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tv   Journalism  Al Jazeera  November 28, 2017 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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all leaders to serve the nation regardless of their political affiliation. elsewhere in nairobi at least two people were killed with the support of that the opposition leader right the dentist says he's the rightful president and says he'll hold his own swearing in ceremony in two weeks time. the u.n. syria and voice stuff funded mistura says the syrian government has accepted a cease fire and he goes by russia the rebel held area on the outskirts of damascus has come under heavy bombardment in the past forty eight hours ahead of the eighth round of geneva talks to try to end the conflict to also meant to begin on tuesday but the government delegation has said it won't arrive until wednesday francis has avoided any direct mention of me in masri had jim is the minority as he appeared alongside the country's leader aung san suu kyi is widely expected the head of the roman catholic church insisted that myanmar should respect the rights of all ethnic groups facing greece say they've arrested one turkish nationals after finding bomb
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making equipment in apartments in athens greece eight men and one woman are members of a left wing group this treated as a terror organization by turkey the e.u. . you are up to date those are your headlines this hour stay with us up next it's a.j. selects will be back in about half an hour's time see that. i
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a game of the mother. has you know about as you know an item that has and for which you know we're not seven and you know. that of one of your muff. more than one movie was a myth um you're seeing. live on a whim let's. see if you must mean. for the muslim ummah all to fail on the seven eleven or was it about how to in the hands of the mother in doing that in islam. a lot of your mother and. father son and of reveals the name. was even in a mine and i have enemies out of the sort of mind that has the ten million votes of
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don't want to get another job i want to. grow. yeah. you know i. love love love . well one of the things though that is that neither the.
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movement unless it does so we get. into the gun and i think if we're going to do with that you wouldn't. want to do you want to. get out of you don't have a. get on of out of there. you know. i'm just waiting to sign. the smuggler and when he. crossed we like so far.
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oh. my i'm a freelance journalist they call me the son. i became photographer for the first time my uncle boards me for small coming out. of the beginning i was filming this. for myself and to learn by myself. in two thousand and eight the first one. i was working with spit tiles on following the bombs are. my friends and my family. in any moment i was thinking. that ok my family want to enjoy.
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life. more bland. the house of my. children living members of my family my uncles their sons and daughters and children as well it was herbal. for the death of my family. to join this. time a good tool. for this. was
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. some of the. most of the multiple. hundreds and hundreds. i mean some of them. one time i was there on. the old. we weren't there i'm the first thing i saw it's all he was under there are bill his face it was covered by dust and by blood i didn't imagine that he will be alive then i realized that he still hate him.
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i can feel that i will die i mean it's because of the bumbling around you on fire i would to the front lines. of. course i feel there are loads of similarities between us and c. and. most in the majority of the world there are a few zs in gaza my family the artifices. i can feel the suffering of the people who are in fiji as well. i feel like this in eyes i see. they are this him eyes and see.
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one time maybe give a bundle he said it's ok it's the last minutes of my life. the most want to go to mark the most on the small point of view you know. him according to a member. this was in the photos they took me there there was a sniper but we didn't notice. he started toward us. ok. i'm a little bit tougher no no no no no it was i mean as you know i'm
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going to. i. will put a little more of the right thing. oh. i'm . with. the arm that's being well they're dealing with me as i am photographer or as a local journalist like international journalist.
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i feel that these lists you speak for about how i was. but we are the one who is suffering my family my friends they are suffering because we are from the same time to do or at least we are from the community. if there is anything happening i am the one who would with his maybe one day i will be the news itself. honestly i never like my son believe that i am filming in syria like i don't want them to be very worried i'll bow tie. hello sam are. you hungry well. yes. you know.
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i wanted to send a message to the board that these still live in gaza are easier to see and all the conflict zones in syria now when i go there like i can feel the war down like kidding and a lot of life you can feel it on the ball. so it's not temporary unless you i am in touch with them all the time even if i look at syria we live together we slip together we have good moments together. we have been in the front lines together the fighters there were there we won and i was carrying my weaving which is the camera.
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look at the last general good in saunas and such is the endless scene a little bit. more of me doesn't feel like kill won't look at the way yet. again when in front of me and the you know last year. they were put there libyans. may kill you the. water may not be. seen only do you want me from you know the latter will be anyone out of the. i know what that i will have a hopeless although i mean yes. on the.
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right. they must tell you this. question the mother for me the step and. you are just kicking the can still go out. to. get the others. a second comes with. the same stick on the back of the muscle. but education. was younger.
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we eat. like. this but. i don't judge him pick if he instructs me does he know it really like the club yes. yes but i'd like to. put him on. i don't want to do it you don't want to go to. have your. fourth game under. the sun again you know what you claim to. love him because the supreme lord for your lord for giving to him is the one not to let. go of if you. don't know.
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who will be had by your monopoly can. look down on the face of the explorer. do you see the ghost of the restaurant on the lake. i think. this is. one of the hot looking up. i think i looked up and i welcomed one of the meet up you're. going to get up early and they're just. going to come by you know. what it was something on the. look that you put on this whether or not the heart beat the mother the message. it's good. for can look
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right at the beach oh well you know what i'm. not studying the for the bad for not your other i know it's better than i know not going to go it's a. good waterboard done going to come but most things going on on the. scene. just the simple been son go in. and. i'm not going to but i don't see that i was going to do. the woman that i'm going with i. don't want to make seven. pieces didn't play. my last bets on this and the guy who did this three million other over. to go
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dean they didn't do what i think we're. going with. this is the important thing in the dust even muslim but somebody came i will point. you sort of daniel was a. little . bit of a needle. but if it is not going to be the best i must get better but some of the better systems. i don't know. a lot about i don't even have a. little
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cushion. yet pickett don't. feel. that way younger than you and i like the way you say that when michael knows he wouldn't quibble with me what then you know not the only fellow not even when i was on. the level. they know not by me and i still have enough what is it it's all of the knee of the. yeah yeah. and dunn says. if that. he had made. it into class how many but explain your name it got us and them out isn't been micro-finance that we have a. puzzle for you know may like to see if just anyone. but
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us at the moment on the button to sell tennis. to dad he's been what about a little. to get a letter might. it will be a moment when the most and build his admission medical forensic lab or don't you know she can but then. i see them both of them in the contended this is a this and they've got all the mice in the lot of the least of the holiness what if there's even stuff that is you'll still see. in a blast will overwhelm a little ticket that i got they missed quite a fourth of the one cover was in the league in that said was good is. good but it's in the but i've seen these scenes with something that is going to sling a good audience because they didn't. want
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to be tenable going to need it for something but that wasn't. so much produce does not want to but that was another one of us. the most of them giving incompatibles a list of if i. didn't step in did a whole lot of innocently because they have been need a whole lot isn't one of the three just being my guy but what are you going to come up on the middle of out of the ok looking forward to you know north really was just one of us emotional. the fact. this morning hopeless on the planet one that could soon be lost forever with an international team of scientists is determined not to let that happen without intervention to give the big i would say here to a vast now it's
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a race against time to try and favor a species like a chrysler that's in the matches the plan they've offered extinction techno this tour. indulge your five senses. and i don't.
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think it's over the beer. defying my disability on al-jazeera well this time. was different that whether someone is very. good at it we think it's how you approach a vigil and if it is a certain way of doing it you can just. try out. u.n. security council meets to tackle the grim business of people trafficking as ever.


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