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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 28, 2017 1:00pm-2:01pm +03

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of the elected leader of madagascar to return to his country and reinstate his presidency he knows that the truth. and. not only do you think he is seeking the you know the interesting things return of the president at this time on al-jazeera. i would use iraq where and for you. this is al-jazeera.
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hello and has some sake of this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes i. was after months of division and protests who kenyatta is finally sworn in for his second term as kenya's president. syrian government ass strikes killed at least nineteen people head when you round of u.n. sponsored talks in geneva which appear to be in trouble already. people fleeing poverty and war in africa ending up sold as slaves in libya we examine the details in the horror of the twenty first century slavery. pope francis arrives in myanmar's capital where he will meet the country's leader aung sang suu kyi with all the focus on the range of crisis i'm tatiana sanchez with all the sports new thing clipping the one hand. vast three other plane crash that killed team players
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and staff of brazilian football team capital entities house later in the program. has been sworn in for a second term and final term as kenya's president the inauguration ceremony follows four months of often violent political upheaval the left more than fifty people dead opposition leader royler a day has vowed to fight on against kenyatta's presidency. i will protect and not the sole rinty the sovereignity integrity integrity and the dignity of the people of kenya and dignity of the people of kenya so help me god for help. so how did we get here well who can ya to was declared the winner of the first election in august the electric commission reported he got just over fifty four
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percent of the votes or took forty four percent but a danger and never accepted that he took his objections to the supreme court citing mistakes and failings by the electoral commission judges and now the results are in order to rerun within sixty days not long before that rollo a danger withdrew his candidacy saying he still didn't believe the electoral commission could ensure a fair race so who kenyatta had no trouble winning the second time getting almost all the ballots cast but only thirty eight percent of voters turned out there were big protests and violent clashes again between police and a danger supporters were covering this story from both angles but first for me the miller is live for us in nairobi so for me one of the opposition supporters saying there. well here's a we're at an area in nairobi where the opposition was meant to hold
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a rally also to commemorate are those who've been killed in protests in recent weeks they say at the hands of police and the people we've spoken to here they've been prevented by police from a coming in to the scrounge they've been pushed back into the residential areas they say they're angry one with police for not allowing them to demonstrate they say peacefully and also with president uhuru kenyatta who they say stole the election they say this election was a sham he's an illegitimate president and they want to see the man they support raila odinga sworn in now certainly they've been celebrations as. is sworn in at least half the country more than half the country in fact voted for him in the first presidential election within so that runoff a couple of months later but the issue of course still remains one of legitimacy because people are concerned that only thirty eight percent of kenyans turned out to vote in the in the rerun and even though we work in your article ninety eight
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percent of the vote they say that there are a large number of kenyans who haven't expressed a democratic right or and and the rightful winner for these people is raila odinga where do where does right royal od'ing and his supporters go from here then. well for now any needed plans have been upset by police we had expected to see leadership from the national super alliance at this location at some point during the day addressing their supporters that's not going to happen police had sealed off this area early in the day they've been firing tear gas they've been pushing demonstrators back but as soon as police disappear these demonstrators come forward it really is a cat and mouse game between police and demonstrators beyond that raila odinga is talking about a campaign of civil disobedience he's also talking about an economic boycott against businesses and entities that he claims supports kenyatta
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and the government so it's certain how effective that would be considering just how much support these are businesses enjoy in kenya he's also talking about the establishment of people's assemblies in individual counties across the country says this won't be a parallel government or would rather an alternative there's also been talk around secession this isn't the first time that this is come up but looking primarily at the west of the country coastal areas in kenya where they say people are disgruntled or they aren't happy with the jubilee government and they have a legitimate claim to be a country of their own but looking at what raila odinga said so far there's no certainty about exactly how will implement all these plans and just how much of an impact it will all have given that who are kenyatta says it's now time to move on he's been sworn in and now this is time for kenyans to unite. speaking about.
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president kenyatta clearly the country is still very divided right now but the fact is he has now been sworn in for a second term as president what does he need to do then to try and unite the country. well he has extended an invitation at least twice to. raila odinga to talk and to put it to push forward to this effort to unite the country the opposition is saying that any talk of a unity would be a sort of surrender it's not prepared to do that saying that this is not an environment that would allow for talks that would get anywhere really especially given that they're unhappy with the state of what they are calling electoral justice they say that they haven't been free and fair elections so this isn't a situation where they would want to negotiate with the government they ultimately had wanted new elections in the in the coming year but the government the jubilee
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ruling party were kenyatta specifically has said that this is the time to unite this is the time for kenyans to move forward to focus on other issues other than politics that really has dominated life here in kenya over the past year as two elections in just three months the economy has come to a standstill and they really are concerns around job creation the growth of the economy and just dealing with the bread and butter bread and butter issues rather that kenyans are facing rather than prolonging this political election period. all right for me to make a lie first there in our road we thank you. now at least nineteen people have been killed by the syrian government or airstrikes in a rebel held area on the outskirts of the capital damascus it is the second attack
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on eastern hooter in forty eight hours yasser government has stepped up the pace of strikes ahead of the eighth round of geneva talks to try and end the conflict talks were meant to begin on tuesday but the un only just got confirmation the government delegation want to arrive until wednesday. saladin jared has been asking people in three areas of syria about their expectations from the geneva talks. when there are no place in the sky and there is less fear of forces invading you there is hope all around you in this particular town in northern syria this is jobless and people are trying to come back and review their lives but when it comes to talks in geneva they're not very hopeful they say this is the revolution that they began and it has been taken away from them and the world really doesn't care. i'm in syria and they call me a refugee what can we want from the talks but. as long as assad remains geneva
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doesn't mean anything. they show solidarity with syrians but in reality they're all complicit in involved in the destruction of syria we just hope the siege can end. our hope is with god not russia or iran. and. we hope this round could be a new beginning because of the major changes before the geneva meeting we see the meeting in geneva whether it's the eighth or the tenth or twenty fifth round of talks they're all the same there is a lot at stake at these talks opposition leaders have been telling us that they're fearful that if the united nations fails yet again to come to its solution to provide a long lasting peaceful terms that all sides can agree upon they will be forced to go to word sortie and the russian solution when they feel that russia will undermine the role of the united nations as it tries to bring its own version of the solution for syria which are literally side in power and many people here will
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tell you that this is something that they do not want. are diplomatic editor james is live for us now in geneva where those talks are taking place so james what can we expect then given that not everyone is even there right now. yeah has a my mouth side the hotel here where the opposition negotiating team are and they are going to be meeting stefan demas store about five hours from now at the u.n. headquarters for the first part of these talks but of course to have talks you need two sides and the other side is not yet here in geneva the syrian government making a point i think of coming late postponing their trip we now understand they will be here in the next twenty four hours they say the reason that they did perspire on their trip for a while is because they're on happy with comments made by the opposition who've been saying what they've always been saying and that is a sad must go but i can tell you there are people who think that maybe another
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reason is what you heard some are just reporting on the fact that the bombardment be an onslaught continues in syria particularly in eastern guta and we've seen this many times as rounds of talks of approach then on the ground there's been an effort particularly by the assad government to strengthen their hand with military action just before the talking starts. and then as far as the opposition what are they saying about on this then james. well it's worth noting this is not the same opposition with as comes all the talks in the past you had the high in the go see a sions committee that were negotiations in recent rounds you also had some other groups the so-called karo platform in the moscow platform and certainly the moscow platform in the past many of the other opposition were a bit skeptical about them and in fact even derided them sometimes as
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a side stooges well all of those groups have come together i can tell you the old agency has got members here there are other members who refused to come some who even resigned from the agency so you have a new opposition here despite that the head of that new opposition grouping still says assad must go. to conditions we are here to condition to to negotiate but i want to go on and then he will see action will be the departure of bashar from the beginning of transition. diplomats have in the past called the aside no it's a thing that's tied up all the rounds of negotiation here and still it's the key issue key issue one side saying assad must go the other saying no he was state. james thanks for that for a moment james space life for us there in geneva now in iraq thirteen people have been killed and thirty injured in a suicide attack that southeast of the capital baghdad it happened near
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a market in the know how to one area i saw has claimed responsibility imran khan has more from baghdad. the sources are telling us that after the explosion took place a small improvised explosive device that a number of gunmen at least fall they say fired from the roof tops of buildings adjacent to the market and that's where we saw a lot of those deaths take place now we are hearing that i still have claimed responsibility for this itzhak now this will shock a number of people here in baghdad i guess is going through a relative he read of car in the last major suicide attack like this that we saw a bombing sort was actually in may know the happiness very small incidents outside of baghdad in the south but nothing in the south of baghdad or but nothing the scale of this now are as i say i still have responsibility for this it's likely that they're striking back because they've suffered defeats in mosul in iraq in syria and also in the north in anbar province already in iraq now pope
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francis is meeting myanmar's leader aung sang suu kyi he is expected to give a speech on the range of crisis and that follows his discussion with myanmar's most senior military general on monday who denied religious discrimination exists a military crackdown and widespread violence forced hundreds of thousands of the hinge of muslims to flee to neighboring bangladesh in what the u.n. is calling ethnic cleansing let's go higher is live for us in yangon now scott the pope's first full day there in myanmar who is the met with and do we know if he's even brought out the range of crisis. well the day started here in yang gone and he met had an interfaith meeting represent us from a buddhist faith muslim faith jewish faith and hindu faith and we actually met was
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someone who was part of that meeting someone who was representing muslim faith and we know that you know there were issues discussed there but there were a hinge issue specifically was not discussed more kind of like a peaceful coexistence how to interact between the faiths affectively nothing specific when it comes to the revenge issue and then we know the pope also very briefly fifteen minutes is coming out from the vatican spokesman sat down with a. a controversy a buddhist figure here who is known to have racial who's known to use racial slurs against muslims and specifically the ranger the office of the vatican saying that the reason he did that is was to promote peace and coexistence and then he got on a plane and flew to neighbors or this nation's capital and that's where he is now he's probably as we speak meeting with on song suchi the civilian leader he's then going to speak to an audience of diplomats civil servants as well as some of those other officials in the government that he did meet one on one with so that's going
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to come out that's going to be as first kind of public speech if you will house on that and that's expected probably within next half hour and what are we expecting tomorrow that scott. to a wednesday morning will be the big public event for the pope's visit here to myanmar they'll be stadium huge stadium tomorrow morning wednesday morning he'll deliver that and then we'll have some other meetings and then on thursday that is when he goes on to the second leg of his trip over to bangladesh but tomorrow morning that's going to be when we see all the christians from across the country who have come here to young gone to see their pope that's what we're going to see most of the faithful if you will today is more meeting with government officials human rights officials but then tomorrow is going to be more for the people for the christian public or anyone who wants to come to this large mass tomorrow morning wednesday morning scott had a life for us there in yangon thank you and we've got plenty more ahead on this news our. congress who they say was here
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a long time ago they call or pocahontas he was supposed to be honoring one thousand american war veterans now donald trump's accused of a racist slur. a t.v. host on track to be the next president of honduras. and in support tatiana will be here to tell you who would have a win as well at the annual rugby awards in monaco. so all that still ahead but first a left wing television host is on track to be the next president of honduras it's expected to take a few days for all of votes are counted but salvador leads the current president juan orlando hernandez sanchez reports from the capital. supporters of something of a mess that didn't wait for final result. popular t.v.
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personality new to us sixty four year old nice crime that took the lead in a much contested general election to get him off we want something new. hunder is and the new is called salvador nostra. the electoral tribunal says it will wait until all the ballots reach the capital and are counted and that could take a few more days. demonstrators outside the electoral tribunal say they would defend the vote. we're celebrating and we want our votes can't be stolen. people here tell us their country instead. is the winner of this election and they're celebrating before there's a final results. from a precedent been written lay a joint celebrations it was a comeback for him the party he found it may return to power said i yes says he already feels vindicated eight years after he was ousted in
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a military lit. it means the start of a new era it means the closing of a cycle that began with the coup and with the tragedy that that has represented for us and political and social and economic times and it means the hope to rebuild the honduras that is democratic. hours after polls closed top candidates claimed a victory and candidate recently from the liberal party conceded necessarily had won the election the president cannot london and this remains waiting for the rural vote from remote areas of us hoping they could still give him a chance to win. for now the alliance claims a victory it means your seat is irreversible. but in a centrist i just see that the goosey aren't bound to the us. the international says it's obtained new internal documents and evidence from energy giant shell the rights organization says the material points to shows complicity in crimes
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committed by the nigerian military in the one nine hundred ninety s. they put out a report which shows shell and the nigerian government operated as business partners having regular meetings to talk about the protection of their interests. at the time protests by the people of southeastern nigeria were taking place in response to years of oil spills which devastated their environment documents show that on october twenty ninth one thousand nine hundred shell requested what was referred to as security protection to subdue peaceful demonstrations over the next two days police attacked. with guns and grenades killing at least eighty people and burning almost six hundred houses amnesty international research or mark dummett says there are grounds for a criminal investigation. the evidence suggests or points to doesn't point to any direct involvement by a shell staffer for michelle staff i mean these were horrific crimes including murder torture rape and the destruction of villages these were carried out by
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members of the nigerian military but the internal shell documents show that throughout this period the company was encouraging. the the nigerian military government and the military units involved to take action against these protesters even after the company knew what was likely to happen i just want to give you one concrete example we one of the documents that we've we've got is a shell internal memo dated the third of march one thousand nine hundred ninety four and this memo authorized the payment of around nine hundred dollars to a military commander and shell explains that this payment is partly for a sustained favorable this position toward shell in future assignments in other words his payment was partly for future assignments now just days before this payment was made this military commander who received the nine hundred dollars had
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opened fire on unarmed protesters outside the front gate of shell's headquarters in port harcourt and months later was responsible for the brutal crackdown in a go and that's one example of many that we have a spokesman for shell in nigeria has given a statement saying we have always ignite in the strongest possible terms the allegations made in this tragic case goes on to say amnesty international's allegations are false and without merit shell did not collude with the authorities to suppress community unrest and in no way encouraged or advocated any act of violence in nigeria. now in the greek island of lesbos poor conditions in the main government run camp for refugees is not stopping more of them from arriving every day up to two hundred people daily mostly from turkey adding to the one million arrivals in the past two and a half years it's one of our reports there's little prospect of them traveling
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further in europe. for more than two and a half years people have been making the perilous journey across the water from turkey many have lost their lives trying to reach the safety of europe's shores and still they come. or. just my life i. feel for our baby. i just know that. it's now well known that europe's borders are closed the greece offers little prospect of one would travel to countries like germany. you know. but beyond the friendly smile of a volunteer camp worker they're about to discover another grim reality.
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there are no bathrooms we haven't had a shower for ten days. hussein and her family from iraq weren't prepared for the dire conditions inside the main government run camp. i looked at them and this is all greece has for them and with winter approaching they're trapped here like thousands of others i believe what we saw today is also part of a big current strategy the message is very very clear if you want to apply for asylum in europe this is what you will find that where you will stay my plan for a long period of time your needs will not be even met. and you will probably stay there for a year long. if as a person seeking asylum you managed to survive the sea crossing by a small rubber boat from turkey twelve miles away you might arrive as many have done with this pretty greek fishing port imagine if your first sight of the european union was a place like this and yet you ended up stuck for months on end in
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a place like this. not all will have valid claims to asylum some will be considered migrants economic opportunists but whether they fled war or poverty there's no doubting their determination to find a better life i myself. don't you know so i think more than we ever have even. maybe i don't know any kind of bind is grim you know it's. all going to be able whatever you dig out of the early days of this scene is like from head to head with stuff whose place of origin gambia isn't recognized as a country at war it's likely he will be deported under the terms of e.u. policy back to turkey his journey from hell to hell not over yet jonah how al-jazeera lesbos greece. how the world's most vulnerable fleeing war and
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poverty back home are being abused and optioned as slaves a shocking danger facing migrants and refugees in libya in a few hours the un human rights chief will brief the security council holding an emergency meeting called by france over the libyan slavery crisis it's been reported hundreds of people are being auctioned in modern day slave markets in libya for as little as four hundred dollars libya as the main transit hub for refugees and migrants attempting to reach southern europe by sea they originate in countries like nigeria eritrea guinea ivory coast gambia senegal sudan and somalia power vacuum in libya after the fall of moammar gadhafi has made human trafficking and people smuggling a booming trade and the european union's new strategy to stop migrants and refugees traveling across the mediterranean sea has led to more people being stuck in libya
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without money or food we have correspondents tracking this from three countries along. the dangerous route migrants and refugees have been taking amitie address is in the nigerian capital abuja where many of them come from but let's go first to mahmoud where head live in the libyan capital tripoli so mahmoud just give us a sense of how bad the situation is there for people and how things got to this point. well has in the situation of migrants is so miserable here in libya as you know that these migrants the. poverty unemployment and wars in some cases in their own country countries and they take advantage of the power vacuum the security and financial collapse in libya and they get abused by people a smugglers they want a better life in europe they take a tough journey through the libyan desert and they get extorted by people smugglers
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the pay people smugglers to get to the coast of libya and then after this tough journey in the desert they get abused or some get raped some get used to by other people other unofficial militias and when they reach the coast of libya they get packed on rubber boats and been sent off to europe via the mediterranean and in most cases or in many cases there are boats capsized in the mediterranean and so many of them died during the last week libya's coast guard said that they rescued more than eight hundred migrants and they picked up thirty dead brothers of migrants from the train including three children and nineteen women now authorities here say that they have opened and if an investigation into their. allegations that he got the trafficking of migrants or the option to sell migrants as slave as
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slaves but as you know has these migrants they take advantage of the power vacuum but at the same time. illegal immigration has become a growing trade for people of smugglers here in libya also authorities say that they affect libyan economy because they have to care for them they have to take care of them and also they have to provide them with food and health care to. hundreds of maybe even thousands of of migrants in detention centers here in libya as you know that these migrants they face extortion they face. abuse and violence through that miserable journey in the desert muhammad had to wear head for life for us there in tripoli let's go to how many dream who is in the nigerian capital. for perspective on this from from the refugees now
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as we were saying there many many of them have come from nigeria and they've made a very difficult decision to leave a place that's been their home all their lives and this is not a an easy decision for them so i guess my question is how desperate is the situation there that compels them to do this. well basically the it's largely moral economic and political a wall i've spoken to a government official a short while ago and what he drew my attention to is. would you say that people displaced by book or around violence in the north east are the ones going to libya and on to europe i couldn't answer that because he said all these people have relocated within the nigerian state they have also moved to neighboring countries like cameroon and this year why some of them have been deported back to nigeria by the way but the fact of the matter is that nigeria has long been. the route for
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people who are looking for greener pastures so-called green apos just in europe we've known people from different parts of this country and even from neighboring countries like west african countries like togo being the public who come into this country and then they move up north then use a very porous border on the nigerian border nigeria chad border and all of these and that's why they move in tunisia from the you know they move to the northern part of me i get is and on to libya and these people are actually most of them we can say the government official told me that most of them actually economic migrants not people impacted by wall by political crisis oh what have you but duckies the situation right now in nigeria what we have in the northeast of the of the country is that most of these people displaced bible koran fighting largely in the internally displaced persons camp or in other internally displaced persons camp
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across the border in come rule. and child so that's the situation right now but the question is how far is the european union willing to go to stop these people mostly young men and women who are trying to reach you know for a better life that so-called better life that they're talking about some say utopias helping these countries with. a lot of funds a lot of resources to build the capacity to provide employment but there are in some of these countries there is a history of corruption but it's also i think street of lasers on the part of the government to see through some of the decisions they may have taken but the basic question is that these people who are eager to go to you know believe that their lives can be better in europe and. there will still try as much as they can to reach europe to get that better life hi thank you i mean address live in a budget. our politicians are in
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a huddle in the lebanese capital beirut to decide the country's new role in the region the sticking point has been hezbollah iran backed lebanese political party with a powerful armed wing another issue the political future of prime minister sad harry who quit and then suspended his resignation last week to reports from beirut all smiles a saddle had he left a meeting with president michel and the prime minister didn't say if they discussed his demand that lebanon would stick by the state policy of staying out of regional conflicts but he appeared to be in a good mood the prime minister suspended his resignation last week to give the president time to renew lebanon's commitment to what is known as at this association policy it is a reference to hezbollah how did he has said he would resign if the party doesn't stay out of regional conflicts hezbollah's parliamentary representative was among the political figures received by the president as part of his consultations to
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reach a consensus but has not we discussed how to protect lebanon how to govern the lebanon's neutrality and resuming the work of the government. he refused to answer when asked if hezbollah will and its military activities outside lebanon. hezbollah has said it plans to withdraw its commander's advisors and trainers from iraq where the government there declares victory against apart from that statement it has not made any clear public commitment that it will end its involvement in syria for example it has also been accused of providing military support to the hutus in yemen a charge it denies but hezbollah's role abroad is not the only divisive issue. hezbollah's political opponents have long called on the group to surrender its weapons accusing it of using its arms for political gains. and hezbollah says it is open to dialogue and ready to reach an understanding about its ally iran has already closed the door to compromise at least on one issue iran's revolutionary
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guard says hezbollah's arms of the remaining non-negotiable. even acknowledge that lebanon cannot do anything because hezbollah's arms are a regional matter his allies agree. it would be better not to discuss the issue of farms this will take us back to previous dialogues and this would be futile let us discuss the disassociation policy and how to implement it. really has little leverage hezbollah's armed wing is stronger than the national army but he does have an advantage there is consensus among all parties to preserve stability the presidential palace issued a statement saying that political blocs agreed on major issues like the disassociation policy and non interference in the affairs of arab countries it seems there is a compromise deal to. beirut. all right in a few hours. but still ahead on. the pittsburgh penguins battle the
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philadelphia flyers bragging rights in pennsylvania will be able to beat up. by this guy ninety. four off the coast of the italian riviera. have the northern hemisphere winter taking ever bigger bites furthest south for example only a couple days ago it was subzero by day and by night in pyongyang so we're in north korea nice bit of early winter settles and a beautiful sight was blue skies above this is just been a bitin since then we've had an invasion of cloud the cold has been swept out of the way and things of all of that plus seven them but that cold air did get in briefly to japan as well as this sort of signal course that triggers trees to
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change because you can see the beautiful all grist for the place where your picture this is this is kyoto home shooting you can see that lovely picture already but yes have these by sea until eventually when to make six mark on the real cold is being held quite a long way back way from japan up into mongolia in the fall north which i was minus twenty currently in but that he's making a bid for freedom if you like is on its way out again so we will see in the next couple of days these fronts drift eastwards a lot colder air coming from where it is because where it's sitting currently is a proper winter both by the way about i said about minus twenty seven by not one hundred but this is moving to clear is going to beijing to. flee. the weather sponsored by the time race. resonate with us today just as they did with those who fought for independence that
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our people might be able to realize their full potential it is incumbent on us to continue the task of building a nation founded on laws and institutions that will guarantee each and every one in our land justice freedom and security. your holiness the challenges that meme our faces are many and each challenge calls for strength patients and courage our nation is a rich tapestry of different peoples languages and religions woven on a backdrop of natural potential it is a must for government to bring out the beauty of our diversity and to make it our strength by protecting rights fostering tolerance and security for all our most cherished and ever is to carry forward the peace process based on the nationwide cease wide fifty five green meant that this in
1:40 pm
a seated by the previous government. the road of peace is not always smooth but it is the only way that will lead our people to their dream of a just and prosperous land that will be their refuge their pride their joy. the quest for peace has to be reinforced by the attainment of the stable development that the future of coming generations might be assured. of the many challenges that our government has been facing the situation in the rakhine has most strongly captured the attention of the world as we address longstanding issues social economic and political that have eroded trust and understanding harmony and cooperation between different communities and the support of our people and of good friends who only wish to see our six engine and diverse has been invaluable. your
1:41 pm
holiness the gifts of compassion and encouragement that you bring to us will be treasured and we take to heart your words and the message for the celebration of the fiftieth world day of peace on first of january twenty seventh him. i quote from your speech holiness jesus himself of us a manual for the strategy of peacemaking in the sermon on the mount the age of beatitude provide a portrait of the person we could describe as blessed good and authentic blessed the other me jesus tells us the merciful and the peacemakers those who are pure in heart and those who hunger and thirst for justice this is also a program of the challenge for political and religious leaders the heads of international institutions and business and media executives to apply the
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beatitudes in the exercise of their respective responsibilities it is a challenge to build up society communities and businesses by acting as peacemakers it is to show mercy by refusing to discard people harm the environment or seek to win at any cost cost in. your holiness we are proud and happy that you have come to our country a mere six months after the establishment of diplomatic relations between the holy see and your mom this is not only the opening of a new era of close relations it also constitutes a revival of old ties that i and others of my generation remember with affection and appreciation i began my education at the same fountains convent in rangoon which makes me fancy that i am entitled to special blessing from your
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holiness but all the best things you can for will be shared by all of us that we may be able to spread goodwill and joy throughout our land. your holiness each age in the life of a nation brings its own the sponsibility is just it has to bear as the legacies of the past we today who have been given the opportunity to effect changes that could open new vistas of progress for our nation will strive to discharge our duties with probity and humility we wish to live to the future a land that has been nurtured with care and respect a healthy land a beautiful land we wish to leave to the future a people united and at peace secure in their capacity to grow and prosper in a changing world a compassionate and generous people always ready to hold out
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a helping hand to those in need of people strong and skills and hold in spirit your holiness the children of the church in this country are also the children of lir much loved and cherished we thank them as we thank you for praying for our nation and all the peoples of the world. the road ahead just alone but we walk it with confidence trusting in the power of peace love and joy. continuing our mo our coming. i thank you. leader aung san suu kyi speaking there live when. she is about to introduce the pope francis who is on a pivotal visit there in the country after meeting with. he will deliver what is
1:45 pm
a very keenly waited. way to address his first chance to speak publicly about the range of refugee crisis that has been hanging over his trip a lot of people will be listening very closely to hear if he gives any reference to . but by actually mentioning. by name because that is a considered a provocative term in a mainly buddhist country where the muslim minority are denied citizenship and branded as bengali immigrants pope francis has repeatedly defended the group some more than six hundred thousand of them now who fled to bangladesh since august escaping persecution so let's listen in now to pope francis as he prepares to speak.
1:46 pm
of the french. and there. it is political history. all right we had expected the pope to be speaking in english and unfortunate this point we do not have english translation with us so we are going to bring in scott heide lawyer. who is standing by for us. in. scott this is a big pardon scott is in the capital yangon now that we've established that. so
1:47 pm
scott just give us a sense of how important this speech is now and how keenly awaited it is. not just in. the world. absolutely awesome now this is something that has been such a focus in the weeks coming up to this visit by the pope something that's been talked about obviously a lot here in myanmar but it's kind of is he going to say we're not going to say britons you know that's kind of been the international focus of this event coming in to his visit internally in myanmar you read the media here and it was kind of interesting to see just how little coverage there was before the pope's visit that is because housing as you were saying that the idea behind there were hinges in country here in myanmar is very controversy on the government doesn't recognize them the right hinge as an ethnic group in myanmar as you mentioned they recognize them as illegal migrants from bangladesh they don't see them as citizens the pope
1:48 pm
has come out in support of the range of this is something that's very important to the pope yes the range of crisis but refugees across the world so it's something that he kind of picked up he said in the past he's called them or hinge in the past and he said that they are peace loving people and that they have been oppressed so that was the rhetoric coming coming into this visit so far in this visit as you said this is his first public speech but so far earlier today he had some meetings we saw we sat down with someone who was in an interfaith meeting and we found out that the range issue was not brought up the range name was not discussed. moving through you know we got today this is the big speech today that was pretty much wrapped up tuesday his second first full day in country then wednesday have a big mass here in the ng gone but this is really the speech where if he's going to mention it in kind of specific or on specific terms it will probably be here in the speech in a bit or again that audience there are diplomats there are civil servants there are people mcgovern obviously we saw on song suchi he sat down with her just before the
1:49 pm
speech that's the civilian leader here he met with the military leader of myanmar kind of unexpectedly the first evening after he arrived monday evening that meeting was supposed to to happen. thursday morning he sat down with the general here in yangon even before he went in april or so that was interesting couple of lines coming out of that a couple of interesting discussion points they said the vatican press office saying that the pope discussed with the general that it's important that the idea with the authorities here in country realize how important their role is in this nation that is in transition right now the head of the army said that this country has does not oppress anybody of any religion and all religions are free in the nation obviously some people many people around the world particularly those who are in cox bazaar where these more than six hundred thousand refugees have fled over two will have issue with that statement will be interesting to see as the pope goes through this speech how close we'll get to that subject you know so far at the ideas coming out
1:50 pm
of this trip have been very broad peace coexistence kind of working to work toward coming together more as on song suchi just mentioned in her introduction to the pope diplomatic relations were only reestablished between the vatican and myanmar just about six months ago so again as she said this is the beginning of a new era of relationship between the vatican and myanmar but as she said before it's going back to old ideas that they had before they sever diplomatic relationships so be interesting to see you know yes what happens now this is the government side of things this is the official side of things how things will move forward and what the pope actually says in the speech but again if from the indications we've been getting so far he probably won't directly tackle that i think they'll probably more like broad themes house them indeed a very keenly awaited speech there by francis in that me and mine we will be keeping abreast of what does come out of that for the moment scott highlight for us there in yangon. i move on to other stories now president u.s.
1:51 pm
president donald trump is being accused of insulting native americans at a white house event honoring indigenous war veterans the president derided democratic party senate by calling her pocahontas and salumi reports on the reaction. event was to honor native american veterans but president donald trump couldn't resist the opportunity to criticize a political rival use the name of a native american hero in front of a portrait of president andrew jackson who is known for forcefully removing natives from their ancestral lands no less in a way that was not meant as a complement thank you because you're very very special people you were here long before any of us we're. alone we have a representative in congress who they say was here a long time ago they call or pocahontas it's a name he first used on the campaign trail and polka dot this is not happy she got
1:52 pm
to refer to the democratic senator and staunch trump critic elizabeth warren the senator who's claimed native american ancestry was quick to respond it is deeply unfortunate that the president of the united states cannot even make it through a ceremony honoring these heroes without having to throw out a way or the president's spokesperson said there was nothing offensive about it you know most people find offensive center warrant line about her parentage to advance her career but native groups such as the national congress of american indians have expressed outrage at the president's use of the name pocahontas before and again called it a slur that denigrates her legacy and i think her native women who read. one of my name one of the stories of our women in a racing authority but using her name a chart of terms only help. through high levels of violence against nato
1:53 pm
bombing today you know the controversy overshadowed recognition of the veterans who lose the navajo language to transmit secret messages during world war two sending what some insist is a message of disrespect kristen salumi al-jazeera. let's go to a sport now his tatiana thank you has them to three marks the first anniversary of the plane crash in medal in colombia that killed nineteen brazilian football club topical when they team members it happened when the squad including the coaching staff officials and also media were on their way to medal for the first leg of the cup i saw them at a kind of final against atletico north and now the flight they were on developed fuel and electrical problems and crashed into a mountain range just a few miles from their final destination seventy one people died in total only thick survived for fernando callouses a football journalist and joins me live from madrid thank you for joining us the club have avoided relegation and in the last few days have actually maintained in
1:54 pm
the top divisions there how much can we say that they for covered from the devastation. and i think the record in the beach there you will hear as you see the it is they're not you know they're already qualify it with the sort of me going up card and they have a really big chance to try and salute at least to a source on the beach to be going really well but the problem that we have right now is outside with all the problems there we are the seven she wants to stop the seas there and there are space and they can receive yet any money from the issue responsibly actually let me know that the their company they even pay out insurance you got any expired their contracts or they are suffering really what they are suffering a lot about if we do not help anybody be charged with it yes we don't know we still don't know yet who are all the company and you know sort of. fuel when in the
1:55 pm
electrical problems the only problem that they have is that the they ran out of gas . they try to save when they last believe you or so it was an accident it was a worrier and we brazil there are still waiting to see who is going to pay for it there and finance or how if other football team is showing this the full support for shafiq and. well yeah the it should be once again to to europe they have three friendly matches year against rob but the biggest supporter of my answer was what's a lot of us on the gate in two hundred fifty thousand euros and back in march eighth the director of the stand at the only scene that actually helped barcelona with financial help with money was was barcelona so i think that the. biggest the biggest that should be going to be in was getting on their feet by their own
1:56 pm
eight from the floor of the divisions of the first division of the continental championship on just six years so it's really remarkable what this club is doing so we in brazil really looking forward to see justice is going to be a thank you finance a we're going to have to leave it there thank you so much for joining us. i find my fact your analyst take you back now tonight the door where pope francis is speaking with the name. of this love nation long. live to. thank you for listening. with my very best wishes for the common good. i call. grant. for benediction of peace thank
1:57 pm
you very much. all right you've been listening there to pope francis speaking in myanmar. introduced there by me and. this is the start of a four day visit in the country. obviously he's a lot of scrutiny over the ongoing refugee crisis with the region and whether he would address that issue head on we've got plenty more reaction on this and all the major stories here on al-jazeera. lots more on our website as always to get the latest on all the stories that we are following there my colleague will be here in two minutes with more of the day's news here on al-jazeera the latest
1:58 pm
from. and kenya as well as developments on the story surrounding the libya slave trade just give you a look at our front page of our web site there obviously kenya is dominating events there. president hu kenyatta just been sworn in just about an hour ago so plenty of reaction on that too as well as dot com get the latest on all the stories we're following.
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