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al jazeera says that's where ever you are. overthrown and exiled their point i got to say if you all thought the swiss let me tell you an intimate film about the struggle of the elected leader of madagascar to return to his country and reinstate his presidency he knows that the troops from by and we not only just think he is. the literature this return of a president at this time on al-jazeera. pope francis celebrates a huge mass in bangladesh ahead of a much anticipated meeting with muslim rager.
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this is al jazeera live from doha it was a coming up zimbabwe's new president unveils his cabinet renewing fears that this is a continuation of the mugabe regime. the date is set for japan's emperor to step down making it the first to cation in more than two hundred years plus. clashes in honduras is the country anxiously awaits results of a contentious presidential election. ahead of the roman catholic church has led a mass for some one hundred thousand people in bangladesh's capital dhaka pope francis is on a six day visit of the region he's been criticized for not publicly mentioning the
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wrangel crisis during the min my leg of the tour but he will meet the refugees in dhaka later on friday more than six hundred twenty thousand of them have fled to bangladesh since august escaping a military crackdown in myanmar. is following developments from cox's bazar in bangladesh where many are living in camps. pope francis is only the second pope ever to visit bangladesh he has been holding mass one of the large parks in central dakar the capital of the country he's been ordaining sixteen priests as well and is scheduled to meet a group of ranger refugees that have traveled from these camps now his visit was planned well before this recent most recent ranger crisis but there's no doubt that his presence here is drawing massive attention to what can only be described as one of the worst humanitarian crises crises in the world at the moment more than six hundred and twenty five thousand range of refugees arrived in these refugee camps
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in the last couple of months now the pope has been questioned for his decision not to use the word range during his four day visit in myanmar and also last night his first night here he referred obliquely to the ranger crisis here thanking the bangladeshi government and aid agencies for their generosity in trying to deal with this crisis and there's been some reaction certainly from top cardinal a top cardinal here in bangladesh who said that the pope is not a problem solver but he is here very much to his words prepare the hearts and minds of people to deal with this crisis now of course the u.n. has described what's been going on in myanmar as an example of textbook ethnic cleansing it seems very much that the pope is trying to avoid any kind of political fallout in this visit we also know that he was advised by the catholic community in
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myanmar not to mention ranger because there were fears of a backlash in that country against the catholic community but certainly in the next two days of this visit it is undoubtable that the pope's presence here is going to highlight attention very much on the range of crisis. some bubblies new president to m.s.n. and then on gaga has an ounce to. team the new cabinet includes politicians loyal to the ruling party and members of the military former leader robert mugabe no opposition figures have been included in the government when i was sworn in a week ago harmattan so has the reaction from harare. watching some people react to the new cabinet some people say that they are disappointed the new cabinet has some soldiers in it a lot of people from the old guard people who were in government. or was still the president is disappointed that is still part of the old guard in there why that
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nothing is going to change one man said is the same bus find the drivers no longer driving in maybe the conduct is but it is still the same bus that said some people are cautiously optimistic saying they hope the prison imprisonment of one knows what he's doing they know he's a businessman the people he's put in place will try and work to resuscitate the economy because right now that's what most people want they want jobs this country has an unemployment rate of more than ninety percent unemployed graduate degrees standing on the streets did absolutely nothing hoping for some kind of well these are frustration and anger in this country so i think while these poor mixed feelings about the cabinet just a lot of people will hope that now the rubble of the fall of prison is gone and that we now have a new prison they're hoping that he perhaps understands the reality on the ground and they hope that he's the man who will try to turn run economy so while it's the point about the cabinet some hope that the prison knows what he's doing they hope that he has
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a plan to resuscitate the economy and they hope that even though you have the same people in cabinet them. they hope that these are even more qualified and they know what the. opposition protesters in the democratic republic of congo calling for president joseph kabila to step down mandate to end of last year but he's vowing to stay on for another year citing problems in organizing an election comes to opposition leaders were arrested after they pushed for protests that have been outlawed by the government. japan's emperor akihito is to step down in april two thousand and nineteen making him the first monic to abdicate in two hundred years i had previously said he's age and health would make it difficult for him to fulfill his duties eighty three year old will be succeeded by fifty seven year old crown prince not a hit or prime minister shinzo a special panel decided on the date of the occasion stephen i guess a senior associate professor of politics and international studies at the
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international christian university joins us now from tokyo via skype good to see you steven what do you make of this move. i think to the moment for it. though it's been the emperor since nine hundred eighty nine says the pope the pope the world war two emperor a guy he's been. you know supporting pacifism i think trying to repair a lot of the damage that the previous emperor did during the imperial period and he's seen by both the people of the government and i think the region as a regional leader that is trying to promote we can solution in peace and i think the transition towards the new emperor emperor now he thought in people's thirty year one thousand to two thousand and ninety it's going to be a significant moment it's going to be symbolic in terms of the possible go to identity of japan but also. how will this change the identity. again this will be the first emperor that had this not have
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a direct link with japan's imperial past and i think that's very important and again does have a link he was born in one nine hundred thirty three there was part of the imperial you period. party that were persecuted in a very brutal war in in china and in the korean peninsula and i think that this new emperor will be able to detach themselves from their history they'll be able to continue to support those passages claimed but again dealing with that aggressive hard past to something more positive something. something new something more constructive work in the region and i think that his his experience and his education and his inclinations will most likely continue to push down this idea of this path of reconciliation and promoting better relations with the region so clearly an important man for the japanese people i would suspect how do you think they'll absorb this sort of news what's an impact is it likely to have on then.
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well i think at this stage you know it's a year away or a year and a half before the the nation actually does take place but again within the japanese mindset the it's not so much the emperor but the imperial institution that's very very important it represents two thousand years of history traditions customs and their distinct identity within the region at the second level is part of that they represent the whole story to an identity of pacifism of liberal little inclination and attachment to the local people and clear and i think importantly that the emperor and the situation has reached out to ordinary japanese communities and where there is a disaster when something terrible happens and the really good example of that is they've seen much nuclear accident and to clean. up and here we saw the emperor come down and talk to ordinary people and try to bring together the japanese and share their pain but also into the myths and strengths so that in prostitution is something very attached to most japanese people and again. continuation of the
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imperial institution but also the emperor being some of it look really orientation and i think going to bring a lot of inspiration and strength to japan and japanese people in general let's leave it there stephen thank you thanks to an argentinean navy has ended the search for the crew of the missing submarine contact with they are at san juan was lost on november the thirteenth the crew managed a message to say there had been an electrical failure after seawater got into battery aircraft and ships from eighteen countries have been looking for the submarine forty four people were on board. the ministry of defense. force in applying the international conventions regarding the search for mary term. we declare finalized the search and rescue case of this marine and change it to this search phase for the submarine. opposition
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demonstrators and police have clashed in the capital support of the main opposition candidate. barricades on fire. that's where the final votes of sunday's presidential election are being tallied the opposition is accusing the government of trying to steal the election results are expected in the coming hours. it's been four days since the presidential election. these people say they are gathering in the capital to defend their vote. we are challenging the results. but the electoral tribunal is corrupt and is defending the interests of the president and betraying the people we won't allow these elections to be. in the past. president. and his t.v. star opponents. claim victory after sunday's election initially the result of.
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this after holed up in the count. remote municipalities that have not been votes have not been counted as the victory of our party because rural areas vote in favor of the nationalist party. has one of the highest murder rates in the world and there are fears that the current political crisis will increase the violence that already exists in this central american nation. i don't even want to think about it this could get worse during the two thousand and nine i'm afraid for my children. family and my wife respect the results. station of american states managed to have both candidates signed a statement where they vow to respect the final results once the disputed votes are checked. but nothing later rejected the agreement saying the government is trying
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to steal the election and urged his supporters to take to the streets protesters set up barricades and clash with the police that used tear gas to disperse them. the next president whoever wins is going to be in a weak position because of the thin margin and the suspicion around the election. being illegitimate. the institutions are. on the road as is already battling poverty and crime political instability. the situation here even further. still ahead on al-jazeera. tang is working out to have been sworn in by north. had vowed to fight a government that. has left a trail of death and in fact i'm traveling boy and i'll be reporting from the capital nairobi. how the world is is facing
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a renewed nuclear arms race despite years of hard work we look at why the world's nuclear powers are reluctant to give up their arsenal. hello there was a red warning out for heavy rain in montenegro and it came to pass you can see the clouds streaming across from italy through montenegro and then beyond into eastern europe we gave seventy five millimeters in part a good teacher it gave snow on the ground in austria southern poland but a ruse because mainly a band of rain and it's moving it's a cold front moving in this general direction behind it the air is obviously colder in fact if you're any study of satellite pictures you'll see these dots in the north sea they are showers and they are snow showers so they move and they bring in the code a with them so it's the four crosses at max four in paris ten in madrid
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snow on the high ground in northern spy rain still falling heaviest time more likely i thinking greece running up through romania and still in kiev and the snow from moscow and the current rounds with the stormy weather i think the baltic states where it's cold and miserable sons back out in austria there is some snow on the ground further progress will take it to the edge of europe still a lot of snow to come out of it leaving the cold behind still with a northerly wind three in paris nine in madrid and of circulation the west mediterranean which looks particularly stormy that will be mostly rain but as you can see there be some snow for the french alps a real touch of winter. again
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you're watching al-jazeera mind of our top stories this hour the head of the roman catholic church has laid a mass for a hundred thousand people in bangladesh's capital dhaka pope francis is on a six day visit of the region and will meet the refugees later on friday. zimbabwe's new president emerson went on god y. has announced his team it includes politicians loyal to the ruling party and
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members of the military who helped oust former leader robert mugabe. japan's emperor akihito is just stepped down in april two thousand and nineteen making him the first monic to abdicate in two hundred years he said he's age and health would make it difficult for him to fulfill his duties the eighty three year old will be succeeded by his son crown prince now the head to. the u.s. senate has put off a vote on a bill that would make sweeping changes to its tax code senate republicans announced the perspective and a sign that support for the measure is not yet guaranteed it's the most extensive tax reform in thirty years but observers in both parties say the plan's many favor the rich and the legislation is being rushed through without careful consideration of its long term effect the white house is denying multiple media reports of us secular state rex tillerson may be replaced president donald trump is said to be considering cia chief mike pompeo for the role to listens legacy as america's top
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diplomat has been controversial as roselyn jordan reports. there has been a lot of talk here in washington all year about the direction in which rex tillerson the secretary of state wants to drive the state department and perhaps more important how he wants to reform it of course all of this is coming even as there are questions about his own future with the nation's oldest cabinet department. the state department is the face of the u.s. to the rest of the world issuing visas working on humanitarian crises trying to prevent war but ten months into the trumpet ministration current and former diplomats are running to the process to accuse secretary of state rex tillerson of destroying the department the morale for many in the department has gone down so dramatically that you have to wonder whether or not they're capable people will leave out of frustration diplomats and foreign policy experts say tillerson plans
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to reform agency operations are just an excuse to gut the department to date forty six ambassadors have been confirmed ten of the agency's top posts have been filled but ninety seven posts including ambassadors assistant secretaries and special envoys are still vacant and that includes ambassadors to countries such as south korea saudi arabia and somalia there is another side to the story teller since response to the complainers are lying so we're keeping the organization fully staffed. we've had over we're still running our foreign service officers school we've hired over three hundred this year so there is no hollowing out these numbers that people are throwing around are just false they're wrong members of congress aren't convinced house democrats recently told tillerson they believe the exodus of top diplomats is an intentional hollowing out of the department and is endangering national security and some senators want to listen to end the hiring freeze he
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imposed at the beginning of the year and to send more nominees. since to them for approval state officials insist the process is working as intended the white house will say hey consider these people and then secretary teller sent in some members of some his staff will say he's here some other people to consider all of that takes time but the secretary and i will certainly be the first to acknowledge that we would all like this to move faster thomas hill of brookings says the vacancies mean inexperienced people are now drafting u.s. foreign policy but he also says that ultimately may not matter that it doesn't appear that state department is really at the forefront of foreign policy decision making these days most important foreign policy decisions seem to be made at the white house even so diplomats argue there's a fundamental reason why the post need to be filmed people around the world can't engage with the u.s. if there's no one at an embassy or consulate in charge as long as rex tillerson is holding the post not only is he going to be representing us foreign policy abroad
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but his spokesperson also says that he's going to continue the work of trying to reorganize the agency to reflect twenty first century concerns as well as to try to save the u.s. government some money u.s. attorney general jeff sessions and eric prince the founder of security firm blackwater have testified before a house committee as part of the ongoing probe into president donald trump's links with russia. as the details from washington d.c. . there's nothing necessarily illegal about trying to establish back channels with foreign governments when you're about to assume the presidency we know transition teams have done that in the past but the sudden appearance of the notorious and name is eric prince founder of the in the tory s mercenary company blackwater amidst this russian investigation has caused a little bit of a stir did he present himself as a surrogate of the trump administration to the crown prince of abu dhabi did he ask
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the u.s. to arrange a meeting with a senior kremlin official that did eventually occur in the seychelles and at that meeting did he suggest to russia that they would weaken their relationship with iran in return for a weakening of u.s. sanctions on russia these are the sort of questions that have been asked the trumpet ministration denies it all erik prince denies it all with no idea how this even fits in to the general investigation into the trumpet ministration but we do hope for a transcript of the hearing going on behind those doors in the coming days the turkish uranium gold trader has admitted money laundering and helping iran evade u.s. sanctions rob told a new york court that turkey's president. it was prime minister at the time approved the transactions one of the banks implicated in the scandal vacuum kay denies any involvement. kenya's main opposition leader is refusing to recognize the
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inauguration of president over to. says he's going to be sworn in on independence day and become the people's president has been so reports in the capital nairobi on the fallout from another violent election process. there was a cheerful child who went to a neighbor's house to watch t.v. and play with his friends now his family moans him they say the seven year old was shot as he played on the balcony during confrontations between police and two rival political groups. they live in this densely populated area with little else than balconies for children to play. i mean so much pain my son was very bright i knew you would help me in future i'm hurt. the shootings in nairobi and tuesday happened as president who was being sworn in for his second and final time in office opposition supporters say they were being
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dispersed by police using guns and tear gas it was lunchtime police were chasing portis just down the street fourteen dying his friends were right here watching the bullet that killed him also he's a pregnant woman she's out of danger but still in hospital the leader of the opposition. has declared he'll be sworn in as president on december the twelfth which is independence day and he'll push for reforms including electoral justice by using the so-called people's assembly the forum established by the opposition has already been endorsed by some local government he does. in terms of taking the oath of office as prescribed by the constitution. i think he means by the people's assembly. the. legitimate president. some people say odinga still has the capacity to make the government's job difficult to see will disobedience and economic boycotts are the say the
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president's inauguration has weakened his position he does this on account of the fact on the fact of the notion or the suspicion that kenyans will rally behind him as days move on. down to the. people not. to be his followers. will be very few and fewer every day elizabeth just wants justice for her son she joins dozens of families be relieved by election violence since august she and her neighbors hope the rival leaders will quickly find a solution to prevent more killing and chaos catherine saw al jazeera. can you. bring you some breaking news out of pakistan thirteen people have been killed after gunmen stormed an agricultural training institute in the northwestern city of push
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our four of the attackers were killed by security forces during a gun battle we'll bring you more as it becomes available. a potential game changer in renewable energy has been turned on in south australia where billionaire tech mogul elon musk has built the world's largest lithium ion battery the state's premier unveiled the hundred megawatt battery on friday was built near a wind farm in the agricultural area around jamestown south australia has turned off its called fired power stations and his chances to renewables but a freak storm last year was a state wide blackout exposing faults with the reliable supply of electricity the state government sort help from tesla's mascot promise to build the battery within one hundred days. it studies you thought about be the biggest battery in the nation but it's proved to be the biggest battery in the world that the great thing about iran is that he delivers and he made a challenge he decided that he'd come here and give
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a commitment to have this thing here and a hundred dies and he delivered on that commitment and this has put us at the center of the take universe. ambassadors of some of the world's nuclear powers won't be at the nobel peace prize ceremony when the wards given to the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons the us france and britain have told the noble institute of a joint decision to send their embassies second in charge instead russian israel all the only you can nations sending a message is to the ceremony now the nobel peace prize is due to be awarded on december the tenth icann is dedicated to creating a world without nuclear weapons in the days leading up to the warden or is that we looking at the new case status of countries worldwide series starts in the us which is the second largest holder of nuclear weapons reports. the united states is the
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only country to have used nuclear weapons not once but twice and it took seventy one years for a u.s. president to visit one of the targets president obama refused to apologize for the annihilation of hiroshima but he called for a moral awakening we can chart a course that leads to the destruction of the stockpiles we can stop the spread to new nations and secure deadly materials from fanatics his actions as president there have ensured that the world will fear nuclear weapons for obama's lifetime and beyond it was president obama who began a one trillion dollars of the us is nuclear arsenal making its nuclear bombs small child. it's delivery systems more accurate the fear among disarmament experts is improved accuracy will make the use of nuclear weapons more likely u.s. presidents will feel they can finally huge
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a nuclear strike with precision. even more capable than the current version and when you pair this with what other countries are doing to upgrade and modernize their forces i think right now the world is facing i renewed nuclear arms race the us is a nuclear deterrent is based on what's called the triad missiles can be launched from land sea and air to make it difficult for an enemy to destroy the arsenal in a first strike in one thousand nine hundred sixty seven the us had thirty one thousand two hundred fifty five nuclear warheads to treaties with russia to reduce that to one thousand five hundred fifty deployed at any time with thousands held in reserve however president obama's administration reduced the stockpile at the slowest rate of any post cold war presidency a trend that's likely to continue if not reversed under president trump what has changed under president trump is there's now open discussion about whether the
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president should have the sole authority to launch nuclear missiles senators are discussing whether to take that power away but an accidental nuclear strike is also a concern since nine hundred fifty the public has been told of thirty two broken arrows or nuclear weapon accidents their unintended launch detonation or loss the latest was in two thousand and seven the u.s. flew six nuclear armed christmas styles from one base in the states to south you know states but didn't know the missiles on board were armed and they were and they were there at the base and sat very twenty four hours unguarded no one knew they were there it's clear that president trump like his predecessor feels nuclear weapons are just too strategic an asset for the u.s. to part with and it's likely. other countries will follow us as lead sheet over terms the older zero washington.
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and again the top stories on al-jazeera gunman have stormed a college in pakistan and killed at least thirteen people it happened in the northwestern city of shower all attackers were killed after two hours of fighting with the army and police the taliban faction in pakistan says it was behind the attack. head of the roman catholic church is that a mass four hundred thousand people in bangladesh is capital dhaka pope francis is on a six day visit of the region and will meet returning to refugees later on friday charles stratford is following developments from cox's bazaar in bangladesh where many rehang are living in camps. scheduled to meet a group of ranger refugees that have travelled from these camps now his visit was planned well before this recent most recent crisis but there's no doubt that his presidency is drawing massive attention to what can only be described as one of the worst humanitarian crises crises in the world at the moment more than six hundred and twenty five miles and ruin your refugees arrived in these refugee camps in the
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last couple of months. it's about his new president to emerson more non-god has announced his cabinet it includes politicians loyal to the ruling party and members of the military who helped us form a leader robert mugabe. people in honduras of protests against the long time it's taken to count the ballots from the presidential election supporters of the main opposition candidate salvador threw rocks and sits barricades on fire outside the electoral center that's where the final votes of sunday's poll are being tallied the opposition is accusing the government of trying to steal the election. japan's emperor akihito is to step down in april two thousand and nineteen making him the first monarch to abdicate in two hundred years ago cities age and health would make it difficult for him to fulfill his duties the eighty three year old will be succeeded by his son crown prince now that he too argentinian navy has ended the
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search for the crew of the missing submarine contact with the sun when it was lost on november the thirteenth aircraft and ships from eighteen countries had been looking for the submarine forty four people were on board. those are the headlines the news continues on al-jazeera of the inside story. in jakarta school students are taking up weapons to fight in deadly street battles. one on one east investigates this violent phenomenon. at this time on al jazeera. more demands from the u.s. aimed at china from the united states after north korea's latest missile launch with the government in pyongyang claiming the u.s. mainland is now a bridge will be taken action and help diffuse the crisis this is inside story.


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