team physician larry nasser in an interview with a u.s. network three time olympic gold medalist sally rassmann says she was first treated by nasser when she was fifteen the twenty three year old is the most prominent actually to come forward about dr nasser is in jail awaiting sentencing after pleading guilty to child pornography charges former new england patriots player aaron hernandez suffered the most severe case of brain damage ever discovered in a person his age this is according to researchers at the boston university he was twenty seven when he hanged himself in april doctors found he had stage three
2:53 am
c.t.e. something not previously found in anyone younger than forty six the researchers say the brain degeneration hernandez suffered would have significantly affected his decision making judgment and cognition brain disease has become an important topic as research is showing more and more complications in former players of sports like american football owing to concussion and repetitive brain trauma. for an individual who is only twenty seven at the time that he died he had a very advanced disease and not only was it advanced microscopically especially in the frontal lobes which are very important for decision making judgment and cognition but we could see damage to the to the to the chambers of the brain the septum and we have this would be the first case we've ever seen a background of damage in such a young individual world thomas number one rafa nadal says there's no guarantee
2:54 am
he'll be fit for the a.t.p. tour finals in london the spaniard still battling a knee injury ahead of his first match against belgium david often on monday and always forced to pull out of the paris masters last month before his quarter final . here i am today my best that's all things that i get. i hope and if i don't believe that i could be ready for monday i will not be here we are working every day practicing well just trying to be ready for production. it said hours long time sparring partner who's been the focus of attention ahead of the tournaments roger federer has been named as the comeback player of the year before the six year old won two grand slam tournaments after missing most of last year with injury this one just feels like a share it was rough and all the other guys who were also nominated for this award
2:55 am
because we all worked incredibly hard to come back and we were all happy just to be back so to get this award i don't feel like i have all my own that feel like we share a totally all together. russian andre rieu blood has reached the semifinals of the first ever a.t.p. next gen finals in milan. he knocked out canadian third seed denis chavela of on thursday with a fight that when. tournament top seed winning the match and by. thanks . and that's all your support for now more later new york is known as the cultural capital of the u.s. with its world class museums and its broadway shows the city spends more than one hundred eighty million dollars in cultural programs and institutions every year but not everyone has equal access to the arts supported by public funding kristen
2:56 am
salumi reports on how the city is trying to change that. in a low income neighborhood known more for its problems than for its art this outdoor festival speaks to the community. this morning and. from poetry to painting local artists have an audience here in east brooklyn that appreciates their work like stephanie fatha roy draws women of color. i feel like it's better for my art to just be here like young girls could see a representation of them as a positive rather than of themselves the festival is organized by katherine green of arts east new york under a new cultural plan new york city is targeting programs like this one for funding increases we want to make sure that every community in new york city has that sort of opportunities to unlock to open the minds of souls and youth all over this the city with the green says the additional money will help or better market their
2:57 am
programs to make them more widely available. york spends one hundred million dollars a year on art and culture more than any other city in the country but some neighborhoods benefit way more than others most of the funding goes to thirty three city own institutions like the museum of natural history but they are mostly located in manhattan. that's a long trip not to mention an expensive outing for families who live more than an hour away by public transportation and. we think this is going to have a very big impact in low income communities according to the city's commissioner of culture for one and a half million dollars and spending in these areas is a good investment these kinds of activities are to arts activities are correlated with a much bigger impact in low income communities person cities that have rich cultural
2:58 am
activities are. really safer better school outcomes and they're healthier. it's a plan that allows neighborhoods to celebrate their unique cultures and that has these brooklyn dancing in the streets christian salumi al jazeera new york. and that's it for me but matheson for this news i'm going to be back in a moment with more of the day's news stay with me as you like.
2:59 am
right. it's the end of the breeding season as we take a ferry through the straits of magellan to mark the island today the island is a penguin colony sanctuary with access to tourists accompanied by foot nanda sent penguin expert. we learned the penguin colonies in south america are under threat climate change is one reason it is well documented that changing rain patterns or spend was to abandon fly the nest warmer ocean temperatures have diminished the quantity and quality of fish for the penguins swim further and further away to feed
3:00 am
their young overfishing and ocean contamination especially plastic also killing penguins back something that i was told by the pakistani army to dmards and we held in guantanamo a number of al qaeda and taliban detainees transferred to u.s. forces in afghanistan has continued to grow for years without trial and had a paper that said they were innocent. or screamed would be beaten again a quest for a better life but ended in a concentration. of one tunnel no twenty two at this time on al-jazeera. has been on calls for the return of its prime minister from saudi arabia into.


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