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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 12, 2017 2:00am-3:00am AST

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at this time. demain the intersection of reality and comedy and post revolution to. mission to entertain educate and prevent debate through satire. how weapon of choice. and internet look at what inspires one of his most popular comedians to make people . hand and this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.
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hello i'm rob matheson this is the news our live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes new video emerges of lebanese prime minister saad heidi in saudi arabia as president and his party called for his return home. despite u.s. intelligence reports donald trump says he believes any of putin did not interfere with last year's presidential election. thousands of people on the streets of boston on a demand the release of imprisoned leaders. and u.s. school buses get a radical make over for the roads of guatemala. you pages of images of lebanon's prime minister saad hariri in saudi arabia they were aired on state television showing him meeting king solomon at riyadh airport how do
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these whereabouts have been shrouded in mystery in recent days following suggestions he's been detained and is under house arrest. well how do you he's made no public remarks and says shock resignation in the saudi capital last saturday when he said he feared assassination and accused iran along with hezbollah of sowing strife in the arab world is political party of the future movement says it's waiting for him to return to lebanon but it's also denounced attacks against the saudi kingdom and want to run about interfering with arab nations the lebanese president michel own one saudi arabia to clarify exactly why how did he hasn't gone back to beirut he's told foreign ambassadors how daley has been kidnapped french president emanuel has similar concerns he said a call with our own on saturday that the lebanese political leaders should enjoy freedom of movement he's going to receive lebanon's foreign minister empower us on
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tuesday has more from beirut. posters are springing up across the lebanese capital beirut expressing support to. the resigned prime minister whose fate really is unknown uncertain times in lebanon the country finding itself at a crossroads for the past year this country and toward relative stability in a very turbulent region but things have changed and lebanon finds itself in the middle of the saudi iranian rivalry playing out across the region it's many like him and i think for quite some time since two thousand and five i guess it's when he really thinks things are really assassination. and we have two polls like saudi arabia and iran and those two polls have people on the ground iran has done this others economics and in the middle of all this i think and live on a lot of special editions what they do best is they they they they lie and they
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say things. to make people maybe scared and to put this like political pressure on everyone just to get what they want we are in a. neighborhood hold many people here feel that the current crisis is going to march and allies them even further this in the community has long complained of iranian dominance in lebanon and now they're blaming their own allies saudi arabia of robbing them of their leader. now. this we want to know the reason behind his detention lebanon can't handle this crisis thank goodness the detention of a prime minister is unacceptable. this is a loss for all of lebanon hariri is loved by everyone we are all upset by his detention no one will accept what is happening this is humiliation we won't be quiet we will demand his release. so for the time being the different part
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political escalation but the question is this where unity will it be short lived on romney who is a professor of journalism at the american university of beirut he's a senior fellow at harvard university and he's joining us live now from boston thank you very much indeed for being with us rami so we're seeing these pictures of saad hariri in saudi t.v. is that going to be enough to convince people that he is free and not in detention in saudi arabia well i think that saudi t.v. shows now is going to be probably the opposite of the truth in the eyes of most lebanese unfortunately the saudi media is like them or are they in a couple of others have totally lost their credibility in the last three or four months and this is this is not going to be taken very seriously this super irony of what's going on is that twice now in a row the saudis with some of their colleagues in the gulf and egypt they've tried
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and now they've tried in lebanon to squeeze these countries thinking they're weak small vulnerable countries and that these countries would capitulate to their demands and exactly the opposite has happened that they have triggered a tremendous burst of strong grassroots nationalism and solidarity in qatar and i was just there a few weeks ago visiting the university and they've done the same thing now in lebanon and this is a sign of the really the immaturity of the saudi diplomacy and statecraft unfortunately but they're still trying to figure out how do they deal with the region when things in the region are constantly. going against them in their eyes and they what they keep doing keeps making things worse for them and they are in a real mess of their own making ok where do things go now between lebanon and iran and saudi arabia given the circumstances that we're finding ourselves in. well i think what's going to happen at some point is that reasonable people in
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saudi arabia and there are still some of those in the power structure i assume they will realize that their policies are not achieving the goals that they want to achieve and they will start looking for other means there's always somebody in the arab world willing to step in and mediate among arab brothers who are often at each other's throat as brothers often are and they will find some mediation whether through the arab world or through some external party the united states tried it with the qatar and the g.c.c. and it hasn't worked yet that's one possibility the other possibility is that you might get a coalition of countries from the region from europe from the united states from the arab world at some point when diplomacy and pressure fail the countries who are applying these instruments try to adjust in a different way the long term solution is there has to be a strong arab iranian dialogue and not just a dialogue but a serious. negotiation about like the negotiations between the soviet
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bloc and the nato in europe and the for security and cooperation in europe that border along the helsinki agreement and things of that nature of that hasn't happened yet but there were i think we need to start thinking in those big terms it's an unlikely to happen with the trumpet ministration but the pressures that the saudis are putting on the lebanese and the qatari is the they've already destroyed the gulf cooperation council they've already destroyed the credibility of the saudi media they have all their heart very badly hurt the credibility of the of the saudi diplomacy and business community a lot of people around the world are going to think twice about making any deal with anybody and saudi arabia or the emirates also in some cases because they don't know if these people are going to just turn three hundred sixty degrees the next day and change their mind and. pli strong arm tactics so they're feeling a lot of pressure and at some point we assume that somebody will step in and help
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them pull back from the brink i want to talk to in a moment about who that somebody could be but you've lived in lebanon for a large part of your life there are deep divisions in the society there was mentioning in her report do you think that this incident is going to have the effect of bringing the country together or are those divisions going to deepen. oh it will certainly bring the country together in the short term this always happens when the israelis invade and occupy south lebanon or attack beirut all the lebanese come together because they understand that they're all threatened when a serious threat from overseas comes in or say like the isis threat recently the israeli threat over the years and now this the lebanese definitely come together when things calm down they go back to their squabbling they have a pretty dysfunctional political system in lebanon unfortunately which keeps
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finding ways to disagree with each other and postpone important decisions which have now reached the point where people's daily lives are really bothered a lot on things like electricity garbage collection water and things of that nature but still the political system now has overcoming these short term squabbles because the whole country has been insulted and humiliated and made to feel like it's like one of the members of her it is future party said that we're not a nation of sheep that somebody can just say now you're going to be owned by somebody else we transfer ownership from one hundred eighty through another how do you deal as apparently the saudis seem to be trying to do very briefly if you don't mind i want to come back to that point you were making earlier that somebody else has to step in given the way that donald trump and rex tillerson seem to be dealing honest on differing levels with this particular incident and with saudi arabia with
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iran and so on. they would be the most likely people the u.s. would be the most likely people to step in in an incident like this but are they still is that still the case or is somebody else waiting in the wings that should be able to come in and help solve this. it's unlikely the u.s. by itself can do it partly because you have incoherence as the driving force of american foreign policy i mean before we heard different different views or within the administration now with the tillerson statement yesterday we have vague views us seems to be criticizing both iran and saudi arabia which is which is certainly reasonable so i don't think the u.s. can do this by itself they've tried with the qatar g.c.c. if you would have been six around the region rami curry thank you very much indeed for your time u.s. president donald trump is calling several investigations into whether russia interfered in last year's presidential election and artificial democratic hit job
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made the comments in vietnam on route to the capital hanoi he told reporters he believed russian president vladimir putin's assertions that moscow had no part in any election meddling trump added that he questioned putin again on the subject when the informally chatted on the sidelines in the apec event in vietnam but those comments are in stark contrast to that of the u.s. central intelligence agency the cia director of holds a report that russia did run a campaign to influence the election outcome a spokesperson said the director stands by and has always stood by the january twenty seven hundred intelligence community assessment they went on to say the intelligence assessment with regard to russian election meddling has not changed ok bill schneider is a political analyst and a professor of public policy at george mason university and he's with us now live from washington d.c. bill this is putting the the security and intelligence services in the u.s.
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in a difficult position because once again they're actually having to defend a document an assessment that had already effectively been accepted by as as accurate. that's right it's accepted by as acted by congress by members of the trumpet ministration by his own chief of staff they said with high confidence that russia meddled in the ninety in the two thousand and sixteen u.s. presidential election on behalf of donald trump what president trump is doing here when he says that he believes lattimer putin who says they had nothing to do with the election what he's saying is there is nothing there that's the message trump wants to communicate it's a way of saying all the investigations going on from the special counsel the special prosecutor looking into collaboration between the campaign and the russians they won't find anything and that that's why he's saying he believes. but what do you think is going to be the effect on the investigating teams themselves is this
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likely to actually give them more of an incentive to try to find more evidence that it actually happened or will they restricted in the times of reference i'm terms of investigation that they are able to carry out despite what donald trump may say. i'll take the latter answer he doesn't mean anything to them special prosecutor has his own mandate his own support he's independent and robert mueller is very independent and he has some highly skilled professional attorneys working on this investigation i don't think this. point by president he believes putin didn't have anything to do with it i don't think it's going to make a bit of difference much of the accusations we should point out are aimed at russian involvement effectively in inverted commas when it comes to alleged allegations of meddling in the us elections the problem partly seems to be that we can't identify who in russia actually did the meddling do you think that there's
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any part of the investigation that might show that perhaps moscow was not involved that there might have been a separate entity within russia itself that was doing this without the knowledge of moscow but obviously perhaps to the benefit of the putin government very unlikely i don't think i think moscow's hand is in everything in this is an especially sensitive area of foreign relations it's another rival country's elections there our political process i don't think this could have been done without the knowledge or consent or both of the kremlin those not to thank you very much indeed always interesting to get your views in this thank you very much indeed for your time. donald trump and vladimir putin have agreed in a joint statement supporting a political solution to the war in syria the leaders reaffirmed their commitment to syria's sovereignty independence and territorial integrity also called on all parties to the conflict including president bashar al assad to take an active part
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in the geneva political process trump said he and putin reached the agreement very quickly. just now we've adopted that document with the prism of the united states it's a very crucial document because we see it for some principle things firstly we continue the fight against terrorism in syria that's the most important for the united states and for us especially in light of recent tragic events which happened there to do with recent terrorist acts as i've said we've been confronting that evil for quite some time now it's important for the whole international community that we continue to apply joint if it's of the utmost importance that we reaffirm the suffering of syria and its territorial integrity that after the fight against terrorism is over we'll start the political process under the auspices of the united nations. chalons has more from moscow. in his press conference in vietnam flooded my piece and said that the reason this agreement had been reached for the united states this statements which was parts house is that the fight against isis
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in syria is coming to an end it's the hotbed of terrorists as he put it in syria is being defeated and the important thing now is to finish that job then the circumstances will be right for moving ahead with the geneva peace process but there are a few questions left hanging in the air about all of this one is why was the kremlin that puts out this statement a full six or seven hours before the u.s. state department released its version why did stunnel trump say that this or agreements have been reached between him and police in very quickly when we know that actually added been bashed around for many days now by rex ellison and sergei lavrov why does it also break no real new ground or the commitments that we have been in this statement of commitments that both countries have made in the past also why considering both sides seem to be trumpeting this as
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a breakthrough was there no proper bilateral meeting between trump and police in vietnam will produce in was talking about that and saying well it was just a matter of julian problem that their pride so coal's didn't quite match up with each other he jokes i assume that someone was going to be punished for this but he also alluded that there were problems and that perhaps the united states hadn't been as committed as russia was he said when he was asked what the suggest is that there was no meeting his answer was well it suggests that there are still there is still a deep crisis in the u.s. russia relationship russia he says would like it to make it better the united states the illusion is it seems to be dragging its feet. thank you more ahead in the news including the far right marches into mainstream politics thousands of polish nationalists celebrate independence day in the capital was. an attempt at
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palestinian unity gaza residents on a former leader yasser arafat and his death anniversary. but also ends a twenty year football world cup qualifying drought details to joe later in the program. iraqi government forces have launched an offensive to capture one of the last remaining areas under control in the country two infantry divisions and sunni tribal forces are carrying out the operation in anbar province it's believed fighters are holding ten thousand civilians call stage in the town of imran khan has the latest on the offensive on the iraqi capital baghdad. the operation began early on saturday morning as iraqi forces went in to the town of ramadi is described as a town however it's a series of small villages where i still fight as i have been holed up after they
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fled operations against them in ramadi and fallujah now this is on the border the border crossing with jordan which has been a strategic stranglehold for isolate managed to stop traffic coming in and out of that border crossing so this is quite key although we're not expecting huge amounts of isis fighters to be in the area the fact that they are still there means that they were controlling that territory and this is all about who gets to control the territory now we're not expecting this to be as large an operation as we've seen perhaps say in mosul or against eisel in syria what we're expecting is the operation to be concluded fairly swiftly in fact what militia sources are telling us from the ground in amman is that ramana has already been liberated that hasn't been confirmed by the joint operations command that also the joint operations commander told our desire that they're very concerned about civilian casualties and they want to avoid them so they're going to go in and
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a step by step basis they're going to surround romana first take ramana and then likely to move across the euphrates river and into and do exactly the same as a tactic that we've seen the iraqi security forces before take over areas outside of the areas eisel control and then use that as a staging post to go in now like i said we're expecting this operation to take months or weeks it's going to be likely it is going to take days and we will have a news within the next few days about the operation itself but the iraqi security forces very confident that this they can they can route i saw the last remaining stronghold in iraq. the u.n. and the european union are welcoming initial steps by the saudi led military coalition to lift its book on yemen the government held southern port of aden is now open but the u. says it's not enough to prevent mass starvation the u.n. and agencies are demanding a full lifting of the restrictions to avoid a humanitarian catastrophe but on the whole as the latest. hot sun
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is desperate to get out of yemen these pills of what's keeping his wife alive her condition requires treatment in egypt but on monday their planes were put on hold when the saudi led coalition imposed a complete blockade from the lend ear and see it was in response to a ballistic missile fired into saudi arabia by humans who three roubles but not everything is hanging on this treatment it is critical for my wife's life humans national airline says it will resume international flights out of a ports in the southern cities of aden and say your own both of which are operated by the saudi led coalition but that offers little relief for her son and his wife they live hundreds of kilometers away in the capital sanaa which is part of the sixty percent of territory under the control they must prepare for a dangerous and difficult journey on a road papered with checkpoints run by both sides of the conflict. the who the
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rebels are backed by iran and troops loyal to former president ali abdullah saleh the saudi led coalition of arab nations joined the war and early two thousand and fifteen launching thousands of the strikes in support of the government the saudi led coalition says it shut down humans borders to stem the flow of arms to the who thiis from around but the united nations says the blockade has created even greater hardship for millions of yemenis already the poorest country in the region before the war the u.n. says yes. and is now in the grip of the world's worst humanitarian crisis around seventeen million people don't have enough to eat every day seven million of them are on the brink of famine more than two and a half years of war has forced almost three million people from their homes and left yemen's infrastructure in ruins and since i probe more than two thousand people have died in the world's worst outbreak of cholera. hospital staff working
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in sanaa say things have never been this bad patients accommodated out on the streets and medical supplies now only trickling in. our sufferings have doubled the shortage of medicine is getting worse and what aid is given out disappears the misery for people here is just getting worse. the u.n. and aid agencies say nothing but a complete lifting of the blockade will do without it they warn human could be just weeks away from the world's worst famine in decades. and al-jazeera hundreds of thousands of pro independence supporters have demonstrated in the streets of barcelona they're demanding the release of the deposed catalan leaders who are in prison for their role last month the session but it's the largest protest since madrid began jailing the former regional leadership barcelona's
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police say at least seven hundred fifty thousand people took part. the catalona village of livia has already separated from spain geographically at least nearly five hundred years ago when a whole went to see how people there view this is section. two hours from barcelona the mediterranean coast kline's to the foothills of the pyrenees. the town of libya is a piece of spain surrounded by france the languages capital and and they see themselves as an enclave of catalonia and us and the and. we already feel independent because in some way we believe that we've already built our borders i do any given moment we could say let's separate libya from this. you see what are you feeling inside a twelfth century in prison tower libya's mayor shows off relics of spain's not
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forgotten past franco. we've had to hear them he explains how on the day of catalonia independence referendum libya's ballot boxes were hidden from the police up here with the bust of general franco and fascist political leader primo de rivera placed on top so many layers of irony and then. the men. came with the sentiment is there the majority of the village favors independence the voting was ninety five percent for the us type last year. it was a quirk of history that one libya it's geographical if not political independence in sixteen fifty nine the treaty of the period nis ended the war between spain and france under the treaty villages on the spanish side of the border was ceded to france but libya was considered a town and so it remained part of spain. in
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the bars and cafes of this mountain town it's difficult to find a resident who doesn't support catalonian drive for independence is. difficult but not impossible. peres is a local stonemasons there's a little girl dressed guys and i stand on notice they should never have asked for independence in my opinion and they should have looked for a new financial arrangement maybe because the only thing that has been provoked is disagreement among families in the entire place splitting people splitting everything. time passes slowly in a place like libya soon the snow will come and with it the winter tourist season visitors will pass between france and spain without really noticing on their way to slow. but people here most of them anyway have no doubt where they belong not in france or spain but catalonia jonah how al-jazeera libya.
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still ahead an altered zero breaking records china's online shopping spree shows no sign of slowing down. the world champion crashes out of the first leg of qualifying the brazilian grow green is going to have more in the sport. hello the weather isn't quite quiet over in north america or at the moment it is cold though and for some of us looking quite autumnal as well this picture from washington d.c. showing those beautiful or tom no colors and looks quite quiet and still over the next few days that we should keep the leaves on the trees so four degrees the maximum there in chicago certainly not feeling that warm in towards the west that's where we've got some more active weather record an area of low pressure just off
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the coast and that's giving us plenty of heavy rain and it's going to stay very wet there as we head through monday as well so for the western parts of canada and down through into seattle doesn't look very very wet a bit further towards the south we will so be sings a very sharp showers here recently as well but securely around parts of jamaica in kingston we've seen sixty five millimeters of rain just in twenty four hour period more wet weather still to come as well plenty more over jamaica and has been yellow and that stretches towards the west and across into parts of southern mexico too so plenty of showers to be found here there's also a lot of rain to be found over south america as well but it don't gradually pulling away towards the north that means for rio it should be a bit dry air force on sunday twenty eight degrees will be our maximum and it also looks calm and settled towards the south as well asuncion up at thirty and force in santiago we're at thirty one. in ecuador ingenious developments in the battle against illegal deforestation these
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are basically old cell phones the people sent to us with love increase it was in the forest and you can forget anything look like chainsaws or gunshots and in australia indigenous practices are being used to fight fire with fire if they wreck a fire like they're making a fire right about the time that might get scared to stop yeah innovation and tradition. at this time on outta there. and any of.
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you watching all this here a reminder about top stories this hour new pictures of a marriage to lebanon's prime minister in saudi arabia they were aired on state television showing him meeting in the airport president michel aoun to clarify why. u.s. president donald trump is calling investigations into whether russia interfered in last year's presidential election and artificial democratic jobs trump says he believes russian president vladimir putin's latest assertions that moscow had no part in any election meddling. hundreds of thousands of pro and dependent
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supporters have demonstrated in the streets of boston they're demanding the release of the deposed catalan leaders who are in prison for their role in last month's secession. residents of gaza have joined commemorations marking the thirteenth anniversary of the death of palestinian leader yasser arafat organizers promoted the event as a national day of unity jim reports. tens of thousands gathered in gaza city to honor yasser arafat for many here the late president and longtime leader remains a symbol of palestinian statehood. i'm not a good i don't know we love him and it's our duty to commemorate his revolution. but this gathering is also a symbol of palestinian unity the first in ten years for fatah founder out of fatah and hamas controlled gaza last month the two political factions signed an agreement
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to end their rivalry. it will allow the fatah led government in the west bank to control gaza. hamas has ruled gaza since it one more parliamentary seats in two thousand and seven. the anniversary of arafat holds pain and hope pain of his death and losing him as he sacrificed himself for palestine and hope which hamas and all of the palestinians want hope of achieving unity and reconciliation and rearranging the internal palestinian house. yes are horrified led the fatah movement for nearly five decades until his death in two thousand and four from what was reported to be a month long illness but now zero investigation in two thousand and twelve found out a thought was poisoned by radioactive talk since palestinians blame israel for his death an accusation israel has strongly denied but here in gaza they still want answers. at the moment i believe that arafat was assassinated and i demand to
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investigate his death and find the criminals. and was not out to the west we all came children and women young and old people from all over gaza to commemorate a symbol of the palestinian cause so you can rest assured that it's yes our fight is a symbol of free people all over the world i think all revolutionaries should commemorate this anniversary with the recent reconciliation of fatah and hamas the onus is now on the current leaders to deliver on the long held hope of a palestinian state. eleven members involved in the trans-pacific partnership trade deal have agreed to proceed with the pact but without u.s. involvement but is it and donald trump withdrew support for the deal after assuming office throwing its future into doubt but the remaining leaders have decided to go ahead on the sidelines of the apec summit in vietnam when hay has more from denying . the asia pacific economic cooperation summit ended with yet another photo
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opportunity the twenty one leaders came together in vietnam on the back of a difficult year for trade that continued on the sidelines of a pic with canadian prime minister justin trudeau at the center he initially balked at a deal to push ahead with the trans-pacific partnership trade agreement involving eleven apec members but after further often heated discussions between government ministers all t p p members finally agreed on the core elements of the pact. all alone aversive agreed on the content we've maintained exactly the same high standards t p p twelve i think we've maintained a balance we've avoided opting for lower standards there are lots of areas where if you rush to agree high standards will be sacrificed but if you insist on high standards we can take a long time or some countries might drop out so all eleven countries are on board and this will send a very strong message to the us and other countries in the region. that message is
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asia pacific countries see regional trade deals as the best way forward that's in contrast to the views of u.s. president donald trump who withdrew the united states from the t p p the trans-pacific partnership isn't finalized yet some parts of the deal still need to be negotiated but the fact that it's still alive without the u.s. combined with china's increasingly assertive role in this region means that this apec summit has come to a close with a sense that the united states is looking more isolated even the final statement from apec leaders was contentious and took longer than usual to finalize reportedly because of u.s. concerns about the wording the leaders called for the removal of market distorting subsidies came after president trump was highly critical of unfair trade practices during his speech on friday. the promotion of free trade and investment in the asia pacific region is a mission for apec member economies to maintain apec is the key driver for regional
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integration. despite the statement apec again showed that the united states under donald trump has a different view on trade to most other asia pacific nations wayne hay al jazeera donning vietnam well on the sidelines of the china has pushed south korea to reengage with pyongyang to help solve the current nuclear threat president xi jinping met with his south korean counterpart in vietnam she told me that dialogue was the best way forward for reconciliation and the nuclearization the comments come as nuclear experts meet in vatican city for a disarmament conference charlie is there. it's day two of the vatican's conference on nuclear disarmament in which we heard pope francis calling on the world to condemn the very possession of nuclear weapons there's been much discussion about
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the nine nations you hold. and their refusal to sign the u.n. treaty banning nuclear weapons there's also been many speakers including nobel laureates talking about the power that individuals have to put pressure on their governments and bring about the change that they want to see one of them. from the peace organization packs she's also steering committee member of the group i can international campaign against nuclear weapons which won the nobel peace prize in october i asked what role the individual can play in disarmament we have this great project called don't bank on the bomb and you can check to see if your bank or your pension fund is trying to make a profit on producing nuclear weapons and if they are you tell them to stop and banks listen they are concerned about their reputation. and people have already changed the policies of banks three or four posts on a facebook wall one of the other aims of this conference is being to remind people
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that nuclear weapons are not just an existential threat and earlier i spoke to one of the few remaining survivors of the night. it was just two when it happened she told us that her mother reminded her of scenes she saw of victims fleeing the bombing. and almost naked scenes that everyone should hope i never witnessed again . al-jazeera. the annual independence day celebration in poland has turned out to be a strength for right wing extremists held a huge rally largely attended by supporters of the ruling and justice party whose refusal to welcome migrants has drawn intense criticism from the european union has more from warsaw. independence day march through warsaw was the biggest stage so far by right wing extremists state television estimated more than one hundred thousand protesters took part it was a show of strength for the track to nazi groups of white supremacists from
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countries right across europe the views of the extreme right and now entering the political mainstream in poland and the number of xenophobic attacks particularly against the muslim community it's deeply on the rise counter demonstrations were kept well out of the way of the march by lines of police blocking side streets but a group of women pensioners managed to stage their own protest sitting down in the middle of the route and refusing to budge it from my c.d.'s where there's the. fears of violence proved unfounded but fears remain about what the advance of the far right mean for the future of every year the nationalist marches become larger and larger. this is also reflected in politics so war and more people are voting for extreme right wing parties. in a stark contrast to the march of the extremists antigovernment protesters who are paying their respects to the man who set himself on fire last month declaring the
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ruling party was destroying both the law and democracy in the country on the assumption that you suppose i don't like the law and just as government in the way they conduct the promises they did a few good things will poles but mostly they do things in a shameless and arrogant way under the cover of the night and i don't like that. they also came to lay rocks at the scene building a can in a memorial to his sacrifice which cost of his life rocks they hope will lay heavily on the conscience of government ministers david chase or al jazeera forsooth. american delegates at the un climate conference in germany have strongly condemned president donald trumps environmental policy emphasize their commitment to fighting climate change has more from the cop twenty three summit. thousands of protesters took to the streets of bonn following the statue of liberty spewing smoke and none too subtle reminder president trump's decision to end the u.s.
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commitment to the paris climate accord. for these demonstrators on the sidelines of the two hundred nation talks on global warming not enough was being done to fight climate change and it's time for people to come forward to the ground of course our . no expectations but that's why i'm here because i people have to take into their own. back in june president trump outraged the climate change lobby when he announced that the united states is pulling out of the paris agreement today i'm taking bold action to follow through on that promise my administration is putting an end to the war on coal and have clean coal really clean coal but if trump believes support for the paris accord would drift away saturday's climate conference proved him wrong delegates from u.s. cities states and businesses accounting for more than half of the country's economy
2:43 am
were in bonn to demonstrate their continued support for urgent climate change the overall message here in this venue is that the united states of america is. agreement and we are. in the conference california governor jerry brown took some heat from protesters over the controversial oil extracting method of fracking in the state. that managed to turn that around we take somewhere far more. will get the job done america we're here and we're not going away the task at this conference for the united states delegates is to persuade other nations that despite trump we are still in the to shop al jazeera. a car rushing scheme is being dropped in new delhi because india's top environment court didn't think women should be excluded new delhi is in the
2:44 am
middle of a pollution crisis air quality so bad schools were closed this week women were exempted from the scheme to lower pollution because of safety concerns reports. a scheme to try to reduce pollution levels in new delhi. over the issue of women driving the government wanted to bring income from monday but said women were exempt because having to use public transport would compromise the security. the public transportation is not robust enough to be relied upon for the implementation of the car rationing scheme and the most important issue is the security of women the government is very concerned about that. the country's environmental. disputed the ruling saying all vehicles must be included in the scheme. if we talk only about car there is no exemption there is no
2:45 am
exemption for v.i.p.'s for women or to it applies across the board. pollution has hit record levels in new delhi this week forty times what the world health organization says is. there was a burning sensation in my throat and suddenly i felt breathless now after the oxygen mask i feel better. schools have been closed construction with strict it and trucks abandoned if it to bring levels down. when the environment court challenge the state government over women drivers being examined the government canceled the skiing now on monday it will be business as usual at the moment to be calling it off at the moment we're calling it off but on monday we will link again approached the environment court and request them to reconsider the exemption for two wheelers and women drivers. new delhi's equality has been so poor this week doctors say it's as bad as smoking fifty cigarettes a day it's
2:46 am
a consequence of weather patterns and crop burning in nearby states that right now the authorities seem unable to prevent it charlotte dallas al-jazeera. and still ahead on al-jazeera winding up home hopes of bellows teenager tops it out against the u.s. open champion to level the fed cup final with actually next week joe. in the united states rights activists are still being targeted you have nothing to making that you felt so good what raising surveillance from both the police and the f.b.i. this is not law enforcement and. hold lines investigates the scope of these agencies tactics and the impact on civil society. confidential surveilling black lives at this time on his ear and under put it well on. u.s.
2:47 am
and british companies have announced the biggest discovery of natural gas in west africa but what to do with these untapped natural resources is already a source of heated debate nothing much has changed they still spend most of their days looking forward to for the dry riverbed like this one five years on the syrians still feel battered or even those who managed to escape their country have been truly unable to escape the lure. the world's biggest online shopping spree dubbed singles day has come to a close in china e-commerce giant says sales of top twenty five billion dollars so
2:48 am
boston has more from beijing. gone veiny and cheap and some say addictive online sales are going through the roof in china and electric tools flosser caught look ching's i discount twenty percent you really visits a store these days laptop fitness equipment cameras all bought with a few clicks and many other items he admits he doesn't even need. sometimes i do overconsume a line especially when there are also a lot of times are by them without thinking too much and never touch them again after i open the packages even if i don't like them i don't return because of the lazy. singles days started in the nine hundred ninety s. as a response to valentine's day but it has gone far beyond people's relationship status online giant alibaba managed to turn what's now called double eleven through
2:49 am
a shopping spectacle that captivate most of china exactly at midnight on november eleventh discounts appear online and the buying spree begins. the sounds of the going to person what if twenty years ago america was china's role model but now when we talk about online business china is doing better than the u.s. in many ways. two thousand and sixteen nearly eighteen billion u.s. dollars were spent in just twenty four hours as a publicity stunt e-commerce companies are using drones to deliver packages to some of china's island's transport companies are working overtime to the when millions of packages swallowed six hundred. here and this year's figures are most likely to hire less by a slowing economy but there's an environmental downside to the online shopping festival according to greenpeace research shows that in two thousand and sixteen
2:50 am
double eleven produced two hundred fifty eight thousand tons of c o two because of transportation and waste management that's the equivalent of two and a half million trees. you go go to from here when we shop online the retailers tend to over package they always wrap more layers around the original packaging usually plastic bags this uses more resources and creates more waste. a problem look ching has yet to become aware of for him online shopping has become like his mobile phone there's no life without it anymore and to prove that home shopping does not increase laziness he demonstrates the home gym he bought online step fast and al-jazeera beijing islands time for the sport here's joe. thanks very much warmer rocco have ended a twenty year qualifying drought by booking their place in next year's fi for world
2:51 am
cup in russia they beat ivory coast to know in a straight shootout for the place from africa group c. and it sends them to their first final since one thousand nine hundred ninety eight and they were the only ones to qualify from africa because tunisia also sealed their place after twelve year absence thanks to goalless draw at home to libya well those are the last two teams to qualify from africa and that means we all know the five continents representatives nigeria were group the winners senegal qualified on friday as well as a group d. and egypt sealed their place at the top of proof last month now the republic of ireland have held denmark to a goal a straw in copenhagen as they aim to reach their first world cup since two thousand and two things is a two legged play off so it will come down to what happens in dublin on tuesday that will decide who progress is from that time and they'll be everything to play
2:52 am
for when new zealand's qualifier against peru moves to lima on thursday that's after a goalless draw in the first leg in wellington it was a near disaster for the home side in the seventh minute when a mix up in communication left goalkeeper stephan maroon of each making a scrambling save the best chance for neil came in the eighty sixth minute when ryan thomas shocked really. and technics out because fans improve have been celebrating as if they're a step closer to actually reaching russia twenty eighteen thousands of people cheering on their team in a square in central lima she's incredibly good result for us. but. we're not in a position to be sort of. settling on that and the mindset for us is now or you know we've not cheap anything and. you know it's all about now making sure that we recover and we travel well and we do
2:53 am
a professional job for when we get out there and the mindset is we've achieved nothing and we you know we want to go to russia and of people who thought well. it's not an easy place to come here to try to win the game i mean we always try to play good football but sometimes it was difficult because the opponents and this case new zealand were very tough for us they have very good organization they play very straight football and. you know messi is the mid-city would have quit international football if argentina had failed to qualify for next year's pfieffer world cup the losing two thousand and fourteen finalists are in russia where they've played a friendly against the hosts the match was the first at the newly refurbished luzhniki stadium where the opening match and the final we played but it was also tina who grabbed a second win in two games manchester city's record goal scorer so joe headed home at the second attempt to steal the one there when. you're seeing. there i think that yes that it would have been the definitive end of everything this squad
2:54 am
because it would have been crazy not to qualify for the world cup i honestly do not imagine what would have happened because it would have been terrible for everyone. it was hamilton's had a speed bump just two weeks off to sewing up his fourth formula one world championship the british driver will start sunday's missing from three in the back of the grid after crushing was hoping that qualifying in a long time say he's seen some of the crew were robbed at gunpoint as they left the into august circuit in south hollow on friday but it was consolation with teammate terry bought us claiming pole position head. if you get. still a bit shaky you know they say it's a good feeling so it's just a nice not be the sole cause the greens have lost and also the ball flying and somebody came here as well so getting it it could not be in the end then now. obviously louis ross was out in the beginning which is a shame for us and i'm happy i could stand up for us in the. motor g.p.
2:55 am
writer mark marquez has also crashed in qualifying but it hasn't stopped him from seizing pole position for sunday's volunteer graham prix the spaniard needs only to finish eleventh to grab his fourth title in five years the sole rival hundred of his he also qualified nine. teenagers stunned the u.s. open tennis champion to level the fed cup final after the opening singles rubbers. ranked seventy eighth in the world lost to paul sloane stephens six three three six six four in minsk it maintained a miserable run for stevens who's lost every match since winning the u.s. open in september bando i put the us one up for the straight sets victory over alexandra some of it. and that's all the sport for now more later hundreds of decommissioned school buses from the us are being driven south to guatemala where the repaired repainted and made road worthy even most of reports from want to go.
2:56 am
inside this workshop in what a mall or a radical transformation is under way these old school. buses were taken off the roads in the united states. but through hard work and ingenuity what i'm olens or injecting new life into another country's junk. for the united states is yellow bus and it worked for eight to ten years you know no longer useful or i might say take the garbage transform and make it better and the buses work for another ten fifteen or even twenty owners each bus is customized according to the needs of its owner windows and seats are removed and the body is repaired and modified larger engines more powerful turbochargers ten speed manual transmissions and beefier brakes are installed custom paint jobs complete the month long process which costs upwards of thirteen thousand dollars. to hear
2:57 am
a bus with ten rows might be loaded with eighty people well in the united states would only carry half as many and their children the buses also carry lots of merchandise on the roof so they need a big mechanical transformation where the brightly colored busses are a ubiquitous part of the guatemalan landscape the up cycle buses haul millions of people to work every day passengers choose the fanciest buses hopeful that a nice paint job means the owner has also maintained the brakes and the tires. drivers often work twelve to fourteen hour shifts earning around three hundred dollars a month but they can earn more if they beat the competition to the next stop some have driven the same bus for more than a decade. the up cycle school buses hold millions of people to work every day passengers look for the flashiest buses hopeful that the owner who takes care of the paint also maintain the tires and brakes put these
2:58 am
tricked out machines represent an antidote to our throwaway culture unwanted up north they've become an affordable transportation solution that shows no sign of slowing down david mercer al-jazeera and what amala. and i'm going to be back in a moment with more of those news. right
2:59 am
. training stopped slightly but the pace picks up quickly as these grannies work out a long lifetime of frustration. at eighty five years old in thomas' old what trains as hard as anyone and. i feel so good i feel fresh i punch this side and this side like this and like that i really love this i don't like things like soccer because i will bring these ladies are tough and i take their training very seriously. go through.
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the more energetic a life. i was sold by the pakistani army to the americans and we got held in guantanamo bay the number of al qaeda and taliban detainees transferred to u.s. forces in afghanistan has continued to grow for years without trial they had a paper that said they were innocent. or talked or screamed would be beaten again a quest for a better life that ended in incarceration. the one ton of no twenty two at this time on al jazeera. new video images of lebanese prime minister saad heidi the saudi arabia.


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