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one day they can bring the outside regime to justice it puts a human face on the charges it's a dead human face but it's a human face syria witnesses for the prosecution at this time on al-jazeera. al-jazeera. you are ever you are. a nation divided kenya's opposition leader vows to fight on as president who is
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sworn in promising unity. hazar sake of this is al jazeera live from doha also coming up. francis of voids mentioning myanmar's persecuted range of muslims by name in a speech alongside aung sang suu kyi. as the u.n. security council takes up human trafficking in libya we look at how people fleeing war on poverty are falling into twenty first century slavery. islands deputy leader resigned saving the country's government at a crucial moment in bragg's it talks. hollow hudl kenyatta has urged his divided nation to move on from months of political upheaval after being sworn in for a second term as kenya's president is you know he ration follows
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a violent and drawn out election process which included two disputed polls kenyata all leaders to serve the nation regardless of political affiliation and said he would dare to dedicate all his energy to building what he called unity and nationhood. today. is the one hundred twenty third day since we began on august the. traditional that isn't there for months. and i repeat. all blown electoral process the elections. on now firmly behind us it's been a trying time. but once again canyons of zone the resilience. in calming the person on the passes that accompany political competition. police fired tear gas to disperse supporters of opposition leader. he rejected
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kenyatta's inauguration valent to hold his own swearing in ceremony as president in two weeks he says kenyatta is presidency is illegitimate and vowed to push for fresh elections. used chapter one of the constitution the people me in and we have said that and decide what well we should hold the people's assembly that will swear me into office. catherine so he has more on the swearing in ceremony so catherine the message there from the president was one of unity for all kenyans but we're all kenyans listening. well it seems all kenyans were not listening that election that you're talking about which he warned was highly controversial millions of supporters of the opposition has him do not and those president who are king arthur's. presidency they say that their lection was
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a fraud that he should not be taking all of this today so today really his message was really unifying very big new need to say that he wants to be a president of all kenyans saying that he wants to unite all kenyans and asking the opposition really to support him in that effort you heard in that speech him saying that there lection period is over that the country needs to move on and he also spoke all the right things saying that he wants to provide more jobs to the people saying talking about providing a free secondary school education expanding health care and also continuing with development projects that he had started in the last in the last five years in his last term but a lot of people i've talked to has a saying that they want to see how he's going to deal with the economy that has been slowing down not just because of the uncertainty around the election but also because of other factors like
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a prolonged drought in the year many people you talk to say that they're struggling to make ends meet the cost of living is very high in fact just to give you an example thousands of people who came here more than sixty thousand of them walked out today many not knowing where they're going to get their next meal and this is not just about rooting out the supporters it's across the board even opposition supporters are you know suffering the same problem so people saying that she really needs to address the economy as a matter of priorities others saying that he needs to decisively deal with corruption in the public sector as well that is something that he never really did in his last in his previous term so he actually even see. and overwhelmed by it at this time so people saying that he needs to deal with that people need to feel that their lives are improving right now many people whether who are supporters or supporters many people do not feel that their life is improving has a. danger and his supporters on the opposition's side catherine
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are vying to try to fight this result as we mentioned there but it begs the question of what what are their options realistically at this point. absolutely there's a lot of people you talk to will say that. there really is running out of options or particularly after the supreme court upheld the victory of king arthur he however say that he does not recognise our ruling as well he said that other supreme court judges made their ruling under duress and the opposition nasser his opposition coalition is playing some cards like you said he said he has said today that he is going to be sworn in on twelfth of december by what he's calling the people the symbol and the people the symbol is a group that is you know made up of civil society youth groups and other groups
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within the local government level that is supposed to push for a fresh election at that level he's also talking about what they're calling the national resistance movement talking about civil disobedience economic boycotts as well they say that they're going to continue this push until a legit to make government is in place will this work out what is the end game supporters of all working at are saying that this will really work out that we need to move on the country needs to move on the supporters saying that's going to keep at it that this has to work. catherine so a lot of first. now as u.n. and syrian opposition delegates gather in geneva a video has emerged of syrian government jets continuing their bombing of eastern huta on the outskirts of the capital damascus three people died in the air strikes on tuesday at least nineteen were killed in separate air strikes earlier the rebel area has come under heavy bombardment in the last forty eight hours and the united
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nations saying the asset government has now agreed to a cease fire in the area on diplomatic and to james bays is in geneva and i asked the u.n. special envoy to syria about that ceasefire for eastern ghouta he sent us this update. here in geneva currently only one of the two sides is represented and that's the opposition delegation the government delayed their trip here they will now be here on wednesday the opposition have been meeting here at their hotel with stefan de mistura the u.n. special envoy and he said he had some good news about the fighting in syria fighting that could derail these talks yet again i was just informed by a do russian then do it today or to people a meeting there day of russians have their proposals to end a government the effects of the eighty five on is difficult because we were and are very content up on seoul now we need to feel where did it take place but it is not
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coincidental that they've actually been proposed and he agreed upon just the day of the beginning of this stage further talks will take place between special envoy de mistura and the opposition side in the coming hours and then we expect the syrian government delegation led by their chief negotiator the ambassador who has been here for all of their negotiations ambassador bashar jaffrey to start their talks with mr de mistura on wednesday the opposition are saying they would like to have face to face talks with the government side very early on a pope francis has as widely expected avoided any direct mention of myanmar's range of muslim minority as he appeared alongside the country's civilian leader aung sang suu kyi the head of the roman catholic church instead said that myanmar should respect all the rights of ethnic groups
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a military crackdown and widespread violence forced hundreds of thousands of range of muslims to flee to neighboring bangladesh in what the u.n. calls ethnic cleansing. when i phone. but. he says based on respect and dignity and the rights of every member of society and for every ethnic group and its identity to be respected under human rights and the democratic order no individual or ethnic group should be excluded everyone can offer a legitimate contribution to the common good and the great work of reconciliation in the national integration of religious communities and their differences must not be a source of division of. the situation in the rakhine as most strongly the attention of the world. as long standing issues social economic and political that have eroded trust and understanding harmony and cooperation
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between different communities and the support of our people and of good friends who only race to see us and has been invaluable your holiness the gifts of compassion and encouragement that you bring to us. on this story from yangon. in his first public comments here in myanmar since coming on the monday the pope alluded but did not say the word in the speech after meeting with the civilian leader on song suchi in the capital neighborhood or he said that all with a just groups and ethnicities have the right to religious freedom but also have the right to identity obviously referring to the region without saying that this again came after he met with. the capital earlier in the day here in yangon before he left he had an interfaith meeting with religious leaders there they came out with the idea that yes everyone here should have freedom and that for the betterment of
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myanmar for the future of myanmar they all need to have their religious freedom now on wednesday morning to be a large mass of the stadium here in yangon that would be the biggest public event for him with the most christians coming to hear him conduct this mass in yangon on wednesday morning. oxford has stripped me. of the freedom of the city award an honor it bestowed on her twenty years ago other british cities have taken similar action in recent weeks in response to her failure to condemn the persecution of the range of minority bonnie phillips has. c. the vote is unanimous oxford city council takes away the freedom of the city from. the counsellors say they're doing so with heavy hearts and regrets we're not naive we don't think it will change things it's a complicated situation and we acknowledge that but we hope that it will give her think about why she was awarded this in the first place and how she might try to
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hold those in the top that she has to work now between the military and protecting a very very oppressed minority people in her country and studied in oxford in the one nine hundred sixty s. she fell in love she raised a family here. and when she returned five years ago to receive the freedom of the city she spoke of her happy life here during her most difficult years and says she was held by memories of oxford that this value of humankind a place where no one discriminates against anyone else well now the city that is close to her heart is turning its back on her. and it's not just oxford at the l.s.e. the london school of economics most of these students were not even born when and was made on a repressed and back in one thousand nine hundred one but following this debate
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earlier this month they voted to remove her title there is a responsibility on. the bodies that did with. the fact that she's not speaking in the face. of. basically genocide huge and human rights groups that once supported and san suu kyi say the public's attitude has changed we've seen since twenty twelve is gradual an increasing sort of disappointment. which is now since this latest wave of violence in her defense of the military and her denials of what's taking place is turns is of much more stronger feeling about anger and betrayal and so did cities like oxford miss reed and san suu kyi when they honored her or how she changed into a less tolerant person in her own words i am no different now to the young student who was at oxford but also i am different because i've had to face different
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experiences barnaby phillips al-jazeera oxford. all right still ahead the ana you know when we come back the new evidence showing an oil giant was complicit in punishing nigerian villages who complained about spilled. out of the rain has returned again to china quite a lot is in the forecast anywhere from shanghai back to sugar down to as you know across to hong kong could be witness seems likely the coastal area will be they'll be humid but not particular what they were it's the rain is gathering inland it may well affect shanghai eleven miserable degrees seems to be your fate on thursday twenty seven in the brightest skies of hong kong the coast of vietnam is still present a fairly frequent showers with
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a lighter than they were now to the west of this you know it's have now the monsoon trough is gone south of the city with the northeast monsoon in hard rain seems likely fertile now to force really care as well as far south of india and sri lanka the areas you expect to get wet so what of things further north while the state of the air has been the thing new delhi has gone down to rather poor once again to be honest it's getting worse slowly nest the breeze picks up he's not going to get a great deal better and the breeze isn't really picking up in the immediate future but there's always hope because running through the iranian matches is a bit of a breeze winter's obviously setting in the arabian peninsula and i was tempted steadily just a bit below thirty to kuwait to qatar and that's the u.a.e. father west. thirty four still in mecca. you are making very pointed remarks where on line the main u.s.
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response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been criminalized or if you join us on sad to know you will first just wakes up in the morning and says i want to cover the world in darkness this is a dialogue and that could be what leading to some of the confusion online about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera. hello again you're watching al-jazeera minder of our top stories this hour police in kenya have fired tear gas to disperse supporters of opposition leader rylan a danger he is rejecting the inauguration of president hu kenyatta who was sworn in
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for a second term earlier kenyatta though is promising to unite all kenyans. pro francis is me m r to respect human rights and ethnic diversity in a speech after holding talks with leader aung san suu kyi the head of the catholic church did not mention the word. military crackdown that has forced hundreds of thousands of range of muslims to flee to neighboring bangladesh described as ethnic cleansing by the un. at least one thousand people have been killed by syrian government and strikes in a rebel held area on the outskirts of the capital damascus the second attack on eastern huta in forty eight hours the government has stepped up the pace of strikes the head of the eighth round of geneva talks that were meant to begin on tuesday but the un has only just been given confirmation the syrian government delegation will not arrive until wednesday. ireland's deputy prime minister has resigned over
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a police whistleblower scandal francis was jailed had been at the center of a political crisis there the resignation looks to avoid a no confidence motion in the government which could have triggered early elections during crucial breaks in negotiations. for its job was accused of failing to protect a police officer who was smeared and victimized after blowing the whistle on corruption prime minister leo varadkar had been standing by her prompting the threat of a no confidence vote on tuesday by the second largest party for oil this could have pulled down the government weeks ahead of a key e.u. summit on breaks in the gauche ations between the u.k. and e.u. central to those talks are the status of the border between northern ireland which is in the u.k. and the republic of ireland which remains in the european union and the bark as more on this now from dublin. the last thing the irish government wanted right now was for political instability that would come with
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a general election ireland wields a tremendous amount of political clout over breaks it talks at the moment they say that they will veto the possibility of negotiations going to the next level all important trade talks with the brussels until ireland has a clear cut idea of what will happen to the border between the republic of ireland and northern ireland a part of the u.k. there's a border that seen decades of bloodshed in the past nobody wants to see the return of a hard border nobody wants to see the resurgence of old sectarian tensions once again the last thing anybody here wanted was the political instability that comes with the general election and it looks very merrily right at the last minute as if that has now been averted. how the world's most vulnerable fleeing war and poverty back home are being abused and optioned as slaves the shocking danger facing migrants and refugees in libya the u.n.
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refugee agency chief is briefing the security council and it's holding an emergency meeting called by france over slavery has been reported hundreds of people are being auctioned in modern day slave markets in libya for as little as four hundred dollars libya as the main transit hub for refugees and migrants trying to reach southern europe by sea they're coming from nigeria eritrea guinea ivory coast gambia senegal sudan and somalia and the power vacuum in libya after the fall of moammar gadhafi has made human trafficking and people smuggling smuggling a booming trade in the european union's renewed strategy to stop migrants and refugees traveling across the mediterranean has led to more people being stuck in libya without money or food mike hanna is at the united nations headquarters in new york so mike why is is france calling this debate now.
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well actually that's a good question a week ago today the u.n. security council are cast a resolution condemning this a slave trade in libya however france clearly felt that this was not enough along with some other members so it is called again this emergency session which is taking place at the moment france making clear that it wants to push things a little bit further wants to discuss exactly how to end this trade what kind of punitive measures should be taken against those individuals and entities responsible for what it describes as these barbaric acts and crimes against humanity this is what the outgoing president of the security council and french ambassador had to say i would say the two goals of this meeting is. number one for the whole security council to be aware. in the face of the world
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of the tragedy. that is happening there and also to express security council unified opposition against such despicable practices that shock the conscience of the world that's number one awareness and. unify the position of the security council and the second goal of the meeting . used to work on the most efficient responses to effectively deal with such as chords. well once again what you are seeing here is something that is focusing tightly on libya and the slave trade there but there's something far greater than this the secretary general in addressing the security council meeting a week ago made very clear that this is a developmental issue that the issue of slave trade in libya is just the peak of
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what is happening way underneath and it's these issues that need to be addressed along with the a media task of dealing with the slave trade that has bee witnessed within libya. so talk a little bit more about that then mike i mean as you say this this this discussion was ostensibly about the slave trade but what are the issues in this wider context . well what you're looking at essentially is a perfect storm leading to complete human degree dacian on the one hand you have a continent that in many areas is engaged in stride if you have the operations of entities like i saw you have. you have all sorts of mini wars a major wars going on along with poverty drought climate change this is creating this massive flux of forced migration throughout the continent it's also leading to
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the way of refugees libya is a major exit point for refugees from throughout the continent but then on the other side what you have as you mentioned in the introduction is restrictions from the european union on the entry of migrants all refugees into europe generally now this is creating the blockade the perfect storm that i referred to which allows things like the slave trade in libya to happen as the secretary general said while focusing on the slave trade in libya attention also has to be paid to the underlying causes and also how the wider world deals with this problem problem of forced migration and refugees mike hanna live for us there at u.n. headquarters in new york. now amnesty international says it's obtained internal documents they say point to an oil giant's complicity in crimes committed by the nigerian military during the one nine hundred ninety s. the report which shows that shell and the nigerian government operated as business
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partners having regular meetings to talk about the protection of their interests at that time protests by the orgone people in southeastern nigeria were taking place in response to years of oil spills the devastated their environment the documents show that in october twenty ninth one thousand nine hundred shell requested what they called security protection to subdue peaceful demonstrations over the next two days police attacked an organ even with guns and grenades killing at least eighty people and burning almost six hundred houses. annecy international research of mark dummett says there are grounds for a criminal investigation the evidence suggests or points to doesn't point to any direct involvement by a shell staffer for michele staff i mean these were horrific crimes including murder torture rape and the destruction of villages these were carried out by members of the nigerian military but the internal shell documents show that
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throughout this period the company was encouraging. the the nigerian military government and the military unit involved to take action against these protesters even after the company knew what was likely to happen i just want to give you one concrete example we one of the documents that we've we've got is a shell internal memo dated the third of march one thousand nine hundred ninety four and this memo authorized the payment of around nine hundred dollars to a military commander and shell explains that this payment is partly for a sustained favorable this position toward shell in future assignments in other words this payment was partly for future assignments now just days before this payment was made this military commander who received the nine hundred dollars had opened fire on unarmed protesters outside the front gate of shell's headquarters in
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port harcourt and months later was responsible for the brutal crackdown in ago and that's one example of many that we have. a spokesperson for shell in nigeria has provided a statement to al-jazeera saying we have always denied in the strongest possible terms the allegations made in this tragic case he goes on to say amnesty international's allegations are false and without merit shell did not collide with the authorities to suppress community unrest and in no way encouraged or advocated any act of violence in nigeria. now a leftist television host is on course for a surprise victory in honduras his presidential election salvador has almost a five point lead over incumbent when orlando hernandez endorses one of the poorest nations in south america and it has the highest murder rates in the world. an erupting volcano is keeping indonesians on eggshells stranding thousands of
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tourists the airport in bali remains shots as huge clouds of ash effect travel to and from the popular tourist destinations has natascha many. towers of volcanic ash continue to shoot into the sky over bali after more than half a century of calm experts are warning of a catastrophe on mount. explosions can be heard and felt twelve kilometers away. for the second day the airport near the island capitol dome pasar is closed ending the travel plans of thousands of tourists away so we don't know we don't know what's going to happen but even on the brink. the government sent one hundred buses to the airport and to the island's ferry terminals to assist travelers ten airports elsewhere in indonesia are ready to handle diverted flights but the response hasn't
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been quick enough for some it is not so the government is doing enough to help the foreign tourists there are thousands of people stranded here at the airport they have to go to another airport and the are trying to do that but the government and the thirteen. islanders are nearby lombok say the amount of gong eruption is hurting their businesses but a lot of the number of foreign tourists has dropped considerably while local tourists have increased and you know one of the with the covers are enjoying the spectacular event but it's more tension a life or death situation for the estimated one hundred thousand people in the danger zone. the last major eruption of mount a gun in one thousand nine hundred sixty three killed around eleven hundred people natasha going to aim al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera is get
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a round up of our top stories who kenyatta has divided nation to move on from months of political upheaval after being sworn in for a second term as kenya's president his inauguration follows a violent and drawn out election process which included two disputed polls kenyatta urged all leaders to serve the nation regardless of political affiliation and said he would dedicate all his energy to building what he said was unity and nationhood but those calls a been accompanied by opposition protests and police have fired tear gas to disperse some of them opposition leader right are doing a rejected kenyatta's inauguration valen to hold his own swearing in ceremony as president in two weeks he says kenyatta his presidency is illegitimate and vowed to push for fresh elections. recently used chapter one of a constitution the people and spared me in and we have said that and decide what we should hold the people's assembly that will swear me into office it's has me and
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maher to respect human rights and ethnic diversity has been holding talks with me and miles leader aung sang suu kyi but the head of the roman catholic church did not mention the word ranger a military crackdown and widespread violence has forced hundreds of thousands of range of muslims to flee to neighboring bangladesh in what the un is calling ethnic cleansing islands deputy prime minister has resigned over a police whistleblower scandal francis was gerald had been at the center of a political crisis there it looks like the government will now avoid a no confidence motion in parliament which could have triggered early elections during crucial breaks in negotiations. as u.n. and syrian opposition delegates gather in geneva video as emerged of government jets continuing their bombing of eastern hooter on the outskirts of damascus three people died in the air strikes on tuesday at least nineteen were killed in separate strikes earlier in the day the u.n.
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says the outside government has now agreed to a cease fire there the u.n. refugee agency chief is briefing the security council on allegations of migrants and refugees being auctioned off as slaves in libya is holding an emergency meeting called by france over the crisis those are the headlines europe today we're back with more news in half an hour. this december the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons we receive the nobel peace prize but what is the real threat in a series of special reports examines the state of nuclear proliferation around the world. by anthony ok and i'm really could be here in the three today when he's playing a sport more than just a game where look at the native american origins of lacrosse.


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