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the stress hormones can relax us in the future the time may come when doctors prescribe the forest and the state of medicine overthrown and exiled they appoint and can say if you will all this miss meeting you an intimate film about the struggle of the elected leader of madagascar to return to his country and reinstate his presidency you know that was the crucial spot and we will not negotiate is sort of the interesting case return of the president at this time on al-jazeera. this is.
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hello i'm c. ters and this is the news hour live from london coming up president obama's former national security advisor please guilty for lying to the f.b.i. about his contacts with russia. pope francis means for him to refugees in bangladesh and ask for forgiveness for the world's indifference to the suffering i mean i said nation sends an s.o.s. to the world global crises have put at least one hundred thirty five million people in need of aid. in russia will play saudi arabia and you know pretty much next year's football world cup well christiane i was portugal have been drawn alongside twenty ten when a space. we began in the united states president donald trump's former national security adviser as pleaded guilty to lying to the f.b.i. about the extent of his russian contacts speaking in courts michael flynn admitted
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his actions were wrong but said he was directed to make contact with the russian ambassador in december twenty sixth by a senior member of trump's transition team the charges against flynt have been brought by special counsel as part of an investigation into alleged russian meddling in last year's presidential poll flynn is now for the cooperating with the investigation the white house has dismissed. as false well for more on this we can first of all speak to our reporter patrick ohio who is outside of the court in washington d.c. as you just give us a bit more detail as to exactly what was happening in court today. their suv first i want to tell you what happened when he left keep in mind this is general michael flynn he went before the. republican national convention and blood chants of lock her up talking about hillary clinton he often said if i did a tenth of what she did i'd be in prison well now he has pled guilty to lines of
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the f.b.i. and we couldn't give you a little bit more information this hour than we did last because we have the court documents now we believe now it could have come with a sentence of up to five years in prison two hundred fifty thousand dollars fine but in these documents it says the government if he continues to cooperate will only recommend that he serves either no time in prison or up to six months in prison and pay as much as a ten thousand dollars fine so that is a pretty minor slap on the wrist especially if you consider all of the charges that we believe that molar could of indicted him on so what is he giving him in exchange well we do know that he's agreed to provide evidence warrant testimony and also hidden in those court documents is that he agreed to wear a wire if needed now whether or not he did we do not know but of course that's something that's going to make people the trump administration rather nervous about if they've been speaking to him since he left the administration so basically what happened in court here's what he says he did he said he lied to the f.b.i. on several occasions twice when it came to russia once on the issue of how they
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responded to say actions put on by the obama administration and once that he called at the direction of a very key transition official we don't know who that was that this transition official said go ahead call the russians and other countries and tell them to vote against a u.n. security council resolution that would have condemned settlements in israel well russia responded we're not going to do that flynn lied about that whole thing and cording to the affidavit he also lied about the work he did with turkey and this is an interesting part you have to read between the lines it says the lie was that his company was doing business with turkey to improve business development between the turkey in the u.s. so what was the deal well we don't know that yet but and evidently it is going to come out this is an absolutely huge day in washington and at any one detail as to what influenced him to what she could go for. this plea bargain. factor but what we do know we don't know who he's done but you know now somebody
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is probably going to show us that. good details coming from outside the court but across town we've got kimberly hellcat who's joining me from outside of the white house we were expecting to see pictures of the president with the libyan prime minister visiting at the moment that didn't happen kimberly any clue i think so far we've heard this from the white house lawyer in terms of reaction. right i'll give you a little explanation and what little i do know about why we didn't hear from the president we thought that we might as you point out the libyan prime minister here at the white house very briefly meeting the oval office typically we see the president sitting down when leaders from foreign countries come to the united states and often we hear him react to news of the day as well as the events that we're talking about together the reporters were brought in per normal and then abruptly when they were told by the white house press aides that there would be no as we call it pool spray and they were sent back to the white house briefing room so certainly some
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disappointment there and an opportunity to hear from the president but we have heard from the president's lawyer ty cobb as you point out and essentially he is downplaying these charges against michael flynn downplaying michael flynn's role in the white house that was just for three weeks and also the plea and sort of the statements that he made the political hay was talking about moments ago in his statement he points out that the false statements to the f.b.i. made by michael flynn according to ty cobb mirror the false statements to white house officials which resulted in flynn's resignation nothing about the guilty plea or the charge implicates anyone other than michael flynn but certainly there have been suggestions to the contrary that in fact robert mueller is in fact going after a bigger target with his cooperation in the investigation of michael flynn and of course the reason michael flynn is appearing at all in a federal court today is the fact that not only what he did while he was working
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inside the trump white house but his role in donald trump's campaign. he was the white house national security advisor for only three weeks but in that time michael flynn's activities helped cast a shadow over an administration from which it has yet to emerge although the investigation by special counsel robert mueller has focused primarily on the alleged ties of donald trump's presidential campaign to the kremlin flynn ties the investigation to the oval office itself. the retired army general was a top spokesman for the campaign would you kill the family of a terrorist suspect yes or no i would i would have to see what's acceptable chances of that situation what are you kidding me after taking over as national security advisor his activities came under heavy scrutiny when it was discovered he had a phone conversation with the russian ambassador to the united states in december before trump became president it was reportedly the same day new sanctions were
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announced against russian government officials by president barack obama some reports suggested flynn offered to cancel the sanctions once in office they did not discuss anything having to do with the united states decision to expel diplomats or or impose a censure against russia but when reports surface flynn may have discussed sanctions trump fired him reluctantly what was wrong was the way that other people including yourselves in this room were given that information because that was classified information it was given illegally that's the real problem that discomfort with flints removal soon became a lightning rod for accusations of obstruction against the president. the man initially leading the investigation into rushing collusion f.b.i. director james comey told senators the president suggested to him during
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a meeting in the oval office he should let the flynn case go i don't think it's for me to say whether the conversation i had with the president was an effort to obstruct i took it as a very disturbing thing very concerning. so many could say once again that the charges today against michael flynn the former national security advisor are relatively low level but it appears there is an admittance by michael flynn in court that if fact he is cooperating with investigators and the reason that usually occurs is because there is the hope of obtaining information to go towards a bigger target and of course the white house has been bracing itself for many weeks anticipating these charges against flame given the fact that we've also seen associates of donald trump's being charged prior to this you remember paul man a for the campaign chair george papadopoulos a policy adviser and also an aide to matt afford but there's no question with these charges now against michael flynn this is the closest to the president to come as
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of date ask him about on extraordinary day in washington d.c. pope francis has for the first time used the word. to refer to the muslim minority fleeing mammal following a security crackdown in august the pontiff use the politically sensitive to while meeting with hinge refugees seeking sanctuary in the language that he capital dhaka he apologized for the world's indifference to their plight and ask them for forgiveness child struck for reports from the pollen count. and i said to me two hundred thousand bangladeshis crowded into the so rugby park in dhaka as pope francis. but it was later in the day after the police chief met revenge refugees that he finally publicly mentioned the ethnic group by name. will continue to recognize their rights we won't close our hearts to them we won't
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look in another direction the presence of god today is also a cold every one of us needs to respond in the right way. muhammad idris was among the small group who spoke with the pope along with his ten brothers and eight sisters he fled the military crackdown on the regime just three months ago he says soldiers burnt their family home in rakhine state and shot his cousin dead and. we have very happy to be impairing ledes but we thought for time much pain and agony and that's what we want to tell the pope this is only the second time the head of the catholic churches visited bangladesh the last was pope john paul the second in one thousand nine hundred six and this time it hasn't been easy the pope's visit to bangladesh comes as this country the united nations and international aid organizations struggle to cope with more than six hundred twenty five thousand range of refugees that have arrived here since almost the twenty fifth it's a visit he's proving
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a huge diplomatic challenge to the head of the catholic church. rights groups criticized the roman catholic leader for failing to say the name of angel during his three day visit to myanmar nor since arriving in bangladesh on thursday it's believed he refrained in myanmar to prevent a potential backlash against christians there the reinjure have been persecuted for decades by the myanmar government which doesn't recognize the ethnic group range of citizenship in what was then burma was drawn in one thousand nine hundred eighty two it's hoped the pope's blessings of just a few of the hundreds of thousands of refugees here in bangladesh will draw greater international attention to their plight they are often described as the world's largest group of stateless people. that al-jazeera cox's bizarre bangladesh. still to come on al-jazeera this news hour winds might be disappointed by the new
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president's latest cabinet appointments plus. kenya's president working out a has been sworn in for his final time the opposition has vowed to fight his government the whole bottle has left a trail of death and destruction and have been lawyer and i'll be reporting from the hospital room. and then score the final two teams are decided in major league soccer details coming up later in the program. the. united nations has launched a record appeal for more than twenty two billion dollars to help victims of conflict and humanitarian crises around the world the u.n. says more than one hundred thirty five million people across the world need in terms of the numbers affected yemen is the world's worst humanitarian crisis war has left more than twenty two million people in need with
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a severe food shortage and cholera crisis in nigeria fourteen and a half million people particularly women need protection because of fighting between the military and armed groups and more than thirteen million people in the democratic republic of congo need humanitarian help many were displaced by fighting a similar number of syrians are still caught up in a civil war in its seventh year a third of the money requested by the u.n. is to help. well the united nations is launching this record appeal for more than twenty two billion dollars to help victims of conflict and humanitarian crises the u.n. says more than one hundred thirty five million people are in need are diplomatic editor james based reports from geneva. the u.n. says it's the worst humanitarian disaster on earth in yemen the people are suffering from conflict and a continuing cholera epidemic the situation only made worse by a saudi blockade stopping much of the food and medicine from getting to those who
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so desperately need it the u.n. appeal for twenty eighteen estimates there are in the country twenty two million people in need the situation in yemen is atrocious the number of people in need. of twenty eight million is approaching twenty million seven or eight million of those people are right on the verge of famine and starvation we need to get the ports fully opened so that the fields around the water systems can get in the fuel to get the food around the country can get in more commercial food as well as the aid food can get in until those things happen the situation will continue to deteriorate and the risk of millions of lives being lost will grow yemen is just one of many civil taney assume urgence is making this a time of unprecedented need in its appeal for twenty eighteen the u.n.
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says it believes there are almost one hundred thirty six million people in need they come up with a plan to help almost ninety one million people and that will cost twenty two point five billion dollars but i have to say i don't think we're going to get all that money you just have to look at this year twenty seventeen their appeal was fifty two point five percent funded from south sudan to syria from afghanistan to the refugees from myanmar conflict is the main cause of the human suffering and in most cases these are conflicts with no end in sight james pays al-jazeera at the united nations in geneva. well. kumar is the deputy united nations story human rights watch she joins me now live from new york thanks very much for joining us on al-jazeera i think just pick up on that point that james in his report made that even with the money that he's pledged quite often and particularly in the last
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year almost half of it never turned up the this amazing to put out these these sort of pledges but if people are actually going to pay what's the point well the u.n. is soliciting money it's saying this is the scope of the need and this is the biggest number that it's ever had to ask for and it's a really high number in such a political climate where we see people increasingly looking inward in big donor countries like the u.s. and the u.k. people aren't willing to pay they are interested in focusing on things close to home instead of crises and conflict and suffering far away and that's certainly worrying why do you think they pledge that if they're not going to actually come up with all the money is it just to appear to look like they're joining the others that are willing to help well i think part of the problem actually is they never get all the way up to one hundred percent of what they need and then as you said
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there are some pledges that that are never followed through on and it's up to the u.n. to really go back to those donors who have promised to give money and make sure that they deliver on their words because you could be argued that this is a levy ating suffering but it's not really getting to the root cause of why these people in such dire need to start with especially when it comes to the man made crises should more effort to be poor be put on that side of it rather than bring bringing the money together to deal with these huge problems. absolutely i mean the aid is absolutely essential but it's not enough and it's just treating the symptoms rather than the disease itself which are these manmade problems in yemen you have a blockade in south sudan you have a grinding conflict that is included war crimes and those are the issues that need to be solved by world leaders including those here in new york at the security
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council they need to take decisive action on a crisis like myanmar we're still waiting for the un to even pass a single security council resolution on the crisis that's atrocious and when it comes to somewhere like yemen we've been talking a lot about the blockade that is stopped a lot of the aid getting in even if it is on its way it is is it the fact that even if the money comes through it's going to struggle to get to those who most desperately need it absolutely that's a real worry in yemen where the blockade continues to restrict and limit the ways that aid workers can help people who are in desperate need and it's also a problem in yemen because the blockade has just made everything more expensive it's hard to get fuel it's hard to move it's hard to travel and so even that little money that is donated won't go as far to helping as many people because the saudi led coalition has imposed so many restrictions that make it hard for aid workers to
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do their jobs which is help people and where would you say lastly is the key place that most needs it is it because we're talking about the amount of money i mentioned earlier is that yemen well they say that it's the worst humanitarian crisis in the world and it is certainly a place that needs aid and assistance and donations and pledges but it's also a place that needs attention and solutions from the security council who are far too willing to give the south of the coalition a free pass because the u.s. u.k. and france continue to back them. akshay kumar thank you very much for joining us from human rights watch thank you at least nine people have been killed and thirty six injured off the gunmen stormed a college in pakistan and these three men just in women's burkas arrived in a rickshaw and to the agriculture training institute in the northwestern city of
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peshawar all the attackers were killed after two hours of fighting with the army and police a pakistani taliban has claimed responsibility saying it was targeting a safe house used by the i.s.i. intelligence agency come on high that has more. and more day carried out by that very good dollar bond on day of claimed responsibility immediately after their deadly in. the agricultural. according to officials they did not yet clear their toward war. dog ate all of the reports about their remains but a number of people are dead and many more are wounded it is all happening at a time when the u.s. and pakistan are due to meet high level read the u.s. secretary of defense really doing it. in which progress don will be really concerned about the groups operating from across the border in afghanistan and who
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are now carrying out a deadly attack. place in germany defused an explosive device that was found at a christmas market it happened in the city of pottstown near the capital berlin police evacuated the markets and cordoned it off when special forces were sent in to investigate a suspicious package delivered to a pharmacy in the area. german chancellor angela merkel and opposition leader martin schultz say they are ready to start more talks about ending the nation's political deadlock it comes after the leaders spoke in a meeting organized by president frank also steinmeyer in berlin germany spain without a government for more than two months since both major parties lost ground to the far right in september's election cycles c.d.u. party wants to renew their alliance with schultz's social democrats but schultz has so far been reluctant. to news there's the green
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light for another coalition is simply false he seems to come out of the party circles i've just spoken about it with angela merkel on the phone and told her it's on acceptable i don't want to speculate about who's trying to harm for me one for you to clear to have a party on false news destroys trust. the man suspected of masterminding last year's deadly attack on the stumbles main airport is being killed in georgia state security has revealed i saw fighter akhmed chattier have done it in a special forces raid in the capital tbilisi just over a week ago three isom members were also killed in the operation as well as a georgian serviceman at least forty one people died when three suicide bombers attacked ataturk airport in assemble last june. turkey is to seize the assets of a turkish iranian gold trader those of his close relatives reza is
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a key witness in the trial of a turkish banker whom he allegedly worked with to help iran launder money he was pleaded has pleaded guilty to those charges and is now cooperating with american prosecutors accuse prime minister. says he hopes arab will turn back from his mistake reiterating his belief that the trial is aimed at putting the pressure on turkey and its economy. then broadway's new president. has named a host of military figures to his new cabinet but no opposition politicians are included dashing home for an inclusive government. takeover on the national broadcaster as foreign minister the head of the war veterans chris much funk has been handed the ministry of information. returns to run the ministry . disappointed zimbabweans who had been hoping for
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a break with the past. has been gauging the reaction in the town after. the announcement by president of who is in the new government is dividing opinion zimbabweans who know their new leader is a businessman a cautiously optimistic he's picked the right team others say they are disappointed at how many military commanders and politicians in the new cabinet have strong links to robert mugabe and the former government. disappointed. not to the expectation of the people of zimbabwe we were hoping that there would have a fresh start would there be a new beginning would have also a cabinet that is responsive to what the expectations of the people are people expect a new policy. issues that are expected. these university graduates hope the new cabinet will deliver on the president's promise to create jobs many graduates can't find a job. twenty three year old innocent has
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a bachelor's degree and is known as a graduate on a good day he makes about ten dollars selling secondhand mobile phones on the streets for me is a disappointment that. you know. this place because this is what is the current situation of just. was a bit of survived for. i don't do this this. was a this is what. economists say the new cabinet has to rework or scrap some of robert mugabe's policies such as indigenous nation a controversial policy of black empowerment is the term. and he buried. it because there's now an. interest. in recent years. and immigration when i got
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recently made british and chinese envoys the european union and the united states say they are keen to re-engage with zimbabwe again after years of isolation the government statistics. very keen. about his unemployment rate is more than one. struggling zimbabweans hope president clinton got one knows what he's doing and that his policies don't scare away investors at the ceiling nothing will change the reality for now is that thousands of these graduates will likely join other degree holders on the street if economy doesn't drastically improve. chinoy is about. why activists are concerned that lebanon's rubbish disposal methods could vironment a crisis and in sports it's now three for three for this marathon race favorites details coming up later with.
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welcome back as we take a look at the weather across the levant and western parts of asia you see some snow towards all marty there but otherwise it's looking generally find temperature not too bad for a couple there at twelve degrees summer temperatures for tehran bite that place and there are twenty degrees and sunshine all looking good around the eastern side of the mediterranean quite a woman in beirut in lebanon how do you all into sunday enormous change fine conditions expected to continue same really goes across much of the robin pinch a little bit cool there from riyadh as might some of just twenty two degrees still pretty warm in mecca what a bridge sprays blowing down through the gulf now so coolly it's slightly in doha maximum of twenty seven degrees abu dhabi there twenty eight let's head across into southern portions of africa it's a largely fine picture here too you see in the south i'm sure there is
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a fair amount of cloud across eastern parts of south africa but you've got to get up into central park go to and across northern parts of zambia to pick up significant share right to pity. the eastern parts of south africa but cape town should be generally drawn fine and quite wet on the eastern side of madagascar antananarivo seen some heavy showers for central parts of africa we've got a few showers for gabon also for congo and congo we're expecting highs of thirty in . the fact. this on the planet and one that could soon be lost. it's an international team of scientists is determined not to let that happen without intervention. i would say here to a vast now it's a race against time to try to be sure. thank you crisis that's in the magazine. extinction techno this time on all jazeera.
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sometimes pictures are the only way to truly to a story and i'll just go see extra some of the latest in camera gear and technology to make sure these images are innovative to be a little it's not just certain that it's a given. with a. lot of it maybe. as a child of political refugees i've always been aware of different kinds of stories and different kinds of sensitivities al-jazeera is a space for the. welcome back reminder the top stories are now desire as president donald trump's former
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national security adviser has pleaded guilty to challenges of lying to the f.b.i. about the extent of his russian contacts michael flynn says a senior trump official directed him to get in touch with the russian ambassador in december twenty sixth and he's now cooperating fully with the f.b.i. . pope francis house for the first time you used the word ranger to refer to me on mars muslim minority he made the comments while meeting a group of refugees in dhaka. i mean i said nations has launched a wreck or the pill for more than twenty two billion dollars to help victims of conflict and humanitarian crises around the world yemen is the world's worst crisis with more than twenty two million people in need.
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and this amber the tenth the nobel peace prize will be awarded to the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons or i can but ambassadors of some of the world's nuclear powers won't be attending the awards ceremony the us france and britain have told the noble institute of their joint decision to send their embassies in second in charge instead i can says that decision looks defensive may be proof that work is having an effect russia and israel are the only new clean nation sending ambassadors to the oslo ceremony we are disappointed. and passers from the you know kingdom united states and france won't be there but they won't be present at the highest level because i think it's. they claim to be committed to a world without nuclear weapons and they should be celebrating civil societies work on that issue we might not always agree on the way to. a new club of the world but they should be happy that there are there's a new generation of people that care about this issue that people are engaging well
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i can is dedicated to creating a world without nuclear weapons in the days leading up to the award in oslo we're looking at the nuclear status of countries worldwide tony berkeley continues our series in france the world's third largest holder of nuclear weapons. when france carried out its first nuclear test in algeria fifty seven years ago it joined an elite club before nations until one thousand nine hundred six france carried out more than two hundred nuclear tests most of them in the south pacific that elite club is now stretched to nine countries. france is third in the list with three hundred nuclear warheads fewer than the u.s. and russia but more than china and the united kingdom while the french tend to think that as long as russia is a potential military threat to europe and as long as there are a number of threatening nuclear powers in the world is safer to keep nuclear weapons than to get rid of them especially since are we already have
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a well functioning arsenal its nuclear deterrent known as force to flap or strike force consists mainly of its triumphant submarines for carry nuclear warheads one is that see all the time at a cost of more than eight billion dollars they are the most expensive submarines ever built since one thousand nine hundred one france is almost hard it's nuclear stockpile but unlike many other countries there is little nuclear debate here all political parties except for the greens and most of the general public seem to be in agreement that nuclear weapons are a necessity france's nuclear weapons stockpile pales into insignificance compared to that of the united states and russia and it cost the french taxpayer four to five billion dollars a year to maintain but this is not just a case of money for the french it's also about prestige many feel a collective pride that nuclear weapons ensure france does not have to rely on the
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u.s. or nato for its defense to be. with big muscles you have big mouth. i am the. country but not for you isn't it ridiculous to use a nuclear weapon but just to show that you have them and this is a psychology. but pride costs france will soon need to modernize its nuclear arsenal and that will push annual cost up to between nine and ten billion dollars a year within the next decade and that is beginning to spark a debate ultimately it may be the cost that will prove the ultimate deterrent to france's deep and abiding relationship with nuclear weapons tony berkeley al-jazeera paris. the next part of the service takes us to hawaii. islands are responding to nuclear threats by dusting off a relic from the cold war you can watch that story on saturday.
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kenya already has a president now it's set to have what the opposition leader is calling a people's president. says he'll be sworn in on independence day in eleven days time and millions of his supporters are refusing to recognize inauguration of president. katherine sawyer reports from nairobi. there was a cheerful child who went to a neighbor's house to watch t.v. and play with his friends now his family moans him they say the seven year old was shot as he played on the balcony during confrontations between police and two rival political groups nearby they live in this densely populated area with little else than balconies for children to play. i mean so much pain my son was very bright i knew you would help me in future i'm hurt.
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i the shootings in nairobi and tuesday happened as president. was being sworn in for his second and final time in office opposition supporters say they were being dispersed by police using guns and tear gas the lunchtime police were chasing portis just down the street from protein diet and his friends were right here watching the bullet that killed him also he's a pregnant woman she's out of danger but still in hospital the leader of the opposition. has declared he'll be sworn in as president on december the twelfth which is independence day and he'll push for reforms including electoral justice by using the so-called people's assembly the forum established by the opposition has already been endorsed by some government he does. turns to take the oath of office as prescribed by the constitution. i think he means by the people's assembly.
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the. legitimate president. some people say odinga still has the capacity to make the government's job difficult to see will disobedience and economic boycotts are the say the president's inauguration has weakened his position he does this on account of the fact. of the notion or the suspicion that kenyans will rally behind him. or not to be his followers. will be very few and fewer every elisabet just wants justice for her son she joins dozens of families be relieved by election violence since august she and her neighbors hope the rival leaders will quickly find a solution to prevent more killing and capturing al jazeera arabic kenya.
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lebanon is struggling with another rubbish problem two years after the last one under control but this time it's the way the waste is being disposed of using incinerators public health word you know how the reports from beirut. lebanon as rubbish is being collected but it's what happens next which is causing concern activists are warning of a new garbage crisis in the making and serious health risks. two years ago the streets of the capital beirut and surrounding areas were clogged with un collected trash and the stench filled the air the main landfill was full and there was nowhere else to go it took months before government leaders found a temporary solution since then the mountain of voice produced every day in the lebanese capital is taken to two new coastal landfills but they are quickly becoming close to overflowing. leaders are considering enlarging landfills and importing incinerators but environmentalists accuse them of not wanting to solve
9:40 pm
the problem. propose all souls' the garbage problem in six months and the e.u. is ready to offer the twenty five million dollars needed the problem is environmentalist's looking for sustainable solutions for the politicians with landfills so they can reclaim land for development purposes. the situation is worse outside the capital where there are no waste management facilities this is one of hundreds of open waste dumps and they are being burnt environmentalist say lebannon has never had a comprehensive waste management strategy. human rights watch is sounding the alarm with a report called as if you are inhaling your doubts the open burning of waste is dangerous say activists lebanese who live near the dumps complain about health problems. when they burn the trash i lose my breath and i can't breathe i use this inhaler because i can't take a breath. i mean my kids are growing up here and you know there is no way of
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protecting them what will happen to them ten to twenty years from now they will get diseases. activists are blaming the government for failing in its obligations staff at the environment ministry weren't available for comment it's actually very simple solutions to this problem and we're fortunate in lebanon that the vast majority of solid waste could actually be either recycled or composted but at the moment around eighty percent of it is either being landfilled or dumped and some of that is being burned. the garbage crisis did spark several weeks of protests demonstrators accusing politicians of corruption not much has changed since then except that morning's about a public health emergency are growing louder. the date has been set for the official abdication of japan's emperor akihito which will take place on april two thousand two thousand and nineteen may be the first japanese monarch to step down and about two to two hundred years the eighty three year old
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recently said he feared his age might make it difficult to fulfill his juices following heart surgery and cancer treatment will be succeeded by his fifty seven year old crown prince. a go to malaysia the murdered half brother of north korea's leader was carrying an antidote to the talk saying that was used to poison him king. died after a nerve agent v.x. was smeared on his face at kuala lumpur airports in february two women have been charged with his murder trial has heard that kim had a dozen vials of the antidote in his bag john young has been accused of orchestrating the killing this time five years ago mexico was swearing in its new president and make open yet but since winning office his approval ratings lie at just about thirty percent the number of homicides in the country has reached a twenty year high and the deteriorating security situation has become
9:43 pm
a top priority for voters ahead of next year's presidential election. reports from state. in the step of this more in the city of cheap on single mexico have reached a breaking point an increase in violence means bodies are arriving faster than they can process. forensic teams are working twenty four hours a day just to keep up cutting the number of homicides in states like get out of one of the deadliest places in mexico it was a cornerstone of it to make opinion yet this presidential campaign now entering his sixth year in office many say the crisis has grown and is now out of control this part of the country sees over two thousand homicides per year and when the morgue runs out of space for unidentified bodies they end up here these above ground niches on the outskirts of town. president pena nieto is facing criticism beyond the violence evidence of corruption within his party has already landed two state
9:44 pm
governors in jail and another three are under investigation. his youngest son disappeared in two thousand and fourteen she along with other relatives of missing people in get i don't blame the president's government. this is a desperate cry for the people of mexico to see and know that we can no longer live in this corrupt system that's obsolete that gives no to anyone education is in the dumps and there have been structural changes and there have been reforms but they've all benefited themselves. despite evidence of corruption policy experts suggest that it might still be too soon to judge the impact of opinion it was presidency. the best this government has done are the structural reforms to say they have not yielded immediate results perhaps they will further down the road unless they are obstructed. if we allow reforms time to be refined perhaps we'll
9:45 pm
see positive results. today the president's national approval rating hovers at around thirty one percent not the worst of his tenure but a long way from the days when he was featured on the cover of time magazine as the savior of mexico. looking to the two thousand and eighteen general election the president's party is counting on a strong national economy still forecast to grow but short comings on everything from human rights to alleged corruption appear to have a majority in mexico ready for a change in leadership. got a little mix. still to come on al-jazeera this new potential game changer for renewable energy the world's largest lithium ion battery is timed on in australia. and john cena takes a break from the tries on a cricket we'll show you how he got on and sports.
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anyone who is a lot of computer or a small phone should know how important i am battery is to keep them connected but what if that battery was big enough to power thirty thousand that's what's happening in the state of south australia where the world's largest battery has been switched on and how small this seemingly innocuous rural area and south australia has suddenly become home to one of the biggest sources of renewable energy in the wild built in sixty days the us technology company tesla has built
9:48 pm
the largest lithium ion battery which is plugged into the power grid in the state of south australia the state's premier on build the john battery which is powered by a nearby wind farm this is an example of south australia leading the world the world's largest lithium battery it's right here in jamestown in south australia and it's already supplying power to the national electricity market australia is a major exporter of calls and is considered one of the world's worst greenhouse gas polluters the state of south australia is demolishing is coal fired power stations and switching to renewable energy that's imperative after a freak storm last year it caused a state wide blackout highlighting the on reliable supply of electricity the billionaire business tycoon mosque offered to build the battery point here is that the system will be three three times more powerful than any system in the on earth
9:49 pm
. this is a this is not like a sort of short like a minor foray into a frontier it's like you know going three times with anyone gone before must also promise that if it wasn't completed on time it would be free lucky for him the forty million dollars project was switched on ahead of schedule it's a exciting development. the story just kind of been the holy grail for the whole power business for two hundred years now because if we want to move towards variable renewables wind and solar produce their own interest when they want not necessarily when we want and so some way of storing the excess that they're producing which can then be used when they're not generating has been something we've looked for for many years people nearby jamestown gave their verdict lifted our spirits because everybody is happy about it and we have a question marks on that but the result in result i want it because it's never been called into action we really don't know what's coming and. so when it if it does
9:50 pm
do the job well and if it doesn't it's just another one of those political. tesla's chief executive wasn't at the unveiling but the state's new power backup surprise i'm sure to please climate change and pollution activists and possibly pave the way for other projects worldwide. now for all the latest sports. thank you so much sue well hosts russia will play saudi arabia in the opening match of next year's football world cup and christiane and portugal are being drawn alongside twenty ten winners spain the group stage draw taking place in moscow with european champions portugal up against spain morocco and iran in group b. defending champions germany they're in group earth with mexico sweden and south korea and have a look at the drawing for russia's open with saudi arabia taking place on june the fourteenth in moscow egypt and europe why the other group a team group b. is portugal spain morocco and iran nine hundred ninety eight champions france are
9:51 pm
the top seeds in group c. alongside australia and denmark argentina faced first time qualifiers iceland in group d. croatia and nigeria also in their brazil are the only south american team to win a world cup in europe that way back in one nine hundred fifty eight in sweden switzerland costa rica and serbia make it their group in group f. germany will be aware that the last two defending champion be knocked out of the group stages and there we go belgium england panama and tunisia make up a group g. with poland senegal colombia and japan in the final for the top two in each group or progress into the knockout rounds let's talk now to our sports correspondent leigh whirling sees live for us in london leigh what's which group if any is getting people talking. well it was a march to got people talking straight away which is portugal by i mean there's a lot to look forward so in that game but what i would expect is that whatever
9:52 pm
happens between the european champions and spain who were only pushed into a game like that because they were in the second lot of seeds that's how spain of steps until i expect them both to go through with morocco and iran in that group so maybe whatever happens in that guy it won't prove to be quite as big as if of course it was in the knockout stages the other thing of course is iceland in their first world cup the smallest nation ever to play in the world cup a population under three hundred forty thousand and they're playing argentina in their first game as you say in moscow one occasion that's going to be for the people of iceland if the fairytale just keeps going therefore you kind of don't want to put a pin in the balloon but let's not expect them to go throw see what happens but it's going to be really tough for them in a group with nigeria quite sure as well i think to pick up points at all and i think the toughest quit you could argue was brazil switzerland costa rica and serbia because it was ill go and leave the other three good teams fighting for
9:53 pm
another spot late tell us about the host russia a big advantage for them being drawn as a top seed what about their great. it is i mean a world cup really does so often need the host nation to do well you don't really think about is the first thing but it really does help with the atmosphere around the tournament is very embarrassing for hosts to go out for russia failure is not an option at all so to have saudi arabia is the only game i think that was it is a good only game for them they would definitely expect to win and then going on to games against egypt and you're a guy well there's dangers that egypt were fantastic in qualifying particularly with the performances of most sailors who was sensational in that qualifying group and has been for the last couple of years at least a year ago on quite what they were four years ago but it's still going to be dangerous russia will expect to progress that we demands for it's a happen they a world cup draw it out sepp blatter. sponsors ready to embrace this new look faith
9:54 pm
and ready to embrace the tournament in russia which was such a controversial choice. i'm not sure that was miss march the russian world cup is controversial always has been since the decision was first made seven years ago there's no doubt about that we felt with all of its control over seas and this isn't to do with russia are struggling to attract sponsors who are there always have because remember people sponsor fever but what they want to do is sponsor big thought much is that the world is watching that the eyes of the globe are on it's not about getting behind favre it's about getting those big guy so actually people companies will still want to get involved and you'll see that as we go into the tournament but the problem of russia's reputation won't go away i think it's the first ball is kicked they were in thank you so much plenty more from between now and during the fourteenth but for now thank you very much if any champions the seattle sounders will face toronto f.c.
9:55 pm
in a major league soccer cup final in north america will be the houston dynamo three mail in the second leg of the western conference finals goals from the two or three us we didn't see and will bring security again when it's wrong to allow seattle in the final on december ninth that's a rematch of the twenty sixteen final where the sounders won on penalty us. another bizarre case of the headbutts greeting has dominated the build up to round two of the ashes series between australia and england the second test coming up in adelaide after australia won the opening test home caps in steve smith piercing the funny side as teammate camera bancroft described being head butted by england's jonny bairstow in a bar a few weeks earlier bairstow claims it was a form of greeting going bankrupt said he believed no malice was involved. and they wasn't mocking his team. in the last year cameron in the way he delivered. the advent of what had happened. i don't know cameron that well yeah i did look
9:56 pm
within. he was very dry and. different in the way things came across and you know i think if you guys got a good laugh out of it as much as i did. i'd like to think that. steve has in a good amount of humility about him and that he's laughing at the scenario and the comments rather than the situation. of things and i think you know it's important we just move on really well one man most cricketers are in fact anyone for that matter won't be wanting to head but has been trying his hand in the gentleman's game doubly doubly superstar john cena is in australia meeting sydney thunder players ahead of next month's t twenty big bash league in mali's used to beating up some pretty big guys he struggled a little bit against some of sydney's best school children bowlers there saying avenge me did get the hang of batting but said he didn't fancy having
9:57 pm
a ball. the wicket is when i take the ball and it bounces and it hits the top thing and all those things collapse yes that's what i did one way to get it out but first of all i don't ever a bit bored me to do so it like that and competitors at the mouth and the sob in perth getting ready for the toughest stage of the rights organizers of the legendary events of putting on a sister event in south america stage three was a relatively short twenty five kilometer jog on saturday a seventy kilometer route awaits them all the total is just over two hundred forty kilometers and with the exception of strictly russian water runners have to carry all their own supplies. ok that is a sport looking for now let's get back to see you in london. thank you roundabouts it from a success and for this news about maryanne demasi will be with you in a moment with more of the day's news go away.
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impact they have on the diplomatic stage a special program dedicated to this year's nobel peace prize laureates i can and their pursuit of a nuclear weapon free world and we look ahead to the big stories that could dominate the headlines in twenty eighteen. december on al-jazeera. news has never been more available it's a constant barrage that they put out every day but the message is a simplistic you have a brain that good logical rational person crazy monster and misinformation is rife dismissal and denial of the well documented accusation and evidence is part of genocide the listening post provides a critical counterpoint challenging mainstream media narrative at this time on al-jazeera.
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president transform a national security adviser pleads guilty to lie.


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