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time is aiming to replace america and going to run the world but the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china at this time and i just see it. al-jazeera. and for you. this is al-jazeera.
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hello and welcome to this news hour i'm has i'm sick and dog coming up in the next sixty minutes. as president of the republic of thank god. who kenyatta promises to be a leader for all kenyans as he's sworn in for a second term but scenes like this show the nation remains divided. pope francis' of voice mentioning myanmar's persecuted range of muslims by name as he stands with aung sang suu kyi calling for peace. as the u.n. prepares to look into human trafficking in libya we examine how people fleeing war and poverty are falling into the twenty first century slavery. and new evidence suggests an oil giant colluded with the government to punish nigerian villages who complained about spills i'm touching on a franchise with the sport. news including the one year anniversary of the plane
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crash that killed team players and staff of brazilian football poptropica wednesday . who kenyatta has his divided nation to move on from months of political up he will after being sworn in for a second term as kenya's president his inauguration follows the violent and drawn out election process which included two disputed polls kenya all leaders to serve the nation regardless of political affiliation and said he would dedicate all his energy to building what he called unity and nationhood president kenyatta as kenyans to move on from those elections here's some of what he had to say today is the one hundred twenty third day since we began on august eighth
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two days you know that isn't there four months. and i repeat the end of our electoral process the elections. are now firmly behind us it's been a trying time. but once again kenyans of showing their resilience. in calming their prices. and the passions that accompany political competition. well let's take a look at what's happening elsewhere in nairobi as police used tear gas to disperse protesting supporters of kenya's bitter rival rival a dingo he was expected to hold a rally but offices shouted down his supporters saying they wanted to mourn the death of more than fifty people killed during the post-election on rest for me to miller was at the jacaranda grounds in nairobi where the opposition planned to
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rally she joins us on the phone from me to what happened there. the them early in the grayer police have sealed off the ground it was supposed to hold a rally as you say commemorate close. to the opposition came back behind the police then leaping protest. period we see the reactions go to his one going out to the ground to push by police using tear gas because we spoke to people i'm really close with the clues. i haven't. been to them from him. from a paying the police told to look more real and they say they're also angry over president uhuru kenyatta say he's not a legitimate president. to me actually that you've won and this isn't an environment in which they can make films and so they maybe and i are clearly
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laid out in this relation that. i think that in fact. i like r.t. to speak to the court because they did briefly paid for to be mormon as president of the twelfth of december. last year but it will be what is core to people's assembly. individual counties that's the core can be sparingly and to be told him as president of the country. read a minute on the line for us there in nairobi where the opposition was planning to hold that rally let's go to catherine saw him now who is at the presidential swearing in of who kenyatta so catherine the message from mr kenyatta was one of unity and putting aside differences but the big question will be whether that message was heard all over kenya.
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absolutely and let me just tell you this ground this event here. around the stadium is all over a couple of hours ago sixty thousand more than sixty thousand people why here to witness. inauguration and in that speech there that you mentioned he said all the right things he was very very big on unity saying that he wants to be a president for everyone he reached out to the hashim can you hear me yet when you just broke up for a moment there catherine but i believe we can hear you now so please continue. all right unfortunately i was mentioning in that speech that he gave earlier. it's looks like we can hear you again so my only i mean you can continue go ahead.
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ok hashim also hear about that speech that he made early on he was very big on unity saying that he wants to be a president for all he wants to unite all kenyans he reached out to the opposition to help him with that he also talked about achievements of his last. achievement of his government in the last five years he said he's going to create more jobs he said that he's going to expand health care and also continue on development projects that he had already started in his last term but what many people who are talking about and what will they want to see is how he's going to deal with the economy that has been slowing down if you go to the streets many many people will tell you that they are struggling to make ends meet the cost of living is very high in fact all the thousands of people who came to cheer him on many of them left not knowing where they're going to get their next meal so this is something that they want him to address as a matter of priority others are talking about corruption they say they want him to
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deal with that he never really deal deal with corruption in the private sector in his last term in fact he seemed overwhelmed by it so people are waiting to see how he's going to deal with that issue there saying that this is his last term he has to leave a legacy that is good that is lasting so he has to be a row bass and he has to act decisively and without fear or favor. catherine sawyer live for us there in nairobi apologies for getting our wires crossed a little bit earlier in the middle there on now to one of our other top stories at least nineteen people have been killed by syrian government and strikes in a rebel held area on the outskirts of the capital damascus it is the second attack on eastern hooter in forty eight hours the asset government has stepped up the pace of strikes ahead of the eighth round of geneva talks to try and end the conflict and those talks were meant to begin on tuesday but the u.n. has only just been given confirmation the syrian government delegation will not
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arrive until wednesday so let's have a look at how the map of who controls what in syria has changed in the last two years four major urban centers have been the focus of much of the fighting this was syria in november twenty fifth in about a month after russia got involved in the civil war in red regime controlled areas black shows i saw green the syrian opposition and yellow shows kurdish forces and this is syria today a significant increase in regime controlled areas quite a different picture there kurdish forces have expanded their influence anti asset forces of last territory an eyesore has been reduced to an area along the border with iraq over to our diplomatic editor james bays who is in geneva where those talks are taking place so james. where things stand right now particularly since we're getting reports of
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a possible cease fire in eastern hooter. well we've just been hearing in the last few minutes from stefan de mistura who is the special envoy the united nations are the people who are running this process and he's in charge of it for the united nations he's been here meeting the delegation the negotiating team from the opposition he was with them for the best part of two hours talking about the situation he came out afterwards and spoke to us clearly he's not been able to speak to the government side because they delayed their arrival here and are not now expected to be in geneva until wednesday stefan de mistura vote confirming important news he says that a meeting earlier on today which he had with the representatives of the five permanent members of the u.n. security council their representatives their ambassadors here in geneva russia proposed a ceasefire in eastern guta and he said that the syrian government has said that it
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will comply with the cease fire because it is really at the moment only one side that is involved in military action there and that is the syrian government with their onslaught their aerial bombardment that has been going on for days and days now and causing such agony for the people that today's what's the opposition been saying and. what i think the opposition are likely to welcome that development they would like there now to be direct talks between the two sides when the syrian government arrives here remember you have a different makeup of the opposition this time around we used to have what was called the high negotiations committee they had some divisions they had some people who didn't want to come to geneva some that are here in geneva and they've been joined in their delegation with with members of what's known as the karo platform in the moscow platform i can tell you in the past other opposition members did not like those two groups particularly in the moscow platform who some derided as assad
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stooges but they're now all together in this new. if the syrian government and the russians though thought that was going to dilute their position on our side they will be disappointed this is what the head of the new negotiating team had to say. we want board blue conditions we are here to condition to to negotiate but i want to go in then you will see action will be the departure of bashar assad from the beginning of transition. and verity is the key issue which has through so many rounds here in geneva been the real stumbling block the future of president assad a man whose family of controlled syria since one nine hundred seventy one side saying he must go the other side saying he must stay james ray's life first their engine even thank you. pope francis as widely expected avoided any direct
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mention of myanmar's range of muslim minority as he appeared alongside the country civilian leader aung sang suu kyi the head of the roman catholic church instead said that me and my should respect the rights of all ethnic groups military crackdown and widespread violence has forced hundreds of thousands of the hinge of muslims to flee to neighboring bangladesh in what the un is calling ethnic cleansing. when up by phone. but. he says based on respect and dignity and the rights of every member of society and for every ethnic group and its identity to be respected under human rights and the democratic order no individual or ethnic group should be excluded everyone can offer a legitimate contribution to the common good and the great work of reconciliation in the national integration of religious communities and their differences must not be a source of division of. the situation in the rakhine as most strongly the
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attention of the world. as long standing issues social economic and political that have eroded trust and understanding harmony and cooperation between different communities and the support of our people and of good friends who only raced to see us and has been invaluable your holiness the gifts of compassion and encouragement that you bring to us. has more from yangon. and his first public comments here in myanmar since coming on the monday the pope alluded to but did not say the word in the speech after meeting with the civilian leader in the capital he said that all would just groups and ethnicities have the right to religious freedom but also have the right to identity obviously referring to the incident without saying that this again came after he
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met with. the capitol earlier in the day here in yangon before he left he had an interfaith meeting with religious leaders there they came out with the idea that yes everyone here should have freedom and that for the betterment of myanmar for the future of myanmar they all need to have their religious freedom now on wednesday morning a large mass of the stadium here in yangon that will be the biggest public event for him with the most christians coming to hear him conduct this mass in yangon on wednesday morning. the international says it is obtained new internal documents and evidence from energy giant shell the rights organization saying the material points to shells complicity in crimes committed by the nigerian military during the one nine hundred ninety s. they put out a report which shows shelling the nigerian government operating as business partners having regular meetings to discuss the protection of their interests at the same time protests by the people of south east and nigeria were taking place in response to years of oil spills which devastated their environment documents show
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that on october twenty ninth one thousand nine hundred ninety show requested security protection to subdue peaceful demonstrations over the next two days police attacked and ogoni village with guns and grenades at least eighty people and burning almost six hundred houses. a spokesperson for shell in nigeria has provided a statement saying that we have always denied in the strongest possible terms the allegations made in this tragic case that goes on to say amnesty international's allegations are false and without merit shell did not collude with the authorities to suppress community unrest and in no way encouraged the advocated any act of violence in nigeria. i understand the national research or mark dummett says there are grounds for a criminal investigation. the evidence suggests or points to doesn't point to any direct involvement by
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a shell staffer for michele staff i mean these were horrific crimes including murder torture rape and the destruction of villages these were carried out by members of the nigerian military but the internal shell documents show that throughout this period the company was encouraging. the the nigerian military government and the military units involved to take action against these protesters even after the company knew what was likely to happen i just want to give you one concrete example we one of the documents that we've we've got is a shell internal memo dated the third of march one thousand nine hundred ninety four and this memo authorized the payment of around nine hundred dollars to a military commander and shell explains that this payment is partly for a sustained favorable this position toward shell in future assignments in other
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words this payment was partly for future assignments now just days before this payment was made this military commander who received the nine hundred dollars had opened fire on unarmed protesters outside the front gate of shells headquarters in port harcourt and months later was responsible for the brutal crackdown in the goalie land and that's one example of many that we have. we've got plenty more ahead on this news hour reported high level resignation appears to save on government at a crucial moment in the breaks it talks. the left wing t.v. host on track to be the next president of honduras and later in sport tatiana will be here to tell you who the big winners were at the annual world rugby awards in monaco. told us they had to first a television host is on track to win honduras presidential election with most of
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the votes counted salvador is five points ahead of current president juan orlando hernandez mariana sanchez reports now from to. i supporters of survival nasrallah didn't wait for a final result from. a popular t.v. personality in a ludicrous sixty four year old last run that took the lead in a much contested general election to get him last we want something new from honduras and the new is called salvador nostra. the electoral tribunal says it will wait until all the ballots reach the capital and are counted and that could take a few more days. demonstrators outside the electoral tribunal say they would defend the vote. we are celebrating and we want our votes can't be stolen from. people here tell us their confidence. is the winner of this election and they're
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celebrating before there's a final results. from a precedent been written by a joint celebrations it was a comeback for him the party he found it may return to power said i yes says he already feels vindicated eight years after he was ousted in a military lit. it means the start of a new era it means the closing of a cycle that began with the coup and with the tragedy that that has represented for us in political and social and economic times and it means the hope to rebuild honduras that is democratic will move hours after polls closed top candidates claimed a victory and candidate recently from the liberal party conceded necessarily had won the election the president cannot london and this remains waiting for the rural vote from remote areas with us hoping they could still give him a chance to win. for now the alliance claims
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a victory that means your seat is irreversible. but in a centrist i just see that the goosey aren't bound to the us. haiti's new president is pleading for international assistance as millions are at risk of famine after losing nearly six hundred million dollars worth of crops livestock and fisheries in the recent horak and the agricultural sector is struggling to raise about reports from the caribbean on. a uni self treatment center in russia in southern haiti dozens of menorahs children come here every day to receive medical help. me glen plessy morning brings her daughter just thirteen every few days she say t. months old. i lost my house in the hurricane right now i'm trying to rebuild it i'm struggling to feed my kids she's not eating well she gets sick all the time doctors here have intensified efforts in this area to fight my nutrition in haiti
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that has been hit by natural disasters in the last two years over and over again half of the population is officially minority the children brought here have been diagnosed with a minor question due to not wholly shortages of food but also to the quality of once they're in this place they're given this special form that is made of peanut vitamins and other components and they're also treated for related illnesses like parasites. most of the people in the southern part of the country depend on agriculture to survive but hurricane matthew last year killed cattle and crops. on the strong wind destroyed my house and my legs do injured before the hurricane we used to have a place to work and gardens but we don't have anything right now. even in the coastal areas hardship is everywhere these days these fisherman spent hours trying
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to get something to eat when no one home usenet is useless even though we put it here for hours it came out with nothing during the hurricane we lost so much nobody comes here to give us anything. haiti is one of the poorest countries in the world that heavily relies on international assistance but aid has been slowing down in the last two years. analysts say haiti's government has not prioritized the country's most vulnerable moment the most and the government announce a three hundred percent tax increase that is affecting the majority of the population of the country and worse and living conditions that already poor. haiti is extremely vulnerable to changing weather patterns which have a direct impact on people's lives here only prevention and continuing international support is what could impede these people's lives from getting worse.
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i'll just see that. haiti. or the world's most vulnerable fleeing war and poverty back home are being abused an auction as slaves a shocking danger facing migrants and refugees in libya in less than an hour from now the united nations human rights chief will brief the security council on the issue it's holding an emergency meeting called by france over the libyan slavery crisis now this has been reported that hundreds of people are being auctioned in modern day slave markets in libya for as little as four hundred dollars libya is the main transit hub for refugees and migrants trying to reach southern europe by sea they're coming from nigeria eritrea guinea ivory coast gambia senegal sudan and somalia and the power vacuum in libya after the fall of moammar gadhafi has made human trafficking and people smuggling smuggling
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a booming trade and the you're opinions new strategy to stop migrants and refugees traveling across the mediterranean has led to more people being stuck in league libya without money or food when a smith reports. this is not where these migrants want to be heading back to the african continent thanks to aid from the italian government to reinforce libya's coast guard. it's helped cut the number of migrants arriving in italy two hundred twenty two thousand in the last three months it's the lowest total for four years but people trafficking networks in libya continue to flourish because of government chaos as rival groups battle for power. these are repatriated to the ivory coast from libya so they risk being sold into slavery. they sell africans over there in libya they sell men even fifteen year old libyans are there in a car they're armed the coming kidnap you and the so you've heard seventy to one
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hundred fifty dollars and then others will resell you going. soon as you arrive in libya the first thing that happens is that you are taken away and sold our black brothers from west africa wherever you are from a million or any other nationality from the west even i bore you and you are sold and for what seven hundred dollars. but these migrants will tell you that life is so hard in their home country that it's worth almost any risk to make a new start in europe now with the advent of the smartphone and with facebook and others pushing into africa a youngster can meet a smuggler in two seconds on the phone now that nothing is being done to challenge that they think they're following a dream to europe they end up in the mall in the grip of these repay shoes smuggler despite increased patrols the u.n. says more than one hundred sixty thousand people have made it across the mediterranean to york this year about three thousand have drowned on bernard smith al jazeera let's get more of
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a sense of what is happening inside libya from our correspondent. in tripoli. they flee war poverty and unemployment in their own countries and the paid people are smugglers to get through the libyan desert to the libyan coast and then the sale of to europe through that tough journey in the desert migrants face extortion violence and sometimes rape sometimes many of them get killed or they die out of starving in the desert now authorities here in libya have recently opened an investigation into the allegations libya has a spacious opened and monitored borders that was sudan and chad and algeria and now when migrants get into libya they get used and extorted by people smugglers. out of migration trains from nigeria are slightly different as
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are many tourists explains from a boojum. many nigerians see migration to europe as an escape from the harsh economic realities in the country but a lot of people impacted by war the book war and war has been on for more than seven years now but these people people impacted by the war are largely. in internally displaced persons camp here in nigeria those who there are also thousands of migrated to neighboring countries like china and cameroon although some of them are being brought back and most of them according to a government official most of these people aren't the ones crossing the border in tunisia to i get is and on to libya to in order to get to europe these people are still holding out on their localities hoping for better days hoping that the insurgency will be over so that they can go back to their homes now the european union is trying to help some of these african countries with capacity building with
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financial aid to empower the youths to be sussed and of all other to depend on themselves however most of these youths what you got to go to you know see you as their final destination and that is also that fear according to economists that some of these african countries especially the salient african countries may not fully utilize that or sources at their disposal these are countries suffering from economic challenges and also the issue of corruption and there is no such interest whether these countries who will utilize all the funds put up their disposal by the european union to stop the flow of migrants from these countries and to europe. all right now tunnel get the weather and a quick update of conditions in bali rob yes well it's not going to affect the volcano if it does stay in the ash site this position ourselves we're talking about at work then it's the airport if you like biggest town on bali we're eight degrees south so soon. little bit and show us you my graphics will actually work even
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a bit sticky today. have a look from the satellite at the cloud structure i said it's it's eight degrees south it's more or less the wet season i've given you mt the volcano itself if you watch this time lapse we're looking from the northwest so in fact the ash cloud is more or less going south sort of water which keeps it away from the other side from jakarta if you like but it does close the airport on body itself as masses a cloud around it has been some pretty heavy rain in the area that you might think is a good idea but in this case there is so much ice that all you do if you run through it has created slurry which really hits the ground is just a mudslide or worse so that's a position at the moment the next couple of days in the wind directions more or less the same north or northeast we drive in the direction of the little bit further away from where we are here from java this is equally heavy rain in this case probably wanted the big massive cloud currently pocas so sudden time that it's
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produced nearly half a meter of rain in the last three days with more to come. ahead on the second hour of this news hour rob just talked about it and we'll have more on that erupting volcano later on in sports the pittsburgh penguins back in the philadelphia flyers hockey bragging rights in pennsylvania tatyana will be here with the details. you are making. when they're on line the main u.s. response to drugs and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been criminalized or if you join us no evil person just wakes up in the morning and says i want to cover the world of darkness this is a dialogue leading to some of the confusion about people saying they don't actually know what's going on. at this time on al-jazeera.
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and again you're watching a mind of our top stories this hour kenyatta has vowed to unite kenya after being
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sworn in for a second term as president you know you ation follows months four months of often violent political upheaval clashes elsewhere involving pro-government and pro opposition supporters. to respect human rights and ethnic diversity in a speech after holding talks with leader aung san suu kyi the head of the catholic church did not mention the word rape and the crackdown has forced hundreds of thousands of range of muslims to flee to neighboring bangladesh. the un human rights chief is set to brief the security council on allegations of migrants and refugees being auctioned as slaves in libya and hold an emergency meeting called by france over the crisis. and the french president has called on europe and africa to increase their cooperation to crack down on these trafficking groups emanuel.
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says people smugglers need to be punished. so as part of his africa talk. tomorrow and i will propose a euro african initiative to put an end to this tragedy it's the strategies of the terrorists the arms and the human traffickers that have led to the tragedy that we see before our own eyes this initiative has to start by attacking the criminal gangs acting from the horn of africa and west africa up to the european coastlines i would propose africa and europe come together to help the population trapped in libya by providing massive support for the evacuation of people in danger this is our duty. well done our guy is a senegalese journalist and former director of information at echo us that's the economic community of west african states he joins us via skype now from a dhaka thanks for being with us now i want to ask you first of all what do you make of. emanuel macross role in this the french president has as certainly take
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the lead taken the lead in trying to find a solution and cooperating with african countries on this what how much influence does he really have and particularly france as a nation. look mr mcconnell be smart to make the movie in something that is really appealing to such power and by taking the lead. by calling marty un secretary cancer by dressing this issue at the university of you know when he spoke this morning to a car also our young students aged under something like that and many reading the issue totally should lead to murder or do you have a cause something i think the right buttons mr microphone but dish should be done by africans themselves governments african governments should tackle that it. slavery issue that exists in other nations in africa whether in libya.
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saudi arabia and qatar as well if she is to be at least by africa in a transparent way in giving with their partners but of course the current mr mugg nonsense just today is that even though you know that the head of a state that will have the power in juice to have we did nothing that france is being rejected it is even serious somehow as part of the problem because in two thousand and eleven when nato after libya and how to become some r. and b. opposition in. france most are not of its respect within the african population and you need to what i think mr merkel has brought as an attempt to really take advantage of what he sees as to grow the continent to. the continent that is the future of the transit system genuine of the world and i think that you know even looking smart people understand where he's coming from. and you
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say that this is something that the ship should be dealt with by by african governments themselves there are those on the other side who would argue that if that was the case then we wouldn't see the situation that we're seeing in libya right now with the terrible stories of people being sold off as slaves because so many of them have have left terrible conditions in their own countries in africa what do you say to that lou i am probably among the first to have this discussion is not today when you want to talk about a few months ago on a t.v. interview senator i said look this is a disaster for africa are now our people to be ocean that enslaved nobody just wanted to minister the problem is you have government people who. only respond to buzz is when the star or c.n.n. and other talk about an african issue this we need to acknowledge our problem from
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we didn't have the got it of course we need the help of the international community you may need the help of france we cannot be just opening tomorrow or when we need to acknowledge that we are the first to be addressed the problem is the extent expected for us and has just we must mobilize our resources we have those resources we look to the resources we have. the resources we have people human resources and military might then become a harness in order to go after the book who is a living our people we should not allow this in the twenty first century it is an insult to africa and the program there is a lot of the program to be addressed by africans if the rest of the world sees us as addressing those issues then there will be more interesting because there will be only leverage do whatever we have to do ourselves to be good to get your perspective on this adama gaye joining us there from dakar. now on the greek island
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of lesbos spoken dishes in the main government run camp for refugees there is not stopping more of them arriving every day up to two hundred are landing mostly from turkey adding to the one million arrivals in the past two and a half years and as john now reports now there's little prospect of them traveling further in europe. for more than two and a half years people have been making the perilous journey across the water from turkey many have lost their lives trying to reach the safety of europe's shores and still they come. or i lose my have my car i was my family just my life i. feel for i baby. i just know that. it's now well known that europe's borders are closed the greece offers little prospect of one would travel to countries like germany. you know.
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but beyond the friendly smile of a volunteer camp worker they're about to discover another grim reality. there are no bathrooms we haven't had a shower for ten days. helper hussein and her family from iraq weren't prepared for the dire conditions inside the main government run camp on less boss island this is all greece has for them and with winter approaching they're trapped here like thousands about those ice i believe what we see today is also part of a big deterrent strategy. as far east very clear if you want to apply for asylum this is what you will find the county where you will famous and what a long period of time your needs will not be. and you will probably stay there for a year or two if as
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a person seeking asylum you managed to survive the sea crossing by small rubber boat from turkey twelve miles away you might arrive as many have done at this pretty greek fishing port imagine if your first sight of the european union was a place like this and yet you ended up stuck for months on end in a place like this. not all will have valid claims to asylum some will be considered migrants economic opportunists but whether they fled war or poverty there's no doubting their determination to find a better life you know i myself have been talking you know. never have even. passed maybe a day when i have met. with this dream and i was here. are going to be able. to have this is like from head to head with staffers place of origin gambia isn't recognized as
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a country at war it's likely he will be deported under the terms of e.u. policy back to turkey his journey from hell to hell not over yet jonah how al-jazeera lesbos greece. we're going to head to brussels now where a group of delegates from the european parliament have been discussing the fight against terrorism and what's known as the global terrorism index david chaytor is there with more so david what else are they. what else are they meeting about there . has and let me just tell you first that the test from the global terrorism index is sort of quite interesting this year because what they actually show is a decline in the total number of deaths of the klein has been going on for two years now that is unexpected especially if you think the we're dealing all the time with the effects of these things we saw those pictures in the in the sinai over
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three hundred deaths at that mosque but anyway the real statistics show a decline in the number of deaths from terrorism and included in the delegates was invited the belgian ambassador for qatar he came along to actually tell the delegates that qatar was fighting the funding of terrorism fighting the financing of terrorism fighting it in every aspect we had one in three interesting thing to tell them he said that essentially the one way to fight extremism which is still spreading according to the index still spreading across more countries than ever has before one of the best ways to fight that extremism and that terrorism is to bring hope to the hopeless and that was a very good point he is saying that qatar is spending many billions of dollars on education systems and on health systems but he said there was really no point in putting this money forward unless everybody was unified on the fight against terrorism and that's where he said that the blockade by saudi arabia was stopping
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that unity let's hear what he said on that particular point however. we need to be only united to be able to succeed in this fight if we keep accusing each other just to demonize each other to weaken each other that is not helping the fight against ours and i think the whole world know became aware realize who is afflicting damage to and i think this problem has to end because the long last the more. varied tastes will live in the indian. the feeling in the minds of the people of the gulf who's been shown as the only unity in the middle east has been intact. coherent seeing families mixed bloods and now we see this division is happening unjustly unfortunately and david what did they see as the major threats going
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forward. who has them is very interesting we had a whole group of experts and one in particular was saying that the the real hazard that people are facing now in europe and elsewhere is what they call low tech terrorism now we've seen as we saw that in in nice when a lorry was used to kill more than eighty people driving along the promenade days on clay and these other night the knife attacks and other vehicles being used and they say these experts that these are the ones that are almost impossible to predict they're the ones that you can really get out even on intelligence sources because it tends to be the lone wolf and because these pamphlets are put out on the the cyber networks one individual who be radicalized by what he's reading on the internet can also learn how to kill as many pieces of party people as possible on the internet they say that is the main danger that's facing all the countries at the moment david chaytor live for us there in brussels thank you. got some breaking
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news to tell you about now islands deputy prime minister has resigned over a whistleblower scandal francis was gerald at the center of a political crisis there the resignation looks to now avoid a no confidence motion in the government which would have triggered early elections during those crucial breaks in negotiations. now the international airports on the indonesian island of bali is closed for a second day as mt spews volcanic ash up into the atmosphere posing a danger to at croft scientists are saying a major disruption could happen at any moment natasha i mean has that. towers of volcanic ash continued to shoot into the sky over bali after more than half a century of calm experts are warning of a catastrophe on mount. explosions can be heard and felt twelve kilometers away.
4:47 pm
for the second day the airport near the island capitol dome pasar is closed ending the travel plans of thousands of tourists anyway so we don't know we don't know what's going to happen but if i can have a drink. the government said one hundred buses to the airport and to the island's ferry terminals to assist travelers ten airports elsewhere in indonesia are ready to handle diverted flights but the response hasn't been looking out for some stuff so the government will be doing enough to help the foreign tourists there are thousands of people stranded here at the airport they have to go to another airport and the are trying to do that but the government and the authorities. islanders are nearby lombok say them out a gong eruption is hurting their businesses but no matter what the number of foreign tourists has dropped considerably while local tourists have increased in
4:48 pm
dealing with the talk rivers are enjoying the spectacular event but it's a potential life or death situation for the estimated one hundred thousand people in the danger zone. the last major eruption of mount agung in one thousand nine hundred sixty three killed around eleven hundred people natasha going to al-jazeera . police in australia's second largest city have a rested a man accused of planning a mass shooting on new year's eve authorities say twenty year old the twenty year old tried to obtain an automatic rifle to attack people in melbourne it's alleged he was planning the attack at federation square a popular spot for thousands of people celebrating the new year the mile is one of the hardest persons of interest we have been monitoring him for a very lengthy period of time he's in a strained citizen and he's of somali and parents the allegations are that he was planning to commit a terrorist act and he attempted to obtain
4:49 pm
a gun to do so. what we will be alleging is he was intending to use a farm to shoot and kill as many people as he could in the federation square area on new year's a still ahead on edges it out find out what business this monkey had at the japanese football game gotta have a veto as well. again
4:50 pm
it gets worn and i thank you handsome teased the fast out of us three of the plane
4:51 pm
crash in methane columbia that killed nineteen thousand members of the brazilian football club shopko and say it happened when the squad including coaching staff officials and also the media were on that way to the fast leg of the cup us limited kind of final against matthew and. the flights they were on crashed into a mountain ridge just a few miles from their final destination seventy one people died in total i need six survived i spoke to football journalist fernando callous about how the team have recovered since the devastation. you know already qualify it with the sort of meat going up and cup and they have the chance to answer why pints believe that at least two or so all the beach there we go to really well but the problem that we have right now is outside the beach with all the problems there we are seventy one family stock the seas the air in their face and they can receive yet any money from the insurance flow but he actually let me have the air company doing it if you
4:52 pm
don't have insurance you've got plenty expired their contract so they're suffering review what we really are suffering a lot about it we still don't have anybody being charged with yet we don't know we still don't know yet who will do the company and you talked about. here when in electrical problems the only problem that they have is that they ran out of gas they try to save you at least when they left believe you are so it was an accident it was a murder and we are still waiting to see who is going to pay for their check when she came to to europe they have the three friendly matches year against rama he yawned but the biggest supporter of shopping plaza was watch them on a parcel only gave them two hundred fifty thousand euros and back in march eighth the director from check once is sad that the only scene that actually helped barcelona with with financial help with money was was barcelona so i think that the
4:53 pm
biggest thing that crossed about that should be going is that the end was getting on their feet by their own their weight at the eight from the floor of the visa to the first editions of the continental championship on just six years so it's really remarkable what this club is doing so we embrace the oh really i'm looking forward to see if justice is is going to be made when elena kaka will be available for man to thing. night of english premier league match what for don't choose say the belgian allegedly kicked brighton defend a gate on during united's one zero win on saturday before allowing an independent review into the incident and cock who has been cleared he scored ten goals for united in his first nine outings earlier this season fod he scored just ten in his last few games. the way to. win. the corner for the. way remember and again making tackles in. in the
4:54 pm
last positions. that's the mentality i want. to remember from the. past it didn't score i don't care five more russian athletes who competed at the winter olympics in sochi and twenty fourteen have been banned for life over anti doping rule violations the most high profile of these are dmitri trenin called and alexei. who were part of the gold medal winning a four man bobsled team the international olympic committee is a knowledge result following states wanted doping and tampering with samples of russian athletes during the sochi games the i.o.c. would decide at december's executive board meeting on the participation off russian athletes at the winter games in p.r. in china which takes place in effect very. now the los angeles clippers have edge their local rivals the lakers one hundred twenty to one hundred fifteen in the n.b.a. meantime the eastern conference leaders the boston celtics have suffered
4:55 pm
a defeat at the hands of detroit pistons andre drummond scored twenty six points with twenty two rebounds both season high scores one to bias harris scored thirty one as the pistons won one hundred eighteen to one hundred eight it's the celtics first home loss since the opening game boston's record is now eighteen and four which is still the best in the league right now. rugby now into the new zealand all blacks continued to set the standard despite losing two tests and during one in twenty eighteen and their star fly half a boat and borrowed has been recognized as the wild rugby men player a few year in monaco barrett has won the award now for the second straight year formals like his captain richie mccaw is the only other player to have one consecutive award as another new zealander porsche whitman won the women's player of the year while england's eddie jones won a coach of the year. like a time to talk about the marathon dishonors an event that's on web site even says
4:56 pm
you may struggle to explain to people why you would want to do this is the punishing two hundred fifty kilometer ultra marathon run over six days wearing a backpack in the desert the runners composter night intends before the next day's stage since it began in one thousand nine hundred eighty six that's traditionally been held in the moroccan part of the the horror desert but this year the race has expanded including two additional races with one starting in peru on tuesday the route is a secret to more than three hundred competitors from forty different countries until the day before it was stops now for some runners a desert marathon is simply out of the question but that doesn't mean they'd rule out a snow race maybe that was the case for fifty five runners in the antarctic ice marathon bundled up in warm weather gear all fifty five minutes to complete the for. forty two kilometer reaves in minus thirty degrees celsius battling strong headwind as well along the way the winner of the men's race with denmark's frank you hanson who
4:57 pm
finished in three hours thirty seven minutes and forty six seconds the women's winner was american kelly mcrae who finished an hour and nineteen minutes behind. and what's considered the biggest driver away in the n.h.l. pittsburgh the bragging rights now in pennsylvania after they defeated the philadelphia flyers on monday the flyers had established a three one lead in the second period of the game but the penguins fought back to tie the score philadelphia then lead four three in the third but again they were pegged back by pittsburgh penguins went on to win in overtime thanks to their captain sidney crosby the flyers slipped to their seventh overtime loss of the season elsewhere the winnipeg jets maintained very good form in the western conference pacific division they were tied two two in the second parry but eventually showed that the perrier take seven different players floored the jets humbled the minnesota wild seven two. and finally sports teams have to compete with all sorts of things these days for the attention of their fans and indeed to try
4:58 pm
and grow their support base while one club in japan came up with a novel idea a monkey was brought in to prevent the magical to the referee ahead of the japanese league game the gimmick appeared to pay off as the home team there is over soccer one. that's often i haven't but here they go the secret to winning football matches the lucky market. that's it for this news hour but i'll be back in two minutes with rounders they will. short films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short personal stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds.
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al-jazeera selects at this time sometimes pictures of the only way to truly tell a story and how does your soul bury goes the extra mile to use some of the latest new camera gear and technology to make sure these images are innovative to be viewed on legit is not just a thing behind the best it's about giving them the view. with a theme none of it needed. as a child of political refugees i've always been aware of different kinds of stories and different kinds of sensitivities al-jazeera has a space for that. in syria citizens are collecting evidence. there has shot of crimes committed against civilians you've moved out of syria you know about six hundred thousand pages of material so that one day they can bring
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the outside regime to justice it puts a human face on the charges it's a dead human face but it's a human face syria witnesses for the prosecution at this time on al jazeera. al jazeera. you are every you are. a nation divided kenya's opposition leader vows to fight on.


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