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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 12, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm AST

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and people are on the streets to protest and it's reached our doorstep sort of in the region as a way i'd like to advance to contribute some kids. right . this is al-jazeera.
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and i welcome to the al-jazeera news ally for my headquarters in doha the parana coming out for the next sixty minutes. state t.v. shows new pictures of lebanon's prime minister in riyadh support. on the streets of beirut. i believe very much in our intelligence agencies at the same time. i want to be able because i think it's very important to get along with russia. contradicts his earlier view on the russian meddling and the u.s. presidential election. thousands of civilians flee their homes in syria's aleppo province as government jets head rebel targets. with the day sports news including morocco ends a twenty cup qualifying proud details later in the program. has
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shown pictures of. lebanon's promise to solve haiti as lebanese leaders continue to demand returns home and that's just the third time he's been seen since he unexpectedly and all sorts of resignation in the saudi capital eight days ago now he hasn't publicly spoken since then and there are suggestions he's being held against his will posters have started springing up and they vote in a show of support for the absent leader the shock was a nation's place in lebanon at the center of a power struggle between lebanon's iranian backed hezbollah and saudi arabia. for the lebanese president. then and they will help demonstrate unity and solidarity. let's go live now to. saying the holder is joining us from there let's start with the pictures of the first time he's been seen in a few days how people they are reacting. in any way assuaged. well
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like you mentioned this is the third time we've seen the prime minister since his sudden resignation his resignation speech today over a week ago people are just not convinced i can tell you the majority of people are not convinced yes there are those who say the prime minister hasn't returned for security reasons and that he fears for his life but the majority even his own supporters believe something is wrong that he's being held under house arrest and that his freedom of movement has been constrained in one way or another so we've seen images of the prime minister but we haven't heard from him since that speech no public statements now we're getting reports that a lebanese journalist may be in riyadh preparing to interview the prime minister it either today or in the next couple of days and it is a question we ask people if you hear from the prime minister are you going to be convinced that many people told us he needs to return home behind me as
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a marathon it's a yearly sporting event but this year people are using this marathon to show solidarity with. neighborhoods. some neighborhoods that the prime minister is a sunday muslim and most of them told us they believe that the prime minister is being detained. it's been like for quite some time since two thousand and five i guess it's been since i really. like. people on the ground in iran. others as economics and we're in the middle of all this i think and. a lot of special editions what they do best is that they they they lie and they say things. to make people more maybe scared and to put this like political pressure on everyone just to get
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what they want and. we want to know the reason behind his detention lebanon can't handle this crisis dignity the detention of a prime minister is unacceptable. this is a loss for all of lebanon hariri is loved by everyone we're all upset by his detention no one will accept what is happening this is humiliation we won't be quiet we will demand his release. lebanese very much still united and calling for the her to. return saying that unity is the political consensus in lebanon holding. well for now it is holding but if you ask people here this is a question we posed to them and what they said was we don't think so because there are deep political divisions in this country there are two rival camps one proud pro saudi the other pro iran and this is not the first time these two countries
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have used their proxies to play out their power struggle which is really playing out across the region so there is a real fear here we have to point out the pro se camp is not happy that hezbollah has an armed wing its armed wing is even stronger than the national army and they're not happy that hezbollah has the sided to fight alongside the syrian president bashar assad so the divisions are there nothing has changed so even if and when saddam returns to lebannon it will not to end the political crisis. sign up thank you very much. that finale that cena hall there with the very latest joining us from beirut. move on to other news now u.s. president donald trump has been making contradictory statements on the alleged russian meddling and the two thousand and sixteen u.s. election thompson want to clarify his remarks made on saturday and what he appeared to accept the russian do not on that issue he made the comment soon after meeting
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met him in person on the sidelines of the apec summit but speaking in vietnam on sunday tom said he accepted the u.s. intelligence assessment assessment that moscow did interfere he accepted president putin's belief that russia played no part. i believe very much in our intelligence agencies now at the same time. i want to be able because i think it's very important to get along with russia to get along with china to get along with vietnam to get along with lots of countries because we have a lot of things we have to sell i believe that president putin really feels that he feels strongly that he did not meddle in our election what he believes is what he believes what i believe is that we have to get to work. well the u.s. president also spoke about north korea he appeared willing to improve relations with kim jong un and emphasize the importance of all nations working together for
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the greater good. russia and china in particular can help us with the north korea problem which is one of our truly great problems it's now time to get back to healing a world that is shattered and broken those are very important things we're going to get more on this now we're joined by clyde professor of government at georgetown university mr wilcox great to have you with us on al jazeera let's start with the statements about russia can the u.s. president really believe what his own intelligence agencies are telling him where there is consensus that russia interfered in last year's presidential election and believe the russian president when he says he had no pot well that's a silly statement really i mean the magnitude of the involvement hacking into twenty eight different state voting machines millions and millions of fake tweets and so forth there's no way that would not have been ordered by by putin. my guess
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is that this is between clenched teeth as we say in america. that he has to admit that the intelligence agency says this but don't be surprised if two or three days from now he comes out even more strongly in defense of food and why would he do that what's going on at the moment what the investigation in the u.s. that would make him do such honestly it's exactly the wrong thing to do in the middle of an investigation and a middle of a criminal investigation where probably my client will be indicted any day now and the investigation is broadening and so forth and so the president should say nothing right the fact that he continues to believe a former k.g.b. colonel over his own intelligence agencies is a very striking thing which is exactly what senator john mccain said. away and not entirely away from russia. also saying that there are you know there are much bigger problems to address right now with russia like like ukraine like
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terrorism what do you make of this the sort of sudden kind of globalist turn and what he's saying well he's always said that it would be nice to get along with russia but the thing is his of ministration has really not entered into serious negotiations on any of these issues it's certainly true that great powers should always try to negotiate on things that they have an interest in jointly but it's also of our interest not to have our elections hacked it's also a great interest not to get them into our machines and trump not taking this seriously means we're not really building a defense against next time and how seriously do you think he's taking the north korean issue which he was also speaking about because on the one hand. he seemed to be somewhat conciliatory when he was in china he called north korea you know a murderous regime a menace that had to be stopped and yet we had just sunday him saying that you know they could be better relations it would be good to have better relations with north
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korea but then also that very day those very derogatory comments about the north korean leader at the same time this is his first trip to asia as president has he made any progress on this issue now i don't think he's made any progress at all for downtrodden everything's personal right so he praises putin because putin praises him he praises the saudis because the saudis treated him very well when he visited the chinese were very kind and had a very elaborate thing so he wants the relationship with the north korean president to be personal we actually need a professional negotiating position but he's calling him short in fact you know i mean it's different than rocket man but it's certainly not progress so has there been any progress would you say or from the u.s. point of view on the president's first trip to asia well so the president himself not so much but i. i think that there were a big delegation along with him that were hopefully making some connections and getting some serious negotiating mr wilcox thank you very much for your time and
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your analysis on the screen appreciate it thank you for having me. to syria now the province of aleppo is again under heavy bombardment by government war planes that are targeting rebel fighters the bombings began this week that forced thousands of civilians to flee the area and set up makeshift camps in the countryside the united nations has expressed concern of the continuous bombing by russian backed syrian government forces. is following developments from near the turkish syrian border. is a big province in the city is part of it on the outskirts of aleppo city there are pockets that people fled from aleppo city which are still under rebel control this particular area where this latest campaign by the syrian government is underway is close to the aleppo it live border these are the two provinces and these areas were held by rebels and now syrian forces are pushing towards it it's worth noting that this is an area that is just on the outskirts of the deescalation zone as well so
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it is perfectly ok and legal for syrian government forces and their russian ally for the barbie the area and push the rebels back and this is what the contention of the syrian opposition has been that they have been saying that the escalation zones rather have been helping to bring down civilian casualties but they're also an excuse for the assad government and its allies to consolidate their control and push rebels back to words these areas where they would if they fire back they would be in violation of the laws and it is very difficult for the people who've been displaced from place to place from aleppo city from other parts of provinces in these areas which have come under relentless bombardment in the last five years to try and set up shop here is a few of them who told us how it feels and what do they have now as they move from . their home. we don't have any shelter no tents no cover when we left we didn't take anything the syrian army went after us with airstrikes and now the children
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sleep while there. is no water no power no roads just dirt we move a lot. we run with just the clothes that we wear now here in a tent in the spring and. the villages and towns in the southern countryside of aleppo faced a wave of civilians fleeing towards the east or one thousand seven hundred thirty four families from the south one thousand three hundred families from the northern countryside of after visiting the random camps in the area we evaluate the humanitarian situation as a disaster people need tends to protect themselves from the freezing winter and as you can see the desperation among the people who fled from these areas and who are continuing to flee from the various the tents that you see in these pictures are not new these are tents. by local n.g.o.s because international n.g.o.s can't get there because it's an active battle front and hundreds of people have been living
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out in the open and it's worth noting this is the onset of winter and it's get very cold at night. in aleppo and aleppo countryside for these people so it's a struggle to survive and they don't know what's going to happen to them next. and clothing. suspected. discovered. the latest mass shooting in the u.s. and thousands of americans had to watch as the world's largest. find out of the l.a. clippers. n.b.a. touchy on. the philippines for the annual summit the group is made up of ten countries from southeast asia. their leaders will be meeting with delegates from eleven all member countries including the u.s. china and canada during the two day gathering the nuclear threat from north korea
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will be one of the issues discussed. reports from manila. meeting in manila is seen as the biggest event under the chairmanship of philippine president let me go to thirty twenty one years of state as well as the united nations secretary-general are expected to attend it comes at a time when the region is struggling with a growing security concerns. north korea is expected to dominate the discussions the united states' relationship with the isolated government. continues to get worse over north korea's missile and nuclear programs but despite it being seen as a pariah state all ten member countries of the association of southeast asian nations have diplomatic ties with north korea and the united states is expected to put more pressure on countries to take a stronger stand against kim jong. but for there again is asian the most
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contentious issue a ball is the dispute in the south china sea china and the united states have been disagreeing over policies when it comes to disputed waters claimed by several as the a member states many see it as a fight between giants. this fight. a framework on the code of conduct between china and assay and is expected to lay the ground rules that will guide navigation and exploration in disputed waters but president bush their day refuses to use the arbitration ruling warned by the philippines against china at the hague vietnam now finds itself the lone strong voice among countries against china where you have. a situation where the
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philippines has no clear policy on what to do with the first. issue that this good enough for china because it buys them more time to consolidate their position in the south china sea the migrant and refugee issues are expected to be discussed including the reading your prices in me and maher isis growing influence in the region is also on the agenda but many filipinos here say they're more worried about domestic issues like president of the good that there does human rights record last year trump was vocal about their support for doctors drug war which has left thousands of filipinos dead and critics say they worry that my gloss over a deterrent this drug war again which could encourage more state forces to commit human rights abuses in dog and al-jazeera. that's kemel on this knowledge on by vets have had their own political analysts twenty of that live also from manila via
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skype always good to talk with you on al and if they are that thought what that relationship between the u.s. and the philippines presidents trump and that's had they how do you assess their relationship as it stands now and what will that mean for how they cooperate on a key issues like security. well actually i was just in washington d.c. a few days ago and i got to know that there were certain moments of curb awful between donald trump and terry to particular trump was not happy to be deterred this lashing out against us during his state of the nation address earlier this year but they were able to paper over those differences over the cross your minds and that's why trump decided to extend his trip in the middle of and stay here for at these two days there are a lot of similarities between them both of them are populists can feel besieged by the liberal elites in your respective countries both of them are very strong in law and order issue and i actually feel look at that that he has consistently said good things about strong you never atop the white house or the state department and at
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the very positive interaction with rex tillerson the u.s. secretary of state when you visit here in the philippines you know this the reason why it is that the likes the u.s. government that is the executive branch is because trump has made it clear that strategic interests will always supersede imposition of american values which is essentially that word for human rights and democracy and i think there's very much welcome that in exchange i think what also wants to get from the street we do come here and say my previous answer obama was incompetent he is stranger are less like the philippines by raising human rights issues and he pushed them into china's strategic war bieber embraced and what i'm going to try to do here is gain them back them back into our alliance so i gots way they could very clean up not between to tear down south in an effort to create the iraq war and the other issue that they are the same. to be on a sort of summit a page on of the mind that at least one that we're expecting to come up at the moment of course is the ongoing territorial disputes in the south china sea whether
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from the paines on the president the head of the has seemed to side more with china than the philippines has in the past we haven't and this is something we know china wants the u.s. to do as well as what i've said there's a very long standing disputes with a lot of potential for the for for violence can we expect any progress on this. well clearly the security issue that will dominate the discussion here is north korea that's where we don't want to get to by you know austin countries and his current chairman the philippines just squeeze north korea and get that english get them back to the negotiating table on their areas that we don't need discussion is counterterrorism we deliberation of my ra we the next phase of isis threat is going to be more likely spectacular terrorist attacks against major urban centers and that's where us once the cooperate and provide high grade intelligence training and equipment ought to at least like the philippines and if there are to as well
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come the american assistance the id areas counter-narcotics the charities actually you know quite ironically getting american assistance to prevent the importation of shuttle from places like china because the philippines is the largest this nation for precursors that lead to the creation of crystal methamphetamine which is essentially the source of the drug problem in the philippines so that's those are the areas where i think trying to get there if they can have some scientific discussion on the south china sea that's where i'm not very optimistic i think a good character will continue to emphasize economic relationship be china and downplaying this or tennessee has been talking about finalization of a quote of conduct we china on the south china sea but if you look at the substance of the code of conduct they start really not much added value and as far as truck is concerned it seems he's willing to a little bit play down in the south china sea so that he can get chinese to stand on other issues like north korea. to be honest i think that life is not that strong assumption is but it's going to get stronger and counter-terrorism in. the sahara
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it's going to get your thoughts on this should hereon joining us live from manila thank you as always. iran has called behind the allegations it was involved in an explosion at an oil pipeline a and baseless. blame what it called terrorism linked to iran for an explosion and bluey on friday and iran has denied any involvement calling the accusations childish finger pointing. now mass graves containing at least four hundred suspected eisel victims have been found in northern iraq the sites were discovered near a military base close to the town of. amman khan has the latest from the capital baghdad. this find will be very significant not just for the families but for investigators as well a lot of families are wondering what happened to their loved ones by then defying the bodies within the mass grave they'll be able to get some sort of closure hopefully for investigators this will be a way to find out exactly how many people died and i still rule now this mass grave
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was found in which is one of the main towns it was in a former military base which allegedly used as an execution ground according to locals now this isn't the first mass grave that the iraqis are found they certainly won't be the last as they go into the areas that i saw used to control and try and dig and look for information on any potential mass grave sites that there are now i've actually seen one of these mass grave sites a couple of them in fact actually up in this enjoy mountains in the north very gruesome places to come visit everything has to be kept logs of bones are being dug out of the ground forensic scientists are looking and investigators are looking at what they find just to see how many people actually were killed now in this particular great we're hearing that at least four hundred people had been killed now whilst all of this goes. i still continue to hold very small areas here in iraq but significant ones by the border crossing and operation started early against
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them against those i saw fighters in the early hours of saturday morning that's when they took the village of ramana just out in the province just outside of fallujah that was very quickly done in a few hours they took over that particular town now the iraqi forces advancing to the last remaining stronghold of i saw which is now we're hearing that there might be at least ten thousand civilians that are trapped in the middle of what the joint operations command have told out is there is that they're very concerned about any civilian casualties that might take place so they're going in very slowly however we're not expecting this operation to be like mosul or to be like iraq and to take months this operation is likely to be over in the next few days it is very few in number i saw fighters that are in power but like i said it's the last stronghold of perhaps one of the last strongholds of i saw fighters and it's a significant move on the part of the iraqis however once i saw these defeated in
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the territories they control the still the ideology that remains. an iraqi military a military helicopter has crashed during a training exercise killing all seven people on board the crash happened of a province just east of the capital baghdad the course is not known. about four hundred refugees refusing to leave a decommissioned prison camp one man aside and have had to build makeshift fences from cloth to keep people out pablo you going to has dismantled large sections of the fence for the former stray in one camp in a bid to force the refugees to leave the men of refusing to move saying they fear madison and locals could attack them some of the refugees have moved to new accommodation outside the facility. a week from twenty six people were shot dead in a texas church sutherland springs as still reeling from the mass shooting that's prompted calls once again for stricter gun laws in the us that is honest for courts
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that's not a feeling that's shared by gun owners or dina's. well told the oklahoma flags at half staff mourning the victims of last week's texas church shooting thousands file into what is billed as the largest gun show in the world take a. gap. in the parking lot of this exhibition center there are license plates from dozens of states visitors come to buy and sell guns and everyone we spoke to told us the same thing the u.s. should not pass laws restricting their second amendment right to own guns the person behind the gun. we need to get back to god before immediately go you know there are lots of problems because people don't enforce the current statutes really and force them on us for anyone that breaks the law we should stand behind it and convict them and stick but then we weren't allowed to take our cameras inside of the gun show but i did go inside and walk around and what i saw were a lot of hunting rifles antique guns and a handful of
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a ar fifteen which are assault rifles a bill banning assault weapons was introduced in the u.s. senate last week just days after the texas shooting and last month after the mass shooting at a los vegas concert legislation was introduced to banning bank stocks which allow guns to fire more rapidly so far this year there have been more than three hundred mass shootings in the u.s. defined as those which involve four or more deaths or injuries in a single incident but despite that passing tougher gun laws could be taught. before . we're going to fix that. in states like oklahoma guns are part of the culture dave king has been shooting competitively for decades and now teaches classes like this one king says he doesn't see either side in the gun debate finding common ground because the way we see it out here the way the voters see it is you're trying to restrict our second amendment rights to us this is
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a civil rights issue we have the right to defend ourselves all right king says he wants to preserve for his grandchildren die a nest of broke out jazeera toso oklahoma. a few moments we'll have the weather with rob still ahead on the news out. on the turnaround of one of germany's most industrialized cities that led to it becoming this year's european green capital and the world champion crashes out on the latter qualifying for the brazilian wrong train. will have more let's go. through tranquil a rave you. can free to use and if any should come to let. you know the weather is no respecter of bandra is nor indeed is pollution this video here is from lahore and i we've been looking at delhi in the
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last few days but this is the same sort of thing visibility is very low and it is unfortunate and harmed by polluting chemicals from both manmade sources and otherwise with the wind to trap now there is some hint of a bit of movement in the satellite picture you know some clouds are drifting around which might give you some hope as it is always same system and we got a good shot from nasa driven satellite here this is where you see lahore new delhi and all of this area is underneath either fog or smog now we know it's smog in new delhi we haven't got the same sort of measure equipment in lahore so it might be just fog but on the whole it looks like these are the air quality conditions hazardous we know in delhi slightly better know about probably has this whole the only way you can move this is either by raining heavily so it or getting a wind up a movie both are unlikely but temporarily that might just happen the questions
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happening in the next couple of days rains coming in and a bit of a breeze is picked here but it's temporary. the weather sponsored by cats on race. discover the world of al-jazeera. the best films from across on the network of channels with a lot of this if i'm allowed to do it but i'm about to be fresh perspectives and new insights. to challenge and change the way we move the world. thank you i'll just. about this time on a business. with a big breaking news story account be chaotic and frantic behind the scenes. people shouting instructions at your client to provide the best most accurate today's
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information as quickly as you can. it's when you come off on being seen pinned to realize witness history in the making. good to have you with us on the al-jazeera news stories the state t.v. has shown pictures of. lebanon's prime minister as lebanese leaders continue to demand he returns. he hasn't returned to beirut or made any public comment since unexpectedly announcing his resignation in riyadh eight days ago president says he
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accepts u.s. intelligence assessments of russian meddling in last year's election campaign and. accept president vladimir putin's denial of kremlin involvement. in syria again under heavy bombardment by government more planes thousands of civilians have fled days of bombing in aleppo province the united nations says it's concerned by the complete pain government backed by russia. spain's prime minister money on the whole is a second for the first time since direct war was imposed on the region thousands marched on saturday demanding the release of leaders who are in prison while being investigated for their bold and last month's secession that live alone in our correspondents join how is joining us from there is a welcome presence and joining. well
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elizabeth not to at least half the population here who support independence this is the first visit as you say by the spanish prime minister to catalonia since he triggered section one five five of the constitution revoking catalonians or tanami sacking the government and calling new elections on december twenty first to that half of the population here or more perhaps who supported independence he's something of a hate figure the head of a government in madrid that they see as oppressing their culture their language their identity and their rights here so we certainly don't expect him to do much in the way of a big public sort of walkabout he's in this hotel behind me here addressing supporters of his popular party in catalonia ahead of those elections he's called for a massive turnout at the polls he's promised that the election in december will in his words restore the rule of law to catalonia of course the popular party is not going to win here far from it but this is an opportunity for him to to have his
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presence felt here on the streets in barcelona ahead of those elections also ahead of those elections john as we mentioned hundreds of thousands of people were on the streets on saturday there was real anger isn't there about the detention of the region's political leaders. yes real real anger is absolutely right three quarters of a million people came out of the streets of saturday night a huge show of strength really a test of strength of the independence movement that proved that they're still out there but this was a show of solidarity and support for the families and for those eight former government ministers in detention in madrid charged with rebellion and sedition also to leaders of the main civil society groups here that have led the push for independence from the grassroots for years now and as well as that of course congress puts them on the former president in exile in belgium they are angry about these moves by the government in madrid and really this anger towards the
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government by. what they call their political prisoners now is the platform if you like moving forward for the election it's no longer an overt call for independence rather it's an overcall for the freedom of political prisoners and that is a pretty potent call and one that may well rally a lot more support to the court and as we continue to watch at pictures of prime minister mariano. in that barcelona live pictures right now of his party there china do we know what's going to happen with the region's leaders who have been detained who've been arrested who have the rest warrants in the lead up to elections and what ends about their participation and the election. well no not really besides the fact that they have been remanded in custody in jail in madrid pending further investigation on these charges of rebellion sedition
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misuse of public funds if this comes to trial and if convicted they could face thirty years in prison they're certainly not about to be let out in order to come back to barcelona and campaign in these elections in point of fact the head of the parliament the president the speaker of the country and parliament who was bailed earlier this week along with four other in fees it was bailed was let out on conditional release on condition that she didn't come back here and take part in campaigning for independence so this is a massive blow to the movement here their leaders in prison they are demoralized but that doesn't mean that there isn't a second tier beneath them who will be able to campaign ahead of these elections in december but no doubt that they are weakened by all of this china thank you very much for that that's jonah how joining us live from boston i know thank you. but the greece now a battle of jobs versus the environment is raging in the north as one of the country's largest foreign investors threatens to pull out canadian mining eldorado gold almost suspended operations last month. saying the government is causing
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delays and costing it millions but as john psaropoulos reports government says it's trying to protect the environment. two hundred and seventy metres below sea level these men are digging for gold eight million ounces of it thought to be hidden in these rocks with more than ten billion dollars which would make greece europe's biggest gold producer and there are billions more in silver copper lead and zinc but these which is aren't yet within reach the government hasn't consistently worked through the permits as required under a contract and under regulations here in greece and we've suffered our share price is significantly down compared to our peers in the predominant issue is our investments in greece have not proceeded as planned el dorados shares have fallen by more than half this year this mill should already be crushing rock instead it's waiting for permission to build walls and a roof to house the machinery and now the city's a government has taken the company
1:39 pm
to court because it's only completed two thirds of its one and a half billion dollar investment it's the sort of behavior that is putting off other potential investments in greece and losing cities our votes down here. i'd like the government to come here and see what we do what we produce and see with our own eyes that we can achieve for the national economy if they do away with my salary today tomorrow there won't be any income for the very people in government. this is the growth greece is looking for salaries here average about fifteen hundred dollars and that twenty four hundred workers monthly payroll of about three and a half million dollars that kind of money creates an entire economy on the surface but cities are says it's not the only economy. these people will work for twenty or thirty years this isn't a sustainable form of development for the area or it will eventually run out what will remain for the future generations yes this entire valley will become an open
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cast mine pit half a kilometer deep once that happens says farming and tourism won't stand a chance but mining is the biggest driver of the local economy and at full swing this operation would give the government half a billion dollars a year in taxes for a quarter century and double the size of the mining industry to seven percent of g.d.p. cities at once those taxes but it wants the votes to win the last election the environmental vote defeated the mining vote next time around the tables could turn jump start up a loss in the cassandra mines of northern greece. now the coal mine from sale ponson journeys of a region have the country for more than a century but something industrial silent decline one of its major cities is now looking to tourism to recharge its economy clark reports from essen. his stands a ghostly relic to a time now just one of the largest industrial monuments in europe the silver and
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coal mine the last miners descended the shaft in one thousand nine hundred eighty six but in its time and was a key cog in the german economic machine for many going on the ground was a way of life the region was the beating heart of the nation's industry its coal mines and on and steel plant the country for more than one hundred years. this is the largest of the region's disused coal mines and back in the day it employed eight thousand people around the clock producing twenty three thousand tonnes of coal every twenty four hours now it's a us go world heritage site and the old coal washing the room museum where once machinery thundered and tens of millions of tons of coal were processed now that's an impressive curation of the region's history we sought for people who came from outside to build one place to have
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a window to look in the history of this region beginning at three hundred and fifty million years ago when cold starts to exist today to the present so these days there mining the tourist dollar sees one and a half million visitors a year bringing in more than sixty five million euros. seventy. today and i think very important. like a lot of money. everybody can come here today and it just wasn't the line in the. a process in green space now blankets much of the city's industrial past with here and there a looming reminder this fight back against environmental degradation has led to the e.u. naming the city as a european green capital for two thousand and seventeen. when.
1:43 pm
we are a model for change how to create something when a complete branch of industry breaks away first we're interesting for europe and the rest of the world how if a crisis or volved a chance and we are now entering a green decade. of course is not all good news despite some major energy companies still being based in local unemployment remains high at nearly eleven percent but there was a time when they were a river was a toxic flow now it's a stunning clean i mean it's with no end of profitable potential by honoring its industrial heritage while shaking off the coal dust and looking to tourism this is start city may just reinvent itself. al-jazeera has. the sports news ahead on the news out. with the details of a south korean tennis player.
1:44 pm
provoking debate the corporate taxes not job growth under barack obama the. tackling the tough issues restrictions on media freedom killings torture. but challenging the established line every single one of the three thousand people who is killed with a drug dealer yes how do we know that you didn't try them prosecute. join mehdi has signed up front at this time on al jazeera when the news breaks. in some direction break. up. the street. and the story been. much better marketing. when people need to be heard. they were american until they broke the law now they're deported to cambodia or an al-jazeera has teams on the. ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on
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air and online. the native american office invited the gathering from around the united states for the indigenous comic con and new mexico they were issues that have long plague their computer communities like substance abuse domestic violence and the search for identity reynolds reports. superheroes star wars characters costumed role players all native american at the second annual indigenous comic con in new mexico. the artists here draw inspiration from
1:46 pm
rap and i'm a skater culture and war proudly calling themselves indigent nerds think a lot of nerd culture helps us to deal in like the real issues that we face and it gives us a positive like a lot of it is really positive and helpful there are many issues troubling native americans poverty disease violence drug and alcohol abuse and the generational trauma from centuries of conquest and colonise ation this is that gives native american artists a chance to express themselves in ways that challenge stereotypes and caricature artist riccardo cocktail draws on the long tradition of meat if humans were not stoic like hollywood always depicts of rivera funny people and i just want to showcase how funny we are we see the humor in just about everything as native american why have we been reduced brothers can and john little made
1:47 pm
a documentary about what they were guarded as offensive sporting names like the washington redskins and we want to reclaim our identity as we you know we kind of want to take back you know a lot of the stereotypes and kind of for. just you know kind of represent ourselves more accurately comedian and artist bobby wilson points just storytelling traditions perfected over hundreds of generations what are we going to do for nine months out of a wintertime in minnesota in the seventeen hundreds but tell each other stories you know what i mean with any culture you know art is how we deal with not only our own issues but it's how we interpret our place in this world and why is it that we exist leverage this is the convention organizers the ability to adapt and draw in these other cultural elements is that act of resistance it's that act of of defiance something like this provides hope it sparks the imagination what more than
1:48 pm
superheroes and space travel sparked the imagination and it also ties us back to our traditional stories because in those we had superheroes we had space travelers and so that it's this it's that full circle adaptation and are flourishing from one native generation to the next robert oulds al-jazeera is left up well below new mexico. in a science for now tatyana thank you elisabet for the first time in twenty years morocco will play at a fee for wild cup thanks to a to know when i've ivory coast's in africa group three on saturday they've got the finns in the moroccan fifty of which are near the algerian border morocco needed to avoid defeat to the ivorian but when one better with a two nil victory to take it to russia twenty eighteen. to nydia played out to goalless draw against libya the team is the into back of the world cup up to missing out in twenty ten and twenty fourteen and you can see just how much it
1:49 pm
meant to their fans as well. so with those two results we now know all five of the continents representatives nigeria were great be when it senegal qualified on friday as well as the group day and egypt filled that place of the top of group last month. the republic of violent held denmark to a goalless draw in copenhagen as they aim to reach their first world cup since two thousand and two this is the total i could play off that it comes down to what happens in dublin on tuesday to decide who progresses from the tie so it flew and could fill the earth but on sunday when they take on northern ireland in the second leg of their playoffs they hold a two a wonderful advantage going into their home match for the northern irish they're staying focused on the game and trying not to dwell on the controversial panic penalty that led to their defeat in the perth match. there's a lot more in the dressing room after the game which is natural. but it's gone.
1:50 pm
the team have spent the majority of the time since the game and terms of recovery we've watched the game back. and we look to aspects of just our play where we can be better. what happened in the game. as a say we have to see more vision from work but it's gone now in terms of whereas in the players' minds and the focus is on trying to get the result that obviously could take us three. because we're most interested in and if we look at the style of play of northern ireland they play from the first until the one hundred eighty eighth minute always the same star but also with surprises in the first match if we step back a bit they became immediately dangerous so we have to be careful with that ok croatia are in a very comfortable position going into their second leg play off against greece on sunday the crowd how many greeks for one and are looking good for the world cup finals apparent. it would be quite difficult for us because
1:51 pm
the croatian team did excellent and the worse so but it will be another match a second chance for us to do much better than in the first match and this is what we have to do. formed in even though we have a great leader the pressure will be enormous and there will also be great support from the fans there will be a burning atmosphere but we want very much to get to russia and will give everything to get there you know messi has admitted he would have quit international football if argentina had failed to qualify for next year's fi for world cup the losing twenty fourteen finalists are in russia at the moment where they've played a friendly against the hosts the match was the first at the newly refurbished luzhniki stadium where the opening match and the final will be played but it was argentina who grabbed the second when in two games punches to city's record goalscorer. headed home at the second attempt to seal the one no with. casey
1:52 pm
and others as he had seen the day i think that yes that it would have been the definitive end of everything this quote because it would have been crazy not to qualify for the world cup i honestly didn't imagine what would have happened because it would have been terrible for everyone lewis hamilton has had to speak on just two weeks after winning his fourth formula one world championship title the brit will start sunday the brazilian grand prix from the back of the grid off the crashing on his opening line modifying it's been a rough time for his in the faded scene as well after some of the crew were robbed at gunpoint as they left the into like a bucket and paolo said i was conflation with a team mate about three bottles claiming pole position had to ferrari sebastian vettel. would get. still a bit shaky you know they say it's a good feeling so it's just a nice not be the sole source for the greens have asked and also the qualifying and some doesn't give me as well so getting it it would not be in the end they're. obviously doing so i was all in the beginning which is a shame for us but i'm happy i could stand up for us in the. moto g.p.
1:53 pm
write a mock mock has also crashed in qualifying but it has the sense from seizing pole position for fun dave valencia grand prix the spaniard needs only to finish eleventh to grab his force. title in five years so rival and day out of it just so qualified knight. tennis now and south korea has become the first ever a.t.p. next and final champion the top ranked player russian number one and they both know so windy in moore who were fans in milan on saturday winning the match for the twenty one year old also pocketed a three hundred ninety thousand dollars check in the process. of bellary teenagers stunned the u.s. open tennis champion to level the fed cup final after the opening singles of this idea of doubling current seventy eight's in the world last apostle in stevens in
1:54 pm
minsk it maintained a miserable run of the last every single match since winning the us open in september and earlier on coco van to wait for the u.s. one up with a straight sets victory over alexandra have a niche. u.c.l.a.'s basketball team returned from their fees in opening match over georgia tech in shanghai with out three players arrested on charges of theft the trio are out on bail but remain in china for now meanwhile the l.a. clippers slide in form in the n.b.a. continued on saturday as they went down to the new orleans pelicans the clippers let the western conference early in the season but have now slipped to a record of five wins and seven losses to marcus cousins board thirty five points in the win over the clippers anthony davis then added twenty five points as well one hundred eleven to one hundred three with the final score. at the rugby league wild card history has been made as tonga defeated new zealand twenty eight to
1:55 pm
twenty two is the first time a ticket to nation has ever beaten the tail one team to world cup and things got a little out of hand after that when fifty three people were arrested in all planed for disorder offenses an ambulance was also. ended up on its way to a medical emergency. that's all of course now a little better thank you tatiana. finally the bulletin about made entirely out of the cycle the ocean plastics and flip flops of being built on kenya's coast is being assembled using two hundred thousand recycled flip flops and twenty five tons of plastic waste from the ocean one for completed it will make history as the first boat builder entirely out of recycled ocean plastic catherine soy went to see it. it may look like an ordinary boat being built on the shores of the ocean in lumber along came a skull but there's nothing normal about this boat. you know called bookmakers
1:56 pm
a building what they call flip floppy using mostly plastic waste and discarded flip flops that often washed up ashore if it works the plan is to eventually build a sixty foot down like this one which is usually build with wood it will sell to south africa with the hope of creating awareness about the devastation brought about by plastic dumped into the ocean it would be a good message to the world because this is a moving object you know people have done different types of recycled things but it's not one hundred percent everybody sees it but rain is a moving object to reach the many parts. this is one of the cleanest beaches on the coast. local residents load trash they've collected for the last two months plastic bottles polythene bags flip flops which will be used to make the boat. the waste ends up in a factory in mali more than two hundred kilometers away this is where plastic waste
1:57 pm
is crushed or shredded then melted using that machine and molded into planks for the dow we'll need the factory receives trash washed ashore from countries in africa and asia and also rubbish collected locally. getting an end product that is strong and safe to withstand the ocean has been tough we are making the first. nobody's ever made of being out of plastic that's ten metres long no zero point two centimeters wide twenty five centimeters deep that's a piece of plastic so all we have tried multiple ways of doing it multiple types of materials stabilizers and all kinds of things to make sure it gets better and better. back in. the and his workers give us an idea of how the boat and eventually the dow will look like it will be covered using this colorful
1:58 pm
print made from war than two hundred thousand used flip flops they say that not only campaigning against ocean pollution but also for what is a dying culture of traditional making catherine soy al-jazeera on the kenyan coast . does it for this al-jazeera news out of martin dennis as hell with another full news bulletin in just a couple of minutes thank you very much for watching. it
1:59 pm
. was. the sam's in archaeology graduate from iraq he's also a part time going to pergamon museum which includes a reconstruction of the famous ishtar gate in babylon most of the people he's showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several berlin museums taking part in the project called a meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasise the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture. because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things
2:00 pm
that mrs ford to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life it part of life is culture. something that i was told by the pakistani army to the americans and we got held in guantanamo the number of al qaeda and taliban detainees transferred to u.s. forces in afghanistan has continued to grow for years without trial they had a paper that said they were innocent. or talked or screamed would be beaten again a quest for a better life but ended in incarceration. for guantanamo twenty two at this time on al jazeera. saudi t.v. shows new pictures of lebanese prime minister in riyadh as opposed to saad hariri on the streets of lebanon.


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