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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 17, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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i says it's not just about the billion trillion dollars of debt it's not just about the banks it's not just about the government to our real people. tracing the fall from prosperity to financial ruin this is beside need a moment where we hear lies that nothing worse first will be incurring the devastating impact for say the bank means also for save the deposits for ordinary citizens and the failure to prevent disaster banks and political leaders are the people who needed to learn a lesson our gora from democracy to the markets at this time on al-jazeera. this is al jazeera.
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hello again my name's peter w. watching the news live from my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. president mugabe makes his first public appearance since the army seized power in zimbabwe. a russian veto at the u.n. security council signals the end of an investigation into the use of chemical weapons in syria. an australian youth detention center is ordered to shut down after findings of repeated abuse of children and teenagers. also ahead building the future we'll take you to the world architecture festival with the latest innovations are on display. the leader of zimbabwe's influential war veterans association says the game is up
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for the president robert mugabe christopher. that's called for mass demonstrations on saturday saying mr mugabe must not be allowed to stay in power the president has made his first public appearance since the army seized power on weapons day the ninety three year old attended a university graduation set ceremony in the capital harare. we have declared is what it is that is the message there is no way that you must live because of the thought you did it would be unequally management in the plan that you. would in the madness. of his wife want to become the president of the republic it. is but when people are up here. let's take you live to our correspondent who has been following this ongoing story for us out of harare so how does it now look like this ox is moving quite quickly again that the signs are beginning to shift underneath robert mugabe. exactly.
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interesting times in the for example it is becoming more clear and clear and clear that he is and to leave people who are close to him the war veterans who are close to him have made it very clear they want him gone during the press conference the war veteran christopher was very very angry very very critical he told people about the history of the ruling party he told people about how. with mugabe one reason was they said economy is not doing well one reason is that they felt that the family started to personalize the party and the country they were particularly angry with grace mugabe they said she was mad to think she she she could become president of this country they said that was the final straw for them the wheels are moving their march they're planning on saturday they saying it's not a march or demonstration they have asked all zimbabweans to march in harare
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tomorrow to send a clear sign to them that time is up and then it is time for them to go and he says that that warning if he doesn't listen to it then he will be dealt with. in request if you're a zimbabwean in zimbabwe today because people. who work at the airport. they're being told to come out on the streets that must be adding to that atmosphere there . it is a little bit but the war veterans are saying that whatever they do they say they will be peaceful they say they don't want any of violence what are watching also is that remember the war veterans have been blamed in the past for many many things. a lot of the time when there was violence during elections it's been a lives that they sided with president mugabe and were responsible for some of the rights abuses that were done they have helped mugabe in part with thirty seven years as a wary of the war veterans so that's why the western media said. if it's not about
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the war veterans right now the common enemy is president mugabe so forget about the differences for now let's meet as one people and say we want mugabe to go whether people will listen remains to be seen but that much is definite plan for saturday. the calculation on the part of the war veterans here her own mean are they saying we will go no further because he's got to take a calculation as well which is basically can i get out the country can i stay can i be safe will my wife be safe. the war veterans know that their diplomatic process is happening and every time mr christmas i was speaking he would say things like we want to mend relations with the united kingdom with the international community with the region we want to work with everyone we want to work with international media they're trying to put across a sense that i suppose things will change and they calculating the fact that they
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know they so much resentment in the country but also the son if they have has post this is. they also want to use the constitution as well to give mugabe to step down or according to the laws of the ruling party remember the army has said that this is not a coup they are trying very hard to show people that it is not a coup and one way people could believe that is if mugabe is made to step down at a party conference where they vote for him to leave or to the war veterans want to your hair i mean do they want to run the country or would they get into get into cahoots with morgan chang to write. they were clever about the statement they said things like the next election it should be free fair and democratic zimbabweans vote freely and vote for the leader of the choice and then they say things like but remember also this country was won by the gun we went to
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war for this country war veterans who lost their lives could be free from wife. and they said within zanu p.f. they are senior figures like the former vice president who is still out of the country and he said they're not saying that people should vote for him to leave them but as war veterans they would prefer it he lived them so it's clear that they want one of the own but to get enough support and. that it will be up to them to choose the next leader of this country harris thanks very much. russia has vetoed a u.n. security council resolution to extend the investigation into the use of chemical weapons in syria last month u.n. investigators found the syrian government was responsible for a chemical attack in concha cool and in april eighty people died many of them were children at the matter go to said james bays now from new york the tenth veto by russia in the u.n. security council on syria and one that ends the council's efforts to hold to
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account those who use chemical weapons in the country. it was a vote that sparked outrage from the u.s. ambassador and she gave this warning that the u.s. may now work outside the u.n. russia has killed the joint investigative mechanism which has overwhelming support of this council the assad regime should be on clear notice the united states does not accept syria's use of chemical weapons as we did in april we will do it again if we must we will defend the international standard against chemical weapons use there was drama even before the meeting began with ambassador hayley accusing her russian colleague of bad faith by refusing to enter into negotiations for some reason the phones at the russian mission aren't working we have tried to get a call with them and they've been too busy to talk to us this week and when i have tried to call vassily for some reason he's not available moments later she was able to express her displeasure in person
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a very public exchange of words with the russian ambassador vasoline the benzine or even it seems checking his phones for her calls when the meeting started they even argued over the rules of procedure in the council. i was invoking all thirty five of the of the previous little's of procedure the russian ambassador withdrawing and then reintroducing his own rival resolution this two failed to pass meaning as things stand now the team is investigating the use of chemical weapons looks set to be disbanded. the use of chemical weapons is now a dangerous reality what is at stake here today is the very future of the international chemical weapons nonproliferation regime. there's been real division and high drama it's been a sad day for syria a bad day for efforts to fight weapons of mass destruction and
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a day on which the u.n. security council has really harmed its own standing as the security council meeting broke up some members were still trying to create a new compromise resolution to keep the chemical weapons mechanism going on a temporary basis there could be another vote on friday but it will now be very difficult to bridge the deep divisions that have been laid bare james by al-jazeera at the united nations. in syria and strikes and shelling near the capital damascus of killed at least twelve people it's the third day in a row of attacks on eastern ghouta around four hundred thousand people are living under a government siege there they are in need of food and medicine is part of a deescalation deal agreement by turkey russia and iran. iraq's prime minister of body has congratulated the army for taking the last major i still held troops face little resistance when they entered on friday it comes hours after iraq launched
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a new attack to expel fighters from the border area with syria imran khan now from baghdad. iraq he joins operations command have announced that the iraqi flag is now flying in the center of this city has been liberated now this was an operation that began in the early hours of friday morning but the preparation had actually been taking place since the eleventh of november when the operation to take the last remaining strongholds of eisel began they first took them on a. small village from that they built bridges over the euphrates to bring in tanks and heavy equipment to go in to rob i know what they did was to take the surrounding villages that was about seven of them they took and then they use that as a staging post to go in to another joint operations command were very concerned about civilian casualties and actually told i was there that we are waiting for the right moment to go in to try and keep civilian casualties to a minimum there's no figures that they've released yet or if there have been any
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civilian casualties but what they did do was announce in the early hours of friday morning when this operation began as i said that any civilians should put white flags above their houses so the iraqi security forces would know so they went and now they've been met with very little operation this wasn't a operation like the one from mosul iraq's second largest city a real stronghold of ice which took months to bring under control this was a very. small town so it was a much easier operation now what we're hearing is a lot of the eyesore fighters are simply dispersed over the border crossing into syria allowing the iraqi forces to go straight in it is the end of i saw as a caliphate as a state in iraq so we will be expecting prime minister hydrilla body to make a statement we don't know when that statement is going to be but he does face a challenge on his hands this might be the end of eisel as a state within iraq as they say but the root causes of the the rise of the group still remains still a lot of anger among these particular to this year led government here and so those
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are things that promise to hide the body needs to address but this is actually being seen as thin as a significant victory for the iraqi forces that flag flying in the middle of is very significant. ok which is limiting q. to the russian capital because what you're looking at right now is just the opening themselves in a news conference that's taking place there lebanon's foreign minister brown. has been meeting his russian counterpart sergei lavrov the meeting comes in light of the resignation the alleged resignation because we don't know if it actually was a resignation of the lebanese prime minister saying how dearly last week he gave that announcement. and the accusations that came as a reaction to that from the lebanese president michel aoun that was actually being detained against his will in saudi arabia both men addressing the media in moscow the very latest is that we know we're being told that. we'll be leaving some point
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today heading for paris within the first forty eight hours of that we're expecting him to have conversations with the french president emanuel macron before then reportedly flying back to the lebanese capital beirut his resignation in a televised broadcast out of saudi arabia on november the fourth he hasn't. yet returned to lebanon of course the key thing here there for the saudis is the way that this has ball our political presence writ large through lebanese politics let's just open the microphones we have a translation to get a sense of where this drama is going. right. now it was. think. diplomatically. we chose to start our tour from europe. and i will explain why what
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happened. was. exceptional. pacts all the international relations that. cannot be accepted or tolerate. the european cities we have to visit or you must consider the matter as an acceptable why because their minds are disability and. also. our dignity as they beneath it is also a deviation from the course that has been adopted by lebanon since the election the president last year has also brought the interference in our domestic affairs and. away fly all those are being dictated to the lebanese people. this matter is. acceptable by the international
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community it is unprecedented move and if it is approved. any. visiting any other country will meet the same fate and this is that except preservation of the international treaties and agreements in. international relations. nineteen sixty one and also special envoys and missions of one thousand nine hundred eighty six and also that of nineteen seventy three of course the protection of diplomats. and as i said lebanon's instability will undermine the world peace and security and that's why this issue is faced with great tension how did we end lebanon meet. this crisis. the leadership
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of lebanon. suppress. our action by the response made by the president and the. politicians in lebanon. also we accept pressed our unity and solidarity as a whole one. by the fact that all the lebanese shocked however the dog not the act arbitrarily maintained self-restraint and. eliminated did not react in any violent way. they did not react in any act of suppressing economic. and lebanon come and they did not made any. because based.
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on the contrary all the lebanese with. their political affiliations and sectarian war has. suppressed their solitary as one people and i believe this is the key factor that enabled all. so in this crisis. on the phone in front. of our efforts with bilateral relations with different countries also based on the friendly relations bonding in lebanon and the kingdom of so. despite the fact that. other efforts are being made on the international arena to have this crisis is resolved. the president of lebanon started
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communication with the ambassadors worldwide. however. to start with europe simply because it is in. proximity with us. not only that but europe. thing in the policy is close. to our. european countries as a. heavyweight and can have an impact was started by. this long road vatican. two and the end. of turkey. and today i conclude european. capital. that is leading the war.
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against terrorism and. have a prize with the. goal. what is important to us to have been ease prime minister how do you turn in lebanon without any restriction. restraint. without any limitation to his. decisions. he should return and retain whatever decision he may desire and all the lebanese will react based on that. secondly this. precautionary action. take. precautionary measure must take. the stability of lebanon simply because.
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this crisis is. about lies in lebanon. chris mitchell can be achieved by providing an atmosphere. free from radicalization. which aims at confronting arms with arms. and settling regional and international calls. this move also. that. you're bringing. the confrontation. another battle fear. this means
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that those. aren't able to take. place is also aimed at undermining lebanon's economy. well a matter of great significance a strategic significance to. the number one enemy lebanon for. this matter this regard. all this is meant to keep lebanon will. cripple the economy. and. the economic failure of this by the fact that lebanon over the past few years again has been making progress in the words rebuilding its. institutions that. all the above. i will
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believe that any foreign minister there get burned a seal saying this is an unprecedented matter in effect he went on to say we've had a deviation from my course imposed on us because of what's been going on between the saudi authorities and mr how do you know he has agreed after last year's election that's what he said he said also that saturday that he must return to lebanon without any hindrance he said as well we need to take cautionary measures in an atmosphere free from a radicalization let's take that to our correspondent in beirut saying a so clearly there is only one acceptable outcome as far as the lebanese government is concerned here. well yes the foreign minister is saying that saddle how he must return to beirut without any conditions and restrictions because there is some fear in lebanon that in one way or another this french mediated deal could involve for
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example saddle how do you the ending his political career that he has to come to lebanon submit his resignation and leave and of course the foreign minister also saying that the lebanon still faces threats very strong language against saudi arabia calling what happened and aggression and interference in lebanese affairs i have to point out like you pointed out earlier that lebanese authorities as well as many in the population they believe that saddle had he was held hostage in saudi arabia along with his family and that this french deal allowed him to leave and had to paris later tonight so lebanon really stepping up rhetoric against saudi arabia it calls into question the relationship between lebanon and the new leadership in saudi arabia saudi arabia has long played a role in lebanese politics it had allies here particularly saddle hetty and this is the real question what happens to the relationship between these two countries and when mr bursal talks about precautionary measures what do you think he's thinking about. well he is reaching out to western capitals there is
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a sentence that he keeps using time and time again stability in lebanon we have one point five million refugees syrian refugees almost trying to tell europe that if the lebanon is destabilized all these people will head to europe causing even more of a crisis one point five million syrians in lebanon lebanon already destabilized by the crisis in syria so reaching out to these capitals telling them that a country is trying to create chaos in the region he doesn't really name the country but of course he is alluding to saudi arabia so trying to rally diplomatic support and they really feel we have to mention that he is the foreign minister of lebanon but he is a member or part of the pro hezbollah camp which is allied with iran the camp which is rival to the pro saudi can. in lebanon so really the saudi iranian rivalry playing out in lebanon is the resignation of saudi move against iran so lebanon really finds itself in the center in the eye of the storm and that is why lebanon
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trying to reach out to the international community to try to shield lebanon away from the regional crises do you get the feeling that it was quite a clever idea doing this this almost like a kind of a cancer return play when you've got problems with saudi arabia you don't square up against saudi arabia you go to paris you go to berlin you go to ankara you talk to everyone else who might have an investment in the situation ending up in a peaceful situation. well yes i mean lebanon feels that it's scored some sort of diplomatic victory there was a diplomatic turmoil over the fate of saddle heidi a prime minister who many in lebanon believed was taken hostage many eleven and believe he was forced to resign his speech was written by the saudi authorities he is now a free man he will be heading to paris later tonight he will be meeting the french president yes the french president mediated in this crisis and he called this an invitation but many eleven and believe that this was the way out so many eleven and
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coming together this is a country with deep divisions this is a country with political differences to rival camps but right now the country has come together and this is the real question can this unity continue and another question people are asking is what can saudi arabia do next yes but still talking about precautionary measures lebanon is worried about economic sanctions that saudi arabia and its allies could hurt this country economically in one way or the other there are four hundred thousand lebanese working in the gulf these people rely on their livelihoods are in the gulf they send money back home to their families what if they are kicked out so this is what lebanon is worried about some sort of economic sanctions against the country so you know thanks very much talk to you later. the chief of staff of the israeli army has given a rare interview to a saudi media outlet in his discussion with the online newspaper a laugh gardy eisen caught said this the iranian plan is to control the middle east
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by means of two crescents the first being from iran to lebanon and the second across the gulf to the red sea we must stop that from happening he said this is what should be prevented in the region if this matter in this matter there is complete agreement between us and saudi arabia israel and saudi arabia do not have diplomatic ties officially but recently their relations have shown some signs of improvement in june two israeli ministers separately called to establish full diplomatic relations with saudi arabia now in october classified memos by the israeli foreign ministry revealed it had instructed ambassadors around the world to begin a diplomatic campaign against iran and hezbollah are both saudi rivals and a couple of weeks ago the prime minister benjamin netanyahu said israel is working very hard to establish an effective alliance with the modern sunni states to counter iranian aggression al-jazeera is bashar
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a following that story for us saudi arabia is a shareholder in the status quo as it used to be so why is it trying to shift everything tectonically around. look the the problem with iran at least since nine hundred seventy nine has been on the present and saudi foreign policy so you may be as long felt like a number of arab countries felt the expansion of iranian influence in the arab region is problematic for their national security. then we had eight years of but arc obama and what are obama tried to shift in a very thick tonic way if you will american strategy towards the middle east so historically the united states looks the middle east and sees for regional powers israel saudi arabia iran and turkey. so generally speaking especially under bush and before that traditionally there was a lot of dependency on saudi arabia and israel when but obama came to power
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he wanted to normalize relations with iran in some form under the pretext of resolving the nuclear issue with iran and he opened up to turkey so the question became in the so called off shore balancing act by the united states which regional power do you outsource american hegemony policy interests or what have you so your abs felt as well as israel that the united states was moving away from its traditional allies israel and saudi arabia towards iran and turkey. in fact many people in washington that i spoke to believe that iran iran iran under rouhani or a more moderate influence and under moderate islamic government in turkey are far more dependable powers than that we have by kingdom of saudi arabia and. there is there is the israeli government the radical right think israeli government certainly prompt him about he moved the in tire spectrum back to dependency on
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saudi arabia and israel ok if israel is big and israel a guessing closer together there will undoubtedly be collateral change possibly collateral damage if you or jordan you're looking in on your role discuss studion so things issues items that are at the center of everything that sparks the wider conflicts around the region and you're thinking well hang on jordan is home to so many refugees so many displaced palestinians you might be thinking what the heck is going on you know look many other countries dependent on the fact that in places like jordan and egypt to get your land back you had to sign some kind of a deal with israel egypt did that in one thousand seventy nine and that person said that and got the sinai back jordan basically normalized relations with israel the p.l.o. did something similar in order to get its territories back the west bank has and has jerusalem in a future palestine state but
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a syrian state and so on so forth so eurabia and the rest of the arab countries waited until some formal peace agreement is reached because syrian golan heights is still occupied the rest of palestine is still occupied them even sliver of lebanon is still occupied so all in all the whole idea of normalizing relations with israel before peace arrives seems like putting the cart in front of the horse now in one thousand two thousand and two saudi arabia proposed a peace initiative with his. but the idea of normalizing relations was supposed to come after peace is achieved after is there with the rose from occupied territory is what we're witnessing today is israel increasing its core lies ation of palestine and yet saudi arabia is really good on mars relations there is another layer to this layer cake that we should discuss as well is being called asset agreements and it also relates to mr hariri that the other aspect to the story that we've been covering today this idea that the saudis are saying look come here
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you're not being detained you can go in whenever you want but we have to have a conversation about how much money you owe us in other words cough up and you're a free man because that place to another story which is whether the saudis are actually the saudis question mark they're actually strapped for cash surely not yet well it seems like over the last several years since the oil prices went down so the arabia lost something like thirty percent of its oil or oil profits or if it's reserve of wealth from seven hundred some billion to four hundred some million because of the oil prices went down now it does feel in a way squeezed. the idea to go after your business men and somehow almost like a my fuse e type action to get them to cough up their money or seventy percent of the money that might have sounded good i don't know and some kind of utopia democracy of some sort and so eurabia you have a thirty two year old person who is in charge of the entire kingdom and he thinks
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he can better spend the money that those people made over the years by maybe some sort of a virtual city on the red sea or by some kind of a plan of some sort i have no love lost for. any one of those billionaires in saudi arabia but i really can trust him more with money than an autocrat in saudi arabia thirty two year old who really don't know what to do with money other than buy a five hundred fifty million dollar boat in the rain so all in all it's a very smart populist decision on the part in how much money to go after the wales where the corrupt officials and princes in saudi arabia in order presumably to take the money and spread to the poor we don't see that happening very very briefly in a twenty second answer the process that is surrounding the crown prince is it over yet we've had this purge we've had helicopters falling out of the skies we've had
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people disappearing people to being detained is this process still ongoing it is ongoing because it's a mindset it's a way of doing business there's a dogma behind that drama and i think he will continue to consolidate his power and his there will be as i said many times this week there's a russia now behind the rash and moments ago an article you've just written it's just going to be uploaded on the web site or it has been has been standing up william prince ok we'll take a look at that later man as ever many thanks frank you. a u.s. senator has become the latest high profile person to be accused of sexual misconduct democratic al franken has apologized for a radio host accused him of forcibly kissing and groping her tweeden says the incidents happened. back in two thousand and six she tweeted this photo of one of the incidents franken has asked to be investigated by the senate ethics committee particle hain is with us now from washington d.c. patty let's just do a new readers start here because there's also a big debate over mr moore and where he's heading politically and what donald trump
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is or isn't saying about these two individuals who just just break this one down for us. it's probably not even enough to say that there is a wave sweeping this country women are coming forward it seems almost every day making accusations against very powerful public figures as you mentioned senator franken is the first he was a comedian when this happened but the picture is of her apparently sleeping on a military aircraft and he knowingly takes a picture or appears to be grabbing her breasts and smiling now as for the incident of him kissing her he says he remembers that differently but that as you mentioned that he apologizes the picture is wrong he wants an ethics investigation now this is all happening in a lot of people are putting this in a partisan lens because as you mentioned there's a republican senate candidate worry more he's in alabama republicans all over the country about for him to step aside he is not his poll numbers are falling but here the accusations about seven women have come forward to say when he was in his
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thirty's about forty years ago he was a district attorney that he targeted young teenage girls for sexual activity one it said she was fourteen when she he gave her alcohol and touched her inappropriately that would tech that would actually be pedophilia now he has denied the allegations but when again we've heard this repeatedly from different women all basically having the same story so let's bring in president donald trump he comes into this issue and won't comment on roy moore says the people of alabama should decide if he gets to come to the u.s. senate but now he has decided to launch an attack on senator franken on twitter basically saying the pictures really bad what happened to his hands in pictures two three four five and six and basically poking at the senator for being a defender of women's rights just a week ago and he mentioned something about tapes that aren't explained but the tapes that now people are going to focus on is the one during the election that came out of president donald trump at the time when he was
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a television star reality t.v. star accidently caught on a high. mike. bragging about groping for sleep kissing women and grabbing them by their genitals and they let you get away with it is what he said on tape now this combined with more than a dozen women who said he sexually harassed assaulted them he now has put himself into the conversation that is sweeping the country politically probably not a wise decision but not unexpected considering what we're talking about other parallels here patsy in your mind between what we're talking about and to do with frankenstein because that's what mr trump told him this morning on twitter and more and mr trump's own behavior you know yes the grab the blank tape that goes back a few years but also the harvey weinstein case because the trickle down was the system's corrupt and then the trickle down subsequent question was why do women
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take so long to come forward because the system is corrupt. exactly and i think it's important to point out what is happening here president donald trump was elected despite everything we've just talked about and we saw the largest march in the history of the national mall women and their male supporters coming out to say anough then you saw harvey weinstein the producer in hollywood very powerful dozens of women have come forward very similar stories that ranged from simply. exposing himself to actually physically raping these women and there were settlements there were questions about did the system work against these women obviously it did so since then it's almost as if women have gotten angry all over again there was a social media campaign me too everywhere you looked pretty much every woman you know in this country had a story about being sexually harassed or attacked and it led to this kind of empowerment and i think that's what you're seeing here now every single day it seems more women are coming forward pointing the finger at different powerful men
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now it's unclear if this is happening in let's say businesses that are getting less publicity but it is definitely happening in wall street and in hollywood and now on capitol hill and it's important to point out the system in capitol hill is incredibly corrupt the congress has basically set up its own set of rules to protect them from these allegations it's a link the process if women want to make these allegations they have to go through counseling they have to sign a non-disclosure agreement they have to agree to mediation if that doesn't work they have to sit on their hands for thirty days all will continue to work with their harasser and then they can maybe sue or go to some sort of national some sort of mediation that actually settles it and then this is the kicker the accuser doesn't pay the fine or the settlement the taxpayers do and it's all kept secret. thanks very much. let's get more on another of our top stories for you here on the news russia deciding to veto a u.n. security council resolution to extend the investigation into chemical weapons and
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the use of chemical weapons in syria the only official inquiry well it's called the joint investigative mechanism it was created back in twenty fifteen with unanimous backing from the u.n. security council and renewed for another twelve months last year investigators from the un and the organization for the prohibition of chemical weapons submitted for reports last year and another three this year their last report came in october that one blames syrian government forces for the sarin gas attack in hong kong and it's also found that i saw you sulfur mustard in one attack let's get more on that hamish to britain gordon is a chemical weapons advisor he joins us now on skype out of london hey michel welcome back to the news when it comes to holding the right people accountable for doing the wrong things what happens now. well first of all it's hugely disappointing that yes again the russians have vetoed the
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extension of this investigation on a critical as you have just said the report published in october put the blame fairly and squarely on the syrian regime for delivering sarin to ship can chicken back in the fourth of april this year killing up to one hundred people and a lot of the other attacks that they've investigated as well have also pointed directly at the regime so in effect the russians pollution or appeasing them and chemical weapons are now the norm as you said islamic state of also essential who are in the extensively and also details in this report but unless the u.n. security council. unequivocally endorses further investigations that we're not going to get very far in fact even yesterday in a wrister and east cuter suburbs of damascus chlorine barrel bombs were dropped on civilians again by the regime so the moment we're in and impasse but this to
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boot on using chemical weapons which has been broken since the first war when not even hitler used chemical weapons militarily but now we're seeing the syrian regime which is under the guise and guarded by the russians using this almost a daily occurrence and we must look at other ways to try and prevent this happening is that the moment we're going to see this spread or not not just in the middle east but no doubt elsewhere where you have this terrorists wanting to attack us around the girl and chemical weapons are very good at doing that so clearly what you're saying to us point number one is chemical weapons are a present danger in the the syrian conflict but is there another system that's already in operation perhaps even if it's just a system of reporting where we would find out the chemical weapons had been used or does this particular investigative unit that we're discussing that seems to basically being killed off i mean does that do you have to have another system that
4:44 pm
gets the reporting of what's happening at the highest level. well i think you do the chemical weapons convention which is the international rule of law which decrees that chemical weapons usage is illegal and is policed by the organization of prohibition of chemical weapons as you suggested it is just not working at the moment and that is mainly because of the russian vetoes but also the timeliness of the investigations this is the report was published six months after the attack happened i was talking to doctors who are advising syria who are treating casualties on the day of the cancerian attack and we were absolutely certain it was sarin and i also investigates the first chlorine use in april twenty forty in a place called tel and then it was and we published the results four days later now the organization the prohibition of chemical weapons and the u.n.
4:45 pm
using the same information took eighteen months to publish that information which again point to the regime so i think although you need a body you need the u.n. to run this otherwise it has no real standing but we really need to look at how we can investigate and certainly there are trained people in syria on all sides who could collect the evidence and present it but as long as the russians keep standing in the way it's very difficult see how we're going to move forward but i think the other members the other permanent members of the syrian security council the usa the u.k. and france and possibly china as all really need to take the lead here and absolutely demand that action is taken and the chemical weapons are removed not just from the battlefield in syria and elsewhere but also removed from the potential use by terrorists and particularly jadis who now that the so-called caliph that is is
4:46 pm
forming is being encouraged to use these chemical weapons around the world we only saw an event in australia only a few weeks ago which was intercepted by the british an australian secret service where jihadist try to smuggle chemical weapons onto a jet airliner and that would be absolutely disastrous ok hamish to britain gordon there in london thank you very much. the japanese prime minister says threats from north korea are the most serious security concerns for tokyo since world war two she has outlined his cabinet key priorities in a speech to parliament. says japan would respond to what he called pyongyang's escalating provocation he also says turkey was planning to buy more missile defense systems from the united states. china's been under pressure to use its influence on north korea and one of its top envoys is now in pyongyang song made a close aide of the north korean leader kim jong un ties between the two allies have been strained north korea has ignored calls from beijing to end its nuclear
4:47 pm
weapons and ballistic missile tests. an inquiry into abuse that used prisons in australia's northern territory has called for the closure of one of the detention centers it found what it says were shocking and systemic failures that were ignored by top officials over many years most of the inmates were aboriginal is andrew thomas. these are the shocking videos which sparked an inquiry into what was happening to children imprisoned in australia in one a boy is strapped to a chair and put it another video shows a boy being picked up by a guard and thrown into his room much of the abuse happened here at the don dale prison for young offenders near darwin well over ninety percent of people detained here and elsewhere in the northern territory over recent years have been aboriginal earlier this year boys living in the territory told al-jazeera that among them the abuse was well known you know i train lost a friend you know if. you like that down there corner stuff and i've seen it with
4:48 pm
my noises and grew up you know. boys again an area where they tell you what it's like you know and so good on friday after an investigation which is lasted more than a year members of a royal commission inquiry released their report and recommendations they said they'd found shocking and systemic failures over many years which were well known and ignored at the highest levels the northern territory's chief minister said the failings were a stain on the northern territory's reputation we have been breaking our kids not building them up that has become increasingly evident through the royal commission hearings the report recommends the immediate closure of the don dale prison it says children under fourteen should only be detained for the most serious of crimes tear gas force and restraint should never be used on children and video cameras should be worn by guards to monitor their behavior but some worry the recommendations
4:49 pm
won't be enacted and don't go far enough saying so many inquiries make great recommendations and and nothing happened you know youth detention isn't working for these young people and we do need a paradigm shift. the northern territory's government says it broadly supports the reforms proposed in the report australia's prime minister says there are implications for how all australian states deal with the lingering children this is a report into the abuse of children but in truth given that the vast majority of those in the northern territory in prisons are aboriginal this is also a report into the abuse of indigenous australians that makes its findings particularly sensitive australia has a dark history of abuse towards so-called first australians under thomas al-jazeera . leeson kenya have used tear gas and water cannon on supporters of the opposition leader riley they gathered to greet him on his return from the u.s. and the u.k.
4:50 pm
where he was discussing kenyan political turmoil over the kenyatta was reelected in a repeat of the presidential election last month but the results are being challenge in the courts deposed catalan president putin want and four of his party members are expected to appear in court in belgium spain has issued a european arrest warrant against them the hearing will take place behind closed doors but the court could make a final decision on whether to extradite the group you want is planning to run his secession campaign from brussels. time for sports news with father peter thank you so much football in north and central america is set for a major overhaul of the region's governing body called the cap has announced it will be launching a new league of nations tournaments to replace international friendlies the competition begins next year and gives one of the region's traditional powerhouses the usa something to look forward to after missing out on qualification for the twenty eighteen world cup has followed in the footsteps of europe were a similar model view a phoenicians league will also launch next year the zac format is set to be
4:51 pm
revealed an early twenty eight team but this is what we know so far it will include all forty one caucus nations including the u.s. as mentioned and mexico it will be arranged into three levels based divisions with the best teams going into the top one there will be promotion and relegation between them like in domestic leagues the league of nations will also see countries compete to qualify for the buy annual gold cup a continental competition similar to the euros and copa america or earlier. of inside football he believes the tournaments has the potential to have a positive impact on football in north and central america. ever since countries all over the world realized they were not friendly matches were not doing the many. dave come up when they tried to come up with. some kind of scenario whereby. those dates in the calendar came a meaningful and
4:52 pm
a state also although the nation you asians nations has been somewhat criticized for being a bit cold believes it's going to take. fans quite a long time to get their heads around it they did have quite a strong did put out quite strong signal to other considerations to say look you can actually get round the problem. and play mean games now counter-attack. you know why it's even more so. some of the smaller nations weren't even playing more than you know half a dozen matches a year so i guess that the contest leadership don't want this is a great chance for them to actually build up the development of the game the problem is that the big big problem is because there aren't many countries in that same mexico u.s.
4:53 pm
costa rica the downside of this is are they. very really going to benefit more from playing smaller nations in their own confederation than they would have playing friendly. you know bigger countries mother confederations the boston celtics clinched their fourteen straight win the week defending n.b.a. champions the golden state warriors ninety two to eighty eight and over in houston the visiting rockets speed phoenix suns james harden scored forty eight points to leave the rockets to one hundred and forty two to one hundred and sixteen when the score was just fourteen points shy of the franchise record for points in the game the suns will have lost seven of their last eight in a row us rafa nadal has won nearly twelve thousand dollars in damages after the former french sports minister was found guilty of defamation or slim bachalo accused the spaniard of doping saying that when he was out of action for seven months in two thousand and twelve it was because he was covering up
4:54 pm
a positive drug test while they're down maintained it was because they need injury he filed a lawsuit against bash low the thirty one year old will donate her payment cherry. they pulled out of the season on the a.t.p. finals in london with a knee injury it means roger federer is the favorite to take the title the swiss has maintained his one hundred percent record at the tournament the six time champion came from a set down to be on record a third straight group stage when next for him in the last four will be either dominic team or david gough and has moved on friday. jock softball be joining federer in the semifinals the american upset third seed alexanders of rob in three sets hell face grigor dimitrov in the final four. and that's how his world has been celebrating yet another perfect match former
4:55 pm
world number one serena williams married reddit co-founder alex ohanian in a lavish ceremony in new orleans on thursday the tennis champ and the billionaire announced their engagement in december two thousand and sixteen serena williams won her twenty third ground slam title of the australian open earlier this year while she was in the early stages of her pregnancy. and that's all your sport for now i'll be back with more later but for now it's back to you peter farah thanks very much some of the world's best architects to showcasing their innovative designs in the german capital but they view this current events like the refugee crisis war and natural disasters as inspiration to construct housing for communities around the world a small part of the world a festival which will announce a winning architect on friday is challenging. from re housing earthquake survivors to educating a community architecture has the power to transform lives here at the world
4:56 pm
architecture festival in berlin it's clear the desire for social equality is implementing design decisions seen here in design more as presentation of shelter on the edge a reimagining of a refugee camp for syrians fleeing conflict made of wood is designed to be built by its inhabitants and can grow like a community to somebody it's like a bus and consult with the basic human need what you need and especially the floor plans it's it's a very small twin it's like you know it's a very. flexible and. affordable each building tells a story the palestinian museum in the occupied west bank has already won an award for its clean lines and cascade of terraces which represent the diversity of cultures there's also the affordable student housing in copenhagen using shipping containers and otherwise on usable space to create floating apartments i think what we're trying to do as architects is to build the future way of living working.
4:57 pm
we feel that a lot of places in cities today were actually designed for how life was lived one hundred years ago this building in central violin was sort of for the housing category but it's actually multi-functional it's got offices on the top restaurant and shops and generates its own electricity with solar panels on the roof and a geothermal system supplies it with heating and air conditioning in a recent survey architects said that climate change and energy would be the most important issues influencing their profession over the next ten years the festival is an opportunity for architects to question and learn from each other and be judged by a panel of their peers a unique opportunity to the organizers so many different architecture something different parts of the world approach. the sime challenge is putting completely different way because of our climate building tradition and what's always
4:58 pm
fascinating is to compare and contrast how different design is when addressing the same problem come up with amazingly and of it's it is an. unusual set of architecture can define the way we even lift the human spirit just like this when installation in london called smile. website al jazeera dot com tweet me i will take you back i'm at one top of the hour we'll have thirty minutes of al-jazeera world news very soon. he's hosting the international primary health care conference two thousand and seventeen under the title healthier communities brighter future from the seventeenth through the nineteenth of november two thousand and seventeen primary health care corp the first step to your family's health. provoking
4:59 pm
debate the corporate tax has not hurt job growth on the barack obama that well. that's not true tackling the tough issues restrictions on media freedom. but challenging the established line every single one of the three thousand people who is killed with a drug dealer yes how do we know that he didn't try them prosecute the shop i once saw a joint that he has done for up front at this time on al-jazeera. the new poll ranks mexico city is the pull of worst in the world for sexual violence many women are attacked while moving in the crowded spaces of the metro buses and even at the hands of taxi drivers the conversation starts with do you have a boyfriend you're very pretty young you feel unsafe threatened think about how to react what do i do if this gets worse now mariani uses
5:00 pm
a new service it's called loud drive it's for women passages only and run by women drivers the apple has some extra features like a panic button and twenty four seventh's monitoring of drivers news has never been more available it's a constant barrage of it with every day but the message is a simplistic brain that good logical rational. and misinformation is rife dismissed and well documented accusations and evidence is part of the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narratives at this time on al-jazeera. there is no way that he must leave. zimbabwe's war veterans have a tough.


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