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tv   NEWSHOUR  Al Jazeera  December 2, 2017 4:00pm-5:01pm +03

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you know i'm not a film shot of crimes committed against civilians we've moved out of syria now about six hundred thousand pages of material so that one day they can bring the assad regime to justice it puts a human face on the charges it's a dead human face but it's a human face syria witnesses for the prosecution at this time on al-jazeera. swift and for us. this is al jazeera.
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hello i'm simon is a than this is the news i live from doha coming up in the next sixty minutes. fighting intensifies between rival groups in yemen's capital with reports of at least forty dead. and the admission of guilt donald trump's former national security adviser seeks a plea deal for lying about his contacts with russia plus. five . protests in germany against the far right policy that could become the biggest opposition bloc in parliament and pope francis wraps up his historic visit to me in modern bangladesh where he finally used the word rangar during a mass and in support tiger woods continues his impressive return to competitive golf the fourteen time major champion is five shots off the lead heading into the third round.
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now fighting between allies in yemen has intensified into a fourth day in the battle for control of the capital and least forty people were killed when houthi rebels fault forces loyal to former president ali abdullah saleh talks to when the dispute ended on friday with no solution are now solid says he's open to talks with saudi arabia to end the war in yemen but they won't is that comes with conditions. they need to lift the blockade and open the airports and allow food and medicine into the country we will open a new page for them for dialogue that is happening in yemen is enough. saudi foreign minister says the coalition is looking at ways to increase the flow of aid into yemen saudi arabia imposed that blockade last month after a missile was fired from who threw territory towards riyadh we hope that eventually
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the ruses will realize that this is not. and that they will make peace there are many citizens they have every right to participate in the political process but we can't control the country we are very concerned about the humanitarian situation in yemen we are looking at ways of entrancing the flow humanitarian assistance into yemeni ports airports whenever i encounter b. is a political analyst he says the whole thing is in saw us forces were never really allied to begin with. i think they were just to overthrow the government of yemen and so the time we all knew all along that this day will have have to come and the fight. between houthi and saleh will have to break and so it is happening right now called for war against the houthi militias and called on his supporters and loyalists and also the professional army the elite republican guard to actually
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declare war against the whole thing i think it's very clear that he maybe want to but one of his family members and power outage share power with the current legitimate government so i think maybe it seems to me that they might be a collaboration between regional powers. and maybe the legitimate government to somehow overthrow the houthi is first and then have a sort of serious political talk this is what it looks like with the whole thing is headed i don't think so declare this word today against the houthi it without some sort of support from. our coalition. or some breaking news coming out of nigeria where officials say suspected boko haram suicide bombers have killed at least twelve people in the northeast in a market there. bring you more details on this is soon as we get it because his foreign minister says he hopes to make progress on ending a regional crisis when gulf leaders gather in kuwait next week is how the blockade
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on carter is expected to be a major talking point the two day annual meeting of the gulf cooperation council well just here is bernard smith spoke to the foreign minister at the conference in rome and i asked him how important the summit would be for the future of the g c c . since the g.c.c. is witnessing this unprecedented crisis it will be very important that will be the most important thing and was counting on. this ship and on this framework we will be there. but i did set to dialogue with the countries the book including the book. in order to teach as to a solution for this crisis and the tenants for the scent to stop this from escaping further do you think it's make or break over the g.c.c. the next week well it is an important meeting. and we believe that the twin. that he will find a way forward for us to make to make tough decisions so hard on both sides eyes had
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a couple days ago the cutoff still hasn't given any way on all of the demands made by blockading countries what can catch all do to try and bring a similar. position of becoming a part of yourself. no country is in a position to impose any demands on any other subjects that they have concerns they are welcome to come and discuss the present other than the nation can accept and forced by others. this is our position this is what i mean. by this thank you back to our breaking news story about that blast in the northeast of nigeria ahmed edris our correspondent we can go to him in a can you tell us. well basically i might suspect it to be suicide bombers attacked a market in the northern town of e.u. which is one hundred hundred. if you take the meters away from my degree you will
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has been largely spared by the army surgeon state but more in many areas and i don't think that the attacks on several occasions and this is one of the cases be increasing rate twelve suicide bomb attacks we've seen over the last five or six months across. eastern nigeria so forty seven people have also been turned to be in hospital receiving treatment some with severe injuries at the moment and officially confirming to us that seventeen people have been killed and we understand this is the work of bucca hot on what can you tell us about that well. as not can increase possibility about this particular attack the right now will have the claimed responsibility for attacking eastern nigeria over the last one or two months however these attacks the signature of the koran we've seen them targeting increasingly nice soft spots like places of worship like most of the last one the
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biggest one was the movie in northeastern nigeria when fifty fell more than fifty people have been killed in one particular attack and recently were also people you meet in propaganda against western education by attacking a school in movies to nigeria killing jews and injuring two others so do you see is not this is not confirmed yet as to whether or not quite are carried out this attack but a lot of people and i want to see shows say look these pulled the hallmarks albeit the hallmarks of a quite arms attacks all over the northeast and i do know that the seven hundred eighty s. thanks for clarifying that imagery. now former senior advisor to the us president dog trump has admitted to lying to the f.b.i. about his contact with russia michael flynn is the first trump administration official to be charged as part of a criminal investigation by special counsel robert muller the former national
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security adviser says a senior member of trump's transition team asked him to reach out to russia's and vice versa to the u.s. before the president's inauguration a move that's not allowed but his guilty plea shows flynn is cooperating with a mauler investigation and could be an important source of information for prosecutors investigating others in the white house our white house correspondent kimberly how could reports. a rider get federal court in washington michael flynn ignored shouted questions by reporters. inside moments later the former national security adviser to president donald trump pled guilty to lying to the f.b.i. court documents show the charges against flynn stem from his lying about efforts to obtain advance knowledge of how foreign governments might vote on a u.n. security council resolution about israel as well as phone conversations flynn had before tribe was even sworn in as president with the former russian ambassador to
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the united states sergei kislyak flynn is said to have suggested to kiss liane sanctions put in place against russia by the obama white house may be dropped once trump was sworn in and they did not discuss anything having to do with the united states decision to expel diplomats or or impose a censure against russia flynn's lies to the vice president about that phone call led to his dismissal after just three weeks in office in a statement trumps lawyer said flynt false claims mirror the false statements to white house officials which resulted in his resignation. in february of this year nothing about the guilty plea or the charge implicates anyone other than mr flynn but his plea in fact may directly tie the oval office to the investigation by special counsel robert muller and whether or not the trump campaign worked with
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russia this suggests that mr flynt has more information to provide about other things the white house has lied about other things the president himself may have lied about and whether or not the white house including the president himself colluded with russia according to the former f.b.i. director james comey trump once asked him to drop the case against flynn and despite claims by the president's lawyer flynn's cooperation with the f.b.i. probe shows that most investigation is ask. could lead to charges against an even bigger target including the president of the united states kimberly helped get al jazeera washington. bruce fein is a former u.s. associate deputy attorney general who joins us now from washington d.c. good to have you with us so right now we don't want to speculate of course but is it fair to assume that a lot of all the people in the white house are going to be feeling the heat
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particularly jerod couche no. yes and the reason is because the plea agreement was really very lenient towards mr flynn if you look at the spectrum of criminal vulnerabilities that was that issue including violating the foreign agents registration act because he was working for turkey and he never registered and other elements where we know that he violated the law and not reporting income from russia and the sentence here is really quite mild it's recommended it will not necessarily have to be accepted by the district court but likely would be it's a maybe a few months in prison and nine thousand dollars fine so that must mean that mr mohler believes that the information that that mr flynn can provide will be very very critical to his investigation otherwise he wouldn't have gone along with such a lenient please if you will and i think that the greatest area of vulnerability of
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the president mr questionnaire relate to the reason why he was asking so rigorously mr call me to back off the investigation if it's true that this said nothing to do with mr trump why is mr trump because flynt already left his office at the been fired by the time he tie asked mr called me to stop why is he asking for the investigation to see and remember this comes also at a time with reports that mr trump was also asking the congressional oversight committees including the senate intelligence committee that you need set down these russian investigations that creates a mindset that the lawyers call mens rea of an attempt to obstruct justice and that's really a huge vulnerability in my judgment the greatest one that mr trump now is looking at or another that you mention of egypt is wrong of justice issue but let's be clear as anything that has come out in the last twenty four hours in any way gone closer to proving collusion which was the initial issue that mollo was supposed to
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be investigating collusion between the trump campaign and russian officials. i don't think i agree that has not been shown but you have to remember that in many of these investigations it's the cover up rather than the crime that was ultimately the downfall of the president that was certainly true the regard to watergate and mr nixon and no although it's true that you can't show collusion at least at present given the public record that if you can show there is an attempt to cover up evidence that might suggest collusion that's going to be equally culpable and also when you read through some of the cold documents that are coming out it does indicate does it not that flynn whether he was talking to the russian ambassador about the whole u.n. resolution on israel or whether he was talking about russia's reaction to obama era sanctions there is an indication in some of the wording that he was acting that flynn was acting as possible of communication or part of consultation with other
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senior members in the trump camp correct that is correct and you have to ask who is above the national security adviser the only person above the national security adviser in the hierarchy of the white house is the president of the united states or his surrogate which could be a son in law mr questioner so that obviously indicates that there could be a tie as suggested by his testimony between what he did and stated in overtures he made to the russian ambassador and mr trump or mr questioner or both all right so as we said we don't speculate but definitely enough reason to believe that this is not the end of the story that this can can go further if not higher thanks so much for your analysis on that and bring your expertise to this. the u.s. senate has narrowly passed a bill for the biggest overhaul of the tax system in decades it's a political victory for president donald trump after his admiration won the support
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of republicans who'd been holding out on friday no democrat voted for the legislation the house of representatives passed a separate version and now they must meet with the senate to agree on a final bill and if the legislation passes it would be the largest u.s. tanks overhaul since one thousand nine hundred eighty it would add one point four trillion dollars to the twenty trillion dollars national debt over ten years but troubled ministration says the reforms will help the economy critics say only the rich and corporations will benefit tom ackerman joins us from washington d.c. so how significant a victory is this being seen inside washington right now for the president. well if you're looking for donald trump's assessment in a tweet to this morning he said it was the greatest tax cut in history which as you mentioned is factually not quite correct but for republicans this is a major accomplishment given the fact that the only thing that the president had
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done so far since he assumed office ten months ago was to get a supreme court nomination approved by the senate but otherwise that he had no legislative victories so for republicans this this was really something that had to be done and as indicated by many of the republican senators who said that basically they had objections to various parts of the bill particularly to the effect it will have on enlarging the american debt they nevertheless overrode those doubts and with one exception senator bob corker of tennessee the head of the foreign relations committee who has announced already that he will not be running for reelection he was the only no vote among the republicans and so it squeaked by so the president will probably be riding on this in his in his speeches from now.
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at least until the senate and the house reconcile their varying versions of the bill and actually bring it before his desk the president was not notably. up to date about the details of the bill what was most important to him was basically that he had a win and therefore that he would get something that he could sign and add to his resume. whatever happens the u.s. economy as you know tom is a global concern and it's the largest economy in the world what is the sort of consensus if there is one that's emerging amongst economists about what this ultimately means for the world's largest economy. well first of all i might add that this this according to public opinion polls this bill in its various iterations was extremely unpopular only twenty five percent support a given the fact that the this as some analysts have splendid is
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basically not so much a tax cut because it doesn't apply uniformly across the ten years of its of its tenure to everybody there will be some tax increases for some people in the middle class but also because it will be what they call a wealth redistribution in the american economy overwhelmingly the advantages will be to the top one percent or the top tenth of one percent of the of the population and what was indicated what was most telling was that almost all the economists who were surveyed said that it would it would actually contribute very little to economic growth it certainly would not reach the depths of the the heights of three percent four percent g.d.p. growth which the president and his and his surrogates the treasury secretary for example had talked about and in addition the most important thing is that it would add one point four trillion dollars to the national debt which is now
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a signal to the wall street that interest rates will go up the federal reserve has has admitted as much and so therefore with inflation in in sight there will be a necessity to make the cost of borrowing money more expensive but what's interesting was that the there was very little reaction on on the war and on the stock markets and therefore we don't really see that there will be any immediate immediate effects immediate improvements to the economy as a result of this bill our thanks so much to my coming. plenty most ahead on the news hour including jurist declares a curfew tensions are high as the country away is the results of a contested presidential election. from farmland to wasteland the lucrative industry leaves a devastating impact on the occupied west bank and its board change of fortunes
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from one n.b.a. team have all the details coming up later in the program. now thousands of people are expected to rally against the far right alternative for germany party which is electing its new leadership in hanover the demonstrators are against the anti migrant anti islam party that won almost one hundred seats in parliament in september's elections co-leader frog quit soon after to form her own party is gearing up to be the biggest opposition bloc against chancellor angela merkel's yet to be formed government. where fifty will be germany's official opposition party if chancellor angela merkel enters into a coalition with the social democrats they are the ones to introduce a proposal to repatriate syrian refugees and this will be debated in parliament but
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all other parties are expected to vote against it controversially the far right party also wants to honor the german army which is traditionally been kept out of politics since the end of world war two. callan joins us now from hanover how do the protests. now does that mean it's all quiet outside. into the center of the city but all the action seems to have happened this morning when there was a sit in by some protesters who were trying to prevent the six hundred delegates from attending this conference which you can see behind me things got a little tense for a while and police actually unleashed water cannons on some of the protesters we understand that at least one protester was injured and several of the police offices but inside the drummer is rather focused on the left protest is actually focused on the internal divisions within the party itself we're expecting
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a leadership contest here as you mentioned earlier the woman who took the f.t. to the election and delivered that surprise result actually quit the party because it was moving to divide so we're seeing an ideological split and i'm joined right now by team from the german marshall fund he's been analyzing events here inside this. can you tell us about this ideological split and why it matters in the context of german politics. is a party which has been fractured all of the. various different interest groups forming your own certain issues being pro euro zone against euro zone for united states against the united states or how do you define yourself elation to joining government do you want to join the government and don't you and the current you refer to. question do you want to set up the party as a government in waiting as some people want well if they know the party ought to
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remain a fundamental opposition force be rejecting joining government in the foreseeable future and the current standing for election who will feel the support of the women . it's in the favor of making sure he is preparing for joining a government eventually if the party does via a very heavily to the right will these have implications for europe and the rest of the world as a whole and the parties impact on europe one german politics is not so interested at focusing on the internal issues but rather on the effect on other parties namely what it currently see is that. parties has problems forming a stable government because it is deprived of other parties being strong enough to form a government with and that's a result of the claiming voters from established parties so basically the day's biggest impact is weakening other parties making college information difficult more difficult than before and this in turn makes the german politics
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a bit more unpredictable than the stability we used to in the last decade so an interesting time in german politics thank you very much to keep from the german marshall fund back to you in the studio. thank you. thanks so much that now pope francis is wrapping up his asian tollway he finally used the word during a mass on friday the head of the roman catholic church blessed people during a gathering for young people in bangladesh is capital dhaka the pontiff has been on a six day trip to bangladesh. the international community hope to dress the six hundred twenty thousand who fled what the u.n. calls ethnic cleansing in iraq and states didn't specifically mention the ethnic minority there while he was in myanmar the pope finished his tour by addressing young people of the university in. egypt many. young people always ready to go forward because they are ready to take risks they have
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the bravery to push forward with enthusiasm to achieve their best. father robert goll is an associate professor of fundamental ethics at the pontifical university of the holy cross joins us live from rome good to have you with us if we could start with the question do you think that the pope's image of a champion of the weak of the oppressed that this pope in particular enjoyed. has been somewhat impacted by the fact that he didn't raise the issue of the term of till after he had left me and mantle he'd gone to bangladesh. is that there's often a tendency to try to read these events in political vocabulary in terms of policy proposals but instead instead the pope uses his moral authority to speak really as a prophet through eloquent symbols and i think the very powerful statement that he just made in bangladesh in which he said that the presence of god is also wrote him
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go is a is the most powerful defense that you could make of a people which is really dedicated this entire trip both to myanmar and to bangladesh to the plight of refugees and other people who are suffering from discrimination whether ethnic or religious and he took advantage of this opportunity in order to assert the principles of democracy and respect for all human rights i think many people have understood this powerfully but again the fact that he didn't raise it while he was meeting with aung sang suu kyi with the generals does that show at least let me put it this way that in this instance he chosen to be diplomats before head of the church. of course he was invited as a guest in part of that welcoming ceremony as such that is a gracious guest he didn't want to touch the most sensitive wound there in among the authorities and therefore he didn't directly explicitly raise the delicate issue which is also disputed some of the details regarding the nomenclature to be
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used to refer to the rohingya but he did speak about the principles and now just afterwards in fact raising the suspense around the world will the pope use the word rohingya or not now he has and he's done so in a place where he won't be ruffling the feathers of the authorities in a country that has a minuscule small catholic population that pope francis is also concerned about protecting in the face of possible retaliation from the government would you say father to those who would say about ruffling the feathers is something that should come as positive ones responsibilities or mission as head of the church as a follower of jesus christ and his example in the bible of not being afraid to annoy ruffle feathers of people when it's necessary. that's right but of course jesus also exonerated his people to be inspired by the holy spirit and to seek wisdom and to respect other people and the pope isn't
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reckless he is he's a prudent man but he also seeks the prophetic proclamation so i think he's fifty three he sought his balance between being respectful of those who invited him to their country while at the same time strongly denouncing the persecution the discrimination that's going on against this persecuted minority rights good to have your perspective on this thanks so much for coming to talk to us father robert all that thank you. now police in honduras have been given extra powers to stop the violence that followed a disputed presidential election one person has been killed in scuffles between police and opposition supporters dozens have been injured a clear winner is yet to emerge from sunday's vote president hollande orlando hernandez is narrowly ahead of the opposition candidate. who has claimed electoral fraud he's called on his supporters to head to the streets security forces have
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imposed a nighttime curfew for the next ten days. all of these acts of vandalism these incidents the settings of fires are not reasonable for one during this therefore at the request of many sectors of society the council of ministers has declared a curfew to safeguard the security of the country. violent protests have broken out in bolivia too after president evo morales there declared he's running for a fourth term his announcement comes after a court eliminated term limits for presidents clearing the way for morale is to run again the ruling was handed down despite the referendum rejecting the idea last year. it's time to get up to speed with the weather here's everything for us with news of that rain and snow all the way down into southern europe i have my friends there it is no end rainy yes it is pretty cold very much like winter isn't it wasn't looking to bad in rome sami but we have got a fair bit of lively weather not too far away you can see on the satellite picture
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this either cloud there just to the west of rome this affecting sardinia and corsica we've had some rain and snow there certainly over the high ground nasty little area of low pressure this one and that's been producing some very strong winds some very heavy rain and a fair bit of snow as well little mistrial wind blowing through the rhone valley there across southern parts of france we've seen some very heavy rain here and indeed in sardinia fifty five millimeters of rain in twenty four hours pushed a little further east into albania very heavy rain here we had a good hundred sixty one millimeters of rain again in the space of just one day and that has led to some widespread flooding these pictures coming from the capital toronto where we had a huge amount of rainfall widespread flooding has led to some power cuts trees down and of course good deal of chaos on the roads and it's very difficult to get out and about the unsettled weather does remain in our forecast there we go with snow sammy some very wintry weather now pushing across the low countries down across
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that western side of germany will continue to sink its way further southwards and east which is we go on through the coming hours still a few showers just around southern parts we have got clearer skies coming in behind but signs of mild weather up towards the north west london just about getting into double figures sammy. march was. lad on al-jazeera russia has the world's biggest nuclear stockpile now there are fears it's in no rush to reduce that arsenal turning over a new leaf blockade is giving an unexpected boost to those publishing industry. the women serve season comes to a dramatic end to tell you what happened in the final event in hawaii. that's not what we're talking about shooting people are not trying to shoot to burn themselves and their other countries have managed to solve this problem are you
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worried that this conflict could erupt into account right open war that this is the general security issue where the people who pay the price clearly their writeup been prejudiced setting the stage for serious debate up front at this time on al-jazeera.
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they want time to recap our headlines this hour yemen's former president says he's open to talks with saudi arabia to end the war at least forty people have died during in fighting between forces loyal to him and her three rebels in sana'a it's the fourth day of fighting between the former allies after talks on friday failed to end the dispute. at least seventy people have been killed in two suspected attacks in nigeria the blasts happened in the northeast town of view in the borno state government official says forty seven others were wounded in the attack. us president down transformer national security advisor michael flynn has admitted to lying to the f.b.i. about his contacts with russia flynn says a senior member of trump's transition team asked him to reach out to russia's ambassador to the u.s.
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. the head of the syrian government delegation has criticized the opposition for statements made ahead of the latest talks in geneva. for a says they can be no progress as long as the opposition keeps demanding that president bashar assad steps down the government delegation has now returned to damascus it says it will decide whether to go back to geneva when negotiating resume on tuesday. residents of a rebel held in syria's eastern region have made a desperate plea for medical and food aid the un has called for the immediate evacuation of five hundred people including one hundred sixty seven children from the area which is near the capital many of those waiting to be moved are either injured or sick nine people have died in recent weeks while waiting for permission from the government to be allowed to leave. because of the rockets the houses we live in have holes in the ceilings there is nothing else to say it is not enough
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that we are hungry and cold we are covering ourselves with nylon sheets to keep us warm and lighting fires to cook we are like a barn animals now we eat what can i say god help us we don't know what will happen to us what is going to be the end of us what now what are we to do our children are gone dead from the shelling and the others have fled when the palestinian chief negotiator is warning the u.s. would be playing with fire if it recognizes jerusalem as the capital of israel so i bought a car that was referring to reports that president could announce the policy change on wednesday the white house insists the final decision hasn't been made yet time before. the diplomatic status of jerusalem is one of the world's most contested issues israel calls the city its undivided capital and operates its government from there while palestinians claim east jerusalem which israel occupied
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after the one nine hundred sixty seven war as the rightful capital of their future state despite the unresolved status of the city which is important to muslims christians and jews u.s. president donald trump is reportedly considering recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel in the coming days a major potential shift in policy sharply criticized by palestinian leaders. this is a very big issue touching jerusalem touching the al aqsa mosque touching the church of the herd is playing with fire there's no meaning for a palestinian state that east jerusalem as its capital recognizing jerusalem as the capital of israel could also see the u.s. embassy moved there from tel aviv while campaigning then candidate promised to move a diplomatic mission as one of his first acts as president but in june the white house issued a waiver to meet a deadline to either comply with the nine hundred ninety five law mandating the
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move of the u.s. embassy to jerusalem or explain why doing so is not in u.s. national security interests signing the waiver which presidents clinton bush and obama signed every six months as a matter of course angered president trumps evangelical christian supporters and pro israel donors who are reportedly pressuring him to declare next week's waiver to be his last while others are said to have also warned moving the embassy could not only strain ties with arab allies but could lead to violence and that's the big question will he go all the way or will he leave that legal loophole open i think because he would he would go that way and that would in a way placate his you know very well probably israeli facts including his vice president was very religiously. you know motivated by this. and also still leave open some door negotiations etc with the palestinians and others well it's still unclear what president trump will announce next week any
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decisions could complicate efforts by his administration to revive negotiations between palestinian and israeli leaders kirshner son in law and senior advisor has made several trips to the region as part of efforts to start the talks talks which look more distance than ever m.p.'s time i'll just sit. around half of the generated in israel find its way to the occupied west bank creasing rights of unemployment in the past fifteen is many people risk their health by burning the waste of valuable role materials. made reports from which has become the center of the industry. the town of edna's one of the most polluted places in the occupied west bank truckloads of electronic waste make their way here every day the vast majority coming from israel to surrounding illegal jewish settlements. computer air
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conditioners filters for gas t.v.'s and many more discarded goods littered in multiple workshops in and around the town. it's a dangerous job for example there are gases in the air conditioners if you don't let them out it could explode in your face one must be very careful each item is taken apart every single component has a different use and price take a computer for example. the hard disk case goes into a pile then we separate the c.p.u. from the motherboard it's more expensive but we also look for cables and send them to the grinder to separate aluminum from copper we do this to all the items we receive. the parts then are sold back to israel but its valuable materials such as copper wire that are the most profitable a good chunk of this waste gets burnt illegally because it's simpler and easier to extract copper this way usually happens on the hill surrounding the time but this is agricultural land a look at what's left behind. the burning happens usually at night the minerals
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are distracted the shark old remains left a small four hours miss back is furious which each fire more of his crops are destroyed. like a cancer no one can walk here any more. even the sheep can to be here they're not breeding any more look at them i only three isn't that that as shane looking around most of his olive trees have been poisoned by the toxic fumes scientists say this unregulated transfer of electronic waste is having a long term impact on the people of it and its landscape recent tests and so. samples have revealed some astonishing results. we were shocked by the high levels of heavy metals i can't me i'm in the lead they already exist in nature usually around one milligram particular of soil but we found tens of thousands of other grounds we kill or soiled in the samples at
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a very high level it destroyed the soil and aquifers it affects human life is a major concern releasing particles of heavy metals that don't decompose and make their way to defeat it now was one set down that thrived on agriculture known for its olives and. now it's fields are home to carcasses of t.v.'s computers and fridges but that that has. now in the occupied west bank now turkey says it will seize the assets of a turkish iranian gold trader and those of his close relatives rob is a key witness in the trial of a turkish banker he allegedly worked with to launder money for iran he's admitted those charges and is now cooperating with u.s. prosecutors so rob told the court on thursday that turkey's president rajapaksa about of the one personally approved to sanction breaking deals with iran a judge in the canadian province of quebec has suspended
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a law that banned full face coverings when receiving or giving public services it's part of a religious neutrality law passed in october it was criticized by civil liberties groups who said it discriminated against them women the judge says more guidelines are needed on how it will work in practice. north korea has celebrated its latest long range missile test with a fireworks display in the capital. thousands of people turned out in pyongyang to mark the occasion the military launched the so-called house song fifteen missile earlier this week it traveled ten times higher than the international space station orbits the test suggest north korea is now capable of producing missiles that can reach the entire united states
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. the nobel peace prize is due to be awarded on december the tenth picking up the award is the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons or i can the groups dedicated to creating a world without nuclear weapons while looking at the nuclear status of countries worldwide in the days leading up to the war in oslo attention on north korea's nuclear program rises russia has the largest stockpile of nuclear weapons and this concern it isn't in a rush to reduce its arsenal right chance reports from moscow. of all the nuclear states in the world russia has the most weapons roughly seven thousand strategic nuclear warheads one thousand five hundred are on missiles ready to be fired from military bases four thousand five hundred stockpiles two thousand five hundred are retired waiting to be dismantled it's a major reduction from the cold war years forty thousand new have been amassed by
4:45 pm
the time the soviet union was nearing collapse what's the agreements which produced such significant disarmament are under strain the united states unilaterally withdrew from the n.c. ballistic missile treaty in two thousand and two and recently washington and moscow have accused each other of violating another cornerstone agreements of the nuclear age the intermediate range nuclear forces treaty when ronald reagan and mikhail gorbachev signed their names in one thousand nine hundred seventy they outlawed all land based missiles that could strike targets between five hundred and five thousand five hundred kilometers. but russia and the u.s. both say each other's cruise missile systems such as russia's caliber class here have been given secret updates so they don't comply with the i.n.f. treaty. but he may putin says russia has only been developing air and sea based
4:46 pm
intermediate range missiles weapons which the u.s. has long held a superior advantage. we believe that we have only balanced out a situation if someone does not like it and wishes to withdraw from the treaty for example our american partners our response will be immediate i would like to repeat this one immediate and reciprocal this nonproliferation analyst says such talks sets a dangerous precedent. nations with. nuclear arsenals. and . so it's a message to other nations that. other nations should have nuclear build. in other words russia and the united states have a special responsibility not to let a new global nuclear arms race spiral out of control chalons how to zero moscow.
4:47 pm
when next in our series we turn to the u.k. high despite strong opposition to nuclear weapons political leaders are sharply divided on what to do about this you can watch that story on sunday right here on al-jazeera. sally led blockade imposed on cult has since june has sharpened the gulf nations focus on preserving its heritage and identity well that's given an unexpected boost to its publishing industry sort of high about reports from one of the region's biggest book fairs here in doha. when as much as four dollars father died two and a half years ago she became determined to tell his story so she wrote a book i saw is about the whole diving industry in qatar before the gulf country discovered oil when i started collecting data and information and i did a lot of reset. i looked at the school curriculum in the gulf region again there is disconnection and lack of resources for such stories so i'm hoping.
4:48 pm
i will start and for qatar and hopefully it will attract others in that region as much as one of several cats authors to emerge this year previously many of them would have had to have found publishes abroad there are twenty newly published books on the shelf alone they're all written by catteries in arabic and published by catalogues first privately owned publishing house and there seems to be an emphasis on the country's identity as well as society if you take this book for example you'll see it's called cats are is different but us cattle remains under a blockade put in place by saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain and egypt there's never been a better time to nurture homegrown talent last year eighty five. and this year almost the. and i think the interest that the
4:49 pm
ministry chose for the others and encourage them and the. facilities that encourage us to come while the blockading countries aren't attending this year's international book fair many other nations are taking part now there is no. direct effect on our book here. except in one way. lot of. us felt that they have to do much better this year and terms of quantity and quality as new authors of published old invaluable manuscripts are digitized cattle is working hard to preserve its heritage and its relevance in an ever changing world so to hired al-jazeera doha now doctors in texas have delivered the first baby born in the united states as
4:50 pm
a result of a womb transplant hospital in dallas released this picture of the newborn the mother is one of several women in the u.s. to receive uterus transplants in the past year milestone comes three years after the world's first from a transplanted womb in sweden. still ahead on al-jazeera lights and tigers and baz o. mine will tell you why the animals at a belgian zoo might be struggling to get their eight hours at night. and in sports will hear from us anyway. provides a face one of the biggest rivals in the english premier league. a year on from the election which washington both the republican and democratic parties are struggling to adjust to a polarized in october it really is an identity crisis he just ran against trump
4:51 pm
forty years literally stake out a set of positions and offer us a clear alternative not just a truck but to the politics that gave truck pulled lines examines the shifting sands of american politics life of the party this time on al jazeera. al jazeera as award winning programs take you on a journey around the globe. expert analysis. it's all about who's in charge who controls the resources and documentaries that will in your eyes it's a technology story it's a business story it's a social story and it's a political story all wrapped into one it's unpredictable television that truly inspired us only on al-jazeera.
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has time to catch up on the sports news so it's a good thing for us here thank you so much sammy tiger woods is continuing to make a successful return to competitive golf in the bahamas a fourteen time. champion is playing for the first time in ten months because of his fourth back surgery i mean briefly found himself back at the top of the leaderboard on friday woods as fans of the album the golf club were delighted when he made this a go on the nine told to take the lead of round the american went on to card a four under par round of sixty eight but it wasn't enough to hold on to top spot it's charlie hoffman has that heading into day three he's three shots ahead and there is challengers jordan speed and tommy fleetwood woods is five behind hoffman . like today could have easily gotten to double digits on a par. or put me probably want to but. think i'm still in. two more days and so
4:53 pm
i think this first of all the harder tomorrow. the case you know i think a good solid rock should give me up in the bubble now and there's a huge top of the table clash in the english premier league later fourth place arsenal are hosting manchester united arsenal are coming off a high after beating huddersfield five nil on wednesday but be going for a thirteenth premier league win in a row at the emirates stadium and will be hoping for back to back wins over united arsenal are currently twelve points behind leaders man city but their manager says the title race is far from over it's too early to say that and. i feel. every team is fun. and. but. each to. you we. know there are several more games in the english premier league on saturday already
4:54 pm
underway defending champions chelsea are hosting newcastle and it's two one to the blues there are six other matches kicking off in about an hour from now will be former england manager sam allardyce his first game in charge as everton boss taking on huddersfield. i've been offered a number of jobs between retiring from crystal palace and sort of almost officially saying i'd retired for the first time i was before and sort of said you never know what might happen so i got offered more jobs when i set up which are the not for the mill and australia have completed a rugby league world cup double the country's men's and women's teams retaining their titles on the same day the men's team just edged out england who were making their first final appearance in more than twenty years corner scored the only try of the game in brisbane it finished six mil to australia they're celebrating and eleven the world cup victory anglin really tested australia after putting them into
4:55 pm
bags on what was a difficult first day of the second ashes tests for the home side was meant to watch or was the only player to get a half century in adelaide but was removed for fifty three as england reduced the aussies to one hundred thirty nine for three things a bad one steve smith was bowled for forty with the score on one hundred and sixty one for four the aussies finished the day on two hundred and nine for four. indian captain virat kohli had an unbeaten one hundred fifty six on day one of the first test against sri lanka in the closing on three hundred seventy one for four there were also plenty of runs for new zealand in wellington the block caps for four hundred forty seven for nine at stumps on day two of the first test against west indies a call in to granholm was particularly impressive as one hundred five in seventy one balls was the second fastest century by a new zealand batsman in tests. defending n.b.a. champion the golden state warriors beat the orlando magic one hundred thirty three for one to one hundred and twelve for their second road win in
4:56 pm
a row over in washington the wizards speak the detroit pistons for their first home win in nearly three weeks more scored twenty three points to lead washington to one hundred and ninety ninety one when detroit had their three game winning streak snapped. it was a high scoring n.h.l. game between the winnipeg jets and the vegas golden knights on friday in winnipeg the home team scored five third period goals including two from kyle horner to lead the jets to a seven four win over the golden knights the win moves winnipeg into first place in the western conference. and australia's tyler wright may have won the world surf league title on friday but she's got some tough competition out there fellow australian stephanie gilmore served to a win at the last event of the season the maoi women's provent to finish a close second to rights in the overall standings gilmore will be going for a record equalling seventh world title next season. and that's all
4:57 pm
your support for now i'll have more later but for now it's back to. now some zebras a peacock or two in and out of my becoming a drunk would you ever expect to see a dragon. visitors that. have been treated to all of this head of the holiday season a chinese light festival is overtaken the zoo in belgium that's why illuminated creatures are placed among the regular inhabitants and it's proved a popular attraction on its opening night. it's magic it's beautiful although. it's nice. and. of the different cultures. and it's very nice i really like the story about because. it was one of the first ones when you were here. because you always see people with you know tattoos of course and everything
4:58 pm
and. myself my background is chinese but i didn't grow up with the heritage part and everything. was it was nice with all the like descriptions next to it what it's about and what. stands for. from me for this news all be back in a moment with more of the day's news that's in another. and of course there's always the web site al-jazeera dot com thank you for hours a day stay with us. in syria citizens are collecting evidence. reveals shots of crimes committed against civilians who've moved out of syria there are both six hundred thousand pages of material so that one day they can bring the outside regime to justice it
4:59 pm
puts a human face on the charges it's a dead human face but it's a human face syria witnesses for the prosecution at this time on al-jazeera. december on al-jazeera we look back at twenty seventeen through the eyes of five families have been affected by some of the big stories of the year in an increasingly polarized world people in power sheds light on the darkest abuses of authority ten days of comprehensive coverage about nuclear arsenals around the globe and the impact they have on the diplomatic stage a special program dedicated to this year's nobel peace prize laureates i can and their pursuit of a nuclear weapon free world and we look ahead to the big stories that could dominate the headlines in twenty eighteen. december on al-jazeera.
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