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al-jazeera where ever you. know. there are limits on what the year. defying my disability on al-jazeera world this time. this is al-jazeera.
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has i'm sick of this is the news hour live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes international condemnation after north korea launches a new missile the pyongyang says could hit the u.s. . six bosnian croat it's convicted of war crimes wait to hear the outcome of their appeals the last major legal case from the conflict in the former yugoslavia plus. pope francis urges me en masse people to resist acts of revenge as his visit to the country continues i'm tatiana sanchez with the sports including the morial services held in south america for those including members of brazilian football team killed in a plane crash a year ago. follow the un security council. so we'll meet later on wednesday to talk about north
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korea's latest missile launch pyongyang says it can strike anywhere in the united states now neighboring countries say this launch is a major jump in its missile capability kathy novak reports from seoul in south korea. it's being celebrated as a priceless victory in north korea state media says the country has completed its rocket system development with the successful test launch of a new long range missile and you're going to kind of get to the i.c.b.m. what song fifteen weapon system is an intercontinental ballistic rocket to the super large heavy warhead which is capable of striking the whole mainland of the u.s. it's the third i.c.b.m. tested this year north korea says this one is more advanced than the hawse on fourteen's in july traveling for around fifteen minutes to an altitude of about four and a half thousand kilometers before landing in waters off japan the intended target
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according to pyongyang's media from the u.s. president who has threatened fire in fury in the past this response. then we will take care of it we have general matters in the room with us and we had a long discussion about it. it is a situation that we will handle it went higher frankly than any previous thought they paid for research and development effort on their part of the new building ballistic missile that could threaten. everywhere in the world basically south korea says it detected the test in advance of the launch at around three a.m. local time and immediately responded with joint army navy and air force drills launching three missiles that simultaneously hit a simulated target the intended message to north korea the south could take out the launch site if necessary president trump spoke with the leaders of south korea and japan. japan will resolutely enhance its pressure on north korea to the maximum
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level we will continue to protect the lives and livelihood of the people of japan and on to the strong japan u.s. alliance president monday and told trump that north korea's technology has apparently improved agreeing to continue the sanctions campaign that angers kim jong un's government but so far has failed to stop its missile and nuclear tests. south korea and the united states along with the international community have no other choice but to continue applying strong pressure and sanctions the south korean government says those sanctions are designed to force north korea to negotiations there has been no communication between the two countries since last year the u.s. and its allies have often said that denuclearization is a precondition for talks but it seems increasingly likely that if north korea comes to the table it will insist on doing so as a nuclear state kathy novak al jazeera sole. now the new missile called song
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fifteen was launched from young song not far from the capitol it reportedly reached the height of about four and a half thousand kilometers to put that into perspective that's ten times higher than the international space station it flew for fifty three minutes before crashing into the sea off the coast of japan. is the managing editor at career exposé and joins us now from seoul in south korea via skype thanks very much for being with us so i want to ask you first of all this latest missile launch do you believe what the north koreans are saying that this this does have the capability to strike anywhere in the continental united states now well it's important to what north korea's. toying with this time there seems to be expert consensus that indeed this is an extraordinary development missile can travel to reach the continental u.s.
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is that actually aimed in that direction but by deliberately making the missile higher than it should be to avoid that trajectory and it was really meant to be simply a test of technical achievement and since in the last two months when we so well certainly lowell in this tension on the korean peninsula. and how our people in north korea in south korea rather taking this where you are obviously they must many of them must be alarmed. at these continual tests by. the north but is there any sort of consensus on on how they should respond to this. well i mean i always say this whenever i am on television and things have not really changed so much from the ground there is calm here if you look at the political level there is a great deal of discussion on what south korea could do it is very clear that the government is backing stronger sanctions as it has since it took power back in may
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but there are also questions as to whether the sanctions can really stop north korea from continuing with the nuclear development at the same time the government has insisted that there cannot be any war on the korean peninsula considering the kind of damage to south korea would suffer so there are divided opinions i think at the very least at the international level you can see south korea agreeing to stronger sanctions against them you know but we've had we've had sanctions several times before i mean as we reporting at the top there the u.n. security council is going to have another emergency meeting as it always does every time the north does something like this what are they going to do that they haven't done already that going to work this time. that's probably a very good question we have seen many many sanctions i understand that the u.s. state department has drawn of the list even stronger sanctions that it's now
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proposing but the question is will they actually stop move korea if anything what we have seen from the only else in skin tone to power is this very strong determination to continue with the program and it will probably not stop until it does reach that state of full nuclear capability that enables it to attack us continental america experts are saying that this might still take two to three years this fight will kill me and he's saying so and during this time what can anyone do well washington has made it very clear that he will not allow this capability so we don't go to war against south korea's wishes and the same time the dominant sentiment here in south korea is that north korea should not be allowed to have this nuclear capability even as many people do not want to see war but perhaps we are coming close to a time when people in south korea as well as in the u.s. need to decide. which for for that they want to see
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a nuclear north korea or are they willing to go to war to stop this could just see when joining us there from south korea thank you. now a judgment is being read at the hague in the appeal case of six bosnian croat is convicted of war crimes the atrocities were committed between one nine hundred ninety two and one thousand nine hundred four in bosnia and herzegovina as a former yugoslavia broke apart former political and military officials are appealing against their sentences handed out four years ago they totaled one hundred and eleven years behind bars they were found guilty of persecution expelling and murdering muslims with the aim of creating an ethnically pure croatian state and this is the final appeal case the court will rule on but as david chaytor reports now from astara divisions of the past still haunt ethnic
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groups. the old bridge of must start built by the ottomans in the sixteenth century one of the priceless architectural casualties of the war in bosnia its wanton destruction is included in the list of indictments against the bosnian croat defendants in the last major case being heard in the international criminal tribunals for the former yugoslavia in the hague now painstakingly restored to its former glory it's become you know esko world heritage site and is visited by tens of thousands of tourists every year. but the very reverse still marks a front line twenty two years after the war ended close by the city's main academy has also been renovated the neo morris building houses two schools under one roof most of them muslims and bosnian croat it's being taught in
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different languages and different versions of history on different floors. ahmed is a human rights lawyer whose daughter went to the school he won his court case against the local authorities demanding a unified curriculum but nothing has changed and we have to. be the must our municipal court decided in its final judgment that they were discriminating against children by organizing the educational system and the curricula by ethnic principals thereby separating children. in bosnia and herzegovina we should all study our history the same history we must not compromise anybody's integrity or language everyone has a right to religion and places to pray this right must be counted but when it comes to school curricula i think many changes can be made so we can all study the same. in the wake of a war that killed one hundred thousand people the idea of two schools under one roof was devised by the organization for security and cooperation in europe to try
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and start reintegration but it's simply cementing the divisions what we have is a situation where you have multiple curricula you have multiple instructors separate ministrations all divided along along ethnic lines and that frankly. and to me personally is is a long term threat to the security and stability of the country. as right kaamelott it's the butcher of bosnia completes the first week of the rest of his life in prisons one experience commentator of the genocide observed a bitter truth. he will at least have the satisfaction of knowing his mission in no small part was accomplished. the city's iconic bridge may stretch across the ethnic divide here but the truth is the division between them as deep as ever david chaytor al-jazeera bastar. for the second day in
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a row pope francis has avoided using the name of myanmar as persecuted minority the roman catholic leader preached a message of forgiveness in his first public mass in myanmar's largest city of yangon these are live pictures you're looking at now a meeting with british monks there he urged them to resist the temptation to was here to. ranger to resist the temptation for revenge scott hyla reports now from yangon. the people of myanmar were finally able to get a good look at pope francis this time more than a quick wave out of a window his popemobile is built so he can be seen unlike his convoy of vehicles that have been traveling through the streets of yangon since monday on the sprawling grass fields of the checkers and grounds in the city center. part of held a mass for an estimated one hundred fifty thousand catholic faithful so i know that
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many in me in my bad the winds of violence. visible and invisible the temptation is to respond to these injuries with the worldly wisdom like that of the king in the first reading is deeply flawed we think that healing can come from anger and revenge yet the way of revenge is not the way of jesus the preachings of the pope were directed at the decades of ethnic wars and violence here. in his large public mass where the pope again did not specifically mention the revenge up but his statements about acceptance and identity has prompted some to think about the crisis. i don't think we're hinges are as bad as people say they're only a minority in our country like the pope said they should be treated accordingly by human rights and see no difference between us and them. from a religious point if you have sympathy for. but ethnically i cannot accept them the
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pope is due to hold one more smaller mass on thursday morning and then embark on the second leg of his trip to the region. to bangladesh where he's expected to meet refugees and the small catholic community has got to either al jazeera. next stop is in bangladesh the tiny catholic community in dhaka is getting ready to welcome him on thursday some of held press sessions in their homes hoping the pope's visit will promote more tolerance while they were in the muslim majority nation christians make up fewer than one percent of bangladesh's population. and we've got plenty more ahead on this news hour a day set aside to show global solidarity with palestinians but it comes at a time when israeli pressure on the occupied west bank is growing. reports britain is moving closer to agreeing on its brakes a divorce bill with the european union we're live in london. and later in sport
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tiger woods preparing to make a long awaited return to go to china we'll have more on that later in his music. hall last night ahead but first negotiators in geneva are waiting for the syrian government delegation to arrive and join the latest round of talks aimed at ending the war opposition delegates met the u.n. special envoy for say serious the funding the steward on tuesday straight to our diplomatic editor james bays in geneva and james how have mysteries meetings with the opposition gone. well i think there are some concerns in the opposition camp about the situation in in part it's because they're facing a great deal of criticism there are many members of the syrian opposition who were involved in the past of the geneva process who now believe the process has been
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completely compromised that the russians are steering things and that's why they are staying away in fact some more than four hundred thirty prominent members of the opposition have criticized the negotiating team here saying that they don't represent them and even that negotiating team is having some difficulties with stefan de mistura the special envoy they want to focus on the political transition setting up a transitional body to take over in syria he wants to talk about constitution and elections and a spokesman for the negotiating team said to me that they did feel that he had been over influenced by the russians. it can be read that well this stew ation he is supporting is not is against the syrian people and this is this is the best prescription for his failure and we believe that russia. has a power with real influence military you in syria. is is
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pressuring him and james you understand the government delegation has arrived at the syrian government delegation is invited i want more on that. well the syrian government delegation joining these talks late they say they were unhappy with comments from the opposition negotiating team this is the new opposition negotiating team that's been joined by some other groups from the original high negotiations committee they've been joined by a group known as the skaro group and the moscow group the moscow group certainly is one that is not quite as opposed to president assad or some of the rest of the opposition in fact they have in the past been called assad stooges well i think the syrian government or the russians would be hoping that a more diluted opposition would not be calling for president assad to go but they actually are saying what they've always said he must go and the syrian government doesn't like that we will see what how this plays out in the coming hours we don't
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yet know when they're going to have their first meeting with stefan de mistura we think it's likely he will follow the same path he did with the opposition a courtesy meeting first in their hotel before then inviting them for the first stage first meeting actually at the u.n. for a moment james thank you james bays live for us there in geneva now iran's president is accusing saudi arabia of targeting his country as a way of shifting focus from saudi involvement in regional conflicts tensions been grind between the regional rivals since sanctions on iran were eased under the nuclear deal. says his country has to act with professionalism when dealing with the kingdom. on saudi arabia is seeking to solve two fundamental problems that's why the tide a character as an enemy saudi arabia failed in qatar and feeling a lock in syria and finally failed in lebanon they failed in all these regions and want to cover the failure by portraying iran of an enemy secondly inside saudi
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arabia the stance and the internal disputes so they portray iran as an enemy to cover of their failure and then dental problems that's for the must acknowledge professionalism. yemen's former president has outlined his path to peace in the war torn country told hooty rebels in the senate to stop firing rockets or saudi arabia in return he says the saudi led coalition coalition must end its blockade and raids on yemen the ousted leader who is who the ally says he wants to see all sides work towards mediation oh. i want the first step is a roadmap to stop the war stop the raids and put an end to the blockade the second step we say to the decision makers stop launching rockets at riyadh this is an initiative and after this we can meet geneva kuwait or amman we are ready for that a car bomb has exploded outside the finance ministry offices in yemen southern port city of add in at least four people they have been killed i saw as clane groups
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responsibility for the blast the foreign ministers from the u.k. saudi arabia the united arab emirates and oman have met in london in an effort to find a peaceful solution to the war in yemen britain's foreign secretary boris johnson called the crisis the number one impending humanitarian catastrophe in his words and urged countries to work together for brain and reports. no defining breakthrough moment from these talks this forum that's been held here in london but an indication from the u.k. of the urgency of the matter and recognition according to the foreign and commonwealth office at least from the saudis the u.a.e. oman and the us and of course the un about the humanitarian plight being faced by the yemeni civilians three million of whom have been displaced tens of thousands of whom have been killed over the past three years and this blockade of the past two and a half weeks causing real genuine hardship now although the blockade is being eased
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the trickle of humanitarian supplies which have been able to get into yemen is hardly enough to feed the starving thousands of the those affected by cholera as well and aid agencies are extremely worried about the deteriorating situation there the foreign office minister from the u.k. has spoken in the wake of the meeting to say that the saudis understand the urgency of delivering humanitarian aid but at the same time they also want to have security from the kind of missiles that we saw fired from the hutu rebels that said there is a recognition of the great urgency although resolving the situation will be dictated by events on the ground and that includes the delivery of humanitarian aid as well as preventing any further rocket attacks. on the reuters news agency is reporting a senior saudi prince has been released after more than three weeks in detention
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over corruption charges prince multibillion dollar was reportedly freed after reaching one officials called an acceptable settlement agreement he is reported to have paid more than one billion dollars what i was the national guard minister is the son of the late king abdullah and was once considered a contender for the throne. and the international day of solidarity with the palestinian people is being. observed across the world today it marks seventeen years after the un adopted a resolution partitioning palestine into jewish and arab states a year later israel was founded displacing millions of palestinians and as harry force the reports it comes as palestinian communities in the occupied west bank face more pressure from israel it's a hilltop home for sixty three palestinian bedouin families use of jerusalem in the occupied west bank at nine jolliness lived in all his life building his own home as
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close as possible to his herd but it's a home he's lost more than once to israeli demolitions and around to get about the horse other than one little bit of the model they demolish my house three times they tell you it's illegal why is it here it's because we're one hundred meters away from the rest of the community they demolish the house and say if you want to live here live with the rest of them uphill. now it's not just individual homes being targeted the entire village has been issued with a notice of eviction this community has long been under israeli pressure what's changing now is the method a military eviction notice designed to clear illegal settlement outposts is now for the first time being used against palestinians the palestinian authority is protesting against what it sees as a broad new threat to other bedouin communities further north have been issued with the same notice the intention they feel to circumvent lengthy legal proceedings which often delay individual demolition orders this is not valid because it is just not what planning laws are all about you cannot take one to bypass another.
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the israeli military is in direct control here in what's known as area c. of the occupied west bank it told al jazeera that the new notice was quote part of the enforcement against the illegal construction phenomenon in the area but the palestinian negotiator forward how ark says there's a deliberate strategy in the weeks before the unveiling of a new u.s. peace plan to clear a vital area east of a large illegal settlement allowing for its growth the encirclement of east jerusalem and the division of the occupied west bank into northern and southern harbors this is what israeli negotiator behavior is. they plan it ahead get rid of the palestinian population who we consider go sheesh and they create facts on the ground and tell you well this is the situation now you have to accept that as residents have grown used to living with the threat of a vixen and demolition while fighting individual cases in court they're vowing to stay on and fight through this latest threat to each and every one of their homes
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are a force it. in the occupied west bank. and as that day of solidarity is observed u.s. president donald trump is considering when and how to move his country's embassy in israel from tel aviv to jerusalem vice president mike pence revealed the plan and event commemorating the seventieth anniversary of the un's vote for the partition of palestine that paved the way for the creation of the state of israel moving the embassy is expected will anger arab states and palestinians who claim part of jerusalem as the capital of a future palestinian state now the u.k. is reportedly close to reaching an agreement on the so-called break zip divorce bill a key sticking point in the goshi ations to leave the european union british media is reporting the u.k. will shell out about sixty five billion dollars to settle its unpaid debts the e.u. was refusing to discuss post regs it trade options and till the details of the bill
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were known that was settlement comes just days before a meeting between the british prime minister and the european commission president due next monday besides the divorce spill the pair war talk about the other two big issues in the break that process the irish border and e.u. citizens rights barbara is live for us in london so nadine what exactly do we know at this point about what the u.k. government has agreed here. or has them it's clear that there was some kind of offer from the u.k. government after last week's cabinet meeting chaired by prime minister to resign may really pressuring the more pro breaks it members of her cabinet to agree not to a figure perhaps to a shopping list to tick off items which they say they will continue to fund now the british press is mentioning that sources in brussels say that will be worth between
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forty five and fifty five billion euros that the upper figure is worth sixty five billion dollars u.k. government sources are refusing to recognize any of the figures being talked about but on the on national radio just a few hours ago britain's transport secretary chris grayling said this we haven't committed to numbers what we've simply said is we will fulfill our obligations built up during our period of membership now the current e.u. budget runs out in twenty twenty britain as one of the twenty eight is committed to funding things like agriculture and and fishery subsidies things like scientific projects many other many other areas which britain says it will meet its commitments to it saying that there is no precise figure but this will be seen as a major concession just two months ago the trees in may was putting the figure at around twenty to twenty five billion euros now the final
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the final so-called divorce bill will actually take many many more years after britain leaves the european union things that are ongoing such as the european union pension pot so nobody can put a final figure on it but it seems that the both sides have accepted the list if you like just a few hours ago michel barnier the used chief negotiator said this though we are awaiting sufficient progress from london on the following three. since the rights of european citizens in the u.k. and of british citizens in the u. issues relating to the border between ireland or northern ireland and fulfillment of the financial obligations entered into so financial obligations ticked off to other major issues the us saying still have to be settled before they can move to the trade trade agreement and on that then air is it is it going to be swiftly onto
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that next next stage of talks or in other words the shape of a future trade agreement really hard to say has him of course on monday as you are saying theresa may will meet donald tusk the head of the european council there's a summit an e.u. summit meeting on the fourteenth and fifteenth of december that's crunch time that's when they want to know not just about the money they're once a movement particularly on that sticky issue of the irish border where many people are saying if the nor if northern ireland is not in the existing customs union or whether or not the rest of the u.k. is if northern ireland isn't many people are saying you will need a hard border the u.k. government is disputing that everyone's saying we don't want to see that because it might in danger the historic peace process it's really tricky issue to solve right now ireland's government is in a strong position using all of its bargaining power to make sure that there won't be a hard border they're suggesting that there will have to be an exception for northern
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ireland if that's not term flushed out in the next couple of weeks it's really possible that we'll move into twenty eighteen without starting trade talks and that really means that time is tricky because by around september october next year the final future trade arrangement will need to be sorted so that it can be ratified in all of those european union parliaments and the e.u. parliament so many businesses getting very worried about the timetable right now or and again barbara live for us there in london thank you. now in a few moments we'll have the weather with robots still ahead on al-jazeera after years of decline and we look at what it will take to spark some life back into zimbabwe's shattered economy plus. a warning about malaria outbreaks the worldwide death toll on the rise. and in sport find out why le bron james got a jacket from the game for the first time in his n.b.a. career such honor be here with that.
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from the clear blue sky of the dough home. to the fresh autumn breeze in the city of love. however it snows in hawaii not the first tougher weather you might think of for these arms in the middle of a city but it does of course how is a chain of volcanic islands this is the picture of just one of the observatories which got hit first by rain and rapidly temperature dropped and we ended up with snow on the ground that it's not as rare as you might think and i'm picking this really as an example because this is the first or the start of the polypill express if you may have heard about it sort of a river or in this case two rivers of potential rain in the west coast of the u.s. now in the last couple of weeks we've had one that came right into washington state much of the rain has been cold for hits for example seattle or vancouver four hundred ten millimeters phone as you can see there's
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a bit of the gap with the cloud at the moment if it's going to british columbia if anywhere but things are about to change once more that river is all move brows and just going into the coast of the west because the u.s. will start to be slowly science and there's the next i think three or four days we'll probably have significant rain falling in this follow washington state then moving down to oregon the same time the cloud you see for the size which is in southern california at the moment is no more than clyde so the rain and snow off further north again. the weather sponsored by cat time race. our year on from the election which washington's both the republican and democratic parties are struggling to adjust to a polarized electorate it really is an identity crisis you just run against drugs or do you literally stake out a set of positions that offer us a clear alternative not just a truck but to the politics that gave you the truck faultlines examines the
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shifting sands of american politics life of the party this time zero. is different not whether someone telling some of his favorites but that's not a weenie tree i think it's how you approach a vigil and if it is a certain way of doing it you can just. story and fly out. in jakarta school students are taking up weapons to fight in deadly street battles . one on one east investigates this violent phenomenon. at this time on al-jazeera.
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and again you're watching as you know a reminder of our top stories this hour north koreans have celebrated the launch of what could be their most powerful political missile yet which can strike anywhere in the united states the u.n. security council will hold an emergency meeting. a judgment is being read now at the hague in the appeal case of six bosnian croat is convicted of war crimes the atrocities were committed between one thousand nine hundred to one thousand nine hundred ninety four in bosnia and herzegovina as the former yugoslavia broke apart they were found guilty of persecuting expelling and murdering muslims. for the second day in a row pope francis avoided using the name of myanmar as persecuted minority he preached a message of forgiveness in his first public mass in myanmar's largest city yangon . our jury in the united states has convicted a libyan man of conspiring to attack the u.s.
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consulate in benghazi five years ago but the jury cleared. of the murders of four americans including the u.s. ambassador to libya but he still faces a life sentence as more. the attacks on state department compounds in benghazi libya on september the eleventh twenty twelve have been a rallying point for republicans who accuse them secretary of state hillary clinton of new. doing enough and then lying about the incident that led to the death of four americans including ambassador christopher stevens we were misled that there were supposedly protests and then something sprang out of that an assault sprang out of that and that was easily but ascertained that that was not the fair but but the american people could have known that within days and they didn't know with all due respect the fact is we had four dead americans was a protest or was it because of guys out for a walk one night or decided they'd go kill some americans what difference at this point does it make i'm going to tell i was detained in twenty fourteen the
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government accused him of being a ringleader in the attack prosecutors presented testimony that khattala had called for attacks on americans how about his defense lawyers say he was a bystander who arrived on the scene after the attack a point conceded by the prosecution in addition a key prosecution witness was paid seven million dollars for his testimony and having been detained in twenty fourteen could tell i was held at sea for almost two weeks his defense lawyers say he was deprived of sleep and had no legal counsel after five days of deliberation the jury found him guilty of one count of conspiracy to provide material support or resources to terrorists one count of providing material support or resources to terrorists one count of maliciously destroying and injuring dwellings and property and placing lives in jeopardy and one count of using and carrying a semiautomatic weapon during a crime of violence but he was acquitted of the federal murder and other charges he
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faces decades in prison she had. one of the long list of problems facing zimbabwe's new president most agree the economy is number one zimbabwe went from a regional powerhouse to the brink of catastrophe during robert mugabe's rule as emerson i gather gets to work people doubt anything will change soon after simmons reports from harare. manufacturing industry like every aspect of zimbabwe's economy is on its knees and emanuel chimedza is under pressure ask him what president was new cabinet should prioritize and the list is long with investment and jobs at the top since two thousand and warm he's had to lose half of his work to stay afloat he's diversifying and taking on smaller contracts. he hardly needs a reminder of hyperinflation and the national currency that's long gone but things haven't got any better. very stressful when you come to the end of the month you
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need don't even need to make sure that these guys they would their salaries you can not even to predict the next ten days from now what are you going to be doing part of a derelict industrial landscape ziska still works as one of many state owned companies that's gone bankrupt that means this firm now has to import steel. and it's galvanizing business using molten zinc to coat steel is a big loss maker this company galvanises fifty metric tons of steel pump month just to breakeven it needs to do three hundred pounds a month it's remarkable this company manages to stay afloat this man believes he could start to fix things opposition politician tendai biti finance minister in the national unity government from two thousand and nine to two thousand and thirteen
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we trusted robot mugabe and created a monster so we can trust the in one else i'm talking about a transitional process an inclusive transitional process in the respect of which key people including and in particular. so could zanu p.f. take the boxes on the mons from western powers to attract investment by including opposition figures in its government they doubt their own business community by giving them advice about those books we will sells we will. look ridiculous in period emmanuel chimedza wants to believe that statement if things don't change soon he only has to take a look down the road to see what the future holds. hundreds symons al-jazeera arriving leaders from europe and africa will hold their first joint summits in the ivory coast they say the meeting will herald
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a new partnership based on equality but there's growing concern that the e.u. and africa is being used to block refugees and migrants instead of for development and sasha butler reports from. in a park in brussels not far from the headquarters of the european union volunteers help dozens of refugees to find shelter from the cold sudanese eritrean ethiopian most say they've endured terrible journeys to reach europe like daniel he's been here for three months fighting for. nowhere. as refugees continue to arrive on their doorstep european leaders scramble for ways to stop more coming their latest strategy is to offer african countries more development aid if they crack down on migration and when i talk with african partners about the future it's not development that comes up often it's either
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towards investments and secure it. the e.u. is the biggest donor of aid to africa given twenty billion euros a year but some members of the european parliament all frustrated that some of the money is being used to manage europe's refugee crisis rather than to alleviate poverty the european parliament be very clear about we don't think development aid from the should be spent on border controls we want development aid from the fan on on the ground they want to. reducing poverty in the world and making people's lives better. critics say you money is also fuelling already chaotic situations europe has funded tighter border control in libya fewer refugees a crossing the mediterranean sea but libya has become a bottleneck for others who are vulnerable to slave traders and people traffickers . youth workers in africa say african and e.u.
1:43 pm
leaders are favoring quick fixes over long term solutions we cannot continue a partnership that has no benefit to people what's more important is where europe and africa to look each other in the eyes and say what do we want is it economic partnership is it political. is it what do we need exactly european and african union leaders hope that their first summit in abidjan will archer in what they call a new era in relations one based on equality once the hunt shakes and the greetings are over there is no doubt that after the latest revelations from libya that it is migration which will dominate the agenda. al-jazeera. egypt's president and the fact that i.c.c. says he is giving army and police forces three months to end all attacks in the sinai peninsula. deadline comes almost a week after the killing of at least three hundred five people who had gathered at a mosque for friday prayers it was the deadliest attack in egypt's modern history
1:44 pm
military has already started bombing targets as part of cc's pledge to punish the attackers. now the world health organization says malaria infections are increasing around the world it is asking for more money to fight the mosquito borne disease w h o's just put out a report which estimates four hundred forty five thousand people died of malaria last year eighty percent of those were in sub-saharan africa and india twenty sixteen sore about two hundred sixteen million cases of malaria nigeria the worst hit country followed by the democratic republic of congo and the number of infections last year was a million higher than twenty fifteen although that's a lot lower than it was five years ago james to bend ironic is the global technical director at malaria consortium he says there is not only a need for more funding but better access to treatment for malaria. wu chose the
1:45 pm
modeling of the occurrence of malaria as well as the cause of death is improving and because of that they able to correct some of the missing information they had in the past so i think there's an element of how the data is being collected i also feel that the number of people who access treatment is not as high as it should be we have made certain assumptions and yet almost forty percent of children under five who should be getting treatment are not getting it at all for example we're zoomed at a large proportion of the children who will be accessing treatment through the public sector but in a country like nigeria you still find that seventy percent of the population in nigeria are still accessing treatment in the private sector and a lot of the interventions we're doing with relation to diagnosis and treatment tend to be in the public sector and so you have
1:46 pm
a large proportion of people accessing treatment in the private sector and yet many of our interventions are not actually reaching the private sector. now in china's capital city they've been given the go ahead to continue demolishing the homes of migrant workers government leaders in beijing say the demolition campaign is part of a safety crackdown after the deaths of one thousand people in a fire and critics say the fire is being used as an excuse for forced evictions is our china correspondent adrian brown. juncture fine and his wife are packing up all their worldly goods are in plastic bags and buckets they were given just a day to move out of a condemned home a nice pleasure to hurry them along the power was cut john's job is to repair air conditioners a typical trade for a migrant worker most of his neighbors have already gone. beijing
1:47 pm
does not welcome us and even not allowing us to stay here i feel so sad about this being working here for more than ten years over the years factories and warehouses on the city's outskirts have been illegally converted into flats in dormitories and rented to migrant workers but the conditions are dangerous earlier this month a fire killed nineteen people state t.v. showed examples of hazardous living conditions the fire appears to have given the government the excuse it finally needed to clear the area. and so in subzero temperatures the evictions began last week some of those forced out have returned to their home towns and cities others are in temporary accommodation a long way from the capital. vixens and demolitions provoked an outcry on chinese social media in response local government officials concede their tactics may have
1:48 pm
been heavy handed and heartless but they insist the campaign to clear this area and others will go on in a move that risks arrest critics of urged to the campaign they include a group of one hundred intellectuals who've signed a petition against what they call ruthless human rights violations where they don't know if the authorities behavior was beyond common sense in such cold weather those come in lower class people have been treated in a way that was an reasonable and inhuman president xi jinping has a vision for a vast modern capital befitting a superpower but that vision may not include the migrant workers who helped to build the skyline a dream brown al-jazeera beijing. our developing story to tell you about partial verdicts are out in the appeal case of the six bosnian croat convicted of war
1:49 pm
crimes which we were telling you about earlier for two of them sentences have been up held one of them. has been sentenced to twenty five years in prison for committing war crimes one of the two has drunk a substance and the court has suspended the hearing the atrocities were committed between one thousand nine hundred nine hundred ninety four they see the pictures of that. bizarre events unfolding there at the war crimes tribunal in the hague and try to get that to the bottom of that for you as the story continues to develop stay with al-jazeera for that still ahead. the finalist is decided in the race for one of the biggest prizes in south american football to have the details. ahead. he has.
1:50 pm
to have. to have. to have. to have. to have.
1:51 pm
again that's going to. thank you has the memorials have taken place in brazil and colombia to mark the one year anniversary of a plane crash that killed seventy one people nineteen members of the brazilian football team chapeau and were among the dead when their plane went down while on route to the colombian city of metta jeanne the first service was held in la union that's the closest town to the site of the accident the team were traveling to compete in the final of the copper so the many kana investigations later revealed the plane had run out of fuel and was overloaded a memorial plaque was also unveiled in the town square meanwhile in japan a separate and more festive ceremony was held just after midnight it can coincide
1:52 pm
with the exact time of the crash the families are still mourning the winds hailing the football in the small southern city of brazil goes on as annual reports. even before the plane crash which nearly wiped it out chappell cohen says story was a remarkable one touching hearts around the world the modest team from the small city of just because brazil rose to the country's top division reached the final of the regional cold competition. it was on the way to play the first leg of that final against atletico nasional of many years in that tragedy struck. as brazil. as the families mourned the club for back inspired by the three players who survived in memory of the nineteen who died was another of the survivors was journalist but i fail who two months after the crash back at work spoke to al-jazeera.
1:53 pm
i believe it's a rite of passage from morning to rebirth it's obvious we won't forget anyone who lost their lives but we need to move on the football players like to win to fight and to win i'm sure it'll be a very emotional game everyone will cry. it was and they did in the two two draw with brazilian champions. the last. played before the accident was the team now made up of players sold cheaply a loan from other clubs survived in brazil's first division and won the state championship was keeper jackson foreman who lost a leg in the crash now works for the club administration for two other surviving players. who shell hoping to soon return to action. after such an experience we learn to appreciate life differently we start to celebrate life more often we don't know what will happen in fifteen minutes so i am
1:54 pm
enjoying my life in the best way possible but a cloud still hangs over. an investigation into why the bolivian own charter plane crashed just short of its destination is still on the way the families are contesting a compensation offer of two hundred thousand dollars per player. have come to symbolize many of the things fans love about football not just in brazil but around the world surviving and thriving against the odds playing football in the face of adversity china. competing in before the plane crash is reaching its latter stages argentine. independent ai through to the top us of the medic had a final offer to beating live outside in the semifinal second leg on tuesday independent they got on to the score sheet first with a penalty within the first twenty minutes of the game they then doubled their lead just two minutes later. but it wasn't enough three one was the final score on the
1:55 pm
night with independent a winning three two on aggregate they haven't won the second ten south american title since two thousand and ten. manchester united have closed the gap at the top of the english premier league standings to five points they defeated what food for two on tuesday ashley young scored twice as united took a three nil lead what but came back to make it three to four days a marine is team scored again to make sure of the victory. and b. a now when le bron james accomplished something he's never done before he was a jet did from a game for the first time in his career in cable in the game against miami heat le bron had avoided such trouble for a total of one thousand and eighty one career games but that changed after he became infuriated with the referee on tuesday often missing a shot he believed he was fouled and began yelling and gesturing at the ref he was given a technical foul on the jetted as a result so no more le bron for that game but despite the setback kevin love scored thirty two of his thirty eight points in the first half to go with the twenty one
1:56 pm
scored by james before his objection would have lived extending the winning streak to nine games with a one hundred eighty to ninety seven victory. you know that webber to go play golf ball with the court. on the last trip all the way to the go to the right. so. that's what it's about when i say what i have to say and i will go on but he decided i should get to zero so this is not the way it was the most so far as i got too old you know because they were going to say i was more or you decide to throw me over you know his way. off to ten months out of the game form a wild number one and fourteen time major winner tiger woods that to return to competitive golf woods has had back surgery for for the fourth time in three years in february but the forty one year old would take part in the invitational heroin challenge in the bahamas this week he also warmed up for his comeback by playing around with u.s. president donald trump on friday will be hoping to keep the focus on the course on
1:57 pm
his return after he was recently sentenced to twelve months probation after pleading guilty to reckless driving. i missed playing golf for fun go out there and he didn't go and play for some denominations and have a good time i had done two years. play nine holes here and eighteen holes here and take three days on. it was killing me and. i had built a place with my friends and such a long time forget being compared to this. but this the surgery was yes you said. it was about quality of life because i didn't really have much the first stage of the gruelling six stage does that ultra marathon the marathon to sabah in peru has been won by both male and female favorites ron has had to enjoy a thirty seven point two kilometers through the peruvian desert on tuesday with fully loaded backpacks estimated to be weighing around eight kilograms morocco's
1:58 pm
that i should add but obviously with the fast man over the line as expected he has an early twenty five minute lead over the second place male in the women's race with clarify the fast date on us she holds a thirty seven minute lead going into stage. and. they have a great start. and that is it for this. we'll be back in two minutes with more of the day's news the latest on events concerning north korea and bosnia stay with us .
1:59 pm
hard. training starts lightly but the pace picks up quickly as these grannies work out a long lifetime of frustration. at eighty five years old intombi sword what trains as hard as anyone and. i feel so good i feel fresh and punch this side and this side like this and like that i really love there's i don't like things like soccer because i will bring these ladies are tough and i take
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their training very seriously. don't listen to what they're for more energetic the food more i like. the fact. the smallest corpus on the planet and one that could soon be lost forever with an international team of scientists is determined not to let that happen without intervention to give the big i would say here to a vast now it's a race against time to try and save a species i think chrysler is in the measures he plans to stave off extinction techno this tour. international condemnation off to north korea launches a new missile.


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