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tv   The Coming War On China 2017 Ep 1  Al Jazeera  November 30, 2017 11:00pm-12:01am +03

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a missed opportunity rod. that's what we're talking about shooting people are not about pressure to themselves and the other countries have managed to solve this problem but you worry that this conflict could erupt into account right open a war it's a security issue where the people who paid the price clearly the right top in part it is setting the stage for a serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera. where al-jazeera is our eyes and ears on the ground in southern africa identifying the crucially important stories for an audience that incredibly. hello i'm maryam namazie in london area top stories on al-jazeera leaders in libya have agreed to the emergency evacuation of refugees and migrants facing abuse in
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detention camps a plan has been drawn up at a joint african union summit in ivory coast it's not clear how the deal will be enforced but migrants are expected to be sent back mainly to their home countries as reports from abidjan. fred armisen of african and european union leaders condemned the refugee slave trade in libya in their final statement they promised a task force to tackle traffickers and urgently repatch rate anyone who's trapped there the fund it is on fire. there are women and children living in inhuman conditions we have agreed along with the e.u. and the un to set up a task force for repatriating at least three thousand eight hundred people the. leaders say there are more than forty refugee camps in libya where people are bought and sold by those with little respect for human life. well the leaders here have committed to helping refugees in libya there were very few do tells us exactly
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how and when they will repair create them and they were also very very bad the new task force they say they were put in place to combat people smuggling. there was also no mention of the french president's remarks to reporters that military action against traffickers is a possibility the u.n. secretary general told summit leaders on wednesday that new ideas a needed to deal with migration including more legal ways to into europe is that something that you discussed and something which you wouldn't visit you have to. throw in front of both of legal migration but that the famed time we have to stop to get the illegal migration this is. a common obligation youth workers say until young people have real opportunities little change we want next time african leaders in reply leaders to come together and say we are going to support two hundred five hundred one thousand youth start up but from africa and
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from europe and here are the resources that we put in place those are practical things to do it is you know of telling us in the declaration that yes we are going to empower the people but how are we going to empower the people there's no doubt here that ending the slave trade is an urgent priority but unless gnostic solutions are found to persuade people to stop leaving home in the first place human rights abuses will continue to affect africa's most fun noble natasha butler al-jazeera. ivory coast when are the headlines the u.k. prime minister trees amaze again condemned the us president donald trump for sharing anti muslim videos on twitter speaking on an official visit to jordan may said that she should be free to criticize one of the nation's major allies comes after trying toller to focus on tackling terrorism in her own country. a turkish iranian gold trader has pleaded guilty to helping iran of a us sanctions as told
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a new york court that turkey's president. approves the transaction and was prime minister at the time. is the key witness in the trial of turkish banking official metuchen attila the un humanitarian advisor for syria has called on well powers to help arrange the evacuation of five hundred people including a hundred sixty seven children from a besieged damascus suburb. and said that humanitarian supplies are not being allowed to reach eastern ghouta nine children have died in the last few weeks. after north korea's latest ballistic missile tests russia has accused the us of doing everything it can to provoke an moscow also insists that cutting diplomatic and trade ties is not the answer a missile is said to be able to reach any target on the u.s. mainland. and pope francis is demanding the international community takes decisive measures to resolve the causes of the mass exodus of the hinge of muslims from myanmar arriving in bangladesh broke his silence of what the united nations has
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called a textbook case of ethnic cleansing in the state but he still avoided using the word ranger. with all of our top stories i'll be back in about twenty five minutes time with a round up of the headlines then i for now. with the. with ya with
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you. huh with yer with. with. with i pity a country that would come up against us. the synergy with their land and sea forces and in our ability to control the battle space and seize the high ground is devastating all countries respect the power of the united states in that respect how dominant we are in this region and we get better and better better and
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. tonight a ten a reg limps of china's on vicious expansion in one of the world's most contested regions we report from the south china sea where the chinese are warning off anyone who comes too close to that building program we continue our look this morning and what china does not want you to see the united states says the superpower is reclaiming land in the south china sea the fact that we're dealing with a situation right now where we the u.s. has to be much more aggressive in dealing with the chinese government c.n.n. has learned the u.s. navy is about to send a destroyer there let's go to our c.n.n. c.n.n. got exclusive access to classified u.s. surveillance flights over the islands and. the threat to china is becoming big news the media is beating the drums of war as the world is being primed to regard china as a new enemy china's alarming creation of entirely new territory in the south china
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sea is one part of a broader military push that some fear is to challenge us dominance in the region. china is building in strips in the south china sea on disputed islands condemned by an international tribunals this is now a flashpoint for war between china and america. what is not news is that china itself is under threat. these american bases form a joint news in circling china with missiles bombers warships all the way from a stranger through the pacific to asia and beyond. i mean if you were in beijing looking out stood on the tallest building in beijing and looked out of the pacific ocean you'd see american warships you'd see guam is about to sink because there's so many missiles pointed at china you look up the korean see american armaments
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pointing at china you'd see japan which is basically. japan's a glove over the american fist i think if i was chinese i'd have a little to worry about about american aggressiveness and we have china surrounded and we're doing more all the time to try and keep it surrounded and deepen that containment of china. but china presents a fascinating case of a country that is independent doesn't have foreign bases on its territory. growing very rapidly not as rapidly now as it did for thirty years but still the second ranking economy in the world we have an adversary and that adversary is china and that adversary unless there is dramatic reform inside china will be our enemy someday when miss. i think really the needs to be dispelled somehow china's aiming to replace america and going to run the world. well first of all the
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chinese are not that stupid the west with this christian. roots are about converting other people into their beliefs the chinese are not about that it's just the again i'm not degrading the western culture i'm just pointing out being hara nature of the d.n.a. is a two different cultures the chinese two thousand years ago built the great wall to keep the barbarians out and nothing made them. as the world's economic power moves rapidly to asia the response of the united states is to deploy the majority of its naval forces to asia and the pacific this massive military buildup is known in washington as the pivot to asia the target is china.
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the great power game in the twenty first century it's called potential war. for america's an unchallenged arms industry the annual prize is huge profits from almost six hundred billion dollars of military spending. once an imaginary weapon on star wars the electromagnetic gun is now reality you're sitting there thinking about these next generation and futuristic ideas and we've got scientists who have designed these and it's coming to life. and the smartest weapons made enemies as a pacific nation and the united states will play a larger and long term role in shaping this region and its future i have directed my national security team to make our presence and mission in the asia pacific a top priority in one sentence. is the u.s.
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already a ball with china yes on the ground and in the air the winner of the nobel peace prize president barack obama has committed to trillions of dollars of to our nuclear arsenal he's committing trillions of future dollars to war in space and we need an enemy for all this money and china is the perfect enemy. the aim of this film is to break a silence the united states and china may well be on a path toward a nuclear war is no longer unthinkable in a few years china has become the world's second biggest economic power the united states is the world's biggest military power with bases and missiles and ships covering every continent and every ocean china is a threat to this dominance says washington who is the threat this film is about
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shifting and great danger it's also a film about the human spirit and the rise of an extraordinary resistance among people on the frontline of a coming war where the words never again have an urgent meaning for all of us. why. this is bikini the rim of an agent underwater volcano in the marshall islands with its necklace of twenty three islands bikini is a place of beauty and silence and this one. look closely where the emerald lagoon suddenly folds into a vase black hole this is the crater of one of the greatest manmade explosions the
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hydrogen bomb they call bravo. if a private an entire island and poisoned almost everything and everyone. has a plane flew low we seem to touch it's deathly void. one. the marshall islands lie in the pacific ocean between the united states and asia captured from the japanese and while war two they have long been america's strategic secret its stepping stone to asia and china. take possession. of warships. in order to blow them to bits.
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the decks of the seventy three test thank you didn't begin to look good on our steamed up the bridge activity scientists but experimental program designed to furnish data blast the fact of the mighty atom by animals that many animals were strapped to their decks like above. the experiment to see how they done right calculate. to determine better protect. our part of.
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the day bikini is unfit for human life radiation poisons the food in wartime. shoes registered unsafe on a geiger counter. the abandoned cemetery looks out to where the sun rose one morning then rose again as apocalypse. the equivalent to one here a cheema bomb was exploded in these islands every day for twelve years. a scarred beauty has returned to the island but the people have an. exile to barren islands many of them spoke of when nine hundred sixty eight president
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lyndon johnson told them people are safe to go. but it wasn't safe and the u.s. authorities knew it wasn't safe. i mean. at sea then. the willing. you know anyone. in india would nave them on and on. and i'm not a colleague of mine and get a life by a union and other than you were given what happened as a result of the bravo test was that a coverup was launched very shortly after march one million there's such a history of wrong information outright lies deception and there was no no attempt to take the most conservative approach and make sure that everybody was ok
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they knew what the right like to follow was going to go. and they took that risk and when they then made known full well equipped. they still had enough territory to evacuate you know they were shocked that these people were not evacuated we were not evacuated. so. it only leads one one up one believe it number one the united states need this again paste they thought. the effects of radiation was good and pretty strong indication that you know the station knew it seems extraordinary here we are this far into the twenty first century talking to people still frightened of all that nuclear fallout all those tests all those years ago the impression i get is that this little trust among
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people the us is trying to provide as much information as much good information as we can and so i wouldn't accept the characterization that that there have been lies and cover ups that would guinea pigs comes up a lot from these survivors i would i would refer you to our embassy website on that i've read it and that question was looked at during the clinton administration and that was not the conclusion they came to. the secret of the marshall islands this project full point one declassified documents reveal a scientific program began a study of mice and became a study of human beings exposed to radiation. chicago is where it all began i'm to the agency are gone labs in chicago last week came seven men natives of the marshall island leben is from here in the rational radiated by
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our march nineteenth fifty four hydrogen bomb that. john is mayor of which is one hundred miles from the. john as we said. but a happy amenable to either his grandfather ran almost naked on his car at. a white man brought money and religion and a market or is. drawn reed knows about and is a pretty good mayor. iron room is a radiation detector for a human being. inside john. whose first visit to the white man's country meant san francisco cable ties and chicago skyscrapers and streamlined right. first visit to the white man's country and the iron rule. these people are getting paid they are part of the experiment project four point one they are being returned to wrong and island one hundred miles from bikini by
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the u.s. navy they were told repeatedly it was safe to go. they are being returned to an island described by u.s. atomic energy official has by far the most contaminated place on earth he added it will be interesting to get a measure of human uptake when people live in a contaminated environment. when the people of wrong road may poison island for twenty eight years as guinea pigs. the objects of regular scientific examination. this is the largest of the islands. occupied by one of america's most him.
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and secretive faces. known as the ronald reagan test site it's a missile launch pad. the pacific ocean all the way to asia and china. here the people of the marshall islands of once again being subjected to the testing of weapons of mass destruction designed for a coming war. the place is part of a remarkable. knownas vision twenty twenty devised in the nine hundred ninety s. it's aim as described officially as full spectrum dominance. this means control and see. cyber space and space
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five four three two one. from california almost five miles away the usa for intercontinental missiles by firing them at the marshall. imagine a missile coming screaming out of the sky it's absolutely terrifying there i think that there's there's really nothing. that i can imagine that that would be more terrifying than this and we're talking about. devices that any one of them could go off course. none of this disturbs life on the base where small town america has been recreated a wonderland of the suburban go to. idealist
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but there's nothing better than living on a tropical island i'm very much of each property you know it's ok i live here. just across the bay busybody island known as the slum of the pacific more than twelve thousand people live here on the strip of land less than a mile long. many of them refugees from what is now a missile base and from islands poisoned by nuclear testing. every day people from me by abroad to work on the missile base to water the gardens and the golf course. then they all ferry back so they puff and.
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this is apartheid in the pacific. you find me a. man. any medicine. and. able and for. page people and for us here we are the tropic of live and you need vegetable and for. fish vegetables and fruit but once abundant only by. today fish is contaminated by toxic pollutants so the environmental protection agency.
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now the only food most people can afford is process and imported they have the highest rate of diabetes in the world. when someone gets really you. do they go to the hospital live from the base because . they've got a pretty modern clinic or. they don't treat three of them with whom it isn't. there for taking the blood and then. what happens when somebody is seriously thinking not to he may be. the most consistent example given is the example of the ronald reagan missile site and e.p.i. next to it. on the ronald reagan missile site is a vivid example of the united states golf courses and. swimming pools and all kinds
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of manatees. right next to it is what was called the slum of the pacific and said it's a challenge by. is in great need right now we talked about infrastructure one of the projects the u.s. is working with our australian colleagues and with the asian development bank is a sewer and water project desperately needed pretty by he buys overcrowded schools need repair actually the u.s. military did a survey back in the seventy's and found that the sewers didn't work and the water didn't run the electricity wasn't there it only happened nor all that long ago they found almost exactly the same thing why why hasn't that been fix we've there's complete agreement that by should be a priority and not only because of the current activities of the ronald reagan space and missile defense side but there's also now an additional component that is providing for global security and that's the space fence project by the air force.
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every missile fired on the marshall islands by the us military cost one hundred million dollars each. this school bus is the only one only by they can't afford to replace it. for us the people on marshall islands we have no need for. it's being used to test missile the foreign countries like china. and anywhere else if they want. what would you like to see happen. i want
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our land back. in jakarta school students are taking up weapons to fight in deadly street battles . one on one east investigates this violent phenomenon. at this time on al jazeera december on al-jazeera we look back at twenty seventeen through the eyes of five families who've been affected by some of the big stories of the year in an increasingly polarized world people in power sheds light on the darkest abuses of authority ten days of comprehensive coverage about nuclear arsenals around the globe and the impact they have on the diplomatic stage a special program dedicated to this year's nobel peace prize laureates i can and their pursuit of a nuclear weapon free world and we look ahead to the big stories that could
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dominate the headlines in twenty eighteen. december on al-jazeera. overthrow and exiled their point again saying for all this race we actually knew an intimate film about the struggle of the elected leader of madagascar to return to his country and reinstate his presidency he knows that the truth was forged and we all know we don't think he is all along well look for a change this return of a president at this time on al-jazeera. hello i'm in london here he had lines on how to zero leaders in libya have agreed to the
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emergency evacuation of refugees and migrants facing abuse in detention camps but has been drawn up at a joint e.u. african union summit in ivory coast it's not clear how the deal will be enforced but migrants are expected to be sent back mainly to their home countries funding is on far. there are women and children living in inhuman conditions we have agreed along with the e.u. and the un to set up a task force for repatriating at least three thousand eight hundred people. the u.k. prime minister to reason may has again condemned us president donald trump for sharing anti muslim videos on twitter speaking on an official visit to jordan may said that she should be free to criticize one of the nation's major allies comes after drawing told her to focus on tackling terrorism in her own country a turkish iranian gold trader who's pleaded guilty to helping iran evade u.s. sanctions has told a new york court that turkey's president. approved the transaction and was prime
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minister at the time reza zara biz the key witness in the trial of turkish banking official. a teller the u.n. humanitarian advisor for syria has called on world powers to help arrange the evacuation of five hundred people including one hundred sixty seven children from a besieged damascus suburb yann egeland said that humanitarian supplies are not being allowed to reach eastern ghouta nine children have died in the last few weeks . after north korea's latest ballistic missile tests russia has accused the united states of doing everything it can to provoke young and moscow also insists that cutting diplomatic and trade ties isn't the answer missile is said to be able to reach any target on the u.s. mainland. pope francis is demanding the international community takes decisive measures to resolve the causes of the mass exodus of range of muslims from manama arriving in bangladesh pope francis broke
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his silence of what the united nations is called a textbook case of ethnic cleansing and. he still avoided using the word. with all of our top stories much more coming up in the news hour i'll have that for you in about twenty five minutes time so do join me then.
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this is shanghai the historic hotel on the yangtze river china's greatest city. i arranged to meet the american author james bradley whose latest bestselling book the china mirage reveals an extraordinary hidden history of american power and martin china it was almost illegal for someone like me to know
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a chinese for almost all of american history the chinese came to america to mine gold and build the railroads and americans decided we didn't like the competition so in one thousand nine hundred two we had the chinese exclusion act which kept the chinese out of the united states for about one hundred years so you have the largest population in the world that can come to the united states so at just the point we're putting up the statue of liberty saying we welcome everybody we were wrecked in a wall saying we welcome everybody except those chinese. fear of a rising china today is the latest chapter in the history of propaganda but present of the chinese as uncouth and infant teil. to western popular and political culture the chinese became the yellow peril.
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and racial stereotypes pull the constant theme. and threat. as the t.v. show is actually. twisting his. eyes and revel in some other stuff such as. the i. sell food. this caricature of an entire people concealed another agenda. for the american to lead to in the nineteenth century china was a goldmine of drugs. war and delano the grandfather of franklin
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delano roosevelt was the american opium king of china he was the biggest american opium dealer second to the british he welcomed the first american ship into china to help with the opium wars the much of the east coast of america colombia harvard yale princeton were born from opium money the american industrial revolution was funded by huge pools of money where did this come from a came from illegal drugs in the biggest market in the world china let me get this right the grandfather of. the most liberal president franklin delano roosevelt was a drug runner yes or franklin delano roosevelt never made much money in his life he had public service jobs that were very lowly paid but he had yahtzee and summer homes he had mansions in new york city the kids went to private schools he
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inherited a fortune from war and then. and know his father who is the american opium king of china if you scratch anyone with the name forbes in their name john forbes kerry secretary of state john forbes kerry you'll find opium money his great grandfather was an opium dealer how big was opium money opium money built the first industrial city in the united states lowell massachusetts it built the first five railroads in the united states opium money all over the east coast but it wasn't talked about it was called the china trade and if you go to various museums you can see teas and silks. exhibited and they keep quiet about all that big opium money. in the scramble to get opium money china was invaded and colonized by britain and the other imperial powers.
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far a nominee has grabbed hold sway and sort of china. this is the american army in tiananmen square peaking in one thousand nine hundred. great cities like shanghai what taken over and declared concessions and foreigners who lived a life of privilege and luxury amidst terrible poverty imposed on the chinese. resistance known as the boxer rebellion was put down with a savagery. this rape of china set the tone for how china was perceived in the west well into the twentieth century. this is the distinguished historian who should theodore h. white hundred five to the white house of it speaking in the one nine hundred sixty
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s. perhaps china is too vast to be governed by mercy yet of chinese mind craves order they must be brought to recognize they are the biggest factor in the world is distorted and we must untangle the madness of their mind the most difficult task in the world is to reach the minds of men who. want what was really complaining about what the loss of a china but the imperial west could dominate and the to feet of general chiang kai shek who were these famously powerful christian wife mailing sume guarded america's interests in china. that is until they were thrown out in one thousand nine hundred forty nine by a communist revolution led by mouth. molly had beaten chiang kai shek
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three times in huge battles involving millions of combatants mao was a winner in this contest from the early one nine hundred thirty s. on but we know very little about it and people don't understand that even today. shanghai hears the message clearly as foreign businessmen bought up their shops go now quickly communism archer's take what you can but. elemental haste the western powers evacuate the city they have built for good and bad alike mostly the businessmen come for profit as well as missionaries come to feel must say good bye south b.n.c. steams the last of western influence farewell to a century. people and today it's difficult to understand the paranoia ignited by mouse revolution.
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as we look at china on the map we can see that china is the basic cause of all of our troubles in asia i believe that for the fate of. if you met the. so be prepared for the puppy beneath. a shiny new at that on the united. one of the myths about mao is that he was an implacable enemy of the capitalist west. shanghai today is a prosperous international city still run by the communists at least.
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when i was last in china more than a generation ago the loudest noise was the tinkling of bicycle bells now or just the streets were dark the universities were closed the chaos of the cultural revolution had given way to a great silence where exhausted was the freest comment i heard coming back the change was barely comprehensible. here in shanghai the freedom bears no comparison yes there are issues with human rights especially the right to speak against the state and challenge its power since i was last here millions of people of been lifted out of poverty many of them into an entirely new middle class this is still barely understood in the west or should there be wilfully misunderstood
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the truth is that china has matched america and cern great game of capitalism and that is one forgivable. one measure of china's new capitalism is the run ritualised this league table of china's mega rich is published by rupert hogan warthe an old attorney and his chinese name as her run he's received many awards including china's man of the year this year two thousand and fifteen it's probably been the most extraordinary year of wealth creation in the history of china again you know i've been doing this little fifteen sixteen years i've never seen a year like two thousand and fifteen you know it normally for two hundred million pounds or three hundred million dollars we find say by eight hundred thousand
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people this year two thousand and fifteen is it's doubled they'll be more dollar billionaires known about in china than in the u.s. so the u.s. up until now has been the leader in terms of business. you know the most successful business tycoons in the world. china two thousand and fifteen where they're taking the us said amazing. modern china is full of telling irony is not released this museum that was once the house where mounties comrades secretly found of the communist party of china in one nine hundred twenty one. today it stands in the heart of an exclusive very capitalist shopping district.
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when you leave the shrine to china's great revolution you're confronted by a surreal spectacle for right outside where the chinese communist party was blown all the very symbols of capitalism stocks apple. and down there perhaps the free markets greatest triumph bottled water but in shoals you live young costing six pounds for a small bottle in my hotel. spin and his tune if he was here i'm not so sure hidden history is always a key to the truth five years before his great communist revolution in one hundred forty nine mts sent this secret message to washington and china must industrialize right now this can only be done by free enterprise chinese and american interests
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fit together economically and politically america need not fear that we will not be cooperative we cannot risk crossing america we cannot risk any conflict. received no reply. nothing has changed. mouse a tongue was looking to be a friend with the united states from the beginning miles says i will go meet franklin roosevelt in the white house reaches out nine hundred fifty to harry truman he reaches out to dwight eisenhower his hand was tossed away. this all. but unity that might of changed history prevented wars save countless lives was lost because the truth of miles over true was was denied in the washington of the one nine hundred fifty s. . state department officials who had carried mao's messages were condemned down
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justly as communist traitors. everybody who knew who spoke cheney's was gone in the one nine hundred fifty s. the state department had no employees who spoke cheney it's resulted in us not having relations with the number one most populous country in the world in one thousand nine hundred seventy nine this man deng's ping became china's paramount leader he said socialism does not mean shared poverty. this was code for the most radical reform since miles revolution. the return of capitalism to china but this time controlled by the communist party.
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to be riches glorious day and was reported as saying. america was now threatened by the emergence of a vast image of itself. this is one of the many very exclusive gated communities in shanghai where an apartment is one of the prices of the new communism. i had a range to see professor zion way way a close aide to the late things out paying the man who changed china. they're in. really extremely. long term visionary the leader will exceed the long term strategic vision for his country for his people that chinese do you follow that path you know they're true this is
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really a tradition from china's along history you look at even like mao he said we should you know surpass u.k. here we should supply united states. so they could didn't used to this day. actually or many chinese have problems with the western media is this theory about china if you. contend with fear it hypes you missed so many things you know if the b.b.c. broadcast something they are happy to always mention this comment is to dictatorship this autocracy not actually with this one label you know you cannot understand this china as it is but if you watch b.b.c. c.n.n. or read economist and try to understand china it will be a failure it's impossible. multiple parties fight for political power and everyone
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voting on them is the only path to salvation for the long suffering that's. a shanghai entrepreneur educated in america and typical of a new confident outspoken political class in china there are a lot of problems but at the moment the chinese the party state has proven an extraordinary ability to change me i make the joke. in america you can change political parties but you can't change policies. in china you cannot change the party but you can change policies. so in a sixty five or sixty six years china is being run by one single party yet. the political changes that have taken place in china in the past sixty six years have been wider and broader and greater than probably any other major country in modern
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memory so in that time china seems to be communist patrol so well china is a market economy and survivor a market economy but it is not a capitalist country here's why there is no way a group of billionaires could control the politburo. the owners control american policy making so in china you have a vibrant market economy but capital does not rise above political authority capital is not does not help in trying rights in america capital the interest of capital and capital itself has risen above the name of the american nation the political authority cannot check the power of capital and that's why america is a catalyst country but china is not this is the ironic title of
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a bestselling book by zhang leisure a journalist and critic who lives in beijing. many americans imagine that the chinese people live miserable repressed her life these no freedom western ever that's not quite sure if you toss speak to many ordinary chinese people they will tell you that they feel that their life i quite free some five hundred million people being lifted off the poverty in some would say probably six hundred million people that's a great achievement. for many americans the yellow peril has never left and i think of the there's the fear about china of course there's a fear for china's rapid rise but it's also has a lot to do. with china's. the label as a communist and states china subject of some modest
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compare where their weight they're not trying to run the world they're not even trying to run asia pacific i think they want to keep america from dominating the asia pacific so they have what they believe is their rightful place in asia pacific because alonso was asian long history in their size so their objectives are really modest compared with their capacity to the the world for new wealth in china and i often say this is this is the product of so far made entrepreneur skill but it's not also the product of the exploitation of people at the bottom what are known in china as migrants but they're not really migrants so. if you really. go to port to this my woodworkers you will find quite surprisingly. over the past
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five to seven years they have experienced. greater increase there in the social groups china not a car society. but china is a class society. these are the homes of migrant workers people who build and service the new trial. here it's not uncommon for three families to share one tiny flat. you know you would so see it it's a socialist country it was a call it was equality but i'm fortunately since the reform has started china has become one of the most unequal societies in the word the income gap is widening governments i feel have retreated some of the responsibilities left the markets to
11:56 pm
take over by the market does not always treat women kindly. private companies they would just refuse to high and child's bearing age women and sometimes when women become pregnant there was back then because they don't want to pay the maternity leave and in fact to the income gap has grown much bigger between men you want your old boss found presided over the bloodshed in tears and square what would you say to the survivors of tiananmen square because so many of those did fight for what very saw as democratic change in china. in ninety eight hundred nine there were two political force this one was those reprise only by the chinese students their hero was me how
11:57 pm
you go back trough who happened to be a cheap one. slogan was the soviet union's today china's tomorrow so the idea was pretty to go reform first other reforms second otherwise china will be hopeless and does mess you which opposite he saw go but you will eat it yeah he saw china must have economic reform first as a reform second this priority must be set clear. is the front line of a beckoning war with china we can't continue to allow china to rape our country and that's what they're doing there never have been two countries more into dependent on each other than china us in history so there's like a total disconnect with the changing world you have a giant rising power in this case china. why would you expect the giant rising
11:58 pm
power to not want to have more control over its destiny orders and what is that what's the purpose i mean where are we going to stop this process before it starts to war. and then if the war starts where does that end. hello we've had sort of heatwave conditions in victoria new south wales and in tasmania time to break down the cloud is showing you it's going to happen such an
11:59 pm
extent is a warning of what a vicious thunderstorms for the next day or so to be all throughout new south wales maybe a c.t. as you go lose at least ten degrees from the temperature twenty five is therefore the forecast on melbourne having had thirty five day before yesterday and we're round about the same sort of figure slightly lower in tasmania the green shoots rain that will be thundery rain at twenty one shows adelaide so perth is enjoying better weather in the sunshine and it stay settled here as it warms up and the opposite happens in melbourne down to eighteen degrees that's a disappointing start proper some recently with thunderstorms were all over the place and probably reaching out towards sydney as well whereas in contrast and it's continuing contrast there's very little cloud except daily showers breaking out of new zealand you see those up in the higher ground that's where the warmth of the sunshine just brings a cloud of in the middle and you get these showers usually inland but it's the center line is quite settled weather so largely it's sunshine apart from these
12:00 am
showers that build twenty two degrees northward to wellington friday seven story for saturday. when the power goes out. there's only one man to turn to. local heroes to many he steals electricity. but keeping the lights on is dangerous work. as your forces cracked spock's begin to fly. powerless a witness documentary and this time on al jazeera. this is al-jazeera.


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