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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 12, 2017 9:00pm-10:01pm AST

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ingenious developments in the battle against illegal deforestation these are basically old cell phones that people sent to us with love and trees it was in the forest and it can be carried in look like chainsaws or gunshots and in australia indigenous practices of being used to fight fire with fire if a right to fire like they're in a can of fire right about the time that point if i get scared just stop yeah innovation and tradition. at this time on al-jazeera. i really felt liberated as a journalist was all about getting to the truth as i was that's what his job. this is al-jazeera.
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alone them to limit all of this is the news hour live from london coming up. lebanon says its prime minister's freedom is being restricted in saudi arabia a television interview with saad hariri is due to be aired in the next hour. what he believes is what he believes conflicting messages from chum on pollution and whether russia interfered in the u.s. presidential election. thousands of civilians flee aleppo was rebel fighters face heavy bombardment from syrian government forces. and the gold digging jobs under threat in greece up to challenges from environmental campaigners. join together oscar de sports leagues including a world cup place a white box can northern ireland stop switzerland from clinching it i'll have the latest from the european playoffs coming up.
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a warm welcome to the news hour lebanon's president is finally saying what many have been suggesting for days the prime minister saad hariri streatham is being restricted in saudi arabia michel owns office has issued a statement saying hariri is living in quote mysterious circumstances and is facing restrictions over his residency and even contact with his family in the next hour on eleven east t.v. station hariri is expected to make his public comments since his shock resignation last saturday on the streets of beirut people are uniting behind him as in a holder for ford's. an adult sporting event a being to bring people closer together unity is needed this year's beirut marathon comes at a time of increased assert. and a political vacuum lebanon's prime minister suddenly announced his resignation from the saudi capital more than a week ago since then there has been concern about saddam how deedes well being
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lebanese leaders believe he was forced to step down and is detained in saudi arabia saudi leaders say he's free to go but fear for his safety if he returns to lebanon lebanese across the political divide are demanding his return home is not clear in the run on which is a very very different problem you know. it's like life broken hope he comes back said. it's not like that hope for that hollywood that what i guess i'm this mother of two that he's going to think is the prime reason for the runoff. and yet to come back these are the most recent t.v. pictures of heidi meeting the saudi king in riyadh the airport he has been seen three times in public since his resignation speech but hasn't made any comment people are using the marathon to show solidarity with the heidi the slogans include we are running for you we are all waiting for you for now the lebanese are standing together in a rare show of unity but there is no indication of when how do you will return and
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if and when he does there is no guarantee that lebanon's political crisis will be resolved well seem bizarre who join the marathon to support cancer patients is optimistic that this time around the crisis can be contained. on their own feet as i see things in a positive light unlike in the past the lebanese people are thinking about their own interests in the interests of the country. others are less optimistic because lebanon's political parties tend to answer to their regional patrons we don't want other countries to interfere and i would. want only the anybody as army to have the arms. support and protect this country a clear reference to hezbollah. i'm doing an issue that cuts at the heart of lebanon's political divide a divide that has shattered stability and threatened coexistence in a not so distant past that if. they don't ask what else of christian is
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a middle east analyst and writes if a gulf news he joins me live from beirut said hi there joseph good to have your company what do you think he's most likely to say well he's probably going to explain what he has not done during the past week namely to tell the world why he resigned from the position of prime minister he has in his previous groundsman said that his life was in danger presumably he knows something that the rest of the world does not know that in fact his life wasn't danger and that he's left the country in order to protect himself first and foremost that's one option the second option he will probably reveal is to to tell us whether or not there were circumstances that led him to make the decision that he has made what to us are we don't know we're all speculating what may have pushed him to do this but i would just like to remind everyone that's complaining about the fact that this man has
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been away and he was kidnapped and all that's kind of things that in fact. when he was forced to resign for the first time in twelve general two thousand and eleven nobody asked him for his return nobody said you must come back and remind everyone that the resignation occurred in washington d.c. when he was meeting with president obama at that time when the current foreign minister then a deputy minister indie rather it minister in the government. it third of the parliamentarians from the coalition and the government got out so now i think there is a bit of irony people are saying now that he must return to decree and so on and so forth but all of these people who are shedding crocodile tears were not around to support stopped several years ago and so joseph what do you make of the story that says actually he's been kidnapped he isn't perhaps giving this interview of his own free will. if you were to be kidnapped obviously you would not be meeting with the
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king of so if you wanted you know he will not be welcome in abu dhabi when you went to meet the heir apparent there i'm not been say it i don't think that there is much credibility that to claim that he is kid no in fact the man has declared openly that he was protecting his life that his life was in danger and let's remember that several sources in the country were very i'm happy with him and they were criticizing him before the resignation this did not occur in a call to void it occurred or specific reasons it's like it was made you know inside the government and he just couldn't take it anymore at any one point so he decided to resign where does lebanon go from here i can only imagine and the same to the voices in our correspondence piece there in the marathon that people are very confused but i wonder what the next steps on. regrettably the lebanese been
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could use is nothing new but as you say the next step is going to be complicated because the lebanese are living in denial there is a crisis in this country a political crisis of the first order where the country is split fifty fifty more or less with one group saying that we need to maintain our end of identity and defend the causes that are in the best interests of lebanon which just economic prosperity and relationships with the gulf countries and on the other hand you have the another group of individuals who are saying other futurists side with iran and the rise of iran in the middle east so they're poor this fundamental crisis that exists is nothing that lebanese president or government can do anything about the lebanese are confused this is correct but the lebanese have essentially what themselves in this situation joseph joining me from they were joseph.
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a place. last to mention the lebanese prime minister saad hariri is due to give his first public interview since the shock waves that nation in the next hour and we'll bring that interview to you as soon as it happens. that president tom says he backs the conclusion of u.s. intelligence agencies that russia did mental in the twenty sixteen presidential election the writing on twitter he slammed what he called the full so polls better times with moscow times clarification comes after he suggested on sense that they've they believe that amir putin when he said russia did not interfere with the phone when he reports not from hanoi. two themes dominated donald trump's visit to vietnam competing with china for influence in asia and offering conflicting messages about russian influence on his election win last year i believe that president putin really feels and he feels strongly that he did not meddle in our
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election what he believes is what he believes what i believe is that we have to get to work and i think everybody understood this that heard the answer hours earlier he spoke off camera with reporters and said something different following brief discussions with blood amir putin at the apec summit in downing he said he believes the russian president didn't meddle in the election comments were criticized by some in the united states government intelligence agencies have concluded that there was russian interference in the campaign in his meeting with the vietnamese president in hanoi trump said he believes a strong relationship with russia can help fix the world's problems we have to get to work to solve syria to solve north korea to solve ukraine itself terrorism it's now time to get back to healing a world that is shattered and broken those are very important thing donald trump back some self as a deal maker someone who can make things happen and while much of this trip was
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about trade and business he also offered to help keep the peace between vietnam and china vietnam and china are in a long running territorial dispute in the south china sea along with other neighboring countries donald trump told his vietnamese counterpart. that he could help make things better while also touting u.s. weapons contracts. you. know. really where. we're going to use. donald trump says he's not interested in multilateral trade deals china's president xi jinping who's also in vietnam's capital says he's not interested in multilateral talks on the south china sea when hey al-jazeera hanoi meanwhile trumpets find time to respond to north korea's foreign ministry after
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a call called him old chum been tempted to it's a complaint he would never call kim jong un short and fat he added that he tries hard to be the north korean leader's friend and that someday it might happen. and gallagher joins us live from washington d.c. ending this war of words is getting very personal indeed isn't it and it has been for some time remember this is been going on for a while even when the secretary of state from here rex tillerson was trying to reach out to north korea president trump was tweeting out wrecks you're wasting your time basically undermining his own secretary of state look these are fairly childish barbs going between these two leaders but the bottom line is we are no closer to a diplomatic solution in what is a very serious and important problem both these leaders have the codes to nuclear weapons so while some people might find this kind of amusing it is very serious and the u.s. government and president trump are no nearer to really reaching out and doing
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anything with north korea clearly president trump is trying to work with china and it's clear that he also wants to work with russia in solving this problem but these kinds of tweets these kinds of insults aren't really helping and mandy we saw mixed messages to from trump on russian interference on the u.s. election and how are they being interpreted stateside. well i think the headlines from trump on saturday basically backing up a lot of near putin saying he believes that russia hadn't interfered with the us elections will go on for days here in the united states because the background to all this remember is robert muller's investigation into alleged ties of collusion between the trunk campaign in russia very serious allegations that have already seen a few people under house arrest in a few indictments handed out so the president trying to say that on saturday really gave his critics a lot of ammunition and a lot of fodder then twenty four hours later suddenly on sunday he says the
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opposite thing he says i back my intelligence communities i do believe that russia was interfering in u.s. elections but clearly president trump is a great admirer of lott amir putin he seems to want to forge some kind of relationship with russia saying that the reason behind that is because he wants to solve all these global problems but he certainly isn't helping himself here in the united states and gallagher there live from washington d.c. andy thanks. still to come on the on to syria news hour iraqi forces discover four hundred bodies in mass graves left behind by i so. we this is the world's largest gun show where calls for stricter laws in the wake of the texas mass shooting are not going down well. in the mark of a champion mark marquez takes the moto g.p. world title but not without some drama first details but still in sports.
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so in province of aleppo is again under heavy bombardment by government warplanes targeting rebel fighters the air raids have forced thousands of civilians to free the area and set up makeshift camps in the countryside some of binge of it has more from gas and on the border between syria and turkey. the war in syria is far from over. the army an air force of president bashar al assad and his allies continue to attack opposition positions in the southern countries like aleppo province regime forces are advancing to secure an important supply route one after a highway that connects damascus to win a city. opposition fighters as well as head which is a light to either are fighting to retain control of a small town village in. the days of fighting has displaced thousands. we don't have any shelter no tents no cover when we left we didn't take anything the
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syrian army went after us with airstrikes and now the children sleep there while we're there it is the it i don't know my dad and my mother had there's no water no power no roads just dirt we move a lot for god's sake have some mercy we run with just the clothes that we were now we're here in a tent in the sporran and. the used tents are not just for people from so the level but also from hama province. in the north around three thousand people in all. many here haven't seen any help from international aid organizations because the front line is close by local aid workers say they are doing what they can but don't have enough provisions and you have again. the villages and towns in the southern countryside of aleppo faced a wave of civilians fleeing towards the east or one thousand seven hundred thirty four families from the south one thousand three hundred families from the northern countryside of hama after visiting the random camps in the area we evaluate the
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humanitarian situation as a disaster people need tends to protect themselves in the freezing winter the united nations says at least one point one million syrians have been displaced in the last year the u.n. is concerned by the escalation there were strikes in aleppo and it led provinces and is calling for the protection of civilians the fighting is continuing on the edges of the deescalation zones agreed by the united states and russia the opposition says that the government is taking advantage of these zones to target them while the government says that is going to go after what it calls terrorist groups and this goes on millions of syrians continue to suffer. and the turkish syrian border iraqi security forces a find mass graves in an area recently retaken from myself that could contain up to four hundred bodies the bodies of civilians and security forces were found in an abandoned base near her wages the northern time was retaken from the armco in early october among can has more now from the iraqi capital baghdad. this fund will be
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very significant not just for the families but for investigators as well a lot of families are wondering what happened to their loved ones by identifying the bodies within the mass grave they'll be able to get some sort of closure hopefully for investigators this would be a way to find out exactly how many people died and i still rule now this mass grave was found in which is one of the main towns it was in a former military base which allegedly used as an execution ground according to locals now this isn't the first mass grave that the iraqis have found they certainly won't be the last as they go into the areas that i saw used to control and try and dig and look for information on any potential mass grave sites that there are now i've actually seen one of these mass grave sites a couple of them in fact actually up in this enjoy mountains in the north they are very gruesome places to come visit everything has to be kept logs of bones are
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being dug out of the ground forensic scientists are looking and investigators are looking at what they find just to see how many people actually were killed now in this particular great we're hearing that at least four hundred people had been killed spain's prime minister mariano rajoy is in catalonia for the first time since the central government imposed direct rule over the region he traveled to wasilla has a campaign ahead of december's regional elections and praised efforts to on a spanish law and what he called difficult time has more now from wasilla. on a sunny altar morning in barcelona a marching band goes through its routines oblivious to the presence of spain's conservative prime minister in the hotel behind them mariano rajoy was paying a quiet visit to supporters of his own party to those who want catalonia to break away from spain you something of a hate figure the man who deposed their government enforcing direct rule by madrid
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. should expect that we have done exactly what any other country who respects itself would have done what france or germany do if one of their regions suddenly wanted an autonomous referendum. the party faithful were in clear agreement. was was this was a friendly crowd catalans supporters of spanish unity vote for a voice governing popular party in december's regional election i don't you know i don't really never know just know it's not for me anyway but you asked me if i love it and i'm sure it will grow but the. kind of thing that you need to fit the crisis in catalonia has done prime minister mariano rajoy and his popular party no harm it's ratings are way up people pretty happy with the way the prime minister has put down the secessionist insurrection here and it's also had the added benefit of largely obscuring
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a raft of corruption allegations against the prime minister and his party in madrid . his visit came the morning after three quarters of a million cattle lands took to the streets in a show of solidarity for a two former ministers jailed on charges of rebellion and sedition to imprison civil society leaders and the government in exile in belgium but this bottle actually think that it was protesting over the holding of political prisoners in our country people who just want to vote and decide to imprison standing up as you know the prime minister. as promised december's election will restore the rule of law in catalonia but a great many people here feel that rory's government has simply bent the law for its own purposes jonah how al-jazeera barcelona. the church goers in the u.s. state of texas have been holding sunday services a week on from the mass shooting of a congregation in sutherland springs but it's not stop the world's largest gun show from taking place this weekend in the neighboring state of oklahoma dan estabrook
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is there gauging the opinion of gun enthusiasts. well told so oklahoma flies flags at half staff mourning the victims of last week's texas church shooting thousands file into what is billed as the largest gun show in the world take a. pay gap sign. in the parking lot of this exhibition center there are license plates from dozens of states visitors come to buy and sell guns and everyone we spoke to told us the same thing the u.s. should not pass laws restricting their second amendment right to own guns a person behind a gun we need to get back to god before you go you know there are lots of problems because people don't enforce the current statutes really and force them on for anyone that breaks the law we should stand behind it and convict them and stick but then we weren't allowed to take our cameras inside of the gun show but i did go inside and walk around and what i saw were
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a lot of hunting rifles antique guns and a handful of a ar fifteen which are assault rifles a bill banning assault weapons was introduced in the u.s. senate last week just days after the texas shooting and last month after the mass shooting at a los vegas concert legislation was introduced banning bunk stocks which allow guns to fire more rapidly so far this year there have been more than three hundred mass shootings in the us defined as those which involve four or more deaths or injuries in a single incident but despite that passing tougher gun laws could be taught your shot before. we're going to fix the. in states like oklahoma guns are part of the culture dave king has been shooting competitively for decades and now teaches classes like this one king says he doesn't see either side in the gun debate finding common ground because the way we see it out here the way the voters see it
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is you're trying to restrict our second amendment rights to us this is a civil rights issue we have the right to defend ourselves all right king says he wants to preserve for his grandchildren. and joins us now live from that gun show in oklahoma hi there diane so what conclusions have you come to about american gun culture having spent some time there. how do you know what i think what we found here is that the people who live here that come to these gun shows are very entrenched in their opinions and their beliefs about guns these are people many of whom grew up with guns they use them to hunt but use them for target practice they see the responsible gun owners and they don't want to see tupper gun laws on the other hand we did talk to a woman yesterday who was a dealer who said she was very disturbed by this latest shooting in texas and says maybe it's the harm that the u.s. thinks about maybe passing some tighter gun laws and that's where they're from tulsa dan thank you. still to come on the al-jazeera news hour.
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i mean the turnaround of one of germany's most industrialized i think that led to it becoming this year's european green capital. plus how this. can become this the book being built in kenya entirely out of plastic waste. and roger federer is running for a record seven finals crowd gets underway in perfect style joe will have all the details in sports coming up. a lot of things changing slowly from iran back towards an event is not a cloud in the sky it's not the levantine site that has been some in the sky but this is a dry as picture i was tempted still hovering around the low twenty's even higher
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in battery temporarily see when comes up from this size but as a cloud goes across iran it develops into bit of rain. welcome back here on al-jazeera we are taking you now to lebanese television program the pictures you're seeing now are from a lebanese t.v. station some adverts ahead of the lebanese prime minister saad hariri he is due to give his first public interview since his shock resignation that happened in saudi arabia eight days ago so once we've got past the adverse we will let you listen in but the hope is that from this interview so that hariri will frankly finally say what many of been suggesting for days or at least he'll give us some idea of why he went to saudi arabia and then resigned there has been a huge amount of confusion in lebanon there's been all sorts of theories emanating from both saudi arabia and from lebanon itself as to why sad hariri resigned he has
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made indications that there was some sort of danger to his life but frankly the details are scanned so we are going to hear lebanon's prime minister say something about the situation that's been evolving over the past eight days so as i say some extra details in the shell our own he earlier gave a statement saying hariri is living in quite mysterious circumstances and is actually facing restrictions over his residency and even contact with his family but again we don't all those details for sure so we will go back to that interview as soon as it starts happening. now u.s. president has insisted he backs the u.s. intelligence community's view the russia meddled in last year's election trump was widely criticized on saturday when he said he believed putin who has always denied those allegations. syrian province of aleppo is again on the heavy bombardment by
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government warplanes targeting rebel fighters the air raids have forced thousands of civilians to flee the area and to set up makeshift camps in the countryside. well while we're waiting for that interview to starts i'm joined in the studio by baria alamuddin foreign editor for the daily arab newspaper al hired by a very warm welcome to the program. what do you think we're going to hear him say i think he wants to say why he resigned and i think there are practically three one reasons why he designed one of them of course is the threats on his life and we know that his father of twelve lebanese politicians have been assassinated the grace to hezbollah and to city and meddling in lebanese affairs also of course know that he has not been able to govern and so he is this head of government that is able to govern in any way it's hezbollah who decides who. the foreign policy is
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hezbollah peace and war is that is in the hands of hezbollah even the economy is and that as well so maybe and i think i know all for the fact that he was getting very restless because he was promised that he would be able to come back to lebanon remember he was in saudi arabia he actually lived in saudi arabia his family lives and reality has results and riyadh i visited the family and so and the surge reason is now it's greatly being viewed that the messiah that had to riyadh luckily didn't. actually stop. given by the whole series it's greatly seen as meddling by hezbollah that has trained whole horses and hezbollah says that they have trained horses at sea being seen that here we are friendly with. the government i can be in
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a government that is seen to have people in it ministers and it's from hizbullah that actually helps to hide and country so that is the three main reasons i think that made sadly heavy. i decide that enough is enough and really i cannot take it anymore there are many speculations why he actually decided to say i resigned from people believe it's before for reasons of his safety what about the story where do you think the story emanated from and to whose benefit is it just going to stop chatting there for a minute let's listen in to this incivility from saad hariri. live from riyadh. straight from the. residence of the side that has really really. mr brumley.
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the whole media as well ching this. interview. now we'll talk in detail. mr premier why you decided today to start talking after all lest. after all what happened after suffering to the emirates. and returns and you've been silent you didn't say much first of. all my focus. was on lebanese interest i thought there's fear. and reached a stage. i saw a lot of things happening. in the area. i was warning about it i used to. and as you know me i always try to. discuss and make
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a dialogue and give advice. but during the last stage. i spoke. a lot. with regards to what was happening in the region and this fact. also certain incidents happen could never. sanction them. and we know there are american. sanctions. already in place also there are some. sanctions going to be in place some arabic government so what's our interest in this as lebanese. actions from hezbollah which put some. pressure is on lebanon
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and the suffering they put up with my duty as premier to tell the truth. and i'm not the person who try. to hide things and disguise things. i want. this settlement settlement. agreement i want different parties i want to succeed. and we all must agree that lebanon is the main interest for all of us. i'm not. one party against another party. i'm not against her. when the logic is that it is a political party. doesn't mean that has. destroyed lebanon. has. a political party no problem we have no problem with that at all.
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we have many parties in lebanon. is it logical. as lebanese. to take. as lebanese and say. i don't like the way this country. and i try to do things whether it's regarding security. and others and i was. but like subjecting. the whole country to danger not only myself this is about you trying to say that. because there were some misunderstandings and some wrong. things. and that's why i had to submit my resignation i know the protocol i had to go to the president. give him my resignation that. but what
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you're saying. makes ask more than one question. if you are not a prisoner in the. if you are not. whatever you say then. you say we trust because you might be under pressure from. as from me. and say that. let me say something our relationship with the saudi. and my relationship with it was over this past change or the president. or the present
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king that there is more like one of his songs. and i saw a lot of. there are certain things. completely certain things. but the main thing is that we are subject. please allow me i'll make. you want to design a. new left. that was supposed to visit and then yours and ended up resigning. there were certain things i'm discovering now more finding. and i found this out using my last letter. that. i had been i want to save
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the country. i know that even if i says life or the country. i don't care about my own life i care for the country. so. it's not something. the country would carry on but then paul to think is a country the main. my duty is to try and maintain a conflict preserve a country. i think that he was naked and you can heal continue his journey. there is something. now that i don't know this is part of what's happening. out there all of the other soldiers rolled and no no that's not true.
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so it is one of the country was saying either you disengage with hezbollah. or sanctions will be placed against lebanon. saudi kingdom of saudi arabia. loves lebanon i'm not going to love you more than reality . like any other country they're not let alone. but if there's a party in lebanon trying to. attack any peace and security in the gulf they love playing with more than their own country i would like you to enlighten the people. that you remember there was some talk i was going to sign a month ago and. i'm not one of
9:39 pm
those who talk about. nation for embezzling money if i want to design i designed. you listened or not i did resign yes. i designed. there are some procedures for using nation we talk about i'm telling you i'm not i'm not saying anything. i will go back to lebanon. and i will go through with the constitutional procedures acquired. everything you say. while you are still here you're not leaving your house it will not be taken for granted. i have to interject lawyer talk. we must calm down. because all the lebanese want to know what is going on.
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i know the way i design is not the usual classical way of resigning. but i have to look after my own interests and follow certain security procedures so i could go back. saying it's not your style it's not the way you talk well why you are here this is. that. she wanted to give positive shock. and i get the feeling. i want to keep the lebanese positive shock so we know everybody a little know that we are in a dangerous location. we
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lebanon say we want to remain in neutral and then we see other people a certain part in lebanon doing certain things or ally themselves to the syrian regime that this is not possible i warned this. once twice three times and i. got no positive reaction and. so that's why i was very careful that. you know very well that all what i've done during the past two years is it was it affected my own. credibility. i didn't do anything for my own personal interest otherwise i would have been i would have sat there like one of the lebanese and just. give announcements make announcements but often done what i believed was right so when i say these things i don't say these
9:42 pm
things quite loosely. what i'm saying to all the lebanese. maybe it was better to go back to lebanon. but there was a danger. at this stage i found out the specter from a to do what i've done so that will be this positive truck. you know paula being threatened all my life. the syrian regime don't want me does not want me you mean she didn't. i stood up for all these people. and some certain stages we were with hezbollah. there are many parties who don't want. to constitute
9:43 pm
something like a safety net when i could study the situation of the security because you know we have been infiltrated. financially things were difficult. i have to make sure that there are no infiltration on. on my neck but. we are talking to the information department branch intelligence branch and we are talking to them. when you talk to me are you telling me. they are certain parties that say you are not free to move as you wish. i hear and the united kingdom was sold out in round free i have complete freedom. but i want then i have my family. i have to look
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after my family as well. as your family your family is here in saudi. my family. i don't want to see my children to have the same fate like what happened to us i'm not talking about months i'm not talking about. i'm talking about only days and i'll go back to eleven on god willing. there's some army happens called saddle how do you think. everybody is asking. anything wrong. my duty. to protect the sin is to see that there's
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a druze christian this is my duty. until. so as to protect them i have to protect myself. and we have. to have political strategy we must know we cannot hurt each other. because when there is a strike or rocket strike against riyadh it's normal. but this is not you know i know it's not new but let me tell you something. what i'm trying to say is direct and to all of unease parties. we all for peace and security in lebanon. settlement and.
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freedom. independence of lebanon democracy. is the basis. lebanon. just frightening you with economic sanctions why they're starting with economic sanctions because there's him and his party doing things. this is one. lebanon. this is a new saudi arabia today yes there's a new southeast today. before there was love to lebanon from saudi. now there's more love even than before. but there is a difference now saudis are being killed. going on blamed for this head of. the throes of the war in yemen yes yes.
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how lebanon can change the international balance. let me tell you something let me tell you something. i will not allow anybody to lodge your. eleven on whether it's regional. or not this is you know about this. you know my position regarding this matter. talks that it is trying to push israel to hit lebanon attack lebanon. we know what the games of israel. through learn our lessons. you know that this is about. to hit lebanon let's be logical let's be logical.
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because story and the. so how does history that this never happened in two zero zero six when. the world took place. what. was the biggest help. for the biggest help for lebanon. and then there's saudi had no bottle from yemen and there was no. interference from iran. the problem is that there is a state called it is interfering in arabic states that the saudi said that. it. wants the best relationship with iran but their own us should stop interfering in arabic states. and then yes i'm not ready to talk to. the. main thing most the most important things for me is the interest of lebanon. at the
9:49 pm
same time when i see the high. level. today. and when we see that they are taking us. position away lebanon will become until other states why would i. take a position i guess that. would be responsible for his actions. are you going to lebanon to. resign officially that confirm your designation. i will go back to the to my country because we all need a family we gather together and ready to make the second farces like many others. so. it's not
9:50 pm
logical that sort of how do you is the only one who's trying to make at age limits and peace and there but the others are going out doing what they like. didn't i lose some popularity with many people. but when i try to make you feel a settlement and we try to maintain it but this settlement. should. rise above the troubles of other people we don't interfere with their internal affairs. to stay out of other people's affairs that's what it means not to interfere.
9:51 pm
is the striking hand of iran in the area and they could decide whether to interfere or not hezbollah should notice. should decide is lebanon important or not. if lebanon was not important situation is going to remain the same. high. interest isn't there that leave our relationship with all the countries in the world. is this the best and the best interest of lebanon in the best interest of the stream and then our relations with all the countries. we have to maintain our relations with the western countries at every countries. and countries. in the world enough to maintain good relations. this is the a.b.c. of politics as they say. that's why i'm telling you paula.
9:52 pm
i decided to submit my resignation. to awaken the people to what's happening. but this. did not happen about what happened but took place. while the action. and that action was not as if there was a new saad hariri. maybe my reading this is the people. sometimes i'm the worst stages of my life. and when i see people that i'm in the happiest stages of my life and i thank everybody every person. all the political parties. who wants you to go back. son he's not going to leave the country.
9:53 pm
will go back to this country. and i wish. that this collective thinking. not because saddam had it is the day after the tone and. what but somehow you says one thing lebanon comes first lebanon comes first we must always keep lebanon in our hearts. i see these people here have jealousy. for lebanon they love lebanon more sometimes more than lebanese why us lebanese we have to torture ourselves. we're going to take a break now so you can rest a bit and we'll come back and talk about your trip to the emirates.
9:54 pm
and of course in following the situation in lebanon lebanon going through now very difficult times just to break and we'll come back from riyadh. if you are just joining us here on al-jazeera we have been watching sad hariri in lebanon gave his first television interview since his shock resignation eight days ago in saudi arabia he said an awful lot has and we think we know that this interview is to keep on going but the main one of the main things he said is you know i will go back to lebanon in a few days and carry out whatever constitutional requirements there are as regards my resignation but he kept saying i wanted to give a positive shock so that everyone would know we are in danger how do you retire of course i mean exactly what i just told you before he started everybody was feeling
9:55 pm
that the arab world especially soldier and maybe on the gulf countries have had enough with lebanon's double role saw here they are sending in a method and says the lebanese are sending them within says from the gulf countries for about seven point two billion a year so it's a big chunk of the limit like about eighty percent of the lebanese economy there is traded there is tourism from the gulf countries and the gulf countries are saying here we are giving you these arab countries here we are giving you all this and we love you lebanon but what you are doing is you have hezbollah in government the biggest threat to the us there are training terrorists hold the terrorists who are actually hitting the riyadh airport so trying to head to the other but luckily they did succeed so the despoiled saying i could not be part of this i could not be the head of this government that would allow the and the lebanese faction to do that and he was plainly saying i will go back but i'll go
9:56 pm
back to make my does the nation more. form and more cleared more constitutional because i am outside he did not say that i will not resign which is very interesting also some that something very important he mentioned is economic sanctions coming from the arab world on lebanon and probably it will be more on hezbollah but hezbollah as you said that is part of lebanon hezbollah is a party of lebanon that are many parties in lebanon and the lebanese are very appreciative of democracy will always have the best democracy in the middle east if you like and we've always had many many groups many many religions many said and also many political parties and hezbollah is very welcome to be a political party but one hezbollah starts fighting wars on behalf of iran in syria
9:57 pm
or in yemen or in trying to train terrorists from behind in and to me and obviously taking stand. one of the most formidable medias in the middle east is the hezbollah media so and they use this to actually train and so division and hatred for the arab countries so baria before you gave this interview one of the lines that was coming out of this story was that saad hariri was basically told you've got to come to saudi arabia and you've got to resign because you are not doing a good enough job of bringing hezbollah to heel yes i can i find this difficult to believe that he was threatened because he was not able he went back because hezbollah said we are ready that is a well known fact in lebanon that every government has been coming trying to discuss the fate of hizbullah arms many people have been saying that if hezbollah
9:58 pm
wants to have the people as part of the army then the arab world com however it is not allowed to stay an armed. and defeating and. burial madam we'll continue this discussion with myself my colleague mary massey after the break and we'll be back with you in just a couple minutes. hello winter weather is heading south again through europe may but not be that'll obvious from the satellite picture which just shows a massive cloud but you can string a frontal system through here on this side is proper cold single figures by day and decided to double figures for the whole of is coming south this pretty obvious during monday for france is massive some trials through the alps and up towards the lower ground of both poland and better thing to the north is cult that snow of course rain to the south but it's turning stormy once again in italy in the adriatic that will be rain thunderstorms and strengthening when the whole lot keeps
9:59 pm
moving south i guess between monday and tuesday night as a tuesday daytime plus five in vienna the sun is out the sun comes out behind in fact that still get to work and this time she's in paris and london two double figures the stormy weather continues today still has gone further south but we're talking about italy and it involves algerian tunisia as it just has so monday's forecast geria longest on the east coast same is true through tunisia stuck in the teens manji resisting spins up and we've already seen a vast amount of rain for the south into new zealand's potentially flash flood territory unpleasant anyway. i was told by the pakistani army to the americans i would get held in guantanamo a number of al qaeda and taliban detainees transferred to u.s. forces in afghanistan has continued to grow for years without trial they had
10:00 pm
a paper that said they were innocent. talked or screamed would be beaten again a quest for a better life but ended in incarceration. of one tata motors at this time on al jazeera. now been his prime minister saad hariri gives his first interview from saudi arabia since his shock resignation and says he will return to his country soon. hello i'm maryam namazie and london you're watching al-jazeera also come.


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