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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 13, 2017 10:00am-10:34am AST

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you stand the differences. and the similarities of cultures across the world. al-jazeera. everything you do is being analyzed it's being weighed and it's being measured i'm going to close my phone and it's not just i phones that also i phones i mean most not fans of these days at the moment we are in a state of the universe which robert stone did something that was growing that i would rather take the risks to. the risks of digital dissidents at this time on al-jazeera. the number of dead rises to more than two hundred after a powerful earthquake strikes along the iraq iran border thousands more being
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injured. hello welcome to our desire in life from doha i love him denis also coming up. not welcome mandy trump protesters take to the streets in the philippine capital manila as world leaders gather for the asean summit. the waiting game lebanon's prime minister promises to return home rejecting rumors that he's being held in saudi arabia against his will. in a crime against humanity that's how i'm going to see international describes the syrian government's surrender all stars campaign against civilians.
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and well than two hundred people have died in a powerful seven point three magnitude earthquake extract very close to iraq's border with iran another two thousand people at least have been injured the epicenter was actually in iraq thirty kilometers southwest of the town of her love causing widespread damage in both countries charlotte ballasts reports. a hospital holmes with the wounded in western iran. i fell from a balcony it was so fast as it should be a small pieces of glass fell on my hand and it got injured new arrivals from remote towns swell the hospital to capacity but i thought of those that are there's a lot during the earthquake my hand hit the glass on the glass broke going into my face and hands. the flow is stating as more people are found in the rubble the death toll rises to. the earthquake was centered on the iraq iran border near the iraqi town of her love just striking at nine eighteen local time.
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it was very strange some of the gases dropped off the table the fan was shaking we were so afraid we had to run out of the house because our house was old. the u.s. geological survey immediately issued an orange alert cover saying deaths and damage should be expected then came the first reports of fatalities on the iran side of the border in the town of custer shooting people use their phones in a makeshift assessment of the cost of this quake early reports suggested eight villages had been damaged and electricity cut as night wore on it grew by daybreak any estimation seventy thousand people were displaced. iran is one of the most seismically active countries in the world several major fault lines cross the country and in two thousand and three a six point six magnitude earthquake flattened the historic city of bam twenty six
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thousand people died. while earthquakes may be frequent here the people not immune from panic in iraq shops and moves evacuated across kurdish territory in iran people were too scared to reenter the harms as aftershocks pipit both sides of the border they slipped on the street shallot ballasts. are we can talk to our correspondent in rank on who's in the iraqi capital baghdad daylight often brings more evidence of the destruction that was wrought by the earthquake it struck quite late last night first of all tell us about what you know about the extent of the damage in iran. well the way hearing is the least i villages have been affected now you have to understand the kind of geography of this area took place on the iran iraq border and these were farmhouses they weren't houses and in areas that generally tend to be built to withstand earthquakes they very much so
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flimsy buildings and that's why we're saying the numbers in level and that's why we also saying so many people being displaced i have to say the iranians all used to quakes within their region they have procedures in place what they've done is they've sent the head of the iranian revolutionary guard corps to kind of the to oversee operations they bring in emergency supplies very much at the moment it is rescue efforts to try and get as many people out of the affected areas as possible like i say it did take place on the iran iraq border but it seems that the earthquakes real impact was felt on the iranian side rather than iraq you saw it here on the iraqi side it was much more panic as people fled from buildings and moving on to the iraqi side where we actually believe the epicenter was very close to a large town national city of. salut you're right and what we're hearing
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is that promise to hide a body issued a statement on sunday night saying that he was speaking to all of the relevant authorities concerned he is very much trying to reassure iraqi citizens iraq's not really used to earthquakes of this level i have to say when it happened on sunday night i was in my hotel room and the building swayed from left to right for about a minute people were out on the streets they were talking about this very many people were incredibly concerned about what was going on because they're not used to anything like this so here in baghdad particularly nobody's ever according to everybody else working to sell anything like this so they're very much concerned about aftershocks and whether this is something new that they're going to have to deal with mrs why promise to hide rather body issued a statement trying to reassure all of the civilians all right. we'll be monitoring all of the aftereffects of that terribly destructive earthquake on the iran iraq
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border for us. now and you jumper tess's have been fighting with police in the philippines outside the assy and summit taking place in manila. the protesters were accusing president trump of taking tension in the region throughout what they describe as aggressive rhetoric and posturing and away from the protests president trump has been speaking to leaders on the sidelines of the met. prime minister malcolm turnbull as well as the japanese. they told north korea and trade mr tramples i spake to the nations present. where the white house says they discussed human rights and the philippine on drugs . ok let's go live to our correspondent who's at that summit rob
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bride what ship least specifically be looking out for then clearly to president trump is going to have a very sympathetic ear when he mentions his thoughts on north korea. well that's right this is a very receptive audience asked as he and talking about the north korean missile program the asean nations have expressed their alarm of that program and it has to be remembered martin that this week we see a significant milestone if you like it's going to be sixty days tomorrow that we have not had a missile launch a missile test by north korea now this is led to all kinds of speculation at the moment that possibly north korea might be creating the kind of conciliatory atmosphere that might just lead to some sort of dialogue and what's a way to this is recent statements by north korea about trump's visit here to asia
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now over the weekend they have a dismissed this visit by by trump saying that he is begging for war in their words not very nice stuff but in the context of north korean insults it's actually pretty mild they have said far worse things about the bomb the for example coming to this part of the world and it has led to some speculation that maybe this is a bit of conciliation from the north koreans and also what we are seeing here is that that sort of the conciliation but they might be leading to some way that they might have some sort of dialogue but it has to be you have to bear in mind that this comes at a time still a very high tensions in this region and just as a reminder of possibly the military options that the united states might be considering we're also seeing this week the start of military exercises naval. exercises in the seas between japan and the korean peninsula are involving three of
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the united states aircraft carriers and their battle groups and we haven't seen this sort of deployment of naval firepower in the region for about ten years marty and what about the the encounter between what must be two of the world's most controversial leaders president deter take and of course mr trump. it has been a long awaited event as you mentioned there people of often made the comparisons between the two they are both unashamedly populist they both have taken on the establishment and the elites in home country surveys has been long awaited just before the session started there was a photo opportunity a couple of questions were thrown in that trump merely said that they had a good relationship according to a presidential spokesman for the philippines side they talked about trade issues
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and also the philippines giving thanks for the american help in the recent insurgency fighting the insurgency in southern mindanao recently but there was a lot of concern about whether or not trump would raise human rights issues especially connected with president due to clamp down on drugs which of course literally thousands of deaths that's what brought protesters out onto the streets largely worried that america was abrogating it usual responsibility to talk on human rights and here we have a divergence if you like the philippines say the. war on drugs was briefly discussed that donald trump did show a certain amount of sympathy for the drugs menace being faced here in the philippines according to the white house not only was the drugs issue brought up but donald trump spoke up on human rights we get to see exactly who is telling the
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truth and who maybe is being economical with the truth dr i'm sure you'll go find out for us thank you very much. now saudi arabia's mission to the un has announced that the saudi led coalition will begin reopening apples and seaports in yemen. international aid groups alleging much needed supplies on to a ship ready to send to yemen but as our correspondent mohammed reports they have yet to get clearance to dock in the rebel held quarter of her data. you unofficial say they're in a race against time to deliver a much needed aid to the people of yemen usually that will be taking these supplies with dollars to the ports. on the other and in yemen but because of the book impost on the country by the saudi led coalition they haven't been able to take anything from djibouti to yemen in the past week and i'm out forced to use a much bigger ship to make the delivery they say that would ideally want to take
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the supplies which include medicine for the whole of our response as well as therapeutic food formal notice children to the port of the day either but they do not have access to the port yet to beauty has become an important hub for the yemen relief operation in the past few years and also stranded here about sixty members of staff of the united nations and other international organizations those most are coming here including ignoring evidence to turn them back range of refugees still stream interbank plus. i'm fair amount in an area where scientists say they can fit the whole of europe on just one cow and they're close to bringing this lever to mark.
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hello winter weather is heading south again through europe in may but not been thought all this from the satellite picture which just shows a massive tried but you can string a frontal system through here on this side is proper cold single figures by day and this side is to double figures for the whole of is coming south this pretty obvious during monday for france's massive song charles for the alps and up towards the lower ground of both poland and better thing to the north winds cold that snow of course rain to the south but it's turning stormy once again in italy in the adriatic that will be rain thunderstorms and strengthening when the whole lot keeps moving south i guess between monday and tuesday night as a cheese day day time plus five in vienna the sun comes out behind in fact that could still get to work and they have to infuse in paris and london two double figures the stormy weather continues today still is gone but we're talking about it
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and it will involve algerian tunisia as it just has so monday's for crossrail geria right longest on the east coast same is true through tunisia stuck in the teens manji resisting spins up and we've already seen a vast amount of rain for the south into new zealand's potentially flash flood territory on pleasant anyway.
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look at the top stories here it out more than two hundred people have died in a seven point three magnitude earthquake that struck rocks border with iran another two thousand people have been injured and protests is of four with police in the philippines outside the us and summit taking place in manila the protests is accuse the u.s. president of staking tension in the region by what they've described as aggressive rhetoric and posturing. lebanon's prime minister saad hariri insists he's free in riyadh and says he'll return home within days he was had he spoken publicly for the
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first time since he unexpectedly announced his resignation in saudi arabia more than a week ago then one hundred reports from beirut. this is the first time saud how did he makes public remarks since his resignation announcement more than a week ago from the saudi capital riyadh he sought to dispel reports that he had been detained the well being of lebanon's prime minister and his freedom of movement have been open to question in a live interview he denied he was forced to resign and said he is a free man and. i submitted my resignation i know it's not a normal process for a prime minister but i have to take some security measures to return back safe and sound the circumstances behind his decision to step down united a deeply divided country hours earlier people used the beirut marathon to show solidarity with. some lebanese may now be convinced that he is not under house arrest others however haven't changed their minds it clearly was on them
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comfortable situation here physically look. what he was saying was was very. contradictory. so many people in lebanon saying that he's free when i look but if and when heidi does return it doesn't guarantee that lebanon's latest political crisis will be resolved if i withdraw my resignation as prime minister of lebanon we must respect the distancing of lebanon from the regional conflicts we should pull out from the interventions in the region with a few years ago lebanon officially adopted a policy of staying out of regional conflicts particularly from the war in syria hezbollah has been accused of ignoring that policy by sending troops to fight alongside the syrian government the iranian allied group has long resisted demands to withdraw its forces and it is unlikely to heed that demand now. also singled out yemen accusing hezbollah of interventions that puts lebanon at risk heidi said he
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resigned to save lebanon but the political vacuum his resignation created has only destabilized the country is the top so the politician in lebanon replacing him will not be easy democracy here is about consensus and a candidate has to be accepted by all rival camps for stability to prevail appearance said comments did little to ease the tensions instead he looked more like a pawn in the regional power struggle between iran and saudi arabia said a. beirut surrender all star of amnesty international says the syrian government's method used against civilians constitutes a crime against humanity is calling for an end to what it calls the dark stain on the world's conscience a new report says government forces surrounded and bombed densely populated opposition controlled areas thousands of people were given an ultimatum to abandon
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their homes or die on the sea says films and food supplies were burned hospitals and clinics destroyed and people were deprived of medical care the report condemns not only the syrian government. also some of the opposition groups it says both restricted and blocks humanitarian help and this is asking for an independent body to investigate and prosecute those responsible also a binge of a triple sell for the turkish town of gaziantep which is close to the border with syria you may find some of the images in his story disturbing. maybe so hard drew her last breath just over a month after she was born she weighed barely two kilos. malnutrition has killed a dozen other children in the outer suburb of the syrian capital in the last few months doctors say the siege imposed by the syrian government has caused hundreds of children to suffer from moderate to severe malnutrition.
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this mother pleads to roads be opened and the siege to end she wants aid convoys to bring medicine not just food. similar cries for help are being made in other areas of syria amnesty international says the surrender or starve strategy which is forced thousands of syrians from their homes is a crime against humanity more than half a million people continue to be besieged following the displacement of hundreds of thousands in the past year the u.n. to help end the siege for two hundred seventy five thousand people in the rebel held areas of aleppo city seventy five thousand were besieged in homs four thousand people were evacuated from the riaa and at least sixty five thousand were under siege in the four towns of my diet as a danika for and for. amnesty says the tactic of mass displacement by the assad regime using sieges in forced evacuations is not reconciliation. human rights
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campaign group urges world leaders to not just take the local cease fire agreements and face value but view them in the context of systemic violations of international law. syrians in procedure areas have been forced to leave their ancestral homes after months of hunger and bombardment for years they've been telling the world how they feel and the fact that. i left aleppo my town our fathers and grandfathers lived there this year militias came to raise their flags with the russian occupiers this is our country the whole world let us down. rights workers say there is ample evidence of restricting access to humanitarian medical aid as well as air and ground assaults on hospitals and homes which amounts to war crimes despite repeated calls for action aid workers and many syrians are disappointed that all they have seen is inaction and excuses by the international community a treatment they say a future generations will not forget. that. a senior u.n.
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official says mia miles troops are systematically gang raped and tortured rangar women she's spoken to some of the six hundred thousand refugees who fled to neighboring bangladesh and she says she's going to raise the mistreatment of the ranger with the international criminal court pizza shop. the imposingly wide river naf which separates my ma and bangladesh was the final hurdle for another wave of increasingly desperate rohingya refugees nearly two hundred people many of them women and children made their way to freedom paddling improvised rickety rafts kept afloat by empty plastic jerry cans scavenged along the way as they fled the country using homemade paddles and sheets of plastic it was a long and slow crossing some just paddled with their hands on the final half mile the rafts were intercepted by bangladesh frontier guards these people are not
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welcome here and for an hour the guards circled the raf's trying to persuade them to turn back and pushing them up river the refugees ignored them and pushed on to the shoreline. they've been travelling for weeks and with land for a mixture of exhaustion and relief on the faces of those who'd reach safety traumatised by what they'd witnessed during the long march out of my own mom for the children still too young to comprehend that they may never return to their homes. each had their own story to tell. we built this raft with plastic jerry cans we found in burned down villages. we couldn't manage boats as we couldn't afford the rent moreover i thought of our neighbors got robbed when they left the camps with the boat people they lost all their money and everything they had. it took us three days to reach safety one day
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to cross the hill one day to prepare the raft and a third day to row across the river. these are just a handful of the hundreds of thousands to have sought refuge in bangladesh many repeating stories of violence rape and murder carried out on the refugees a senior u.n. official in dhaka raise the issue with the international criminal court this week whether my own mom military could be held responsible peter shop al jazeera australian m.p.'s have been given three weeks to prove that they don't hold dual citizenship following a scandal that led to the government losing its majority prime minister malcolm turnbull's conservative coalition has lost two members including the deputy prime minister as a result of the crisis m.p.'s from several parties were forced to resign all they were dismissed in recent weeks as australia's constitution bans joe nationals from sitting in parliament andrew thomas has more from sydney. this is australian prime
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minister malcolm turnbull's attempt to put an end to all can only be described as the jewel citizenships tsonga that is completely dominated australian politics for the last few weeks it was last month of course that australia's highest court threw out five and paintings from parliament for being jewel citizens even though they claim they didn't realise they were for the high court interpreted the constitution in a very strict way since then other m.p.'s are revealed that their parents or grandparents were born in other countries and have stood down from parliament because they also think that they might be citizens well malcolm turnbull is saying but every politician now by the sum of the first half of the clare where they were born where their parents born and where their grandparents were born and if any of those people were born outside of australia that politician has to prove that they have renounced any potential citizenship he is desperate the prime minister so you stop this dominate saying the political cycle into next year as well as the end of this the hundreds of people have attended sunday services in the texas town of seven
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springs it's the first church service since a gunman opened fire on parishioners killing twenty six people that was a week ago the church where the massacre occurred has now been turned into a memorial twenty six white chairs with red raises are placed in the sanctuary to represent the lives lost. as the climate change conference involving continues what we eat is top of the agenda research shows that the global meat industry produces more greenhouse gas emissions than old cars planes trains and ships combined but scientists in the netherlands claim to be close to bringing laboratory grain meat to the market. reports. indeed future this is what making a beef burger might look like taking cells from a piece of and letting them multiply into cultured meats this university professor says he can grow ten thousand grams of meat from just one piece of muscle and he
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says we better get used to it that in effect means that we can reduce the number of cars worldwide from one and a half billion to maybe ten thousand. and then we won't have the methane emissions we won't have all the resources that go into a car because a cow is a terribly inefficient animal so this process is going to be more efficient. so that it reduces less resources and it's not as polluted and you can let the cow live as the world's population increases the demand on food supplies will also grow dramatically meat production takes up eight percent of the world's water huge amount of land and contributes almost a fifth of the world's greenhouse gas emissions average european it's about eighty eight here that's about four hundred of these characters. in a few years from now. will taste exactly the same and be the exact same price as
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the ones here which one when the consumer to. this woman is one of the world's leading food scientist she believes that what we might find palatable today might be normal for the next generation and there are many things people have learned to eat. that their grandmothers didn't date certain for to the vegetables but also certain types of fish that people didn't know about her or snails for example that many people did not they depart from the french. i think it's a it's a fallacy to think that food habits are. vile in time in fact we eat quite different things from. generation. back at a burger restaurant the manager has mixed emotions he worries about the damage too much meat does studio planets but he's also suspicious of the idea of eating meat so there are the fish don't like eating plastic or something even though you say
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they have the exact same face but for now it's one step before you know think of me . science means that the cells of just one cow could provide enough meat for the whole of europe the first lab burgers are expected to be on the market within three years but even if science could solve the massive issues caused by our meat industry the question remains will we eat it. al-jazeera the netherlands go to find out more about la burgers or indeed any other items in the news today remember you can always go to the al-jazeera website al-jazeera dot com there right now you can also see some of that very very much anticipated interview by hard saad hariri where he says he's free to return to lebanon and see.
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traverses take a look at the top stories heard him over two hundred people have died in a powerful seven point three magnitude earthquake that struck near iraq's border with iran another two and a half thousand people have been injured the epicenter was in iraq thirty kilometers southwest of the town of causing widespread damage in both countries. al jazeera is abdul qadeer phases in tehran he says the west of the country has been severely affected. the monarchical model but we were up with here are the places that have been damaged the most or the cities of comets and elam the damage is very clear and the efforts of the government are noticeable especially for medical help search and rescue and finding housing for the displaced according to an official the number of people displaced is up to seventy thousand so four is especially bad in the city of qom acho the government is supplying tents to help these people there is a government ministry to help deal with the disaster and they have people in all of
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these towns they are also helping in some of the hard to reach areas including seven villages where people are still under the rubble minutes ago. and he trumpeter says have fought with police in the philippines outside the us and summit meeting in manila. the protests is accuse the u.s. president of stoking tensions in the region. away from the protests president trump has been speaking to leaders on the sidelines of the summit he met prime minister malcolm turnbull of australia as well as japan's leadership they talk north korea and trade mr trump also spoke to the s.c. and host president roderigo deter and they talked about human rights and the philippine war on drugs saudi arabia's mission to the united nations has announced that the saudi led coalition will begin reopening airports and seaports in yemen this comes as the u.s. joined international calls to end the blockade that's worsening
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a severe food shortage saudi tightened the measures on saturday after a missile was fired from yemen to hit is say it was homemade all right here today those are the latest headlines for us here at al-jazeera coming up next it's inside story. witness documentaries back open your eyes at this time on al-jazeera. what does donald trump really think about russian links to his election u.s. president says he believes that amid newton's denials but also except cia confirmation of meddling is he trying to influence the criminal investigations that could lead to impeachment and paying lip service to moscow this is inside story.


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