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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 30, 2017 2:00pm-2:34pm +03

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right. from mother to daughter an ancient croft kept alive by a bustling matriarch. from start to finish. old traditions intertwined with new designs making this family's place unique into is rich tapestry. the threat at this time. for korea shows off its latest ballistic missile launch as international calls for tighter sanctions grow louder.
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than the sectarian this is al jazeera life and also coming up diplomatic tension u.s. president hits back at the british prime minister's criticism of israel retreating anti muslim videos bangladesh welcomes pope francis that's the final leg of a store of a region tainted by the plight of six hundred thousand the flood me and mark plus. it's safe to say goodbye the way it's clear for forced to leave an indonesian island threatened by a volcano. is calling for more sanctions and the complete isolation of north korea now for another ballistic missile test united nations security council has held an emergency meeting following pyongyang's latest launch north korea says the test proves it has the capability to hit the u.s.
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mainland kathy novak reports from seoul. following the latest in a series. as a ballistic missile launches north korea says its rocket weaponry system development is complete and it's finally a nuclear state the day after firing what the north says is its most advanced intercontinental ballistic missile yet state t.v. showed leader kim jong un overseeing the night time test the u.s. president again called kim little rocket men and added a new unflattering description little rocket man rocket feel for the american the guy. is a sick puppy for the ninth time this year the united nations security council discussed yet another crisis centered on north korea this test is another confirmation that the north korean threat has changed dramatically in
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a few months both in scope and scale the threat us shifted from being regional to global. and from the u.s. ambassador a direct plea to china to exert greater economic pressure on its ally and neighbor we need china to do more president called chinese president xi this morning and told him that we have come to the point that china must cut off the oil from north korea that would be a pivotal step in the world's effort to stop this international pariah but no such pledge from china instead it called again on the u.s. to explore a freeze for freeze scenario in which north korea would slow its missile program if the u.s. and south korea lowered their military posture on the peninsula this position supported by russia in the booklet with what we proposed a solution based along the principle of suspension for suspension which in visions
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of d.p. r. k. stopping missile tests while at the same time the u.s. and south korea decreasing the scale of their military exercises this in turn will pave the way for the principles of peaceful coexistence and peaceful discussions between washington and pyongyang. but this has been repeatedly and vehemently ruled out by the u.s. another round of joint exercises between the u.s. and south korean military forces are due to start here next week north korea has said the drills are a rehearsal for war at the united nations america's ambassador has said the u.s. doesn't seek war but if it does start north korea's leaders would be in her words utterly destroyed kathy novak al jazeera. pass attack the british prime minister theresa may for condemning his latest tweets truck share three anti muslim videos from a far right british group to his more than forty million followers a spokesman for may call trump's actions wrong and trump replied this way trace
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tomato focus on me focus on the destructive radical islamic terrorism that is taking place within the united kingdom we are doing fine aren't we phillips joins us live from london and barnaby the u.s. and the u.k. are allies this is quite an exchange and it's not just cheery some may have felt compelled to say something tell us more about their reaction. the u.s. and the u.k. are perhaps more than allies certainly the british like to talk about a special relationship in extremely close cultural relationship historical military diplomatic but this spat is unprecedented and it puts to reason may and the british government in particular in a very awkward situation don't forget that the reason may received some criticism here at home with the speed with which she embraced donald
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trump after the election made it clear that she wanted to be the first foreign leader to go to the white house extended a state visit invitation to donald trump to come here to the u.k. that would involve the queen and so on all of that looked a little bit hasty at the time it now looks very embarrassing and yes the criticism of course it's coming from the opposition parties but there is deep i think disquiet within reason may's governing conservative party of if i may i'll just read out a tweet from such a job he's a minister within the government the governing conservative party of course he's a muslim and he says so protests has endorsed the views of a vile hate filled racist organization that hates me and people like me he is wrong i refuse to let it go and say nothing well what the british government is saying is that donald trump was wrong to read tweet these messages from
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britain first but that there is a distinction to be drawn between the man the current incumbent and the office of the president of the united states and there is a distinction to be to be drawn between what british people might think about donald trump and what they think about the united states itself and that's why amber rudd the home secretary was speaking in parliament a few minutes ago and she is saying this goes much deeper than donald trump that she works she sees the intelligence sharing with the united states on a daily basis intelligence sharing that saves lives and that is the bigger picture . ok arnie philips live for us in london thank you john michael cox is director of international academic affairs at bus just steer university in turkey he says trump's twitter behavior is damaging the u.s. position internationally and inciting hatred against muslims. what this is done is
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just highlighted the fact that trop and this i think is the far more important story is now damaging values that are upheld here in britain and in the us i mean he's up damaging the notion of decency and tolerance and respect for office and all cultures indeed he is now effectively an accomplice of hatred and division and his mom a phobia so we're not even talking about you know the special relationship whatever that is we're talking about donald trump actually damaging the u.s. position with many countries around the world and prost most importantly trying to set americans against americans the convergence of this unique man with his ego with his narcissism with his lack of information and the use of social media puts us into a very different position and that is donald trump is not just going on twitter as some type of political strategy or tactician when donald trump goes on twitter he
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goes on as double trump to say what he believes what he has done in the last twenty four hours in a message to forty four million people on twitter and his supporters as i believe in hatred of muslims i believe in basically inciting hatred against them i believe that even if those muslims are americans you have to look upon them with suspicion that is the point that we're out to be blunt if donald trump was at my university he would be fired for what he has done in the last twenty four hours if he was a teacher at a school where my children go alongside muslims and jews and christians he would be fired so why should he have a special position to say what he is saying just because he is inside the white house and that was a scotland's medical sources say at least ten people have been killed in fighting in yemen's capital saana forces loyal to former president ali abdullah saleh fought with her three rivals near they also a mosque salat loyalists accuse the who thinks of committing the coup the groups
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have a loose alliance. syria's opposition is meeting un mediator stefan emma store in geneva and the eighth round of united nations concert talks to end the civil war discussions are happening as rebels trial trying to topple syria's president bashar al assad has set to being significantly weakened by nearly seven years of fighting syrian government because she has held talks with them store on wednesday our diplomatic out of her chair and spain's trying to slide from geneva so james what phase are these talks and right now well i think that the special envoy stephan de mistura is trying to move things on pretty far let me show you the scene here in journey room with the flurries of snow you can see the reporters outside the door that we've seen inside the door both delegations going at the same time for the first time actually we've had them both in there for what's called proximity talks
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since liked abrahim e was the special envoy going back a number of years what happens in proximity talks is you have both in adjacent rooms the special envoy talks to one speaks to one goes then to the next room and relays messages we understand that that is how they're going to proceed in next at least for the next few hours i also understand that the government delegation isn't particularly happy with things as you know they perspire their arrival here in geneva there on happy about some of the comments made by the opposition side in the special envoy has put out a statement saying that both sides should refrain from talking to the press and saying things that might upset the other james what. obviously that the overarching thing as a goal to end this but there's a lot of steps to get there what are the particular sticking points that we believe they're focusing on now. well they're not focusing on the really difficult stuff
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which in the end is the big question should a sad stay or should he go the special envoy mr de mistura wants to look to other things where he thinks perhaps he can find some agreement one is a future constitution for syria the other is an election so you get the people of syria to decide their future un supervised election but there are a very tricky points there as well particularly in a situation as you have it now with a large part of the population of syria or see outside the country that i know would be one of the sticking points can those people in refugee camps of they have an election can they vote ok timespans live for us in geneva chambers thank you our diplomatic editor. so ahead on al-jazeera european union and african leaders pledged to do more to help thousands of migrants stranded in libya and zimbabweans count the cost of the new president's plans to turn around the failing economy.
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welcome back a look at the weather conditions across asia now in northeastern areas you see this frontal system which is giving a lot of cloud and some a brace of rain across southern parts of japan look at the forecast we've got to the risk of further rain across western parts of honshu further north across the colorado still pretty cold air in evidence there minus three is a maximum for sapporo elsewhere temperatures still stuck around minus twelve for them to tour beijing maxima five coming says cooler air there for shanghai just twelve degrees expected heading on through into saturday and not a great deal a change few more snow showers like you and some of them heading further south into honshu but tokyo should remain largely dry across more central and southern parts of china weather conditions aren't looking too bad at the moment so i'm sure as you move across into indochina with some heavy showers still across more central parts
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of vietnam annoy those should enjoy a fair amount of bright weather twenty four quite pleasant now across the rest of indochina dry across much of laos m e m r thirty three the high in young gone into southeastern parts of asia some heavy showers still for the philippines northern parts of borneo looking for anywhere at risk for showers continuing for java and for bali and the circulation of low pressure in the adamancy drew more showers across this region so wet in thailand. when the power goes out. there's only one humanity to. local humans too many he steals. but keeping the lights on is dangerous. as your forces cracked spoke speak into flight. out of. a witness documentary and this time on al-jazeera.
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project al jazeera and these are the top stories right now on the u.s. is calling for more sanctions and the complete isolation of north korea the united nations security council has held an emergency meeting following pyongyang's in the seoul test on tuesday with korea says the launch proves that has the capability to hit the u.s. mainland. as president has attacked and british prime minister theresa may for condemning his anti is laundry tweets captured three anti muslim videos from a far right wing british group with his more than forty million followers syria's
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opposition is meeting at un mediator stuff under mr annan geneva and the eighth round of united nations sponsored talks to end the civil war which began almost seventy years ago. the head of the roman catholic church has arrived in bangladesh after four days in neighboring man mark had been criticised for not publicly mentioning the right hand to refugee crisis during his visit more than six hundred thousand one hundred have fled to bengal the essence of military crackdown in myanmar began an august trial strapper report. cox's. up till fires in his family fled their home on them e.m.r. bangladesh border a month and a half ago military my other pair of the myanmar military were taking woman away and raping them we saw them burning home all is so was a fire everywhere. following huge international pressure myanmar has agreed to work with bangladesh on
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a plan aimed at eventually allowing the regime jet to return to plan entails refugees staying in temporary camps close to their property and destroyed homes the rangers have suffered decades of persecution they are often described as the largest stateless people in the world i'm not sure i know what our main demand is that they recognize us as romania and then we may go back just a little bit when you take a look at the various identity cards issued to the region that you begin to understand how vulnerable they are to further violence and discrimination these cards and pieces of paper highlight the kind of problems that the rangers have had for decades in relation to their legal status inside myanmar and they also highlight potential difficulties with respect to their identification if indeed this repatriation plan goes forward this is a citizenship card and it was made available to all ethnic groups including the
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ranger after independence now in one thousand nine hundred two citizenship was withdrawn for the ranger it was a few years later that they were issued with this the so-called white card now the word ranger has disappeared from it instead there is written then goli and the religion islam. in twenty fifteen they had to hand these over and they were issued with this receipt now there is no mention of any ethnicity nationality or religion on this receipt it was a few months later that they were issued with these with a similar scant amount of information now the vast majority of refused to ever pick these up from the government by the day she's already registered hundreds of thousands of refugees living in the camps have those son mohammed with his new id but the information on it is far from clear. first they gave us
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a card which said rohingya registration card they gave us a card which has me on my national registration card why the bangladeshi government gave us this card and we don't know based on information provided by bangladesh me and says it will accept the redeemed only after it verifies the information. in the hollow to walk to the border and look at their home which is now occupied by the myanmar military. says he just wants citizenship and security in the country he his family and hundreds of thousands like them believe they are from. al-jazeera bizarre and with. left wing groups in the philippines are rallying against president i think other territories plans to set up a government with broad lawmaking powers to help with his war on crime last month attack to say he declare a revolutionary government if his critics plan to remove him from office. and now says any minister established such administration would not benefit the country
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that has formed a revolutionary government one thousand nine hundred seven to overthrow their spanish colonizers the action was last taken after the dictatorship of ferdinand marcos. pakistan's government assessing criticism for the way it handled protests against a minister who was accused of blasphemy at least five people were killed in the demonstrations that ended with the resignation of the minister the government says agreeing to the protesters demands was the only way to prevent more violence say misrata reports. it's been a tough year for pakistan muslim league news the country's ruling party. sharif was removed as prime minister over corruption allegations and now the government is accused of mishandling a sit in in islamabad by religious hardliners that ended only when the government gave into their demands it's the kind of appeasement their opponents say that means peace has lost the moral authority to rule but at a party office in lahore it's business as usual pervaiz malek has represented his
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constituency for nearly two decades he's also the minister for commerce and textile when asked about whether his government should step aside he said breaking people down doesn't help build the country up but it is really really unfair or winning and creating more limbs for these kind of things that were definitely damaged them are you going to raise an orderly and measured performance so i don't think we should run word this kind of thing and go see a show and talking to each other that is the best. he also said while islamic groups are great at orchestrating large rallies when it comes to the business of governing voters pick established parties that know how to get things done. he points to projects like this one a vocational training center for women completed in two thousand and fifteen it offers a variety of free and subsidized professional courses all designed to help women enter the workforce the need to live. in addition to studies skills are also very
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important for girls even if you have ten masters degrees you can't guarantee you'll get a job but if you have this to your diploma you can be confident of finding work while religious parties focus on the spiritual side of life himalayan is established its reputation on brick and mortar projects like these that help improve people's daily lives and that's what ruling party leaders say look keep them popular at the polling. hospitals roads bridges community centers large infrastructure projects are what many voters think of when they think of pm eleven. but a series of political challenges has taken a toll on the party's public image. i think this government is a total flop. all my life i voted for the muslim league but no washer reviews in and out of court. can we vote for a guy like me. not everyone feels the same way.
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during the previous administration melton's apart to build the motorway between islamabad and lahore during this administration he built five power plants and he started a motorway between lahore and karachi so god willing in the twenty eighteen election will win again. for party stalwarts like this for whom the former prime minister was the man who moved mountains shaking their faith. the same bus ravi. letters in libya have agreed to the emergency repatriation of refugees and migrants facing up use and detention camps scandal is a hot topic at the summit of african union leaders and ivory coast the announcement by french president follows the outcry over a video apparently showing african migrants being sold as slaves and libya reports from the summit and. one of the end of this summit we are expecting a joint statement by europe and african leaders that will announce the creation of
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an anti slavery tosk force and i want. this task force will be used to save and protect refugees as they travel to tree roots in africa and in particular in libya would also be used to speed up the tree return to their countries of origin and help identify possible asylum seekers there is no doubt that the issue of slavery and migration absolutely dominated the agenda here at the summit in abidjan but there is a lot of concern amongst those who say. perhaps the approach their leaders are taking is not the right one that they offer you bring quick fixes over a long term solution and more needs to be done to really address the root causes of why people are leaving home in the first place qatar's a mare shake to me. received an invitation to attend next month's gulf cooperation council summit and co wait there been doubts about whether the meeting will go
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ahead confirmed it will the qualia mayor shakes. the invitation is been acting as a mediator after the four countries cut ties and post a blockade on qatar in june. investigators are trying to find out how a convicted war criminal managed to smuggle poison into court to commit suicide. drank from the bottle seconds after losing he had lost his appeal of a twenty year prison sentence the seventies hero former commander of bosnian croat forces later died in the hospital. and the president of zimbabwe has announced plans to revive the economy emerson and is offering an amnesty to companies and people who return money stashed in overseas bank accounts. chronic cash shortages but people are skeptical as hard of a tosser reports from harare. zimbabwe central bank says one bond the local currency is worth one dollar but on the black market one hundred dollars is worth
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one hundred twenty bonds notes that's a twenty percent markup it's one reason why some don't deposit cash in banks anymore egal cash transactions are big business for the syndicates who run them this money asked us not to show his face he says too many high profile politicians and business leaders are benefiting from illegal cash transactions he doubts and who are accused of breaking the exchange controllable by illegally stashing money abroad will return their riches in exchange for amnesty ok people should be doing the money that their store which i mean. if one of them the prison the new president has always been this is the image of all his friends because this is their lives and the people are still money there's still money. away. zimbabwe's new leader says off to february anyone who hasn't returned money stashed abroad will be arrested some economists say if money is returned it could help ease
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the current cash crisis. and so the amount of money from china. and. i think it. is also promising to cut unnecessary government spending president is under pressure to deliver especially on the economy the unemployment rate is more than ninety percent banks sometimes fail to give cash to customers because of foreign currency shortages long queues outside banks are coming at the end of every month some customers wait the whole day only to receive twenty dollars because of the withdrawal limit still waiting here for the whole deal which means. the protection for the country. for less when i was sworn in as president on saturday after
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robert mugabe resigned some say they are cautiously optimistic he has a plan to revive the ailing economy how to. thousands of passengers stranded at bally's international airport have started to fly out after a change in one direction blue volcanic ash from mount a going away volcano has been increasingly active in the past week and scientists say the threat of a major eruption has not ended but one hundred thousand people living in the danger zone have been told to move to emergency centers so it has more. i'm here in one of the largest evacuation shelters near mt are going by this is basically the same so but still near enough to know for people to come here and spend the night as you can see there's a around a few hundred people here but only half of all the people in the danger zone have actually registered at these shelters which means that thousands of people are
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still actually in the danger zone risking their lives it has been a very big challenge for the government to persuade people to come down because the situation has been going on for two months already back then two months ago i spoke with the family here of a man who actually survived the one nine hundred sixty three eruption she told me back then that people in her family had died of five hundred people in the whole village which was completely destroyed by the eruption at a time guy. here is her son in law and he actually still goes back and forth to the village which is very near to the crater and he told me there is what he called fire rain coming from that right now. it's a very dangerous situation when i went back to the village in the morning i could see ash spewing out my body stinging my mother told me that that's firing at her fragments from the crater and a sign of
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a bigger rupture could happen but it has been quite difficult for the government to persuade people to come down and to explain to everyone that it is very dangerous and very deadly because money is a very unpredictable and although the warning system is in place all the quitman has been in place it's very difficult to persuade people to spend their life's like this for days for weeks and even months in a row customs officers in china have seen as their biggest haul of scales from the most hunted animal in the world there are twelve tons of pangolins scales were found. on the ship and chance and it's believed it came from at least twenty thousand of the endangered animals angolans are found only in africa and asia and their scales are highly prized because they're used in traditional chinese medicine a worldwide ban on trading as animals started in january.
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take a look at the headlines right now on al jazeera the u.s. is calling for more sanctions and the complete isolation of north korea the united nations security council has held an emergency meeting following young's missile test on tuesday or the korea says the launch proves it has the capability to hit the u.s. mainland u.s. ambassador to the u.n. issued a strong warning to north korea north korea made a choice yesterday that brings the world closer to war not farther from it we have never sought war with north korea and still today we do not seek it if war does come it will be because of continued acts of aggression like we witnessed yesterday and if war comes make no mistake the north korean regime will be utterly destroyed as president on a truck has attacked british prime minister theresa may for condemning his anti islam retreats truck shared three anti muslim videos from a far right british group with more than forty four million twitter followers
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a syrian opposition team is meeting with un mediator stefan demist or in geneva it is the eighth round of u.n. sponsored talks to end the civil war medical sources say at least ten people have been killed in fighting and yemen's capital saana forces loyal to the former president ali abdullah saleh fought with the rebels near the mosque but salah loyalists accuse the who these of committing a coup. qatar samir shake to main then home and anthony has received an invitation to attend next month's gulf cooperation council summit in kuwait there been doubts about whether the meeting would go ahead the quake confirms it will. has been acting as a mediator after four g.c.c. countries cut ties and imposed a blockade on qatar in june of the roman catholic church has arrived in bangladesh after four days in a neighboring myanmar francis toward a museum commemorating the first bangladeshi president shaikh. brockman who was
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asked assassinated in one thousand seventy five the pontiff will meet community leaders at the presidential palace later on thursday as are the headlines in his continues on al-jazeera story keep it or. who's to blame for african migrants being sold. via european countries to help libyans get rid of gadhafi quickly. and legal migration be controlled in a failed state this is a story.


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