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hello i'm so ho robert this is the al-jazeera news i lost my headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes no word from zimbabwe's president robert mugabe as he appears to ignore a deadline to depart. the n.r.a. way the voices calling for them to step aside are getting louder. also courtroom celebrations in kenya the supreme court judges uphold last month's election win by president. so he can officially begin his second term in office. and what next for germany weeks of talks to form a coalition government collapsed raising the prospect of a snap election. with the sports news and yana nevada has died from cancer at the age of forty nine the czech tennis star who won wimbledon in one thousand nine hundred eighty eight.
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good job the company we start the news are in southern africa where as a barb weighs embattled president robert mugabe appears to have ignored an ultimatum to resign so what happens now having already voted him out as their leader the ruling zanu p.f. party told the gobby to voluntarily leave office by around this time or face a no confidence vote in parliament which could pave the way for mugabe's impeachment now the influential war veterans association has also demanded mccarthy step down its later leader christopher mills. is threatening to go to the high court to mobilize military action against mccarthy this was the people's but we don't want to see him as president anymore so we saw him go to the national television to pretend as if everything is normal if you are saying that you will be attending this party congress we are saying mugabe go now.
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your time is up please leave and lead the country. or new page so less than twenty four hours to go mugabe was adamant that he wasn't going anywhere this congress is you. in a few weeks from now preside over it. which must not be pre-positioned by any act calculated to under my it all to compromise the outcome in the eyes of the public. which answers our correspondent following events forced from the zimbabwean capital harare we are really in the golden hour anything could happen now so one wonders how the public has been reacting. there quietly waiting on sunday people thought something big was going to happen
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something historical it didn't so a lot of people are saying we are disappointed they feel in the morning papers they feel that the president is arrogant he's hanging on to power and just doesn't want to go but some are saying they are encouraged because at least they say there's some good hope the other paper salesman and i got bounces that he was the former vice president who was fired he is now be reinstated by the czar and here party and he is the interim party leader he will likely be the presidential candidate in twenty eight teams of people are saying hopefully if the president signs one and i'll go will take over the wall of the overtones are saying that they want parliamentarians to come to parliament on tuesday to vote for this vote of no confidence and they're hoping that when the parliamentarians come to parliament which is across the road from here they would mean that people will be in this part in their thousands also calling for president mugabe to go because the surprising scenario that we've seen over the last forty eight seventy two hours you know this
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is the ground roots the grass roots support that robert mugabe depended on for forty years of staying in power is the very grassroots support that's now turned against him from the veterans association from his parliament ariens in terms of zanu p.f. and large swathes of civil society both in the countryside and in the urban areas. yes he is clearly isolated which is why a lot of people are baffled why is he hanging on to power some analysts are saying maybe he's trying to organize something maybe he's trying to buy time basis. that if this process drags on for too long it could end up dividing the army and zanu p.f. officials which could work in his favor but some of the barwon say maybe it's about pride he's been in power for nearly forty years he sees himself as the father of this nation and he doesn't want to go down in
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a certain way so he may be trying to engineer a graceful exit which could be try and hang on until the conference where he will then hand over to mr mandela because i understand he was fired as the party leader but he is still a party member so he is expected to attend that conference so the speculation is he wants to go to the conference and then hand over to mr mandela as if he was the founding father he's heading over the party and he's stepping down to see what does happen and come back to should that situation change really horrifying story well i'm joined now by director he's a senior research consultant with the institute for security studies joins me now on skype from harare as well it's good to have you with us live on the program how do you think this. is going to unfold are we looking at a resignation in the next hour or so or are we looking at potential impeachment through parliament. i think mcgarvie might try and take his chances with the impeachment process it's by no means plain sailing the parliament
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the two houses of parliament need to sit together as a joint house and a two thirds majority vote is required to that resolution through to require the gobby to step down so that sort of three hundred sixty votes three hundred sixty seats in the combined houses so about two hundred thirty three seats are required to go to senator kerry that mcgarvie should step down. the potential then for some sort of agreement or support from the opposition that zanu p.f. will have to try and get a unanimous decision and in doing so will have to hand out the olive branch or offer opposition groups a say in any future administration. yes i just tried to look at the numbers quickly i don't have them precisely but designer here has about two hundred fifty five
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seats that they can muster the problem of course is that some of. these will be diehard mcgarvie supporters they weren't voted in favor of this motion so it seems quite likely that zanu p.f. will be reliant on votes from the opposition m.d.c. party and the opposition m.d.c. party will look at this as an opportunity to say ok if you want our vote you need to cut a deal with us we want to place at the table when the new government is formed it does seem though in the scenario that has unfolded in the past week that this is very well choreographed whether it's through zanu p.f. or through military means and of course the the word coup is a it's a word that nobody wants to use certainly in zimbabwe so how do you actually view the role of the military how they are working their way to persuade mr mugabe one way or the other to make a firm decision yes this is the dilemma that the military has they are doing
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everything possible to try and avoid the intervention is being characterized as a as a coup because of the reaction that will cause and the difficulties that with chords so they're trying to look for some sort of constitutional mechanism to do ease mcgarvie out of power and of course my god be as aware of this dilemma that the military has and he's exploiting a two day hill so in the television dress that he gave last night he said ok if you're pretending that there is no coup that's precisely what i'll do and i'll address the nation as oh everything's fine and there is no coup in progress so this is the the difficulty that the military faces and are trying to find a workaround. what we should see is certainly what happens in the next few hours for the moment derek that siac thank you so much for joining us from harare most. well we're staying on the african continent because there's another top story there
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that's in kenya where the supreme court has upheld president victory in last month's disputed presidential election rerun now the ruling follows two days of arguments on the validity of the second vote who can unite or will now be sworn into office on the twenty eighth of november now this is what chief justice david miranda said as the court upheld the election result i think it awfully. about issues specific in each bit decision as well as the constitution and the laws the court has unanimously determined that the best decisions i don't want made it it as a consequence the presidential election of the dog. as these the election of the respondent. well for me the millers all correspond the following events for us in nairobi and legally you might say line has been drawn
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into the story but politically and socially it hasn't as far as the opposition are concerned. well speaking to analysts prior to this judgement they've said that the ruling from the supreme court wouldn't necessarily properly deal with the the larger issues in kenya political economic as well as divisions and a lot more work has to be done to ensure that kenyans only forty five million feel included in the governance of the country speaking to do you believe member of parliament eight and earlier he had said that a president or a kenyan artist main priority going forward once he's sworn in is to create an inclusive government perhaps reaching out to the opposition to best. to best deal with how members of society kenya are feeling all around with its
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economic exclusion or political or even social so those who link wouldn't be the end in terms of creating a unified country and working out a way forward that there's a piece of the opposition in terms of the demands it's been making so far. of course what is the reaction from the opposition if the government voices saying this is how we're going to proceed. said i wasn't able to hear the beginning of your question if you could repeat that yes sorry for me very noisy where you are what are the opposition saying. the opposition the so far has maintained this line of that it stood by from the beginning of this election period it's saying that it doesn't recognize the sort of government they were kenyatta's government it's an illegitimate one and it's also gone on to say that it feels. the supreme court made this ruling under do wrists.
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saying that they don't believe that this is an independent decision they also believe that the supreme court has been affected by even in the last couple of months looking back in recent weeks so relating to the leader of their position it said that the party this coalition would be looking at the creation of people assemblies across the country and it's these people assemblies that would be more representative of kenyan sentiment who would sway him in as an alternative president to overrule kenyatta so this point not accepting this judgment from the supreme court they haven't exactly said what they will do besides the economic boycott that they have spoken about as well as the campaign around civil disobedience they have a waiver today asked their supporters to remain calm and they said they would decide what would happen next any time from now over the members will leave it for me to join you as that situation develops thank you. moving to europe now where
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germany may face a snap election after talks between chancellor angela merkel and her would be coalition partners collapsed the pro-business free democratic party walked out of mouth the negotiations with the left leaning greens to prop up michael's c.d.u. c.s.u. alliance after she felt when a big enough majority of the hawks star. what was dubbed the jamaica coalition between the green party the yellow color of the f.t.p. and the black color of the c.d.u. appears to be dead weeks negotiations since the federal election in september have failed to form a cohesive government after i'm going merkel didn't win a large enough majority from voters it's back to square one for macro after the pro-business f.t.p. worked out of the long run in talks. with the thoughts of and only now we have to deal with the facts and the fact is that we couldn't conclude the coalition talks successfully this means that we will have to. inform the german president about the state of affairs and then we have to see how this develops further immigration
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levels climate change the future of european union were amongst the areas of contention in the felde coalition talks. and gentlemen we have struggled for hours days and weeks longer than we had planned as free democritus we have made various compromise offers during the last weeks namely to expose his european poses questions of migration and education one cannot dictate the course of an entire public. the talks collapsed after mark was conservative christian democrat and its proviron sister the christian social union party felt to win a majority and its traditional partner martin short's the social democrats refused to help the second shock result from september's election was the surge of the far right anti immigration a.f.p. michael was widely criticized for a line one point two million migrants it's understood the jury in the talks the
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f.t.p. the c.d.u. and the c.s.u. parties push for a harder line on migration controls whereas the greens wants to set an immigration limit of two hundred thousand the party is also struggling to find common ground on climate change as the greens push to reduce coal generated power. after twelve years war in europe strongest economy anglo-american looks anything but steady and the euro's taking a bashing on money markets. she could form a minority government with the. greens but she would have to win support from others on individual policies slowing down the process dramatically she and president frank fell to style i might could decide to hold another election in the hope of ending or at least delaying this current stalemate. there. are plenty more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including a warning of from the south that north korea's missiles will be able to reach mainland to us before the end of the. iraq stop courts has the final say over the
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kurdish referendum. also in sport why nascar racing is at a crossroads as the season comes to an end in the united states. back to the police in our lebanon's prime minister is to visit egypt on choose day as he makes his way back to beirut after a two week absence saad hariri is still in france which is trying to mediate the fallout from his shock resignation now he quit in the saudi capital on november the fourth and stayed there for two weeks prompting suggestions that he was being detained harry has promised to return to lebanon by wednesday let's bring in zain a hard our correspondent in beirut another trip you might say to cairo before he comes home to beirut how many world leaders does he have to meet before facing the music in lebanon. well like you mentioned the prime minister said that he's going
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to be attending independence day celebrations here in lebanon on wednesday but now he's heading to egypt but he did say that when he reaches lebanon he's going to clarify his position but what is becoming clear is that his position is not clear it is not final this is. we are understanding because if saddle heidi is insisting on resigning then he would come directly to lebanon and he would not say that he's going to attend the independence day celebrations alongside the president and the speaker of parliament now why egypt egypt and france two countries that have been trying to mediate in this crisis egypt and france has good relations with all the different parties involved in this crisis and the egyptian president himself when saddle had to be made the sudden announcement that he was resigning said this is not the time to target hezbollah this is the you know we should hold this off for the time being he urged calm and this is the same sentiment that france has been
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making saying that lebanon should remain a stable country so this is the feeling that these discussions this diplomacy to try to find some sort of a compromise that if suttle how did he does return to lebanon and that he would trust his resignation what kind of a compromise he can reach with the rival camp which is led by hezbollah it's also no coincidence that the arab league are also based in cairo where saad hariri is heading to and they had a meeting on sunday and the sort of fall out of that meeting in a high profile visit to beirut. yes the arab league secretary general in beirut he will be holding talks with the president like you mention an emergency meeting called for by saudi arabia a meeting that discussed with saudi arabia called iranian interference in arab affairs an iranian aggression against arab states really strong language not just from saudi arabia but its allies as well behind saying that lebanon really is
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a state controlled by hezbollah and the final communique of that meeting labeled has a lot as a terrorist organization but at the same time it also mentioned that it is part of the government so there are some fears in lebanon that saudi arabia and its allies are going to push this aggressive stance towards iran and its proxy militias just like a. to say for example that has not be part of the government even though it is a political party it has an armed wing and definitely has arms is a source of contention among lebanese politicians and the different rival camps but there is a fear that saudi arabia is going to push this forward but the arab league just issued strong and strong language and condemnations but no concrete action is taken we're waiting to hear from the secretary general of hezbollah. later today you know the point of view of the party on the latest developments it did look at betty for more reaction on that as well center for the moment thank you. let's keep our message there because an emergency meeting of the arab league members in cairo
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condemned iran and hezbollah mentioned labeling the iranian backed lebanese group as a terrorist organization now the meeting called by saudi arabia comes at a time of heightened tensions between regional rivals riyadh and tehran smith reports. the egyptian secretary general of the twenty two nation arab league suggested they all shared concerns about fears iran is attempting to influence life across the arab world from yemen to lebanon to iraq and to syria. the whole region has suffered for the past few years the results and consequences of this dangerous iranian policy sedition violence fueling sicked arion divisions attacks on embassies actively supporting outlawed militias attacking legitimacy the list in reality is much longer. saudi arabia's foreign minister told the meeting but his country's frustrations with iran go back decades all the way to the iranian
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revolution in one nine hundred seventy nine. if you will not any leniency towards iran's hostile policies will encourage iran to continue with their hostile enterprise that's why today we're required to stand up genuinely and honestly with our people and governments to adhere to the charter of the arab league and international laws and to stand up to these religious rights policies of iran. as the arab league held its meeting iran's foreign minister was in southern turkey for talks on the syrian civil war tweeting from there mohammed javid zarif said he was working to build on the ceasefire iran helped achieve in syria he added that the irony is that the kingdom of saudi arabia accuses iran of destabilization while itself fuels terrorists wages war on yemen blockades catarrh and foments crisis in lebanon in yemen iran denies accusations but it supports the rebels they're fighting the saudi led coalition which is fighting on behalf of yemen's
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internationally recognized government in syria iranian backed fighters of help shore up forces loyal to president bashar assad saudi support opposition fighters and were accused of allowing their citizens to fight for eisel and lebanon's prime minister resigned while in riyadh citing a reigning interference in lebanese politics the saudis were accused of forcing zada hariri to step down bernard smith al-jazeera. well joining me now is mark far he's an assistant professor at the doha institute joins me here in studio good to have you with us now that we see that the secretary general of the arab league as they mentioned is on his way from cairo to beirut to brief senior politicians in the lebanese capital what does that tell us about their relationship with lebanon only had a very low level diplomat sitting at that arab league council meeting i think is trying to mend fences and fill in what happened because labor had already been alienated if you recall to some degree from the consensus of the arab league before
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the conflict in syria and elsewhere where they abstained usually so i think now they're trying to as far as possible prevent a further catastrophe of the total ostracization of lebanon the arab league is often described as a toothless organization because of the various factions within eight never never generally agree on a consensus i mean there was no united stance with saudi arabia in this particular instance they had hoped to gain some sort of consensus a consensus they haven't really reached within the international community they've been so desperately in need of right i mean the conflicts you've had now the regional conflicts have particularly themselves within the arab league and so well and so it's a split league right now and of course it's incumbent upon the arab league to find a consensus on all these issues because everyone sits in the same boat at the end of the day and if a further conflict were to escalate weatherby with iran and hezbollah all countries would have to pay the price if saudi arabia and other sunni thinking muslim
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countries have been so split on a range of issues has that not inadvertently you might say that hasn't made them shoot themselves in the foot and allowed iran to gain influence to gain power to gain the ears of international capitals even within the region and so it's not hard to see why iran has that influence yes that's true but remember that saudi arabia has alliance with israel in the united states and that's a pretty strong hand to play as well so it's not the the case. the sunni states are necessarily completely isolated but i think this alliance with israel again begs the question is this in their interest is it in saudi arabia's interest to stir up conflict in lebanon with iran or is it in their interest to find a consensus with iran and the other players on the negotiating table without recourse to arms does it fall for somebody to you might say make its position very clear when it comes to its relationship officially or unofficially with israel because just the mere mention of israel to other muslim nations outside of the arab
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league raises tensions within their own respective publics right but it's been an open secret in two thousand and five already sort of one shot on the foreign minister of israel said that they had an alliance with the different regional states. a long time ago israel's enemy not syria he said in two thousand and five that hizbullah was to be disarmed so a lot of these cases have all been there before and now they're just coming to the open but i don't think necessarily it's been a secret it's true the population of course will look askance at these measures indeed for the moment thank you very much for joining us thank you. well israel's energy minister is the first member of the cabinet to confirm a secret contact with saudi arabia as mark just mentioned about those concerns over iran yuval steinitz mid long rumored talks have been held but isn't saying who with the saudis officially denied crown prince mohammed bin still man met officials that israel two months ago. i can say that we have secret relations with moderate
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arab and muslim states we don't shy away from that but the other side is the one which wants to keep such relations quiet we respect the desire of the other side if we are dealing with saudi arabia or any other arab or muslim countries we have to protect the secrecy it's true that saudi arabia is not a democratic state and we prefer to work with democratic states but saudi arabia during the last years has become more moderate it has moved clearly against terrorism and against inciting terrorism and it works with us against the expansion and aggression of iran. well garza's about to seal off its border with egypt again the rafa border crossing into egypt is due to be closed later on monday after opening for the first time of the palestinian authority control in nearly ten years now border gates were opened on saturday as part of a reconciliation deal between rival factions hamas and fatah the palestinian interior ministry says about sixteen thousand gardens are on the waiting list to
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cross into egypt let's join malcolm where who's at the crossing the clock really is taking now isn't it malcolm for that gate to close what's the situation like there so far. right now other buses. the long line of buses up the road they're passing through the gate but they've been held up for. a large crowd of students who also want to cross their chances are looking slimmer and slimmer on the third and last day of this temporary reopening so many of these students looks like they won't be able to go over we spoken to several that many of them are medical students you can study medicine. courses that started in september. some of them in other countries. many have got scholarships they've got their papers ready to go but they think they won't be able to get through you know many say that means they're going to lose their places they'll lose their. scholarships or places that they've secured in these universities as
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one frustrated parent put states they're losing their futures but this is the first time that the gates as he said on the palestinian authority control where we're standing now is still controlled by hamas through the gate down here as you actually get. control that's now on the palestinian authority control for the first time and this is part of a reconciliation agreement between fatah and hamas. two main political parties in recent months egypt's been brokering a deal and this deal was meant to include a permanent opening of the africa saying five days ago but that hasn't happened it's been delayed they still have a number of things to sort out in particular what's going to happen to this large security we're doing here on the gaza side so the permanent reopening hasn't happened that's why there's just a temporary one only for three days many of these people here are going to be stuck as they say lose their places medical school and so they'll be wishing and hoping
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for that permanent reopening to happen any time soon as possible. thanks welcome. in gaza. well in a few minutes on the weather with everton but still ahead here on al-jazeera. twenty eight will be called to the polls again to the. presidential election heads for a runoff. also the face of evil say many americans and tories cult leaders dad has more than forty years in prison. and in sport tatyana will have details on the italian football team that's broken an eighty seven year old losing record. from dusky sunset disproving savannah. to sunrise atop and asian metropolis. how i would find it looking at an end to the stormy
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weather that we've had rumbling away across central parts of my good friend you can see things looking a little more mobile across the mediterranean there his army of low pressure the bore the recent flooding into greece where next we can expect some very heavy downpours across turkey and eventually it will make its way across the levant you can see have the cloud is making its way quite nicely from west to east a fair amount of clout there across syria lebanon jordan easing across into iraq and yet we actually got some right in the forecast for the middle east over the next day or so they'll be some showers just along the side of the med snow over the turkish mountains turning to rain it makes its way across northern parts of syria and eventually a little bit of wet weather also making its way into iraq easing over towards iran that will be quite heavy at times have enough to cause some localized flooding i suspect if you look a little further south that cloud that right is making its way into the gulf as
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well so even here in qatar we may well see some clouds some rain as we go on through the next couple of days here is that cloud is pushing across northern parts of the reason some wet weather there a possibility in small the areas of saudi arabia as we go on through the next day i'll say it will eventually push east. there with sponsored by cat time release. yes i am a victim of manipulation between politicians held in guantanamo a number of al qaeda and taliban detainees transferred to u.s. forces in afghanistan has continued to grow for years without trial do you know that your own government for six years has been telling every country in the world are innocent please take a quest for a better life that ended in incarceration the guantanamo twenty two at this time on al jazeera. when the news breaks it was an announcement if you were expecting to hear by announce my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government and
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the story builds i can't stop thinking about it the bull is my life when people need to behead a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of. ethnic cleansing imeem are for bangladesh al-jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on and on line. welcome back you're watching the al-jazeera news out of mind of our top stories the deadline given for zimbabwe's president robert mugabe to resign has passed he's already been voted out as leader of the really exotic party parliament is expected
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to start impeachment proceedings if he doesn't leave office. so far refused to step down. also kenya's supreme court has validated president victory in last month's disputed presidential election. the ruling follows two days of arguments coming out as due to be sworn into office and takes time. also german voters may face a snap election after talks between chancellor angela merkel and her would be coalition partners collapsed the pro-business free democratic party one of four in the negotiations pulled out on sunday evening citing in a reconcilable difference. let's get to more of this with michael too when he's the diplomatic correspondent and designed to newspaper joins me now from berlin via skype good to have you with us here on al-jazeera michael merkel seems to be under immense pressure now especially after the failure of these potential coalition talks so what options open to her the other parties that she might want to
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negotiate with she has basically two options the first option is to have snap elections as you just mentioned. that would mean that we go for a rough and probably much more polarized election campaign then we have seen before the other option she has is to form a minority government and she said. tonight she's there to stay she will not give up she will not resign and i think that is the first things he will try and also the federal president mr steinmeier the former foreign minister he will also try to work with her to form a minority government and then see if this works and if not then we'll have snap elections and indeed those are all the question marks that still have to be answered and yet these talks failed on migration and the cap on those allowed to
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enter the country it seems to be a major stumbling block beyond politics in the german dispose of the public how hot a topic is migration still. make gratian is still a very hot topic but if you take a close look at what they negotiated yesterday they were almost agreeing on everything climate was the other stumbling block but they were actually they had actually closely already took heart from my eyes i think this is much more about a political decision of the liberal party and it's it's it's young and very ambitious leader. to go for elections because he calculates that he will have a much bigger vote next time if that is the case then as you just touched upon one of the other issues was the energy policy and in terms of energy policy they're
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more worried about job losses if you turn towards more green sources of energy and that's really the big issue there isn't it employment. yes it's about employment and it's about costs because germany phased out nuclear energy the decision was taken in two thousand and eleven with the phase of the last nuclear energy stations by twenty twenty three. and as a result of that we rely more on our coal local coal which of cause damage just in these climate record and that is what the greens were asking for also part of the christian democrats were asking for to read you use the to reduce call in the german allan energy balance and that of course in turn will then bring dark larcenous and raise costs so it was also a question whether we can afford to do that but mind you germany is in an economic
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boom and we think we can afford quite a lot at this point in time we have a budget surplus and we have almost no unemployment at the moment so it's probably something a challenge we could take what we should say what does suffer for the moment this is over thanks so much for joining us here on al-jazeera. thank you let's go to asia now and some suchi says the world is facing new threats partly because of illegal immigration and the spread of terrorism in malls leader made the comments in the capital while discussing the ring of refugee crisis at a summit for european and asian countries the whole country has been accused of violent the forcing out hundreds of thousands of unwanted muslims. today we are facing a new period of global uncertainty and into debility conflicts around the word are giving rise to new threats and emergency illegal immigration spread of terrorism
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and violent extremism is harmony and even the threat of nuclear war. as our correspondent with the latest on cox's preserve where many of those migrants from are now situated it seems and saying choose is trying to change the message to suit or an audience rather than dealing with the issue that that very audience is in neighborhood or to talk to her about. very much so i mean she seems to be very carefully treading a fine line here trying to change the domain of discussion from a humanitarian and ethnic cleaning crisis into something of a migration and terrorism she is probably trying to please the military because she has to tread that tight line you know the military is in control of the border defense and the home ministry the last wake. the army chief say it is up to the me
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on my citizen to decide the right of return of anybody from the other side obviously he was catering to the hard line but this law is he's no news to the new to the controversy last month also he said that those people that are going directly to is on the other side are nothing about bengali subtle as a rather bangladeshis so she is probably trying to be making a clear knowledge here between what she can publicly say although she is coming under a lot of international pressure to acknowledge the crisis on the side of the side of the border in iraq trying we know that just three days back four hundred refugees cross into buying of that and we have interviewed many of them who told us that look things are not calm out there we can get out of the house they're required verification and most of the young men are able to come out of the house detained and taken away to some unknown places i spoke to one individual he's seven year old son was detained and taken away so that is the reality on the ground on
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the other side she has to acknowledge that there is a major crisis in her sight over a kind state it's not just the humanitarian crisis crossing into bangladesh all the refugees are phrasing but there is a conflict on that side the insurgency issue has been pretty much silence since september fifth the army even acknowledged that you know a day before the commission report was released so it is up to higher to bring this issue into front how bold she is to address this issue in front of fifty one countries in europe summit in in me on my right now and it's also the moment to then start update on the child rethink the saw in bangladesh. iraq's top courters rules that tempers kurdish referendum on the session was unconstitutional iraq's kurds voted overwhelmingly false assertion defying the central government in baghdad which would rule the ballot illegal immigrant card has more from the iraqi
1:42 pm
capital. this decision was made on monday morning in the iraqi federal supreme court and nobody's expecting it to go any other way than it being considered an constitutional but what this does to them is it allows the bush a sense to open up between baghdad and the kurdish region now a lot of what's on the table that's already been discussed but this it's now a much more concrete basis and let's discuss the key things that are being discussed the border crossings who gets to roll entry into the kurdish region example on the border with turkey the border force that will carry that effect back out of port told also is the issues of salaries being paid and the percentage of not nations all right for i repeat going to the kurdish region this referendum was incredibly unpopular internationally that was no real interests for the kurdish independence but i missed what that a supersonic president having to actually resign this position of stuff that
1:43 pm
referendum to place now there is a deal on the table for us and the u.n. that's likely to form the basis of any negotiations between baghdad and the kurdish regions but these negotiations i look forward to going to be for a lot more autonomy more told me that i'm back out to look a certain policy over that history. well south korea's spy agency says a north korean ballistic missile will be able to reach the u.s. mainland before the end of the year the south also says signs of missile engine testing have been detected tension is high with the north on the united states is threatening nuclear war against each other kathy novak has the latest from seoul. south korea spy agency says it has detected signs of engine testing at north korea's missile facilities and that the north may test another missile before the end of this year it. it's been more than two months since north korea's last
1:44 pm
missile launch a relatively long lull for a government that has been ramping up its efforts to develop an intercontinental ballistic missile that can reach the u.s. mainland some have suggested that break in activity could point to signs that north korea is willing to come to the table for talks while other analysts have pointed out that this time of year historically has seen less test activity from the north in its latest update two sols parliamentary intelligence committee the national intelligence agency said there were no signs of an imminent test at north korea's nuclear test site but that another explosion could be possible at any time the agency also reported that top military officials in north korea have been punished for in pure attitudes after the country's vice chairman of the ruling party conducted an inspection of the military's general political bureau for the first
1:45 pm
time in two decades the agency says that the bureau chief and deputy chief were punished. two south american our voters in chile will have to wait until next month to choose their next president a runoff elections being planned following sunday's inconclusive result latin america to lucy in newman has more from santiago. he's back or is he most polls had predicted chile's former conservative president. would score a new reversible win in sunday's general election with thirty six percent of the vote less than expected a victory in a runoff is not assured still his campaign headquarters the billionaire businessman who promises better times for chile sounded triumphant. we are very happy because tonight we have achieved a great electoral result we have opened a door that leads to a bit of. the results seem to show that the
1:46 pm
majority are not happy with the performance of their current center left government but it's not so much the chileans are shifting to the right and they are moving forward to the center after four years of major structural reforms reforms that many see as having gone too far while others not far enough. those who want more profound social change voted for badly sanchez the biggest surprise of the selection the candidate of the new left wing coalition loosely inspired by bernie sanders scored twenty percent of the vote almost time was second place candidate alexander. the senator and former journalist who promises to consolidate the current government's reforms will face next month in a runoff he dismisses suggestions that the former president has more experience. sebastian pinera has bad experience his government was accused of corruption and constant charges of conflicts of interest. but
1:47 pm
a great many chileans on the political right center and left say they've lost confidence in their politicians who are seen as being more preoccupied with furthering their own interests and b. will feel disappointed. brahmas one thing and then they make deals and implement different things but that's how politics works don't you know. now is whether those who want to consolidate the current government structural reforms warts and all are more than those who want to reverse them to see and human. well the last living leader of the former military hunter in chile has died at the age of ninety two general for. ruled alongside air force general gusto pinochet who became one of the most brutal dictators in latin american history with a oppose pinochet in the referendum in one thousand nine hundred eighty nine which ended seventeen years of military rule and restored democratic rule.
1:48 pm
al-jazeera continued to demand the release of its journalist a mood hussein who's been in the gyptian prison for almost eleven months hussein is accused of broadcasting false news to spread chaos which he. strongly deny he's repeatedly complained of mistreatment in jail hussein was arrested in december last year after visiting his family. the notorious american serial killer charles manson has died to the cult leader from the nine hundred sixty s. passed away from natural causes in hospital and at the age of eighty three he was serving a life sentence for seven murders including a heavily pregnant actress rob reynolds reports. for an entire generation of americans charles manson was the living embodiment of evil a symbol of an era when the country seemed to be spinning out of control his baleful stair compelling millions to make sure their doors were locked at night and to lie awake listening for intruders with murder in their minds in one thousand
1:49 pm
nine hundred eighty nine manson's so-called family a group of dropouts drifters and burned out hippies murdered seven people in two separate attacks in los angeles they acted on manson's orders the victims were taken by surprise at night in their homes and brutally stabbed and shot to death the gang left messages including death to pigs and helter skelter scrawled in blood the slain included the rising young actress sharon tate who was eight months pregnant on trial for the murders manson carved an x. into his forehead which he later turned into a swastika he taunted the court and at one point tried to attack the judge prosecutors argued his motive was that african-americans would be blamed for the murders thereby inspiring an all out racial war which manson called helter skelter manson prosecutors said believed he and his gang would survive and prosper in the
1:50 pm
aftermath manson and three other family members were sentenced to death but the california supreme court temporarily overturned the death penalty in one thousand nine hundred ninety two and the sentences were reduced to life in prison he gave interviews expressing no remorse maybe i should have killed four or five hundred people then i want to felt better and i felt like i really offered society something. you know if i wanted to kill somebody i'd take this book and beat you to death with it and i wouldn't feel a thing would be just like walking to the drugstore charlie manson is dead but for americans of a certain age his name will always conjure up a shiver of fear of twisted minds and things that lurk in the night while still had hailed the news as the day he went out for the first time in nineteen years at the season ending tennis championship in the yard i will be here with them
1:51 pm
they just sports.
1:52 pm
welcome back it's time for sports and sad news really from the tennis world there is somehow thank you very much former wimbledon champion ghana the vote that has died at the age of forty nine the women's tennis association issued a statement saying she passed away in her native czech republic after a long battle with cancer no one was twice beaten in the wimbledon finals before defeating nastily told the at the kindy nine hundred ninety eight title she want to total of twenty four titles and reached a career high of wilden on the two she was inducted into the international tennis
1:53 pm
one of fame in two thousand and five. grigor dimitrov claimed the biggest title of his tennis career on sunday winning the a.t.p. world tour finals and becoming the fast man the nineteen years to decide on his debut at the event the top eight players in the wild started the week in london but it came down to a battle between golf on his verge of federer in the semifinals and democrats the bulgarian had defeated go fine in the group stages earlier in the week for the loss of just two games this was a much closer affair but the result was the same in the end of democrats one in the deciding fact he'll move to a career high ranking of three in the wild on monday. and this one in particular is very special. because i think it's more of a team effort for me this one you know to be able to actually qualify for this event to be able to come and play and be successful in the group and. secure early
1:54 pm
kind of early the season to play out here was a great award for for me but for my team i think they really deserve this is well the not car racing season came to a close on sunday in the united states with the sport's biggest star dale earnhardt jr officially retiring it began in an uncertain new area for one of america's most popular sports with ratings and sponsorship dollars on the decline in home and reports. right tab on n.b.c. sunday's main two things for many sports fans in the united states and f.l. and nascar but the two american sporting giants are in a rights to stop a drop in television ratings but it is gone now all of that was forgotten for just a moment by nascar bosses as martin truex jr secured his first ever cup championship with victory at the homestead miami speedway in florida state they shipped you know to be a public shame see. the times where
1:55 pm
i thought my career was over when the letter is right if you're going to believe me . that the guys the ok. nielsen writing sure the nascar t.v. writings of dropped by forty five percent over the past decade a downward trend in sport by not limbs limited to nascar as television viewing habits and technology changes it's to cheap but it's attendances are also down and that only means that sponsors of paying far less to advertise during races. the only thing a demographic study this year's show enough confidence to be ninety four percent white it's by sits in america's southern states and skews conservative and notably older that makes the challenge of attracting a new younger audience even harder and that wasn't helped on friday when the sports are newly active female driver danica patrick announced she'll be putting out the
1:56 pm
flame on her career next season my sister told me it was s'posed she. was so they would have. the biggest hit though is the retirement of the sport's biggest star dial and how julia finished twenty fifth and he's by. all right he was going to nascar's most popular driver in each of the last fourteen seasons the twenty seven ten season now ends at a crossroads. home and al jazeera. the n.f.l. has continued its push into the mexican market with the country's capital hosting a league game for a second straight year this time they brought along the defending super bowl champions the new england patriots to face the oakland raiders at mexico's mexico city's famous. stadium seventy seven thousand fans saw the pats dominate with
1:57 pm
a thirty three to eight victory tom brady throwing the three hundred thirty nine yards and getting a total of three touchdowns we came down here our jobs to win the game and. that's why we did it was a great crowd tonight there's a lot of energy is great stadium great environment. and it was as exciting a player goes here. other notable results on sunday the new orleans they claimed eight straight victory they be washington in overtime the philadelphia eagles have also one eight in a row the dallas cowboys their latest victim. ok this next story is an example of when setting a record isn't such a good thing italian feria evening thirteen games of the season benevento lost in injury time when they hosted on sunday two one was the final score thanks to a late penalty with the was to ever start to a season since manchester united eighty seven year record back in the nine hundred thirty thirty one season. now they call it the wild fosse's motor sport differences
1:58 pm
this racing takes place in the air the average is one world cup was decided in thailand which is hosting a tour event for the first time ever up to eight pilots compete side by side along and. could reaching speeds of up to four hundred fifty kilometers an hour fifty two year old american tim carney claimed an easy win. those who the pope and i think you. know that dennis is up next after the break do stay with us.
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the sam's in archaeology graduate from iraq he's also a part time going to pergamon museum which includes a reconstruction of the famous ishtar gate in babylon most of the people he's showing around came to germany as refugees this is just one of several berlin museums taking part in the project called a meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to emphasise the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture. because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things
2:00 pm
that moves us forward to me the great thing is it's not just about museums about forming a new life here and part of life is culture. what began as a small extremist group in africa's most populous country we looked at that and back to from the government to just shoot soon turned into a battle front for the nigerian government. the tories for abducting more than two hundred schoolgirls the killing and displacement of thousands of people al-jazeera investigates the origins of blood the rise of iran at this time on al-jazeera. no word from zimbabwe's president robert mugabe is the deadline for him.


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