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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 11, 2017 11:00am-11:34am AST

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a single reality your president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent audit that audit hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying then that the future of the g.c.c. will be in doubt. here the story. on talk to al-jazeera at this time. provoking debate the corporate tax has not hurt job growth on the barack obama the world will only do that when that's not true chuckling the tough issues restrictions on media freedom arbitrary killings torture maybe you giving me room give me crap challenging the established line every single one of the three thousand people who was killed was a drug dealer yes how do we know that you didn't try them didn't prosecute the putin child didn't show them also enjoying many has done for upfront at this time on al-jazeera.
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a week after the surprise resignation of lebanon's prime minister calls grow for his return to beirut. hello welcome to our live from. that is also coming up a read joint statement from the u.s. and russian presidents on how to end the fighting in syria. a new deadline set for refugees refusing to leave mannus island leave by monday or the police will move in . then he did what you wanted to do to me i lived with a lot of anger and pain and i was crying. fighting back our rape victims in recent democratic republic of congo rediscovering their confidence.
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but first the u.s. has joined the u.n. in calling for stability in lebanon warning regional powers against using the country's a proxy conflicts prime minister saad hariri resigned suddenly waltz in riyadh last saturday blaming interference from iran and its lebanese ally hezbollah or us actually it's a direct tellus and says there's no legitimate role for what he calls foreign forces militias or armed elements in lebanon they are the harder reports now from beirut. citizens of saudi arabia and its gulf allies visiting or living in lebanon are leaving it's not the first time gulf countries tell their citizens it is not safe to stay lebanon has long been entangled in the saudi iranian power struggle across the region but the latest warning heightened tensions after the resignation of lebanon's prime minister saad howdy but alongside the tensions there are growing signs of lebanese unity in what many see as saudi interference in their country the
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resignation was sudden raising concerns about the circumstances behind the decision there is also concern about how to ease freedom of movement he may have been seen since he made the announcement in riyadh but the prime minister hasn't made any more statements lebanon's president michel aoun believes how he is under house arrest he told a saudi arabia the fear in beirut. that the circumstances of the resignation are an acceptable and how d.d. should return immediately. and how did his own political party made a similar to mt they didn't just suggest the prime minister is being held against his will but expressed concern that lebanon's son the community could be marginalized even further. from this and from charges and disappoint. as controlling their government and for controlling their destiny on the other hand today they are concerned about. how do you know.
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so this is why yesterday. to. how do you really should be a priority lebanon is a deeply divided country there is a pro saudi camp led by her which has long accused has been law of imposing iran's agenda here there is a pro iran camp led by hezbollah which has long resisted demands to disarm and to withdraw its troops fighting alongside the syrian government. but even has below has added its voice to demands for heavy to return we iterate to the belief that the prime minister is being held against his will when i know not that. we has. all the lebanese take this as an offense and any offense to the lebanese prime minister is an offense to all the lebanese even if he is our political outbursts or if hezbollah's secretary general has an astrolabe was careful to avoid political escalation instead he accused saudi arabia of wanting to impose
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a new leadership in lebanon and start a war he called on the lebanese to avoid provocation and to stay away from the streets the political divide hasn't gone away but for now at least politicians are putting it aside there is a rare consensus for the need to unite at what many describe as dangerous times. beirut right now about more of the international reaction from a state department correspondent patty culhane it's the one question swirling around the world capitals what is going on with lebanese prime minister saad hariri he resigned his post well in saudi arabia does he want to be there or is he being held against his will the french weighed in you know the me should i think you should ask him this simply note that he resigned that you travel to abu dhabi on the eve of president mccrum visit so we think he is free in his movements and it is up to him to make his choice at the u.s. state department thursday the answer was less clear we have seen him. in terms of
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the conditions of him being held or the conversations between saudi arabia and the prime minister hariri i would have to refer you to the government of saudi arabia and also to mr hariri office towards the conditions of him being held as he is he in detention well. i'm not going to put that word behi i'm i'm not going to associate that word with it but where he is right now. she went on to say she couldn't even talk about where they met but her boss is sending a strong statement about what should come next secretary of state rex tillerson writing that the u.s. respects the prime minister and sees him as a strong partner he went on to warn there is no place in lebanon for foreign forces and the u.s. cautions against any party within or outside lebanon using lebanon as a venue for proxy conflicts an obvious message to saudi arabia but his boss u.s. president donald trump has been more willing in the past to give saudi arabia
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a green light to do what it wants it remains to be seen if that will apply to lebanon but at the united nations growing alarm after saudi ordered its citizens to leave that country this is a matter of great concern to us and what we want is for peace to be preserved in lebanon. it is essential that no new conflict in the region is going to have devastating consequences a critical time for a country wondering what's next for them and their leader political hane al-jazeera washington. all right let's go back now to cars one is in a honda who is live for us in the lebanese capital beirut in center just heard the u.n. secretary general antonio. indicating that this moment is an incredibly tense and dangerous moment potentially for the middle east. well yes eleven on it yet again finding itself in the crossroads lebanon and yet again being the center stage of
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the battle between saudi and iran which is really playing out across the region in the past year there has been a lot of stability we saw the appointment of the prime minister saad of how to be of course an ally of saudi arabia we also saw the appointment of president michel aoun who is allied to hezbollah and by extension iran there was a compromise deal last year so there was a sense of stability the lebanese felt that they were to you know left out from from the crises across the region but now things have changed with the resignation of saddam had it was clearly seen as a move by saudi arabia against hezbollah and by extension against iran because hezbollah really is iran's army in lebanon we know that saudi arabia wants to curb iran's influence not just in lebanon but in syria in iraq and it seems it is choosing to start this confrontation here in lebanon a country which is so politically divided that it is really easy to stir unrest and
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this is what people are worried about and how significant then all the words of not . in his speech of yesterday which although accusing the saudi arabia of declaring war on lebanon all still his supporters hezbollah supporters to stay off the streets he was he was pushing for a certain amount of moderation at this very difficult time. yes has clearly of voiding any political escalation in the words of the secretary general himself. is our political a poem. but he is our prime minister we are going to leave our political differences aside and for the time being he needs to return to this country so really not just speaking to his own constituency but to the lebanese as a whole trying to tell them that it is dangerous times and not to be provoked accusing and blaming saudi arabia of trying to stir unrest in the country so yes
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a conciliatory speech saying come back to lebanon how do you do we will deal with our differences what are the differences there are still there how do you discount do not accept the fact that hezbollah answers to iran that's what they feel that hezbollah answers to iran it's imposing iran's agenda in lebanon but right now we're not hearing any of that talk what we are hearing and really a promise cross the political divide is that heavy needs to return for the stability of lebanon for the internal balance and especially for the sunday community to feel that they will not be marginalized any further because is there certainly is the leader of the senate community in lebanon a community that really feels that iran is dominating politics in the country all right thank you very much from the heart of the live in beirut for us now the u.s. and russian presidents of issued a red joint statement on how to end the fighting in syria that have met on the sidelines of the apec summit in vietnam where they confirmed their desire to fight
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eisel and that commitment to maintaining syria's sovereignty or let's go live now to osama bin is following developments from gaza on the turkey syria border and what do you make then of the fact that donald trump. despite not having a sit down meeting on the sidelines of this conference in vietnam managing to agree sufficiently to issue this statement of intent if you like with regard to the war in syria. well it is very interesting isn't it that the united states president whose office had denied that there will be a meeting because the federal in constraints has actually met blood in me and on the sidelines long enough for them to endorse this joint statement this joint statement if you look at the text of it does not bring anything new to the table but reaffirms the support and commitment by both sides to the conflict in syria and the resolution of that conflict according to the united nations security council resolutions what it says is that syria sovereignty will be respected there should
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be free fair and impartial elections later on it goes on to say that because creation will continue into life and is completely routed from syria and also at the end talks about believe eating human suffering as we know millions of syrians in this conflict that has continued for nearly six years have been displaced thousands have been killed and tens of thousands are living in abject poverty or in places which are under siege so all of this underlines that recognition that there is this conflict in syria with many aspects that the united states and russia need to coordinate on but what we see on the ground is quite opposite to that because lots of times we've seen forces which are supported by either side the united states back as d.e.f. kurdish as the syrian democratic forces fighters as well as iran and russia backed militias coming to a head with each other as they have more areas from isis and also in the same and they emphasize the need for all parties to get involved to continue their
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involvement in the geneva process the next stage of which is due later on this month isn't it which is interesting especially given the fact that the russians have tried to launch their own alternative rival political process haven't they which doesn't seem to have gotten off very smoothly at all. absolutely we are still yet to hear from the russians on what exactly this meeting if it's going to take place and who will take. because the moment they announced that it was snubbed by all sides including the syrian opposition we're also waiting to hear from the syrian opposition on what they think should be the air reaction to this did to this joint statement to both sides agreeing that there is a framework with this excuse president bashar al assad there has been their long standing demand from the future of syria and the united states for various versions of this administration saying that there is no future for bashar al assad in the future of syria and that is does not seem to be part of what they have agreed upon
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there are also other aspects of this including the deescalation zones which are the pretext of a wider agreement of cease fire in syria these are for zones that have been settled upon by various parties there have been a number of violations of i both sides what the syrian opposition fighters and russia and the syrian government have accused each other of these violations but by and large they have helped to bring some sort of the bullet bring down the numbers of civilian casualties that we were seeing in the lead up to these deescalation zones so are not is here on the table the syrian government seems to be backed by the russian president and the russian president has spoken to the united states president we haven't heard from the white house yet on what is their sides of the their side of these events but it seems like they're both agreed that dissolution is not in conflict but in negotiations with all sides asama bin jade live from gas and ted thank you. we've got
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a lot more to come here it out here including that without the united states and they only lost canada but eleven pacific rim countries agree the basis of a free trade pact and another resignation in australia's joel citizenship crisis find out what this means for malcolm turnbull's government. from dusk the sunset it's proving something. to summarise the topic asian metropolis hello there is turn the corner now for some of us in parts of europe you can see on the satellite picture this area of cloud it is gradually sinking its way southwards a behind it that's where the cool fresh air is so for many of us the temperatures won't be getting that high as we head through the next few days before warsaw maximum would just be around six degrees and for moscow will only be at around four towards the west here it's a little bit milder london they get into eleven those temperatures though dropping
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as we head into sunday but generally in the west still mild but still rather wet as we head through sunday so paris will be up to thirteen degrees we do expect a fair amount of plowed a few outbreaks of rain for the mediterranean there's also some rather active weather here as well you can see this area of cloud here that's working its way across the southern parts of italy on up through into parts of greece as well as also affecting us through parts of china zia and just about into the western part of libya and this is likely to give us some very heavy downpours also some hail and plenty of thunder and lightning as well we've already seen plenty of thunder and lightning out of it more still to come as we head through the day on sunday but towards the east or the way of cloud and just one or two showers for us but that was the south all the showers really in the southern parts from up at the moment one or two is grazing that fall south coast of west africa. the weather sponsored by cats. has never been more available it's a constant barrage every day but the message is simplistic you have the brain the
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good logical rational. and misinformation is rife dismissal and well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream narratives at this time on al-jazeera . take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera the u.s. has joined the un in calling for instability in lebanon warning. against using the country the proxy conflict prime minister saad hariri resigned suddenly waltz in
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riyadh last saturday claiming interference from iran and its lebanese ally has paula. the u.s. and russian president to read joint statement on how to end the fighting in syria the pat mess on the sidelines of the apec summit in vietnam where they confirmed their commitment to maintaining syria's sovereignty. so eleven pacific rim countries have reached a deal for the basis of a free trade pact without the united states they struck an agreement to revive the trans-pacific partnership that u.s. president donald trump withdrew support. the deal was reached on the sidelines of the apec summit in vietnam. has been reached in four months but it comes to specific. spec's there were cases where intense arguments took place but we all shared this goal of achieving the agreement in denying at this time and through a pragmatic response of the parties we came to this agreement so i want to pay
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tribute to the ministers chief negotiators and everyone involved in this process for their efforts more now from our correspondent wayne hay. it's been a roller coaster ride for the eleven members of the trans-pacific partnership trade deal ever since the us president donald trump made the decision to pull his country out of that arrangement and really did put the t.p. in doubt but it soon became clear that the remaining eleven nations were keen to push ahead with the deal and there have been several meetings over the past year or so culminating in those eleven members coming together here in vietnam for apec there was a last minute complication to there was supposed to be a meeting of leaders on friday in which they were going to sign off on this deal going forward but the canadian prime minister justin trudeau failed to show at that meeting and it soon became clear that the canadians had some major concerns about
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some elements within the deal however another meeting on saturday morning of ministers involved with the trans-pacific partnership ministers from the member countries came to an agreement on the core principles of the trans-pacific partnership and signed the deal it's according to experts far from the final deal but it certainly is a positive step towards getting the trans-pacific partnership fully up and running but well meanwhile at the same conference mia miles the the un's own sue cheney came under pressure from world leaders there canada's prime minister justin trudeau spoke to her about the military crackdown in rakhine state that has forced at least eight hundred thousand raying to flee to neighboring bangladesh mr trudeau's government is facing calls to strip the nobel laureate of her honorary canadian citizenship. now there being ten scenes between police and protesters in the australian city of sydney. hundreds of people criticize the
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treatment of refugees at a recently closed prison camp home an asylum and they gathered outside a fundraiser for the ruling liberal party there demanding the refugees be resettled in australia or however in new guinea immigration officials have now started dismantling parts of the camp as evacuation deadline looms refugees say they've been given another two days us until monday to leave our boom elam has the latest from sydney. day by day what little is left of the now closed camp is being removed here pup in new guinea authorities dismantle makeshift tents water tanks are being taken away in the rubbish bins the men had been using to collect water emptied the camp officially closed last month leaving the six hundred refugees and asylum seekers who were there without water power food or sanitation. police have
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reportedly said at least two hundred of those men have left since they cut off the essential services and won't use force on saturday to remove those who remain but some of the men in the menace camp say they fear and eventual violent confrontation with authorities. i mean and you were telling us on the map and you don't want to just listen to monday we're going to lose first you know them on a geisha center. so . despite squalid conditions in the camp the men insist it's better than accommodation on offer in a nearby town they say it's unsafe and the attacks from local residents and police
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the un's refugee agency also says the transit centers are not ready to take them and is calling for a peaceful resolution to the crisis and we call on both governments australia as well as popular guinea to exercise restraint not to use violence and to find ways and means to resolve the current tensions peacefully. the men were sent to the mine a silent camp four years ago after trying to reach a stranger by boat under its policy not to accept any maritime arrivals but a supreme court ruled it was unconstitutional for pinti to host the camp prompting its closure the refugees and asylum seekers on minus were initially did a little notice by p.n.t.r. far too used to leave by saturday but say a potential confrontation with police appears to have been delayed until monday many of the men vowing they won't leave until a stray you can find them
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a safe home yarber mohammed al jazeera says. the australian government has lost its parliamentary majority after another politician was forced to quit because he may hold citizenship conservative m.p. john alexander resigned after discovering he might also be a british citizen making him in eligible to sit in parliament former deputy prime minister barnaby joyce was also disqualified under similar circumstances as another setback to the government of malcolm turnbull after the country's top court ruled that five m.p.'s were ineligible to hold public office. my right to remain in parliament hands on my belief that i am soley australian. given what i have learned about the constitution and understanding now of the high court decision just
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a couple of weeks ago. i can no longer with sufficient certainty mind tying the belief that i have held. through by sixty six years. therefore it is my obligation that i must resign. chief rex it negotiator has given the u.k. a two week deadline to make concessions on its exit well if talks are to proceed michelle obama says it's vital the u.k. clarifies its financial commitments to leave the e.u. which could be as much as seventy billion dollars peter shop reports from london time does appear to be running out for the british bracks negotiators as the representative field in this question at the end of the second day of talks in brussels. to confirm for me that you will need clarifications or concessions whichever you prefer from the u.k.
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within two weeks in order to move on to the second phase in december. my response says michel barnier is yes in december either leaders in brussels will decide whether sufficient progress has been made the two sides are to move on to discuss important future trade deals we remain ready and willing to engage as often and as quickly as needed to secure this outcome over the weeks remaining ahead of the december european council. the united kingdom will continue to engage and negotiate constructive as we've done since the start but to the prime minister's exasperate the former british ambassador to the e.u. left open the possibility of leaving bracks that altogether it's not inconceivable he said we can change our minds at any time while we're in we're in well the divorce talks proceed the party is still married. reconciliation is still
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possible. theresa may who lost two ministers in separate scandals this week is now determined to impose her authority over rebel anti breck's it m.p.'s writing in the daily telegraph she made her position clear we will not tolerate attempts from any quarter to use the process of amendment to this bill as a mechanism to try and block the democratic wishes of the british people to try and slow down or stop our departure from the e.u. the prime minister has specify that the time and date of brecht's it will be written into law precisely eleven pm march twenty ninth two thousand and nineteen on monday delegation of senior e.u. business leaders will be meeting the prime minister here in london and will be bringing more bad news it's expected they'll tell mrs may that her plans to implement breaks it in just two years are simply unrealistic to shop al-jazeera in london. and the democratic republic of congo has some of the highest rates of rape
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and sexual assault in the world and the problem is perhaps worse in the east of the country where many armed groups are accused of widespread sexual violence but many women are now taking action now come way it has been to a martial arts school in the cover which is helping survivors recover and protect themselves. the seeker not her real name says she was raped when she was sixteen years old she is an orphan and her guardian and uncle struggling to pay her school fees she says a neighbor offered to give her some money but instead lured her into a bedroom in a guest house nicky sim money. if i shouted for help people would have asked me what i was doing there so i decided not to shout and to just allow him to do what he wanted then he did what he wanted and to me i left with a lot of anger. and i was right. but not anymore
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he says his cry. classes helped turn her life around part of a program for rape survivors. here at the panzi foundation in the town of in the democratic republic of congo the foundation's attached to a hospital by dr denny mccuaig a three times nobel peace prize nominee is renowned for his reconstructive surgery for women who've been injured during gang rape often by men from eastern congo many armed groups. in the qualities one of several activities that helps provide as recover and defend themselves aside from improving the chances of fighting off an attacker those who are recovering from injuries three. in the physical fitness many of the women and girls improves their self-confidence and mental well as well having the knowledge that the pad to deal with any future situations that might arise. in the. music therapy is also part of the program
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and women who call a song they've written called my body is not a weapon. instructor frank says the karate is popular and the benefits are clear to see when received them here are very angry. or novice that it is something therapeutic for them when we train them and the excesses the. emotion get. stuck in their minds and feel better. says she felt like she didn't want to live after she was raped she says meeting women with similar stories and training with them her energy and self-esteem once again. in a democratic republic of congo. are
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the top stories. the u.s. has joined the un in calling for stability in lebanon warning regional powers against using the country the proxy conflicts prime minister saad hariri resigned suddenly waltz in riyadh last saturday blaming interference from iran and its lebanese ally hezbollah. the u.s. and russian presidents of issued a red joint statement on how to end the fighting in syria the pair met on the sidelines of the apec summit in vietnam where they confirmed their commitment to maintaining syria's sovereignty and reaffirmed their support of the un's attempts to end the conflict. eleven pacific rim countries have reached a deal for the basis of a free trade pact without the united states they struck an agreement to revive the trans-pacific partnership that president trump withdrew support from earlier this year the deal was reached on the sidelines of apec. because. a grim it has been reached in four months but it comes to specific aspects there were
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cases where intense arguments took place but we all shared this goal of achieving the agreement and denying at this time and through a pragmatic response of the parties we came to this agreement so i want to pay tribute to the ministers chief negotiators and everyone involved in this process for their efforts. that intense scenes between police and protesters in the australian city of sydney. hundreds of people criticize the treatment of refugees at a decommissioned prison camp on mannus island they gathered outside a fund raising event for the ruling liberal party that demanding four hundred refugees be resettled in australia the refugees are refusing to leave the camp in proper new guinea saying they fear for their safety. and the australian government has lost his parliamentary majority after another politician was forced to quit because he may hold dual citizenship conservative m.p. john alexander resigned after discovering he might also be
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a british citizen making him ineligible to sit in parliament former deputy prime minister barnaby joyce was disqualified from parliament last month under similar circumstances. that if you get you can get all the latest stories a lot of information a lot of background stuff as well on the web site al-jazeera dot com that's all from me for about thirty minutes or so coming up next it's a listening test. germany is hosting this year's climate talks president from the united states out of the powers agreement what now for the global effort to tackle climate change in that fanaticism live reports from the climate conference in bonn and from the front lines of global warming climate s.o.s. on on just zero. try to talk about to get the. polar icecap. that we're.
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