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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 21, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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hello i'm still robin this is the al-jazeera news online from our headquarters here in doha coming up in the next sixty minutes zimbabwe's ruling party prepares to impeach robert mugabe as the man who may replace him reportedly speaks out also syrian president bashar al assad to makes a flying visit to russia thanking by the putin for his in his words saving his country also being modest accuse of subjecting its writing to what's described as a vicious system of apartheid and war crimes in afghanistan the international criminal court wants to open an investigation which could expose the u.s. military. countdown to kickoff it's exactly five years to go until the start of the twenty twenty two well for the blockade imposed by its regional neighbors we'll take a look at how that's affecting cattle. good
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to have a couple here on the news hour we start in africa where the man expected to replace robert mugabe and zimbabwean president has reportedly spoken out for the first time since the military takeover a week ago and. said in a statement that mcgarvie should resign immediately forgot was a longtime ally of mccarthy and his deputy before he was fired earlier this month now the president faces impeachment by parliament the motion is due to be presented by the rulings on the p.f. in a round about two hours time meanwhile the leaders of south africa zambia and tanzania . to discuss the crisis multi-page a study by the johannesburg with regional reaction but first let's go over to. who's in the capital harare and what has to pass wonder what is going on at the moment and how important these apparent statements are by the zanu p.f.
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leader because they will want to keep the momentum up with regard to the succession . this demo started circulating early this morning saying that in some in and out what is not coming back the country is afraid for his life you haven't been feeling public if you left the country more than two weeks ago the bobbins couldn't they said that in the party last week the information they've been hearing has turned out to be wrong and something the only reliable source of information for them right now is the army and that's what the army is telling them today they saying that the president president mugabe. are going to bury the hatchet they say that image of another will come back to the country soon that's what the army has been telling zimbabweans so the bob is all confused but remember he has not been seen in public the war veterans to give a press conference about this maybe. from there we can get some indication whether
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this more about the statement it did of course all eyes are on paula but for this process of impeachment what can we expect to happen in the coming hours. or parliament will start at twelve the g m t e across the road from where i am what's important to watch is how united how we need united all the other on the terrence in pushing praise them a lot of the alex zanu p.f. has been saying that they plan to toss this up to to implement this this motion m.d.c. all of the meeting right now the opposition they say bill still want to impeach the president this is how the process is going to work. this turning ruse into school media politely and then set up in one member committee to investigate as to whether it was going to get in with the president is where there is no evidence to support the allegations which you're going to raise in the motion. we're expecting that
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committee to start we're committed to going on up a mint and probably finishes quick by when is the afternoon. on the same when is the afternoon but i mean two seats now to consider the report of that committee. but i mean two seats now to consider the report of that committee. for the moment to her we will leave it there and of course join us as that situation progresses let's move on to tanya pages our correspondent in johannesburg now of course meeting normally happens at this time the other to discuss developments in cooperation but the gathering will be overshadowed by the ongoing situation in neighboring zimbabwe. oh most definitely and obviously whatever comes out of this meeting will be very much driven by pretty un unfolding quickly events in zimbabwe or if there hasn't been substantial movement on that front i think really we can only expect to hear from said a reiteration of
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a previously held position calling for some where's our constitution to be respected and for the rule of law to be up how yesterday we did hear from zimbabwe's war veterans calling for south africa's jacob zuma the president here who's the current chair of said act and for said end for the united nations to call for some when president mugabe are to step down i think it's almost one hundred percent that that will not be the overriding message from today's meeting they are always pretty cautious they're likely to take a minimalist approach and would not want to be seen to be interfering and i'm sure that they would also want to see some sort of if there were a negotiated deal an exit plan for president mugabe that that was choreographed in a way that gave them a high level of dignity we were speaking to some is about wins these are high it's about when diaspora population here in south africa and a lot of the people we spoke to really their sentiments mirrored and it echoed some of the people who took to the streets in harare and the president to protest with
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signs calling for said to stay out the people we spoke to here are saying something quite similar actually they are feel that this is going to have to be a settled by zimbabweans in zimbabwe and they don't want to see the south africa's president zuma nor said nor the un making any role in interfering in their fears or see what happens certainly in the coming hour summit time your thank you most people most which are with time for kuta he's a researcher of the for studies joins me here in the studio good to have you with us you know the situation very well of course having worked in the bureau in southern africa i mean the let's just talk about this impeachment process that we. are expecting. it involves the zanu p.f. parliamentarians making a stand in parliament getting that motion through possibly asking the opposition to come on board how do you read the situation the moment when its leader is not even
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in the country. well it's a very interesting situation i mean one must not necessarily bet one hundred percent that the impeachment might just might go through because we know we've seen over the weekend when the calls for more cover to resign effie's don't appear for meeting was it was presented there was there was a substantial number of people who were not happy with the expulsion of mugabe in a strong heart a strong card call element within zanu p.f. the still support mugabe's position or yet they say there's a number of people who still support more than they got his position in fact those who are now calling for macabre to resign not too long ago where does of robert mugabe many of them are now doing it mainly to save their careers and surprisingly for example ambassador more who's the current spokesperson of o.p.'s was saying not blow or go with mugabe moving around still supporting the cover but overnight here
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is ten ten into one of the i can is sort of a look at this so you know it's a bit difficult for now to say for sure what will happen but. understanding and knowing the zimbabwe politics we can't really call it until it's actually done that brings in the whole you might say the pandora's box it's been opened ever since the military came in it's allowed the public to come out on the streets and vent their frustration and i do you say that the fickleness of politics in zimbabwe one minute you're a supporter of mccarthy then you're saying and that includes the veterans as well as the student element of the party yeah that's that's i mean the kind of quote from a cover to go with the foot soldiers and henchmen of the government so how can the trials those people that there will be a response will move forward in terms of taking on you know going through with the political process in zimbabwe we can only hope as we did with mikhail gorbachev and
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if there. just click that to those who are coming in now will will will actually do that i thing and take advantage of the current opportunities that the political vision presented is a bubble how long can this go on for because mr mcgovern is a wily fox in politics he's been there for forty years he knows what he's doing will the public get tired will the army come in and pat remove him forcibly then that opens a second pandora's box of the issue of that word coup which is in barbary doesn't want to head down that road because it involves then how the international community respond to zimbabwe as a nation well that's not that's a whole point is that i mean mcgovern knows that mcgovern knows that any attempts force world terms of use in that part of the country to move him will be regarded as a coup by both the sort of free and development community and the african union who have made it very clear that they're not going to deal or work with any government
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that comes with that comes apart so it can so mugabe's very well said and i don't envy the army right now notwithstanding that they've started this process but they're to an extent now getting a little bit disabled because they cannot go through with this without having proper civilian processes taken place in the interim moving into place was indeed i think it's just a matter of wait and see for the moment to be said for good to thank so much for joining us here in studio. and a suicide bombers killed at least twenty people in nigeria's northeastern state police say a teenage bomber targeted a mosque as people were arriving for morning prayers no group has claimed responsibility but back around carries out regular attacks in that region. now syria's president bashar al assad has held talks with russia's leader vladimir putin in sochi now the past folk in the black sea resort on monday the kremlin says
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putin told assad the fight against armed groups in syria is close to finishing he said once that's over finding a peaceful political settlement will be the key issue. in the feeling of a president assad knows and he told me during my talks that thanks to the efforts of the russian army syria is saved as a state much has been done to stabilize the situation in syria and i hope in the near future we will put a final stop to fighting terrorism in syria which we just had a meeting with president vladimir putin and i passed greetings and gratitude to him and to the people of russia for the efforts which russia put in saving our country i particularly emphasized the role of the russian armed forces and the sacrifices you have made to reach this goal thanks to your efforts and the efforts of our allies many syrians could return to their homes and i would like to express gratitude to you for what you have done on behalf of all the syrian people meanwhile the head of the largest saudi backed syrian opposition group has resigned riad his job was made leader of the higher negotiations committee in december
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twenty fifth he is the spokesman and several other of the officials there have stepped down ahead of the opposition conference in saudi arabia and a new round of u.n. sponsored talks in geneva a statement from his job said that he would not say why he was actually quitting. it's head of policy analysis of the arab side of research and joins me here now good to have you with us again let's just talk about riyadh his job it is an unusual perhaps resignation was it expected was it something you thought would happen very much expected actually because over the past few weeks there has been. a lot of talk about that he structuring of the whole syrian opposition and we were expecting the other side actually to resign before the. meeting of the sea the opposition because the saudis have been actually trying to put pressure. on the on his job and the other members of the negotiation going is it about him then that he hasn't hasn't performed he hasn't come up with
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a good thing i mean i think what's the problem i think i think he's considered as a hard liner and within the syrian opposition. he doesn't seem to accept. that bashar assad will stay until the end of the transitional period or doing that the transition period he was insisting from the very beginning that assad must be leaving even before the start of the any transitional. period but today we are not even sure that there is going to be a transition on period in syria because if you look at the statement the joint statement by president and. on the sides of the apec summit in vietnam last week i should there was no mentioning of the transitional process in in syria there was only mentioning of constitution and elections without even specific what sort of elections that we are going to have in syria or out of preservation is very much that russia has been given a free hand to carry all its if not officially with the u.s.
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as blessing if that's the case that the the meeting with iran and turkey is going to be very important in terms of planning the way forward as they head towards geneva absolutely i think this is russia i mean it has become clear for on. everybody is the party which is calling the shop in syria russia is the main power broker to the end the contrary given its military await its military presence in syria and its leverage over both the syrian regime and its allies are either on the other shiite militias supported by by iran in syria including hizbullah and other and other factions so the americans as you said they are clearly actually giving the russians like a carte blanche in order to lead the whole process in syria the americans did not show from the very beginning any major interest in the syrian conflict aside from fighting isis and the war against terrorism other than that the political situation but the political process and the conflict between the regime and the opposition in
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syria has never been actually a matter of great concern for the american. administration changed in washington d.c. and i should say perhaps president trump is going to say she is taking it as a step back how is that step back going to be viewed by the groups that were backed by the u.s. that do want to see regime changes the line has been drawn and the u.s. is saying well you know we dealt with dealt with terrorism we're now leaving russia to deal with i mean this is this is a matter of great i mean there are a lot of disappointed it's a great disappointment for for the opposition forces factions with that they met the factions on the ground or the political forces. that the americans actually have just left them. to the russians and lift them actually to the palace of oil on the ground which was actually very much in favor of the regime over the past couple of years since the russian military intervention in syria so now the opposition must come up with and with with a plan with a strategy in order to deal with
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a new situation in syria and see how they can actually go on about their major demands that is i mean the political transition in the country will be part of it in the future we'll see what we call them for the moment thank you thank you very. well plenty more ahead here on the al-jazeera news hour including germany's president is meeting keep r.t. leaders in an effort to change their positions on forming a government coalition. and why a court case in the u.k. matters for communities in nigeria's oil producing region will be live from london later in the news that. it is america and thereby you can make a choice and i've made that clear to you. and in sport the oakland raiders coach defends one of his players against criticism from the president joe has more of that story. lebanon's army chief has called for full readiness from troops on its southern
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border with israel he said it a day ahead of prime minister saad hariri is expected returned to beirut after a two week absence he's mostly been in saudi arabia where he suddenly announced his resignation that's at the latest on this with saying that harder in beirut statements from the military are normally expected at this time of the year but perhaps they have more relevance considering the situation that lebanon is in. yes undoubtedly every year this is the message from the lebanese army to the troops remain vigilant along the southern border lebanon is in a state of war with israel but in this message the army mentions the extraordinary political situation in the country and undoubtedly it is an extraordinary political situation the prime minister resigned unexpectedly while in saudi arabia and he stayed in saudi arabia for two weeks and there were mysterious circumstances on why he was there even some in lebanon suggesting he was being held hostage and the army
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telling the troops do not allow anyone to try to exploit this situation to try to stir internal strife because lebanon is not immune to political crises and lebanon is not immune to security incidents so the army telling the troops to remain vigilant even though security agencies say that there is no eminent threat but like you mentioned the prime minister has still not arrived in lebanon well for the moment they will leave it there until of course we get more for the moment thank you. to europe now germany's president is holding talks with party leaders after talks to form a new coalition government collapsed president from developing who holds the power to call for new elections once political leaders to rethink their positions he said on monday that he was not in favor of a snap election three way talks involving your chancellor angela merkel's christian democrats the greens and the democratic party party broke down of sunday night. well john mccain is our correspondent. dominic you know we dipped into what the
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president was saying when he made that speech in germany yesterday and he said that you know he wanted the parties to talk to each other so the question is who's going to talk to who and what can we expect to come out of the meetings today. well in so far as this morning is concerned we know that this is the first time that the parliament has met for a working session they met in october for the first time as a formal representation just to to take their oaths of allegiance to parliament to germany that sort of thing that this is the first time they've met properly and they'll be talking through certain key policy so for example the parliament needs to vote on germany's continuing military contingent for peacekeeping scenarios in the world war zone so they will be talking to each other both in parliament in public as it were rather than behind the scenes in so far as the behind the scenes conversations are concerned well mr shimei president and i will be meeting the leaders of the other three parties that were involved in those failed talks those
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failed to make a talks that means the christian social union well they're the key allies of angular merkel's christian democrat party the key allies from the various and then the green party she will be the president meeting the leader of the green leaders of the green party and the free democrats who will viewers will remember are the ones who walked out of the talks saying that they didn't want to govern falsely and that therefore they couldn't carry on with those conversations and of course the significance of the collapse of these talks certainly does that shock waves through society but through the financial markets as well and it can be felt this probably on the streets of germany for those people that you've been speaking to. well the thing to say here is that there's many different layers to the way that the the german coalition talks and the failure of them so far as being perceived so from the european perspective obviously there is concern among other european leaders
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the sense that there is a degree of vacillation as it were that who governs germany might well be the question that many people behind the scenes would ask themselves and perhaps ask of other leaders given the fact that there are important discussions coming up not least about brags about the united kingdom exiting the european union how will those talks progress with the e.u. summit coming up in december but then here in germany too there are several interesting ironical situations going on here we know that anger medical and says that she wants she's she's prepared to go to a second round of elections if required she will lead her party into that other parties too so they're not afraid of new elections and yet the irony is that the opinion polls are pretty clear they say that if there was another election in than very near future the same sort of vote would be won by each party which would again pose the question well how would they form a coalition what coalition would emerge the suggestion is that it would likely be again there would be this pressure perhaps for a jamaican coalition idea of the christian democrats the greens in the free
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democrats but we know at things stand there reading that out then of course there's the social democrats who until the last election and still now in a caretaker way are governing germany the votes being held in parliament today well they'll probably be passed by a combination of the christian democrats and the social democrats and the point here to hell is they're prepared to vote on individual matters now is the old government but they're not prepared to talk to each other about becoming the new government and that's the nature of the problem here right now people aren't prepared to govern for the future they're concentrating on the present which will see what happens out of those meetings the moment doubling thank you letter to one of our top stories and that's the latest. in the northeastern part of nigeria way suicide bombers killed at least twenty people medicine joya is there was information commissioner joins me now on the phone thank you for speaking to al jazeera live can you please just tell us what the latest is all the situation in
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terms of deaths injuries and the circumstances behind the attack. first and foremost we have to express really. somebody. in the morning down. in the middle. but. we also are aware that so many other people have been injured. but. about. two hours. from movies but.
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because of the size of the movie. what. somebody just. learned. to turn a trip in the morning and the bomb in the middle of. the most unfortunate morning. mist and it's a joy thanks so much for the updates on to joining us here on al-jazeera thank you . treatment of it's ridiculous to this has been a likened to apartheid in a report by amnesty international the organization spent two years investigating the cause of the current during a crisis which has forced hundreds of thousands of refugees to flee over the border to bundle of the report says that has been segregating really good people on the open air prison by confining them to villages. bars or thora t's are guilty of
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being openly racist towards the rangar and says rakhine state where a military crackdown has been going on is a crime scene when you're living in me a bar also denied citizenship on the basis of their ethnicity many are deleted from official records making it almost impossible for those who fled violence in the country to return home. is amnesty international senior director for research she told us what now needs to be done. in relation to the ongoing system of a party that we describe in our report i think the world is way too willing to buy into their rhetoric presented by the indian mara thirty's about the need to combat terrorism about the need to establish security and that's why we felt it was a very important moment to remind both in myanmar officials air and their international counterparts that absolutely no considerations be it security or the
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need to convert terrorism can justify the ongoing crimes against humanity to justify the system of apartheid. well european and asian foreign ministers have discussed the reign of crisis on the sidelines of the summit said be at all scott highly is following developments from. the today foreign ministers meeting wrapping up on tuesday here in myanmar and there are some developments when it comes to the range issue they were really kind of carried out on the sidelines of this meeting and one particularly coming from the foreign minister of china he said that they would like to play a constructive role in dealing with the range issue they said they've come up with a three point plan to help push this forward the first as a cease fire and right kind state and also the second that they say that there should be a repatriation of some of those refugees in bangladesh back to work and stay here in myanmar and third there should be a long term plan to make sure that there's no conflict down the line now it's unsung suchi the leader of myanmar on monday during this meeting she said that a lot of the world problems right now she didn't specify this to were kind
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situation here a lot of the world's problems can be tied to illegal immigrants she said that about tensions she said that about conflict again didn't specifically mention here and what's going on there was also some comments coming out from european foreign ministers saying that they were hopeful with the situation based on conversations by lateral conversations they had with on songs to cheap you know we know that the foreign minister from bangladesh was in town here in myanmar for that two day meeting he's going to be staying on for a couple more days words coming out that they are going to continue negotiating a repatriation schedule and plan with myanmar as governments now this is something they say it's going to take place over the next two days or he's going to be here for the next two days unsung suchi has indicated that she would like an agreement to be reached by the end of the week with repatriation so there's movement on that front no details no announcements exactly how that's going to move forward but from both sides bangladesh and myanmar indications that these talks are really advancing when it comes repatriating some of those range of refugees will of a few moments we'll have the weather with
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a role but still ahead hill al-jazeera america's asian allies welcome troops move to put north korea back all the. terrorism blacklist. also days after a major oil spill the keystone pipeline gets approval to route through another u.s. state. little seek to book their place in the last sixteen of the champions league details coming up with joe in support. from a fresh coast breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback. winter is just swept in with a vengeance to japan has been lucky in the northeast a child for a while never even by satellite you can see it's finally made its way across the sea of japan those are clouds streams the tide builds up over the wall mortises very cold air has been felt particularly in how they were the scene after say it
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looks quite arctic now monday on what has been subzero all the time it's currently about minus two and a twenty eight centimeters of snow fall in our crowd inspired in particular the capital of this northern ireland now that's cold and little early but even in tokyo the night was in the thirty six year cold for november we cut off the supply of cold that this is the next twenty four hours and if anything is going to warm up in the rain looking up from the south so it's only a dip into winter to remind you it should be there to support that plus seven rain that has been the story on and off in japan and more especially around the corner in vietnam a place that really doesn't even need to just watch this continual flow of white clouds on the coast of central vietnam just north of where three hundred seventy five going to be his of his stuff has been recorded in the last two days adding to the what meter so we've had in the last months i mean start over the next two days sees more of the same. the weather sponsored by qatar airways.
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i am taking historic steps to lift the restrictions on america without regulation the profit dictates policy on health. and the environment it was a surprise. that the havoc the big pharma protection is going to take a decade. from some of the cost of the boba trump toxic war but this time on al jazeera. you responding six continents across the globe. i would use your as correspondents live in bring the stories they tell of what. but. let this you know. we're at the mercy of the russian camp for palestinian
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older sirrah fluent in world news. but the back here watching out is there is news arsehole robin a reminder of our top stories the man considered most likely to replace robert mugabe has a barber in president has reportedly spoken out for the first time since the military takeover i miss him and i said in a statement that mugabe should resign immediately. also a suicide bomber has killed at least twenty people it will be in nigeria's north eastern part of our state police say a teenage bomber targeted a mosque as people were arriving for morning prayers. syria's president bashar
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assad has held talks with russia's leader vladimir putin in sochi their license to be a six year war to the black sea resort city of according to the kremlin putin told assad the fight against our troops in syria is close to finishing. donald trump has put more back all the u.s. list of state sponsors of terrorism the designation by the u.s. president allows more sanctions to be imposed but the u.s. secretary of state says he hasn't given our problem solving the nuclear missile crisis through diplomacy she has britons he has more from washington d.c. . president trumps of the designation of north korea as a sponsor of terrorism was long overdue should have happened a long time ago should happen years ago in addition to threatening the world by nuclear devastation north korea has repeatedly supported acts of international terrorism including assassinations on foreign soil. however this
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announcement wasn't a certainty some officials at the state department were reported to as north korea did not meet the legal definition of a state sponsor of terrorism two cases have been cited during the deliberations the killing of kim jong brother at i'm a lazy an airport and the treatment of american student on a woman who died of his injuries after being released from north korean custody neither represent terrorism they argued nonetheless more sanctions will now be announced by the treasury department their words unclear this will prove to be anything more than a symbolic measure given all of the sanctions that have already been levied against pyongyang something the secretary of state alluded to i don't want to suggest to you that the designation is suddenly going to put a whole new layer of sanctions olympia's again i think we already have north korea so heavily sanctioned in so many ways with the u.n. resolutions that have been undertaken but this will close a few additional loopholes all analysts are attempting to discern
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a comprehensive strategy for north korea from the trumpet ministration i think it's disappointing trump came to washington as an outsider and i really thought that maybe there was some chance that he could have a policy towards north korea that would be different and more creative than the ones that the inside the beltway crowd have implemented. the north koreans have said they would end their nuclear tests and resume negotiations if the u.s. and its military exercises with south korea the u.s. has ruled that out so in the meantime the administration is once again relying on sanctions and harsh rhetoric shamberg hansie al-jazeera washington. well the prosecutor of the international criminal court has requested authorization from its judges to investigate alleged war crimes since the u.s. led invasion of afghanistan for two a suitor says there's a reasonable basis to believe that members of the u.s.
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armed forces and the cia carried out war crimes in afghanistan maybe during two thousand and three and fall the taliban its ally the haqqani network and the afghan national security forces are also included in the plan divest occasion the us is not a member of the state of the court but afghanistan is american citizens can be charged for crimes committed in countries that are then there's now the u.s. state department as an investigation into possible u.s. war crimes would be wholly unwarranted and justified. surely that is michael semple a visiting research professor at queen's university in belfast northern ireland the former deputy e.u. special representative to afghanistan and joins me from belfast good have you with us service to several on al-jazeera it seems that everyone in afghanistan is within the realms of investigation but how will such an investigation be carried out in the country where the ground realities are owed certain just from that aspect of the investigation. yes absolutely i think we should be clear on
1:37 pm
this that the the prosecutor's office has said that they have reason to suspect war crimes carried out by armed opposition groups principally the taliban also by members of the afghan national security forces and also by the u.s. and they named the cia so they're saying they're saying that everybody has been involved in this but the reality is that in all the long lead up to this announcement the i.c.c. has not even been able to deploy a team on the ground in afghanistan to conduct a survey and country assessment. i think that it's very unlikely that we're going to see of finalizing of investigations or things going to trial because there is a long list of obstacles that they would have to clear all along the way so they yes they have they've made the request they are able to speak to the you know these
1:38 pm
allegations of war crimes but afghanistan is a very difficult country to operate or indeed as you say there's a whole list of obstacles one of those obstacles is obviously how you get individual groups i.e. or governments like the u.s. to participate where they're coming out with points of holyhead war didn't justified especially when it comes to the people they want to speak to in terms of the military and the cia doesn't seem it's going to happen. we should also clarify that they in their initial initial announcements the ice the i.c.c. has said that. field for crime crimes by people working for the u.s. they're talking about the period two thousand and three to two thousand and four already well over well over a decade ago so without the cooperation of u.s. government without the without the i.c.c. teams yet having overcome the their security hang ups to get to afghanistan
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it's a very different difficult for them to put to put together the case how are they going to get the evidence the afghans do have the i.c.c. investigation seery when it's perpetrated by groups like taliban or the al qaeda but how. how difficult will it be from your assessment having beat in afghanistan you know we just talked about how unstable the country is how governable parts of it are i mean the realities are really hard at the moment for anyone trying to get justice even for the smallest of crimes within its own country. yes we should be clear that they afghan authorities have also been trying to. meet their obligations under the i.c.c. and to show that they are serious about justice they've been working on revising their own criminal code so as to incorporate war crimes into their criminal code they say that they have been investigating some of these crimes although frankly on
1:40 pm
a much. lower lower in the pecking order less senior figures so. they they afghan government asked for more time before the i.c.c. could go ahead with investigations they said that they're not you know they're not against justice but also it's a delicate delicate balancing act for example over the past year they've been trying to rehabilitate his be islami on that and its leader the danger committee are now he's not accused of doing anything during the period since the rome statute came into play but that they are afghan government tries to keep on board. all parts of the spectrum of politics in afghanistan including people who think that they might be accused so they're trying to maintain stability in the country while also trying to show that they can offer up justice and there's another
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there's a lot to call reality it's very difficult to establish the truth in afghanistan indeed we shall see what does happen michael semple for the moment thank you very much joining us from belfast let's just course over to harare where we have christopher boss of either the chairman of the veterans organization is discussing the ongoing situation regarding president robert mugabe. would be. a good is the other. day you would there were the words were being videoed it is. so we want to say we are very able to do on what all these people. we are saying we are also very happy that. ruling party is take is taking it upon itself to do to kids to mugabe and to actually bring in a new leader it's a very work a move by the ruling party who are also very happy with the m.d.c. that in all the things which are being done now including the pitchman process.
1:42 pm
they are working together because these two puppet of our parties are the ones with the repository of your will the building across the road ahead but i'm in a building we hope that that unity between the two party political parties boards so that the constitutional process which may be required to make mugabe go can be executive with speed so that he leaves office. but we as the people as well we do our vigilance we are not waiting for the constitutional process is we are saying you got the call of the good tell his court and thank. you all tell me is good and if you if a few years ago if humans are you one hundred percent you have become. sixty now forty maybe twenty percent now maybe ten percent are going to zero percent please don't go to zero percent use your dignity you have proved wrong with enough
1:43 pm
throw in the towel lead to the countries that be given a clear. signal that it can start on a new page you are the biggest hindrance know to the country moving on to this yes we welcome that you have now made an overture to your former vice president we want to thank the generals who continue to play this brokering role first of all they defeated again. they defeated the people are going to the extremes of this regime they move to prove. no the i me he moved the. road should it be done by this year or and the police was to be done by the army and it was not you who it was a corrective measure now our generals in that they defended the allowed you to demonstrate on saturday. and there you have christopher most of anger the chairman of the veterans committee basically putting his case forward for president mccarthy to go
1:44 pm
throw in the towel he says you are the biggest hindrance to the country. that we cannot wait for the constitutional process to continue we want you to go of course as our new p.f. the political party heading to parliament to start proceedings for an impeachment of the president of course chris thomas frank are also saying that he wants to see unity of the two main political parties to make sure that our process is a successful one we will of course follow those events as we are here and i'll just say right what's going on in zimbabwe as that i progresses. let's move to europe now and the to britain where the verdict of a court case in the u.k. is being eagerly awaited in one area now communities are demanding a giant energy company cleans up oil spills and pay the large bill but royal dutch shell says the case should be dealt with in one area and needed to support from the all the region in rivers state when i jerry and say. they've been destroyed by
1:45 pm
years by pollution most of all girly is now a wasteland nothing much grows on the farms. the cross that do are too toxic to eat a number of peels and leaks have destroyed supporting areas the fish have either died or migrated elsewhere they've been more than seven thousand or spills in nigeria's delta region between one nine hundred seventy and two thousand it's a prize to people are still paying for welcoming multinational oil companies to their backyard over fifty years ago given our land to them we've got enough you kill my people your poor load my environment you destroy the eco and the system of the people for life and then you go to court the community to grow old dutch shell to
1:46 pm
a united kingdom court saying it's to blame for the spills but the company denies direct responsibility saying the spill was caused by its nigerian subsidiary and the matter should be dealt with by local courts but the people here say they have little faith in the justice system this is why u.n. investigation show a very high level of benzene contamination experts say the underground water pollution here is among the highest in the world but with sources of income diminishing fast only a few people can afford to buy save bottled water. i can look at shows us the water people are forced to drink as he opens the tap the stench is overpowering remain current because on this one we're having a lot more because. this is what happens to the water when it settles within hours. for four years the community has been in court seeking
1:47 pm
justice and demanding compensation from royal dutch shell in two thousand and nine shell agreed to a fifteen million dollars out of court settlement with the neighbor of bordeaux community but is refusing the demands of the or galley and believe people but communities are putting everything on this case which will determine if they can proceed with their case in the united kingdom if the british court fails us we are finished they're finished because we can't get anything. done so. that's our last hope now so i just hope that the people on the wall understand these so they're left with only one thing. of the british courts or rule in their favor that could also open the floodgates of claims against royal dutch shell i met in trees. or
1:48 pm
galley well it evolved as our correspondent outside court force in london and the demon as the community leader there said in nigeria we are finished it's over if they don't get success in court so what are the chances of success for these communities. also it's hard to say right now i was speaking to a representative of shell a while ago and they're going to argue again as they did successfully a year ago the case should be heard in the nigerian justice system but i've also spoken to one of the lawyers for the communities from the niger delta which have been so hard hit by the oil spills and he is going to they're going to be arguing that the court here fails to look at documents and to hear oral witnesses providing. more details of the relationship between royal dutch shell
1:49 pm
which is based here in britain and its nigerian subsidiary now that could be crucial if the judges do actually admit fresh evidence talking about that relationship that's the crux of the matter really for both sides now the lawyer was was describing the way world that show has behaved towards those communities that you were seeing in homage report as really terrible we've heard about the health implications reports of increased instances of cancer of infertility and so on and just a year ago in fact i spoke to the king of the old galley people who you saw in that report in an extremely emotional state he brought over some of the water which each community use for drinking and for washing it was clearly contaminated with what seems to be benzene and that's something that rights groups like amnesty
1:50 pm
international have said is affecting the local communities now they are hopeful that they can turn the decision around because firstly they point to a decision in the netherlands two years ago in which it was ruled that the company did have responsibility for its subsidiary there was also a payout here in london two years ago as well so there are precedents and they're hopeful that they can in fact get justice in the end when we see what happens to come back to when we get a decision thanks nettie. also ahead hill. the detroit pistons. skank.
1:51 pm
1:52 pm
absolutely guess i how qatar's jeter host of football's world cup exactly five years from now the preparations for kickoff and of of the twenty first twenty twenty two are well underway the catalyst plans for the largest sporting event ever held in the middle east of caught up in a major falling out with its neighbors cats i hope sea blockade imposed by saudi arabia bahrain the u.a.e. and egypt will be lifted soon and they'll allow their fans to travel in twenty twenty two will since the country's cut diplomatic transport and trade ties five months ago organizers had to find new suppliers for construction materials but say plans remain on schedule and on budget despite the political issues cattle twenty twenty two chief say they don't regret bidding to host the tournament football has
1:53 pm
the power the world cup has the power it depends on how you utilize and we recognise that power recognise that powerful what it means for people going to see the people is not good or they are people is the our world. and will always be worse and will always continue be worse we suffered abuse you suffered abuse it will ever regret it now will never again. well fee for surprise the sporting world seven years ago by announcing cata had beaten four other countries to win the bid but almost immediately the first arab country to be awarded the world cup faced criticism and allegations of corruption which cattles leaders continue to deny the conditions of migrant workers all the world cup sites remains a concern for some critics that's despite the international labor organization closing a complaint earlier this month saying an agreement signed by qatar would improve the situation for more than two million foreign workers and its words set a new standard for the gulf states now the dates of the twenty twenty world cup also being criticized by many offices and to move the tournament from the northern
1:54 pm
hemisphere summer time when temperatures would be extremely high to instead kick off in november when it's cooler leagues have said they're considering legal action over the disruption to their domestic schedules qatar organizers say the decision was made by the fire the fallout from italy's a failure to qualify for next year's world cup in russia is continuing following his sacking of coach ventura italian football federation president carlo. resigned in a passionate news conference on monday in which he often referred to himself in third person. the problem is simple we fail to qualify collets evacuees are very upset is not as head of the federation but as carlow the fan had the ball into the goal instead of hitting the post he would carlo be no hero no he would have been the same person but the system this culture these politics mismanagement can't continue this way. liverpool could get their place in the way
1:55 pm
for the champions league knockout stage on tuesday when they face severe the reds top grippy with eight points one ahead of their spanish opponents it's going to be winner takes all a place in the last sixteen for york and cops men would be their first since the two thousand and eight two thousand and nine season facing. very experienced. really good good playing good football playing team and. yeah that's just that's just how it should be and you know we are really looking forward to running european champions real madrid could also qualify for the last sixteen but we'll be cautious they take on apple nicosia having lost a top man in their last match i need to be on their game because a victory for upwell would take things right down to the last game of the group in two weeks' time. i'm very optimistic no matter what i'm totally
1:56 pm
sure about the resources within the team this is a moment of the season like happened last year where some people must be a little bit worried but that's not my case in the same group spurs are already into the last sixteen as they head to brasil dortmund the germans have only an outside chance but must win and hope madrid lose elsewhere a win or draw for shock that nets car over napoli would put them through while the italian league leaders struggle to continue their european progress to shoot us a through but their opponents porto must win to make the last sixteen or they risk like sick snatching their place the oakland raiders say they won't be suspending the show on lynch for choosing to kneel during the national anthem it prompted president donald trump to tweet his criticism of the n.f.l. player lynch knelt for the u.s. anthem but not the mexican want to head of the raiders game for the new england patriots in mexico on sunday my stance on the whole thing with marshawn is.
1:57 pm
in all of our players i have told them how i feel like i love i love this country i think it's a great honor to. be able to play football coach with ball for a living. and so you know my thought is that everybody should pay respect to the flag and stand at attention and and you know that's how that's how i feel about so but it is america and thereby you can make a choice and i've made that clear to you in the n.b.a. they came in cavaliers thrashed the detroit pistons on monday in the u.s. six game winning streak lebron james scored sixteen of his eighteen points in just the first quarter of the guy in the council so made eleven three points in the hoff as well kevin love had nineteen points and nine ten eleven rebounds for cleveland one hundred sixteen to eighty eight was the school. final race of the two thousand and seventeen formula one season takes place in abu dhabi on sunday but the driver and team titles have already been decided lewis hamilton has been celebrating his fourth well tycho with
1:58 pm
a victorious miss eighteen once he's described as his best championship yet what we've achieved together is insane and no other team has done it and. i so it's a big thank you for helping me achieve my dreams for you know it would have been possible without you and this is definitely for me the the best championship year as i said because we've been fighting with the team and because we've had the difficulties and the challenges we've had it makes it that much greater or that is a sport for now i have to file thanks very much to you have been watching al-jazeera news a lot is up next with another full half hour to learn from me and i will take thanks for your time and your help.
1:59 pm
i would use iraq. where ever you. right. graduate from iraq he's also a part time going to museum which includes a reconstruction of the famous. most of the people he's showing around germany as refugees this is just one of several billion museums taking part in the project called meeting point and as well as bringing people together one of its aims is to
2:00 pm
emphasise the contribution of migrants right up to the present day to western culture. because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things forward to me the great thing is it's not just about forming a new life of life it's culture. right.


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