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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 11, 2017 3:00am-3:34am AST

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warmer ocean temperatures have diminished the quantity and quality of fish for the penguins who must swim further and further away to feed their young overfishing and ocean contamination especially plastic also killing penguins pack some of the sold by the pakistani army to the americans and we get held in guantanamo a number of al qaeda and taliban detainees transferred to u.s. forces in afghanistan has continued to grow for years without trial they had a paper that said they were. never talked or screamed would be beaten again a quest for a better life that ended in incarceration. of one tunnel no twenty two at this time on al jazeera. as lebanon calls for the return of its prime minister from saudi arabia but international warnings intensify about the risk of conflict in the region.
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i'm about this and this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up refugees refusing to leave by an assignment by saturday or one they'll be forcibly removed. the head of the roman catholic church denounces nuclear weapons as he hosts an international conference on disarmament plus have just landed up with a note of our message is a wake up call for europe and gatherings of far right to nationalise from home and abroad threaten to taint poland's independence day celebrations. the u.s. has joined the u.n. and wading into lebanon's political crisis calling for stability after the shock reza. nation of prime minister heidi. he was stepping down while he was in riyadh
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last saturday blaming interference from iran and its lebanese hezbollah bought hezbollah's leader says how to quit. accusing saudi arabia of detaining and not letting them return home u.s. secretary of state has cautioned all sides to respect lebanon's integrity and independence warning regional powers against using it as a venue for proxy conflicts the u.n. secretary general is warning that new conflict in the region could have devastating consequences all of this as citizens of saudi arabia kuwait down by a crane begin to leave lebanon after being encouraged to do so by their governments so you know hala reports from beirut. citizens of saudi arabia and its gulf allies visiting or living in lebanon are leaving it's not the first time gulf countries tell their citizens it is not safe to stay lebanon has long been entangled in the
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saudi iranian power struggle across the region but the latest warning heightened tensions after the resignation of lebanon's prime minister saad howdy but alongside the tensions there are growing signs of lebanese unity in what many see as saudi interference in their country saturday his resignation was sudden raising concerns about the circumstances behind the decision there is also concern about how to ease freedom of movement he may have been seen since he made the announcement in riyadh but the prime minister hasn't made any more statements lebanon's president michel aoun believes had he is under house arrest he told a saudi arabia the fear in beirut will lead bihari that the circumstances of the resignation are an acceptable and how d.d. should return immediately. how did his own political party made a similar demand they didn't just suggest the prime minister is being held against his will but expressed concern that lebanon's son the community could be
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marginalized even further. from this and from charges and disappoint the bar. is controlling their government and are controlling their destiny on the other hand today they are concerned about. how do you do this for me so this is why yesterday there are two. how do you really should be a priority lebanon is a deeply divided country there is a pro saudi camp led by her which has long accused has been law of imposing iran's agenda here there is a pro iran camp led by hezbollah which has long resisted demands to disarm and to withdraw its troops fighting alongside the syrian government. but even has below has added its voice to demands for how to be to return it to rating the belief that the prime minister is being held against his will when i know not that. we have and
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we all the lebanese take this as an offense and any offense to the lebanese prime minister is an offense to all the lebanese even if he is our political bursar of hezbollah secretary general has an astrolabe was careful to avoid political escalation instead he accused saudi arabia of wanting to impose a new leadership in lebanon and start a war he called on the lebanese to avoid provocation and to stay away from the streets the political divide hasn't gone away but for now at least politicians are putting it aside there is a rare consensus for the need to unite at what many describe as dangerous times. beirut well as we said earlier the u.s. is urging all parties to respect lebanon's sovereignty this what other world leaders look on with increasing along state department correspondent particle hane reports from washington. it's the one question swirling around the world capitals what is going on with lebanese prime minister saad hariri he resigned his post well
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in saudi arabia does he want to be there or is he being held against his will by the french weighed in you know that he should i think you should ask him this we simply note that he resigned that you travel to abu dhabi on the eve of president mccrum visit so we think he is free in his movements and it is up to him to make his choices at the u.s. state department thursday the answer was less clear we have seen him in terms of the conditions of him being held or the conversations between saudi arabia and the prime minister hariri i would have to refer you to the government of saudi arabia and also to mr hariri office for use of the conditions of him being held as he is he in detention well. i'm not going to put that word behi i'm i'm not going to associate that word with it but where he is right now. she went on to say she couldn't even talk about where they met but her boss is sending a strong statement about what should come next secretary of state rex tillerson
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writing that the u.s. respects the prime minister and sees him as a strong partner he went on to warn there is no place in lebanon for foreign forces and the u.s. cautions against any party within or outside lebanon using lebanon as a venue for proxy conflicts an obvious message to saudi arabia but his boss u.s. president donald trump has been more willing in the past to give saudi arabia a green light to do what it wants it remains to be seen if that will apply to lebanon but at the united nations growing alarm after saudi ordered its citizens to leave that country this is a matter of great concern to us and what we want is for peace to be preserved in lebanon. it is essential that no new call fleet in the region is going to have devastating consequences a critical time for a country wondering what's next for them and their leader political hain al jazeera
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washington. president has extended the country's state of emergency by three months it was first occurred in november twenty fifth after a series of attacks on the games police white of powers they stench and comes after a senior come out who was stabbed to death in tunis and of this month. there are reports that authorities in papua new guinea have begun removing makeshift shelters at the monitor island refugee detention center hundreds of men remain barricaded inside new guinea said it will arrest anyone who's still there on saturday but on a haunt has more. for almost two weeks that refused to budge around six hundred refugees and asylum seekers living in the now closed to stray in prison camp on menace island in papua new guinea without water power food or sanitation because after dating this and you know. this video
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shows how conditions have deteriorated but the men insisted this is better than accommodation on offer in a nearby town they say it's unsafe and fear attacks from local residents and police calls to at least two in the power and water back on the campaign has been ignored or thirty's their want them gone threatening in a written notice posted at the camp to use force to remove them if they don't leave on their own the united nations are urging all parties to find peaceful solutions we call on both governments australia as well as papua new guinea to exercise restraint not to use violence and to find ways and means to resolve the current tensions peacefully anybody want the men come mainly from the middle east and southeast asia fleeing poverty war and persecution and risking their lives in the hope of making it to a stray leah but israel has refused to accept anyone trying to reach its shores by
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boat and for four years has paid proper new guinea to house the refugees official shut down the prison camp after pup a new guinea supreme court ruled it was unconstitutional to host such a camp probably new guinea says the asylum seekers and now a stray is responsibility but this. government maintains it has no obligation because they're not on its soil. the un his joined a chorus of criticism overstrain his response calling on the government to move them into safety in a stray year and to end its policy of same thing asylum seekers to offshore prison camps we have reported on the very dire conditions in the center it's now really high time to bring an end to these unconscionable human suffering what. the detainees at the camp admit they're fearful of what my camp but say they have no choice but to stay put for now. donald trump's
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appearance has dominated a meeting on economic cooperation in the. he's declared the u.s. won't accept trade deals which affect its sovereignty meanwhile china's president xi jinping has said that the process of economic globalization cannot be reversed when haye has more from denying in vietnam. often the most memorable event at an apec summit is the leaders photo opportunity at the garland dinner of this year's traditional costume chosen by the host vietnam was fairly low key that was in contrast to the days earlier events that included a speech by u.s. president donald trump he went straight on the offensive seeming to attack china's trade policies without specifically mentioning china they engaged in product dumping subsidized goods currency manipulation and predatory industrial powers they ignored the rules to gain advantage over those who followed
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the rules causing enormous distortions in commerce and threatening the foundations of international trade itself trump has vowed to correct some of the trade deficits the united states has built up particularly in asia but the america first policy that he campaigned on ahead of last year's election is seen as protectionist it runs counter to the multilateral globalist approach of most other apec nations including china president xi jinping spoke soon after trump and painted china as a champion of globalization. openness brings progress while seclusion leaves one behind we the ocean pacific economies know this too well from our own development experience we should put in place a regional cooperation framework that ensures consultation among equals with participation and shared benefits. that's what the trans-pacific partnership trade deal is supposed to achieve it doesn't include china or the united states after
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donald trump withdrew the remaining eleven members are hoping to come to some sort of agreement during a pic but a planned leaders' meeting to sign off on a provisional agreement didn't happen when she joined on friday because of last minute objections by canada. deborah elms has been involved in negotiations in the past and says if a deal isn't reached in vietnam the whole thing could be in jeopardy as we've just seen in the last few weeks with a change of government in new zealand new demands on the agreement the canadians have had a government change not quite so recently but that's part of what's driving the problems in t.v. now every day that you wait is a day in which the whole thing could follow god bless the united states of america if it survives members quietly hope the united states will eventually rejoin but under president trump that's unlikely wayne hey al-jazeera vietnam still ahead on
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al-jazeera we remain ready and willing to engage as often and as quickly as the european union gives the u.k. a deadline to make concessions on drugs that the whole process could be stopped. from the neon lights of asia. to the city that never sleeps. hello we have yet another tropical spinner in the south china sea formed of the philippines where it of course caused a lot of rain and flash flooding is down over open season it looks a little follow the flow of the wind towards the coast of vietnam of that's not a guarantee anyone any course take it through to sunday it will increase the onshore breeze china's southern china including hong kong potential drop in response to the sun disappearing the cloud increasing it will probably stay dry
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will some absolute guarantee there is rain internally in china for the most part is now dry now given what's happening at hay you think it wouldn't be quite so wet further south but through my eyes your interior now into a wet season we've still got the the potential of fairly heavy rain in southern and central thailand but to be honest the focus should be further south sumatra maybe singapore certainly borneo and then to java we seen heavy rain here recently a few western side of java and that is likely to carry on. the monsoon rain in india now is just in the northeast monsoon which means it's those places exposed the northeast and of course trying to and if anything that clouds expanding and running backs having had flooding in chennai in the last couple of weeks it could be we got the same thing again. the weather sponsored by cattle and he's. doing is being an on its way to measure this month.
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and it's not just i think that all things i mean most nothing's out of the state at the moment we are in a state of universally bad but stunted something that was growing back i would rather take the risks of. the risks of. digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera. you're watching al-jazeera a reminder of our top stories this hour the u.s. secretary of state's warning all sides to respect lebanon's integrity and independence and says he strongly backed its prime minister said hardy announced he was stepping down part in the saudi capital on saturday claiming interference from
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iran and its lebanese are like hezbollah. that are reports that authorities in papua new guinea have started to remove makeshift shelters at the monist island detention center the un has called on a story on papa new guinea to use restraint mr lee had been using the center to hold asylum seekers but it was closed ten days ago because the underwater have been turned off but hundreds of men remain barricaded inside. johns appearances dominated a meeting on economic cooperation in the asia pacific region at the summit in vietnam he delivered a strong message declaring the u.s. won't accept trade deals forcing the surrender of its sovereignty. ok let's go back to our top story the police. crisis in lebanon. is director of the institute for gulf affairs and he's joining us from washington d.c. thank you very much indeed for your time let me ask you first about the tone of the statement from the u.s.
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secretary of state rex tillerson what did you make of that. i believe this statement of tillerson is extremely careful and diplomatic it does not give any warning against saudi and the rest of action visit to lebanon it did not address the fate of saddle so it is a really. very. substantial statement because it does not make any policy demands it does not as saudi arabia to refrain from taking any action against the lebanese people and their country we've heard that statement we've heard a statement a further statement from has a ball as well what do you think is going to be one of the likely outcomes in lebanon of this. it's really hard to say when the news that we have been able to get is that. going to way simply use the maximum effort or the maximum to
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measure against against lebanon. indicating a military strike but this could be also something is not going to happen immediately. there are talks and almost certainty that lebanese expatriates in saudi arabia will be expelled not all of them maybe but. many of them in addition to having economic sanctions against against lebanon in the same spirit in the same way that they did against so you have very similar scenarios here in terms of the economic steps that the saudis and their allies might take against lebanon as we were talking about before there are deep divisions in lebanon between the pro saudi side hirees party and also obviously which is supported by iran but surely if any action is taken against lebanon as a whole it's going to affect both sides that if there is action it's not going to
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be able to isolate either hezbollah or opposing side. it is true that the military actions against lebanon you cannot be limited to hizbullah it's very hard it's impossible. not to me and they can amik sanction also it's going to affect everyone it was interesting that today and i think lebanese people in this in these conditions kind of unite even the party have. issued a statement regarding the fate of sadler who we all know from day one that he is against his will and he's been held against his will and that no matter what the saudis are saying everybody in the world knows this and that unfortunately the world the united nation the americans in there even the french president who was in the area yesterday did not and i brought about it it's very concerning in fact you
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say obviously that everybody in the world knows that he made this statement and resigned under some sort of jurist but obviously that is an assumption we should make that clear we have not yet to receive any concrete proof of that but given that and if given the nature of the conversation that we're having and that there is an intense intention here to try to deepen the divisions within lebanon looking at the gulf on a wider scale what do you think the potential outcome could be there. i think this is going to be very bad for everyone because this measure and the aggressive merger while we have the war in yemen and the situation with with qatar the blockade of qatar and we have instability in the region adding fuel to fire does not help really and i think it. is best advised to try to calm down these fronts and focus on the internal issues that he's facing in saudi arabia would be best for
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everyone really there is no benefit maybe even sell man and his effort to become king has been told by the americans and the israelis if you attack hezbollah we will support you and it that could be the measures against lebanon it could be basically a gift for israel for israel to have the support of my. institute for gulf affairs based in washington d.c. thank you very much indeed he was chief in bragg's negotiators giving the u.k. a two week ultimatum to make concessions on a divorce agreement if talks are to proceed to the next round michel barnier says it's vital for the u.k. to increase its offer on an exit bill which some you officials say could be as much as seventy billion dollars shop reports from london time does appear to be running out for the british negotiators as the e.u.
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representative fielding this question at the end of the second day of talks in brussels. to confirm for me that you will need. clarification's or concessions whichever you prefer from the u.k. within two weeks in order to move on to the second phase in december. posture week my response says michel barnier is yes in december either leaders in brussels will decide whether sufficient progress has been made the two sides are to move on to discuss important future trade deals we remain ready and willing to engage as often and as quickly as needed to secure this outcome over the weeks remaining ahead of the december european council. the united kingdom will continue to engage and negotiate constructive as we have done since the start but to the prime minister's exasperate the former british ambassador to the e.u. left open the possibility of leaving breck's it altogether it's not inconceivable he said we can change our minds at any time while we're in where. well the divorce
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talks proceed the parties are still married. reconciliation is still possible. theresa may who lost two ministers in separate scandals this week is now determined to impose her authority over rebel anti breck's it m.p.'s writing in the daily telegraph she made her position clear we will not tolerate attempts from any quarter to use the process of amendment to this bill as a mechanism to try and block the democrat it wishes of the british people to try and slow down or stop our departure from the e.u. the prime minister has specify that the time and date of breck's it will be written into law eleven p.m. march twenty ninth two thousand and nineteen on monday delegation of senior e.u. business leaders will be meeting the prime minister here in london and they'll be bringing more bad news it's expected they'll tell mrs may that her plans to
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implement breaks it in just two years i simply unrealistic peter sharp al-jazeera in london. november the eleventh has poland's independence day big celebrations are planned but in recent years it's also become the focus of rightwing nationalism al-jazeera has been barred from far right party meetings underway in the capital warsaw attended by activists from ukraine russia and the united states as david chatter reports the country is becoming politically polarized. warsaw has become a magnet for near nazis and ultra nationalists this martial arts group from russia is just one of the far right organizations attending a congress on friday promoting white supremacist ideologies sure this was a man without a will is like a knife without a blade every year the extreme right celebrates poland's independence day with a march through the capital their opinions are no longer confined to the margins
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here the ruling laurent justice party has adopted the nationalist rhetoric and placed it in the mainstream of the country's politics their leader jaroslav occasions. warned that refugees from the middle east would bring in parasites and diseases so. our message is a wake up call for europe so that one can live in peace without terrorism and islamic radicalization so that we can live in peace and. nobody thought under two facts. would last tough a century for poland. first germany attacks. then soviet russia the controversy surrounding this short animated film shows how much the political scene is changing in poland being screened in the museum of the second world war the dance illustrates how the country's past is being rewritten by today's politicians to secure that future it's not
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a comic book and right now it's like they are treating our heroes us comic book characters like fantastic four to get their i do believe. to get to some political. advantage so. it's horrid it was to be at this film at the museum that was taken off the screens the government didn't like its message about the suffering of the civilian population in the war in syria and the plight of the refugees ultra nationalism and xenophobia gaining new recruits in a new generation here in poland there's been a vast increase in the number of racially motivated attacks directed mainly at the muslim minority here just forty thousand people in a nation of thirty eight million. throughout the capital and throughout the country ceremonies will be taking place to celebrate poland's day of independence but it's now become a political battleground between
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a resurgent right the liberal left. to al-jazeera was a. pup francis has spoken out against the concept of the nuclear deterrent saying it gives countries are false sense of security the head of the catholic church is hosting a two day conference on nuclear disarmament attended by nobel peace laureates along with delegates from nato and the united nations reports from rome. the new clear attack on hiroshima blanket destruction never seen before nine hundred forty five or since. at this conference at the vatican u.n. officials a nobel peace prize recipient a discussing nuclear disarmament trying to ensure hiroshima never happens again pope francis launched the event by condemning all nuclear weapons. i firmly condemned refer to the u.s. as well as that very possession but they exist in the service of
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a mentality of fear that affects not only the parties in conflict but the entire human race. listens to this mentality has led to tension on the korean peninsula and it's worrying rhetoric between washington and pyongyang this is the first major international gathering since the un approved a treaty banning all nuclear weapons or excellence of the vice president over fifty countries signed the treaty in september but the nine nations with a nuclear arsenal and all nato members boycotted the talks in a debate nato deputy secretary general defended their position the treaty risks undermining years of steady progress under the nonproliferation treaty. importantly the ban treaty disregards the security conditions and nuclear challenges that we face most prominently today the emergence of nuclear weapons and long range missiles in north korea without the participation of nuclear nations in the
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treaty some say disarmament might be a pipe dream but others say it's comparable to when chemical and biological weapons were banned that was a crucial first step in making those arsenals illegal and discussions like these are not the way of cranking up the pressure on those countries some speakers believe that it's up to the public to demand an end to nuclear weapons it's insane and everybody is saying insane but government are not listening and again with that the chronology we have with social network with every every ability we have right now we just have to tell government shape up or get out. what they're calling for is a new more equitable global security system perhaps utopian and unrealistic for some but the alternative is to rethink to imagine.
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this is all just zero these are the top stories the u.s. secretary of state is warning all sides to respect lebanon's integrity and independence and says he strongly backs its prime minister highly and as he was stepping down while in the saudi capital on saturday blaming interference from iran and its lebanese hezbollah the group in turn alleges he resigned under duress. there are reports that authorities in papua new guinea have started to remove makeshift shelters at the mannus island detention center the un has called on the straight and papua new guinea to use restraint had been using the center to hold asylum seekers but it was close to ten days ago power and water being turned off but hundreds of men remain barricaded inside the appearance of donald trump dominated a meeting on economic cooperation in the asia pacific region at the summit in vietnam he delivered a strong message declaring the u.s. won't accept trade deals forcing the surrender of its sovereignty. pope francis has
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spoken out against nuclear deterrence policies begun during the cold war saying they provided a false sense of security the head of the catholic church is hosting a two day conference and nuclear disarmament representatives from russia the united states south korea and iran are expected to attend. we can't help but feel a deep sense of unease if we also take into account the catastrophic humanitarian and environmental effects of any employment of nuclear devices therefore if we take into account the risk of an accidental detonation as a result of era the threat of the use as well as the very position is to be family condemned. syrian children in eastern go to facing acute malnutrition as government forces continue bombing the rebel held area near damascus doctors say medical supplies are running out in the un is warning that the region faces what it says will be a complete catastrophe around four hundred thousand civilians in east and go to have been under syrian government since september seven thousand people who
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suffered torture and abuse under the rule of chad's former dictator. father human rights complaint against the government the trial and twenty fifteen awarded one hundred twenty five million dollars to the victims but they say the government has not complied and those are the headlines the news continues here on al-jazeera after inside story. it's officially closed but. prison camp on the island refuse to tensions with local officials by the day and the strain says the camp is no longer its problem so what can be done to resolve the crisis.


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