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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 26, 2017 8:00am-8:34am +03

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at this time. four years japanese have gone into the countries force for what they call. or forced baby thirteen years ago dr lee was one of the first to conduct research on forest bathing he concluded that the essential oils the trees produce to protect themselves from germs and bugs can boost the human immune system. a lot of fine. in the forest my research has shown that forest trying to reduce stress hormones in us in the future the time may come when doctors prescribe the forest. pakistan calls in the army to restore order as blasphemy protests grow.
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you're watching al jazeera live from doha i'm say hello robin this is what's coming up in the next thirty minutes millions in the poll of voting in a poll seen as a turning point for the himalayan nation but one that's also dividing families. also zimbabwe's government moves in on former president robert mugabe's allies plus . i don't know what to do. a major economic boost for online retailer amazon but for some of its workers there is nothing to smile about. welcome to the program pakistan's military is called in to restore order in the capital islamabad after the police struggled to disperse hundreds of demonstrators more than one hundred fifty people were. offices fine take acid water cannon to
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clear that camp the demonstrators have blocked the highway for two weeks to call for a lower minister to step down now they're angry because he admitted a reference to the prophet mohammed in the parliament tree bales welcome to joins me now from close to the hole before we talk about the politics of the day ahead kemal it's been a miserable night so many thousands of drivers and travelers like yourself stuck in stranded on motorways and highways across the country overnight absolutely if you've traveled on dad more than you know how barely a day there are. at any given time traveling on that drawer. outside you know horror at several points read every day that interchange you will find a protester blocking the hired story indeed it is calling difficult day for the of
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people in our judge here in the province of punjab but all the way down to the city of karachi where the protesters are blocking points and you can she doesn't love but. along the motorway where men are injured some of them have been out food most of them north shore as you know when the highway will be open and when they will be able to go bag for your disruption not just. roared connections but also the railroad connection and even the airport because the passion flying out or coming in get on. experiencing difficulty when it comes your movement indeed one of the many issues and problems that the authorities have to say so that's still dealing with protesters in various parts of the country so what can we expect to happen today. well first before you mentioned earlier the chilean government had to call in the military in aid of the
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chilean administration but the military made it quite clear that while they take care of key installation that. they're in no mood to get in ward with the protesters or to try to control those protesters because the government had enough . at its disposal. of security forces personnel as a huge failure on the part of the government because rendition was being packed up when the police moved in it was just people right now they're all what ten thousand people and if they were demanding the resignation of the old minister now they're saying the whole cabinet has to be a dead dog so they are not going anywhere they're going to be burying their dead today and they're going to be a mortician or change but it appears that she really in government doesn't know what to do because the court had told them that their writ of the state was being challenged and that should billion government incapable of looking after its own of
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the military saying that while they were to take care of the installation it they're certainly not in a mood to get into a fight with the protesters on the streets across pakistan who will see how the souls and will continue to join us in a situation develops of the moment kemal height of the little hole in pakistan. now the u.s. is also warning pakistan that decision to release the key suspect in the two thousand and eight mumbai attacks will strain relations pakistani half is safe has a ten million dollars bounty on his head that washington says he's being free because the pakistani government failed to provide evidence against him say has denied any involvement in the attacks which killed one hundred sixty six people reza remey is the editor of the daily times pakistan the he says pakistan is finding it difficult to deal with those groups like those associated with half a site i think the u.s.
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sort of statements from white house millionaires don't department i mean they indicate. some level of concern on the united states about this. release now they've got really air is that the pakistani golds time and again have been him out and they say that they don't have a doubt that regions you know against him the prosecution does not bring. evidence which can only draw prosecution so hard to say don't get somewhere with that. but the real question here is that really hard to say he wrote and his. approach to words or kashmir issue which is that he has been tension between india and pakistan is something that is very close to the state position of pakistan you know the state has officially. you know indoor subject of reducing the cost and therefore it would need additional policy by the pakistani government and the
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parliament of the foreign affairs in order to quell national. trainees and i think it's a box and or interests that such groups are reined in and decent you natured. well staying in asia more than thirty people have been taken to hospital following a factory explosion in eastern china it happened in a part of the city that had already been cleared of people for demolition china's state news agency shin watch says the blast cause some buildings to collapse and casualties are feared. the polls opened in the power which is holding its first phase of federal and state elections it's a major part of the ongoing process to overhaul the political system in twenty fifteen a vote was passed to change the constitution power is being devolved away from the central government to seven newly created provinces now the changes will make it more difficult to oust
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a prime minister it's hoped it will lead to more stable governments a proportion of the seats in provincial and federal assemblies or be allocated to women and to digitas people and the aim is to boost gender and social equality but there are concerns that fringe parties or we've pushed aside leaving power in the hands of the parties which have dominated the polls politics for decades now the vote is causing tension of angst families and close knit communities should be distressed reports now from blank district. in brother village in milan district on the famous unappointed circuit in the park but this flags fly along with flags of political parties the stars of the party congress and the democratic alliance and the sun or the hammer and sickle of the left alliance in this small village everyone is related to each other because of its remoteness and distance from the capital in the past the community had a common identity and decisions were made unanimously now that mainstream politics
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has been thrown into the mix family relationships are strained. gruen has come all the way from got money to vote he and his wife she me don't want to stay with anyone if. i decide the other would get opposite the. devote. both sides or relatives whoever wins i hope they develop the district as all the hotels are aligned to one party or the other they will spend the next few days in a tent. like to go to a couple many of the voters from a long leg in the capital and have made the difficult journey to exercise their democratic right one candidate will represent this district in the national assembly and two in the state assembly one district has the smallest electorate with just five thousand eight hundred eighty one registered voters and before winter rice the first phase of the election is being held in the hills and mountains where climate and geography can both be challenging the second phase will
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be held on the seventh of december in more moderate climate district officials in milan have deployed more than six hundred security personnel nationally that figure is around two hundred fifty thousand already to other not only to the ground without enough they goes with the ground clearance of mobile force might not be able to strike on time and we are fully prepared otherwise. be rest assured that the upcoming federal and state assembly and action would be held in a free and fair when the voting will end by five p.m. local time but ballots won't be counted until the entire nation goes to poll which means for the next ten days the tension among family members here is likely to continue to al-jazeera manon district in the past two african hours a bar boys former finance minister ignatius chong appearing in court facing charges of corruption the military detained him when they took over power almost two weeks
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ago and are symons reports from harare. a new presidency and the court cases have already started first in line ignatius jumbo former finance minister he owns more than one hundred homes and he's accused of corruption. is reported to have been beaten in military custody and is even hospital treatment he says ma soldiers with assault rifles raided his home and he was illegally detained for forty eight hours as a military takeover took place also before the courts form a zanu p.f. used leader could sue knight ship anger accused of corruption and slander he had resisted the army takeover earlier this month. we. know what you. mean that you're. in. the army has already withdrawn from the streets of harare ahead of an announcement of a return to barracks and that action coincides with
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a high court judgment saying it's action and taking power and putting the under house arrest was lawful but human rights watch says it's an example of the military having undue influence on the judiciary and the legal warnings that it could set a precedent. was sixty or after his swearing in everson. had vowed to hit the ground running with a raft of measures to revive zimbabwe's shattered economy but he hasn't impressed the main opposition party. he has been part of the twenty seven years of disappointment thirty seven years of the unlikely that you see from the same boat as mr mugabe they are cut from the same tree so it doesn't matter that present what appears to be a fresh deal it remains a pipe dream the people want to see quick with the.
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mayor with foreign investors and foreign diplomats but political reform and economic reform needs to happen quickly to have the effect he wants under simmons al jazeera iraq well still ahead here on al-jazeera the cost of fighting al shabaab a report from kenya where displaced people are too scared to return home plus the heart of the room in a peculiar manner and yet. we look at why the irish language has led to a political deadlock in belfast. hello there is more cloud to show still around the caucasus iran afghanistan as you know the season has broken through has we've got some is talk about not just temperatures and wind direction rain is likely to fall in one or two places it is
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disappearing who took my stance to afghanistan the hindu kush will be significant snow but it's returning slowly further west now this is a particularly benevolent day baghdad baghdad at fifty is a very warm with cloud it will be very sunny either but it has been worse there is more rain coming in slowly making into the eastern med but it leaves a couple of days of fine ish weather but watch what's happening to us or iraq in the western side of iran down towards q a twenty one degrees represents the temperature bit of a drop the green represents forecast rain so we start on sunday fine there's a bit of a breeze from dives for the gulf or back rain and qatar's bid notice and not be particularly warm by day twenty seven is not hottest time of the year rather better in mecca of thirty to about the time we get to monday the chances are when you want to show in the northeast society slowly heading south is the right time of year it's happening again same is true in southern africa we see
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a lot of rain recently in south africa is just across the southern mozambique. i am taking historic steps to lift the restrictions on american energy without regulation profit tax policy on health. and the environment it was a surprise. that their. protection is going to take a decade of work to do the line down and the cost of the. toxic war at this time on al jazeera.
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your charges are still rather a reminder of our top stories pakistan calls in the military police struggle to disperse hundreds of protesters in islamabad now six people have been killed and more than two hundred injured the demonstrators want the law minister to step down for failing to mention the prophet mohammed in a parliamentary bill. to barbara's former finance minister ignatius jumbo is in custody and accused of corruption but he appeared in court today after the new president was sworn in. for a plane to ride in the evans capital sanaa carrying humanitarian workers and vaccines to help fight diptheria it's the first aid shipments since the saudi led coalition fighting hooty rebels opposed to blockade nearly three weeks ago. jurors is gearing up for elections on sunday and public safety is one of the central issues of the campaign while the murder rate has dropped hondurans remain one of
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the most dangerous countries in the world mariana sanchez reports now from the capitol to get scalper. with every election there is hope and the hope for change is crucial in one of the world's most violent countries because his sandals will vote with that in mind. i want to have the blessing of being able to come back home alive every night for now we don't have that. the promises of improved security i fight against corruption but also of a better economic future those are some of the core issues the nine candidates are offering no durance on sundays general elections. broadcaster and center left candidates. is splitting the opposition vote with former professor from the liberal party opinion polls say president that man this is leading he's the first president since recent history to run for reelection the supreme court lifted
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a constitutional ban on precedents serving more than one term paving the way for evan unless. according to the law that the solution shouldn't have been adopted but it was approved by the supreme court the electoral tribunal the army said they wouldn't dispute the decision diplomat said it was the court's decision and we haven't seen extreme civil disobedience because of it. eight years ago president monroe was ousted in a military led coup for trying to conduct a non-binding referendum on the issue of the election. some voters say democracy is being challenged in this election. on sunday will decide it will have four more years of a government that is by a lead right and it's all for tarion some analysts say this election will be a referendum on that. this is tenure the challenge for the other candidates will be to convince voters their promises can surpass the economic and security policies
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this government insists have been a success. here at this one neighborhood on the outskirts of some. people like san diego sanchez say the presidential term limits or even the issue of security are not the most important issues for under the us. if there was work for older people i wouldn't mind waiting for the president. sixty percent of them didn't live in poverty many say this government has forgotten to give them jobs however many hundred say they may prefer to vote for what they already know and for promises from new candidates that may ultimately remain unfulfilled and innocent as i just see that they do see on us. well libya's coast guard has recovered the bodies of thirty refugees who died when their boat sank off the north western coast on saturday one hundred forty five people were rescued and brought back to tripoli ok scott spokesman told al-jazeera that forty people are still missing. rallies have
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been held across the world to highlight crimes against women people barged in istanbul in turkey even though police didn't initially given permission they want the government to do more to combat domestic violence and improve gender equality. well kenya's military says it's pushed somalia based al-shabaab fighters out of forests that lies along the border between the two countries but people who've been displaced by the fight you just got to go back home even though the government wants them to report from southern kenya. elizabethtown had lost two sons were reason he killed by an unknown people believed inside born in a forest that extends to the border with somalia. their home area we too as well as other paths along the kenyan coast have been attacked several times over the last few years. we stayed home that night instead of going back to the camp for displaced people one of my sons was not well and so we all decided to be with him
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we were attacked at around eight pm two other people were killed on that night in this village the government has often blamed somalis are shabaab fighters who've been using the forest as a hideout to plan attacks and train kenyan recruits but also increasingly conflict between firmus and hard as living inside the forest one of elizabeth cards all sons was in that house when the attackers came the other one was right out there there was also a friend in the compound their mother was preparing to sleep in the next house she says that the attackers targeted the men they slit their throats and then fled the members of. this lama county administrative leader shows us some of the trouble areas he says the security operation has forced al-shabaab out of the vast forests all the works with the one you see. both worlds which they can use. are being seen . and of movement as seriously because they don't mean free like in the
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past. we cannot the government now wants more than two thousand people who have been living in this temporary shelters on the edge of the forest to go back home life is stuff for them here they have little food and a bed bag infestation but they say going back right now is not an option so. it's true the government has pushed out but what we fear even more than al-shabaab are the herders in the forest they're the ones who've been killing our people lately they're the ones who should be dealt with before we go back. agnes also lives in the camp this is the first time in three months that she and has sand have come back to check on their home they don't have much time they tell us they have to go back to the camp before nightfall when it gets dangerous catherine sorry al-jazeera we too south in kenya. now flights on the indonesian island of bali have
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been disrupted after a volcano erupted for the second time in a weak moment i goals sent smoke and ash fifteen hundred metres into the sky about twenty five thousand locals have been able to return to their homes since september when the mountain showed signs of activity for the first time in more than fifty years its last major eruption in one nine hundred sixty three killed around eleven hundred people for almost twenty years power in northern ireland has been shared between unionists who want it to remain part of the united kingdom and republicans who want to join the republic of ireland to the south a political deadlock has left it without a governing administration for almost eleven months britain's government has given the party's until the end of november to resolve the dispute at the core is the legal status of the irish language from belfast leave barca reports. you know. you are at
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a cultural center in west belfast i was speakers discuss the issues of the day many want the irish language to have official status in the courts the regional parliament and on road signs like in scotland and welsh in wales very few people speak their language fluently here around eleven percent claim to have some knowledge of irish a figure that steadily growing among republicans who favor a united ireland over british rule. along with production and. speakers in scotland. being denied also not just recognition of our language of respect for our identity for the past decade power has been shared here the regional assembly between representatives of the pro british democratic unionist party the deep and the irish republican shin fein party . pulled out in january complaining it wasn't being treated as an equal party
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central to their demand is an irish language act many republicans see the language as an expression of their political identity they say it's a matter of civil rights. which is my heart and soul but it was a core of my skin and you could easily identify me as being of a different color and the d.p. worse than we can't give it equal rights this guy i think clear. for us this is discrimination but there's no appetite for compromise among hard line unionists many see an irish language as a means of eroding and eventually ending british sovereignty the demands put forth in our political demands which i would say are vast open and the language of civil rights and i and i think if you needed to put forward is not a proposal for an irish language or to be a second language. a political proposal to get. the disputes literally edged on the streets of belfast this graffiti calls for an irish language
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act here in republican catholic west belfast the local councils have allowed residents to have their road signs in english and irish. and union is appropriate is areas exclusively english if the deadlock doesn't end by december the british government may choose to take direct control of the region undoing years of political progress republicans say the irish language is an expression of identity for many unionists it's a weapon in a cultural war. belfast. in the retail giant amazon reached a record high on friday searching on optimism and of a holiday sales its founder jeff bezos is now the world's richest person and reportedly worth more than one hundred billion dollars but those employed by the online store to deliver the goods are not doing so well as jacob.
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john delivers packages for amazon. the gig is unpredictable amazon flex drivers spend as many as sixteen hours a day watching an app for an available block of deliveries if they get one they'll deliver perhaps a dozen packages in a two hour window then they wait sometimes for hours without pay i want my job i started what would i do i will be there and i think most drop is great but i just can't make any money doing it right now john is not his real name and we can only tell you he lives on the east coast of the united states he says he doesn't want to lose this job but he can no longer afford to work it either when i started. our base wage plus tips. papper several months to change to. base pay including tips amazon now counts tips for its amazon flex drivers against
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their total pay john used to make roughly three hundred dollars in a day now he's making two hundred dollars if he's lucky amazon is developing a service to use drones amazon has made a science of delivering goods fast and cheaply someday it says it wants robots to make deliveries but at the moment it relies on contractors to cut costs in this country if you are treating workers as an independent contractor you're saving up to thirty percent of your labor costs you're not painting to social security you're not paying into workers' compensation for workers who are injured you're not paying into unemployment insurance for workers who are laid off and two months before innocence from the change in pay on john received a new contract to sign you an amazon agreed to resolve disputes between you and amazon on an individual basis through final and binding arbitration he was being asked to sign away his right to sue in open court and then amazon changed his pay i
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shouldn't have to fend off emails trying to do now through guam ip took a thirty percent less than what it was last week and i still haven't gotten an answer because there's nobody to talk to i don't know what to do there's nothing to do you can quit that's the route through you're a private contractor newts up the permit the job or you don't the holidays put pressure on everyone but for those without the comfort of full time employment there's no such thing as time off amazon says it cannot comment on pending litigation take aboard al-jazeera. well i was on employees aren't the only ones who've been complaining about that pay the so-called geek economy has been growing around the world john biggs is east coast editor at tech crunch he says workers need to challenge every employee is about poor working conditions what needs to happen is that the folks who are in this gig economy. we need to help them get the
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word out about the idea of unionizing the idea of asking for more money for better work obviously and they're all there killing themselves driving back and forth from airports on a daily basis for the left. it's met plenty of people who get up at two or three in the morning just so they can get these lucrative early morning long drives out into to a j.f.k. or wherever it's just exhausting and it's one way to do it and it's actually makes them a little extra money is what you can work a full full of days eight hours a day and then carry home and keep driving. in the same case it happens with the. drivers as well yes fedex and then the ancillary drivers who are helping out especially during the holiday season but exactly it's this needs to be fixed and i think slowly but surely companies especially companies like amazon that have a happy smiley shiny face to the rest of the world are going to fix this or they're
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going to get a lot of pushback. to what you have as a whole robert these are all top stories pakistan is called of the military as police struggle to disperse hundreds of protesters in islamabad now six people have been killed and more than two hundred injured demonstrators want the law minister to step down for failing to mention the prophet mohammed in the parliament tree bill the house will for. nearly a whole. government had made good they did not ignore the trend of the reaction they. read. darn indeed a great. one died. by a lot of going to draw their dog that. the last minute resignation the. dag and of god that the government in all sorts of trouble
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now the us is warning pakistan the decision to release the key suspect in the two thousand and eight of them by attacks will strain relations washington says have to say this being freed because the pakistani government failed to provide evidence against him say those denied involvement in the attacks which killed one hundred sixty six people now two people have died and two other seriously injured in a factory explosion in eastern china at least thirty people have been taken to hospital after the blast in the bow china's state news agency says some nearby buildings also collapsed so barbara is former finance minister ignatius chong who is in custody an accused of corruption he appeared in court today after the country's new president was sworn in four planes carrying aid have arrived in yemen for the first time since the saudi led coalition fighting hooty rebels imposed a blockade nearly three weeks ago it's facing a cholera epidemic and is on the brink of famine. flights on the indonesian island
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of bali have been disrupted after a volcano erupted for the second time in a week but the sense that as fifteen hundred meters into the sky about twenty five thousand locals have been able to return to their homes in september where the mountain showed signs of activity for the first time in more than fifty years i'll be back with more news in thirty minutes to stay with us here on alt. we will maintain the finest fighting force the world has ever known united states army was so reliant on the private sector i would call it a dependency we have a mismatch between the way we. work to be and the reality of the twenty first century enough to hear anybody deal for us and how to tell you how many of the persons that you're sending out should be child soldiers and i said i think that child soldiers reloaded at this time. now to breaking news on the russia investigation since president trump took office.


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