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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 30, 2017 3:00am-3:33am +03

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to western culture office in language he had been to because i've been here for some time i can help them with lots of things that mrs ford to me the great thing is it's not just about museums to about forming a new life it part of life is culture. if you're in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when mess was that somehow time is aiming to replace america and anger around the world well the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china at this time on a just see it. if war comes make no mistake the north korean regime will be utterly destroyed.
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strong words from the united states as the u.n. security council holds an emergency meeting on the north korean missile launch. and welcome to al-jazeera live from our headquarters in doha with me and as the problem also ahead. former egyptian prime minister says he's being prevented from leaving the u.a.e. after announcing plans to contest the presidential election. a war criminal dies after drinking poison seconds after a u.n. court upheld his twenty year jail term. and growing international criticism after u.s. president donald trump retreats anti muslim videos. the
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united states has called for north korea to be isolated by the international community at an emergency meeting of the united nations security council that follows pyongyang's most recent missile test on tuesday analysts say the weapon had the capability to reach the u.s. mainland while north korean al says it's a nuclear armed state the russian ambassador to the u.n. said the launch was deeply disappointing but that recent military drills by the us on the korean peninsula have worsened the situation the u.s. has called for sanctions against north korea to be strengthened and colluding a contant crude oil supplies from china it wants the international community to sever all trade and diplomatic relations with pyongyang well the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. says north korea now needs to be completely isolated by the international community . we call on all nations to cut off all ties with north korea in addition to fully implementing korea soon after north korea came to the table we
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need china to do more. let's go to our correspondent mike hanna now he's joining us live from the united nations so what else did we hear from the security council mine well the sessions come to an end and has ended without a resolution which was expected there was intense debate within the council as to what to do now in the light of this latest missile test by north korea or members of the security council condemned the missile launch but there was the vision in terms of how they are going to respond to it in the days ahead there will be further discussion about the possibility of more sanctions and indeed how to force those sanctions already in place but the clear division in the council is both russia and china on the one hand arguing that there should be a three useful freeze type scenario in which the u.s. and south korea would lower their military posture on the peninsula in return north
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korea would slow down or even halt its missile testing now this is being ruled out completely by the u.s. in the past and the u.s. stands by its position that if necessary it will use force north korea made a choice yesterday that brings the world closer to war not farther from it we have never sought war with north korea and still today we do not think it if war does come it will be because of continued acts of aggression like we witnessed yesterday and if for comes make no mistake the north korean regime will be utterly destroyed very strong words from nikki haley there might but what can the security council what more can the security council do what can they hope to achieve here. well that's exactly what the council has been discussing does agree that the
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sanctions that are in place have been effective to a degree there was a report from the head of the u.n. sanctions committee which had been shed book for the latest crisis at the same time though there is that division within the security council they are well aware all the members that there needs to be a united position on how to deal with north korea not just in the wake of this crisis but generally and that is where the divide occurs with the u.s. insisting that it will not go a negotiated route unless north korea stands down its missile development program russia and china saying that there has to be the freeze for freeze as i mentioned so in the days and weeks ahead you are going to have behind the scenes negotiations between the major powers as to exactly how the why the issue must be addressed but if the missile testing continues the question will remain will the u.s.
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continue to negotiate with its security council allies or will it decide to take unilateral action on its own thank you very much mike that is mike hanna joining us live from the united nations thank you. we're going to move on to some other news now on the u.a.e. has dismissed allegations by former egyptian prime minister moshe think that he's being stopped from traveling to fake says he's being blocked from leaving the new law after he announced plans to run an agent to presidential election next year if he had left egypt after he lost against the muslim brotherhood mohamed morsi and the two thousand and eleven action he's been a strong critic of the egyptian president of the fact that healthy. well with my fellow egyptian citizens i have announced my intention to run in the presidential election and i was planning to start a tour amongst egyptian communities abroad before going back to egypt in the next few days however i was surprised to find out i'm prevented from leaving the u.a.e.
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for reasons i don't understand and i'm not willing to understand i've often stated my appreciation for you or you for hosting me however i reject any intervention even if you prefer by preventing me from participating in a constitutional right. now before entering politics a figurehead a long military career as a fighter pilot and later command of the air force between one hundred ninety six and two thousand and two and after retiring from the air force he entered government as minister for civil aviation and was briefly prime minister under hosni mubarak in two thousand and eleven he ran for the presidency in two thousand and twelve but now only lost more see in the second round runoff vote by just fifty one point seven to forty eight point three percent he disputed the results before going into exile. rival palestinian factions hamas and fatah have agreed to ask egypt to delay the handover of gaza hamas was due to transfer transfer power in the
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gaza strip to the palestinian authority by friday after a decade of dominance there as part of a vet conciliation deal but they're asking the handover to be delaying until the tenth of december both sides of accusing each other of not respecting the deal. lebanon's prime minister sabri has signaled he may withdraw his resignation that next week he said matters were positive and if that continued he would consider sending his decision to step down as prime minister and he the announced his resignation while in saudi arabia earlier in the van but then put it on hold last week at the request of president michel aoun. yemen's ousted president ali abdullah saleh says he is prepared to push the hopis to stop firing rockets at saudi arabia but he said the saudi led coalition must first end its blockade and airstrikes on yemen. the first step is
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a road map stop the war stop the airstrikes and put an end to the blockade. and return we say to the decision makers stop launching rockets riyadh this is an initiative and after this we can meet in geneva kuwait we are ready for that now a former bosnian military leader has died after drinking poison in a u.n. war crimes court slobodan drank the liquid just seconds after he was told he had lost his appeal against his conviction then a smith reports with his twenty year sentence for war crimes up held an appeal. was not about to go quietly it were seated. shouting i am not a war criminal a form a coalition general took a drink from a small bottles. for a short time the presiding judge continued to deliver verdicts on the other defendants then probably heard again through a translator i had taken poison. the seventy two year old's lawyer repeats
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a client's claim not to like. clients as he drank a poison this morning she says we spent at least the curtains probably ak was taken to a hospital in the hague where he later died in two thousand and four slept on probably at flew from zagreb to the netherlands and surrendered himself to the hague tribunal with his co-defendants he was charged with trying to create what was described as an ethnically pure greater croatia. probably ak was found guilty with others of helping a stoppage concentration camps for bosnian muslims and specifically he was charged with ordering the destruction of the city of must ask ottoman aerobraking. on wednesday and ma star some of the survivors of those concentration camps watched the sentencing and probably acts suicide. all of us who had been in camps we
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expected at least the confirmation that this was a joint criminal enterprise and not only the verdict against prayag but also all the men who took part while on the other side of divided must ah some of projects former soldiers understood why he'd taken his own life. but as a vision i'm thinking i would do the same it would be hard to serve time in prison while some are marking you these were the final verdict to be handed down by the international criminal court for the former yugoslavia the six defendants had their appeals rejected they'd been sentenced to a collective one hundred eleven years in jail the court was set up in one thousand nine hundred three at the height of the balkans war to prosecute europe's worst atrocities since world war two bernard smith al-jazeera. still ahead on the bulletin the european union needed to do more to help thousands of migrants stranded in abuja and one of america's biggest t.v. news stuff is fired of a sexual harassment allegation. from
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dusky sunset so it's proving savannah. to sunrise the top in metropolis. the weather still looks rather disturbed into central parts of china usually wet weather coming through here right well the way up toward shanghai south of that it looks fun and dry on kong getting up to around twenty seven maybe twenty five a tad cooler as we go on through friday what's the weather there been driven in on and northeasterly winds and obviously some showers making their way into central and northern parts of vietnam in the process. continue and they are pretty heavy in places across much of southeast asia we got some really heavy rain which has been affecting the good parts of southern thailand. but if this huge mass of cloud heavy showers will eventually push out into the andaman sea the
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nicobar islands things and while the weather in the next day or two is there across indonesia all the way down into bali still seeing some rather lively showers from time to time she was certainly pretty intense in the heat of the day the weather that we have moving into the out of knowledge they can continue to push their way into southern parts of the cold war. where we have seen recent flooding so we got to circulation as you can see that grassy making their way west. sponsored by.
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my disability. good to have you with. the u.s. . consulate in the wake of pyongyang. north korea. that has the capability to hit the u.s. mainland. he's being blocked from leaving the united arab emirates the travel ban comes after announcing his intention to run for the egyptian presidency
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has denied the allegation. and. has. poisoned. has appealed. that his twenty year prison sentence had been held. that he was a war criminal. us president donald trump has been widely condemned for sharing anti muslim videos from a far right british group they were originally posted by j. de france and the deputy leader of the britain first group was convicted of abusing a muslim woman earlier this month a white house correspondent reports. outrage and calls for his impeachment that's what followed after the president of the united states read tweeted three anti muslim videos the verified videos purport to show muslims attacking people and property they were made public online by this woman
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a muslim terrorist. to franzen and extreme right wing british activist who's previously been charged with inciting hate speech against muslims and white house may not support her views but it defends retreating her videos the threat is real and that is what the president is talking about that's what the president is focused on is dealing with those real threats and those are real no matter how you look at it normally a close ally the british prime minister through her spokesman condemned donald trump as being wrong on capitol hill this democratic congressman said the videos were nothing more than hate and called on members to take action against the president when hate emanates from the presidency the solution is impeachment trumps positions are not new when speaking about i solo or even al qaida the president has historically insisted on stressing that he believes the groups are
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made up of radical islamic terrorists on the campaign trail for president trouble also called for a total and complete shutdown of muslims and drink the united states and in the first days of his presidency trump implemented the first in a series of executive orders blocking travelers from some muslim majority countries the policies have been challenged in the courts characterized as nothing more than a ban on muslims the largest islamic civil rights group in the united states has also condemned the president's tweets and accused him of inciting violence against muslims this is in. injury over safety as americans it's getting the safety of american muslim kids in school muslim workers even members of the muslim community in the military still no matter how hateful the president's actions may be his
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position reflects the views of millions of americans. that helped him win the white house kimberly helped get al-jazeera washington well earlier i spoke to jordan today i want to who specializes in islam flowbee and an associate at georgetown university's bridge initiative many of the people that have worked in this administration have also worked previously with anti muslim organizations in the united states whether that's steve van in steven miller kellyanne conway sebastian gorka mike flynn all of these people have worked with with anti muslim groups and those same groups have have praised the president's agenda on these issues and have actually encouraged the types of steps that he's taking in the rhetoric that we hear from him on social media and elsewhere well we've at least seen a correlation between his rhetoric during the campaign and a major rise in hate crimes in the united states so according to the f.b.i.
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which tracks hate crimes against muslims and others we saw a major rise in hate crimes in two thousand and fifteen and two thousand and sixteen which coincided with the election campaign and it wasn't only donald trump that was making muslim comments throughout the campaign other candidates as well were casting fear and suspicion on the muslim community and ultimately it turned out to be a winning strategy because you know the president maintained his has maintained his his views through his presidency. the spanish coast guard has recovered three bodies in the waters between morocco and spain as they were rescuing two people with us the beginning of the year more than three thousand refugees and migrants have died trying to cross the mediterranean to reach europe's shores the staggering numbers have brought european and african leaders together in the ivory coast to discuss possible solutions and talk about the reports from other jan.
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it was the host of the summit the president of the ivory coast who set the tone allison what torah said it was totally unacceptable that in this day and age refugees were being traded as slaves in libya. this is disgraceful. the darkest hours of humanity i call a collective sense of responsibility to take urgent action many refugees in libya are in detention centers where conditions are appalling others are bought and sold by those with little respect for human life the slave trade in libya has shocked and embarrassed leaders in both africa and europe and it has injected a sense of urgency into this summit so we have two things there is a very critical issues and of course it is like in libya and that's why i want to finalize before the end of this summit and there is a great initiative between the african union and european union. leaders on both sides are expected to launch
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a plan to address the situation by the end of their meeting but the united nations secretary general if you do warn that unless new ideas of found to deal with migration human rights abuses will continue. we will not put an end to the tragedy in the mediterranean if we do not create significant legal migration opportunities we must also ensure that people can find a dignified future in their home country this is essential to combat smugglers and traffickers the most horrible criminals of our time. activists say that more must be done to stop young africans leaving home. in the first place we have to invest in jobs and employment we have to invest in basic to cover basic needs that's what we need to do and start from migrating but there's always going to be migration and specially among african countries as it's always going to be that. there are more than eighty leaders at this summit finding one voice from any issue will never be
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easy critics say the when it comes to migration they have favored quick fixes rather than long term solutions the question is whether this summit will change that. al-jazeera. ivory coast. has accused the great government of turning the island into the guantanamo bay of europe thousands of refugees on the island and living in squalid conditions and face a harsh winter and a whole reports. in the evenings of cold. most of the roughly ten thousand refugees and migrants stuck on the island live in the bleak confines of moriah camp no matter what they know. no food no food food no good. moria is stretched way beyond capacity it's occupants come from a dozen countries it's a prison it's not like
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a prison to prison because you don't go nowhere was no. no no no. no it was. inside this heavily fortified former army base families live rough. children breathe in daily lungfuls of wood smoke and bed down with no more than a sheet of tarpaulin to protect them from the hard. knocks say tent for she cannot even hear my son seek in hospital i cannot mistake in. this there is not so why not some variables die. some to voters in what is called die. they are free to come and go but cannot leave the island a deal struck between the e.u. and turkey last year to halt the flow of refugees to europe has left the greek
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government with the heavy burden of looking after those caught in the middle this is an extraordinary situation for people to find themselves in it is as if they have just literally escaped war or some awful disaster but this is a permanent camp many of them have been here for months and months in the care of an european government it feels more like a government that couldn't care less only the ministry only the meanest the governor of course is a government case or to make a case that the make a case that the government. stop rossmiller younis works with volunteers and the island's municipality running a very different kind of camp it's also stretched beyond capacity but here people smile children sing songs and go to school it's everything the greek government's response to this crisis is not. in the hills
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above morea three young men from book you know fast look down on what the island's mayor has called europe's guantanamo bay if this is safety and freedom they must be starting to wonder why they came i don't know how al-jazeera lesbos greece. and in the final part of our series family lives boss john and investigates the living conditions in the camps that some thursday right here on al-jazeera. british prime minister terry is amazed facing a backlash following reports the so-called divorce bill from the european union could cost up to sixty five billion dollars the e.u. has given britain on to monday to make an acceptable offer that involved a report. will the european union be getting sixty five billion dollars from britain will it be far less will both sides have been stressing a final figure hasn't been agreed that pressure is mounting on the british government ahead of an e.u. summit in mid december we're hoping very much that the offer that the promise is
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able to to make at that council be one that guarantees sufficient progress i think that that's what they report you around the table the twenty seven plus us really want to achieve the figures reported in the british press suggest a reason mase effectively doubled her previous offer of twenty six billion dollars in future payments on monday she'll be meeting donald tusk president of the european council there next month e.u. leaders decide if enough progress has been made in three areas to move on to trade talks apart from the money there's the rights of e.u. citizens in britain and most difficult of all how to avoid imposing a hard border between northern ireland which is part of the u.k. and the republic of ireland. continue if there's no agreement in fifteen days we keep going time is passing and the clock is ticking there will be less time for the discussion on the transition period and less time on the future relationship for which we have to develop the scope and the framework of the opposition labor party perhaps sensing a realisation amongst the public that breaks it could come with
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a large price tag is demanding parliament gets a vote on the final amount. whatever the details of the divorce will turn out to be nobody knows when britain will get to start talking about a trade deal with brussels if there's no movement by next month's e.u. summit the prospect of a so-called no deal breaks it comes into sharper focus and that's far from the deep and special relationship that the government still hoping for the day in barber al jazeera london. to argentina now where the largest human rights trial has sentenced to military pilots to life in prison the ruling marked the first judgment against those who participated in the so-called death flights during the country's line nine hundred seventy six to nine hundred eighty three dictatorship opponents of the military regime were flown out of the south atlantic ocean and thrown into the sea to hide their murders. yes bored half the n.b.c. news has fired the puppet a host matt lauer on of the affection harassment allegation is the latest in
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a growing list of high profile men and maybe a detainment and politics to lose their job harassment accusations john hendren reports rockefeller plaza the growing wave of workplace sexual misconduct allegations he's claimed another television show and you can this is a sad morning hear it today and it n.b.c. news n.b.c. news is fired popular morning presenter matt lauer with co-host savannah guthrie an ounce the news of the moment all we can say is that we are heartbroken i'm heartbroken and now in a memo to staff n.b.c. news president andy lack said an employee filed a complaint about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace lax said while it was the first complaint against lauer in his more than twenty years at the network n.b.c. was presented with reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incident in the recent sexual harassment and assault allegations have swept over hollywood congress and the airwaves claiming the jobs of lauer fox's bill o'reilly and c.b.s. morning news presenter charlie rose the allegations have cost hollywood producers
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and t.v. newsmen their jobs but on capitol hill the reckoning has been mild hired by senator al franken apologize for taking this picture with a sleeping reporter but says he will not resign i am embarrassed i feel ashamed. what i'm going to do is i'm i'm going to start my job and then i go back to work congressman john conyers has resisted pressure to resign despite accusations of verbal abuse an unwanted sexual advances by four women he just sat there he does say anything they just took office close down to is that naked down to is giving us like you would do in your bedroom u.s. senate candidate roy moore might still win in alabama despite several accusations by women who say he pursued an allegedly assaulted teen. girls decades ago most visibly the anti us mint waved his spirit president donald trump who was elected
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after he said this to a t.v. reporter on take it when you start it like you do it you can do anything whatever you want grab. is n.b.c.'s best known and best paid presenter lauer outlasted so many cohen years the critics said the most dangerous cheer at n.b.c. was next to him but even high ratings failed to stem a growing tide against sexual misconduct john hendren al jazeera. and again it is a problem and the headlines on al-jazeera the u.s. has called for the complete isolation of north korea at an emergency meeting of the u.n. security council it comes in the wake of pyongyang sent a continental ballistic missile test on tuesday north korea says the launch proves that has the capability to hit the u.s. mainland well the u.s. ambassador to the u.n. issued a strong warning to north korea north korea made
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a choice yesterday that brings the world closer to war not farther from it we have never sought war with north korea and still today we do not seek it if war does come it will be because of continued acts of aggression like we witnessed yesterday and if war comes make no mistake the north korean regime will be utterly destroyed the u.s. has dismissed allegations by former egyptian promise to feel that he's being stopped from leaving so fake says he's being blocked from leaving the e.u. after he announced plans to run in egypt's presidential election next year she left egypt after he lost against the muslim brotherhoods mohamed morsi in the two thousand and eleven election he's been a strong critic of egypt and president the fact that l.c.c. . military leaders and probably young has committed suicide by drinking poison
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after losing his job at a u.n. war crimes court upon hearing that his twenty year prison sentence had been upheld . that he was a war criminal. rival palestinian factions hamas and fatah have agreed to ask egypt to delay the handover of gaza and transfer power in the gaza strip to the palestinian authority by friday after a decade of dominance there as part of a reconciliation deal bob they're asking the handover to be delayed until the tenth of december u.s. president donald trump has been one of the condemned for sharing anti muslim videos posted by a far right. he read tweeted three videos posted by j. to france and the deputy leader of the britain first group earlier this month france and was convicted of abusing a muslim woman those are the headlines on al-jazeera do stay with us inside story is coming up next i'll have more headlines for you in just under half an hour thank you for watching.
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to help get rid of gadhafi. legal migration be controlled in a failed state.


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