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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 30, 2017 1:00am-1:34am +03

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oil is found in the forests my research has shown that forest find to sites reduces stress hormones is us in the future the time may come when doctors prescribe the forest stead of medicine. in syria citizens are collecting evidence. of crimes committed against civilians moved out of syria about six hundred thousand pages of material so that one day they can bring the assad regime to justice it puts a human face on the charges it's a dead human face but it's a human rights syria witnesses for the prosecution at this time on al-jazeera. threats of new sanctions after north korea test fired as a missile it says can reach the u.s.
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mainland. and our intake of this is down to zero i live from london also coming up. the man who almost won the egyptian presidency in twenty twelve challenges or the u.a.e. blocked him from leaving hours after he said he plans to run again. a former bosnian croat general dies after drinking poison in court as judges confirmed his twenty year jail sentence. and shock on u.s. television as its announced that one of its most famous news anchors has been fired over sex abuse allegations. i know the united nations security council is about to begin an emergency session to discuss north korea's latest missile test us president donald trump has threatened to impose major new sanctions on pyongyang which says its missiles can
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now reach the u.s. mainland a new song fifteen intercontinental ballistic missile for the two and an altitude of up to four and a half thousand kilometers and traveled nine hundred sixty kilometers spending nearly an hour in the air at that height the missile traveled more than ten times higher than the international space station which four hundred eight kilometers above us. several weapons experts say the missiles locked into trajectory suggest an actual range of thirteen thousand kilometers which is enough to reach washington d.c. and any other part of the continental united states it also means europe which is seven thousand six hundred fifty nine kilometers away from north korea is reachable by missile gavino back reports from south korea's capital seoul. it's being celebrated as a priceless victory in north korea state media says the country has completed its rocket system development with the successful test launch of a new long range missile and you've got to kind of get the i.c.b.m.
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what song fifteen weapon system is an intercontinental ballistic rocket took to the super large heavy warhead which is capable of striking the whole mainland of the u.s. it's the third i.c.b.m. test this year north korea says this one is more advanced than the haas on fourteen's in july traveling for around fifteen minutes to an altitude of about four and a half thousand kilometers before landing in waters off japan the intended target according to pyongyang's media from the u.s. president who has threatened fire in fury in the past this response or we can you know we will take care of it we have general matters in the room with us and we've had a long discussion about it. it is a situation that we will handle it went higher frankly than any previous thought they paid for research and development effort on their part to continue building ballistic missile that could threaten. everywhere in the world basically south
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korea says it detected the test in advance of the launch at around three a.m. local time and immediately responded with joint army navy and air force drills launching three missiles that simultaneously hit a simulated target the intended message to north korea the south could take out the launch site if necessary president trump spoke with the leaders of south korea and japan. japan will resolutely enhance its pressure on north korea to the maximum level we will continue to protect the lives and livelihood of the people of japan on to the strong japan u.s. alliance president monday and told trump that north korea's technology has apparently improved agreeing to continue the sanctions campaign that anger is kim jong un's government but so far has failed to stop its missile and nuclear tests. yourself korea and the united states along with the international community have no
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other choice but to continue applying strong pressure and sanctions the south korean government says those sanctions are designed to force north korea to negotiations there has been no communication between the two countries since last year the u.s. and its allies have often said that denuclearization is a precondition for talks but it seems increasingly likely that if north korea comes to the table it will insist on doing so as a nuclear state kathy novak al jazeera sole mike hanna joins us from the u.n. headquarters in new york so mike we're starting to come in what what can we expect from this meeting. well we're waiting for the session of the security council to get under way initially there had to be in shared jeweled a report back from the security council sanctions committee this they have to carry out every ninety days the head of that committee was due to brief the security council on how effectively sanctions already in place are being imposed but
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following the latest missile launch by north korea the u.s. japan and south korea called for an emergency session to discuss the issue that is what is going to be happening in a short while once the members of the security council sit down and begin discussing the issue we heard from some people on their way into the security council chamber from the italian ambassador who's the chair of the sanctions committee saying that obviously sanctions will be discussed the possibility of further sanctions cannot be ruled out but importantly discussion will be held on how sanctions already in place can be most effectively imposed we also heard from the french ambassador who said that the latest missile launch moves the threat of north korea from the regional to the global chilling words which are likely to be repeated in the security council session which should be beginning shortly and mike
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president trumbo has already suggested that there would be more sanctions on on the way as a result of this latest test what kind of sanctions does he have in mind. yes indeed it's very difficult to see how this is going to play out whether the u.s. is going to unilaterally impose sanctions as it has done in the past or whether it is going to try and get sanctions new sanctions through the united nations which it has always done in the past also done in the past using the security council but there are so many sanctions in place already there is one set of sanctions that are not in place which some have been advocating for and that is a restriction on oil and gas imports from north korea which could severely cripple the economy of that particular country now whether these sanctions come up for discussion we'll wait and see but certainly china has been reluctant to agree to such extreme sanctions china being a permanent member of the u.n.
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security council so we'll have to see how it plays out but we have been here before there'd be numerous missile launches numerous emergency sessions at the united nations security council what is likely intense discussion perhaps a resolution condemning the latest launch but what you may then see is the major powers sitting down talking once again about how to create a new set of sanctions that there is complete unity on there cannot be a split in the security council on those they will be looking for some kind of united position mike hanna thank you very much jim walsh is a senior research associate at the massachusetts institute of technology's security studies program he's one of a handful of americans who have traveled to both iran and north korea for talks with officials about nuclear issues he says there are limited opportunities when gage met with pyongyang. we had two months of no test two glorious months
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notice and so if something was going to happen that would have been the time but once you start having tests and sanctions and doesn't sanctions and then the u.s. and south korea have watched your military exercises the north koreans don't want to talk to us during that period so there are only brief chances you have to try to advance in gauge meant and not simply pressure and you want to be able to talk to north korea because you don't want them to make a mistake that will get us all killed so. you have to seize those opportunities when they're there even though mostly it looks like they were going to test all they get what they want and then go to the table but i say you know keep talking to him that's the best way to prevent an accidental war for my egyptian prime minister ahmed shafik has told al-jazeera the united arab emirates have blocked him from leaving the country comes after he announced his intention to run in next year's presidential elections in egypt the u.a.e. denies the allegation that he could run in egypt's first presidential poll after the twenty five not prizing because for many to hosni mubarak the narrative he lost
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to mohamed morsi of the muslim brotherhood and then fled ever seen. my fellow egyptian citizens i have announced my intention to run in the presidential election and i was planning to start a tour amongst egyptian communities abroad before going back to egypt in the next few days however i was surprised to find out i'm prevented from leaving the u.a.e. for reasons i don't understand and i'm not willing to understand i've often stated my appreciation for the u.a.e. for hosting me however i reject any intervention in egypt's affairs by preventing me from participating in a constitutional vite. before entering politics which i had a long military career as a fighter pilot he then rose to become commander of the air force between one hundred ninety six and two thousand and two after retiring from there foresee entered government as minister for civil aviation and was briefly prime minister
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under hosni mubarak in twenty eleven it came close to winning the presidency in two thousand and twelve losing to morsi in the second round runoff vote by just fifty one point seven to forty eight point three percent he disputed the result before going into exile so nash is an associate professor of middle east politics at the university of oklahoma he says the u.a.e. and saudi arabia are not interested in seeing challenges to presidencies rule. the united arab emirates along with saudi arabia are among the staunchest supporters of the current egyptian government and president sisi and so they have an interest in president sisi continuing day certainly supported his rise to power and there's been some reporting that they actually supported the movement to oust morsi as well so they are in favor of sisi staying in power and not interested in seeing any potential challengers and egypt's new regime is also not interested in seeing
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potential challengers in next year's election it's not clear that the egyptian government or presidency is behind this move i mean we know that authoritarian regimes cooperate with one another and this isn't certainly the first case of that we've seen dissidents gyptian dissidents in kuwait and in saudi arabia rounded up and sent back to egypt and we've seen the opposite and so on so it's not clear that sisi is responsible for this well presidency is to some extent vulnerable certainly there is a security crisis in egypt as we saw with the devastating terrorist attack last week in sinai that killed three hundred five people the economy is not doing very well or at least many many people are suffering and as a result of high inflation the flotation of the pound and so on so there are economic grievances and mr shafiq of course came in second in the two thousand and twelve elections against mr morsi who won those elections and he clearly has political aspirations and we've known that for some time lebanon's prime minister
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said harry has signaled he may withdraw his resignation next week he said matters were positive and if that continued he would consider rescinding his decision to step down as prime minister of lebanon harry announced his resignation lot in saudi arabia near november but then put it on hold last week at the request of president . former military leader has died after drinking poison in a u.n. war crimes court. substance just seconds after he was told he'd lost his appeal but at smith reports. his twenty year sentence for war crimes upheld on appeal. was not about to go quietly it received it. shouting i am not a war criminal a former croatian general took a drink from a small bottles. for
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a short time the presiding judge continued to deliver verdicts on the other defendants then heard again through a translator i have taken poison. the seventy two year old's lawyer peter klein's claim. klein says he drank a poison this morning she says. was taken to a hospital in the hague where he later died in two thousand and four slept on probably at flew from zagreb to the netherlands and surrendered himself to the hague tribunal with his co-defendants he was charged with trying to create what was described as an ethnically pure greater croatia. probably ak was found guilty with others of helping a stoppage concentration camps for bosnian muslims and specifically he was charged with ordering the destruction of the city of must pass ottoman era brick.
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on wednesday and some of the survivors of those concentration camps watched the sentencing probably suicide. all of us who had been in camps we expected at least the confirmation that this was a joint criminal enterprise and not only the verdict against prayag but also all the men who took part while on the other side of divided must ah some of the soldiers understood why he'd taken his own life. but as a vision i'm thinking i would do the same it would be hard to serve time in prison while some are mocking you these are the final verdicts to be handed down by the international criminal court for the former yugoslavia the six defendants had their appeals rejected they've been sentenced to a collective one hundred and eleven years in jail the court was set up in one thousand nine hundred three at the height of the balkans war to prosecute europe's worst atrocities since world war two but it's made al-jazeera still to come tweeting himself into trouble again it has gone too far this time.
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nor in the government's call to evacuate. how the weather still looks pretty warm into southeastern parts of australia over the next couple days quite a rash over towards the east coast though some wet weather just started to push its way through the bike so you know run its way into adelaide as we go on through thursday thirty one celsius radley thirty two celsius that in melbourne melbourne stays fine and dry for the time being meanwhile with highs of around twenty one degrees there in perth some pleasant sunshine coming through here they're warm up a touch as we go on through friday heavy showers there affecting a good part of south australia as you can see just ahead of the second test some
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rather heavy rain there coming into l.a. hopefully that will clear through by saturday but some right by this stage making its way into melbourne the east coast should be largely fine and dry by then maybe i'm not sure about across new zealand a good deal of settled and sunny weather here decent temperatures as well so getting up to around twenty two celsius there and open chance of one or two showers here by the time we count to friday very little change here pleasant enough in christchurch at around twenty two degrees again some decent spells of sunshine i think we're going to be talking rather more the way of crisps on a shot across the korean peninsula over the next day or so temperature is a degree or two above freezing when she weather makes its way across japan. year on from the election which washington both the republican and democratic parties are struggling to adjust to
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a polarized electorate it really is an identity crisis you just run against drugs or do you really stake out a set of positions that offer us a clear alternative not just a truck but to the politics again truck pulled lines examines the shifting sands of american politics life of the party this time on all jazzier. mind of the top stories. u.s. president donald trump says new sanctions will be imposed on north korea in response to a test of a new missile out it says could hit any target in the united states. former egyptian prime minister ahmed shafik says he's being blocked from leaving the
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united arab emirates after announcing his intention to run the egyptian presidency you a denies the allegations. and former bosnian croat military leader slobodan probably yet has committed surfside by drinking poison after losing his appeal to you and your crimes court. migration dominated talks between leaders from the african and european union's in the ivory coast capital abidjan is the first time the two organizations have come together and just about to reports from their. it was the host of the summit the president of the ivory coast who set the tone allison what torah said it was totally unacceptable that in this day and age refugees were being traded as slaves in libya. this is disgraceful drama reminds us of the darkest hours of humanity i call on our collective sense of responsibility to take urgent action many refugees in libya are in detention
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centers where conditions are appalling others are bought and sold by those with little respect for human life the slave trade in libya has shocked and embarrassed leaders in both africa and europe and it has injected a sense of urgency into this summit we have to think there is a very critical issues and across this like in libya and that's why i want to finalize before the end of this summit a very great initiative between the african union and european union. leaders on both sides are expected to launch a plan to address the situation by the end of their meeting but the united nations secretary general issued a warning that unless new ideas of found to deal with migration human rights abuses will continue. we will not put an end to the tragedy in the mediterranean if we do not create significant legal migration opportunities we must also ensure that people can find a dignified future in their home country this is essential to combat smugglers and
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traffickers the most horrible criminals of our time. activists say that more must be done to stop young africans leaving home in the first place we have to invest in jobs and employment we have to invest in basic to cover basic needs that's what we need to do and delegates start from migrating but there's always going to be migration and specially among the most african countries does it's always going to be that. there are more than eighty leader. at this summit finding one voice among any issue will never be easy critics say the when it comes to migration they have favored quick fixes rather than long term solutions the question is whether this summit will change that the dash about lower al-jazeera. ivory coast of venezuela has removed it sam bacile to the united nations from his post rafael mira's a former oil minister has been sacked made
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a major anti corruption campaign targeting the oil industry at the un says it has not been notified by venezuela's government of any changes to its representation rival palestinian factions hamas and fatah have agreed to ask egypt to delay the handover of gaza hamas was due to hand over power in the gaza strip to the palestinian authority by friday after a decade of darkness there as part of a reconciliation deal however there are still the handover to be delayed until december the tenth it comes out of both sides accuse each other of not respecting the accord. i saw says it carried out a car bomb attack in yemen zz southern city of aden that killed at least two people the force of the blast outside the yemeni finance ministry offices shook the core marks our area of the city the temporary capital of the internationally recognized government of president rebel mosul hardy at least two others were injured in the
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attack. us president donald trump has shared anti muslim videos posted by a far right british group is twitter account retreated three separate videos posted by the deputy leader of the britain first movement a white house correspondent kimberly hellcat reports from washington d.c. . outrage and calls for his impeachment that's what followed after the president of the united states read tweeted three anti muslim videos the verified videos purport to show muslims attacking people and property that were made public online by this woman a muslim terrorist screaming hostile to frandsen and extreme right wing british activist who's previously been charged with inciting hate speech against muslims white house may not support her views but it defends retreating for videos the threat is real and that is what the president is talking about that's what the president is focused on is dealing with those real threats and those are real no
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matter how you look at it normally a close ally the british prime minister through her spokesman condemned donald trump as being wrong on capitol hill this democratic congressman said the videos were nothing more than hate and called on members to take action against the president. when emanates from the president the solution is impeachment trumps positions are not new when speaking about i solo or even al qaida the president has historically insisted on stressing that he believes the groups are made up of radical islamic terrorists on the campaign trail for president trouble also called for a total and complete shutdown of muslims and drink the united states and in the first days of his presidency trump implemented the first in a series of executive orders blocking travelers from some muslim majority countries
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the policies have been challenged in the courts characterized as nothing more than a ban on muslims the largest islamic civil rights group in the united states has also condemned the president's tweet and accused him of inciting violence against muslims this is in danger in our safety as americans it's in then during the safety of american muslim kids in schools and more cars even members of the muslim community in the military still no matter how hateful the president's actions may be his position reflects the views of millions of americans. that helped him win the white house kimberly hellcat al-jazeera washington. and they see news has fired matt lauer the longest serving voice of the network's highly rated morning news program over an allegation of sexual misconduct a surprise announcement to employees came shortly before it was made on air on
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wednesday morning john hendren reports rockefeller plaza the growing wave of workplace sexual misconduct allegations he's claimed another television on and it has this is a sad morning heard today at n.b.c. news n.b.c. news is fired popular morning presenter matt lauer in which co-hosts of anna guthrie an ounce the new going on. we can say is that we are heartbroken i'm heartbroken and now in a memo to staff n.b.c. news president andy lack said an employee filed a complaint about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace lax said while it was the first complaint against lauer in his more than twenty years at the network n.b.c. was presented with reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incident in the recent sexual harassment and assault allegations have swept over hollywood congress and the airwaves claiming the jobs of lauer fox's bill o'reilly and c.b.s. morning news presenter charlie rose the allegations have cost hollywood producers and t.v. newsmen their jobs but on capitol hill the reckoning has been mild hired by senator
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al franken apologize for taking this picture with a sleeping reporter but says he will not resign i am embarrassed i feel ashamed. of what i'm going to do is i'm i'm going to start my job and i go back to work congressman john conyers has resisted pressure to resign despite accusations of verbal abuse an unwanted sexual advances by four women he just sat there you say anything they just took office close down to is that naked to is giving us like you would do in your bedroom u.s. senate candidate roy moore might still win in alabama despite several accusations by women who say he pursued and allegedly assaulted teenage girls decades ago most visibly the anti arrest meant waive his spared president donald trump who was elected after he said this to a t.v. reporter on take it with your star that lets you do it you can do anything whatever
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you want grab. let's take you straight to the u.n. security council listen in to us and that's the nikki haley his speaking about north korea yesterday the north korean regime made a choice it chose to feed its nuclear aggression it chose to thumb its nose at the civilized world it chose to challenge the patience of a well. united against its recklessness and with this choice comes a critical decision point for the rest of the world the world has responded powerfully to north korea's outrageous and lawless actions this council has taken unprecedented measures to stop north korea's development of a nuclear tipped ballistic missile we have leveled the most impact impactful sanctions that any country has experienced in a generation we have cut deep into north korea's major export industries to eliminate the revenue for its illegal missile program we have reduced its military access to the refined petroleum needed to run its war machine in addition to our
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work here in the security council many nations have taken their own strong actions against north korea's threat to peace just this year as north korea's behavior has become more intolerable over twenty countries from every corner of the globe have restricted or ended their diplomatic relations mexico peru italy spain and kuwait have expelled north korea's investors from their countries portugal and the united arab emirates have suspended diplomatic relations the philippines and taiwan have suspended all trade with north korea singapore formally north korea's seventh largest trading partner has cut all trade ties uganda has halted all military and security ties. the european union australia south korea and japan have made additional sacrifices for peace and security by going
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well beyond what the security council requires all of the countries that have taken actions to isolate north korea have acted out of deep concern about the regime's dangerous refusal to abandon its nuclear program they have selflessly put the security of all of us above their individual political and economic interests they have won the gratitude of the international community for their responsible actions regrettably not all countries have done the same all u.n. member states are at the very minimum obligated to fully implement all u.n. sanctions but we know that's not happening in every case this council has banned coal exports from north korea and yet we have reports of the regime continuing to smuggle coal into neighboring asian countries using deceptive tactics to mask the
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coles origins this council is required that all refined petroleum imports into north korea not exceed the annual cap and we've banned ship to ship transfers and yet we see north korea illegally obtaining refined petroleum from neighboring states through ship to ship transfers in the yellow sea and the sea of japan. there are countries that are continuing to fund the north korean nuclear program by violating un sanctions and obstructing our efforts the world knows who many of them are. as successful as we have been in leveling multilateral sanctions against it the north korean regime continues to test new and more powerful missiles and as it does it continues its march toward a functional nuclear arsenal the continuing development of these missile systems demands that countries further isolate the cameras so today we call on all
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nations to cut off all ties with north korea in addition to fully implementing all u.n. sanctions all countries should sever diplomatic relations with north korea and limit military scientific technical or commercial cooperation they must also cut off trade with the regime by stopping all imports and exports and expel all north korean workers. just last week the world was given a stark reminder of the barbarity of the north korean regime when one of its own soldiers fled the country even more than the dramatic video of the soldier's escape more shocking was the soldier's medical condition unrelated to his bullet wounds while being treated by south korean medical team doctors discovered that the soldier had parasites and uncooked corn kennels in his digestive track clear evidence than this or that you know he had a year celeste a u.n.
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speaking at a meeting of the u.n. security council all countries to cut off all ties between north korea after its latest missile test which the country said north korea said could any time hit any target in the united states so that meeting continuing as they discuss the latest north korean threat fault lines is coming up next that's all from me now by phone ahead of the september twenty fourth national election survey showed germans satisfied with the state of their economy this is easily estonia's biggest tech success story the company was bought by microsoft in two thousand and eleven we bring you the stories that are shaping the economic world we live in counting the cost at this time on al-jazeera. i told john trump do solemnly swear that i will faithfully execute that i will faithfully execute it's been just over years and startled trump won the us presidential election and shook the country and the splitter.


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