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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 13, 2017 2:00pm-2:33pm AST

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because i will bring these ladies are tough and i take their training very seriously. will be full of. the more energetic the food i like. in ecuador ingenious developments in the battle against illegal deforestation these are basically old cell phones people sent with love and trees it was in the forest and it can become anything like chainsaws or gunshots and in australia indigenous practices are being used to fight fire with fire if they're fired right about the time that point i get scared to start yeah innovation and tradition right at this time on al-jazeera. more than three hundred people are killed in a powerful earthquake on the border between iran and iraq.
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hello again i'm asking that if you're without is there live from doha also coming up saudi arabia says it will reopen some of yemen's ports and airports to allow in the much needed aid for millions of people who are facing starvation. donald trump meets philippine president rodrigue are detained in manila but there are contradictory reports as to what was actually said. find out why australian parliament areas have been given just three weeks to prove they're not citizens. then all the three hundred people have died in iran in a powerful earthquake it was magnitude seven point three that struck just over the
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border in neighboring iraq almost four thousand people have been injured charlotte palace reports. a hospital holmes with the wounded in western iran i found at a party don't point i fell from the balcony it was so. fossilize just to be a small pieces of glass fell on my hand and it got injured new arrivals from remote towns swell the hospital to capacity but i thought of those that are there's a lot during the earthquake my hand hit the glass on the glass broke going into my face and hands. the flow is stating as more people are found in the rubble the death toll rises to. the earthquake was centered on the iraq iran border near the iraqi town of her love just striking at nine eighteen local time. it was very strange some of the gases dropped off the table the fan was shaking we were so afraid we had to run out of the house because our house was old. the u.s.
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geological survey immediately issued an orange alert cover saying deaths and damage should be expected then came the first reports of fatalities on the iran side of the border in the town of custer shooting people use their phones in a makeshift assessment of the cost of this quake early reports suggested eight villages had been damaged and electricity cut as night wore on it grew by daybreak any estimation seventy thousand people were displaced. iran is one of the most seismically active countries in the world several major fault lines cross the country and in two thousand and three a six point six magnitude earthquake flattened the historic city of bam twenty six thousand people died. while earthquakes may be frequent here the people are not immune from panic in iraq shops and moves a vacuum weighted across kurdish territory in iran people were too scared to
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reenter the homes as aftershocks pipit both sides of the border they slipped on the street charlotte dallas. there's a a little bit more closely than at the areas that have been affected the u.s. geological survey put the epicenter in iraq so in many a province that's in the country's kurdish region it's very close to the main border crossing with iran the earthquake was felt across iraq from erbil in the north to baghdad further south and as far west as a province but the most extensive damage was in the town of dar bandicoot on the rainy and side the earthquake affected several provinces the hardest hit there was kind of man shot rescue teams have struggled to reach villages there as a razor been cut off by the landslides that were triggered by the earthquake our correspondent in iran karl has the latest now from the iraqi capital baghdad. the iranian authorities have deployed emergency response teams to the area in charge of
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it all is the iranian revolutionary guard corps they've been deployed to cut the head of the. g.c. is there directing operations have also set up field hospitals and heavy equipment to try and dig people out of the rubble this is one of the most seismically active regions in the world in the iranians have experience with dealing with such things are also dealing with the local aid agencies that including the international red crescent here in baghdad. there is some slight panic from people there was a lot of panic on sunday night when the earthquake actually hit i was in my hotel room and the building swayed from left to right now for the first few seconds i like many other people feel that this was an explosion that had gone off however as it went on and it went on for about a minutes realized it was an earthquake i went down i spoke to people cause we're coming to a standstill on the road people calling up their loved ones on the phone a real sense of panic baghdad has never seen anything like this before and this
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earthquake was felt all the way here but plus it was felt in anbar province and in other regions so the iraqis very definitely concerned about what might happen next that concern has been noted by the iraqi prime minister by the other body he shewed a statement also late on sunday night saying he was speaking to all the relevant authorities that he had everything under control and that there weren't going to be or he said at least there wouldn't be any more quakes off the shocks that would affect the major cities here in iraq where it really affected was in the kurdish region now that's going to be an issue that some of the most of the most remote regions there so the assessments are still being done what we're hearing is at least seven people have died in around our bill and that we're saying that we're hearing that at least three hundred people have also been injured. president trump has been meeting leaders of the us and some into manila including the host president a tatty controversially the police killing of
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a suspected drug users wasn't something that came up between the two. and has more now from the summit in manila. when he was sworn into office philippines president will be good to talk to says that could she will be cutting ties with the united states but now more than a year later and as chairman of the association of southeast asian nations critics a deterrent is now singing a different tune. you know when you're the one you know. he promised to pursue an independent foreign policy veering away from the u.s. while building closer relations with china and russia those who want supported him now say deter the strong man image isn't quite what it. really shows the kind of relationship there is between him and trump but with the philippines and the united
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states it's a new york colonial relations all of many is for a truly independent foreign policy independent from the dictates of the united states of america it's donald trump's first trip to the philippines since he took office security experts say top of his agenda are the growing tensions in the korean peninsula will also be meeting with leaders of as he and member states all our diplomatic ties with north korea but have unanimously condemned pyongyang's nuclear weapons program over the weekend three uis aircraft carriers carried out joint exercises off the east coast of south korea worrying many here that the situation shows no sign of the escalating the south china sea dispute is also on the agenda together with the growing influence of eitel in the region and. crisis in me and mark the thirty and champ are meeting on the sidelines today a lateral discussion that is making many here nervous but champ says the two
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countries have a great relationship champ wants glossed over deterred to so-called war on drugs which has led to the deaths of more than ten thousand filipinos. and far from the glittering halls of axion protests continue in downtown and i love. this band office been going on for more than thirty minutes now and it shows no sign of slowing down protesters are chanting the word coup which means poppy into galaga they say philippine state forces together with president hu they go there they are stooges of the united states. more than two thousand people showed up and there is no shortage of zeal or anger. but the history between the two countries is so intertwined it will take more than a few protests to separate the united states from its former colony similarly duggan i'm just here in manila. saudi arabia's mission to the united nations is
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announce the saudi led coalition will begin reopening some airports and seaports in yemen access to the pools of aden mccullough and maka will be reinstated over the next twenty four hours saudi arabia hard to place a blockade on yemen after the rebels father miss out towards riyadh that was a week ago it's hoped that reaffirming the polls will allow vital aid to reach the estimated seventeen million people who are in need of urgent help a u.n. official responded to the news in the statement saying we are ready to start shipping aid into yemen as soon as we get the go ahead we've already we've been ready for the past week and we're keen to avoid any further disruption in the supply of food and medical supplies something that could cause a massive loss of life. as mohamed atta repos they have yet to get clearance to dock in the rebel held port of who data. you're an official say they're in a race against time to deliver a much needed aid to the people of yemen usually that will be taking these supplies
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with dollars to the port of data and other than in yemen but because of the brocade impost on the country by the saudi led coalition they haven't been able to take anything from djibouti to yemen in the past week and i'm now forced to use a much bigger ship to make the delivery they say they would ideally want to take the supplies which include. for the whole of our response as well as therapeutic food formal notice children to the port of the day either but they do not have access to the ports yet djibouti has become an important hub for the yemen relief operation in the past few years and also stranded here about sixty members of staff of the united nations and other international organizations now eleven and prime minister saad hariri insists that he is free in riyadh and says he'll go back home within days mr hariri is very comparable likely for the first time since he
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unexpectedly announced his resignation in saudi arabia moving away. from beirut. this is the first time saud how did he makes public remarks since his resignation announcement more than a week ago from the saudi capital riyadh he sought to dispel reports that he had been detained the well being of lebanon's prime minister and his freedom of movement have been open to question in a live interview he denied he was forced to resign and said he is a free man and. i submitted my resignation i know it's not a normal process for a prime minister but i had to take some security measures to return back safe and sound the circumstances behind his decision to step down united a deeply divided country earlier people used to marathons to show solidarity with. some lebanese may now be convinced that he is not under house arrest others however haven't changed their minds it clearly was on them comfortable hold out from the
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interventions in the region with a few years ago lebanon officially adopted a policy of staying out of regional conflicts particularly from the war in syria hezbollah has been accused of ignoring that policy by sending troops to fight alongside the syrian government the iranian allied group has long resisted demands to withdraw its forces and it is unlikely to heed that demand now he also singled out yemen accusing hezbollah of interventions that puts lebanon at risk heidi said he resigned to save lebanon but the political vacuum his resignation created has only destabilized the country is the top suddenly politician in lebanon replacing him will not be easy democracy here is about consensus and a candidate has to be accepted by all rival camps for stability to prevail appearance said comments did little to ease the tensions instead he looked more like a pawn in the regional power struggle between iran and saudi arabia said of. beirut
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. so it's come here at al-jazeera. a crime against humanity i'm going to see international details the syrian government's surrender campaign against civilians. we've got some wintry weather in the forecast for japan over the next couple of days little area of cloud here making its way across the korean peninsula through the sea of japan driving its way further east was in behind this cold front the the blue line that we have here that's where we're going to see those temperatures fording away quite sharply over the next diodes a little bit of cloud and rain there into japan send care to around eighty degrees celsius but here is that cold air nestling in across the korean peninsula beijing
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only getting up to around seven degrees celsius now. into that far eastern side of russia sapporo thirteen degrees on tuesday not too bad here's the big change just five celsius for sapporo as we go on through wednesday everywhere seeing cooler restante to push its way inside there really will freshen up as we go on through the next couple of days not too bad meanwhile across a good part of southern china are we getting up to around sixty's high in the east but out towards the south one of two showers just drift and then hong kong at around twenty six celsius forty seven perhaps as we go on through wednesday a dry brighter day in prospect here well the parts of vietnam still image seeing some lively showers as is the case to across much of southeast asia i spent the heaviest showers will gradually push their way towards vietnam more downpours petard. i was told by the pakistani army to the americans we got held in guantanamo the
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number of al qaeda and taliban detainees transferred to u.s. forces in afghanistan has continued to grow for years without trial we have a paper to. talk or scream would be beaten again a quest for a better life but ended in a concentration. of guantanamo twenty two this time on al jazeera. take a look at the top stories here at al-jazeera a powerful earthquake has killed at least the four hundred forty people in iran almost four thousand have been injured in the magnitude seven point three quake it
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was centered on the border between iran and iraq and cause widespread damage in both countries with tens of thousands of people forced out of their houses. president trump has been provoking anger in the philippines where he's meeting asian leaders protests at the assy and summit in manila say the u.s. president's aggressive rhetoric and posturing is stoking regional tensions. saudi arabia's mission to the united nations has announced the saudi led coalition will begin reopening some airports and seaports in yemen access to the ports of aden mccullough and maka will be reinstated over the next twenty four hours saudi arabia had to place a blockade on yemen after hitting rebels father missile towards riyadh a week ago. no surrender or starve amnesty international says the syrian government government's method used against civilians. it's a crime against humanity is calling for an end to what it calls the dark stain on
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the world's conscience a new report says government forces surrounded and bombed densely populated opposition controlled areas thousands of people were given an ultimatum to abandon their homes or die on the sea says farms and food supplies were burned hospitals and clinics destroyed and people were deprived of medical care the report condemns not only the syrian government but also some opposition groups it says both restricted and blocks humanitarian help i am the sea is asking for an independent body to investigate and prosecute those responsible for some a binge of a dreadful sell from on the turkey syria border. maybe so hard drew her last breath just over a month after she was born she weighed barely two kilos. malnutrition has killed a dozen other children in the outer suburb of the syrian capital in the last few months doctors say the siege imposed by the syrian government has caused hundreds
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of children to suffer from moderate to severe malnutrition. this mother pleads to roads be opened and the siege to end she wants aid convoys to bring medicine not just food. similar cries for help are being made in other areas of syria amnesty international says the surrender or starve strategy which is forced thousands of syrians from their homes is a crime against humanity more than half a million people continue to be besieged following the displacement of hundreds of thousands in the past year the u.n. to help end the siege for two hundred seventy five thousand people in the rebel held areas of aleppo city seventy five thousand were besieged in homs four thousand people were evacuated from the riaa and at least sixty five thousand were under siege in the four towns of my die as a danika for four. amnesty says the tactic of mass displaced in my view assad regime using sieges in forced evacuations is not reconciliation. syrians
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in procedure areas have been forced to leave their ancestral homes after months of hunger and bombardment for years they've been telling the world how they feel in the fact that. i left aleppo my town our fathers and grandfathers lived there this year militias came to raise their flags with the russian occupiers this is our country the whole world let us down. rights workers say there is evidence of restricting access to humanitarian medical aid as well as air and ground assaults on hospitals and homes which amounts to war crimes despite repeated calls for action aid workers and many syrians are disappointed that all they have seen is in action and excuses by the international community a treatment they say future generations will not forget. are we going to go back to another of our main stories today that is the saudi led
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blockade of yemen we've just heard that the u.n. mission of saudi arabia has announced that there will be a partial lifting of the blockade we can talk to sharon about his acting representative of unicef in yemen he's joining us from the yemeni capital sanaa thank you for talking to us how much of a difference is this announcement going to be made going to make on the fact that aden a mock will be reinstated over a period of twenty four hours. thank you martin your question was not very clear but in general as you know yemen was already known as the world's largest humanitarian crisis with twenty one million people in need of humanitarian aid in addition about levon million children are in need of humanitarian aid there is a tragedy unfolding in yemen and children are the silent week timbs of this tragedy in days and you've got. a little bring in supplies sorry you must be welcoming then
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this new announcement of an easing of the blockade. absolutely we haven't received any official information and we have heard the reports this is a welcome development but as i said children are really in danger of losing their lives almost one million children are at risk of being on human eyes if we are unable to bring in the necessity vaccine supplies and will be susceptible to diseases like polio measles and diptheria in addition huge amounts of stocks of need. are stuck at the ports and our need to be brought into the country all in all of very worrying situation yemen was already facing the risk of famine and if the solution is not quickly resolved millions of yemenis will be driven to starvation and it now you've long had an all in all of kind of a range went with the authorities. regard to access to humanitarian aid
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what impact did last week's announcement of the complete blockade a complete shutdown what impact did that have on your ability to provide services. it has had a serious economic as well as humanitarian impact if you look at the economic impacts fuel prices and the prices of cooking gas have soared in addition the levels of poverty are rising this is a situation where a large number of yemenis who are public sector workers have not received salaries since the last twelve months we have been unable to bring in nutrition supplies medical supplies and vaccines in addition the soaring fuel costs and fuel shortage is making it very difficult to continuously provide water to all mortes almost six million yemenis which which poses the risk of
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a further prolongation of the ongoing cholera outbreak all in all it is a catastrophic situation and it is spiraling downwards a solution has to be quickly found and we are hoping that we are able to resume supplies we would really like to call upon all parties to allow sustainable safe rapid access and on in the access to the humanitarian workers to bring in supplies for the mothers and children and the families in yemen share in darky thank you very much indeed for joining us from santa and apologies to our viewers for a pretty unstable line there but i think we got an idea from sharon at the representative of unicef as to the situation now mere miles army has replaced the general in charge of operations in iraq state from where more than six hundred thousand mahinda refugees have fled into neighboring bangladesh a senior u.n. official has accused me of troops of systematically gang raping and torturing
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ranger women using rape as a weapon of war the issue of the mistreatment of the ranger will be raised with the international criminal court calling rape a weapon of genocide. now south korea's military says north korean troops of shot and injured a fellow soldier as he attempted to defect to the south it happened near the border village of panmunjom and now he's in hospital. refugees in a camp in papua new guinea face forcible eviction after a deadline passed for them to leave four hundred twenty refugees are still refusing to move to new accommodation or manna silent the camp run by the australian government was shut down last month australian m.p.'s have been given three weeks to prove they do not hold dual citizenship following a controversy that led to the government losing its majority prime minister malcolm turnbull's conservative coalition has lost two members including the deputy prime
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minister as a result of the crisis m.p.'s from several passes were forced to resign or were dismissed in recent weeks as australia's called situation bans jewel nationals from sitting in parliament andrew thomas has more from sydney. this is australian prime minister malcolm turnbull's attempt to put an end to all can only be described as the jewel citizenships saga that is completely dominated australian politics for the last few weeks it was last month of course that australia's highest court threw out five and paintings from parliament that were being jewel citizens even though they claim they didn't realise they were but the high court interpreted the constitution in a very strict way since then other m.p.'s revealed that their parents or grandparents were born in other countries and have stood down from parliament because they also think that they might be citizens well malcolm turnbull is saying that every politician now by the sum of the first half of the clare where they were born where their parents were born and where their grandparents were born and if
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any of those people were born outside of australia a politician has to prove that they have renounced any potential citizenship he is desperate the prime minister so you stop this dominating the political cycle into next year as well as the end of this. for almost a week now the indian capital has been choked with toxic smoke people in delhi say they've been plagued by pollution for years now and they want the government to do something about it today on a honda reports. at first glance it looks like delhi is blanketed by a thick wintry fall but the sheer number of people covering their mouths shows this is something more sinister for almost a week people have been gasping for breath and hailing a toxic combination of microscopic particles and noxious fumes many have heeded the warning to stay home but some are getting tired of that we have weathered a lot already that's why we are we were all waiting for saving for the last four or
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five days but finally we've had no matter how much we're going to read i will say this is how it will be clearer to me at times delozier has been almost ten times worse than the chinese capital beijing a city bishan known for its special with pollution. here's what makes the smog so dangerous air quality is assessed by counting measure with a diameter of less than two point five micro meters we're talking absolutely tiny here around thirty times finer than a human here so small it can only be detected with an electron microscope and small enough to get into your lungs and pass into the bloodstream causing heart and respect tree problems the air quality and experts the upper limits for good ear at no more than fifty and the highest and most hazardous level on that index is three hundred plus the count for delhi at times of the last few days has climbed to
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double that past six hundred mosques my make people feel better but they offer little real protection from it pollution like this experts say it's the same as smoking forty to fifty cigarettes a day construction projects vehicle few times and home fires during winter are all being blamed but most believe farm fires are the main culprit here farmers in neighboring states clearing their fields by burning them it's against the law but it's also cheap and easy and every year state governments are accused of turning a blind eye emergency hospital admissions have risen between twenty and thirty five the scene government leaders have ordered the closure of more than six thousand schools halted construction and to limiting trucks to only those carrying essential supplies forecasts of rain in the coming days my office some response but forecasters say it will only be temporary in the meantime those who can
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a staying home but many others in delhi simply can't afford to nor do they have the money to get to hospital when the smokey gray has becomes too much to be here. does either. theresa take a look at the top stories here it is there a powerful earthquake has killed at least three hundred forty people in iran almost four thousand have been injured in the magnitude seven point three quake which hit the border between iran and iraq and calls widespread damage in both countries with tens of thousands forced from their homes so be a radius mission to the u.n. has analysis out the led coalition will begin reopening some airports and seaports in yemen access to ports of aden more color and maka will be reinstated over the next twenty four hours saudi arabia had placed
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a blockade on yemen after hooty rebels fired a missile toward riyadh a week ago. u.s. president donald trump is provoking anger in the philippines where he's meeting asian leaders protesters at the affiant summit in manila say the u.s. president's aggressive rhetoric and posturing is taking regional tensions but away from the protests mr trump has discussed north korea and trade with other leaders he met his host the filipino president i spacemen for roderigo details he said the police killing of felons a suspected illegal drug users was not even discussed south korea's military says north korean troops had shot an injured a fellow soldier as he attempted to defect to the south it happen live aboard a village of panmunjom he's now been taken to hospital and the sea international says the syrian government's use of surrender all starve methods against civilians constitutes a crime against humanity a new report says government forces are bombing does he populated areas giving
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residents and ultimatum to abandon their homes or die. lebanon's prime minister saad hariri has denied claims he's being detained in saudi arabia in his first public comments since announcing his resignation last week mr hariri said he was free to leave and planned to go back to lebanon in just a matter of days. australian m.p.'s have been given three weeks of proof they don't hold dual citizenship following a controversy that's led to the government losing its majority prime minister malcolm turnbull's conservative coalition has already lost two members including the deputy prime minister as a result of the crisis m.p.'s from several passes were forced to resign all were dismissed in recent weeks as australia's constitution bans jewel nationals from sitting in parliament those are the headlines inside story is next.
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with. what does donald trump and really think about russian links to his election u.s. president says he believes latham impotence denials but also except cia confirmation of meddling is he trying to influence the criminal investigations that could lead.


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