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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  November 30, 2017 1:00pm-2:00pm +03

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hello from doha everyone i'm kemal santa maria welcome to the news hour from al-jazeera. thank north korea releases pictures all of its latest ballistic missile launches international calls for more sanctions against pyongyang a growing. diplomatic tensions this is the u.s. president hitting back at the u.k. prime minister's criticism of his reach weights of anti muslim videos pope francis lands in bangladesh the final leg of his tour of a region tainted by the plight of six hundred thousand who fled me and all of that splice. i'm going to hell unless boss island greece where thousands of asylum seekers are living in such appalling conditions that some of prepared to commit self harm in the hope of getting out. and have all the day's sport including brazilian signed grammy await argentina's lanas to win south america's biggest club football optician a cover letter to doris point. first time in
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a year. so we have now seen the first video of north korea's latest intercontinental ballistic missile test pyongyang released its video that is on thursday and says it shows that the successful mission the day before has the capability that launch has the capability to reach the u.s. mainland it says a move that has upset the trumpet ministration as well as the u.n. security council have held an emergency session after kim jong un's actions the u.s. is calling for a major increase in sanctions against north korea but two of those security council members china and russia don't agree china is reluctant to stop crude oil shipments to north korea russia also a neighbor to north korea accuse the u.s. of not wanting peace in the region by carrying out undeclared military maneuvers and trying the patience of pyongyang we'll talk about all that more in
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a moment first we are off live to seoul here is kathy know that kathy the pictures are out there what can we take from them today tell us anything you. well after the launch north korea claimed the new song fifteen intercontinental ballistic missile was much more advanced than the fourteen i.c.b.m.'s it launched in july and now that we have this video analysts are poring over the details in the south korean military assessment is that yes this was a new north korean missile never before seen in public the spokesman for the joint chiefs of staff here said there are clear differences in the overall size of the missile with differences in the warhead and also in the portion connecting the first and second stages of the missile they are still questions surrounding whether north korea has the technology it would need to allow a nuclear armed missile to withstand the heat generated when it really enters the atmosphere but there's no doubt this missile is causing international concern mike
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hanna has more from the u.n. for the ninth time this year the security council gathers to discuss yet another crisis centered on north korea an emergency session called for by the u.s. japan and south korea and a grave warning from the french representative this test is another confirmation that the north korean threat has changed dramatically in a few months both in scope and scale the threat has shifted from being regional to global. the u.s. ambassador makes a direct plea to china to place greater economic pressure on its ally and neighbor we need china to do more president trot called chinese president xi this morning and told him that we have come to the point that china must cut off the oil from north korea that would be a pivotal step in the world's effort to stop this international pariah but no such
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pledge from china instead it called again on the u.s. to explore a free for free scenario in which north korea would slow its missile program if the u.s. and south korea lowered their military posture on the peninsula this position supported by russia the minute they could both hope we proposed a solution based along the principle of suspension for suspension which in visions of d p r k stopping missile tests while at the same time the u.s. and south korea decreasing the scale of their military exercises this in turn will pave the way for the principles of peaceful coexistence and peaceful discussions between washington and pyongyang but this is being repeatedly and vehemently ruled out by the u.s. and clearly while the council is united in its condemnation of the latest missile launch it remains divided on how to respond the question now with the missile testing continues will the u.s. continue to seek solutions with its security council partners or decide to go it
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alone mike hanna al-jazeera united nations so stand by once again it would seem let's talk to underline cover about it now professor of korean studies at the cook mean university joining us from seoul nikki haley and that report just then said we need china to do more now they want china to stop oil imports i don't think that's likely to happen what could china could china do something. chain there can be there as a so strict is the existing sanctions and over the last two months chana has demonstrated that its attitude. has changed it's much tougher that it has ever been before there are beginning to send back home. north korean war costs that are roughly sixty to forty thousand australian workers in china and as in north korean businesses which. received
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a notification official notification that they should close all their pure ations in early january but major problem is of course oil which is supplies by china and it's supplied very cheaply well below the international prices channa is in a difficult situation they don't want in ukraine are scary but even less if they feel even less enthusiasm about unstable musketeer and they afraid that bizarre out or not scary it will slide into a grave economic crisis followed by a local that mystic and the rest and they don't want a civil war or any kind of unbiased in those two things right now let me just in your own children i'm sorry let me interrupt you because you've yes you've said they don't want to they don't want an unstable north korea arguably isn't north korea pretty north korea pretty unstable already and be you've said china is tougher on north korea now but not a not at
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a level that's going to make any difference to kim jong un himself as it. it's not going to make any difference to kim jordan nor matter what you're doing he will always have a good supply of his you know favorite french wine but talking about stability is remarkably stable i would say it's basically. now are probably more stable that any point of the last ten or fifteen years because it's a very it's a growing economy improving a come on exaggeration still very poor country that is you miss quite popular visit population because even star the same creasing and. name is purging the media that he purging some parts of the party to make sure that everybody who can challenge here is not going to have enough influence so basically i would describe
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the situation a stable it is now right now in november two thousand and seventeen you god knows what will happen next. actually what what do you think and lastly marc what do you think is the chance then of and again this was sort of hinted at in our report the chance of the u.s. or any other countries going it alone of circumventing china of circumventing russia and taking it directly to north korea. really there is only country which can do it and this is the united states of america and chances are unfortunately quite high and eve it happens they are likely to face wore in east asia. probably more or less into the vietnam war of the sixty's in one nine hundred seventy s. and this is probably the reason by a chain that is likely to remain reasonably tough because they are afraid of collapse they don't want to deal is a nuclear north korea but it was a large scale war nears it changes border is a far greater threat and so on at all probability chad they will probably get
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a bit tougher on musketeer just to make sure that americans deal more go alon and we'll wait for the possible results of cheney's actions or sanctions of each who is a patient of change so right now i think china will get a bit tougher but not too tough and they don't seem they will cut oil supply but probably they will stop some kind of trade is not scary here probably they will do something to make business for the last guardian agencies north korean people more complicated and making money will become more difficult for them because of new chinese policy on their lack of pleasure talking to you thank you for your time to other news and donald trump has attacked the british prime minister to resume a full condemning his latest tweets or indeed retreats trump shared three anti muslim videos from a far right british group to his more than forty million followers a spokesman for to reason called trump's actions wrong trump replied but this is
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the reason i don't focus on me focus on the destructive radical islamic terrorism that is taking place within the united kingdom we're doing fine he said more now from jordan in washington d.c. . a wednesday the u.s. president donald trump was roundly criticized for reach waiting three videos which he claimed showed muslim violence against christians and others who do not share the muslim faith the british prime minister through a spokesperson condemned the reach weeding of these videos which had been disseminated by a far right wing group or neo nazi group known as britain first the message from number ten downing was that this was inappropriate and it was nothing more than simply disseminating hate and bigotry around the world of course donald trump then fired back late on wednesday against the prime minister to resign may essentially addressing her on twitter and saying that she needed to pay attention to the own
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country her own country's problems dealing with what he called radical islamic terrorism inside the u.k. that of course is not going down well with a number of people on both sides of the atlantic not only have a number of republican senators condemned the remarks and called on president trump to retract those comments but the communities minister in the u.k. sodje job it is now saying that what mr trump has said is reprehensible and that he would use his own position as a public figure to try to fight against this sort of dissemination of bigotry and hatred and of course it is worth pointing out that at the beginning of donald trump's tenure as president there was active discussion in the u.k. about inviting him to visit the country on a state visit and at the time minister job it was saying that people should keep an open mind and not just stand against
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a trial visit out right but now in light of the dissemination of these videos that have been supported by far right wing groups mr job it's june has very much changed his mind and phillips in london to talk us through this one by one of the you know that phrase they get to use all the time about person and you and the us the special relationship i wonder if the special relationship really does depend on the personalities as we see here. well the special relationship is in an extraordinary place right now kemal i mean we're getting weary of using the word unprecedented when it comes to donald trump but he has put america and britain's relationship in a very awkward spot the history of go back to roosevelt churchill thatcher reagan blair and bush and now this very difficult span the line from british government ministers is that they are drawing
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a distinction between the man the current occupant of the white house and the office of the president of the united states which is worthy of respect and britain's relationship with the united states depends on much much more than simply the personal chemistry between two reason may and donald trump institutional it exists at a diplomatic level it exists at a military level and those contacts will carry on but it is a very embarrassing issue for the government and as rosalind has said particularly i think because to reason they really did go out on a limb early on in the donald trump presidency very proud seemed at the time perhaps a little bit too desperate to be the first foreign leader to go to washington extended it was felt with a bit too much haste a state invitation to donald trump which would bring him here which would involve the queen that attracted a lot of criticism at the time the idea now of
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a state visit to london. would be an absolute nightmare for to reason may be politically very very damaging if donald trump came here in that capacity by maybe phillips in london we will leave you there and we'll head a bit further north to birmingham joining us via skype scott lucas a professor of international politics at the university of birmingham and let's pick up on what barnaby was saying there there is an official visit of president trump due to happen in the u.k. if these sorts of things keep happening can that can that go on. no i mean the the official visit in fact has been on hold since the spring over a variety of troops statements and policies including at one point his advocacy of torture including the muslim ban. but what this is done is just highlighted the fact that truck and this i think is the far more important story is now damaging
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values that are upheld here in britain and in the us i mean he's up damaging the notion of decency and tolerance and respect for office in all cultures indeed he is now effectively an accomplice of hatred and division and islamophobia so we're not even talking about you know the special relationship whatever that is we're talking about donald trump actually damaging the u.s. position with many countries around the world and prost most importantly trying to set americans against americans and whatever happens with that visit that's where the immediate crisis was scott i'd like your view on separating donald trump as it were but to be referred to the idea of sort of the office and the man i guess you could also look at it as the man donald j. trump president of the united states and real donald trump on twitter had a ten you separate the middle. no and that's the point that the convergence of this unique man with his ego with his narcissism with his lack of information and the
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use of social media puts us into a very different position and that is donald trump is not just going on twitter as some type of political strategy or tactician when donald trump goes on twitter he goes on as double trump to say what he believes and what he has done in the last twenty four hours in a message to forty four million people on twitter and his supporters as i believe in hatred of muslims i believe in basically inciting hatred against them i believe that even if those muslims are americans you have to look upon them with suspicion that is the point that we're and to be blunt if donald trump was at my university he would be fired for what he has done in the last twenty four hours if he was a teacher at a school where my children go alongside muslims and jews and christians he would be fired so why should he have a special position to say what he is saying just because he is inside the white
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house yeah quite has got lucas bethel been talking to you thank you for your time. thank you here's what's coming up for you on this news hour it's safe to say goodbye the way it's cleared for tourists to leave an indonesian island threatened by about pain. with living conditions already daya syrians face a new threat for survival winter setting in and sports around so if they secure a big win in major league soccer the later part. of the roman catholic church has arrived in bangladesh after four days in neighboring me and ma he had been criticized for not publicly mentioning the river crisis during his visit more than six hundred thousand re-injure have fled to bangladesh since a military crackdown in may and began in august let's go to child stratford he's in
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cox's bazaar in bangladesh how will the the bangladeshi government take this opportunity of the pope's visit to highlight the ranger issue which has become their problem as well. that's very much the case yes i understand they're going to take this opportunity by the by the throat if you like by the whole as they are very keen to highlight not only the problems all the hundreds of thousands. here but the kind of challenges that they are facing in dealing with this crisis. we understand that certainly tomorrow the pope is going to be meeting a group of refugees that are traveling from these camps to dakar to meeting we met a member of that group. a young guy called the hamad whose ten brothers and sisters miraculously managed to escape the crackdown by the military on the twenty fifth of august they arrived here unscathed
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a deeply traumatized he said that mohammed told me that he was going to ask the pope please to help him and his family and all the range a very much aware of the kind of power and the publisher see that the pope can generate with respect to this crisis what's interesting though again with respect to buying the day is how they view these refugees the bangladeshi government don't call the ranger here refugees they call them displaced nationals which as you can imagine is fairly indicative of possibly the idea that bangladesh although they have been incredibly generous in their aid effort do not want them here forever and it's also interesting that in the last couple of days the government is actually approved a two hundred eighty thousand two hundred eighty million dollars plan to move many range of refugees from this camp to a coastal island a coastal island that only a page in recent days that is very susceptible to natural disasters and the site
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clones. also interesting is the fact that a plan has been put forward by bangladesh and me and marta start what they are describing into my. it's time as a beginning of a repatriation process and we've been looking at one of the main problems of that plan with respect to the lack of legal status of the ranger in myanmar. up to the fires and his family fled their home in the me bangladesh border a month and a half ago my advocate of the myanmar military were taking woman away and raping them we saw them burning home all the so was fire everywhere. following huge international pressure myanmar has agreed to work with bangladesh on a plan aimed at eventually allowing the regime drift to return to plan entails refugees staying in temporary camps close to their property and destroyed homes the
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rangers have suffered decades of persecution they often described as the largest stateless people in the world i'm not our main demand is that they recognise us. and then we may go back to. it when you take a look at the various identity cards issued to the ranger that you begin to understand how vulnerable they are to further violence and discrimination these cards and pieces of paper highlight the kind of problems that have had for decades in relation to their legal status inside myanmar and they also highlight potential difficulties with respect to their identification if indeed this repatriation plan goes forward this is a citizenship card and it was made available to all ethnic groups including the ranger after independence now in one thousand nine hundred two citizenship was withdrawn for the ranger it was
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a few years later that they were issued with this the so-called white card now the word ranger has disappeared from it instead there is written in goalie and the religion islam. in twenty fifteen they had to hand these over and they were issued with this receipt now there is no mention of any ethnicity nationality or religion on this receipt it was a few months later that they were issued with these with a similar scant amount of information now the vast majority of ranger refused to ever pick these up from the government bangladesh is already registered hundreds of thousands of refugees living in the camps have those son muhammad was his new id card but the information on it is far from clear. that first they gave us a card which said granger registration card now they gave us a card which has me on my national registration card why the bangladeshi government
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gave us this card and we don't know based on information provided by bangladesh me and maher says it will accept the remainder only after it verifies the information . in the hamlet walk to the border and look at their home which is now occupied by the myanmar military abdul says he just wants citizenship and security in the country he his family and hundreds of thousands like them believe they are from. the latest figures from the international organization for migration say that since august twenty five more than six hundred twenty five thousand reinjure have arrived in these camps that means that if you add to the three hundred thousand or so that were here before there's more than a million ranger in these camps at least seventy percent of them are children aid agencies despite this aid effort are saying that they are struggling to provide
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enough food there are big water sanitation problems one aid agency said that around seventy percent of the wells that have been dying in the last month or so could well already be contaminated there are huge issues and massive challenges ahead and it's hoped that this three day visit by the pope will go some way. to publicizing to an international audience the plight of the region here in stuff and for their cancers bizarre in bangladesh thank you. surgeon refugees heading to greece in the past three months is straining emergency facilities camps built to host a few thousand people are now coping with three times that number and conditions are in fact so dire some refugees are hurting themselves in the hope of being removed from the camp on that is where john hull sent us this report from. in a busy cafe outside the main refugee camp on lesbos island. to tell stories of self
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harm and abuse on your way out of. had been absent i know of some people who cut themselves so that doctors can see there and let them go along with it already up to nine other many. people have been here for more than a year and they are tired and psychologically and well they will hurt themselves in any way just so they can leave this island inside the camp more than six thousand people share facilities designed for just a third of that number in conditions that appear to be in breach of their human rights many have severe medical problems a man with little bolts of his knees. a husband whose wife is about to give birth. the letter says this gentleman has had two recent hospital admissions in mytilene with chest pain it sounds like he has significant coronary artery disease. but there is no easy ticket out of this place or awful as boss island the asylum
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process can take year or more it's you and therefore greek government policy now to stem the tide of refugees into europe we've heard stories about people. making themselves sick have you heard these stories can you confirm that it's true they do these things quite common all the time we hear it those sorts of injuries and that they have various problems for their health but it's something we've become used to and i've been here for years at this camp and for all the years i've been here this has been going on. the words there of the camps dr surprised he says the lengths people are prepared to go to because of the conditions here add to that that senior members of the european commission have visited this camp and nothing changed even the greek health minister has visited this camp and nothing changed the medical charity. doctors without borders concentrates on mental health and sexual violence inside the camp it is horrendous and it is unacceptable so for
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me the question will be. pushing people to take this measures this extreme measures. and what do you think that is the policy. publicist today they're pushing people. to complete. this. nighttime temperatures here in single figures and yet these are some attempts there's no hot water nothing but wood fire to protect families from the cold in conditions like these the sick get sick and the desperate do desperate things don't know how al-jazeera lesbos greeks richard i'm going to is along in just a moment with a look at the weather and then still ahead on this news all the european union and african leaders pledged to do more to help thousands of migrant stranded in libya. this is a stark warning heard today and n.b.c. news now the star on say to the top u.s.
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broadcaster fired in the latest sex scandal over there and in sports tiger woods shows the limits of his old self on the eve of his return to competitive golf far as old sport about ten to the young. by the springtime flower of a mountain late. to the first snowfall on a winter's day. we've been looking at some pretty wet weather across the southern indonesian archipelago and being thrown into the mix has been a tropical cyclone this is the result is a very heavy rain and ahead of his arrival zone one thousand people have died in flooding related issues and you see the amount of rain has come down swollen the rivers and taken its toll on the bridges across the region now we're likely to see the situation across this area improving now as the storm system begins to move
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away towards the south so there we've got brighter weather across much of java at the moment yogyakarta near where those shots were taken me was moved further towards the west or into the indian ocean region you see a couple of circulation one which is gone from the gulf of thailand through into the andaman sea heading towards port blair and another one behind me going across sri lanka so this take them in order this particular system is given vast amounts of rain although it does seem to be now somewhat on its way out just as well we've had two hundred sixty five millimeters of rain the one further towards the west is cause some flooding issues in chennai a bit further south across sri lanka wave had some really really heavy rain this system continues to move away though so we should see an improvement across sri lanka the whole system curves away as it moves northward across the west coast of india but it should stay largely offshore. the weather sponsored by cat time riis. when the power goes out. there's only one humanity trying to.
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local heroes to many he's stealing electricity. but keeping the lights on is dangerous. as beautiful as he's cracked i am spock speaking to flight. powerless a witness documentary at this time on al-jazeera growing up in the united states i learned that the first amendment is really going to be a good thing the freedom of the child is born to be. men and women to the resources that are available but that's an al-jazeera story is that we just don't tell you what the subject of the story wants to know the government is not going to do the one thing the demonstrators want to apologize for that's what al-jazeera does we ask the questions so that we can get closer to the truth.
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from the news i hear it al jazeera and these are our top stories the united states is calling for more sanctions and the complete isolation of north korea united nations security council has held an emergency meeting following pyongyang's missile tests on tuesday north korea says the launch proves it has the capability to hit the u.s. mainland. u.s. president on a tramp as attacks the british prime minister to resign may for condemning his anti islam. three anti muslim video from a far right british which has more than forty million twitter followers and the head of the roman catholic church just arrived in bangladesh after four days in neighboring at me and my process is expected to discuss the ranger refugee crisis
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he has been criticized for not publicly mentioning the issue while he was in me and . thousands of passengers stranded at bonnie's international airport of started to fly out after a change in wind direction blew volcanic ash from mt away a volcano has been increasingly active in the past week and scientists say the threat of a major eruption hasn't ended but one hundred thousand people living in the danger zone have been told to move to emergency sentence step dance and has more from me a mountain in bali. i'm here in one of the largest evacuation childless near mt this is basically the same so but still near enough to the volcano for people to come here and spend the night as you can see there's a around a few hundred people here but only half of all the people in the danger zone have actually registered at these shelters which means that thousands of people are still actually in the danger zone risking their lives it has been a very
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a big challenge for the government to persuade people to come down because this situation has been going on for two months already back than two months ago. with the family here of a man who actually survived the one nine hundred sixty three eruption she told me back then that people in her family had died of five hundred people in the whole village which was completely destroyed by the eruption at that time. here is her son in law and he actually still goes back and forth to the village which is very near to the crater and he told me there is what he called fire rain coming from that right now. it's a very dangerous situation when i went back to the village in the morning i could see ash spewing out my body stinging my mother told me that fire ran to fragments from the crane and assign a bigger option could happen but it has been quite difficult for the government to
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persuade people to come down and to explain to everyone that it is very dangerous and very deadly. is a very unpredictable and although the warning system is in place all the quitman has been in place it's very difficult to persuade people to spend their life like this for days for weeks and even months in a row. syria's opposition is meeting the un mediator in geneva in the round of united nations sponsored talks to end of this in the civil war discussions are happening as rebels trying to topple syria's president bashar assad face up to being significantly weakened by nearly seven years of syrian government. syrian government goshi actions held talks with stephanie mr on wednesday. well as winter approaches in syria many in the north of the country worry about how they will survive there is a lack of fuel and people living in besieged areas say they have already used most
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of the trees from around them for firewood some of in a report now from gaziantep on the turkey syria border. it's getting cold in syria and it's the time of the year to scavenge for things to burn they need it more inventive because in addition to cooking the family will need to stay warm. we came from homes because of the government we didn't go to. i send my boy to collect things to. face another winter without any food or diesel. diesel is expensive and ensure supply because the northern countryside of homs has been under siege for years. the reason behind the high prices is a blockade we live on the even then the diesel we get from the regime areas is not suitable for. people who are forced to look for alternatives. you had to become a tree. he fills all kinds of fees in his own and nearby villages. yes
1:37 pm
this year he says he's got sixty tons of crees to be burnt this firewood. the cost to the environment she was a small price to pay for survival. prices make us cut the trees down used to cost less than two cents a kilo now it's over twenty cents. but keep it alternatives to diesel means trees in these villages are fast disappearing. there aren't enough trees left we have been besieged for the last five years when the firewood ends we'll have just our clothes and god to help. some residents are trying to find alternatives to cutting trees. growing them to earn a meager living. back in this environment whatever they can get their hands on to cook with and. i can't go to school i used to like winter but there
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was no money to buy firewood or diesel and other children hold. on them this year. just one of many areas in syria where tens of thousands of people are struggling to survive this will be their seventh winter since the two thousand and eleven uprising and many say that the outside world does nothing to ease their suffering some of the. leaders in libya have agreed on the emergency evacuation of refugees and migrants facing abuse in detention camps the scandal a big topic at a summit of un african union leaders in ivory coast by the french president emmanuel micron follows an outcry over a video apparently showing african migrants being sold as slaves in libya so let's talk. about the she is in is there some sort of official statement or communique
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expected from this conference. expecting at the end of this. joint statement and that would announce the creation of an anti slavery task force now what we're told is that this task force would basically try and save and protect refugees as they travel along those migratory rates in africa and it would also speed up the voluntary return of refugees to their countries of origin and trying to identify asylum seekers there is no doubt that at this summit here in abidjan the capital of it is this slavery the issue of slavery and migration that have really dominated. it was the host of the summit the president of the ivory coast who set the tone. acceptable that in this day and age refugees were being traded as slaves in libya. this is
1:40 pm
disgraceful drama reminds us of the darkest hours of humanity i call on our collective sense of responsibility to take urgent action many refugees in libya are in detention centers where conditions are appalling others a bought and sold by those with little respect for human life the slave trade in libya has shocked and embarrassed leaders in both africa and europe and it has injected a sense of urgency into this summit so we have to fix a series of very critical issues and across this like in libya and that's why i want to finalize before the end of this summit a very good bridge initiative between the african union and european union. leaders on both sides are expected to launch a plan to address the situation by the end of their meeting but the united nations secretary general issued a warning that unless new ideas of found to deal with migration human rights abuses will continue. we will not put an end to the tragedy in the mediterranean if we do
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not create significant legal migration opportunities we must also ensure that people can find a dignified future in their home country this is essential to combat smugglers and traffickers the most horrible criminals of our time. activists say that more must be done to stop young africans leaving home in the first place we have to invest in jobs and employment we have to invest in basic to cover basic needs that's what we need to do and delegates start from migrating but there's always going to be migration and specially among a mindset for can can trees does it's always going to be that. there are more than eighty leaders at this summit finding one voice some any issue will never be easy critics say the when it comes to migration they have favored quick fixes rather. the solutions. will change.
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one of the concerns of many people here is that in fact this slavery task force will indeed be just another quick fix rather than a real long term working solution there's no doubt that it is an urgent situation but what many people say is people need to the leaders here need to know what can be done to stop people leaving their homes in the first place and there's also been some concern over comments by the french president. on french television on wednesday night when he talked about possibly using military action to crack down on people smugglers so we'll be looking very carefully at the wording of this joint statement when it comes out a bit later. from the world's major oil producers who look at extending a deal to cut oil production until the end of twenty eighteen this is opec the organization of petroleum exporting countries holding talks in vienna on ways to boost oil prices the deal existing deal which is due to expire in march reduces
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output by nearly two million barrels a day since then oil prices have risen more than ten dollars a barrel so just to give you a little more background on the deal and why it matters opec controls the majority of oil production and as a result it influences prices it is made up as you see of those fourteen oil producing countries but there are also no members who joined such talks last year we had all prices fall into a thirteen year low of less than thirty dollars a barrel so to counter it opec agreed to cut oil production by one point eight million barrels a day for six months and it worked the prices bounced back to more than sixty dollars a barrel and so i picked extended the deal until march twenty eighth and the expectation now is it would be extended again possibly through the end of twenty but do remember we have the gulf diplomatic crisis ongoing which involves some of those opec members and their. here's the extension could only boost crude production in places like the u.s. hopes to talk about it will do it with cornelia joining us from the talks in vienna
1:44 pm
she's the chief executive of my results. and energy policy advisory cornea is it a case of really how long the cut will be extended for robert and if it will happen at all. well yes and i think it's not even a case for how long i think the consensus is that the cap will be extended until sue through the whole of two thousand and eighteen which is another nine months working from from march next year so the consensus is and the president of the opec conference in the midst of the energy minister of saudi arabia yesterday sort of gave an urgent appeal saying look it's still serious we're seeing oil markets recovering we're seeing balance but we really still need to extend let me play devil's advocate here then and say that at sixty dollars a barrel and fairly settled at sixty dollars a barrel maybe that's almost in the sweet spot now in the production cuts don't
1:45 pm
need to continue this is actually not a bad position to be of course all producers want more money but maybe this isn't the worst position to be him. that's a good position to be in and i think sixty's look a lot of these governments need to balance their budgets and they certainly couldn't balance me forty dollars and below you also have in russia russia's part of the nano part they are taking out three hundred thousand barrels a year you have presidential elections coming up so they would probably like roll prices in the kingdom of saudi arabia you have around privatization coming up and it's sort of a no brainer if you want to privatizing oil company probably you want a high oil price what about the gulf diplomatic crisis as i mentioned earlier do you see that having some sort of impact saudi arabia as a player there kuwait as a mediator cop or is obviously involved in it. absolutely none none whatsoever because you know when it comes to opec countries
1:46 pm
work together and qatar works prepress a not that such a big captain is a huge gas producer but it's not such a big oil producer but they work alongside let's not forget opec has seen so many crisis opec functioned way well through the iran iraq war these countries word war and we're sitting next to each other at the opec. table so they can knows how to work through any diplomatic crisis for the better good of the oil markets very interesting cornelia my always a pleasure thank you for joining us. thank you. they made us courthouse the n.b.c. news has fired its popular morning host matt lauer farai sexual harassment allegations and is course the latest and a growing list of high profile man in media entertainment and politics to lose their jobs on harris and accusations john hendren has our report for the purpose of
1:47 pm
the growing wave of workplace sexual misconduct allegations he's claimed another television you can't this is a sad morning hear it today and it n.b.c. news n.b.c. news is fired popular morning presenter matt lauer with co-host savannah guthrie an ounce the new the only all we can say is that we are heartbroken i'm heartbroken and now in a memo to staff n.b.c. news president andy lack said an employee filed a complaint about inappropriate sexual behavior in the workplace lax said while it was the first complaint against lauer in his more than twenty years at the network n.b.c. was presented with reason to believe this may not have been an isolated incident in the recent sexual harassment and assault allegations have swept over hollywood congress and the airwaves claiming the jobs of lauer fox's bill o'reilly and c.b.s. morning news presenter charlie rose the allegations have cost hollywood producers and t.v. newsmen their jobs but on capitol hill the reckoning has been mild fire by senator al franken apologize for taking this picture with
1:48 pm
a sleeping reporter but says he will not resign i am embarrassed i feel ashamed. of what i'm going to do is i'm i'm going to start my job and then i go back to work congressman john conyers has resisted pressure to resign despite accusations of verbal abuse an unwanted sexual advances by four women he just sat there to say anything just took office close down to is that naked now two is giving us like you would do in your bedroom u.s. senate candidate roy moore might still win in alabama despite several accusations by women who say he pursued in alleged. assaulted teenage girls decades ago most visibly the anti rassmann wave his spared president donald trump who was elected after he said this to a t.v. reporter on take it when you're starving let me do it you can do anything whatever you want grab. is n.b.c.'s best known and best paid presenter
1:49 pm
lauer outlasted so many co-anchors the critics said the most dangerous chair at n.b.c. was next to him but even high ratings failed to stem a growing tide against sexual misconduct john hendren al-jazeera. customs offices in china have seized they have biggest hole of scales from the most hunted animal in the world nearly twelve tons of pangolins scales were found on a ship in shands and it's believed they came from at least twenty thousand of the endangered animals i got as i found only in africa and asia and there scales are highly prized in traditional chinese medicine a ban on the global trade of the animals did come into effect in january. sports coming up for you on the news hour russia launches its athletes uniforms for next year's olympic days despite facing a ban for doping offenses more on that. all
1:50 pm
1:51 pm
right here to talk sports what if you got first. big news from south america brazilian football team gremio i won south america's biggest club football competition the copa liberty doris title for the first time in twenty two years they beat the last of argentina with a three one aggregate win tatiana sanchez reports. argentinian football has waited a long time for success both on a national and club stage the country's last major trophy with the cop america and nineteen ninety three that leaves the pressure on loose to host
1:52 pm
a brazilian rival gremio in the second leg of the copilot that but not a final hoping for the first ever title grimier who lifted the trophy back in one thousand nine hundred eighty three and one thousand five hundred one new leads in the fast track and they still double their advocates advantage and dean you're putting the one now on the twenty seventh. one known as the new run on the rio and double that lead to now. then a glimpse of hope. given to you many house he was awarded to the new jersey stock into the senate. but it wasn't enough premier hasn't lost a single day since march twenty sixth and they maintained an article from. two to five winning the match to one.
1:53 pm
we're going to i would like to wake up the mayor of moore he drawled i get it so that you know is that all due respect glad tomorrow holy day in the city and i'm sure that major to be considered this. all the role this war that. of america. is a reflection of mirroring for what you've been a part of. the brazilian football the. having proven themselves on the continent find now go global they'll make their debut the fifo club world cup competition in the u.a.e. which starts next week. al-jazeera. barcelona have eased their way into the last sixteen of the copa del rey after thrashing round mercia the legal leaders already had
1:54 pm
a three nil first leg advantage so they never really looked in any danger of failing to make it into the latter stages pocket sergei barcelona in the lead fifteen minutes and with gerrard piquet making it to nil early in the second half alexey video demo suarez and josie are now as each scored for a five nil win in major league soccer trying to have c.b. columbus crew in the eastern conference finals to reach the emma last cup finals jozy altidore scored the only goal of the game in the sixty eighth minute to lead toronto to want to win that home trying to reach the m.l.s. finals for the second year in a row the host either the seattle sounders or the houston dynamo in the december point. in the english premier league fourth place arsenal scored an incredible three goals in four minutes on the way to a five no win over huddersfield there were also wins for third place chelsea and liverpool who move up to fifth in the table and a late goal from him sterling saw manchester city beat southampton two one.
1:55 pm
syrian footballer omar care brand has been crowned asian player of the year on wednesday it's the first time anyone from syria has won the accolade plays for a saudi arabian side a loud who lost in the asian champions league final last weekend he scored ten times for them this season and also helped his national team reach the world cup playoffs only narrowly missing out on a place at russia twenty eight the women's player of the year title was awarded to australia samantha kerr who place for perth glory in her home country and sky blue in the usa. we play and fight to bring happiness to our people this is my main target we have determination to play football and it's become stronger and you have people who hunger for happiness and joy i promise to the people that i would do my best to bring happiness and joy during the asian cup final two thousand and nineteen people deserve to be happy. this is the.
1:56 pm
correct me if i'm wrong out of the four years that is showing of one and so. i think we're going in the right direction in there for women so. very proud if i can find the five or. the growth of women's football but i think we're moving in the right direction and things like this help. i think at the end of the day like i said before team performances and team wins are more important than individual. tiger woods makes his much anticipated return to competitive golf later on thursday it will be his first pro tournaments in nine months on the eve of his comeback the former world number one showed some of his old self for the pro am advantage in the bahamas the forty two year old is playing for the first time since withdrawing from the dubai desert classic on february third with back spasms he underwent a fourth back surgery in just three years in april he had been heavily reliant on painkillers due to his injury but says all that is behind him. i'm always trying to
1:57 pm
try and go away from the pain and i was trying to bill trying to sleep which i had done a very long time because of things i've been dealing with and so as my back improved . because i don't have the nerve pain going down my leg i don't have my late twenty's and all over the place. i don't have these issues anymore so yeah . i'm loving life now. now countries all over the world are repairing for next year's winter olympics n.p.r. chuang in various ways russia have launched its athletes uniform for the games despite facing a possible ban from competing next february for doping offenses the international olympic committee have so far banned twenty two russian athletes who competed at the twenty fourteen winter olympics in sochi amid evidence that host nation russia
1:58 pm
operated a systematic doping program the i.o.c. is due to decide next week on russia's participation and chang. and that's all you sport for now now back to come on let me thank you for that far more forward far in the news hour for thirteen hundred hours g.m.t. and i'll see you for that one as well in the meantime we shall carry isabel just a couple of minutes time with the latest news you're in office here on camel santa maria thanks for joining.
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