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faultlines examines the shifting sands of american politics life of the party this time on al jazeera. overthrown and exiled their point and then saying if you're on. an intimate film about the struggle of the elected leader of madagascar to return to his country and reinstate his presidency he knows that the truth. and we will not negotiate with thanks. to all the interesting things return of the president at this time on al-jazeera. this is al-jazeera.
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hello i'm adrian for they get this is the news out live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes agreements to cut the flow of migrants from africa to europe but questions remain about how it will be enforced. in geneva the u.n. try as yet again to end syria's civil war. donald trump lashes out at his political enemies but also criticizes the leader of america's closest ally. at a call for action pope francis urges the international community to take decisive measures to resolve the hinge a refugee crisis. libya has agreed to the emergency evacuation of refugees and migrants facing abuse in its detention camps the plan's been drawn up at a joint african union summit in ivory coast it's not clear how the deal will be
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enforced but migrants are expected to be sent back to their home countries tasha butler reports from abidjan. well the fame of this summit was huge but there is no doubt the from the outset it was dominated by the issue of the refugee slave trade in libya and by migration we heard from the host of the summit the president of the ivory coast in the beginning who said that everyone had a collective responsibility to do something when at the end of the summit what leaders decided is that they would try and repatch reate those migrants and refugees that are trapped in libya that they had also launched a task force to try and crack down on people smuggling and we spoke to many people here who said that that is just a case of firefighting and what is really needed is a long term strategy to deal with migration. african and european union leaders condemned the refugee slave trade in libya in their final statement they promised a task force to tackle traffickers and urgently repatch rate anyone who's trapped.
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there are women and children living in inhuman conditions we have agreed along with the e.u. and the un to set up a task force for repatriating at least three thousand eight hundred people. leaders say there are more than forty refugee camps in libya where people are bought and sold by those with little respect for human life well the leaders here have committed to helping refugees in libya there were very few details as to exactly how and when they will repair trade them and they were also very frank about the new task force they say they'll put in place to combat people smuggling. that there was also no mention of the french president's remarks to reporters that military action against traffickers is a possibility the u.n. secretary general told summit leaders on wednesday that new ideas a needed to deal with migration including more legal ways to enter europe is that
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something that you discussed and something which you wouldn't visit each you have to. we have to stop. illegal migration this is our. obligation youth workers say until young people have real opportunities little change we want african leaders. say we are going to support. one. and here are the resources that we put in place a practical things to do. in the declaration that we're going to. be going to. this no doubt that ending the slave trade is an urgent priority but unless last thing solutions are found to persuade people to stop leaving home in the first place human rights abuses will continue to affect africa's most fun. this
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was the first summit between these two organizations there were more than eighty leaders here for the african and european union's and what they said was that this is really an opportunity for a new era in relations one that was equal in a sense it was an attempt to try to redress the balance of the past but one more many experts have told us is that for as long as the european union continues to pour aid money into africa it is going to be very difficult to do that russia is accusing the u.s. of doing everything it can to provoke north korea on wednesday the u.s. warned pyongyang that it will be utterly destroyed if war breaks out earlier this week north korea tested its latest intercontinental ballistic missile but russia says cutting diplomatic and trade ties isn't the answer to the standoff. one gets the impression that everything has been done on purpose to make snap and
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carry out further inadvisable actions it is regrettable the americans should explain to us what they're after despite that the white house says the u.s. has only one goal in dealing with the growing nuclear threat from north korea this is mission ration is focused on one big thing when it comes to north korea and that's. the korean peninsula that's our number one priority that's what we're focused on anything beyond that is not the priority at this point tim shorrock is an investigative journalist in north korea analyst he joins us now live from washington d.c. tim good to have you with us looking at the bigger picture here do you think we have a fundamentally unsolvable problem when it comes to nuclear development and the nuclear ambitions of north korea i mean they show absolutely no sign despite international pressure of giving up their right their nuclear program. no it's
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not unsolvable at all it's this is completely solvable this is an issue between north korea and the united states they've made it very clear that their weapons are aimed at the united states they want to build a deterrent force to protect themselves from threats like made today by the u.n. ambassador nikki haley who once again repeated trump's statement that they will totally destroy a north korea if north korea doesn't go along north korea's been saying for years they want the united states to end its hostile policy and they use that hostile policy to justify building their nuclear weapons and also building their own their missiles that they have obviously become very capable at i think you've got to get those two sides together in tackle the issues united states needs to address north korea security concerns in viceversa within the last. south korea's unification minister has said that there's a high possibility north korea will not engage in further provocations for some
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time now what do you make of that. it's very possible you know if you read the north korean statements after the missile test the other day they said they have completed their nuclear program they've become a nuclear power and that's the signal i think that they're ready to stop the testing and begin to talk and that's what they've been telling visiting americans and discussions they've had informally with former u.s. officials and former u.s. intelligence officers that they want to build a nuclear arsenal they don't want to build a huge arsenal but they want to have a deterrent force against the united states and they apparently they believe that they might have that now and they might be ready to stop their actual testing and begin to talk although you know some people doubt that they may you know every country that builds missiles needs to keep testing them but they may stop for a while i think that's very that's very clear being able to fire
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a rocket at the u.s. is one thing being able to fire a nuclear warhead as far as the u.s. is is something completely different and how worried should people be both in the u.s. and i suppose in western europe of a missile can can can reach the west coast of the of the the u.s. it could reach western europe to. that's right i mean the missile they fired the other day could conceivably hit anywhere in the world and it could definitely hit the united states could hit the east coast where i am in washington d.c. but i think as i said before that they've been saying that these nuclear weapons are aimed as a deterrent against the united states i don't think people around the world in other countries necessarily have to worry and i don't even think people in america need to be worried about being nuked by the north koreans because they as you say they don't know have the ability yet to put a nuclear weapon on one of these i.c.b.m. zend shoot it all the way to the united states but they have enormous amount of
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conventional weapons and if there was a war you know nikki haley says you know the united states would totally destroy a north korea well a war might totally destroy south korea as well you know and it could be a conventional war that could easily move to a nuclear war and that's why i think it's very very important for the united states to do it to do its utmost to try to reach an agreement that would that would settle this crisis author and journalist tim shorrock that in washington d.c. tim great to talk to you many thanks indeed for being with us thank you the saudi led coalition says that it's intercepted another ballistic missile fired by who's the rebels in yemen it was reportedly shot down near the southwestern saudi city of qom a small shapes the other who thiis said that they'd hit a military target it's the second missile fired from yemen in a month the first was destroyed near riyadh's international airport on the event before the coalition has been facing the who these in yemen since twenty fifteen
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well in yemen itself medical sources say that at least fourteen people have been killed in fighting in the capital sana'a forces loyal to former president ali abdullah saleh fought with the rebels near the our solemn mosque salo loyalists have accused the hoot these of carrying out a coup. the un's syria mediator staff under mysterious has held separate meetings with government and opposition delegations in geneva it's the eighth round of u.n. sponsored talks to end the civil war the opposition is still demanding the departure of syria's president bashar al assad but that's not yet been discussed as our diplomatic editor james bays reports from geneva the syria talks have reached a new phase at u.n. headquarters in geneva opposition negotiators arriving just minutes before the government delegation u.n. special envoy stefan de mistura met both sides separately and explained how things
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would work but we're having what we call. me that means the two sides in separate but adjacent rooms with mr de mistura quite literally the go between i've been shuttling with make a link between the two rooms which basically were five meters away while we were actually reading in this god thing with both issues which we got very important it is though far from a breakthrough there are still discussing the way this round of talks will be conducted the situation is very much as we've seen many times in many rounds of these talks no discernible sign of progress but inside syria the people continue to suffer. the un has revealed that last month four hundred thousand people were displaced from their homes in syria that's the highest number of people on the move for eighteen months getting food and medicine to those in need may soon get even
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harder in new york the russian ambassador to the u.n. vaseline a benzema says he's opposed to extending in its current form a security council resolution that allows aid across international borders into syria mr de mistura humanitarian advisor is calling on all of those on the council to support aid access something he says they failed to do in the past i would rate the success of the security council and the great powers as very low in terms of helping us to reach women children wounded the most vulnerable in this in this conflict they have not succeeded the diplomacy continues to move at a glacial pace while the agony for the people of syria is far from over james bays al-jazeera at the united nations in geneva you heard in that report from the un's
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humanitarian advisor for syria he says that humanitarian supplies are being allowed to reach a besieged suburb of damascus yale and is calling on world powers to help arrange the evacuation of five hundred people including one hundred sixty seven children from eastern. it's been under siege since twenty thirteen nine children of diet in the past few weeks while waiting for permission from the government to be moved to hospitals just forty five minutes away. it is a stain on on the conscience of the world public opinion. how can we say twenty seventeen and we have is besiegement like we had in the middle ages we have. convoys of aid work is being blocked from women children wounded that need desperate this place in sight the area of eastern good
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which is indeed just forty five minute drive from the must use city there is now acute malnutrition among the children it has gone from two percent to twelve percent a five fold increase in the last ten months because it's totally blockaded by armed forces and there are four hundred thousand civilians inside these besieged areas you're with the news hour from al-jazeera still to come on the program. protesters in the democratic republic of congo put their lives on the line to try to force the president from office. thousands of tourists flee and into the sea an island threatened by a volcano. and its sport tiger woods aims to recapture his best form as he returns to tournament golf the first time in nine months.
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in the united states a storm of activity from president donald trump or sparked controversy with political friends and foes both at home and abroad last friday trump claimed that he turned down the opportunity to become time magazine's person of the year for a second year running time says that simply not true. president strengthened his endorsement of senate candidate roy moore despite allegations that more sexually assaulted underage girls last weekend it emerged that trump has been questioning the authenticity of the two thousand and four access hollywood tape in which he made vulgar remarks about women he's now telling people that the voice on the tape isn't his though he previously said it was on tuesday he once again referred to democratic senator elizabeth warren as pocahontas this time in front of native american war veterans and the new york times says that he's still questioning
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whether his predecessor barack obama was born in the united states all this strength sparks a new diplomatic row this time with the u.k.'s prime minister's reason may once again mayors condemned trump for sharing anti muslim videos with his forty six million twitter followers want to be phillips reports from london. on a tour of the middle east forging a post breck's it role for britain in the world this is not what the prime minister wanted to be talking about the fact that we work together does not mean that we're afraid to say when we think the united states got it wrong and to be very clear with them and i'm very clear that retreating from britain first was the wrong thing to do. back home in london the government argues that britain's ties with america military cultural diplomatic are what make the special relationship and this will endure long after the current president has gone the prime minister will always
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have regular calls with the president and she has been explicit in criticizing this tweet and i know that she will always make sure that she calls it out where she sees it and that is what she's done here. but a tweet from another minister who is a muslim made it clear the president had hit a raw nerve donald trump has ups. a lot of people here in westminster in fearing he still invited to london on a state visit that would involve the queen in practice it's very hard to see that visit happening any time soon the president has provided a huge probably steve bruce to a fringe far right movement britain first which has never come remotely close to success in any form of election here in the u.k. . britain first wants to end immigration and ban is lime in the u.k. anti fascist groups believe it has about one thousand members its deputy leader franson
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whose tweets were retreated by the president is facing charges of using threatening and abusive language she's thanked the president for retreating her messages to his more than forty three million followers saying god bless you trump god bless america barnaby phillips al-jazeera westminster but the white house is defending the president's actions as kimberly helka reports. despite widespread condemnation of the president's retreating of those videos shared first by britain first leader jay to france and the white house press secretary sarah huckabee sanders is defending the president's actions saying in fact she doesn't believe that the president was aware of the group's anti islamic views and the fact that in britain the group really is acquitted as a hate group such as the k.k.k. here in the united states still no apologies for the president's actions in fact
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just the opposite what he's done is elevate the conversation to talk about a real issue in a real threat that's extreme violence and extreme terrorism something that we know to be very real and something the president feels strongly about talking about and bringing up and making sure is an issue every single day that we're looking at the best ways to protect americans so no apologies from the white house even as the president's actions continue to be questioned along with whether or not he is mentally fit to remain in office as a result of what many see as at minimum poor decision making not only are members of the president's own republican party questioning the president's actions and how this has harm not only international relationships but the president's own policy goals to some democratic members of congress who say that the president's actions equate nothing more than hate and are calling for his impeachment as early as next week on the floor of the house of representatives the u.s. state department has denied reports of the white house is planning to replace
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secretary of state rex tillerson but the new york times and the washington post a reporting the trump intends to replace to listen with cia chief mike pump pale in the coming weeks when jordan reports from washington. after yet another round of news reports suggesting that the secretary of state rex tillerson is about to be fired and replaced by the current head of the cia mike pale robust pushback here at the u.s. state department on thursday the spokes person heather nauert told reporters that there was unequivocal reassurance coming from the white house indicating that mr tillerson who apparently enjoys his work is going to be staying on in the position that chief of staff kelly called our department this morning and said that the rumors are not true that those reports are not true the white house statement confirmed that there will be no personnel changes it is a fact that secretary tellers and serves at the pleasure of the president as we all
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do as does every political appointee and cabinet member secretary tellers and enjoys this job he has a lot of work to do the question also came up whether secretary rex tillerson would be believed when he meets with foreign ministers at a number of european capitals next week the message from the state department as long as the secretary is representing the president and is serving at his pleasure he will be advancing and speaking for the u.s. when it comes to his foreign policy. team is navy says that it's ended its for the crew of a missing submarine contact with the day san juan was lost on nov thirteenth the crude message to say that that been an electrical failure to see water had got into a battery aircraft and ships from eighteen countries have been looking for the submarine forty four people on board. the ministry of defense and the argentine armed force in applying the international conventions
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regarding to search for merry time vessels in forms that day we declare finalized the search and rescue case of this son who wants submarine and change it to the search phase for the submarine. opposition demonstrators and police have clashed in the honduran capital supporters of the main opposition candidates. threw rocks and barricades on fire outside the electoral center that's where the final votes for sunday's presidential election of being tallied the opposition is accusing the government of trying to steal the election final results are expected in the coming hours reports from. these people say they are gathering in the capital to defend their vote. we are challenging the results. but the electoral tribunal is corrupt and is defending the
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interests of the president and betraying the hundred people we won't allow these elections to be stolen like happened in the past. both president. and his t.v. star opponents. claim victory after sunday's election initially the result of. this after hold up in the count. remote municipalities that have not been tallied and their votes have not been counted as the victory of our party because rural areas vote in favor of the nationalist party. has one of the highest murder rates in the world and there are fears that the current political crisis will increase the violence that already exists in this central american nation. i don't even want to think about it but i fear this could get worse during the coup in two thousand and nine i'm afraid for my children my family and my wife respect the results. of american states managed to have both
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candidates statement where they vow to respect the final results once the disputed votes are checked. but nothing rejected. agreement saying the government is trying to steal the election and supporters to take to the streets protesters set up barricades and clash with the police that used tear gas to disperse them but. the next president whoever wins is going to be in a weak position because of that in march and the suspicion around the election and those will be accused of winning three four and being illegitimate and will have the institutions against them. on the road as is already battling poverty and crime political instability. the situation here even further. germany's president has held talks with chancellor angela merkel and the leader of the opposition social democrats trying to break a deadlock over the formation of
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a new government germany has been without a government since an election in september merkel's alliance emerged as the biggest block but lost seats to the far right the social democrats and previously said that they wouldn't reenter any coalition government with. pope francis is set to hold an open air mass in the coming hours for around one hundred thousand catholics in bangladesh the pontiff will also meet refugees in dhaka on thursday he urged the international community to take decisive measures to resolve the mass exodus of ranger from neighboring me and. in recent months the spirit of generosity and solidarity which is a distinguishing. society has been seen most vividly in its humanitarian to a massive influx of refugees from morocco and state providing them with temporary shows the basic necessities of life this is been done. it has also been done the
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whole world al-jazeera child stratford is in cox's bazaar and bangladesh near the border with near to where most of the ranger have fled. on the first day of his three day visit here to bangladesh the pope again not using the word that the entire region national community uses to describe the refugees here in bangladesh that were being ranger the pope said that it was time to take decisive measures to resolve the cause of the refugee crisis he referred to the refugees from rakhine state and said immediate material assistance was needed to help bangladesh deal with the refugees now we understand that the decision by the pope notes to use the word religious early during his four day visit to myanmar came from advice from the vatican over concerns for the christian community inside me and my concerns
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of the potential backlash against them but certainly here on the first day of his visit to bangladesh it seems as if he is trying to avoid the politics as much as he can while the same time trying to draw attention to the plight of what is now around one point two million range of refugees sheltering in this country or whether it's a thanks tail that he is out then relations between the u.s. and turkey a strained trial in new york threatens to make them even worse but take a look at how hong kong is working to regulate so-called crypto currencies. and its force change in the cation hasn't reduced the challenge of competing in one of the world's toughest events. from a fresh coastal breeze. to watching the sunset on the australian outback.
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hello finally the rain has stopped in china and i shouldn't really been there to be honest we should be. the northeast monsoon and that's tucked in by friday shanghai's at twelve congress at twenty five humidity is coming down here and the breeze is really focusing on bringing showers the coast of vietnam that's true for the next two days with the sun the obviously prominent thing in the sky but a cloud will form on the high ground in western china is still actually not that cold in june to fourteen degrees but that's how it's expected to be the more active weather should be in malaysia and in the indian easier as the wet season and certainly big what top class the most active stuff just covers up some southern part of thailand in peninsula malaysia a good part of sumatra has been some heavy rain here a tropical cyclone developed just off the coast of java and there's been some flooding rain here and the wind directions changed in barbie all that continues with these showers obviously showing themselves into southern vietnam but the
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circulation a bit more obvious with the green hard dark green heart just west of police germany as you're heading off into the sun and they have being goal so that's the active weather and here's a little bit of active weather cycling just off the coast of no more or less carola which is enhanced seeing the rain in tamil nadu carola and certain lanka. the weather sponsored by qatar and race. from mother to daughter an ancient croft kept alive by a bustling matriarch. from start to finish. all traditions intertwined with new designs making this family's place unique into the rich tapestry. the threads at this time on a. with
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bureaus spanning six continents across the globe. al-jazeera has correspondents live in green the stories they tell. about it. al-jazeera fluent in world news. good to have you with us adrian for the get here in doha the top stories on the news out libya has agreed to the emergency evacuation of refugees and migrants
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facing abuse in its detention camps the plan has been drawn up at a joint e.u. african union summit in ivory coast it's not clear how the deal will be enforced but migrants are expected to be sent back to their home countries. russia has accused the u.s. of doing everything it can to provoke north korea on wednesday the u.s. warns pyongyang that it will be utterly destroyed if war breaks out after its latest missile test russia says that cutting diplomatic and trade ties is not the answer. there's been plenty of condemnation directed at u.s. president trump after he retreated videos from an anti muslim group on his twitter feed but so far there's been no apology the white house press secretary defended trump's actions saying she doesn't believe the president was aware of the group's anti islamic views.
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the nobel peace prize is due to be awarded on december tenth picking up the award this year the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons or i can the campaign group is dedicated to creating a world without nuclear weapons in the days leading up to the award in oslo will be taking a look at the nuclear status of countries worldwide our series begins in the us which is the second largest hold of nuclear weapons habitats reports. the united states is the only country to have used nuclear weapons not once but twice and it took seventy one years for a u.s. president to visit one of the targets president obama refused to apologize. for the united nation of hiroshima but he called for a moral awakening we can chart a course that leads to the destruction of these stockpiles we can stop the spread to new nations and secure deadly materials from fanatics his actions as president they have ensured that the world will fear nuclear weapons for obama's lifetime and
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beyond it was president obama who began a one trillion dollar modernization of the u.s. is nuclear arsenal making its nuclear bombs smarter its delivery systems more accurate the fear among disarmament experts is improved accuracy will make the use of nuclear weapons more likely u.s. presidents will feel they can finally huge a nuclear strike with precision. even more capable than the current version and when you pair this with what other countries are doing to upgrade and modernize their forces and i think right now the world is facing i renewed nuclear arms race the u.s. is a nuclear deterrent is based on what's called the triad missiles can be launched from land sea and air to make it difficult for an enemy to destroy the arsenal in a first strike in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven the u.s.
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had thirty one thousand two hundred fifty five nuclear warheads to treaties with russia have reduced that to one thousand five hundred fifty deployed at any time with thousands held in reserve however president obama's administration reduced the stockpile at the slowest rate of any post cold war presidency a trend that's likely to continue if not reversed on the president what has changed under president trump is there's now open discussion about whether the president should have the sole authority to launch nuclear missiles senators are discussing whether to take that power away but an accidental nuclear strike is also a concern since nine hundred fifty the public has been told of thirty two broken arrows or nuclear weapon accidents. their unintended launch detonation or loss the latest was in two thousand and seven the u.s. flew six nuclear armed christmas tiles from one base in northern united states to south you know states but didn't know the missiles on board were armed and loaded they were and they were there at the base and sat very twenty four hours unguarded
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no one knew they were there it's clear that president trump like his predecessor feels nuclear weapons are just too strategic an asset for the u.s. to part with and it's likely that other countries will follow the u.s. as lead she ever terms the older zero washington well nearly all ambassadors of the world's nuclear powers won't be attending the nobel peace prize ceremony when the award is handed to i can the u.s. france and britain have told that o.b.l. institute of their joint decision to send their embassies second in charge instead i can says that decision looks defensive and maybe proof that their work is having an impact russia and israel are the only nuclear nations sending ambassadors to the oslo ceremony we are disappointed that the ambassadors from the you know kingdom united states and france will be there but they won't be present at the highest level because i think it's. they claim to be committed to
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a world without nuclear weapons and they should be celebrating civil societies work on that issue we might not always agree on the way to. nuclear free world but they should be happy that they're there's a new generation of people they care about this issue that people are engaging the turkish iranian gold trader has pleaded guilty to money laundering and helping iran evade u.s. sanctions. told a new york court the turkey's president gretsch uptight birder one who was prime minister at the time had approved the transactions kristensen libya reports. iranian turkish trader reza zurab is the prosecution's star witness he's testifying against a turkish banker after pleading guilty to his role in a labyrinth scheme to wander billions of dollars in iranian money through turkish banks and avoid u.s. sanctions on thursday zurab testified that president tayyip erdogan then the prime minister of turkey not only knew about the scheme but authorized it it's just
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one of the explosive allegations made by zurab during the proceedings he's also testified that he paid the former economy minister tens of millions of dollars in what prosecutors described as bribes everyone has denied turkey violated u.s. sanctions saying his government has legitimate business dealings with iran and other members of the government have described the trial as an attempt to discredit turkey. there is a big campaign of slander against turkey what kind of justice can you expect from such a judiciary i don't expect any justice. so rob is expected to continue testifying on friday in a trial that's expected to last three to four weeks and is putting the already tense relationship between turkey and the united states under further strain. a date has been set for the planned abdication of japan's emperor akihito
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a special panel chaired by prime minister shinzo abyei has decided that he should step down on the thirtieth of april twenty eighth nineteen the japanese monaco who's had heart surgery will be succeeded by his eldest son crown prince not a he two they have to keisha's the first by a japanese wanted in around two hundred years. two opposition leaders have been arrested in the democratic republic of congo after they pushed for protests that have been outlawed by the government they want president joseph kabila to leave office his mandate ended last year but he's vowing to stay on until december twenty eighth team because of problems organizing election ballots reports. opposition leaders in the democratic republic of congo want president joseph kabila gone he has overstayed his mandate by a year and says he'll stay for another they leave the security of this residence in kinshasa prepared to stop bloody clashes to run him out. kabila promised to crack
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down if they went ahead this was the two sides colliding. police fired tear gas to disperse the protesters outside the home of the leader of the opposition coalition felix chizik eighty two opposition leaders were locked up as they follow its nationwide protests. today we are participating in a march of anger a march angrily say to can be no never again could be a little office in two thousand and one after his father was assassinated the second term as president ended in december twenty sixth he refused to step down and the un says congolese security forces killed forty people who protested the decision four hundred sixty were arrested. now kabila says he'll stay for another year because there are delays in registering millions of voices joining us today i dare him to use all available means to beat us but he needs to keep in mind
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the past. will chase him out of the country even if we pay for it without blood. opposition voices can be heard by knowing the fractured country from all corners even in the troubled east a thriving battleground between groups. they want to transition to a new president from december thirty first and they won't be allowed to have no passionate those who have seen the results of previous tensions in the d.r. see we hoping to be excellent is one of deescalation. bellus al-jazeera zimbabwe's new president. has named his team that you can but that's includes politicians loyal to the ruling party and members of the military who ousted former leader robert mugabe no opposition figures have been included in the government when i was sworn in a week ago. reports from harare. two people will hope that this cabin
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we're more inclusive they may be disappointed the cabin has some soldiers and members from the military it has a lot of the old guard it doesn't have anyone from the opposition so some people who hope that prison and go would be a different kind of leader from a may be disappointed it could indicate that maybe things may not change on the ground it's more of the same those who are cautiously optimistic hope that the president knows what he's doing he is a businessman they hope that he's assembled the right team to resuscitate the ailing economy but there are some people we've spoken to over the past few days who have been very skeptical of prison and are they saying he's part of the old system he's been in government is one hundred eighty he's been a close ally of guy with a former president he's helped he helped keep power for thirty seven years if you've been asking really what is he going to do to make things change if he was
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part of the old system he benefited from the old system time will tell what will play out in the next few days. you months but i think the initial response from people who hoped who hope that the new president will be more inclusive in his cabinet may be disappointment but that said they still some cautious optimism people waiting hoping for the new president has some kind of plan to resuscitate the ailing economy the u.s. senate has put off a vote on bill that would make sweeping changes to the country's tax code a similar plan passed the house a few weeks ago voted been expected on thursday but late in the day the senate republicans announced a postponement a sign that support for the measure has not yet guaranteed its most extensive tax reform effort in thirty years charles hughes is a policy analyst with the manhattan institute for policy research he says he's optimistic that
5:44 am
a vote will take place soon. some republican senators are worried about the fiscal effects of the bill and how much it will add to the deficit over the ten year window sen rubio also offered an amendment that would increase the refund ability of the child tax credit so it is it is hard to say especially with the the parliamentary question and. i think they are hoping to get something quite soon and there is a good amount of them went momentum so i wouldn't be surprised if there was a vote quite soon you have to to balance considerations of the implications of something that has effects on so many areas of the economy with the question of whether if they don't move forward with something now will they ever have a chance to do so again i think there are a number of areas that you could find some bipartisan support where there could be room for improvement that is not too far outside the mainstream and i think there
5:45 am
are areas that would boost investment and economic growth. it remains to be seen what those provisions will be in the final version of the bill but i think there are areas for improvement and this is been something that's been in the offing in some form for a long time scientists are warning people not to underestimate the danger posed by the mountain volcano on the indonesian island of bali step fasting reports. unlike other evacuees has no plans to go home she's been in the evacuation shelter for two months and knows exactly how dangerous mt i can be during the last eruption in one thousand nine hundred sixty three four family members were killed a scorching gas clouds and rocks rained down i'm very scared after what happened to us in one hundred sixty three noted as clouds have reached our village i'm sure a much bigger eruption will happen the only thing i hope is that it will happen fast because i'm bored here there was no warning system fifty four years ago and
5:46 am
she barely survived villages decided to run only after eruptions have lasted for weeks five hundred of them didn't survive. people didn't know what was happening they stayed to watch the eruptions until debris killed a person standing behind my mother that was when she decided to leave. mount agam is one of the seven most explosive worldwide vulcanologists say because it's geological pattern is different to any other volcano in indonesia it's difficult to issue adequate warnings the experts have taken no chances this time and i've advised government leaders to order an evacuation of villages in danger yet they doubt that. this volcano is very dynamic it can change behavior any time it even has a history of erupting when seismic activity is very low we are learning a lot from this mountain and we're going to. scientists are warning of the continuing threat even though the volcano sometimes appears calm every movement on
5:47 am
mount album is being registered and analyzed scientists are tracking the increase volcanic activity and a warning for a major eruption but when and if remains a mystery which the mountain will only reveal when it happens that could be at any moment but community leaders are struggling to persuade villagers to stay in evacuation shelters many believe they could get to safety in time if there's a major eruption but based on the nine hundred sixty three disaster scientists say that clouds of toxic gas can travel time kilometers and less than three minutes making it virtually impossible for anyone to survive step fires and al-jazeera at mount argo in bali the us federal reserve is warning that digital currencies could pose a threat to global financial stability they used by some people to pay for things online but most users see them as investments entrepreneurs wanting to cash in on the technology a meeting in hong kong as divya got pollen reports. hong kong has always positioned
5:48 am
itself on the cutting edge of the financial industry which is why the buzzword at this annual conference is bluffing and how the entire trading world can cash in on the technology but some warn it comes at a price it is posing new regulatory challenges the speed with which technological changes are taking place much higher than we've seen before and secondly new entrants new entrants which are in particular startups but also big tech companies an example would be trying to contain the cryptocurrency phenomena in two thousand and nine bitcoin was the first to enter the scene using block change technology. there are now hundreds of crypto currency set here for the problem lies they cannot be treated like pass the script a car jesus actually it's open for future use and in most cases back you said you have to be defined so that created a lot of speculation making it
5:49 am
a highly volatile investment for large gains and losses can be made very quickly for this reason as a pember mainland china suspended the trading of crypto currency and banned the launch of new ones or initial calling offering. forcing companies like this one to shut down their trading platforms across the board or its founder in greece new regulations are needed but such drastic actions are not necessary in hong kong when you're blocking a district by an ongoing right now that actually came from financial backing and we share actually similar beach to the regulators to invest protections any money laundering stop a security risk the hong kong monetary authority has told al jazeera it will continue to support financial innovations in the industry and currently is unlikely to tighten regulations or follow china's lead which is good news for the unprecedented numbers of been said awdrey penner setting up in hong kong like matthew to come who has just launched
5:50 am
a block chain company they're playing the same regulation in all corners that even china didn't yet and we won't be able to trade in to use it to currencies anymore but look in technology not only about three to currencies and exchanges and so you can still use books and technology for the faint experts agree they say within two years block change technology will touch every aspect of our lives transport banking insurance or just paying bells the city now has to find a way to control some of the risks that come with this new technology without slowing down its evolution physical pollen al-jazeera hong kong just ahead on the news hour in sports excitement bounce in russia ahead of the draw for the world's biggest sporting event.
5:51 am
5:52 am
you ed. well again time now for sports has andy. thank you very much will russia is getting ready to officially starts its role as next year's world cup hosts the draw for sport's biggest event takes place on friday who plays who in the group stages will be decided at the kremlin in moscow where rehearsals for the draw on going it's the first time russia has hosted this event the big kickoff coming up on june the fourteenth while the thirty two teams will be divided into four parts based on world rankings the best sides are in part one along with hosts russia who are also included there despite being the lowest rated side in the tournament's all the teams will be allocated into eight groups that include four countries each group can only have one same from each
5:53 am
confederation except europe they can be two european seems in a group and once the action starts each side will be vying to be in the top two of the group so as to progress into the knockout stages. of course still there oh a german game with the world's funniest in the world oh brother you know you still owe the most to. you and more because the last last chance for you now brazilian football team grimier are celebrating the first limits of the us title in more than twenty years before so unlike our side beating runners of argentina three more and i guess in the final of south america's biggest club competition and they are holding their nerve in the argentinian council one is there is to win this title for a third time is putting on a centuries. argentinian football has waited a long time for success both on a national and club stage the country's lost
5:54 am
a major trophy with the kaka america in one thousand nine hundred ninety three that laid the pressure on the new few host to brazilian rival gremio in the second leg of the chapala bet but not as final hoping for their fast ever title grammy or who lifted the trophy back in one thousand nine hundred eighty three and one thousand five hundred one only in the fast track and they see double that advocates advantage in dania putting the one out in the twenty seventh minute. one known as the new run out the rio and doubled that lead to now. then a glimpse of hope i seventy five minute penalty was awarded to the new jersey man struck into the finish. i thought it wasn't enough money or have only lost
5:55 am
a single game in march twenty sixth and they maintained an incredible free. t.t. by winning the match two one zero zero we were going on. i would like to wake up the mayor of moore while they get it so that you know is that all due respect the glad water all the the in the city and i'm sure the major to be all of this is all the roll this being about or do all they get that there is a giant glob that. now and three times champion of america. is the reflection of mirroring for what you thought hard time. to really unfair put it on the up and having proven themselves on the continent began and now go global they'll make their debut at the fifo club world cup competition in the u.a.e. which starts next week. tatiana founder of al-jazeera. to run so i save
5:56 am
beats and columbus crew to reach the m.l.s. cup final jozy altidore scoring the only goal of the game to a one zero win at home in this eastern conference decider was originally and last final for the second straight. tiger woods has made an encouraging return see competitive golf as he puts to save his career was recorded a three under par round of sixty nine on day one of the hero world challenge here in the bahamas the forty one year old has suffered a series of back injuries and this is his first tournament appearance since february. one of cricket's biggest names ben stokes has signed for new zealand team cancer free while he remains in international exile stocks has been dropped from the england scene while u.k. police investigate and alleged assaults he was involved in it means he's unlikely to make an appearance of the ongoing ashes series in australia. be sure that not
5:57 am
everyone will history agree with their decision but someone has to make a decision and it is us that here. if people are uncomfortable with it don't come and talk to me but i think you'll find from a cricket point of view. we see that he will lead straight to our team and i think from a commercial point of view he will put bums on seats to to watch games all stocks could play for cancer free for the first time on sunday that would coincide with day two of england's second test against australia in adelaide in his absence and then lost the first test of that ashes series by ten wickets through sort of our hands we think it's good that it's going to play some cricket situation does change and you can. hopefully join it with some point but at the moment you know for us it's kind of understood out of our hands we've got to try and focus on winning this next test match with the school that we've got in the mouth and they
5:58 am
sobs first appearance on south american soil has already taken its toll on many of the runners organizers of the legendary sahara race have set up a sister events in peru and more than fifteen percent of the field drops out after the opening day competitors have to cover more than two hundred fifty kilometers in seven days and with the exception of russian water have to carry all their own supplies ok that is always sport for not more lighter. andy downs here with the latest in just a few other songs here. you are making very pointed remarks where on line the main u.s. response to drug use and the drug trade over the last fifty years has been to criminalize or if you join us on say no evil person just makes up a bit in the morning and says i want to cover the world in darkness this is a dialogue that could be what leading to some of the confusion online about people
5:59 am
saying they don't actually know what's going on join the colobus conversation at this time on al-jazeera the new era in television news. it doesn't say that it's a tough to do things in secret that are on the list we had actual victims who had survived torture detention and saying this was the cause of my arrest if you could . just stay but we did still have this conviction that everyone has a deep reservoir accountability if you can give them the opportunity and wonderful things start to look at the actual distance there's at least twenty thousand or hinder refugees who live here we badly need at this moment leadership and so there's an interesting about that as well as i don't know trump is going to be the next president retaliation with the other guy go back to fareed canisters of gas on us a little bit less to prevent the behavior getting anyway let's get a call that. he
6:00 am
achieved something that never happened before. so what you're. defining my disability on al-jazeera well at this time. agreement to cut the flow of migrants from africa to europe but questions remain how will it be enforced.


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