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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  November 30, 2017 8:00pm-8:33pm +03

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and don't you find senses. if you're in beijing looking out the pacific ocean you'd see american warships. somehow time is aiming to replace america and around the world well the chinese are not that stupid these guys want to dominate a huge chunk of the planet this sounds like a preparation for our first president george washington said if you want peace prepare for war the coming war on china at this time. but a prime minister to raise and i says donald trump was wrong to retreat videos from a british bank rupe but stopped short of joran his invitation to the u k.
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well i would see tetanus as al-jazeera live from london also coming up tough talk out of the u.n. on north korea the difficulty council remains divided on just how to respond to young yang's latest missile test. he's been a hero for some but just how did a bosnian croat war criminal managed to smuggle poison into a u.n. court. and protesters rally against bolivian president evo morales plans to run for a fourth term accusing him of acting like a dictator. we begin with the fallout from donald trump's retreat controversy the u.k. prime minister to resign may has again condemned the u.s. president for sharing anti muslim videos champus hit back by telling me to focus on tackling terrorism in her own country bellamy phillips reports from westminster in
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central london. on a tour of the middle east forging a post breck's it role for britain in the world this is not what the prime minister wanted to be talking about the fact that we work together does not mean that we're afraid to say oh when we think united states have got it wrong and to be very clear with them and i'm very clear that retreating from britain first was the wrong thing to do. back home in london the government argues that britain's ties with america military cultural diplomatic of what make the special relationship and this will endure long after the current president has gone the prime minister will always have run regular calls with the president and she has been explicit in criticizing this tweet and i know that she will always make sure that she calls it out where she sees it and that's what she's done here. but
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a tweet from another minister who is a muslim made it clear the president had hit a raw nerve. donald trump has upset a lot of people here in westminster in fearing he's still invited to london on a state visit that would involve the queen in practice it's very hard to see that visit happening any time soon the president has provided a huge probably steve bruce to a fringe far right movement britain first which has never come close to success in any form of election here in the u.k. . britain first wants to end immigration and ban is lime in the u.k. anti fascist groups believe it has about one thousand members. its deputy leader to france and whose tweets were retreated by the president is facing charges of using threatening and abusive language she's thanked the president for retreating her messages to his more than forty three million followers saying god bless you
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trump god bless america barnaby phillips al-jazeera westminster. the american perspective to it was outside the white house. do the white house recognize the kind of rao that is. i think there is a recognition but also a resignation that there's very little that aids can do to kind of tame the president's presence on social media particularly when it comes to twitter so there's been a vigorous defense not just from the press secretary but also the deputy press secretary raj shah who has told reporters that the president will continue to highlight what he believes is a legitimate national security issue and that's why we saw the late wednesday tweet from the president where he directed it at teresa mayes saying the focus should not be on me but instead on what he believes is the threat inside the united kingdom but here's the problem for the president while he is trying to along with his staff
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pivot this towards policy and certainly terms of talk about tougher border security and so on the president if he's looking to talk about policy is really doing himself a disservice given the fact that policy is exactly what most reporters were focused on until he said those three tweets in fact he was poised to get a lot of almost positive press given the fact that it looks like the senate will be passing a comprehensive tax reform plan and potentially giving the president his first a much needed legislative victory so that typically would have been the headline right now but because of the president's own actions in fact it's just the opposite and give me if i can from just slightly find where you said there are rumors coming out of the trump he's about to replace the secretary of state rex tillerson which i suppose isn't a huge surprise if indeed it's true. all right not a huge surprise but it's this nagging and persistent rumor that just won't go away
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for the white house this is problematic because you want to have this presence of stability within the administration but it's been just the opposite when it comes to the secretary of state rex tillerson it's long been rumored as you point out that there have been strained relations between the president and his top diplomat it's been on the issues of north korea on the iran deal and then of course you remember a few months ago there was that very hastily assembled news conference by the secretary of state following reports that he had called the president in a private meeting a moron well he did say in that press conference that he had a very good relationship with the president he never denied the name calling so it appears that the maybe this relationship has run its course because now we are having this being floated out in the media this proposal that in fact the secretary of state is imminently being replaced by the current head of the cia mike pump a zero when asked about this in the oval office in just the last hour or so the president saying very little being kind of big leaving some question and doubt
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saying that when it comes to whether or not he wants rectal rex tillerson to stay he says he's here rex is here it's hard to know what that means but certainly these rumors growing ever louder and the expectation being that the secretary of state could be replaced imminently great to hear your thoughts come to help with the latest on twitter gate. russia has accused the united states of doing everything it can to provoke north korea and insists cutting diplomatic and trying is not they are on wednesday the u.s. war on pyongyang but it will be utterly destroyed if war breaks out tensions are running high after north korea's latest intercontinental ballistic missile launch which it claims could reach the u.s. mainland we've just heard the president trump has spoken to the south korean leader to discuss ways of responding to this latest launch reports from seoul.
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following the latest in a series of ballistic missile launches north korea says its rocket weaponry system development is complete and it's finally a nuclear state the day after firing what the north says is its most advanced intercontinental ballistic missile yet state t.v. showed leader kim jong un overseeing the nighttime test the u.s. president again called kim little rocket men and added a new unflattering description little rocket man rocket feel for the american because. it is a sick puppy for the ninth time this year the united nations security council discussed yet another crisis centered on north korea this test is another confirmation that the north korean threat has changed dramatically in a few months both in scope and scale the threat is shifted from being regional
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to global. and from the u.s. ambassador a direct plea to china to exert greater economic pressure on its ally and neighbor we need china to do more president trump called chinese president xi this morning and told him that we have come to the point that china must cut off the oil from north korea that would be a pivotal step in the world's effort to stop this international pariah but no such pledge from china instead it called again on the u.s. to explore a freeze for freeze scenario in which north korea would slow its missile program if the u.s. and south korea lowered their military posture on the peninsula this position supported by russia in the clip of what we proposed a solution based along the principle of suspension for suspension which in visions of d.p. r. k. stopping missile tests while at the same time the u.s.
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and south korea decreasing the scale of their military exercises this in turn will pave the way for the principles of peaceful coexistence and peaceful discussions between washington and pyongyang but this has been repeatedly and vehemently ruled out by the u.s. another round of joint exercises between the u.s. and south korean military forces are due to start here next week north korea has said the drills are a rehearsal for war at the united nations america's ambassador has said the u.s. doesn't seek war but if it does start north korea's leaders would be in her words utterly destroyed kathy novak al jazeera sole leaders in libya have agreed to the emergency evacuation of refugees and migrants facing abuse in detention camps the plan has been drawn up at a joint u. african union summit in ivory coast it's not clear how the deal will be enforced but migrants are expected to be sent mainly to their home countries reports from.
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for a lot of the work that african and european union leaders condemned the refugee slave trade in libya in their final statement they promised a task force to tackle traffickers and urgently repatch rate anyone who's trapped there the fun is on fire. there are women and children living in inhuman conditions we have agreed along with the e.u. and the un to set up a task force for repatriating at least three thousand eight hundred people the. leaders say there are more than forty refugee camps in libya where people are bought and sold by those with little respect for human life. well the leaders here have committed to helping refugees in libya there were very few do tells us exactly how and when they will repair create them and they were also very frank about the new task force they say they'll put in place to combat people smuggling. there was also no mention of the french president's remarks to reporters that military action
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against traffickers is a possibility the u.n. secretary general told summit leaders on wednesday that new ideas a needed to deal with migration including more legal ways to into europe is that something that you discussed and something which you wouldn't visit we have to. strengthen the throat of legal migration but that the famed time we have to stop to get illegal migration this is. a common obligation youth workers say until young people have real opportunities little change we want next time african leaders in reply leaders to come together and say we are going to support two hundred five hundred one thousand youth start up from africa and from europe and here are the resources that we put in place the practical things to do is you know of telling us in the declaration that yes we are going to empower the
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people but how are we going to empower the people there's no doubt here that ending the slave trade is an urgent priority but unless gnostic solutions are found to persuade people to stop leaving home in the first place human rights abuses will continue to affect africa's most fun noble natasha butler al-jazeera. ivory coast. still to come on al-jazeera syrians are already struggling with a lack of fuel and. have another harsh winter. pakistan's very party comes under criticism for its handling of protests against a minister accused of blasphemy. hello again as we look at the weather across the levant and western parts of asia we have got some snow in eastern areas but otherwise weather conditions pretty quiet at the
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moment one of two showers in the southern side of the caspian sea. back there just knowing degrees the weather around the eastern side of the mediterranean is looking more settled now we've got sunshine and twenty one degrees in beirut and find conditions expected to prevail through the course of saturday now set down in theory be employed so there is a frontal system which is working its way southwards getting into parts of saudi arabia so that through fine temperatures dropping away as we head into friday i think here for doha probably going to stay dry throat you might see some patchy cloud around but you know since the temperature read only twenty one degrees for saturday still pretty woman mecca there with a high of thirty four so let's head down into southern portions of africa so if you're south africa it's looking long to find some cloud around the eastern cape but generally weather conditions here are looking pretty good at the moment you've got to get all the way up into northern parts of mozambique and across into this bad way and zambia to pick up the showers which continue across into more northern parts of otherwise you're looking at fine weather across much of the maybe
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a thirty two degrees in the sunshine and when talk and then coming south into cape town it should be sunny here highs of twenty. in jakarta school students are taking up weapons to fight in deadly street battles . one on one east investigates this violent phenomenon. at this time on al jazeera.
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welcome back remind of the top stories here on al-jazeera the u.k. prime minister's reason my house once again condemned u.s. president trunk for sharing some videos. with tensions running high after north korea's latest intercontinental ballistic missile launch russia has accused the united states of doing everything it can to provoke pyongyang. and a joint african union summit in the ivory coast as agreed a plan for the emergency evacuation from libya of refugees and migrants who are facing abuse in detention camps. syria's un mediator stuff and to mr a has held separate meetings with government and opposition delegations in geneva is the eighth round of united nations sponsored talks to end the civil war the opposition is still demanding the departure of
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syrian president bashar al assad but they're facing up to being significantly weakened the navy seven years of fighting on diplomatic head as a giant space has this report from geneva. the syria talks have reached a new phase at u.n. headquarters in geneva opposition negotiators arriving just minutes before the government delegation u.n. special envoy stefan de mistura met both sides separately and explained how things would work. what we call the real. me that means the two sides in separate but adjacent rooms with mr de mistura and his team shuttling between them. it is though far from a breakthrough they're still discussing the way this round of talks will be conducted the situation is very much as we've seen many times in many rounds of these talks no discernible sign of progress but inside syria the people continue to
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suffer the u.n. has revealed that last month four hundred thousand people were displaced from their homes in syria that's the highest number of people on the move for eighteen months getting food and medicine to those in need may soon get even harder in new york the russian ambassador to the u.n. vaseline a benzema says he's opposed to extending in its current form a security council resolution that allows aid across international borders into syria mr de mistura humanitarian adviser is calling on all of those on the council to support aid access something he says they failed to do in the past i would do a rape there the success of the security council and the great powers as very low in terms of helping us to reach women children wounded the most vulnerable in this in this conflict they have not succeeded the diplomacy
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continues to move at a glacial pace while the agony for the people of syria is far from over james pays al-jazeera at the united nations in geneva. and as winter approaches in syria people in the northern city of homs are worried about how they will survive the cold there is a severe lack of fuel and people living in besieged areas say they've already used most of the trees around them for firewood. it's getting cold in syria and it's the time of the year to scavenge for things to burn they need it more than winter because in addition to cooking the family will need to stay warm they tell us we came from home city because of the government we didn't go to. i send my boy to collect things to look in to face another winter without any food or diesel. diesel is expensive and ensure supply because the
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northern countryside of homs has been under siege for years. the reason behind the high prices is a blockade we live under even then the diesel we get from the regime areas is not suitable for cars. people are forced to look for alternatives. you have to become a tree logger he fills all kinds of fees in his own and nearby villages. just this year he says he's got sixty tons of trees to be burnt this firewood. the cost to the environment she was a small price to pay for survival. prices because cut the trees down used to cost less than two cents a kilo now it's over twenty cents. but you put alternatives to diesel means trees in these villages are fast disappearing.
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there aren't enough trees left we have been besieged for the last five years when the firewood in just over god's help. some residents of are trying to find alternatives to cutting trees and tries growing them to earn a meager living back in a large home this environment whatever they can get their hands on to cook with and to cook on and. i can't go to school i used to like winter but there is no money to buy firewood or diesel and other children hope winter will be easier on them this year. is just one of many areas in syria where tens of thousands of people are struggling to survive this will be their seventh winter since the two thousand and seven uprising and many say that the outside world does nothing to ease their suffering. francis says demanding the international community takes decisive measures to
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resolve the course of the mass exodus. from. arriving in bangladesh pope francis broke his silence over what the u.n. has called a textbook case of ethnic cleansing he also called on world governments to a major to provide assistance to the bangladeshi government. in recent months the spirit of generosity and sort of verity which is a distinguishing mark of society has been seen most vividly in its humanitarian work into a massive influx of refugees from morocco and states providing them with temporary shelter and the basic necessities of life this is been done. it has also been done before the eyes of the whole world. investigators in the netherlands are trying to find out how a convicted walk criminal managed to smuggle poison into court to commit suicide slobbered. drank the poison seconds after hearing he'd lost his appeal against a twenty year prison sentence
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a seventy two year old former commander of bosnian croat forces died in hospital judges of the war crimes court in the hague upheld his conviction for atrocities committed in the yugoslav wars in the one nine hundred ninety s. or past and croats have held a candlelight vigil for praia many in bosnia still support him despite his war crimes sentence and have been protesting against the verdict the coalition prime minister also condemned the war crimes tribunal for upholding the verdict against him. this is an event without precedent especially for an international courtroom who has in his own way sent a message on what he thinks about the verdict which we also think is unfair. use of . reports from the hague. investigation opened by dutch prosecutors in the east of you many answers first of all what kind of poison for what i'm trying to look yesterday and how it's possible that such substances could be brought in such
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a strongly watched in protective courtroom what investigators that investigators have found out till now is that there was a billion poisonous substance in the container that some of them cry of course holding in his hands yesterday in the courtroom right now there is there is an abduction on their way under his body and it should be a new information members of the defense team will have also been listened by investigators here for a very very big this morning and returned to the court room where number three in the international court of justice for crimes committed in acts yugoslavia is now also a crime scene itself so as i already said many questions need to be answered by dutch prosecutors. pakistan's government is facing criticism for what the way it handled protests in which five people were killed the demonstrations were against
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a minister who was accused of blasphemy and then resigned the country's ruling party the p. and l. and says agreeing to protest as a man's was the only way to prevent violence day mr abbott reports from the hoa on how the party is responding to the criticism. it's been a tough year for pakistan muslim league news the country's ruling party. sharif was removed as prime minister over corruption allegations and now the government is accused of mishandling a sit in in islamabad by religious hardliners that ended only when the government gave into their demands it's the kind of appeasement their opponents say that means pm has lost the moral authority to rule but at a party office in lahore it's business as usual mohamed pervaiz malek has represented his constituency for nearly two decades he's also the minister for commerce and textile when asked about whether his government should step aside he said breaking people down doesn't help build the country up but it is really really unfair wing and creating roylance for these kind of things that were definitely
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damaged them are you going to raise an orderly and measured performance on some. words this kind of thing and then talking to each other is the best course. he also said while islamic groups are great at orchestrating large rallies when it comes to the business of governing voters pick established parties that know how to get things done. he points to projects like this one a vocational training center for women completed in two thousand and fifteen it offers a variety of free and subsidized professional courses all designed to help women enter the workforce still need to live and in addition to studies skills are also very important for girls even if you have ten masters degrees you can't guarantee you'll get a job but if you have this to your diploma you can be confident of finding work while religious parties focus on the spiritual side of life is established its reputation on brick and mortar projects like these that help improve people's daily
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lives and that's what ruling party leaders say look keep them popular at the polling. hospitals roads bridges community centers large infrastructure projects are what many voters think of when they think of pm eleven. but a series of political challenges has taken a toll on the party's public image. i think this government is a total flop. all my life i voted for the muslim league but no washer reef is in and out of court how can we vote for a guy like me. not everyone feels the same way. when they don't. look during the previous administration you know wash melton's apart to build the motorway between islamabad and lahore during this administration he built five power plants and he started a motorway between lahore and karachi so god willing in the twenty eighteen election will win again. for party stalwarts like this for whom the former prime
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minister is the man who moved mountains shaking their faith. is in bus ravi al-jazeera looking. let me as president is preparing to run for a fourth term off the constitutional court overturned a ruling on the missing reelection if even more or less wins in twenty nineteen his time in office will be extended to nineteen opponents have held large rallies around bolivia calling the ruling democratic don't ask why my reports. became president of bolivia in january two thousand and six he stood and won again an election law was changed and he was again reelected. the constitutional court is not in the constitution the prevent further reelection it also ignores a referendum that last february now already voted to limit the number of times the president can serve consecutive terms. every citizen has been limited by the
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electoral law and the constitution is now able to run for election those who will ultimately decide are the bolivian people it is a nation excepted the result of the referendum and appealed against it saying had been the victim of a slur campaign and that his work remained on finished but the bolivian people want him to continue his supporters a jubilant. for us were proud to have justice after so many years of oppression president morales has shown that he's a president loyal to the social organizations and to the indigenous people we are indigenous many bolivians however are angry with the ruling. to. the constitutional court has dealt a blow to democracy ever morales is ignoring the constitution that he himself asked us to vote for he's ignoring the referendum of twenty sixteen when he asked us about repeatedly actions and we said no they've brought their opposition on to the
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streets in protest but they're only likely to grow as the two thousand and nineteen election date draws nearer. as oblivion i don't agree when a constitution is approved by the people been changed by the court the first one to respect it should be the president. should respect it but as we have seen no one in the future will respect the constitution. of the country's first indigenous president and michelle enjoyed broad support in bolivia with allies across latin. rekha is still popular but the scene that early supporter of diminished the changing political landscape has left him with fewer friends in the region. than flying out as iraq. as another look at the top stories here making news on al-jazeera the u.k. prime minister terrorism a has again condemned the us president for sharing anti
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muslim videos it came after trump told her to focus on tackling terrorism in her own country but speaking on an official visit to jordan may said she should be free to criticize one of our nation's major allies the fact that we work together does not mean that we're afraid to say when we think the united states has got it wrong and to be very clear with them and i'm very clear that retreating from britain first was the wrong thing to do. russia has a curious united states of doing everything it can to provoke north korea and insists cutting diplomatic and trade ties is not the answer tensions are running high after north korea's latest intercontinental ballistic missile launch which she says could reach the u.s. mainland u.s. as one pyongyang that it will be utterly destroyed if war breaks out a joint a new african union summit in ivory coast has agreed
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a plan for the emergency evacuation of refugees and migrants facing abuse in the libyan detention camps libya's u.n. backed administration has joined the agreement but as only a limited control over the territory where the migrants are being held. francis is demanding the international community takes decisive measures to resolve the causes of the mass exodus of ranger muslims from mammal arriving in bangladesh probe pope francis broke his silence over what the un has called a textbook case of ethnic cleansing. syria's un mediator stefan de mistura has held separate meetings with government and opposition delegations in geneva is the eighth round of united nations sponsored talks to end the civil war the opposition is still demanding the departure of syrian president bashar al assad and at least fourteen people have been killed in fighting in the yemeni capital sana forces loyal to the former yemeni president ali abdullah saleh fought with the who
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feel rebel allies near the. the salah loyalists have accused the her face of carrying out a coup. so the headlines a full news hour is coming your way after inside story. on the u.s. aid to china from the united states of north korea's elites use this oil. with the government in pyongyang claiming the u.s. marine it's no use the bridge will be taking action to help.


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