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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 30, 2017 7:00pm-7:34pm +03

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haven't truly been able to escape the war. in jakarta school students are taking up weapons to fight in deadly street battles. one on one east investigates this violent phenomenon. at this time on al jazeera. he was born in ireland but at seventeen found himself in the middle of a political revolution in egypt i went onstage and i spoke about democracy it was put in a cell if you pockets little pig sixty people we'll put a hundred and twenty people in the cell after four years imprisoned in cairo ibrahim holloa talks to al-jazeera at this time. british prime minister to reason may says donald trump was wrong to retreat videos from a british group but stopped short of withdrawing his invitation to the u.k.
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. and i'm certain this is al jazeera live from london also coming up tough talk out of the u.n. on north korea but the security council remains divided on just how to respond to pyongyang's latest missile test also ahead. as boss our little greece where thousands of asylum seekers are living in such appalling conditions that some are prepared to commit itself in the hope of getting out. and he's become a hero for some but just how did the bosnian croat war criminals managed to smuggle poison into when you when. we began with the fallout from donald trump's retreat controversy the u.k.
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prime minister has again condemned the us president for sharing anti muslim videos has hit back by telling me to focus on tackling terrorism in her own country. supports a westminister in central london. on a tour of the middle east forging a post breck's it role for britain in the world this is not what the prime minister wanted to be talking about the fact that we work together does not mean that we're afraid to say when we think the united states is wrong and to be very clear with them and i'm very clear that retreating from britain first was the wrong thing to do. back home in london the government argues that britain's ties with america military cultural diplomatic make the special relationship and this will endure long after the current president has gone and the prime minister will always have regular calls with the president and she has been explicit in criticizing this
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tweet and i know that she will always make sure that she calls it out where she sees it and that's what she's done here. but a tweet from another minister who is a muslim made it clear the president had hit a raw nerve. donald trump has upset a lot of people here in westminster in fearing he still invited to london on a state visit that would involve the queen in practice it's very hard to see that visit happening any time soon the president has provided a huge publicity boost to a fringe far right movement britain first which is never can remotely close to success in any form of election here in the u.k. . britain first wants to end immigration and ban islam in the u.k. and the fascist groups believe it has about one thousand members. it's deputy leader jade a friend whose tweets were retreated by the president is facing charges of using
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threatening and abusive language she's thanked the president for retreating her messages to his more than forty three million followers saying god bless you trump god bless america barnaby phillips al-jazeera westminster from iran this let's go across to our white house correspondent kimberly halkett kemet what is the white house saying to what is becoming quite an international round. well certainly the white house under pressure to continue to respond to this controversy that continues to unfold but for now it remains silent really just the latest we've had from the deputy press secretary raj shah when he spoke to reporters off camera echoing the sentiments we heard from sarah huckabee sanders on wednesday essentially making the point that the president was discussing security threats that it is the view of this administration are legitimate and that the president
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will continue to continue to talk about these threats on twitter and as we saw with his late wednesday tweet to the british prime minister theresa may where he said the focus should not be on him but on the threat and security threat that he believes exists in the united kingdom but here's the problem for the president as he tries to pivot and take the focus off of him and this controversy continues to unravel what the media is not talking about particularly here in the united states is something that we would have been talking about typically on this thursday and that is a very important tax reform vote that is taking place in the u.s. senate this president is desperate for a legislative victory he's running out of time in the legislative calendar it looks like he is poised to achieve that victory but nobody is talking about it instead what the focus is is on the outrageous nature of the tweets that were retreated by the president on wednesday of the press in the u.k. is responding. to this tweet shenanigans what's going on in the american media
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house how's it going down the cross where you are. less uniformity in terms of the opinion as we see it with so many issues in the united states if you look at the left leaning media for example the new york daily news has a headline donald trump is a madman and it goes on to lay out the case why citing this example of the tweets that are were sent out and shared by donald trump but then you look at the conservative websites the conservative media you can barely find the story on the front page you really have to look for it as we've often said in these situations there is a large segment of the united states that believes donald trump is right in what he says and what he speaks and they're finding his views refreshing saying things on twitter for example like finally the united states has what they call quote a real leader so there is deep division in the united states we see it once again with these tweets the question really comes down to is the president crazy or is he
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crazy like a fox many believe it is the latter and they cite this is just another example he said outrageous things on the campaign trail and that's what got him into the white house good to torture carol a complete how could that with the very latest just outside of the white house. russia has accused the united states of doing everything it can to for a vote north korea and insists cutting diplomatic and try time it's not a one state the u.s. war on pyongyang but it will be utterly destroyed if war breaks out tensions are running high half to north korea's latest intercontinental ballistic missile launch which it claims could reach the u.s. mainland caffyn over reports from seoul. thanks for showing the latest in a series of ballistic missile launches north korea says its rocket weaponry system development is complete and it's finally
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a nuclear state the day after firing what the north says is its most advanced intercontinental ballistic missile yet state t.v. showed leader kim jong un overseeing the night time test the u.s. president again called kim little rocket men and added a new unflattering description little rocket man rocket feel for the american because. it is a sick puppy for the ninth time this year the united nations security council discussed yet another crisis centered on north korea this test is another confirmation that the north korean threat has changed dramatically in a few months both in scope and scale the threat us shifted from being regional to global. and from the u.s. ambassador a direct plea to china to exert greater economic pressure on its ally and neighbor
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we need china to do more president trott called chinese president xi this morning and told him that we have come to the point that china must cut off the oil from north korea that would be a pivotal step in the world's effort to stop this international pariah but no such pledge from china instead it called again on the u.s. to explore a freeze for freeze scenario in which north korea would slow its missile program if the u.s. and south korea lowered their military posture on the peninsula this position supported by russia in the booklet with what we proposed a solution based along the principle of suspension for suspension which in visions of d.p. r. k. stopping missile tests while at the same time the u.s. and south korea decreasing the scale of their military exercises this in turn will pave the way for the principles of peaceful coexistence and peaceful discussions between washington and pyongyang. but this has been repeatedly and vehemently ruled
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out by the u.s. another round of joint exercises between the u.s. and south korean military forces are due to start here next week north korea has said the drills are a rehearsal for war at the united nations america's ambassador has said the u.s. doesn't seek war but if it does start north korea's leaders would be in her words utterly destroyed kathy novak al jazeera sole leaders in libya have agreed to the emergency evacuation of refugees and migrants facing abuse in detention camps the plan has been drawn up but the i junked e.u. african union summit in ivory coast libya's un back to ministration has joined the agreement but has limited control over the territory where the migrants are being held it's not clear how the deal will be enforced but migrants are expected to be sent back mainly to their home countries. we took firm
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decisions on the immediate evacuation of refugees setting up a committee led by the african union's commission on human rights assisted by the european union pursuing smugglers of human beings and we consider this smuggling a crime against humanity also the various countries must put in place special forces to fight against smugglers of human beings many of those refugees gathering in libya are trying to find their way to europe with those who do manage to make it across landing in greece a surge in the number of people arriving on the island of lesbos is severely straining emergency facilities the conditions are so dire that some refugees are resorting to self harm in the hope of being taken out as jenna hall now reports in the third part of our series from that's false. in a busy cafe outside the main refugee camp on lesbos island. to tell stories of self abuse. i know of some people who
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cut themselves so that doctors can see that and let them go. people have been here for more than a year that tired and psychologically and well they will hurt themselves in any way just so they can leave this island inside the camp more than six thousand people share facilities designed for just a third of that number in conditions that appear to be in breach of their human rights. many have severe medical problems a man with little bolts and he's needs. a husband whose wife is about to give birth . the letter says this gentleman has had two recent hospital admissions in mytilene with chest pain it sounds like he has a significant coronary artery disease. but there is no easy ticket out of this place or awful as boss island the asylum process could take each year or more it's you and therefore greek government policy now to stem the tide of
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refugees into europe so we've heard stories about people getting themselves making themselves sick have you heard these stories can you confirm that so it's true they do these things they're quite common all the time we hear it those sorts of injuries and that they have various problems for their health but it's something we've become used to and i've been here for years at this camp and for all the years i've been here this has been going on. the words there of the camps chief doctor and surprised he says at the lengths people are prepared to go to because of the conditions here and to that that senior members of the european commission have visited this camp and nothing changed even the greek health minister has visited this camp and nothing changed the medical charity doctors without borders concentrates on mental health and sexual violence inside the camp it is horrendous and it isn't acceptable so for me the question will be. what is pushing people
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to take this measures this extreme measures. and what do you think that is the policy that it is that you probably since today they're pushing people to this to complete them and this they're nighttime temperatures here in single figures and yet these are some attempts there's no hot water nothing but wood fire to protect families from the cold in conditions like these the sick. and the desperate do desperate things jona how al-jazeera lesbos greeks. still to come on the program francis called measures to help range of refugees but he stopped short of calling them by their name. in harare where zimbabwe's new president is under pressure to fix an ailing economy.
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hello and welcome back the weather across much of eastern china is certainly fine at the moment same goes for taiwan but once you get into indochina still a threat of showers across central parts of vietnam in particular further north towards annoy the should be bringing up as we head on through into saturday with temperatures there looking pretty good at twenty four degrees hong kong still fine food to shanghai draw a bright across the rest of indo china the weather's also looking pretty decent the moment much of lies through into me amar draw it with a lot of sunshine now as we head across into south asia for the bulk of the region is looking fine but once you get further south towards chennai and you start to pick up on some rain we found some pretty heavy rain affecting chennai over the last twenty four hours or so i was last photo people catch the bus of the rain pouring down would indicate but further south in sri lanka the monsoon rain is still pretty active at the moment so flooding remains a risk in the forecast across parts of tamar do and carola rain is likely that so
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tropical storm system which is moving away three it's called it's still some rain though it likely to be affecting sri lanka about stage northern parts of india and pakistan all looking dry and fine temps there new delhi twenty four here in the arabian peninsula is largely drive you could see some showers in parts of saudi. from mother to daughter an ancient craft kept alive by a bustling matriarch. from start to finish. all traditions intertwined with new designs making this family's place unique in two years rich tapestry of. the threads at this time on a. welcome
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back reminder of the top story sarah al-jazeera the u.k. prime minister to resign my has once again content us president donald trump for sharing anti muslim videos with tensions running high after north korea's latest intercontinental ballistic missile launch russia has accused the united states of doing everything it can to provoke pyongyang. a joint african union summit in ivory coast has agreed a plan for the emergency evacuation from libya of refugees and migrants who are facing abuse in detention camps. hope process is demanding the international
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community takes decisive measures to resolve the causes of the mass exodus of muslims from. arriving in bangladesh pope francis broke his silence over what the u.n. has called a textbook case of ethnic cleansing he also called on world governments to immediately provide assistance to the bangladeshi government. you know in recent months the spirit of generosity and sort of parity which is a distinguishing mark at that she certainly has been seen most vividly in its humanitarian work has to a massive influx of refugees from morocco and states providing them with temporary shelter and the basic necessities of life and this is being done not in sacrifice it has also been done before the allies and the whole world while the words of the pope were shopping still didn't identify the ranjit by name and we found to them as refugees from iraq kind states shall stop that has more from cox's bazaar in bangladesh the first day of his three day visit here to bangladesh the pope again
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not using the word that the entire international community uses to describe the refugees here in bangladesh that were being ranger the pope said that it was time to take decisive measures to resolve the cause of the refugee crisis he referred to the refugees from rakhine state and said immediate material assistance was needed to help bangladesh deal with the refugees now we understand that the decision by the pope not to use the word religious certainly during his four day visit to myanmar came from advice from the vatican over concerns for the christian community inside me and my concerns of the potential backlash against them but certainly here on the first day of his visit to bangladesh it seems as if he is trying to avoid
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the politics as much as he can while the same time trying to draw attention to the plight of what is now around one point two million refugees sheltering in this country. the u.n. humanitarian advisor for syria has called on world powers to help arrange the evacuation of five hundred people including one hundred sixty seven children from a besieged damascus suburb yanna egeland said that humanitarian supplies are not being allowed to reach east and go to nine children have died in the last few weeks waiting for the syrian government to allow them to be evacuated to hospitals just a forty five minute drive away rebel held in a single turn has been under siege since twenty thirteen and some four hundred thousand civilians are believed to be trapped. with talks on ending the crisis in syria have begun in geneva the opposition and a syrian government delegation have been meeting with u.n.
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special envoy staff under mr and diplomatic editor james bass is in geneva here u.n. headquarters in geneva reporters have been waiting outside with flurries of snow watching the comings and goings of the various delegations and for the first time in this round of talks in fact for the first time for several years we've had both the opposition and the government in the building at the same time we understand they have a what's known as proximity talks that's the two delegations in adjacent rooms in the special envoy stefan de mistura has been going between those rooms passing information we understand at this stage they're talking about some principles for the ongoing talks in this room which is supposed to according to the special envoy focus on a new constitution for syria and also for u.n. supervised elections they're not talking about any political transition and who should run the country during that transition and that certainly is what the
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opposition want to focus on rather than those other matters. well as winter approaches in syria people in the northern city of homs are worried about how they will survive the cold there is a surveillance fuel and people living in areas say they've already used most of the trees around them for firewood and some of the reports from gaziantep on the turkish border. it's getting cold in syria and it's the time of the year to scavenge for things to burn they need it more than winter because in addition to cooking the family will need to stay warm they tell us we came from home city because of the government we didn't go to i send my boy to collect things to look in to face another winter without any food or diesel. diesel is expensive and ensure supply because the northern countryside of homs has been under siege for years. is that. the reason behind the high
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prices is a blockade we live under even then the diesel we get from the regime areas is not suitable for cars. people are forced to look for alternatives. you have to become a tree logger he fills all kinds of fees in his own and nearby villages. just this year he says he's got sixty tons of trees to be burnt this firewood. the cost to the environment she was a small price to pay for survival. prices because cut the trees down it used to cost less than three cents a kilo now it's over twenty cents. but cheaper alternatives to diesel means trees in these villages are fast disappearing. there aren't enough trees left we have been besieged for the last five years when the firewood in just our clothes and god's help. some residents of all who are
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trying to find alternative to cutting trees and tries growing them to earn a meager living back in a large home this is why when whatever they can get their hands on to cook with and to cook on. and i can't go to school i used to like winter but there was no money to buy firewood or diesel and i and other children hope winter will be easier on them this year. is just one of many besieged areas in syria where tens of thousands of people are struggling to survive this will be their seventh winter since the two thousand and seven uprising and many syrians say that the outside world does nothing to ease their suffering. investigators in the netherlands are trying to find out how a convicted war criminal on its just smuggled poison into court to commit suicide slobbered and probably drank the poison seconds after hearing he lost his appeal
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against a twenty year prison sentence the seventy two year old former commander of bosnian croat forces died in hospital judges at the war crimes court in the hague upheld his conviction for atrocities committed in the yugoslav wars in the one nine hundred ninety s. . croats have held a candlelight vigil for probably yack many in bosnia still support him despite his war crimes sentence and have been protesting against the addict the croatian prime minister also condemned the war crimes tribunal for hope upholding the verdict against him. the international monetary fund is to visit zimbabwe in the coming days to assess the economy and discuss a possible financial arrangement zimbabwe's new president. says he was a very small window to show he's meeting national expectations of change and top on his list of priorities is the economy r m a tosser has more from harare. zimbabwe's central bank says one bond the local currency is worth one u.s.
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dollar but on the black market one hundred dollars is worth one hundred twenty pounds notes that's a twenty percent markup it's one reason why some zimbabweans don't deposit cash in banks anymore illegal cash transactions are big business for the syndicates who run them this money changer asked us not to show his face he says too many high profile politicians and business leaders are benefiting from illegal cash transactions he doubts and who are accused of breaking the exchange control law by illegally stashing money abroad will return their riches in exchange for amnesty people should return the money which i mean. if one of the prison renew president has been in this industry. have all his friends been in the system and if . zimbabwe's new leader says after february anyone who hasn't returned money illegally stashed abroad will be arrested some economists say if money is returned
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it could help ease the current cash crisis. and so the amount of money from former china could be three billion. pounds. and. in such cases. is also promising to cut unnecessary government spending president him is the man and what is under pressure to deliver especially on the economy the unemployment rate is more than one thousand percent bad sometimes fail to give cash to customers because of foreign currency shortages long queues outside banks are coming at the end of every month some customers wait the whole day only to receive twenty dollars because of the withdrawal limit still waiting here for the whole day which means we . the food production before the country. when i got to was
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sworn in as president on saturday after robert mugabe resigned sums above and say they are cautiously optimistic he has a plan to revive the ailing economy how to al-jazeera how. scientists are warning villagers not to underestimate the dangers of a mount all kind o. in bali tens of thousands of locals were evacuated after the volcano started spewing ash last week but some have already gone back to their villages step arson reports. unlike other evacuees are has no plans to go home she's been in the evacuation shelter for two months and knows exactly how dangerous mt agam can be during the last eruption in one thousand nine hundred sixty three four family members were killed a scorching gas clouds and rocks rained down her scared after what happened to us in and in sixty three noted as clouds have reach our village i'm sure a much bigger eruption will happen the only thing i hope is that it will happen
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fast because i'm bored here there was no warning system fifty four years ago and she barely survived villagers decided to run only after eruptions had lasted for weeks five hundred of them didn't survive. being only two people didn't know what was happening and they stayed to watch the news until debris killed a person standing behind my mother that was when she decided to leave mt agnes one of the seven most explosive worldwide vulcanologists say because it geological pattern is different to any other volcano in indonesia it's difficult to issue adequate warnings the experts have taken no chances this time and i've advised government leaders to order an evacuation of villages in danger. this volcano is very dynamic it can change behavior any time it even has a history of erupting when seismic activity is very low so we're learning a lot from this mountain and we're going to. scientists are warning of the
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continuing threat even though the volcano sometimes appears calm every movement on mt album is being registered and analyzed scientists are tracking the increase for candidate seventy and a warning for a major eruption but when and if remains a mystery which the mountain will only reveal when it happens. that could be at any moment but community leaders are struggling to persuade villagers to stay in a vacuum ration shelters many believe they could get to safety in time if there's a major eruption but based on the nine hundred sixty three disaster scientists say that cloud of toxic gas can travel ten kilometers and less than three minutes making it virtually impossible for anyone to survive step for us an al-jazeera at mount argo in bali.
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a look at the top stories making the news here on al-jazeera the u.k. prime minister tourism a has again condemned the us president for sharing anti muslim videos it came after donald trump told her to focus on tackling terrorism in her own country but speaking on an official visit to jordan may said she should be free to criticize one of her nation's major allies the fact that we work together does not mean that we're afraid to say when we think the united states has got it wrong and to be very clear with them and i'm very clear that retreating from britain first was the wrong thing to do. russia has accused the united states of doing everything it can to provoke north korea and insists cutting diplomatic and trade ties is not the answer tensions are running high after north korea's latest intercontinental ballistic missile launch which it says could reach the u.s. mainland u.s. as one pyongyang that it will be utterly destroyed if war breaks out a joint
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a new african union summit in ivory coast has agreed a plan for the emergency evacuation of refugees and migrants facing abuse in libyan detention camps libya's u.n. backed administration as joining agreement but has only limited control over the territory where the migrants are being held. pope francis is demanding the international community takes decisive measures to resolve the cause of the mass exodus or henge of muslims from myanmar arriving in bangladesh pope francis broke his silence over what the un has called a textbook case of ethnic cleansing. the un humanitarian adviser for syria has called on world powers to help arrange the evacuation of five hundred people including one hundred sixty seven children from a besieged damascus suburb and said that humanitarian supplies are not being allowed to reach eastern ghouta. bosnian croat have held candlelight vigils for
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convicted war criminals slaughter them after he committed suicide in a dutch court investigators in the netherlands are trying to find out how i probably managed to smuggle poison into the war crimes court but he just lost an appeal. those are the headlines with you in just over twenty five minutes my chin is the story of the revival of an.


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