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just stay with us. because this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir accountability if you can give them the opportunity and wonderful thing stop. looking at the actual distance there's at least twenty thousand or hinder refugees who live here we badly need at this moment leadership until recent times to the public has resigned. it's going to be the next president retaliation we're going to go. back she finally canisters of gas i believe it best to prevent getting anywhere in this case because. he achieved something that never happened before.
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i'm live from studio fourteen here at al-jazeera headquarters in doha and welcome to the news grid where united nations topples the problem of human trafficking in libya recent video of a sleeve shed new light on the issues people preying on vulnerable refugees we look at how it's evolved and what can be done to stop the abuse. after two contentious elections over. warnin again as the president of kenya the opposition boycotted the swearing in and now their leader says he will be sworn in as president as well we'll have a report coming up and pope francis meets with me in mars' leader and santucci and speaks of peace building and respect but does not mention the wilkens of muslims by name. and ami of social media take matters into their own hands to raise awareness about the range of prices i'm headed home it's connected all throughout
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the show using the hash tag a day you spread. the news good real live on air we're streaming online through you tube facebook live and at al-jazeera dot com thanks for joining us well the slave trade is often associated as something that happened more than a century ago but it's happening in libya today tens of thousands of vulnerable refugees they risked everything to travel from african nations to europe but often don't make it past libya they instead face abuse exploitation and are sold like goods on an open market and the price for a huge. and being less than four hundred dollars that's about six times less than the cost of a slave more than one hundred years ago while the u.n. security council has just started a meeting actually over an hour ago on what action is to be taken on the issue let's listen in that's the representative from speaking precedented mass migration
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as a phenomenon the plight of refugees internally displaced persons and to silence seekers seen as nothing more than a lucky break by those who in which themselves from human trafficking filling their pockets of the back of the vulnerability and the misfortune of these migrants. trying for king of persons in situations of conflict is a global problem in other words this is not a matter for countries of origin alone but also for countries of transit and of destination of victims it is also something which requires us to address countries which housed criminal networks and those countries through which the profits of this filthy trade pass. our efforts to tackle human trafficking require a common purpose and caused by the entire international community therefore the work of states must focus not just on tackling eradicating human trafficking in
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situations of conflict but also focus on guaranteeing the fundamental rights of victims through the console edition and beefing up of prevention and protection measures and mechanisms those who flee conflict do not only often end up to place displaced within the political borders of their own country but many also then seek a better future in other countries crossing those borders this is a very serious situation which. leads to a severe psychological burden because you must so you were just listening to the deputy ambassador of oregon to the united nations who is bermudez in this special special session on the issue of slave trade was called by france mike hanna joining us from the united nations as listening in look like the u.n. chief has previously said that he's horrified at the reports of slave auctions but
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what does he in the other members of the u.n. security council actually plan on doing about this well what has happened is that a week ago the u.n. security council met this spate exact issue and passed a resolution condemning the practice of slavery generally saying that more must be done to combat it for france this was not enough so france and other members decided to call this emergency session that is happening now to find ways in which to address the issue france clearly thinking that more needs to be done then just a simple statement from the u.n. security council they've got to explore ways in which to and not only the practice of slavery in a country like libya but also all those factors that lead to it in other words the causes the issues of forced migration of refugees fleeing conflict or poverty in their countries and of course the answer on the other side of the european union
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for example putting new restrictions on refugees and those immigrants trying to get in or get out of conflicts earns the whole argument being that what is happening in libya is a direct consequence of a mass of other forces this is what the u.k. ambassador has to say. today let us stand together as an international community in our commitment to eliminate the a bar and crime of modern slavery and human trafficking and safeguard the lives and dignity of those who are most vulnerable like many libyans in country i share the disgust and grave concern that the news footage from last week i'm deeply concerned that civilians continue to suffer inexcusably from the conflict in libya and that in the absence of the rule of law they can suffer human rights abuses of the worst kind and i welcome the announcement by the government of national accord of libya
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of an immediate investigation into this matter well what is going to be done and says made clear that it does want to explore the possibility of sanctions against both individuals and entities who are responsible for this ongoing slave trade it's ad likely we are going to see any resolution on that specific issue today but what we are likely to see is a combined nations security council condemning this practice and also agreeing to continue to explore ways in which to bring it to an end other not symbolic issues such as the imposition of sanctions on selected entities or individuals is going to take a little bit longer but what we are seeing is a absolutely expressed determination from the u.n. security council to explore every possible measure including the use of the international criminal court for example to bring this practice to an end ok mike hanna reporting from the united nations thank you. well migrants and refugees
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escaping hardship and unrest in africa and the middle east head for libya which serves as a gateway to the mediterranean and europe so there are three main routes take a look at migrants from senegal ivory coast and gonna take what's known as the western routes they had north through burkina faso mali and is there others from nigeria take the central route and they travel up through his air and tchad and finally there's the eastern route right there which begins in the horn of africa so migrants from somalia ethiopia and eritrea travel north through south sudan and sudan before crossing the border into in that beah so libya hosts more than forty three thousand refugees and asylum seekers who are registered with the u.n.h.c.r. up to ninety percent of people crossing the mediterranean sea into europe departs from libya itself well a media report showing refugees being auctioned off sparked new concerns about the plight refugees face in libya but the story of their hopes their dreams and
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attention is something out as iran has covered for years here's a look back at some of those reports. they want to know when or if they'll be set free for now there doesn't appear to be a subsidy they be detained for most of the year this man from eritrea says he's been held in various centers since two thousand and twelve and its grip i didn't see any and i. want you. to hear. this you might think is how it should be some freedom of movement an open door but for the vast majority of the people here that's more than two hundred fifty men they're all locked down most of the time some of these men have been outside for two to three weeks. they didn't know each
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other before and now they're living together this is the only space available for women at the detention center in misrata outside hundreds of men are roaming the corridor or the days are long there's nothing much for them to do i didn't think about their lives. seventeen years old. with her younger sister i'd say. if it didn't and they killed my. then i had. to get this far the women have crossed several borders often without any travel document a little money their last leg with you decide how to desert inside in libya most of them hidden in the back of a truck like this one of them hidden under bales of hay somewhere roped others raped so those are just some of the stories that al jazeera has filed in the past
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and right now we have two correspondents that have covered the refugees desperate journey to libya will talk to ahmed's it denise in a moment he's joining us from but first we'll cross over to libya itself and bring in mahmoud. is there an official word from libya mahmoud's on these reports of slave auctions that are happening in there in the libyan territory. well today the head of libya's national accord government that's the u.n. backed government is in the capital of nature to meet with. president mohammed useful in terms of libya's efforts to contain the migrants crisis now after this visit according to government sources is heading to ivory coast also in order to attend the african union summit now we understand that the government of
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national accord has started an investigation into this migrants trafficking. case in the south of libya and also last week minister of interior the national called government he met with concerts and ambassadors of african countries here in tripoli to confirm to them that all their nationals are will come in libya and they are doing their best to get to the perpetrators of the human trafficking case and put them to trial now also a group of the libyan officials and politicians are still very skeptical about this case and they say this my whole case might be part of a plan to turn libya into a shelter to. migrants also yesterday the social affairs commissioner african union i meet a father she met with the phase here in tripoli the government of national accord
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in order to. offer help from the african union to the libyan government in order to stop abuse of african migrants in libya during. we deny these accusations there's no competence to support such claims against this other we cheat them is our conscious dictates to us those who accuse us of abusing migrants haven't ever visited our detention centers. mom would had we'll leave it there for now we thank you for giving us about updates from libya itself now we'll cross over to nigeria and speak to ahmed it is a to give us the points of view from there ahmed because some of the migrants are stemming from nigeria itself that is where they originate from so to what extent are people leaving from there in large numbers and why are they leaving.
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well basically the migration pattern in nigeria has been there for a very long time even before the libyan crisis we've seen so many nigerians especially wanting to go to italy. france and a few european countries and especially germany now the advent of the economic crisis in nigeria and the fight against book or which has been on for more than seven years now and there are so many factors that necessitated but largely when i spoke to a government official earlier in the day he told me that look when you look at the statistics most of those people crossing the borders crossing the dangerous terrain from here across the northern part of the country in tunisia across the sahara desert into libya actually economic migrants and that has been the pattern he went on to say that people who fled the book i mean so you see are actually living at all those communities where they feel they are safe those who fled across
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the border in tunisia chad and cameroon actually still there but people from other parts of the country other parts of northern nigeria and some of the nigeria especially who have not been affected by the crisis have been crossing the border to go to libya and on to europe so basically what is happening now is that according to the government here most of those crossing into those. dangerous territories actually not people displaced by the fighting not people not displaced by any other major crisis or health situation but people who are looking for greener pastures in utah. all right. we thank you for giving us an update from a booth in nigeria and let me just tell you what we're getting here on our social media feeds because a lot of people sending in the question where is the african union and mamadou are
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saying to us on facebook what action can the international community take another viewer saying where is the arab league they're all keeping quiet about the situation going on in libya but what we know is happening right now as we speak in fact is that's a special session that's being held at the u.n. security council in new york so we're monitoring that and will let you know what's comments or perhaps action they may or may not come up with for now the reveal has also been monitoring this conversation online and you know i'm getting a lot of reaction here soon you're getting the same thing as well huge it's worldwide right now daryn but also hashtags like end slavery for our brothers and black lives matter is getting a lot of traction right now with same says imagine migrating to a country for a better life only to be kidnapped and sold into slavery and then added last where are the so-called world that is and human rights organizations this silence
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on this matter is frightening now music and football stars have also expressed their outrage paul pogba from manchester united recently said a picture way he one of goal against newcastle and there he is with the shackles gesture and this picture has been shared widely on social media there was also the ivorian reggae singer blondie who posted this clip he had some very strong words to say about the situation. i'm doing this. i am asking all africans and everyone who has been shocked by this crime against humanity to take over the libyan embassies in your countries until all the slaves in libya are freed if all the presidents of african countries give us the impression they are not going to do anything then civil society must take over the protests were mobilized through social media calling for an end to the selling of black african migrants in libya
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and we've seen demonstrations in many parts of europe from paris to sweden berlin and also london with people chanting and saying we are humans and we condemn slavery. and they continue with another rally expected to take place to say outside the libyan mission to the united nations in new york now meanwhile the border conversation has been linked to the nato led military intervention in libya which overthrew colonel gadhafi in twenty eleven says that hillary clinton who was then the u.s. secretary of state touted libya as her big success in fact her actions decimated libya to the point that it has now resorted to slavery. now and question the role of african leaders she says that while it's business as usual in africa we remain
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unfazed as fellow africans are treated like animals the african union is mostly silent while there are no boches in the streets and there are also very high expectations for this topic to be discussed at the african union european union summit which takes place this week and on the scenes national secretary general solution as he says and the chorus of condemnation for slave auctions in libya is pointless unless things change drastically policies of leaders trapped refugees and migrants in libya in full knowledge that abuses including slavery are commonplace and that has to change and now so what do you think needs to be done to combat modern day slavery send us your full season the hash tag a.j. news grades a message me directly i'm at home it sorry will you are getting a lot of these people's thoughts thanks for sending in your comments as well as your questions saying u.s. and its european allies first bomb and destroy countries making people vulnerable and then they shed crocodile tears and also another comment on facebook lorien
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saying i think that the u.n. allows certain atrocities to go on the u.n. talks but doesn't accomplish a lot to save lives until it's too late so do keep your comments and questions coming to us here at the news grid let's move on to other news and tell you about france's president because he's eager to push the reset button on his country's colonial legacy in africa and many when my call isn't faso as part of his first major africa tour he's also called on europe and africa to increase cooperation to crack down on trafficking groups natasha butler has the latest for us from walker dougal. well amount of course says that he wants to be a different kind of french leader and move away from the neo colonial approach taken by his predecessors and he played up the fact that he is france's youngest president saying that he's from a generation who didn't know colonialism and who are in fact horrified by it and in
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this speech had work to do the university he touched on many issues youth jobs and security he said he wanted to stop what he called crimes against humanity that are happening against migrants in libya and this is all part of a man or attempts to try and fix what he says is france's image problem among young africans but it will not be easy there are many here and became a fast so who feel that french leaders of calm in the past africa only to serve their own interests and they feel that will be more of the same well let's talk about all of us and put it in context. carthy who is a research fellow at the overseas development institute is joining us live from the world humanitarian action forum in london were very glad to have you with us on the news greg just put this in some sort of context for us why is it that some of the world's most vulnerable people are finding themselves in these human trafficking situations. well it's because of an
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international failure to recognize the tragedy that is unfolding on libya and has been unfolding for a very long time a year ago at o.d.i. we published a study that looked situation of migrants in detention centers and where we reported the atrocities that were taking place for sub-saharan migration particularly in those detention centers mau nutrition sexual violations all of that has been reported in yet everything has fallen and deaf ears and there's been very little that's been done other than focusing on deterrence and keeping migrants at bay from zero and away from european borders i think and there is the need for a shift in focus in order to address those issues facing people at the heart of the conversation rather than deterrence policies what right policy is the need to be put in place and also we're monitoring this meeting that's taking place right now at the u.n.
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security council in new york called by france on the issue of slave trade do you think that anything concrete is going to come out of that and also what do you want to see come out of that. i'm not very optimistic because of the history of many of those negotiations and meetings meetings meetings of taken place but very little has happened in the benefits of the humanitarian crisis in libya as well as the situation for my prince over there i think what i would like to see use very simple is putting those migrants at the heart of those policies and thinking what is best for them not prioritizing deterrence and pushing those migrants back to what we know is going to be their death death or further violations of their dignity all the documentation that has taken place by a humanitarian organization. as well as research organizations needs to be taken
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into consideration a question coming into us by coming into us here at the newsgroup by some of our viewers rather it's more it's more for comment so just tell me what you think about this is always saying that sanctions should be put on people responsible for the slave trade people responsible must be persecuted and another viewer calling on the libyan government and the country as a whole to also face sanctions how likely is that scenario and what is the process of accountability. well the problem with libya today's actually than it is very difficult to hold one person or one institution in a cunt gold for you for ration of militias across the country as well as groups that have been engaged in human trafficking so it's very difficult to pinpoint one organization one people in place sanctions on them as such what would need to happen is a more bottom up approach where you can gauge municipalities or you engage other
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organizations community you know organizations in particular they're active on the ground and empower them alongside local civil society organizations to address the problem it's a massive effort effort used to be put in place without actually you know putting all the risk and the blame on certain certain actors who were not really positioned to address the situation ok and we thank you very much for joining us from london. well our program counting the cost looks at the issue of slave trade in libya in death so the teen speaks to the international organization for migration spokesperson who says that even though modern day slavery is widespread around the world and libya is by no means unique what's particularly shocking is that it's happening effectively in the open where people can go to a farmhouse place a bit and end up owning a human being so you can watch the show on al-jazeera dot com under the show's section and just look for counting the costs. urged to divided
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nations to move on from months of political upheaval after being sworn in for a second term as kenya's president his inauguration ceremony follows a violent and drawn out election process which included two disputed polls the opposition leader rollo dingo has told an impromptu rally that he will be sworn in on december twelfth minutes after odinga spoke riot police tear gassed his convoy and charge the crowds catherine soy joining us from nairobi can we first start off with with the opposition katherine in fact and what. has said and how does he plan to fight this and declare himself president. right loading has said that he's going to be declared president on the twelfth of december that's an independence day and he says that he's going to be declared president but war he's calling the people's assembly this is a group of you know youth leaders members of the civil society religious leaders
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that he's opposition coalition has put together at the local government level to push for a fresh election to push for electoral reforms electoral justice so to speak he says that this is the only way they can he can be able to push out and illegitimate government of. a lot of people are saying now that. has run out of options particularly after the supreme court upheld who are looking at his victory raul himself says that he does not recognize the ruling he said the judges made that ruling while and the duress he says is going to continue this they've also formed their opposition nasa opposition coalition have also formed what is called the national resistance movement a wing within the coalition that is meant to push for civil disobedience economic boycotts and things like that and this they say really is to
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push the government for and to push. to push. and to push really for fresh elections electoral reforms and a transitional government before hand he's supporters say that this is the only way that they can have electoral reforms but who are looking at his supporters are saying this is not the time. thing and needs to be a statesman he needs he needs to have a dialogue with. so they can push this country forward and kenyatta himself did try and put forward a message of unity earlier in the day during his inauguration ceremony. indeed he did and looking at a realizes that millions of supporters of the opposition do not recognize his win do not recognize a he's victory all his presidency and that's why today in his speech he was so big
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on unity he said that he wants to be a president for all he wants to unite all kenyans he even reached out to the opposition saying that you need to help me on this he also spoke about many things he said all the right things said that his government is going to create more jobs it's going to expand health care is going to continue the work that he started in the last especially when it comes to development but a lot of people i spoke to daryn saying that they want to see how he's going to handle and how he's going to deal with a slowing economy people struggling to make ends meet not just who are working as a supporter but also opposition supporters so they say they want him to deal with that decisively others are saying they also want him to deal with corruption. the public sector he didn't quite do that in his last term so people saying that who are looking at and has to be decisive he needs to be tough and he needs to be robust ok catherine thank you. we'll take
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a short break now and coming up but for those joining us on facebook what you'll see is in fact you'll discover which famous institutions have strict i'm sorry for honoring titles critics accuse her of apathy in response to the well being job crisis coming up in just a moment right here on the news great counting the cost of the war in yemen one aid groups effort to highlight the number of kids who are dying and dying daily after now attrition and disease. hello winter has broken through through iran middle east so you can see any kind of cloud could produce more interesting weather but temporarily we're still talking about the caucasus in the caspian sea there's a cold there the cold front will take a little bit of rain through took on a stand possibly north of that otherwise it's fairly quiet couples back in the
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sunshine a twelve to thirteen back that's slowly warming up to about twenty in like a shower or two off the eastern med for the event but largely speaking of his sunshine here with the regular snow proving it to the southern caucasus and these are usually of course because temperatures down to one can feel quite cold in some places we're below thirty's day max in places like u.a.e. western side of the even into we're up into the low thirty's that for mecca but yemen disappointing and it's very cold at night as well but it's what you might expect this is normal this is average temperatures in southern africa the rain has recently been quite poky in the eastern side of south africa but if you watch for the cloud is going it's the bright whites show you where the deepest clouds are told clouds heavy showers mainly it's the north northern mozambique and tanzania and zambia i think we will find the heaviest rain in the next hour or so not to preclude a few showers but the south. short
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films of hope. and inspiration. a series of short personal stories that highlight the human triumph against the odds. al-jazeera selects at this time. it is melting a process that is affecting the entire globe. in a special episode. fifty five scientists on the brant psyching journey of discovery around the continent look into the post on the future of the planet. but it's quite amazing just to see that statistically new. this time.
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yeah. the air.
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headlines on the news grid and take a look at what's trending right now on our website on al-jazeera a dot com the top story we've been covering it here for you migrants for sale slave trade in libya that in fact is an episode of counting the costs that you can see on al-jazeera dot com by going to shows and then clicking on counting the cost of the second spots again on libya they sell africans over there in libya slave trade so read much more about those stories by heading to al-jazeera dot com. over to julie mcdonald who's joining us from london with more of the international news hi julie. hi there thank you now the u.n. the syria and boys stuff and the mr a says the syrian government has accepted a cease fire in eastern guta imposed by russia at least twenty two people have been killed by syrian government air strikes in the rebel held area on the i'm skirts of
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the capital damascus eastern go to has come under a heavy bombardment in the past forty eight hours ahead of the trend of geneva talks to try and the conflicts the talks were meant to stand on tuesday but the government delegation has said it want to arrive until what stay our diplomatic efforts and james bass joins me live from geneva hi there james so the russians have proposed the cease fire in eastern guta but how likely is it do you think to take place should be put in a faith and. well remember that in the sink really there's only one side involved in military operations and that's the syrian government bombarding from the same syrian government postponed its trip here to geneva they said they didn't like some comments made recently by the opposition but certainly there is the suspicion that they wanted to finish this military operation before coming here they are now coming here i put the situation to the special envoy for the un stefan
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de mistura about the ongoing onslaught and that's when he told us the news of the cease fire. i was just informed by do russian thing ended today at the people a meeting that the russians have proposed to end the government defects and they did a fifth i only thing for them because we were and are very concerned about till now we need to see where they did take place but it is not coincidentally that they've actually been proposed to and a greed upon just the day of the beginning of the station. so james what do we expect to happen then once the government delegation eventually arrives on wednesday. well the opposition is staying let's not stop having these separate talks with mr de mistura let's get everyone around the table they'd like to see face to face talks taking place i have to say though it doesn't feel to me that the
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prospects are particularly good certainly the russians in the syrian government i think were hoping that the new opposition group in here had been a bit diluted because they brought in something called the karo platform in the moscow platform and certainly the latter of those in the past the other opposition have always seen as pretty much close to the russians and close to the syrian government and even derided as assad stooges but i can tell you now that groupings got together they are still insisting assad must go and that of course has been the central problem in trying to solve all of this another development on the opposition side which i think will cause them some difficulties those that have come here to geneva are now being condemned by a great big list of signatories that have signed a petition saying they shouldn't be here in geneva that has signatures of four hundred thirty more than four hundred thirty former prominent members of the syrian opposition james bays there live from geneva james thank you place in greece say
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they've arrested nine turkish nationals after finding bomb making equipment in apartments and things that they say the eight men and one woman are members of a left wing group is treated as a terror organization by turkey and by you it comes ahead of a visit by the turkish president reject tire ergo and next month it will be the first by a turkish president more than fifty years ireland's deputy prime minister has resigned over a peace whistleblower scandal frances fitzgerald had been up the center of a political crisis that could have led to snap elections in ireland during crucial website negotiations barca has more now. the departure of the deputy prime minister frances fitzgerald means that leo veronica the prime minister and his government of narrowly averted the prospect of a general election having to take place here before the end of the year there's been a tremendous amount of pressure put upon francis fitzgerald by the opposition feen a full party to clarify exactly how much she knew about a scandal that took place in the very upper echelons of the police service when
6:39 pm
a full said thirty if she didn't resign than they would table a vote of no confidence later on choose to force her out of office that could have potentially lead to a collapse of the government and around election something that nobody here really wanted across the political spectrum largely because the irish government right now wields a tremendous amount of political power when it comes to brics it talks and has said in the last couple of weeks or so that it could potentially use its power a veto at the e.u. to blog breaks it took some going to the next stage talks about trade something the u.k. is eager to move on to i don't want to know before that what britain's plans are when it comes to the border between the republic of ireland nor the non of the part of the u.k. that border is currently open but if post breaks its northern ireland leaves along with the rest of the u.k. the european union then many people here feel a return of a hard border border of course is seen decades of bloodshed nobody wants to see the
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clock turn back but now that the general election has been averted ireland could continue putting on mounting pressure upon the u.k. when it comes to the future projects of talks. let's head back to phil han now and to terry julie thank you well news just into us on the plight of myanmar as will hinge i will be discussed at a special a special session by the un human rights council early next month it's an issue that's loomed large over pope francis is visit to me in march but the head of the roman catholic church avoided any direct mention of the word. as he appeared alongside mars leader and son suchi scott heiler reports from yangon. pope francis traveled to the capital in a poor tuesday on a day trip for me i got to meet on song suchi she introduced the pope after their closed door meeting of the many challenges that our government has been facing the
6:41 pm
situation in the rakhine has most strongly captured the attention of the world. touching on the issue that many are waiting to be brought up the plight of the ranger. while not calling them by name though he has before he alluded to their plight a growing number of nations and international bodies are calling ethnic cleansing the future me and my must be peace a peace based on respect for the dignity and rights of each member of society respect for each ethnic group and his identity. respect for the rule of law and respect for the democratic order that enables each individual identity group not excluded to offer its legitimate contribution to the common good earlier in the day here and the pope started his first full day in myanmar by conducting an interface meeting with buddhist christian hindu jewish and muslim representatives. when represented muslims he was on the rakhine commission led by the former head of
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the united nations kofi anon to provide recommendations on the real hinge of crisis i didn't use a word i didn't mention about the crisis but i did say there. is a multi-racial multi-religious literalistic society where diversity in unity prevails but recently religion has been hijacked and it has been politicised the roman catholic leader is due to hold mass in a stadium and gone on wednesday it will be the first time to speak to the tens of thousands of christians who've traveled from all over me and mar the c.e.o. scott harbor al jazeera. what are you seeing online retailer as an interesting campaign right now daryn all of the social media stars that have decided to take matters into their own hands to help the revenge a community led by a twenty seven year old social media activist called jerome jeff he and his charity
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called love me alongside eight other celebrities from far senegal and colombia and they also get the start of the campaign love me for a hand to travel to bangladesh and surprise their fans with videos from inside the refugee camps in cox's bazaar and the aim was to get the attention of the international community by raising the awareness of the region just plight. i don't need. to know what. it's told and it was all he and the best. you see. of a. major. issue bangladesh only to.
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be on a mission. when you actually do it you can either take. the money that. they're not going to supply a little of a million dollar somebody listening to my live getting another for the filing level or you're getting a little gut feeling in the theory if the little machine only can but a little here in. america. is. going up to the roof and. now that hash tag me for a head has been used more than seven hundred thousand times on twitter alone and
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these influences together have around fourteen million followers combined now part of the campaign was to grab the attention of governments and so the campaign started by calling on turkey's president wrote a type to want to act with the hash tag on help. and the president replied by saying we never turn down requests for assistance wherever people in need maybe he also said that turkish aid agencies on. on with tucker lines will support the campaign now the army charity has in the past helped raise one point three million dollars for victims of the mexico earthquake and two point seven million dollars for the famine in somalia so get in touch with us and tell us what you think about this campaign and if it is effective use the hash tag news great or message me directly i'm at home it very well on al-jazeera dot com they'll find a visual explainer of the unrest in myanmar that's forced around a million ruin just to flee their homes so these maps you see right there they show
6:46 pm
hundreds of thousands of who've had to find safe haven in bangladesh for example and if you scroll down you can see which other countries have taken in one of the world's most persecuted communities so you can find these maps by simply typing in rwanda in the search button on al jazeera dot com. the aid organization save the children protested outside the british parliament to highlight the effects of severe food shortages in yemen one hundred thirty plates were laid out as you can see right there so the plates represent the average number of children that are dying every day in the m.n. due to malnutrition and disease saudi arabia lifted the blockade to allow some food aid in two days ago but it's not enough to help all of the people the needs of the saudi led war in yemen started in twenty fifteen. the governments have got the power to change the game here they can they can talk peace but in the future in the
6:47 pm
immediate they need to talk about lifting this book a making sure that even while the war is being forced the innocent civilians and the children are not dying in the. paul brennan has more on this story from london. the forum on yemen being hosted here by the u.k. government at this rather grand government building in central london it comes at a particular time for the yemen war it's been dragging on now for three years but there's no prospect of an imminent military outcome or military victory for either side and in the meantime the humanitarian plight facing the yemeni people is very very grave indeed more than three million yemenis have been displaced the cholera outbreak which is really taken hold during the summer of two thousand and seventeen is getting worse and we've had a protest actually during tuesday by save the children a short distance away from here where the director of humanitarian policy said look it's all very well talking about diplomatic efforts but let's prioritize the
6:48 pm
humanitarian efforts one of the priorities will be to discuss the blockade that has been going on now for in excess of two weeks and it's preventing not just commercial traffic into yemen's ports but also humanitarian traffic now the blockade has been slightly lifted in the past couple of days a trickle of humanitarian aid has arrived for flights into sana over the weekend and a couple of ships of delivered just in excess of thirty thousand tons of wheat but fuel is what the n.g.o.s say the yemeni people really need that's fuel for hospitals fuel for water pumping stations and fuel for sanitations because without good sanitation the cholera outbreak is going to get even worse now what the u.k. government hope is by bringing these this forum together of oman saudi arabia the u.a.e. and the u.s. and the u. n. they can get some sort of consensus for easing the plight of those civilians but the pressure really is on because it could not be a more urgent problem or it's
6:49 pm
a call that we hear over and over again from humanitarian aid agencies saudi arabia must completely lift its air sea and long blockade of yemen so watch this inside story episode where muhammad asks his guest what the solution is for what the u.n. is calling the world's worst humanitarian crisis again you can head to al jazeera dot com to the show's tab then click on inside story. an erupting volcano escaping indonesians on edge and stranding thousands of tourists at the airport in bali remains shut the. affect air travel to and from the popular tourist destination that's also the name has more. towers of volcanic ash continue to shoot into the sky over bali after more than half a century of calm experts are warning of a catastrophe on mount. explosions can be heard and felt twelve kilometers away.
6:50 pm
for the second day the airport near the island capitol dome pasar is closed off ending the travel plans of thousands of tourists anyway so we don't know when it was going to happen but if i think. the government said one hundred buses to the airport and to the island's ferry terminals to assist travelers ten airports elsewhere in indonesia are ready to handle diverted flights but the response hasn't been quick enough for some medics have said the government is all doing enough to help the foreign tourists there are thousands of people stranded here at the airport they have to go to another airport and they are trying to do that but the government and the thirty's. islanders are nearby lombok say the amount of gong eruption is hurting their businesses but will not go the number of foreign tourists has dropped considerably while local tourists have increased and you know one of the with photographers are enjoying the spectacular event but it's
6:51 pm
a potential life or death situation for the estimated one hundred thousand people in the danger zone. the last major eruption of mount agung in one thousand nine hundred sixty three killed around eleven hundred. zero. well and joe will be sporting thing in here in a moment with sports and trying to answer the question of why we run as three hundred competitors begin a grueling six day old on the roof so that's the reason coming up right after a check on the world weather.
6:52 pm
6:53 pm
with. thank those who are the sport and they're already off and running at one of the toughest races in the world joe tell us more yes diary for most people running a marathon is just too much to even contemplate including me but imagine running a marathon every day for six days that's what's known as an ultra marathon and there are plenty of them around the world one of the most famous is the marathon de salvo which takes place every spring in morocco but this year organizers have staso
6:54 pm
the version of the race in peru now the south american edition will take three hundred competitors across two hundred fifty kilometers and they'll be running more or less the equivalent of a marathon that's forty two point one kilometers every day while this was the picture posted by organizes as competitive as crossed the start runners for more than forty countries have been making their way to the start line in the town is on the edge of the as a comet desert and from there they've been posting these pictures to social media it certainly looks absolutely stunning and don't forget that the runners have to carry their own equipment and their own food for the entire race and here's a picture of some of the kids and another on as even practice spigots evil and i say he also says that packs of not double up his desert currency when money is of course useless but what on earth makes people actually want to compete in the ultramarathons well we spoke to two of the run is taking parts one with plenty of
6:55 pm
experience and the other a first timer here's what they said. it's my first time in peru but used to the terrain in morocco i can say i am more than prepared to compete here hoping to achieve positive results three months of intensive training it helps a lot to adapt to the changing weather for this marathon i have prepared all the food that i need and there is well suited are more than ready for this kind of marathon with all true or extreme requires tremendous effort but i'm prepared and up for the challenge ahead so it's have been. this was a race i saw lots of on social media and i always dreamed of taking part in it the big thing for me is the challenge and to be able to say at the end that i did it that he will be the difficult thing it's very hard here but it's also carrying a heavy bag it's my first time and i didn't have a lot of time to prepare as i only got my place three weeks ago you can't do a lot in three weeks normally i train a lot though so i can run well but not perfectly there's
6:56 pm
a lot of feed in my bag because i eat a lot also a sleeping bag change of clothes and a first aid kit and i also have a little teddy bear it's like a comforter that i carry everywhere with me for good luck well from extreme distances and hate to extreme cold the coldest and most isolated running race in the world in fact the antarctic ice and earth are now fifty five competitors handled up in warm weather and around forty two point one kilometers in minus thirty degrees celsius battling strong headwinds along the way incredibly only fifty five runners completed the race and here's the thing our colleague andy richardson also ran his first marathon at the same race a few years back while making a documentary on why people want to run marathons take a look. this is one of the world's most beautiful yet unpredictable environments. and it was. my first ever.
6:57 pm
could you just tell my wife and mother they were absolutely right this was a really stupid. question. starting point sixty five year old man a fifty year old woman. now i was in the. starting one of the world's most wanted marathons was easy enough trying to finish it well that would prove to be all the more complicated. it really is a great documentary in which andy speaks to top runners and psychologists about what motivates people to run if you want to take a look head and such for al-jazeera correspondent why we run well now if all of this talk of marathons has inspired you then how about running one for your honeymoon well that was what one british couple greg and rosemary dunning decided to do that taking part of the year man a month does it marathon to celebrate their recent marriage it covers one hundred sixty five six stages
6:58 pm
a couple also did the math and in morocco last year i'm still not quite convinced if you want to. you can always tweet me at. the hash tag for your comments i'll be back at eight hundred g.m.t. for now it's back to doreen for the final sprint all right joe thank you very much for that and i will do it for. you can keep in touch with us on social media the way to do so is right here in this wall behind me we will see you back here in studio fourteen fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. on thursday thanks for joining us.
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the sky why should be no borders up here. only horizons. as an airline we don't believe in boundaries we believe in bringing people together the world's better that way. it is a right football of us to go where we need to go to feel with things we want to fail. to see the people we want to see. that's why we'll continue to fly the skies providing you with everything we can and treating everyone how they deserve to be treated we do this because we know the trouble goes beyond borders and prejudice. the travel teaches compassion the travel is a necessity. to travel is a right for all. remember that this world is full of ours to explore. and it's a strange thing for us to be a part. cats are always going places together you are making very
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pointed remarks where on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been criminalized or if you join us on sac you know you will first just wakes up of it in the morning and say i want to cover the world in darkness this is a dialogue that could be what leading to some of the confusion a lie about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera. the u.n. security council meets to tackle the grim business of people trapped.


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