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hello i'm maryam namazie this is the news hour life from london coming up lebanon's president urges saudi arabia to explain why saad hariri hasn't returned to beirut following his surprise resignation a week ago. the trans-pacific partnership lives on after eleven countries agree a call deal without the united states. trump and on the sidelines of that same summits of asia pacific leaders and agree a way forward in syria. days sports to war african teams that to join senegal and next year's world cup will have the very latest as the qualifiers turn into spots in russia. hello welcome to the news hour we begin in lebanon where it's been seven days since
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the shock resignation of prime minister saad hariri which he announced on a surprise visit to riyadh the lebanese president michel aoun is calling on saudi arabia to clarify exactly why harry has yet to return to beirut following suggestions he's been detained and is under house arrest the saudis to fat in lebanon has denied this insisting however he hasn't returned because of security concerns so you know holder has the latest from beirut. posters are springing up across the lebanese capital beirut expressing support to. the resigned prime minister whose fate really is unknown uncertain times in lebanon the country finding itself at a crossroads for the past year this country and toward relative stability in a very turbulent region but things have changed and lebanon finds itself in the middle of the saudi iranian rivalry playing out across the region it's been like him for quite some time since two thousand and five i guess it's when he really thinks things are really assassination. and we have two polls so there may be on
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the run and those who pose have people on the ground in iran has tons of those economics and they're in the middle of all this i think and live under a lot of special part of the sions what they do best is that they they they lie and they say things. to make people and maybe scared and to put this like political pressure on everyone just to get what they want we are in a mainly sunni neighborhood hold many people here feel that the current crisis is going to march and allies them even further this in the community has long complained of iranian dominance in lebanon and now they're blaming their own ally saudi arabia of robbing them of their leader. and. this we want to know the reason behind his detention lebanon can't handle this
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crisis dignity the detention of a prime minister is unacceptable and. this is a loss for all of lebanon hariri is loved by everyone we are all upset by his detention no one will accept what is happening this is humiliation we won't be quiet we will demand his release. so for the time being all of the different parties avoiding political escalation but the question is this rare unity will it be short lived. members of the trans-pacific partnership trade deal of agree to move forward without involvement of the united states president all drawn withdrew support for the deal this year in favor of an america first policy which he hopes will save us jobs but on saturday the remaining eleven countries whose trade total three hundred sixty five billion dollars last year agreed on the core elements to proceed on the sidelines of the apec summit in vietnam when he has more from denon
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. the asia pacific economic cooperation summit ended with yet another photo opportunity the twenty one leaders came together in vietnam on the back of a difficult year for trade that continued on the sidelines of a pic with canadian prime minister justin trudeau at the center he initially balked at a deal to push ahead with the trans-pacific partnership trade agreement involving eleven apec members but after further often heated discussions between government ministers all t p p members finally agreed on the core elements of the pact. all alone aversive agreed on the content we've maintained exactly the same high standards t p p twelve i think we've maintained a balance we've avoided opting for lower standards there are lots of areas where if you rush to agree high standards will be sacrificed but if you insist on high standards we can take a long time or some countries might drop out so all eleven countries are on board
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and this will send a very strong message to the us and other countries in the region that messages asia pacific countries see regional trade deals as the best way forward that's in contrast to the views of u.s. president donald trump who withdrew the united states from the t p p the trans-pacific partnership isn't finalized yet some parts of the deal still need to be negotiated but the fact that it's still alive without the us combined with china is increasingly assertive role in this region means that this apec summit has come to a close with a sense that the united states is looking more isolated even the final statement from apec leaders was contentious and took longer than usual to finalize reportedly because of u.s. concerns about the wording the leaders call for the removal of market distorting subsidies came after president trump was highly critical of unfair trade practices during his speech on friday or the promotion of free and open trade and investment
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in the pacific region is a mission for apec member. anime's to maintain a pact is the key driver for regional integration. despite the statement a pic again showed that the united states under donald trump has a different view on trade to most other asia pacific nations wayne hay al-jazeera donning vietnam. well u.s. president donald trump and his russian counterpart vladimir putin have agreed to a joint statement supporting a political solution in the war in syria the leaders met on the sidelines of the apec summit in vietnam where they reaffirmed their commitment to syria's sovereignty independence and territorial integrity they also called on all policies the conflict including president bashar assad to take an active part in the geneva process. just now we've adopted that document with the prism of the united states it's a very crucial document because we see it for some principle things firstly we continue the fight against terrorism in syria that's the most important for the
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united states and for us especially in light of recent tragic events which happened there it's of the utmost importance that we reaffirm the sovereignty of syria its territorial integrity that after the fight against terrorism is over we'll start the political process under the auspices of the united nations. let's go to any gallica in washington d.c. now for the latest in this joint statement with president putin comes at a very sensitive time for donald trump how is this being viewed in the u.s. . well it's very much being viewed through the prism of the current investigation into. top possible ties or collusion between a trump campaign and russia now the headlines here dominating any meetings between putin and trump are all about that relationship and whether that did or did not happen in the headline here today is that on trump believes flooded near putin when he says that he didn't meddle in the u.s. election something his own intelligence community firmly refutes and says they have
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hard evidence to go against but remember robert miller's investigation is still very much going on trump's former campaign manager paul metaphor is still under house arrest so that joint statement on syria from putin and from trump is really being ignored because domestically here in the united states it's our investigation that is the focus that relationship between donald trump and lot of putin that is very much on people's minds and what you see here is donald trump again being very nice about vladimir putin saying they have a great relationship and of course he wants to perhaps bring him on board to do with north korea but again in the united states that joint statement really being ignored and the focus really being on whether there was any collusion and how that relationship between vladimir putin and don trump is panning out over those series of meetings of hard in the past few months so an informal meeting important it took place but is there anything in the joint statement. very little new
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york i think one commentator here said no news here and many cliches meaning that what we're seeing is a reiteration of what these two powers of talked about before there has been some movement on deescalation zones close to jordan but essentially everything in this joint statement has been said before and these are very difficult things to actually achieve free and fair elections in syria. deescalation zones keeping cease fires going we have to see if that actually happens is a very complex issues and a very difficult area as we know but that in relationship between vladimir putin and on top of very important one i will have to see if those things actually happen on the ground but again here in the united states it's all about those potential investigations into collusion and how donald trump's relationship with vladimir putin goes from here thank you very much andy gallacher in washington d.c. . you know watching the news hour live from london much more still a tell you about the program thousands of polish nationalists rally in the capital
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warsaw in celebration of independence. but then he did what you wanted to do to me and i lived with a lot of anger and pain and i was crane. their confidence when in fight back against actual violence in the democratic republic of congo. while champion crashes out on first lap of qualifying for the brazilian grand prix joe will have those details in sport. now iraqi forces say they captured one of the last remaining areas under the control of iceland a country to iraqi infantry divisions and sunni tribal forces carrying out the operation in anbar province it's believed eisel fighters are holding ten thousand civilians hostage in the town of our iran can has the latest from baghdad. the operation began early on saturday morning as iraqi forces went in to the town
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of ramadi is described as a town however it's a series of small villages where eisel fighters i have been holed up after they fled operations against them in ramadi and fallujah now this is on the border the border crossing with jordan which has been a strategic stranglehold for isolate managed to stop traffic coming in and out of that border crossing so this is quite key although we're not expecting huge amounts of i saw fighters to be in the area the fact that they are still there means that they were controlling that territory and this is all about who gets to control the territory now we're not expecting this to be as large an operation as we've seen perhaps say in mosul or against eisel in syria what we're expecting is the operation to be concluded fairly swiftly in fact what militia sources are telling us from the ground in atlanta is that ramana has already been liberated that hasn't been confirmed by the joint operations command that also the joint operations
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commander told i'll just say that they're very concerned about civilian casualties and they want to avoid them so they're going to go in and a step by step basis they're going to surround romana first take ramana and then likely to move across the euphrates river and into and do exactly the same as a tactic that we've seen the iraqi security forces before take over areas outside of the areas i still control and then use that as a staging post to go in now like i said we're expecting this operation to take months or weeks it's going to be likely it is going to take days and we will have a news within the next few days about the operation itself but the iraqi security forces very confident that this they can they can route i saw the last remaining stronghold in iraq. now in our development saudi arabia is saying that it has suspended the pumping of oil into bahrain after an alleged pipeline attack saudi's energy ministry says the kingdom is tightening security at its facilities following the blast bahrain is blaming the explosion of what it describes as terrorism linked
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to iran to iran denies the allegations. yemen state airline says or resume international flights almost a week after the saudi led coalition shut down movement in and out of the country the blockade was in response to a who's in missile attack but the u.n. and aid agencies are demanding a full lifting on the restrictions to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe in yemen ariana honda has the latest but. her son is desperate to get out of yemen these pills of what's keeping his wife alive her condition requires treatment in egypt but on monday the airplanes were put on hold when the saudi led coalition imposed a complete blockade from the lend ear and see it was in response to a ballistic missile fired into saudi arabia by humans who three roubles but not everything is hanging on this treatment it is critical for my wife's life humans
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national airline says it will resume international flights out of a ports in the southern cities of aden and say your own both of which are operated by the saudi led coalition but that offers little relief for her son and his wife they live hundreds of kilometers away in the capital summer which is part of the sixty percent of territory under the controls they must prepare for a dangerous and difficult journey on a road papered with checkpoints run by both sides of the conflict. the who the rebels are backed by iran and troops loyal to former president ali abdullah saleh the saudi lead coalition of arab nations joined the war in early two thousand and fifteen launching thousands of the strikes in support of the government the saudi led coalition says it shut down humans borders to stem the flow of arms to the who theses from around but the united nations says the blockade has created even greater hardship for millions of yemenis already the poorest country in the region
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before the war the u.n. says yemen is now. in the grip of the world's worst humanitarian crisis around seventeen million people don't have enough to eat every day seven million of them are on the brink of famine more than two and a half years of war has forced almost three million people from their homes and left yemen's infrastructure in ruins and since april more than two thousand people have died in the world's worst outbreak of cholera. hospital staff working in sanaa say things have never been this bad patients accommodated out on the streets and medical supplies now only trickle in. our sufferings have doubled the shortage of medicine is getting worse and what aid is given out disappears the misery for people here is just getting worse. the u.n. and aid agencies say nothing but a complete lifting of the blockade will do without it they warn human could be just
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weeks away from the world's worst famine in decades. and al-jazeera. thousands of polish nationalists have health annual march in the capital warsaw to mark independence day rally was largely attended by supporters of the ruling lore and justice party in recent controversial court reforms and refusal to welcome migrants has drawn criticism from the european union david chaytor has more from warsaw. more than one hundred thousand protesters took part in this independence day march to the center of warsaw according to the national television here in poland which would make it one of the biggest meetings of the far right near not these the white supremacist scene in europe since the fall of the berlin wall and the message here it's been very clear it's a message that poland is for the poles it's an anti immigration message it's also
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been. a ring into the mainstream of politics here even the head of the lore and justice party the governing party here said that as far as he was concerned immigrants and refugees were bringing in parasites and disease to poland that is an extraordinary sits on the very heart of government usually is reserved for the rhetoric here in these sort of rallies but now it's entering as i say the mainstream of politics and worryingly of course over the last two years there's been a steep increase in violent then a further big attack aimed at the tiny muslim minority here the community of some forty thousand or so in a nation of thirty eight million so very worrying development for brussels and for the rest of the european union looking inside poland seeing this one of the biggest marches ever by the extreme right and they have called for everybody throughout the european union to unite with their message the message of the neo nazis and the
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white supremacists. now a thousands of people are gathering for a rally in support of cattle. as. reports suggest plans of turned out in big numbers jonah but is the independence movement as strong as it was a few weeks ago. but it certainly seems like a big numbers from where we're standing and that would have been a show of strength certainly a test of strength of the independence movement to see how many people did come out tonight and they will be i think pleased with the turnout but as much as a show of strength it was a show of solidarity and a show of anger really for the events of recent weeks that have dealt such severe blows to this movement not least the jailing of much of their leadership eight deposed ministers in jail in madrid on charges of rebellion and sedition they could face thirty years in jail collars which some of the former president of course in exile in belgium he faces potential extradition and arrest if he were to come back
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and also to civil society leaders also in jail they've had their government deposed they've had autonomy revoked there's a lot for the people here to be angry about an angry they on this movement is demoralized there's no doubt about that it's also in some political disarray is it faces an election on december the twenty first but having said all of that what we've seen here tonight is really a show of the emotion of the sentiment that people feel towards independence the emotion that is absolutely undiminished by recent events. let's take change pace slightly now and give you a sense of that emotion i took a little trip up to that outpost of catalonia in fact an enclave of spain inside france here's my story. two hours from barcelona the mediterranean coast kline's to the foothills the pyrenees. the town of libya is
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a piece of spain surround. by france the languages capital and and they see themselves as an enclave of catalonia and. we already feel independent because in some way we believe that we've already built our borders at any given moment we could see that separate from this. you see you feel inside a twelfth century prison tower libya's mayor shows off relics of spain's not forgotten past. he explains how on the day of catalonia was independence referendum libya's ballot boxes were hidden from the police up here with the bust of general franco and fascist political leader pre-modern rivera placed on top so many layers of irony in the. name with the sentiment is there the majority of the village favors independence
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the voting was ninety five percent for the yes. it was a quirk of history that one libya it's geographical if not political independence in sixteen fifty nine the treaty of the pyrenees ended the war between spain and france under the treaty villages on the spanish side of the border it was ceded to france but libya was considered a town and so it remained part of spain. in the bars and cafes of this mountain town it's difficult to find a resident who doesn't support catalonia drive for independence. difficult but not impossible. perez's a local stonemasons this little girl guest was a nice. they should never have asked for independence in my opinion and they should have looked for a new financial arrangement maybe because the only thing that has been provoked is
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disagreement among families in the entire place splitting people splitting everything. time passes slowly in a place like libya soon the snow will come and with it the winter tourist season visitors will pass between france and spain without really noticing on their way to slow. but people here most of them anyway have no doubt where they belong not in france or spain but catalonia journo al-jazeera libya. the democratic republic of congo has some of the highest rates of sexual assault and rape in the world the was cases are in the east of the country where conflict is rife and groups are accused of widespread violence but many women is starting to take action now when visited a school in the city of because who which is helping survivors recover and protect themselves. the seeker not her real name says she was raped when she was sixteen
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years old she's an orphan and her guardian and uncle struggling to pay her school fees she says a neighbor offered to give her some money but instead lured her into her bedroom in a guest house nikki. the new lease if i shouted for hope people would have us we what i was doing so i decided not to show it and to just allow him to do what he wanted then he did what he wanted and to me i lived with a lot of anger i mean when i was and i was quite right. but not anymore because this cross classes help turn her life around part of the program for rape survivors. here at the pan the foundation in the town of the carbon. in the democratic republic of congo the foundations attached to a hospital run by dr denny mccuaig a three times nobel peace prize nominee is renowned for his reconstructive surgery
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for women who've been injured during gang rapes often by men from eastern congo many armed groups and. the quality is one of several activities that helps the vibe is recover and defend themselves aside from improving the chances of fighting off an attacker those who are recovering from injuries three better said the physical fitness many of the women and girls proves their self-confidence in the mental well as well having the knowledge that the pad to deal with any fetus situations that might arise. in the. music therapy is also part of the program and women who called a song they've written called my body is not a. truck to frank as the karate is popular and the benefits clear. since when received them here are very angry. or novice that is something that i pity for them when we train them and the
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excesses the emotion get. stuck in their minds and feel better. to seek a says she felt like she didn't want to live after she was raped she said meeting women with similar stories and training with them and her energy and self-esteem once again. in the democratic republic of congo. well there's much more still to come for you on the al-jazeera news hour losing breaking records no hearts will tell you about wells biggest online shopping spree known as. i'm jessica baldwin on the coast of england looking at some of the problems that urgently need to be addressed at the climate change talks . and a better is. now against the u.s. open champion to the level of you know the details and joe in school.
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hello there there are a few bits of cloud and rain developing across the middle east at the moment on the satellite picture you can see this area of cloud here is drifting its way across parts of iraq and into iran not a great deal on it at the moment but is it works its way towards the caspian sea it really will become rather more intense so for some of us around the coast of the caspian sea going to be pretty wet there as we head through sunday it will gradually drift its way eastwards on monday but then ease as it does so and instead another system will develop towards the east over kabul looks really quite wet and around in the mountains we'll see a fair amount of snow as well further south and here in doha the temperatures are really quite nice at the moment thirty two degrees is our maximum during the day but on monday we've got a bit of a change the winds will be picking up will be a very blustery day and thirty degrees will just be maximum insular of the clouds
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of clear now and thirty two we are top temperature down towards the southern parts of africa plenty of cloud with us at the moment we have seen some rather active showers here plenty of heavy downpours also lots of thunder and lightning as well this is to miss lowly edging a little bit further north woods there for sunday so still some very wet weather stretching across parts of mozambique also southwest is generally a lot calmer temps will get to around twenty one degrees. with. facing reality your president said that there would be a complete audit a hundred percent ordered that order hasn't happened getting to the heart of the matter so are you saying then that the future of the g.c.c. will be. here the story. on talk to al-jazeera at this time.
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or is it about whether online we were in hurricane winds full almost like thirty six hours these are the things that. address or if you join us on sat. but. this is a dialogue tweet us with hash tag a.j. stream and one of your pitches might make the next show join the global conversation at this time on al-jazeera.
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come back with the news out at something stories making headlines lebanese president is calling on saudi arabia to clarify exactly why the prime minister saad hariri has yet to return to beirut seven days after his shock resignation. members of the trans-pacific partnership trade deal of agreed to move forward without the involvement of the united states. and thousands of polish nationalists have been holding their annual independence day march in the capital was. now five u.s. senators of strongly condemn president donald trump environmental policy the cop twenty three selma in john. many american delegates at the un climate conference emphasize their commitment to fighting climate change despite chance decision to pull out of the paris accord the shop reports. thousands of protesters took to the streets of bonn following the statue of liberty spewing smoke a none too subtle reminder president trump's decision to end the u.s.
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commitment to the paris climate accord the for these demonstrators on the sidelines of the two hundred nation talks on global warming not enough was being done to fight climate change and it's time for people to come forward with the ball kind of course i was told i don't think anything will come of this compromise like last year in the year before now expectations but that's why i'm here because i feel people have to take the issue into their own hands if something is to happen back in june president trump outraged the climate change lobby when he announced that the united states was pulling out of the paris agreement today i'm taking bold action to follow through on that promise my administration is putting an end to the war on coal and have clean coal really. but if trump believes support for the paris accord would drift away saturday's climate conference proved him wrong delegates from u.s. cities states and businesses accounting for more than half of the country's economy
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were in bonn to demonstrate their continued support for urgent climate change the overall message here in this venue is that the united states of america is. green and we are going. to get our business. in the conference california governor jerry brown took some heat from protestors over the controversial oil extracting method of fracking in the state. was that managed to turn that around we can take some work noise farm work into energy and camembert will get the job done america where here where is and we're not going away the task at this conference for the united states delegates is to persuade other nations that despite trump we are still in need to shop al-jazeera. well saturday's focus is on the health of the world's oceans which are becoming increasingly polluted jessica bolduan
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traveled to the southern english coastline to assess the scale of erosional fragile ecosystem rising water levels and more and more extreme weather are eroding coastlines around the world progressively over the next hundred years places like this across the going to disappear it's not just happening in the tropics low lying pacific islands and it's happening in places like. neighbor busy international ports in europe erosion is not the only problem facing these coasts plastic that takes decades to fall apart and degrade finds its way here from shipping spills or people just using the sea as a rubbish dump it's a global problem and. sea temperatures are rising also puts marine life in peril. scientists studying oysters have found that warmer temperatures mean more males which in turn means fewer eggs and to do in dealing species. the brown liquid began
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life as an oyster scientist at the university of southampton are dissolving the oyster tissue so it can be examined under a microscope oysters provide critical services to our oceans they form reefs to reduce waves and each oyster can filter up to two hundred liters of water a day keeping the oceans cleaner and healthier. but increasingly young oysters struggle to make shells as the carbon dioxide in the oceans makes their living environment more acidic basically was climate change you have sea levels rising. the warming of the oceans which can half lots of effects on different ecosystems. you also have ocean acidification which is linked to climate change that's already three big problems when you address climate change a row shown rising water temperatures doing lng sea life more and more plastic in our oceans scientists are busy working on stopgap solutions but to really fix the
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problem will require international leadership and cooperation jessica baldwin al-jazeera high england and scientists at the german air space center working on what's been described as the world's largest artificial sun in a bid to find alternative climate friendly fuels the giant honeycomb arrangement of spot light simulates natural sunlight by focusing the energy in such a small area it can be used to power special reactors which can help produce hydrogen fuel heat can be stored much cheaper than electricity by a factor of ten or more and the stored is available for the tarm after sunset and the combination of photo. concentrating solar power is the solution for many countries in the global songbook. now the us republican senate candidate roy moore has denied allegations of sexual
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misconduct in his first on camera parents since the allegations were made more a former judge has been accused of initiating a sexual encounter with a fourteen year old girl back in one nine hundred seventy nine when he was thirty two to be attacked for allegations of sexual misconduct. contradicts mine car career in law i want to make it clear to the media present and to the people present i have not provided our call beverages alcoholic beverages beer or anything else to a minor i have not been guilty of sexual misconduct with anyone these allegations came only four and a half weeks before the general election on december twelfth why now persist as of clashed with police in sydney of the australian government's treatment of asylum seekers. two hundred
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demonstrators rallied outside a fund raising event for the conservative liberal party while shouting shame on you and free the refugees more than four hundred asylum seekers remain inside australia's decommissioned immigration camp on papa new guinea's man a silent saying they fear for their safety if they leave well in all the developments the australian government has now lost its parliamentary majority after another politician was forced to quit because he may hold jill citizenship conservative m.p. john alexander resigned after discovering he might also be a british citizen making him ineligible to sit in parliament former deputy prime minister barnaby joyce was disqualified last month under similar circumstances ellen now be by elections in both seats both former m.p.'s will have to win their seats back for the government to again as majority. my right to remain calm and depends on my belief that i am soley australian.
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given what i have learned about the constitution and understanding now of the high court decision just a couple of weeks ago. i can no longer with sufficient certainty maintain the belief that i have held. through my sixty six years. therefore it is my obligation that i must resign gazan residents to commemorating the thirteenth anniversary of the death of the late palestinian leader yasser arafat organizes a promoting the event as a national day of unity and hope the recent agreement signed between the fatah and hamas political parties will end their rivalry. and reports. the tens of thousands gathered in gaza city to honor yasser arafat for many here the late president and long time leader remains
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a symbol of palestinian statehood. i'm not a god i don't know that we love him and it's our duty to commemorate his revolution . but this gathering is also a symbol of palestinian unity the first in ten years for fatah found in hamas controlled gaza last month the two political factions signed an agreement to end their rivalry it will allow the fatah led government in the west bank to control gaza. hamas has ruled gaza since it one more parliamentary seats in two thousand and seven. the anniversary of arafat holds pain and hope pain of his death and losing him as he sacrificed himself for palestine and hope which hamas and all of the palestinians want hope of achieving unity and reconciliation and rearranging the internal palestinian house. yes are horrified led the fatah movement for nearly five decades until his death in two thousand and
9:40 pm
four from what was reported to be a month long illness. but now zero investigation in two thousand and twelve found out a fog was poisoned by radioactive talk since palestinians blame israel for his death an accusation israel has strongly denied but here in gaza they still want answers. at the moment i believe it was assassinated and i demand to investigate his death and find the criminals rihanna was out on the russia we all came children and women young and old people from all over gaza to commemorate a symbol of the palestinian cause across the shirt so i am inserted so you know yes out of our fight is a symbol of free people all over the world i think all revolutionaries should commemorate this anniversary with the recent reconciliation of fatah and hamas the onus is now on the current leaders to deliver on the long held hope of a palestinian state culture durgin on al-jazeera. now the world's biggest online
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shopping spree dobbs singles day has come to a close in china the title takings are still being tallied but economist john on about one and a half billion dollars in just the first three minutes of the shopping and opening also has more from beijing convenient cheap and some say addictive online sales are going through the roof in china and electric to floss or caught look ching's i discount twenty percent he really visits a store these days laptop fitness equipment cameras all bought with a few clicks and many other items he admits he doesn't even need. sometimes i do overconsume a line especially when there are also a lot of times are by them without thinking too much and never touch them again after i open the packages or even if i don't like them i don't return because of the lazy. singles days started in the nine hundred ninety s.
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as a response to valentine's day but it has gone far beyond people's relationship status online giant alibaba managed to turn what's now called double eleven into a shopping spectacle that captivate most of china exactly at midnight on november eleventh discounts appear online and the buying spree begins. the sounds of. what if twenty years ago america was china's role model but now when we talk about online business china is doing better than the u.s. in many ways. two thousand and sixteen nearly eighteen billion u.s. dollars were spent in just twenty four hours as a publicity stunt e-commerce companies are using drones to deliver packages to some of china's islands transport companies are working overtime to the when millions of packages well over six hundred. here this year and most likely
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on higher by a slowing economy but there's an environmental downside to the online shopping festival according to greenpeace research shows that in two thousand and sixteen double eleven produced two hundred fifty eight thousand tons of c o two because of transportation and waste management that's the equivalent of two and a half million trees on the market you go from here when we shop online the retailers tend to over package they always wrap more layers around the original packaging usually plastic bags this uses more resources and creates more waste. a problem look ching has yet to become aware of for him online shopping has become like his mobile phone there's no life without it anymore and to prove that home shopping does not increase laziness he demonstrates the home gym he bought online
9:44 pm
step fast and al-jazeera beijing. all talk us through the mammoth sale seen seen in china as technology journalist adrian lars thanks very much for coming in to speak to us so we were just saying some one and a half billion spent in just the first couple of minutes but it looks as though it's going to easily surpass sales this year are going to easily surpass two thousand and sixteen what's behind this like last year were reported as eighteen point two billion that was up around the third two percent on the previous year. and they're predicting a similar increase this year this is all obree much subject to to be less than transparent chinese accountancy practices. so we don't know really exist how trustworthy these statistics are but largely it's the growth of the chinese milk costs increasing affluence and the rise of the consumer culture in what was a form in the communist country and yeah dog isn't really anymore and we're
9:45 pm
seeing instead passes report there someone saying that you know he watches this very closely and even eyes things even though he doesn't necessarily need them obviously singles day is enormously popular in china can sustain this kind of a mention well there's many more people who aren't earning that sort of. income in china the middle class is still not the majority it's changing fast but it's fragile there's an awful lot can go wrong with the chinese economy those cities that remain empty those those get out it could all fall over and of course if that happened the whole world would catch a cold but if things carry on as they are we could see this going on for quite some time it already weighed towards the similar sales in america. just on on singles day is almost double the sales you get across on
9:46 pm
just an early barbara load is more than double the sales you get in america in the days between black friday and cyber monday is about five days and that's across all retailers in america it is colossal it was saying that part of this is that china has less of a history of the high street it has malls that has convenience stores but it doesn't have the same question each edition it had kind of government run stores when it came out of of communism so it was much more ripe and ready for online sales it really is an online culture you can order you know you your food your liver is almost every. it's a bit like in some places like having a maid service there are exceptional places like shanghai does have a tradition of shops but then interesting they will ali baba then continue to stick with online or might they combine it with a physical presence to go people shopping and they're very much trying to move into bricks and mortar they move bricks and mortar companies they're doing entering
9:47 pm
partnerships to computerize bricks and mortar. shops so that it links to their backend like all the things on the law in their day that the whole supply system will be much so yes all in all of these retailers except that bricks and mortar isn't going to go away if they want to dominate the world they absolutely have to be you know while the figures are definitely staggering thanks very much for shedding a bit more light on a dream thank you. was much come for you on the program a new lease of life guatemalans find a new use for the countries. a glimpse of things to come that russia twenty eighteen is the highest by losing finalists argentina in a stadium that will hold the well.
9:48 pm
you can i was told by the pakistani army to the americans. held in guantanamo bay the number of al qaeda and taliban detainees transferred to u.s. forces in afghanistan has continued to grow for years without trial for the people of the. talk or scream would be beaten again the quest for a better life but ended in incarceration. for one town of most twenty two at this time zero. when the news breaks isn't so great. and the story building. much better marketing. when people need to be heard they thought they were american until they broke the law now they're deported to cambodia al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on air and online.
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now every month hundreds of decommissioned school buses from the u.s. and german south to guatemala where they've given a new lease of life every pad repainted and made road where they sell millions of people across guatemala can get to work every day they've been must move from antigua and guatemala. inside this workshop in guatemala a radical transformation is under way these old school buses were taken off the roads in the united states but through hard work and ingenuity what i'm olens are injecting new life into another country's junk. in the united states these
9:50 pm
yellow bus isn't working at eight to ten years and i no longer use they might say we take their garbage and we transform it and make it better and the buses work for another ten fifteen or even twenty years. each bus is customized according to the needs of its owner windows and seats are removed and the body is repaired and modified larger engines more powerful turbochargers ten speed manual transmissions and beefier brakes are installed custom paint jobs complete the month long process which costs upwards of thirteen thousand dollars. a year a bus with ten rows might be loaded with eighty people while in the united states would only carry half as many and their children the buses also carry lots of merchandise on the roof or they need a big mechanical transformation there are the brightly colored buses are a ubiquitous part of the guatemalan landscape the up cycle buses haul millions of people to work every day passengers choose the fanciest buses hopeful that
9:51 pm
a nice paint job means the owner has also maintained the brakes and the tires. drivers often work twelve to fourteen hour shifts earning around three hundred dollars a month but they can earn more if they beat the competition to the next stop some have driven the same bus for more than a decade. the bus is part of your family and over time you develop a lot of affection for it every day you're with it so the bus becomes like a farm remember put these tricked out machines represent an antidote to our throwaway culture unwanted up north they've become an affordable transportation solution that shows no sign of slowing down david nurse or al jazeera and what amala. just for now with joe. thank you very much we're two more african teams could places in the world cup in russia in the next half an hour to
9:52 pm
need just a point from their match with libya to go through anything less than that though and it opens the doors of the democratic republic of congo if they beat guinea will be on the plane to russia now in group c. on a mali well they played out a goalless draw but they're both out already a point will be enough for morocco to book their place over the ivory coast and they currently lead that three points going their way will some of those fans have been celebrating their first appearance in the final since two thousand and two they qualified with a win over south africa nicholas haq reports from. joe send a go go just one of many happy for the country and celebrated into the night as the team known as the lions qualify for the world cup for the first time in fifteen years we're going to. be using that when you know it's not just a victory for senegal but for africans we will beat the european teams in russia mark my words we will beat them for ninety minutes senegal was at
9:53 pm
a standstill the streets of the capital deserted people watched the game at soup stalls in their homes and at barber shops. there are a few close shaves but less than half way through the first half senegal. scores the opening goal. moments later midfielder said your money score senegal second goal number one. the world cup qualifier was a rematch the game was first played a year ago the referee awarded south africa winning penalty for a handball that in fact didn't take place. the gun man referee said it was a human error on him for refereeing for life and ordered a rematch. if it needs to fight folds and cheats and needs to go further they need to go after those that attempt to corrupt referees in the game there's more to it and surely more people involved. despite many african footballers playing in the top european leagues few african teams usually qualify for
9:54 pm
football's biggest spectacle the last time senegal qualified for the world cup it was in two thousand and two in south korea where the team lost to turkey in the quarterfinals fifteen years on with this victory and hope to do even better in russia next year. qualifying fair and square against a strong south african team is for many here a moment of pride south africa is the first african nation to have hosted the world cup in russia wants to become the first african team to win it nicholas hawke al-jazeera the car. two thousand and six champions a slayer on the brink of a world cup exit after a first like playoff loss to sweden yet to be handsome with the only goal in the one nil victory for the swedes it's we have only ever missed to the nine hundred thirty and nine hundred fifty eight tournament's but they do get another chance in monday's second leg while the european playoffs continue on saturday the republic of ireland looking to end fifteen years of world cup absence as they take hold
9:55 pm
denmark in copenhagen the danes i mean to reach their faith world cup finals having missed out on brazil in two thousand and fourteen. will be everything to play for when new zealand's qualifier against peru moves to lima on thursday that's after a goal a straw in the first leg in wellington it was in a disaster for the home side in the seven minutes when a mix up in communication left goalkeeper stephan marinovich making a scrambling save the best chance for new zealand came in the eighty six minutes when ryan thomas shocked why. the fans in peru have been celebrating as if they're a step closer to reaching bhatia twenty eighteen that's thousands of people cheering on their team in a square in central lima. it's an incredibly good result for us but. we're not in a position to be sure of. settling on that and the mindset for us is now you know
9:56 pm
we've not cheap anything and. you know it's all about now making sure that we recover and we travel well and we do a professional job for when we get out there and the mindset is we've achieved nothing and we you know we want to go to russia. and people you know. it's not an easy place to come here to try to win the game i mean we always try to play good football but sometimes it was difficult because the opponents in this case new zealand were very tough for us they have very good organization they play very straight. as hosts of next year's tournament russia have been short of competitive matches but on saturday they got to play losing two thousand and fourteen finalists argentina in a friendly the match was the first at the newly refurbished luzhniki stadium which will host both the opening match and the final but it was argentina who grabbed a second win in two games bunched city's record goalscorer sergio where headed home
9:57 pm
at the second attempt to seal the one win. just two weeks ago lewis hamilton sewed up his for formula one world championship but i'm saying his driver will have to start sunday's brazilian grand prix from the back of the grid that's because he crashed his car on the opening lap of the qualifying at the into largo circuit teammate valtteri bottas crab pole instead but it's been a mixed day for them sadie's team some of their crew were robbed at gunpoint on friday night when they were leaving the track in sao paolo motor g.p. rider mark market has also crashed in qualifying but it hasn't stopped him from seizing pole position for sunday's valencia go from prix the spaniard needs only to finish eleventh to grab his fourth title in five years his sole rival android this year so qualified ninth. above us teen age is done in the u.s. open tennis champion to level the fed cup final after the opening singles rubbers arena ranked seventy eighth in the world blasted past sloane stephens six three
9:58 pm
three six six four in minsk it maintained a miserable run for stevens who has lost every match since winning the us open in september. way put the u.s. one out with a straight sets victory over aleksandra and open. and that is all your support for now back to merriam in london thanks very much. what's it for myself for this news my colleagues will be with you. coming your way getting an update of all the day's top stories without you there.
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news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic you have both rayna good logical rational crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and denial of well documented accusations and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera. for years japanese have gone into countries rushed force for what they call. good or forced baby thirteen years ago dr ching li was one of the first to conduct research on forced bathing he concluded that the essential oils the trees produce to protect themselves from germs and bugs can boost the human immune system what a lot of find aside or essential oil is found in the forests my research has shown
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that far as trying to size reduces stress hormones and relaxes us in the future the time may come when doctors prescribe the forest and the state of medicine. everything. is being analyzed it's being weighed and it's being measured. by that and it's not just i phones that also i think is i mean no small things all these days at the moment we are in a state of the universe let me read one study did something that was her exact i would rather take the risks of democracy to the risks of dictatorship digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera. demanding explanations lebanon's president asks how the arabia why saad hariri.


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