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leading to some of the confusion in lima about people saying they don't actually know what's going on join the conversation at this time on al-jazeera we're here to jerusalem bureau coverage israeli palestinian affairs we cover the story with a lot of intimate knowledge we covered it with that we don't dip in and out of the story we have presence here all the time apart from being a cameraman it's also very important to be a journalist to know the story very well before going into the field covering the united nations and both of the policy for al-jazeera english is pretty incredible this is where talks happened and what happens there matters. this is al-jazeera.
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hi everyone i'm come out santamaria welcome to the news hour from al-jazeera coming up pope francis finally uses the word re-injure asking them for forgiveness they've gone through and for the world's indifference also in the news an appeal for help the u.n. asks the international community for twenty two billion dollars to help with humanitarian crises around the world and attack at a college in pakistan is that these nine people dead all of that plus. the system will be three times more powerful than any system in the on earth. could be the beginning of a new era in renewable energy the world's largest lithium ion battery is on. and i'm far is smaller top sports story today the world cup draw is just two hours away where thirty two teams will find out who they all face in russia next year.
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so in just the past half hour or so pope francis finally used the word. for the first time on his asia trip while in bangladesh he met with refugees from me and them for forgiveness for all they have endured and for the indifference of the world he'd avoided using the word ranger while in neighboring me and remember more than six hundred twenty thousand ranger have fled to bangladesh to escape a military crackdown in rakhine state. religious concerns for the welfare of their neighbors streaming from an open heart flows outwards like a vast river to quench and dry the parched wastelands of hatred corruption poverty and violence that so damage human lives tear families apart and disfigured the gift of creation. so his child. in bangladesh where many of those live child you would hope that one whole trip a six day trip wouldn't hinge on one word but it was an important word and he
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finally said it. well yes indeed i mean this is what the associated press saying they are reporting that profanities is finally said the word ranger after that trip in myanmar where it was avoided and a time when certainly according to top members of the catholic community in myanmar it was being avoided to prevent a potential backlash against christians in that country but socially the associated press saying that he did mention the word ranger during this meeting with refugees that have been sent from the camps here to meet him today during this meeting of representatives of the various faiths in bangladesh reuters were putting out some lines from the people the range of refugees that we're going to be meeting him.
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quite graphic stories one woman twenty seven years old who had been raped or so she says by the myanmar military and she said that the myanmar military had taught should her and other women and she was intent on telling the pope these stories and pleading for help for her and as you say the more than six hundred twenty thousand ranger that have a rived in bangladesh since this crackdown began in august so it was a real diplomatic tightrope that the pope has been treading in recent days and if in deed he has said the word ranger it just shows that just how difficult it has happened and play that the diplomatic game here more widely charlie how is bangladesh coping with the ranger crisis you've been reporting from there for a while now tell us what you've been saying. well frankly bangladesh is struggling to cope here we mustn't forget that even before
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this more than half a million rived in bangladesh in the last couple of months there were already approximately four hundred thousand ranger staying here as a result of previous crackdowns by the myanmar government and estimates that it's estimated that it was costing around a billion dollars a year just to house those refugees the biggest n.-g. o. in this country which considered to be actually the biggest n.g.o.s in the world of bangladesh called brac we've been speaking to them they've been struggling to cope we know that the u.n. and other aid agencies a struggling to get as much food and water and good sanitation and hygiene in these camps it's perhaps telling that bangladesh sees this situation as being a crisis that it's struggling to deal with but in terms of a long term solution does not necessarily want the ranger here in the long term it was last week that they set up this plan with me and mark to start as they say
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repatch treating some range of refugees starting in the next couple of months this plan has been scoffed at by the u.n. and by aid agencies here and it's only a couple of days ago that the government here signed off on a potential plan of two hundred eighty million dollars to take a range of refugees and house them in temporary housing on a coastal island that is very susceptible to cyclers and natural disasters it's an indication of just how difficult bangladesh is is finding it in dealing with this crisis chance try for that update from bangladesh on the pope's visit thank you. we're going to deal with some numbers now some pretty big numbers the first one of them twenty two billion dollars that is how much money the united nations now needs to provide humanitarian assistance because crises all over the world are now pushing more and more people than ever to the brink let's deal with some of these numbers according to the u.n. more than one hundred and thirty five hundred thirty five point seven million
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people all over the world are in suffering and in need of aid no surprise that yemen is top of that list the worst humanitarian crisis in the world twenty two million people in need there you've got a severe food shortage you've got the unprecedented cholera crisis as well which has put so many millions of yemenis at risk interestingly second on the list is nigeria fourteen and a half million nigerians particularly women needing assistance and protection because of fighting there and also over thirteen million people in the democratic republic of congo need humanitarian help fighting has led to more internal displacement there in the sea than in any other country and of course we couldn't forget the well thirteen point one million syrians still caught in a civil war there now into its seventh year all in urgent need of help. so let's talk about this more a diplomatic editor james bays is in geneva for the ongoing syria talks and would deal with that in a moment james first of all this report. yeah well this is it this is the appeal
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for twenty eighteen and as you say staggering figures and the record i can tell you are standing here in the same spot a year ago and it was a record in the year before that it was a record and this is not a good record it shows i think the the level of humanitarian need and the number of similar ania's crises that the world is having to deal with as you say there are one hundred thirty six about million people in need the u.n. has come up with a plan but only actually for about ninety one million of those people costing twenty two point five billion dollars so already i can tell you that not all the people are going to get the help they need because the u.n. doesn't have a plan for everyone then let me tell you this for this year twenty seventeen as i said i was here a year ago and they came up with their plan for for this year and actually when you look at the figures from the countries around the world that are asked to give the
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money in the donations you find that it's only fifty two point five percent funded so only just over half funded it's pretty sad specifics james how heavily does yemen feature in that report number one on the list twenty two million people there in need as you say it's because of that conflict that seems so shows no sign of ending it's also because of the ongoing cholera epidemic and of course making things worse is the saudi blockade which means that the food supplies the medicine that is needed by these desperate people can't get to them this is what the un's humanitarian chief mark local cut to say. so the largest humanitarian crisis that we're concerned about in the world at the moment is the crisis in yemen. and. yemen as a population twenty five million people twenty million of. need assistance and.
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something like seven or eight million of them are right now right on the brink of famine and as you know we've been calling for. a full i'm winding of the blockade which is in preventing. humanitarian assistance and commercial food and fuel get into yemen. james as quickly you are there in geneva of course for syria talks where are you with us well it depends who you talk to if you listen to the special envoy he gave a late like news conference here that took place on thursday and he was pretty bullish he said he's got the talks going he got the two sides within five metres of each other in two separate rooms he said that was progress and he says the talks go on until the fifteenth now listen to the syrian government delegation and chief negotiation about it russia will jeffrey he says that he's leaving he says he's
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going back to damascus for consultations he may come back he may not he said it depends on those consultations in damascus he says he's unhappy with some of the comments from the opposition delegation who'll be here u.n. headquarters in about an hour's time particularly the comment that assad must go but you would think the syrian government delegation perhaps wouldn't be surprised by that comment thank you for all those updates james bays in geneva just a little more on yemen now we spoke to stephen anderson earlier who is the country director of the world food program for yemen he told me it's not just food yemenis need but also fuel which is in short supply. we were able to get our first cargo ship that we had chartered as world food program with twenty five thousand metric tons of wheat that came in a few days ago and that's sufficient to feed one point eight million people for one month but we are trying to feed seven million people every month so
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we need much more assistance to be gay and more over there equally concerned in yemen about the commercial book imports yemen is importing generally over ninety percent of its food and about seventy percent of that comes through the red sea ports of put a pencil leaf though and we've seen a couple ships arriving with commercial food. right now in addition to the were food program shipped we have four others one in so they found three others in who data. and that's were reported but actually what we're really concerned most concerned about now is the fuel situation no ships have yet been granted clearance to come in with fuel and the fuel is critical for getting the of the
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food to where it needs to go not only from for the humanitarian agencies but also for the people who depend on the market also for a water supply for. it to run generators and hospitals etc. well as we mentioned nigeria second on the list of places with the most number of people in need and address sent us this report now. for displaced persons in northeastern nigeria and. chad region the united nations is estimating to spend two point three billion u.s. dollars in two thousand and eighty to take care of their needs a lot of them couldn't access their farms because of continuing threats of violence from fighters in the region now if we look back at what happened in two thousand and seventeen the united nations required two point three two point one million us dollars to help these refugees but what was eventually utilized was
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one thank you media which left a wide gap now the united nations is also focusing on some of the crisis crisis maybe exacerbate or even worse in two thousand and eight and that's a reason why it requires more funding to help these people affected by crises. one percent increase was recorded on the requirements when compared to what was there for last year and now a lot of people in the east especially those displaced by the violence couldn't go back to their farms because of continued threats of violence so they will require some form of food and other assistance from the united nations and other men of governmental organizations. on to other news government of stormed a college in pakistan killed at least nine people there it happened in the northwestern city of shelah all four attackers were also killed after two hours of fighting with the army and the police the taliban faction in pakistan says it was
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behind the attack here has come a high with more in islamabad. and. by that. i mean by the number of people and many more are. you. getting it. enraged. about the groups operating from across the border in afghanistan and who are now carrying out. here's a look what's coming up on this. new president unveils his cabinet there are some familiar faces on the. mountain of white spirits struggle with rubbish
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becomes a human rights issue and the woods makes his return to golf after attend. the details in sports. the political impasse of the negotiations to form a new governing coalition in germany could be close to ending the miracles party says it wants talks with the social democrats to renew their alliance and form quite stable government and the president held talks with the chancellor and the leader of the social democrats late on thursday after initially saying they wouldn't enter a coalition government again the social democrats now said they haven't ruled out any options let's try to sort this out now they like alan jones live in berlin out of all of that. in short kemal it doesn't appear so far as you said the german chancellor met with president steinmeyer and.
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schultz martin childes the head of the s.p.d. overnight as they emerged tight lipped from those talks they didn't say what the results would be but today we've got a little bit of an indication on where each party lies after a german newspaper wrongly reported shots was ready to enter coalition talks he has just recently come out of it with rather strong language denying those reports saying that all options actually remain on the table he even pointed the finger at angola merkel c.d.u. party seemingly accusing them of leaking false information to the press on the other hand the c.v. use managing director came out saying that out of respect to the president and out of respect to the german people the country deserves a stable government rather than going back to the polls and so they are very much ready to enter coalition talks and they are extending
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a hand to the party to create this grand center coalition the same coalition that's governed germany for the past four years if they actually fail to go to those talks as you say germany will have to go to the polls but mutton chops is committed to taking that to his party when they made later next week. germany is the powerhouse of europe i think most people would agree on that how is all this or could all this affect its place in europe. well i think the french president michel must be biting his nails while he watches the goings on in germany because he is pushing for a more diable europe and certainly if we died with a grand center coalition that would mean much more stability for europe both. a very pro european it would be thing as a sign that it's good for business and that it's business as usual in table germany however there are other implications if they do stay at the grand coalition the far
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right party b. if. the alternative for deutschland germany has now the would have the most seats in parliament as an opposition party and so many people are fearing that if the grand coalition happens then the if the would have would be the opposition and that would pull german politics to the right. allan live in berlin for us thank you. the date has been set for the emperor of japan to make a little bit of history akihito due to become the first japanese monarch to abdicate in two hundred years this will be a full twenty nineteen year old recently said he feared his age might make it difficult for to fulfill his duties following heart surgery and cancer treatment his fifty seven year old elder son the crown prince not a veto is ready to see the thoughts now of michael perrin who's the president of the should get sued news agency told us it was really the emperor who called the
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shots over the kosher. what's the application of self and he basically made it very clear that unlike his modern predecessors he didn't want to wait until death look i've worked all my life as a symbol of the nation of empire and my health was declining and it's fine for me to step aside and so it was really the emperor himself who started this debate and said i walk out and this was the government which didn't want me to the emperor so eventually go along with the number of people in the family is very small and go when they have children many at most of the children so i'm looking to the future it's quite likely fairly certain that there will come a day when there will be a need to have a female emperor or or acknowledge other branches of the land we are the great material of all of this is something that obviously once again we are we don't
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there's not want to be. there are other horses. that wind up and in fact. the evil in each and part of the heart. ok or to malaysia has heard that the murdered hospital other of north korea's leader was actually carrying an antidote to the talks and that was used to poison him kim jong il and died after a nerve agent was smeared on his face that quote of the proportion of february two women have been charged with his motive at the trial has heard that kim had a dozen vials of the antidote in his bag and it's unclear why he didn't use that. lebanon is struggling with another rubbish problem two years after the last one under control but this time it's the way the waste is being disposed that has the public health activists worried with more from beirut. lebanon too uppish is being collected but it's what happens next which is causing concern activists are warning of the do garbage crisis in the making and serious health risks. two years ago the
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streets of the capital beirut and surrounding areas were clogged with un collected trash and the stench filled the air the main landfill was full and there was nowhere else to go it took months before government leaders found a temporary solution since then the mountain of voice produced every day in the lebanese capital is taken to two new coastal landfills but they are quickly becoming close to overflowing leaders are considering enlarging landfills and importing incinerators but environmentalists accuse them of not wanting to solve the problem. a proposal solves the garbage problem in six months and the e.u. is ready to offer the twenty five million dollars needed the problem is environmentalist's looking for sustainable solutions for the politicians with landfills so they can reclaim land for development purposes. the situation is worse outside the capital where there are no waste management facilities this is one of hundreds of open waste dumps and they are being burned environmentalist say
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lebannon has never had a comprehensive waste management strategy. human rights watch is sounding the alarm with a report called as if you are inhaling your doubts the open burning of waste is dangerous say activists lebanese who live near the dumps complained about health problems. when they burned the trash i lose my breath and i can't breathe i use this and hang there because i can't take a breath. i mean my kids are growing up here and you know there is no way of protecting them what will happen to them ten to twenty years from now they will get diseases. activists are blaming the government for failing in its obligations staff at the environment ministry weren't available for comment there's actually very simple solutions to this problem and we're fortunate that the vast majority. are recycled or composted but at the moment eighty percent of it is. or dumped and some
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of that is being burned. the garbage crisis did spark several weeks of protests demonstrators accusing politicians of corruption not much has changed since then except that mornings about the public house emergency are growing louder. zimbabwe's new president has appointed senior military leaders to some of the top posts in his new cabinet as well as some veteran ministers major general. is the new foreign minister he was the key player in the ousting of former president. also the head of the air force and marshal parents he has been picked to be the land minister but the former finance minister patrick chinamasa has been reappointed to the post. administration which was of course criticized for mismanaging the economy more on all of this from.
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some people say they're disappointed with his. and. he's a man who. was. and eventually saw him resign. and also a lot of people in cabinet some of the part of the old god. government since in nineteen. they were contributing to some of the policies. they were not really good for this country another reality that the prison has to face now is creating. this is sixty that every year three hundred thousand of these graduates from universities or colleges but there is no work and employment rate here is more than my. reality is a lot of them will not find work immediately at or
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a lot of pressure to deliver people waiting to see what this cabin is going to do some of cautiously optimistic they hope. is a businessman they hope that he's assembled people around him who know what they're doing who are concerned about the economy who worked with. and i was just a wait and see what the new cabinet that's been assembled whether people like it. if it's going to anything company on the ground to improve the economy and create jobs. with us now vice president of the main opposition group the m.d.c. the movement for democratic change nice to have you with us i guess for you and your party you would look at this new cabinet and question whether it is new or not . disappointing. to the expectation of the people of zimbabwe we were hoping that. beginning would have. the expectations of the people expect
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a new policy. politics pretty clearly. there's not been any indication of. that many years of disappointment. of this. but in a period of transition is it not advisable to keep some of the old i mean if you had wholesale changes and change everyone would be almost a new country. well it's not in your country zimbabweans are ready for the newness in fact that is what people have been expecting even ourselves as opposition of cause or what is coming by way of someone goes cabinet is coming is a gift christmas present coming to an early because we would learn to defend the defeat of the of come the election time and what we are seeing is that they disappointed people by their disappointment of the people is actually and i'd
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rather you're not part and we're going to cut dollars we need providing alternative policies providing alternative. and of course bring in new blood we are definitely going to take this and will use them to. your party the m.d.c. and particularly the later morgan tsvangirai has spent years fighting robert mugabe's government sometimes literally how does the m.d.c. in line to deal with this new government and this new president. our message is very consistent we have been tried for an alternative not it. we have been fighting for an alternative not it to be in terms of our prescription to the problems affecting the country we have a solution to the governance questions we have a solution to the economic crisis in the country and our mix in terms of police prescription is second to none and this is what we are providing to the people with jobs creation and governance productive it to making sure that we create an
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investment climate for investors from outside the country we eliminate noise in the cockpit we eliminate policing consistencies but more importantly we also inject their security of investment and also the security. bilateral agreements which has been violated by the outgoing regime and of course we can see that the same old culprits we have been responsible for this kind of violation other some people have been appointed by me some of them got so there's nothing new it's still the old story and people are disappointed in fact their own mission is actually in misery not good now listen to me so from the end it's a pleasure talking to you thank you. here is richard i'm going to talk weather and . still it's a bit messy in europe behind it is yes we've got a cold base of all your clothes this cold air digging down and sticking all the way in to this frontal system that's really quite an active feature across many parts of europe so we've seen snow affecting many areas we've seen snow across northern
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parts the u.k. newcastle middlesborough sort of area this is coming down quite slowly some enjoying it more than others of course this particular frontal system is continuous week away across europe and so there's the showers across the u.k. but this frontal system has been active across many areas we've seen some pictures coming in from survive here from bratislava of the problems they've had there with the snow clearing it away and obviously accidents resulting policy at lower levels we've had significant falls of snow. falls of rain to broadening out there in croatia some heavy rainfall to run as well in the brain and more than one hundred millimeters coming down in twenty four hours and that resulted in all sorts of accidents across the city looks pretty grim there has to be said on the roads in the mud and everything else which went with it well as we look at the forecast we've got this front still very slow moving across eastern or so working its way
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down across parts of albania down into greece and the snow along this frontal system is probably going to extend over the next twenty four hours because our narry of low pressure in the western part of the mediterranean we've still got the cold air further north and for good measure we've got a helping of snow across iberian peninsula richard thank you for that still ahead on this news our body count keeps climbing we measure the mexican president's pledge to cut the murder rate in his five years in power so. it's ridiculous to use a nuclear weapon but just to show that you have them and this is a psychology. matter of national pride why there's little appetite in france. to give up nuclear weapon and sport the final two teams are decided in major league soccer the details with far.
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the antarctic ice sheet is melting a process that is affecting the entire. in a special episode rice joins fifty five scientists on a journey of discovery around the continent look into the past and the future of the planet. but it's quite amazing just to see that statistically. this time on al-jazeera. when the news breaks it was an announcement few were expecting to hear by announce my resignation as prime minister from the lebanese government and the story builds i can't stop thinking about the bullets my life when people need to be heard a mass exodus hundreds of thousands of have fled ethnic cleansing imeem are for bangladesh al jazeera has teams on the ground to bring you more award winning documentaries and live news on and on line.
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this is the news hour from al-jazeera and these are the top stories the united nations has launched a record humanitarian appeal for twenty two billion dollars because more than one hundred thirty five million people around the world currently need help from the international community just to survive. taliban government to storm the college in pakistan and killed at least nine people or five attackers were killed after two hours of fighting with the army and police. and pope francis has finally used the word for the first time on his visit to asia he met refugees from maine now while in bangladesh and often for forgiveness for all the. he had avoid using the word
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ranger whilst in neighboring me in my. world aids day today in the united nations is warning the targets to eradicate the epidemic by the year twenty thirty will be missed unicef blames complacency that's putting the lives of children and young adults at risk for example last year hundred twenty thousand children under the age of fourteen died of aids related causes that is because eighteen children were infected with hiv every single hour and if that trend continues we three and a half million u.s. hiv infections by the year twenty thirty his doctor got three hundred shall now he is the director of the hiv aids department in the global hepatitis program at the world health organization who told us there needs to be more done to focus on the sufferers who are stigmatized. access to testing and treatment and obviously also to prevention is certainly a major priority for the well has are going to zation and for the global community more broadly speaking and more people have access to treatment but still we see too
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many new infections and forty percent of these new infections actually occur in certain populations what we call key populations these are prisons we inject drugs men who have sex with men sex workers in sub-saharan africa we know this is specifically affecting lesson girls and young women we also know that in many parts of the world specifically men have. somewhat compromised access to services so we really really have to promote the access to these services but also we have to make sure that we specifically get have access for those those populations that are. very severely affected and that that need access most most badly so that is a strong focus and our campaign message this year is actually exactly that is everybody counts nobody should be left behind so we need to really focus on those that are traditionally statement eyes and exclude they suspected mastermind behind
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the attack on istanbul's main airport last year has been killed in a raid in georgia for myself i have my child they have died during a special forces operation in tbilisi just around a week ago three members of the armed group and a georgian servicemen were also killed this goes back to when at least forty one people died when three suicide bombers attacked ataturk airport in a sample last june. kenya has a new president now set to have what is calling a people's president he says are we sworn in on independence day in eleven days time the opposition leader and millions of supporters are refusing to recognize the inauguration of president kenyatta his ceremony on tuesday was marred by protests and the shooting of a school boy reports from nairobi. there was a cheerful child who went to a neighbor's house to watch t.v. and play with his friends now his family. they say the seven year old was shot as
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he played on the balcony during confrontations between police and two rival political groups. they live in this densely populated area with little else than balconies for children to play. i mean so much pain my son was very i knew you would help me in future i'm hurt. i the shootings in nairobi and tuesday happened as president. was being sworn in for his second and final term in office opposition supporters say they were being dispersed by police using guns and tear gas it was lunchtime police were chasing protestants down the street protein diet his friends were right here watching the bullet that killed him a pregnant woman she's out of danger but still in hospital the leader of the opposition. has declared he'll be sworn in as president on december the twelfth which is independence day and he'll push for reforms including electoral justice by
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using the so-called people's assembly the forum established by the opposition has already been endorsed by some local government he does i don't think in terms of prescribed by the constitution. i think. the people. there would like the. legitimate president. some people say odinga still has the capacity to make the government's job difficult to see will disobedience and economic boycotts are the say the president's inauguration has weakened his position he does this on account of the fact on the fact of the notion or the suspicion that kenyans will rally behind him as they move on. down to the. people not. to be his followers. will
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be very few and fewer every day elizabeth can just wants justice for her son she joins dozens of families be relieved by election violence since august she and her neighbors hope the arrival leaders will quickly find a solution to prevent more killing and chaos catherine saw al jazeera arabic kenya . the u.s. senate has put all of it on a bill that would make sweeping changes to the tax code senate republicans announced the postponement a sign that support for the measure is not yet guaranteed this is the most expensive tax reform in thirty years but observers in both parties say the plans mainly favor the rich and the legislation is being rushed through without careful consideration of the long term effects. tempers are becoming increasingly frayed in honduras where processed as a complaining about the time it's taking to announce the results of the presidential election on sunday supporters of the main opposition candidate
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salvador attacked election headquarters in the capital taken protests to say the result is being manipulated in favor of the current president. and the end of. the approval rating for mexico's president is that just about thirty percent five years after he was sworn in now homicide rates have reached a twenty year high and deteriorating security has really been a top priority will become a top priority for voters ahead of next year's presidential election reports now from guido. this morning in the city of mexico have reached a breaking point in increasing violence means bodies are arriving faster than they can process. forensic teams are working twenty four hours a day just to keep up. cutting the number of homicides in states get a little one of the deadliest places in mexico it was a cornerstone of it to make opinion yet this presidential campaign now entering his sixth year in office many say the crisis has grown and is now out of control this
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part of the country sees over two thousand homicides per year and when the more groans out of space for unidentified bodies they end up here these above ground niches on the outskirts of town. president pena nieto is facing criticism beyond the violence evidence of corruption within his party has already landed two state governors in jail and another three are under investigation. as youngest son disappeared in two thousand and fourteen she along with other relatives of missing people in a ghetto blame the president's government. this is a desperate cry for the people of mexico to see and know that we can no longer live in this corrupt system that's obsolete that gives no to anyone education is in the dumps and there have been structural changes and there have been reforms but they've all benefited themselves. despite evidence of corruption policy experts
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suggest that it might still be too soon to judge the impact of tenuous presidency. the best this government has done are the structural reforms to say they have not yielded immediate results perhaps they will further down the road unless they are obstructed. if we allow reforms time to be refined perhaps we'll see positive results. today the president's national approval rating hovers at around thirty one percent not the worst of his tenure but a long way from the days when he was featured on the cover of time magazine as the savior of mexico. looking to the two thousand and eighteen general election the president's party is counting on a strong national economy still forecast to grow but shortcomings on everything from human rights to alleged corruption appear to have a majority in mexico ready for a change in leadership. i'll just get
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a little mexican. the nobel peace prize is due to be awarded on december the tenth and picking up the wardrobe of the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons or i can it is a great dedicated to creating a world without nuclear weapons so we are now looking at the nuclear states of various countries worldwide in the days leading up to that award in tony but they continue that series now from france the world's third largest holder of nuclear weapons. when france carried out its first nuclear test in algeria fifty seven years ago it joined an elite club before nations until one thousand nine hundred six france carried out more than two hundred nuclear tests most of them in the south pacific that elite club is now stretched to nine countries france is third in the list with three hundred nuclear warheads fewer than the us and russia but more
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than china and the united kingdom while the french tend to think that this long as russia is a potential military threat to europe and as long as there are a number of threatening nuclear powers in the world is safer to keep nuclear weapons than to get rid of them especially since we already have a well functioning arsenal. it's nuclear deterrent known as forced to flap or strike force consists mainly of its triumphant submarines for carry nuclear warheads one is it see all the time but of course i'm more than eight billion dollars they're the most expensive submarines ever built since one thousand nine hundred one france is almost hard it's nuclear stockpile but unlike many other countries there is little nuclear debate here all political parties except for the greens and most of the general public seem to be in agreement that nuclear weapons are a necessity france's nuclear weapons stockpile pales into insignificance compared to that of the united states and russia and it cost the french taxpayer four to
4:45 pm
five billion dollars a year to maintain but this is not just a case of money for the french it's also about prestige many feel a collective pride that nuclear weapons ensure france does not have to rely on the u.s. or nato for its defense to be. with big muscles you have big mouth. i am the. country but not for you isn't it ridiculous to use a nuclear weapon but just to show that you have them and this is a psychology. but pride costs france will soon need to modernize its nuclear arsenal and that will push annual cost up to between nine and ten billion dollars a year within the next decade and that is beginning to spark a debate ultimately it may be the cost that will prove the ultimate deterrent to france's deep and abiding relationship with nuclear weapons tony berkeley al-jazeera paris. so we've looked at the u.s.
4:46 pm
and france the next part of the series takes us to hawaii. they're responding to nuclear threats by dusting off a relic from the cold war that story saturday here on al-jazeera. and still ahead on the sports news bad night for this edmonton player in the n.h.l. after gifting his opponents the winning goal.
4:47 pm
no one uses anyone who uses a laptop computer or
4:48 pm
a smartphone should know how important a lithium ion battery is but what if that battery was super sized big enough to power thirteen thousand harnes that's actually what's happening in the state of south australia where the world's largest battery has been switched on planes. this seemingly innocuous rural area and south australia has suddenly become home to one of the biggest sources of renewable energy in the wild built in sixty days the us technology company tesla has built the largest lithium ion battery which is plugged into the power grid in the state of south australia the state's prem yeah unveiled the john batu which is powered by a nearby wind farm this is an example of south australia leading the world the world's largest lithium battery it's right here in jamestown in south australia and it's already supplying power to the national electricity market australia is a major exporter of calls and is considered one of the world's worst greenhouse gas
4:49 pm
polluters the state of south australia is demolishing is coal fired power stations and switching to renewable energy that's imperative after a freak storm last year caused a state wide blackout highlighting the on reliable supply of electricity the billionaire business tycoon mosque offered to build the battery most salient point here is that the system will be three three times more powerful than any system in the on earth this is a this is not like a sort of short like a minor foray into a frontier it's like you know going three times for anyone going before musk also promise that if it wasn't completed on time it would be free lucky for him the forty million dollars project was switched on ahead of schedule it's an exciting development so i don't trust the story just kind of being the holy grail for the whole power business for two hundred years now because if we want to move towards variable renewables wind and solar produce their own trysting when they want not
4:50 pm
necessarily when we want and so some way of storing the excess that they're producing which can then be used when they're not generating has been something we've looked for for many years even nearby jamestown gave their verdict lifted our spirits because everybody's a happy about it and we have a question marks on that but. the result in result will to want it because it's never been called into action we really don't know what's coming and. so that when it if it does do the job well and good if it doesn't it's just another war as political. tesla's chief executive wasn't at the unveiling but the state's new power backup surprise i'm sure to please climate change pollution activists and possibly pave the way for other projects worldwide how to help their. sport know how long to live a draw just a little over an hour so very exciting it's a big day for football fans across the globe later on friday the draw will be held for next year's world cup in russia her souls were held on thursday at the state
4:51 pm
kremlin palace which is hosting the draw of the thirty two competing teams will find out who they'll be playing in the tournament which kicks off in moscow on june fourteenth although thirty two teams will be divided into four parts based on world rankings the best sides are in part one along with host russia are also included despite being the lowest rated side in the tournaments the teams we allocated into eighteen groups that include four countries each group can only have one team from each confederation except for europe there can be two european teams in a group and once the action starts each side will be vying to be in the top two of their group so as to progress into the knockout stages a lot of world cup greats will be taking part in the draw and they've been giving their thoughts on potential winners. of course. german team with the spanish team of. the brazilian. i'm.
4:52 pm
sure more because the last time. markers want lee wellings will be following the draw closely and believes that fans can look forward to some really mouthwatering match ups even in the group stages. well this is a hugely exciting day for football fans around the world only comes around once every four years but painful of course for those that didn't make it most notably italy and the netherlands in the united states and they'll be a different format for those that are there it's not just geographical it's actually on the findings which actually might be a fair a way of doing it so you've got a part one and three and four that said you can have more than two european nations in a side group so there will still be a geographical element and indeed for other confederations there can't be more than one so there will still be complications to draw upon all we absolutely straight forward of putting the thirty two teams into
4:53 pm
a group of four look out for such things as spying in the second part so that means that they're not top seeded and brazilian spying could be drawn together and that could form what we like to call a group of death over the years also looking at iceland in their first world cup palomar in their first world cup covering their first world cup for thirty six years aged. twenty and. there's going to be so many exciting lines to come out of the draw of course the backdrop is one of control over say around bhatia hosting their vice president again launching a defense of russian sport in a press conference that happened before the draw that kind of politics will take a back seat while people find out who their nations are playing on the path to world cup glory. defending champions the seattle sounders will face trial f.c. in the major league soccer cup final seattle beat the heat. on the second leg of
4:54 pm
the western part time from victor rodriguez clint dempsey and will bruin secured their five when toronto will host seattle in the final on december the ninth in a rematch of the twenty six team final where the sounders won on penalties. brazilian sides manco be athletic junior of colombia to advance to the copa suit america final two second half goals from felipe visa who gave the visitors the two mill when flegel progress for one on aggregate will now face independent argentina in the finals the first like is scheduled for december the sixth in argentina the winner of the tournaments will earn a place in next year's copa liberty dora's south america's top club competition. now for the first time in ten months tiger woods is back impeding on the golf course and the fourteen time major winner produced a good performance to police home it reports. tiger woods is back and full of
4:55 pm
promise after one day at least. the hero world challenge is the setting for the return of a player who hasn't won a major for almost a decade yet remains golf biggest night. the forty one year old has had multiple back operations in recent years but in the opening round in the bahamas he shot five birdies and two buggies to be just three shots off the lead well enough to get the wave. or. it hasn't just been the injuries that have disrupted tiger's guy he was arrested in may on suspicion of driving under the influence a police report said he had five different drugs in his system at the time in september he said he may never play competitive golf again yet he seems to be
4:56 pm
a lot more to stick now. all the people that really helped me. to come back. here. it's still been for you since tiger woods won a tournament of any kind one good round down but a long way to go. home and i'm just you know. australian england's cricket teams have faced each other in competitive test matches since the nineteenth century but for the first time on saturday the two teams will play under floodlights adelaide is hosting the first day night after his task match that will commence in the afternoon australia won the opening game of the five test series and it's the press conference afterwards that's created
4:57 pm
a stir the aussie captain steve smith was seen laughing at cameron bancroft he was explaining how was headbutted by an england player at a bar several weeks earlier england captain joe root had said laughing will motivate his side. and they wasn't mocking his team. and the law cameron in the way delivered. the events of what had happened. i don't know cameron that well yeah i'm having played a lot within but. he was very draw and. different in the way things came across and you know i think if you guys got a good laugh out of it as much as i did. it was a bad night for the edmonton oilers as they host of the tron a maple leafs in an n.h.l. game oilers defenseman chris russell made and they are assessing the state he accidentally fired the pop into his own nets giving the leafs the go ahead goal with just over a minute left in the game it ended in
4:58 pm
a heartbreaking six to four victory for toronto. and a reminder that we're all cup draw taking place in just over an hour's time andy richardson will be here to break it down for you our news grid coming up at fifteen forty five g.m.t. but for now it's backed off that just had a picture of andy breaking it down. looking forward to that the news good team up at fifteen hundred hours g.m.t. we are back in just a few moments though with the latest news right here on out to zero.
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defying my disability on al-jazeera well just to. be told the sun rules. thing is a problem. based on this rules is the name under which i recorded the record is a regular music is really going to trip a lot. of very young age to make a profit maker but i feel that. the talks about just for the box often organism are cricket music was the message that. you got of that is right especially for the i think this is kind of all in all the right wing assault on our freedom to ask questions and generally all freedom of expression and people you know are being targeted like students teachers activists filmmakers writers based on the been intimidated for number of. people on the streets and protest and it's just our
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doorstep sort of in whichever way i'd like to attempt to contribute something that's. in syria citizens are collecting evidence. of crimes committed against civilians who've moved out of syria post six hundred thousand pages of material so that one day they can bring the assad regime to justice it puts a human face on the charges it's a dead human face but it's a human face syria witnesses for the prosecution at this time on al-jazeera. francis find that uses the word were a hinge asking them for.


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