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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2017 12:00am-1:01am +03

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produces some of the science the story develops the story unfolds and. i like the time that i want the viewer in malaysia like al-jazeera english because the news is not and you don't miss any of the news or any program these two can watch on like. al-jazeera where ever you know. this is al-jazeera.
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hello i maryam namazie this is the news hour live from london coming up russia blogs the u.n. security council resolution to renew an international inquiry into who's behind chemical weapons attacks in syria. zimbabwe's president robert mugabe holds direct talks with the army over his future after the military's takeover. cambodia's supreme court dissolves main opposition party clearing the way for one sends ruling party to win next year's election. human rights watch accuses me on montreux of using rape as part of an ethnic cleansing campaign against rangoon muslims. and sport peru become the final teams qualify for next year's world cup. i watched the whole day's declared as the country returns to the finals for the first time since nineteen seats.
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now we begin with the united nations security council vote where russia has used its veto over syria for the tenth time blocking the renewal of an international inquiry into who is behind chemical weapons attacks there the u.s. ambassador to the united nations nikki haley blasted moscow for its actions saying it gives a red light to syrian president bashar are set to carry out attacks russia has issued vetoes before to prevent council action and accountability in syria russia has invented reasons not to support a mechanism that helped create because it did not like its scientific conclusions russia has acted to obstruct these investigations many times but today it strikes a deep blow russia has killed the joint investigative mechanism which has overwhelming support of this council and by
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a lemonade in our ability to identify the attackers russia has undermined our ability to deter future attacks assad and isis will no longer be on notice for the use of chemical weapons by russia's actions today and joined now by there is diplomatic editor james bay is following all of this from u.n. headquarters in new york what is it significance of the vote that's just taken place for attacks chemical at the use of the alleged use of chemical weapons in syria in certain places and potentially if those weapons are used again in the future. well we've watched a day of high drama at the security council but as you say it's the significance of what's actually happened we had this investigative body called the joint investigation mechanism which was investigating the use of these most horrible weapons in syria chemical weapons it's been working since twenty fifteen it have
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concluded that on a number of occasions chemical weapons were used and who used them all four occasions the syrian government and on two occasions isel but that mechanism that inspection team had a mandate until the seventeenth of this month that mon date runs out in just a few hours time and by blocking this u.s. resolution it means that this team gets despondent their work ends right now there will be no further investigation of the use of chemical weapons in syria and it seems likely through the security council at least no accountability for those who have already used these dreadful weapons in syria and we've heard from. well we've heard from the u.s. from the french and from the british. three of the five permanent members of the security council what's happening now and what can we expect to happen in the next
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hour or so. well we're going to hear from all of the fifteen members of the security council speaking out right now as the ambassador of ethiopia they all get their say on this and towards the end of the meeting the second last speaker will be a mass of the of russia to explain his veto which is the tenth time that there has been a veto in the security council and the fourth time that russia has used its veto on the issue of chemical weapons there is a diplomatic source telling us by the way which is very interesting concerning what the russians have been up to that the russians may want to put their draft or they have their own draft of the resolution back to a vote again in this meeting that we had at the beginning of the meeting quite confused proceedings because the americans had their draft the russians have their draft then there was no argument about who should put their draft first the
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russians wanted to come second as did the americans because if you come second into back to back votes you have an idea of how the other people voted in the first vote and maybe that influences you in the second vote they got pushed to a procedural vote which is also pretty unusual in the security council russia lost that and took their draft off the table confusingly now i'm being told by sources in the security council that they might bring that vote back and schedule it again before the end of this meeting a really confusing procedure but really significant event in the history of the war in syria it looks like you can now use chemical weapons in syria and the security council will do absolutely nothing about it because the mechanism they put in place is about to wither and die all right james thanks very much now james bays at united nations there where a vote has just taken place on there
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a new on the possible renewal of that mandate for joining us. sorry but we know that that joint inquiry won't now continue because the resolution was blocked by russia which is of course a veto wielding member of the council so we'll go back to that a bit later on but let's move on to other top story this hour robert mugabe is refusing to stand down as in by ways president despite being confined to his home by the military a delegation from south africa is in the capital harare trying to reach a deal on his and the country's future is holding talks with president mugabe and the head of the armed forces with a catholic priest acting as mediator the military says it wants mugabe to stand down so there can be a smooth and bloodless transition the army chief backs the former vice president. he was sacked last week he could then take over as interim president amid the political and economic uncertainty the opposition leader morgan tsvangirai has been speaking out after receiving cancer treatment abroad he's called on mugabe to
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resign our metacity reports from the zimbabwean capital while less african delegation and the catholic church mediate between the army and president robert mugabe some of his main opposition leader morgan tsvangirai say it is only one way out of the political crisis in the interest of the people of zimbabwe used robert mugabe most of the. step down immediately you live in with the national sentiment and expect issue dignity for your god or for his legacy. and a contribution to zimbabwe. the army seize control on wednesday and can find the ninety three year old has private residence in harare some sources they still insist he is the country's only legitimate leader soldiers in armored vehicles are guarding government offices but harare is calm and quiet civil servants have gone back to work shops and businesses have opened official word of what exactly is happening doesn't come off and people have to lie in social media and speculation which sometimes wasn't his way to hear the news of the meeting between the army
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president robert mugabe delegation getting on with their lives but his calls for the president to step down grow louder zimbabweans are talking about a post. and they say several scenarios could play out the rulings on a pair party could recall annual conference next month that means he'll no longer be leader of the party and head of state they could be a transitional unity government with all political parties including zanu p s war veterans who helped keep power for nearly forty years planned to have a rally on saturday to prepare for the future but for now the military insists this was not a coup it is robert mugabe is still the head of state and commander in chief. when i speak to alice he's a writer on zimbabwean law and politics you also served as chief advisor to morgan chiang rai when he was prime minister thanks very much for coming in and so we were looking at photographs of robert mugabe earlier alongside head of the armed forces
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. dined at home his movements restricted but he's looking quite happy and comfortable trying to project an image of confidence to everybody. you know. you know politics is very hard to tell what is the way he's going of information. regulation. and it doesn't give the true picture of what's going on behind the scenes and i have a feeling that we haven't had the last of the men it seems to be pushing back and the fact that he's also getting some support from regional groups like the study group and also of the african union which obviously condemning the idea that they could have been a coup that there was a drug that may give him confidence and he may continue to resist even though we're
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getting reports we have speculated that he may have agreed to a do but i don't think that we should or brits a lot and so what type of concessions will be looking to extract and sell well i think most of the security for himself and his family the idea that you can be allowed i don't think that mugabe agreed to leave him but would i think you would want to stay in the country one to be able to continue with his life i also think that he would want to secure some guarantees for. their people who are working with his wife who detained and are those who may be threatened i think that you try to secure some positions and also it's also a question of protecting himself from those who are coming in as leaders he may not be comfortable with some of the figures that are being proposed he may have other people in mind and he knows that in the moment he also holds a bit of a trump card and he will try and use that because if the generals and booty to
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to fire him and take falls which they know is very difficult because of the illegality of it you can he make continue to hold on to that so this situation these talks could potentially be dragged out for weeks if not months it's very possible i mean like i say you know that did could be hours it could be weeks it could be months we don't know but you know knows it might take twenty four hours and we'll know the results if we stay in stalemate what effect does that have. on the country and people. already in a terrible state economically socially people don't have access to basic. or spittles drugs basic food no jobs and there was trouble and there obviously this situation is only causing more problems for zimbabwe as a country because there's no movement economic problems and continued political uncertainty thank you very much as always alex like i said you want to welcome.
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watching al-jazeera tell you more about what's coming up the french foreign minister meets lebanese prime minister saad hariri in riyadh and confirms you will travel to paris. a somber celebration of press freedom in new york in a year that seen thirty four journalists killed. and in sport just in wars made his move to become european golf leading man and he'll have that story. now cambodia supreme court has dissolved the main opposition party giving prime minister hun sen's ruling party a clear run in next year's election the government says the cambodian national rescue party was plotting to take power with help from the united states from the bright has the latest from penn the decision came after a day of deliberations held amid tight security around cambodia supreme court. the
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cambodian national rescue party had been expecting it's dissolution and had already ceased to function with many of its senior members in hiding already exile like its vice president. we look at as the trials in laos is this need a message to the international community yet mr junta is. who with me in our prime minister hun sen has accused his rivals of plotting to overthrow his government after the arrest of opposition leader kim sucker the national rescue party denied the claim accusing the ruling party of using the courts to silence it it nearly won against the government at the last election and has been gaining in popularity and looking one in politics zero all summer game is a winner takes all politics and is. is
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a risky. human rights groups have accused one sound of a wider crackdown one of the leading newspapers the cambodia daily was closed in september the government says for nonpayment of taxes and there have been restrictions on the activities of foreign n.g.o.s. the opposition has promised to fight on regardless it can continue and it exist and it is in the hearts of everyone in cambodia. inside and outside. the movement for change is vibrant with this court's decision prime minister hun sen removes in one stroke his biggest obstacle in next year's election he will still face opposition but it will likely be from smaller parties unable to work in eyes themselves in time to unseat him and his
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premiership that has lasted for three decades is set to continue rob mcbride al-jazeera. saudi arabia's foreign minister has denied reports lebanese prime minister saad hariri is being held in riyadh against his will saying he's free to leave. the french foreign minister as part of efforts to normalize the political situation in lebanon and has accepted an offer to visit france in the coming days so you know holder has more from beirut. it was a confusing picture for nearly two weeks the fate of saddam had a deal was open to question many in lebanon including the president michel aoun accused saudi arabia of forcing the prime minister to resign as well as holding him and his family hostage accusations rejected by saudi officials the french government weighed in in what some are calling a face saving deal the french president. invited had and his family to visit paris his foreign minister who held talks in riyadh confirmed that the invitation was
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accepted the crisis began when had he announced his sudden resignation earlier this month it was seen as a saudi move against iran's ally in lebanon hezbollah. collective efforts must be made to restore things as they were before the resignation of prime minister saad hariri last year there was a rare deal between saudi arabia and iran to keep lebanon stable and shielded from crises across the region they agreed to a point hezbollah's ally michel aoun as president and riyadh choice of saddle had eighty as prime minister that is no longer the case saudi arabia has taken a more aggressive stance against what it sees is growing iranian influence well as most people the crisis in lebanon is caused by hizbullah that hijacked the state and imposed it's also pretty on the country if hezbollah continues its current policy it would make lebanon vulnerable lebanon has been caught up in proxy wars in the past it is easy to exploit the deep divisions between its political camps. we
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cannot afford more pressures we cannot afford more interferences from anybody whether from so that you or from here on. it's not clear of how do you draw his resignation but lebanon's president michel aoun said he will wait for the prime minister to return to beirut to decide the next step with regards to the government french mediation may have ended the diplomatic turmoil over heidi's fate but the crisis is far from over if it's on resigning it will be hard to find a candidate accepted by all sides to replace him and the ongoing rivalry between iran and saudi arabia could cause more instability here. lebanese from across the political divide have one message to saudi arabia we want our prime minister back it seems how d.d. is now coming back but what happens next will test if the unity will be short lived
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. beirut. israel says it's prepared to cooperate and share intelligence information with saudi arabia to face what it calls iran's plans to control the middle east an hour and haim is the military correspondent for the tourists and post she says by saudi arabia and israel have similar regional goals there are various levels which i'm sure israel and and saudi arabia for their part would be a little bit more hesitant to share with each other but both saudi arabia and israel have the same concerns about iran its expansion both in terms of. financial support militaries to nonmilitary groups so i'm sure israel and and i think i would share any type of information that would really be relevant to perhaps an attack on either country or intelligence which would show that iran is up to something. the u.n. says at least a million people in
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a million children in yemen are risk of contracting diptheria because they needed vaccines are being blocked from entering the country the heads of three u.n. agencies have pleaded with the saudi led coalition to lift its blockade on the country they say there's also the risk of a renewed flare up of cholera which is now infected some nine hundred thousand yemenis in the past six months on monday saudi arabia said it would reopen some yemeni ports and airports but the u.n. wants the blockade lifted totally i mean it is the director of the u.n.h.c.r. as middle east and north africa bureau he says the humanitarian message here is very clear it's a third of the of our time almost twenty one million people are in need of humanitarian assistance that of course the right is degrees of assistance and needs but some of them are really facing. horrible times hunger disease is. sort of a shame for some of them. mobility freedom of movement. no income no access to health services they're facing
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a big demick so we've seen the cholera outbreak there are there a danger of the fear and other diseases if vaccines do not reach people and if they're all tough access to food through the medical service i think with one we see these children are walking skeletons that shouldn't have been in our time today mohamed atta is in djibouti way still waiting to ship needed deliveries to yemen. for assertion is growing with in the aid community based in djibouti they have been unable to deliver a much needed aid to yemen for more than ten days now they say the red the lauded with much needed medical supplies for their color response as well as food. children in yemen but they have not gotten the go ahead from the coalition led by soda to walk into the port of the day that which they say is where they've been
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delivering aid ever since the human humanitarian response began so far the only able to take stuff about seventy of them working for the united nations and other international organizations to the port of adam now they say the coalition has allowed them to dock into the port of adam alone and they say that is not logistically. possible for them because much of the aid that is supposed to be delivered to the most fun part of yemen and they say is the ideal port for them and that landing the aid in album will only force them to go through. the court challenges including passing through land being held by tribal militias and they say anything could happen. human rights watch is accusing manal security forces of using rape as part of an ethnic cleansing campaign in iraq. the organization interviewed fifty two range of women and girls who fled to bangladesh twenty nine
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of them were rape survivors three under the age of eighteen almost every single one said she was gang raped some then had no choice but to walk for days with serious injuries to see refuge in bangladesh they describe soldiers bashing the heads of their young children against trees throwing children and the elderly into burning houses and shooting their husbands sky reports now from manaus capital naypyidaw. these two were hengist sisters fifteen and eighteen years old fled the mungo district in rakhine state when myanmar security forces launched a violent campaign it followed attacks on security post by russian jew rebels in august the sisters say their mother and father were killed and they say they were both raped by soldiers they are now in a refugee camp across the border in bangladesh where protecting their identity was yeah fun. fifty soldiers came to our house after killing our family members ten of
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them entered our room and they started beating essence tricked us by cutting our clothes with machetes and blades then they started breaking us. hearing the girls the screams neighbors rushed to their house when the soldiers went to intervene the two made their escape according to a human rights watch report just released the rape of the sisters as part of a widespread problem the report accuses me and more security forces of raping women and girls as part of a campaign of ethnic cleansing over the last three months. they interviewed fifty two range of women and girls twenty nine said they had been raped before they fled to bangladesh all but one of the rapes were gang rapes earlier in the week the myanmar military released its findings from an internal investigation of its soldiers conduct in rakhine they said that there was no wrongdoing including sexual violence human rights watch called the report a whitewash total impunity and that's the issue i mean no one within the myanmar
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military is being held responsible for this sexual violence or for any other human rights atrocities that are being perpetrated on the rohingya it's a it's a clean clean clean slate they let it they let it all go on and then they denied all. human rights watch has called on the un security council to impose an arms embargo on me and maher and to go after those military leaders responsible for human rights violations with targeted sanctions for the sisters living in a refugee camp in bangladesh the damage is already done saying they're trying to heal but will never get back what they lost it's got other al-jazeera naypyidaw or . hello tony schmidt the c.e.o. of save the children international she was recently in cox's bazaar and says the international community has to do more to help children fleeing violence. the stories they tell us are horrendous they have witnessed serious crimes we have
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spoken to children who have seen that parents dive right in front of them who have seen tilled all the children alive in their houses we have heard about children at the age of twelve who have experienced rape and sexual abuse and of course children being killed and maimed in the atrocities happening in the northern part of northern iraq in state in myanmar so these are real witness witnesses who have seen these things and based of that report we have here is a coal from the children to the world's liza's to be accountable and to act and to put more pressure on the. government them in my military to stop these atrocities we are asking foreign ministers meeting in miramar on the monday these are foreign ministers from europe asia new seal and australia meeting in myanmar and i actually commend what all the this have been doing but this is the time to do
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even more and we think they should push the myanmar government to stop the violence it's a protect children to get humanitarian access directly into these children we are extremely worried particular for the families who have fled into the forest in the mountains where they because they can't go back to their homes and communities. there continues to demand the release of its journalist mahmoud hussein has been in an egyptian prison since december twentieth hussein is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he and al-jazeera strongly deny he's repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail saying was arrested in december while visiting his family. a ceremony in new york is on a journalists around the wold who faced intimidation harris mint and imprisonment we'll tell you more about that a bit later on in the program now let's hear from the russian representative to the
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u.n. this following russia's veto of a u.s. drafted resolution on the international chemical attacks in syria. and of this all were aware. today we were told that we refused to consult that we did not engage in communication. our experts were did so rather than engage in communications when others engaged in communications as many times as they work as they were reached so this is not true. over the course of very soon two weeks so we patiently explained that we cannot take seriously this proposed notion. from the very outset it was erroneous in so far as it was geared towards entrenching the systemic flaws in the work of the gym as well as the o.p.c. w.
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fact finding mission. today's statement by the u.s. permanent representative will focus not on the gym a little rather it focused. on russia. repeatedly and we will probably will again hear accusations against russia in both interviews and press releases. in my british colleague noted. and he actually said this. one can say that he put this forward in that way. and he betrayed the. men for this i'm very grateful to for it to him for his frankness he betrayed that the main the main topic around which this spectacle was conceived and carried out of the british from interviews i
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did have said that russia has no place in the political process in syria. here it is. this is why. on conscientious stories worth you read about these these untrue stories. to cast doubt on the role of russia and the political process of syrian settlement which you would really think you missed iraq off thank you for having voiced what a many decided not to voice. there was nothing balanced in the u.s. draft resolution there is nothing balanced there the main emphasis in the u.s. embassies in the u.s. has remained unchanged throughout the course of expert discussions. it merely underwent superficial changes. and yet not one of the investigative bodies identified flaws in the chemical weapons those in syria were remedied. we would
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like to remind our u.s. colleagues and the who didn't decide to delve into the details of those who supported their on realistic draft we would like to remind you that you bear the burden of responsibility if the mechanism cannot be salvaged. russia is doing everything possible to prevent that from happening. it would seem that we are united by one goal to extend the mandate of the mechanism and to boost its effectiveness to identify the true perpetrators in chemical weapons crimes. however it turned out that some of our partners at the security council were guided by other priorities. in the historical context and many today are observing that the endless distortions of the chemical weapons story in damascus these
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which these weapons were indeed withdrawn and destroyed under o.p.c. w overside these are starkly reminiscent of the situation around iraq nearly fifteen years ago. are united states represented at that time deliberately misled the international community including at the security council. and in so doing they set the stage for the intervention which on least unspeakable tragedy in both iraq and the whole region. we noted of the recently published memoirs of the former prime minister of the united kingdom gordon brown in those memoirs and he openly points to the dubious nature of the arguments onder painting the beginning of the military campaign against iraq in two thousand and three. as it turns out the u.s. deliberately concealed from their closest allies they conceal the conclusions of their military specialists who were on able to credibly establish what any traces
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of iraq activity linked to weapons of mass destruction and this is not the first probably not the last state after of those who with the passage of time decide to grace us with insight or repentance in connection with the horror and experiments in iraq and libya. will this geo political laboratory ever be shut down. russia on conditionally supports of the international nonproliferation regime for the weapons of mass destruction together with our chinese partners and this is not been the case for the first year we've done this for a number of years but so far unsuccessfully we have proposed at the security council meaningfully tackle the issues of chemical weapons in chemical terrorism in the middle east last year of the disarmament conference in geneva a minister lavrov advanced a proposal to draw up an international convention to combat acts of chemical and
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biological terrorism. we call upon all parties to join discussions of this issue delays in this matter are liable to carry very high price in conclusion mr president i would like to support the proposal of our bolivian colleague to once again to propose a resolution of two hundred one nine hundred three thirty three. and to co-sponsor that resolution and to propose that it be put to the vote today thank you. present to the russian food for you and i take note of rick with. so we've just been listening to the russian ambassador to the united nations first of all hitting out it claims by the u.s. representative nikki haley that there were no talks of communication with the russians before today's vote he said this is not true it's part of
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a deliberate misinformation campaign against russia he said that actually russia does want to extend the mandate of this inquiry and is committed to identifying the true perpetrators of chemical attacks in syria this after russia just vetoed the u.s. drafted resolution into renewing the mandate of that joint inquiry so let's break it down with james bay who's following all of this from new york and does it look now that does it what does it look as though there will be a vote on a russian resolution as well. it gets very confusing the procedure of the security council today let me tell you that when we went into this meeting there were two conflicting drafts on trying to extend the investigation into chemical weapons one from the us which has been voted on and got a majority of votes but was blocked by russia voting against it's a permanent member of the security council of it votes against things don't happen
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because permanent members have veto rights but for that vote there was a row over these two resolutions the other one being the russian resolution which one was going to be voted on first in which one second both the u.s. and the russians wanted to be voted on a second it looks like and one western diplomat destroyed this as a russian trick the russians got their way because we've seen that u.s. . motion voted on at the beginning of the meeting russian then pushed it to a procedural vote they lost the procedural vote which meant that they then said they were withdrawing their resolution their very close ally in the security council is bolivia it's now put forward the russian resolution for a second time so it looks like it will get voted on again during this meeting and i think the message that russia will be saying to some of the security council is if you still want a chemical weapons mechanism in syria there's still
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a way of saving it and that's voting for our resolution so you have the president the security council the italian ambassador speaking now and i think it's likely he'll put it all to a vote again i can tell you having spoken to a masters it seems very likely that what will happen then is that motion also fail either the russian resolution won't get the necessary nine votes or almost certainly if it gets more than nine then there are other members of the security council the u.k. france and the u.s. who will vote against and that will amount to a veto is worth saying. gets. focusing on the on the security council procedure unusual day in the security council but in fact it's a really important and significant day in syria and the history of the syrian war yeah very important implications to this vote today it is confusing but we'll leave you to get on with monitoring what's happening there and will speak later on for
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now james thank you. russian president vladimir putin is to host the leaders of turkey and iran in sochi next week for a summit talks on syria the trio are meeting to discuss ways to improve cooperation so as to find a political solution to more than six years of civil war but for those inside syria ideas of a potential diplomatic breakthrough being met was heavy skepticism some of binge of a reports from gaziantep near the tacky syrian border. more syrian soldiers and militia fighters from iran backed groups in syria and iraq have arrived and. it's been a week since the syrian government scheme that it took isis last stronghold since then i said has launched dozens of attacks and its fighters hiding in tunnels inside the city managed to take back most of the town on the syria iraq border. assad's forces have also come under attack by opposition fighters in the suburbs of
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the capital damascus this is one of the largest military barracks belonging to the syrian regime in eastern since january it has exchanged hands several times. but the rebel small gains are no match for the government's air superiority fighter jets have continued to target opposition areas. deescalation if that's what is called the planes didn't spare any neighborhood more than sixty people injured here the hospitals are full of civilians dying because of the lack of medicine as government forces gain ground against rebels are nice and they renewed their calls for u.s. soldiers to leave the statement from syria's foreign office came a day after u.s. secretary of state called walking away from syria this week in attacks comes as world leaders agreed to reduce the number of civilian casualties but inside syria people say that another security council meeting with continued to fail to prevent attacks. earlier this year the world reacted in almost unanimous condemnation to
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the images of suffocating children the u.n. found the assad regime responsible for the chemical attack in qana which killed dozens of people the government denied responsibility and russia questions about the attack itself britain's foreign secretary accused russia for consistently choosing to cover up for assad as the mandate for the un joint investigative mechanism expires the u.s. and russia are presenting rival bids for how to investigate future chemical attacks russia has so far vetoed nine resolutions on syria and more than six years into this war world leaders are still making statements as attacks against civilians continue with impunity some of the other there are. a not installation in the center of bilin is giving passes by a sense of the horror syrians have endured monument by syrian german artist. is based on a picture of op and buses that provided a makeshift barricades from snipers in aleppo they are peaceful protests from
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germany's far right groups in. china angela has more from berlin. we're here at the brandenburg gate in berlin a site of major political significance for germany this is where the reunification ceremony happened in one thousand nine hundred but it's now almost overshadowed by these three appended buses it's a piece by the syrian german artist man after how bruni recreating an image of aleppo that went around the world in twenty fifteen the original photo was taken by carol capturing daily life in his neighborhood where a barrier of buses blocked the view of snipers giving some protection to residents there it took men with ropes and pulleys and a threat of gunfire to up at them. here it was cranes that lifted the buses into place in february the art work went on display in dresden that was met by far right protests from the alternative for germany party they called the work and abuse of
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artistic freedom in the artist a ruthless wonder of the buses were vandalized but also celebrated by people who came out with candles and messages of support the conflict in syria has made millions of people rootless wondrous but germany has been exceptional in giving hundreds of thousands of them a new place to call home this surreal sight twelve meters high will be heads on nov twenty sixth giving passes by a chance to ponder on the wartime experiences suffered here that is still a daily reality in syria triangle al jazeera. u.s. president donald trump is a step closer to his first major legislative victory on thursday the u.s. house of representatives passed trump's flagship tax reform bill but it still has to pass the senate can really help explains from washington d.c. . he campaigned on winning tax breaks for ordinary americans but after nearly ten months in office donald trump has yet to score legislative victory that's going
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really well thank you very much so the u.s. president went to capitol hill to drum up support for his controversy tax reform legislation in their bones the american people know they're getting a raw deal under the republican bill before us passing this bill is the single biggest thing we can do to grow the economy to restore opportunity and help these middle income families who are struggling on this vote the yeas are twenty seven the night or two over and while the bill passed easily in the house of representatives it still has to pass in the senate to become law and that will be a challenge that's because tucked into the senate version of the legislation is a plan to end something called the individual mandate or the requirement under the affordable care act that all americans must buy health insurance or pay a tax fine without healthy people being forced to buy insurance sick people who
12:44 am
often can't afford it pay a larger share of the cost people who benefit from government subsidized health care are worried eunice hagler is partially blind as a result of a tumor that wasn't treated in time because she couldn't afford proper health care now she does have government help it's a matter of life what do. you know it's it's not a maybe it's now ok well we can all wait we can't wait. people literally. theory patient health care isn't what's driving these changes it's politics with few days left in the legislative calendar and after nearly ten months in office this may be donald trump's last hope of delivering tax reform and dismantling obamacare allowing him to keep a campaign promise kimberly helped get al-jazeera washington. greece has declared three days of national mourning after a flash flood killed at least fifteen people several others are still missing and
12:45 am
hundreds more have been left homeless as a result of the disaster some experts are blaming the government for allowing houses to be built on dry river beds in the towns of near promise and mundra bad weather continues to have a cleanup efforts and forecast as a predictor in more rain later on thursday twenty countries in two u.s. states have joined an international alliance to phase out coal from power generation before the year twenty thirty the powering pasko alliance was launched at the un climate talks in bonn commits countries to sharing technology to richie's emissions and cut usage the commodity is a major contributor to global warming and still produces about forty percent of the wells electricity the u.s. has come under fire for donald trump's defense of forming fossil fuels like coal i think we can safely say that the response has been overwhelming there is so much momentum there's so much ambition in this room canada is phasing
12:46 am
out call by twenty thirty which will help us meet our goal of ninety percent carbon free power by twenty thirty the path to transition away from coal looks different for all of us but i know we're all here for the same reasons. alarmed by its extensive environmental problems china's government is trying to clean up as well as taking a central role in the paris climate accord beijing is on track to beat its carbon emission goals by twenty thirty it's also offering huge incentives to drivers to switch their cars from petrol and diesel to electric in a bid to reduce pollution al-jazeera step mawson reports from beijing. this is how china sees its near future blue skies and the soothing sound of electric vehicles roaming the city streets present day more often looks like this research shows that one third of air pollution in china comes from petrol and diesel cars that's why
12:47 am
the government recently decided that traditionally fuel cars are a thing of the past and like france and britain wants to ban them in the next few decades when gen don bought his electric car two years ago he didn't have to go through the license plate lottery a government measure to limit traffic he also got his car much cheaper because of a government subsidy of up to fifteen thousand dollars and unlike petrol and diesel fuel cars he can drive an any part of the city anytime he wants as long as car has enough power. ones or was about to go to a charging station but mine they will let me into the wrong place there was no charging station and not a single person around i was forced to call a rescue team in china more than half a million people bought an electric car last year that's half of all electric cars sold worldwide forcing the government to quickly build more charging stations it's
12:48 am
been hard to keep up with the demand and car batteries often don't last much more than two hundred kilometers this by government incentives electric cars are still not that popular here in china many consider them impractical and ugly but producers are trying very hard to make electric cars more fashionable. car makers are increasingly pressure to produce electric cars a recently announced attractive credit system allows companies to make money selling carbon credit quota to traditional car makers but some experts believe the government's plan is unrealistic and they question the benefits of electric cars if we want to. replaced all the traditional cars in the north through take it that this is a lie this is a fundamentally a scientific lie to the world greenpeace says china's rapid switched to electric cars as a positive step to combat climate change but the environmental groups asked it's by
12:49 am
far not enough because seventy percent of the country's power plants are using coal a major emitter of greenhouse gas if we really want to clean future and we really want to count that and climate change only pushing for the actual vehicle is not enough we need to at the same time push for a face out of cause of hope that. saving the planet or not. driving an electric car is more about saving money than it's a. complain the government still needs to work on as well as. roger federer to maintain his tennis a season ending event. business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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business updates brought to you by qatar airways going places together.
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thank you very much marion well after eight hundred seventy two qualifying matches the lineup for next year's world cup in russia is finally complete peru securing the final spots. it's the first time they've made the final since nine hundred eighty two the south american. you know in the playoffs when the promise of the country to declare a national holiday. mariana sanchez was in the thick of things in. these thousands of come to the center of the district to celebrate this historic
12:52 am
match between. the story. for this day. in ninety. four decades he was able to get. the world cup. millions of people were waiting for this day for many many years generations. never seen. at a world cup. very happy to. hear that. next here now the. world cup. well let's have
12:53 am
a look at the thirty two countries that will be at those finals from the east asian region you have japan and south korea. as well as australia who are into their fourth straight world cup even further west iran and saudi arabia with the other two teams to qualify automatically from asia and russia of course didn't have to go through qualification from europe defending champions germany alongside big coming up in belgium france european champions portugal sweden croatia switzerland denmark iceland. england poland and spain africa egypt are making a return for the first time since one thousand nine hundred ninety they're joined by morocco nigeria senegal and tunisia mexico of costa rica and panama advance from north and central america the usa didn't make it and from south america brazil europe quite argentina colombia and peru will all be in russia or no south american teams won the world cup in europe since brazil took the title in sweden back in one thousand nine hundred fifty eight i spoke to the football writer about the
12:54 am
continent's chances in russia next year if there is one team that can do it as a team that won it in one thousand. as far as this region is concerned is head and shoulders above the rest and you can start saying that they are one of the three teams along side germany and spain that are the heavy favorites to be able to look at the trophy once again to meet that is probably those three or pardon me the ones that reach out but if you ask me about south america or the americas in general it starts and ends with brazil argentina might come and that all depends on how or who ollie and his team are able to get things together but i'm not sure about that to me brazil essential about the us twenty twenty two world cup our scouts are say saudi arabia the united arab emirates and bahrain have withdrawn from next month's gulf cup which is due to be held in council the country is the subject of a blockade from the three countries amid a ongoing political crisis eight teams normally take part in the events and cats
12:55 am
are said they may still stage a small scale torrents. roger federer has been saying is one hundred percent record of the season ending a.t.p. finals in london the six time champion that's come from the set downs beat marin chile which is his third straight win the next man in the last for the other dominant team all that he got friend i play on friday. for the world anti-doping agency says russia is still not complying with its code olympic bosses will decide in december if russia can compete at next year's winter games allegations of state sponsored doping or made in an independent report commissioned by the anti doping body last year russian authorities reject the claims the even agreed a rude mark for compliance for the russian on to dropping agency has been fulfilled in many ways but that was due to issues which remain unfulfilled and on that basis
12:56 am
. the. situation of compliance was renewed that is still not complying well our moscow correspondent roy challen says time is running out for russia's olympic hopefuls. basically what we have though is a position where russia's athletes are now in a bind they're in a very unfortunate situation water is saying that they will not declare restart of compliance until russia says that yes it did partake in a state sponsored doping operation russia at the moment is completely are not willing to do that so there is a deadlock and yes this is casting a shadow over russian sports as you said we have a decision next month from the i.o.c. and the paralympic committee about whether russian athletes will be allowed to partake in the winter olympics next year it's i.o.c.
12:57 am
decision not water decision but what water has recommended or decided will filter into that so we could be in a position next year when russian athletes are not competing justin ross has made a big move in the race to finish as the season's top player on the european so he's just one shot off the lead at the final events of the year in dubai second in the european rankings needs a top five finish to have a chance of overhauling fellow englishman tommy fleetwood he's on six hundred par with reid leading the way on seven under. equal rose's finishing position to ensure he remains as europe's leading man not enough of this from him he's struggling on one over par. conscious to have one to make bag on the weekends the last two times but that's not really a recipe that you want to continue to follow because it's very hard to come back and win from those sorts of margins back to our i was very cognizant today of going
12:58 am
after a strong start if a finish level power it fell yet decent day really after a really bad start got it back in and you can still move forward so it's one shot feels like a lot. but you know when i go after our starts in my shoes and couldn't see where am i. ok that is i suppose looking for let's get back to mary i'm in london andy thank you very much. for this news hour but i'll be back in a couple of minutes with a full blast of news for you round up the top stories coming in treating the latest on the u.n. security council vote on chemical weapon used in syria and of course the situation in zimbabwe as well.
12:59 am
travel often. by trying to use a book called forests the upright won't rule. books of. what i call landmark valleys and scotland's. new food venture. discovering it. because faraway places closer than you think going this is together with cats all i always. yes i am a victim of manipulation between politicians held in guantanamo a number of al qaeda and taliban detainees transferred to u.s. forces in afghanistan has continued to grow for years without trial do you know that your own government for six years has been telling every country in the world are innocent please take a quest for a better life that ended in incarceration the guantanamo twenty two at this time on
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