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tv   Hasaballah The Peoples Music  Al Jazeera  November 22, 2017 3:00pm-3:59pm +03

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you are making great weather online the u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been to criminalize or if you join us on say. i want to cover the world. is a dialogue could be one of the confusion about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the conversation at this time on al-jazeera new yorkers are very receptive to it because it is such an international city they're very interested in that global perspective that al jazeera provides. the chamber sentences mr rock each to life imprisonment
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a bosnian serb military leader is convicted of crimes against humanity for atrocities committed during the one nine hundred ninety s. . well again my name's peter tell me you're watching al-jazeera live from our headquarters in coming up lebanon's prime minister puts his resignation on hold talks with president in beirut and says he will wait for more dialogue. with the old and in with the new maybe zimbabwe's next president will be sworn in by friday. and also this half hour a rare and dramatic video of the rescue of a north korean soldier who was shot by the scaping across the border. within the last hour the former bosnian serb come on the rock has been sentenced to
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life in prison for genocide and other crimes during the war in bosnia herzegovina he was convicted of the massacre of more than eight hundred bosnian men and boys obstreperous and the siege of sarajevo in which more than ten thousand people died the seventy four year old was removed from the courtroom shortly before the sentence was handed down after an outburst when he shouted at the judge now the judges rejected a request from his lawyer to stop the process on health grounds for having committed these crimes the chamber sentences mr rock the church to life imprisonment disco to delivery of the judgment the chamber stands the judge. well shortly we'll take it to david chase who's in srebrenica first let's get the latest from the barkers out the hague where that sentence was handed so partial satisfaction i guess need would be the best way to
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sum up for the bosnian muslims who want to do something more than that. yes they did it's been an incredibly long difficult and often an emotional road for people waiting for justice many of the victims. have been back and forth between hand here the hague the international criminal tribunal for the former yugoslavia set up precisely to deal with people like we saw at the end of this trial some of the mothers of separate needs to leave the courtroom many of them in tears we know that of course out of the eleven eleven charges against them allowed it she has now been found guilty of ten of those the mother separate needs to say that they will not cease their activities until he is found guilty on the eleventh another charge of genocide that relates to genocide in ten municipalities across
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the region against muslim bosnians and cro out as well so yes a partial degree of satisfaction against from most who have followed this case from the start right from the early days when this tribunal was set up in the early one nine hundred ninety s. at the end of the war in one thousand nine hundred five twenty two years of waiting and now to some extent satisfaction that will now be imprisoned for the rest of his life. neve thanks very much ok let's peel away from that story for a second for you because there we are that's the the shot and the speech that we've been waiting on for the past two or three hours saad hariri telling lebanese lebannon telling them. telling the world whether he will or will not resign having tendered his resignation of course when he was in reality he went from there to paris and now he's back home he has been having conversations with the president
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michel aoun there having quote more dialogue let's listen in to what he saying lebanon and the to keep lebanon. become trey. do you allow me to have some motor i love how do you it is joking with the crowds. crowds are saying again we will be with you with our souls and our bodies and how it is saying today will be repeated again you will see me in the ark. you will see me in the in the who will see me in trouble as you will see me and i will and you'll see me in all the north parts of lebanon you will see me and. you will see me. and in the south as in the whole of the south of lebanon. and you and the claim.
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to. jebel live in old gent i live now in the mountain of lebanon to defend together. tray the freedom of our country took it our country an arab country and to protect the stability of our country today. with a period pulliam barrow it. and today we were in every house. what we are today let's be together we. the moderate people we are the stability people we are here. in this celebration of the independence day to say nothing is more precious than our country we have nothing but our country our motor will be the same our motel will be lebanon fairest lebanon fairest and
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lebanon very long believe lebanon and long live all of you. stepping away from the podium as he looks over the crowd. outside the presidential palace in the lebanese capital beirut. i suspect that might be the national anthem that he is joining in with. there you can see security guards around him people trying to capture this significant moment of recent lebanese history on their cellphones he said you will see me all over lebanon he went on then to name the towns the cities the villages the areas that he will be seen and he said i want to protect the stability of my country we are the moderate people long live lebanon will stay with these pictures as long as they last we're going to talk to our correspondent in beirut hashem hashem didn't son very much like
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a resignation speech. this was a speech meant to unite to live any and overcome the weeks of uncertainty and anxiety about the future eleven eleven just give you an idea about where i stand what's happening these are the hundreds of supporters saddle had. gathered to hear his house and to listen to what he had to say about his resignation which was suspended a while ago when he met with president michel aoun but also about the future of lebanon he said to his people that he wants them to be with him united stronger to preserve the unity national sovereignty and stability of know about it and this has been the masses that has been reiterated by the international community and by key players in the region why the significant problem of this has been the highlight of
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the arrival of prime minister saddle had. he said that he's going to suspend his resignation however he wants to start a national dialogue with the key players eleven. like hezbollah like the party of president michel aoun about how to move forward by insist that all the parties eleven or should stay away from interfering into the regional conflicts in the lead . i think this is going to be the toughest challenge facing prime is a. sudden how did he and the political leadership to try to come together set aside their differences and move forward but isn't there a potential around the corner here hashim for a massive contradiction because on the one hand if he says i will protect the stability of my country that's a wonderful idea on paper but that surely does not. with what we think the conversation might have been that existed or that took place between him and the
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saudis. when he went on t.v. and said ok i'm resigning. you're absolutely right peter i mean if you look just at the symbolic of the two events he made the announcement about his resignation but once his he was he came back to. handing that resignation in a way or another he's contradicted in saying that now that i'm back surrounded by the people i'm given second thoughts to that we have been listening to many people some of them affiliated with that how do you think that he basically was forced to make that announcement even president michel aoun said that what has happened was an act of aggression by saudi arabia against the people of lebanon the lebanese people to set. him back home now that he's back the biggest challenge.
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is to be able to convince. her to move forward they are talking about a new platform that says that all political parties eleven and should should stay away from conflicts like in syria and should respect the laws of lebanon but as you know this is a place where you have to see a political dynamics changing from time to time with two regional players so. the arabia and iran vying for supremacy here and as long as the regional confrontation continues with the between the two countries the likelihood for these towns and to continue rising is very strong scenes of excitement over your shoulder there and also the other feed of live pictures that we've got from just outside the presidential palace where mr hariri delivered that barnstorming speech but i'm interested i'm intrigued here one starts excitement fades once lebanese go back
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home tonight when they close the door for them what are the key questions that he has to address. the biggest question will definitely be first of all for prime prime minister saddam had he is to take advantage of the situation what is unique about this moment and i'm going to show you what is happening right where i stand is that hundreds of people have converged here. wanted to send a message that you they are united behind sat there heidi but then how do you he is a prime minister of a country that has been divided along sectarian lines political lines this is quite a delicate moment for the lebanese which is coming together setting aside their differences and moving forward but you have groups like hezbollah which is a very powerful party here in lebanon the has a different view about the domestic issues but also about regional issues
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particularly the war in syria hezbollah has been providing significant assistance to the syrian president has a certain how do you he has been saying over the last few days hezbollah should stay away from interfering in those things back to the cross so what are you hearing is sad that had it is that the how do you show support of saddam having a sad time i didn't take advantage of a model building here. eleven learn to. pull a very strong government both or to convince the international community of the two regional players iran and saudi arabia to provide significant political financial assistance is sad. but to stay away from interfering what we've seen over the last few days was an instance where this country was plunging into worse monarchy and chaos that was prevented for different reasons but the moment the international
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community stepped in the americans and the friends in the particular and said we cannot allow for further instability in this part of the world will the international community along with the regional players come together and how we live and move forward that is the big question that's what people here are waiting to hear they are eager to see this country. back united back on track so that they cannot the economy can thrive once again passion for the moment thanks very much we'll stay with these compelling live pictures coming to us out of the lebanese capital. harry reid there making his way away from that speech that he's just delivered if you're just joining us here on al-jazeera he said you will see me all over lebanon i want to protect the stability of my country we are the moderate people long live lebanon surrounded by an immense number of security personnel. given what he's been saying i mean he mentioned it when he was in riyadh his father
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met his death obviously security is a key issue there but he's receiving nothing less than a tumultuous welcome in the back here in the lebanese capital beverley is still with us keeping his company will stay with these pictures but really just to pick up on that point that hashem was making how does lebanon move forward. i think it's i think it's going to be very very difficult for the country as a whole and for the political leaders in particular. if we listen very carefully at what hariri was saying there. there were there were all sorts of messages about how lebanon can move forward he said that i will return over the whole of the country mention towns in villages in the north but in particular he mentioned the south and the south of course is where groups like hizbollah traditionally hold sway so there's a claim there he also said we will remain an arab and free country and he said lebanon is our country and it's all we have so what we can say there is that there
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are a very high stakes at play for lebanon. and that the past few weeks have been one of huge turbulence and instability that nobody in lebanon itself can afford and that the surrounding countries in the wider region can ill afford it at the moment so we can comprehensively answer that question we can't give a definitive answer to that to that question but what we do know is everything and every effort will focus on on lebanon ok if he's really luminary to claim to those areas in the southern part of the country that you're talking about is he just restating something that was part of his political structure anyway part of his his d.n.a. or is he slightly reinventing himself in a few years reinventing himself is that a dangerous path to go on because one of the dynamics to this that the weird two weeks that we've heard now in lebanese politics is the way that everyone outside was looking in and going guys we cannot have another war in the middle east we
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can't do this we simply cannot sustain it. the first thing we need to acknowledge is here is a man who is between a rock and a hard place he's returned to lebanon but i think we want to also remember that two of his children remain in riyadh his two youngest children a sixteen year old and a twelve year old so there's there's a very powerful emotional politics there and one in fact even her staff asked the question you know what's going on is this some kind of bargaining. chip is this riyadh's way of ensuring the reframing remains you know pro se because hariri in many senses yes in the political d.n.a. like his father was a reflection of the pro saudi. i mean leaving the country probably from drugs and you know he's very very good at working across there's lots of loyalty on display for the world to see but at one end of the spectrum he's either a puppet of somebody goes another country in the region or he says he's taking the
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country in the right direction or maybe it's neither of those two things to me it seems too difficult to define who he is right now i think what we can definitively say is he's definitely not his own man and if anything the last three weeks of have demonstrated that here is a man who's been at the mercy not only of saudi arabia but other regional actors including egypt the united arab emirates the french the germans washington so he's definitely not is his own man and we can we can actually see this on display here back in beirut i mean the flag waving crowd that we see the color of the flag is the color of the political party that he supports or would have been much more compelling and conducive to the national unifying cause that he's made it would be if tens of thousands of people had poured into the area near his home or poured into the downtown area at the same time the independence day celebrations were
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being being held so it's much closer to the other end it's been it's not merely though a question of him being a puppet but this also about the pressures that he's being put on which i i'm i'm asserting our political personal economic strategic part of a wide. power balancing a power struggle within the region and what we can say is that yes of course he like a certain actors in saudi arabia and certain actors in washington and paris all very concerned about him. union ambitions in his own country but this isn't really about question a violin for power between iran and saudi arabia and lebanon everybody needs to wake up and understand that iran won that game a long time ago so this is a question of can and if and in what way possibly saudi arabia could truly disrupt iranian influence all the way in which certain actors in lebanon look to tehran
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because it works both ways in terms of the relationship with tehran ok we have to live there beverly many thanks. we move on talks to determine the future after the war in syria are underway in saudi arabia and russia the russian president vladimir putin is hosting iranian and turkish leaders in the black sea resort of sochi russia and iran are major allies of the syrian president bashar al assad who made a surprise visit to the on monday turkey back some syrian rebel groups now the same time saudi arabia's hosting a separate summits of various syrian opposition groups the u.n. special envoy to syria stephanie mr says his priority is ensuring the strongest syrian opposition delegation had to geneva later this month the saudi foreign minister has pledged to help the opposition come out unified after monday's resignation of the head of syria's main opposition bloc. ok the other story for you so far today here on al-jazeera the conviction the sentencing indeed of the bosnian serb military leader rocco melodic sure the un was at the hague life in prison and
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our correspondent david joins us from stripper needs david over to you. yes a life sentence and a charge of genocide life sentence here of course also for all the victims of a lot age the mothers here who are watching the feed from the hague inside this cemetery reacted with great emotion they clapped but there was thirty years for them of course they have the life sentence of having lost their loved ones nothing can bring them back nothing will heal those wounds but to get an indication of exactly what this means for the local community here is a pretty to have one of the foreman there is with me it would appear on the surface that this is exactly what this community wanted and needed it enough partially yes as a surviving victim also i can see that the first reaction is emotional reaction
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when we see the life sentence which is symbolic and now we know that he got the highest of the prison possible in front of this tribe and all but from the other part all the council of this and it is like that he was freed of the first one which is genocide in other places in bosnia and that's that is something that we were expecting when we watched the process so we are not satisfied with part because we know what happened in clear those. and other places but for certain itself for us it is. the problem that leaves after this is how do we move on what do we do after this because the first reactions from serbs side that we hear is denial of this of this where that they wouldn't accept it they call him a hero so the problem is what the future brings what do we leave toward children what happens after does this is one in the line of many processes held in this trial. milosevic will died we were expecting judgment for him but unfortunately
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didn't happen so we have the facts but we don't have anything on the ground that will change lives of surviving and. our children that will live here after us so this is what we worry about and we need to work together to learn from the past to accept the facts of the past underlined the history write the history based on truth not on political views of the past but the truth and verdict today today's verdict is a truth that we all have to accept and move on but looking at the situation here it strikes me having been here during the war that this is just a frozen conflict everything is still in place the only thing that's not happening is that the houses around us and burning and i can hear artillery and gunfire it's still there isn't it unfortunately in one thousand nine hundred five with the dayton peace agreement we got this this will of organizing this country it's kind of divided into entities where this part of the state to which is entity republic
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of serbs can never accepts. the proves like of the courts and everything that they are responsible for aggression and all this crimes that the leaders of the time like courage and others did so what we see here is is politics that do not lead do not be blog the process of natural reconciliation so we have problem with god and politics are guilty not people in my in my view thank you very much for that inside man so there we've seen perhaps a call to all the politicians here that they should rise above this and that they should try and reunite the country but at the moment peter there's no sign of that david thanks very much. zimbabwe's former vice president will be sworn in as the new president on friday he's emerson. he fled to south africa when he was fired by robert mugabe who quit on tuesday when i got is to back home shortly the governing zanu p.f.
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party has already nominated him to fill the office of president from harare. is no. the longer president of zimbabwe and the general sentiment in the country is that of relief they feel an old era is god looking forward to something new some kind of positive change and they're hoping that this man image the man and god. will be the man who will fix the economy create jobs and move the country forward and out of political and economic isolation he has a lot of challenges ahead of him he'll be sworn in on friday at parliament as the building behind me this day broadcaster is getting ready to set things up and get things in motion but he has a lot to do people want to hear from him how he plans to solve the economic crisis how he plans to create jobs will be an inclusive leader for all of the bargains are not just look after zanu p.f. supporters as arnie peers in a circle of people want some kind of positive change on the street things are
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they've been calling for a while now there are a few soldiers stationed outside some strategic buildings just as a proportion but all eyes now on. what's easy going to do about zimbabwe is aiding economy and we're really going to be the right leader for the country. the u.n. command says north korea violated the armistice agreement when its troops shot and chased a soldier who was defecting across the border another defector remains in a south korean hospital with gunshot wounds after the incident last week from seoul . extraordinary video of a soldier risking his life to escape from north korea at around three in the afternoon he's seen driving a truck past a checkpoint on the north korean side of the demilitarized zone or d.m.z. on the heavily fortified border fellow soldiers are shown running after the truck which becomes stuck the defector then gets out and runs towards the border known as
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the military demarcation line or n.t.l. just meters away soldiers from the k.p.a. or north korean people's army opened fire hitting the defector it's thought five times one even chases him over the border before returning to the north korean side . the key findings of the special investigation team are that the k.p.a. violated the armistice agreement by one firing weapons across the m.t.l. and two by actually crossing the temporarily the defectors body is seen a lying motionless on the south korean side of the border then soldiers from the joint u.s. and south korean security battalion are seen crawling towards the injured defector to drag him to safety it's rare for defectors to try and breach the joint security area at panmunjom tour groups on both sides of the border regularly visit though the u.n. command says no tourists were there when the shooting happened. the north korean soldier remains in intensive care in
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a south korean hospital where he has regained consciousness and his wounds are no longer life threatening a doctor treating him says the surgery revealed a parasitic worms he'd only ever seen in textbooks giving an insight into the dire conditions north koreans face and the kind of life this defector was fleeing kathy novak al jazeera sole. there are fears the forty four crew members on board are missing in time submarine are close to running out of their hopes were raised in a u.s. aircraft searching for the substitute white flares over the southern atlantic but the argentinean navy says it's unlikely to come from the vessel which disappeared a week ago more than a dozen international vessels taking part in the search rough seas and strong winds of hampered rescue efforts so far. rushes up as a parliament has approved a bill which places restrictions on some foreign media now the bill forces overseas doggedness ations to brown then use the work of foreign agents the u.s.
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imposed similar rules on russian state broadcaster after allegations of russian influence in the us presidential election president vladimir putin's signature to become law. u.s. president donald trump has broken with leading republicans and voiced support for the alabama senate candidate. roy moore he's been accused of sexual misconduct with teenagers can really help from washington. for the first time donald trump has come out strongly endorsing the candidacy of the embattled candidate for a special senate seat republican roy moore there have been multiple i'm proven allegations by women who say when they were teenagers more pursued them against their wishes donald trump says that these allegations happened a long time ago and he believes morris claims that they are false he totally denies it he says it didn't happen. you know you have to list them all so you're talking about he said forty years ago this is not asked so. now this is
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a story that continues to dominate news headlines here in the united states and the reason comes down to simple math republicans have a very narrow majority in the u.s. senate to add it is the view of the president that he does not want another liberal democrat in that chamber given the fact that there are many republicans that continue to waver on his legislative agenda still searching for a legislative victory the president believes that this is a seat he cannot afford to lose he is also not ruling out potentially even campaigning for roy moore in advance of the december election. no news uncommon for you on our web site al jazeera dot com you can see that the top story let it sentenced to life in prison for genocide will we count the headlines for you right now.
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these are your top stories so far today the former pows come on the run cold blooded she's been sentenced to life in prison for genocide and other crimes during the war in bosnia he was convicted of the massacre of more than eight thousand men and boys obstreperous and the siege of saudi. in which more than ten thousand people died the seventy four year old was removed from the courtroom shortly before the sentence was handed down after he shouted at the judges they rejected a request by his lawyer to stop the proceedings on health grounds. for having committed crimes the chamber sentences mr. to life imprisonment. discount routes to delivery of the judgment the chamber stands the judge thousands of people have gathered outside the residence of the lebanese prime minister he's now back in beirut two weeks after first announcing he was standing whilst in saudi arabia mr hariri has agreed to delay his
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resignation after a request from the president to allow more dialogue. back on i'm here with you and we will continue onwards together so we can be the line of defense for lebanon and i'm for the stability of lebanon this gathering today is going to be repeated you'll see me visit every part of lebanon. talks to determine the future after the war in syria now underway in saudi arabia and in russia to president vladimir putin is hosting iranian and turkish leaders in the black sea resort of sochi russia and iran major allies of the syrian president bashar al assad made a surprise visit to sochi on monday by some syrian rebel groups. seem bob ways former vice president will be sworn in as the new president on friday according to the speaker of the parliament there amasa. fled to south africa when he was fired by robert mugabe who quit on tuesday and god is due back home shortly. the russian
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up asked a palm and has approved a bill which places restrictions on some foreign media now the bill forces overseas own organizations to brand their news the work of quotes foreign agents the u.s. impose similar rules on russian state broadcaster. of the allegations of russian influence in the us election yes. those are your top stories up next. going to say law and going to say a quarter. horse a salad started in the stuff and then i think a dog. on
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