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tv   Siham Ben Aissa The Thread  Al Jazeera  November 30, 2017 7:32pm-8:01pm +03

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a joint u. african union summit in ivory coast has agreed to a plan for the emergency evacuation of refugees and migrants facing abuse in libyan detention camps libya's u.n. backed administration has join you grammont but has only limited control over the territory where the migrants are being held pope francis is demanding the international community takes decisive measures to resolve the cause of the mass exodus or henge of muslims from myanmar arriving in bangladesh pope francis broke his silence over what the un has called a textbook case of ethnic cleansing. the un humanitarian adviser for syria has called on world powers to help arrange the evacuation of five hundred people including one hundred sixty seven children from a besieged damascus suburb and said that humanitarian supplies are not being allowed to reach eastern ghouta. bosnian croat have held candlelight vigils for
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convicted war criminals love them after he committed suicide in a dutch court investigators in the netherlands are trying to find out how i probably managed to smuggle poison into the war crimes court i had just lost an appeal. so the headlines i'll be back with you in just over twenty five minutes my chin is the story of the revival of a.
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miss. the sun and. two in this book funny. doing this to the sea in. and see him been a sort of. you know fearful laugh in a seizure in the. old new york. yes there. is you know rationing gees.
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and. i do all that. matter again how the officer did this and said oh mrs de. rick said to the lad the bad impression. i didn't. have a bit and see if. oakley had a. clue to go off. and i've seen that done i never hear those fun. than that. one do you really think that in a country and to have acted i'm a bit unfair and. we have a. lot. of motion and i must have seen in the stomach.
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if there had been a beard here. on the back. of it was not my last post and the only. here i mean that has a cost cutting of an ass force. in a day money i think it's the same for me hickey and i have but it's good to maggie passionately believe it was divinely new heaven and have only the. good this time and it should have blood in the market it's a little while
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a door that most of us laugh later. because the wood dog that has been the bread maker is just. going to my loaded account now the fish in our the her. family must it i've had to give businesses. because. that's how i look i looked at his new york have not had shit that i haven't heard yet the. little. room. not a local place would have to visit with. and have not only to be legit you have to be treated. with the environment with the most will get it.
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the unsaid. mother and mum the most or the. really has. to manage. if you can with. them one of the computer. i think i'm going out of music if. at what i. am allowed to be none will be. the. human should just you. should look even says no then i would. have been a that but now i. didn't have no people of the it would
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have should. have. been to see victory. for the use of lethal weapon control from with them. you. can should surrender saying for. example i. hold the hold off to my. god with fisherman. my. little.
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shit on some banana chips. under. the sea the little hatch going to. be relieved. to. have. a more bob. christian a cretin. them for the. facade of. the. law though aren't you know that you.
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have to know some of us here. some of the degree you from my passion for some of. their work to. get it in order to missoula said. manish was. sorry but i have. had the deformed by. after the coalition. how many and how and their love for the war and how and the whole design is gee there when you don't. have this had they been a manager of the act. alone
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i know who. i'm a thoroughly. but how can you call him a fiend commish couldn't miss and. manage him send it in a joke from him she. had better be with their oh. well. i'll cut them has some shooting them me. here that i do with has. severed with the other to fit in with the thief broke the law but he has. to leave me no hundred fifty i was in better condition mr first in the front of. the human.
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good lord and in my dharma for i'm not going to get. through the. monk on monday and argue back and completely can. no one medically. who actually the man and the men get a button at that moment. was he not for the if. this will not be what i. heard this is one of them my mother. does have a lot of fish as as far. table for his day. just. has . been going.
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and. going to look. at the d.v.d. if there had been money in the sim at the clean hellish wait. a minute girl and her bum is going to land mine. is most of the here. and she will just for months will get the right person to do. it if. they are just that they are going to be so clueless why they are what dominates so
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much of the dominic i'm going so mom on the side on the cover is the. devil had some words but a bit difficult it's the whole book that is the bestseller marlowe and the study of the whole of. libya. vs the them for. one year. i have just received you know he said to me. have you. you know we're going to continue i left with me to. say that it was good to. look like.
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well let me just thank you thank you so much have you got to look at. you. i. don't know. what. are you going to. do with the question only and she managed five and you've done with the. book. is if you can. be a bunch of us. because i'm single because the.
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so. it could have. had to.
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do with. a man. i think a big help has. been amazing. if the commission of that commission is even has absorbed that made money in a. man held. up his that was when i was. on you on. this me i didn't have to handle. all of them so one more.
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shot. at him. but i learned. to do my men and sickest so when a. mission for a boy victim of the time came in a vision. you. know when mammograms from the one listening no sleep. we made the shots
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real good with only emphasis i don't mean anything i fell in love and see both of our women had been guests on them. but you know now for a quick ceremony i. was. going to have one now we can have. a good summer they. can yes there's no doubt in my message never. yes it's. a bit. dark if you are not of the eleven and. the nation has a lot of money. on it but they have our vision and i don't have. them is there i am. home and shown
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a fantasy so here they are. a hundred of. them. most of them superficial a hundred. yes one of the most mind you. can easily get a christian priest to get out of his or her field will be in the prison.
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because. one whom. we had a lot of the what else. they may have been. a moment is a big issue you do know where the woman is now gone are the head. of. the big. me. how long. i'm going to
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go. in this with. a vehicle about.
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better. let. you know that you have to think that this is. just the model is it the model no good looks believe much tension no news good news is that it's ok to see your motion when i see. the.
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damage to a model who could say i'm on sale. a lot of the time duckling i had thought i was. oh well. is a result. of the chinese should not only did. they say they have been running the. thing again what is the model for when the you
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became unstable you never learned to live and you came with the bomb. it's in the. never going to the finish and there's always been there are several of us. she really. doesn't just three and have to look straight yes i just said i'm going to. write. some of the dishes clean it up when i'm not to come live and i know national if you sort of give me a muse i'm just trying to look back and experience that. we should try to know. them.
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very. soon and that's what you should see a lot of this should be made exists in the. market in the us i'm to much focus at the moment going on to. say i know my question very much i'm not trying to get you. out is the get my way to. go on the big money the common cause i will. become news to minister to his. family do you.
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think that men. yes you could hear my children the one of them has if there's a will to have the twitter to a certain idea should it get and does a billion on a date and hold it in month of the end only a day only to matter. do you still get. to see a year we did. almost been. completely unknown syrian. building
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a new life on an entirely beach living off the sea and the latter. a dream shared by so many but so few make it a reality. a family business led by a mark of a woman with a flair for cooking and a zest for living. my chin is yeah i didn't catch it at this time out is enough.
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and don't you find senses. if you're in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships when mess was that somehow time is aiming to replace america and around the world well the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china at this time on a just. british prime minister to reason i says donald trump was wrong to retreat videos for my britches.


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