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tv   NEWS LIVE - 30  Al Jazeera  December 2, 2017 8:00pm-8:34pm +03

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kingfish indulge your five senses. own jew's ear or. where ever you.
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go for years with absolutely. no solution u.s. president don't promise makes his position clear denying any links with russia during last year's election campaign. hello i'm barbara starr you're watching al-jazeera live from london also coming up . fighting intensifies between rival groups in yemen's capital sanaa with reports of at least forty dead. the. protests in germany as the far right party needs to choose its leaders are following up triumphant turnout in september's general election and the pope wraps up his asian tour and heads home to the vatican but did he achieve everything he wanted.
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we begin the program in the united states where president donald trump has again insisted there was no collusion between his campaign and russia during the two thousand and sixteen presidential election on leaving the white house on saturday trump appeared unfazed when asked about his former national security advisers decision to cooperate with the f.b.i. investigation as part of his plea deal on friday mike flynn admitted he had lied about contacting the russian ambassador last december and said he was they wrecked it to do so by a senior member of trump's transition team reported to be chaired cush there what i think you. know killer is you know killers that are doing this with absolutely no clue so we're very happy to see what happened thank you all very much. well earlier we spoke to claire finkelstein who is the the rector of essex and the rule of law at the university of pennsylvania law school she said any attempts by the president
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to protect himself from the investigation may be an obstruction of justice. there are two ways that the president may attempt to protect himself here and i think we'll start to see increased pressure in this regard first of all there's a worry of course of the president may try to fire robert muller now it's rather a light plea deal here for michael flynn but it's an important plea because the fact is that the law is that when told the f.b.i. involved the russia pros suggest that if president trump now attempts to fire robert muller he may very well be obstructing justice in doing that the same would hold for a pardon if he tries to pardon michael flynn. for these charges that may seem to deepen the suggestion that he is engaging in obstruction of
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justice so wallaces as they say or rather light plead for michael flynn it is an important it's important that it contains reference to the russia probe itself as that will start to tie the hands of the president protecting himself from this investigation the u.s. senate has narrowly passed the bill for the biggest tax overhaul in decades paving the way for president the first big legislative victory the bill was passed by fifty one votes to forty nine on friday after his administration managed to win over republican holdouts the plan sees a sharp cut in corporation tax but a senate committee finding has warned it will add one trillion dollars to the budget deficit no democrat voted for the legislation which they say benefits the wealthy and big business the other good people. and while
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the republicans may get away with this act of looting two nights history is not on their side the day will come and it will come sooner than later when we are going to have a government here that represents all of us not just the koch brothers not just the billionaire class not just wealthy campaign contributors i've had conversations with c.e.o.'s who have told me they want to invest in the united states but the tax makes it prohibitively expensive to bring it home and therefore they're looking for opportunities overseas where they won't have this point mr president we have to end this and we're going to end this in this bill. the former yemeni president ali abdullah saleh has called for a joint ceasefire between his supporters and the who the rebels and the saudi led
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coalition at least forty people have been camped in some now over the past few days in fighting between the two sides had a hawk star has more. gunshots reverberate through the ransack streets of yemen's capital sana'a the civil strife that has brought misery to millions of people now the country's former president ali abdullah saleh is calling for dialogue with the saudi led coalition forces while they need to lift the blockade and open the airports and allow food and medicine into the country we will open a new page for them for dialogue what is happening in yemen is enough. sellers one time ally who. has accused him of deliberately create an unrest to create divisions amongst the anti saudi led coalition bloc who think he says his group's focus was always to protect yemen's internal security guard hospitals and mosques and the
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local machine tell every militia that your actions are suspicious and we have. nothing good from you you're not heroes you're not you are not good people when. the mosque when he attacks where you are then where you are then defending or doing anything you are nothing but a rabbit but analysts think outside pressure may have influence shift and allegiance . yemen was already struggling before the war now the u.n. calls it the largest humanitarian crisis in the world of its twenty five million people twenty million rely on humanitarian assistance i think it's very clear that he maybe wants to put one of his family members in power or to share power with the current legitimate government so i think maybe it seems to me that they might be some collaboration between regional powers. and maybe the legitimate government to
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somehow overthrow the healthiest first and then have a sort of serious political talk the saudi led coalition imposed the blockade on all of yemen's ports and the last month of the who thieves fired a missile that may have targeted riyadh as a result seventy eight million yemenis are on the brink of famine the country is also suffering from a cholera epidemic which aid workers predict could hit one million sufferers by the end of the year now the conflict between solid supporters and who. could mean more hardship for the people of yemen. is there seventeen people have been killed in northeastern nigeria after two female suicide bombers attacked a market the attack took place in the town of bew in borno state one of the women is said to have detonated her explosives at a food at this tradition center run by a local ngo injuring dozens of people and interests is more now from the capital of
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. rescue workers say out of the forty seven injured some of sustained serious injuries and there is likelihood that the death figure will rise from the seventeen that has been reported so far tuesday bombers suspected suicide bombers launched the attack at a busy market in bew and. was largely spared but not completely spared by boko haram in attacks but surrounding towns and villages have been attacked on several occasions by boko haram although boko haram did not claim responsibility for this attack officials say it bears the hallmarks or the signs of book or i'm attacks we've seen how they have increasingly over the last two or three months targeted soft places or other crowded places like places of worship markets and even schools in the latest attacks we've seen how they have killed more than fifty people in a mosque in the town of movie in northeastern nigeria when they were gathering for early morning prayers and so far there is no claim of responsibility and one
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important thing to note is that over the last two months or so we haven't heard much from. claiming responsibility as one security source is telling me that it could possibly be because of the intensified military action in the north east of nigeria targeting bought up positions and hideouts in the northeast. thousands of people are rallying against the far right of turn a tip for germany party which has elected its new leadership in hanover the demonstrators are against the anti migrant anti islamic party that won nearly one hundred seats in parliament in september's election the coby their frock a petri quit soon after to form her own party now the a if the is gearing up to be the opposition against chancellor angela merkel's yet to be found the government will be a if the will be germany's official opposition if angle of markel enters into a coalition with the social democrats the party wants to introduce a proposal to repatriate syrian refugees this will be debated in parliament but all
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other parties are expected to vote against it controversially the far right party also wants to honor the german army which has traditionally been kept out of politics since the end overhauled war two. pope francis has wrapped up his asia tour after meeting or hinge refugees in bangladesh in a highly symbolic gesture of solidarity with the muslim minority fleeing violence in myanmar the catholic pontiff visited a hospital in dhaka run by the order of mother teresa on the final day of a visit to bangladesh and me a law that's being dominated by the plight of the ranger charles pfeiffer takes a look back at his trip and whether he achieved his objectives. he was never going to be easy to put from sis a trip to a country that the u.s. and the u.n. accuse of the planes in reaching me and most leaders of the more than six hundred twenty five thousand muslim or hindu with the latest military crackdown. rights
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groups amy and most soldiers killed many civilians and gang raped women as they swept through revenge of villages following a tank spy revenge a rebel group in late august. the pope was advised not to even use the word ranger in myanmar for fear of a backlash against christians there if then. the future of myanmar must be pace a pace based on respect for the dignity and rights of each member of society respect for each ethnic group and its identity the avoidance by the pope of using the name of the ethnic group that these people come from jury in the myanmar leg of his asia visit costa dark shadow as he arrived here in bangladesh and it wasn't until meeting some of the people from these camps that specifically travelled to the car to talk to him and him hearing some of their horrific stories that he finally said the word written just. as in myanmar the pope held mass in bangladesh human prime
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ministership hasina and praised the government's generosity in helping the region's your refugees his trip has drawn international attention to the plight of the ranger but many fear it may not make much difference on the ground a plan by bangladesh in myanmar is being sketched out to repatriate hundreds of thousands of refugees with plans to house the ranger in temporary camps close to their homes so many of which were destroyed or burned to the ground by the military and put a small pox the repository ation will be reportedly voluntary but only after identification of each refugee has been verified by the myanmar with or it is the man or government doesn't even recognize the ranger as an ethnic group withdrew their citizenship in one thousand nine hundred two many ranger refugees have never even had id. the plan has been called a false by agencies and rights groups they are a deeply traumatized people return with their basic rights have shown no sign of
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improving in the country they fled from. him and his family of four scape for me a month ago he says the military shot his twenty year old son dead after detaining him this is the second time bodhi has sought shelter in bangladesh the first time was following a similar military crackdown in the one nine hundred ninety s. . there's been too much killing they burned our home we want justice first then we may decide on going back but under these circumstances we don't want to return because will face the same sort of killing. it is doubtful whether the pope's trip bangladesh will have any impact on me and miles government that refuses to even mention the raid by name. a problem with bangladesh. still to come on the program.
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electrical waste. looking rather cold but dry across much of the middle east at the moment but some places a cloud sliding over towards the higher ground. but you see a fair amount of sunshine coming behind little bit of cloud northern parts of saudi arabia he wanted to show i was here over the next set of many as you can see settled in sunny temperatures now back up into the. fall baghdad well as you draw around the abides by road to twenty three degrees celsius over the next couple of days just starting to spin in this we go on into monday in the case for turkey but
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elsewhere across the region fine dry warm and sunny as we go on through the next couple of days went off and sunny enough across much of the arabian peninsula highs here in doha of around twenty six degrees over the next. sunny conditions the fine conditions lingering on something to the right see a little cloud coming in here maybe the to the gulf of aden but essentially it does look like the settled but i still say the. south africa. rolling towards the eastern cape at the moment so you might see a little bit damp weather here the what's the weather is like has to be further north more than parts. or the way up into the congo basin.
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and now reminder of the top stories on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has again in. russia. presidential election after his former national security adviser like flint agreed
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to cooperate with the f.b.i. investigation. yemen's president ali abdullah saleh has called for a joint ceasefire between his supporters and the rebels and the saudi led coalition . thousands of people are rallying against the far right attorneys have for germany party which is electing its new leadership in the city of. around half of the electrical wasted generated in israel finds its way to the occupied west bank with increasing rates of unemployment in the past fifteen years many people risk their health by burning the waste for the valuable. reports now from which was once famous for its own lives but has now become the center of the waste stream the town of edna's one of the most polluted places in the occupied west bank truckloads of electronic waste make their way here every day the vast majority
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coming from israel to surrounding illegal jewish settlements. computers conditioners filters for t.v.'s and many more discarded goods litter to multiple workshops in and around the. it's a dangerous job for example there are gases in the air conditioners if you don't let them out it could explode in your face one must be very careful each item is taken apart every single component has a different use and price take a computer for example. the hard disk case goes into a pile then we separate the c.p.u. from the motherboard it's more expensive but we also look for cables and send them to the grinder to separate aluminum from copper we do this to all the items we receive. the parts then are sold back to israel but it's valuable materials such as copper wire that are the most profitable a good chunk of this waste gets burnt illegally because it's simply easier to extract copper this way usually happens on the hill surrounding the time but this
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is agricultural land a look at what's left behind. the burning happens usually at night the minerals are distracted the shark old remains left a small four hours. each fire more of his crops are destroyed. like a cancer no one can walk here anymore. even the sheep can to be here they're not breeding any more look at them i only three isn't that that as shane looking around most of his olive trees have been poisoned by the toxic fumes scientists say this unregulated transfer of electronic waste is having a long term impact on the people of and its landscape recent tests on soil samples have revealed some astonishing results. we were shocked by the high levels of heavy metals i can't me i'm in the lead they already exist in nature usually around one
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milligram particular of soil but we found tens of thousands of other grounds we kill or soil in the samples that's a very high level it destroys the soil and aquifers it affects human life is a concern. releasing particles of heavy metals that don't decompose and make their way to do. it now was once a town that thrived in agriculture known for its olives and ammons now its fields are home to carcasses of t.v.'s computers and fitness but at the time meet. in the occupied west bank the lawyer for the egyptian presidential hopeful ahmed schiff eeks says he's been arrested at his home in the united arab emirates and would be deported to egypt he has been based in the u.a.e. since losing to the muslim brotherhood candidate mohamed morsi in egypt's two thousand and twelve presidential election the former government minister and the air force commander announced last week he plans to run for president in two
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thousand and eighteen president of the five hundred c.c.'s not yet announced his bid for a second term but he is widely expected to run again france's president has called on iraq to dismantle all the militias operating in the country including the iranian backed popular mobilisation forces and i know a lot karl is speaking in paris after meeting the prime minister of iraq's kurdish autonomous zone which are valid but designed he has accused the iranian backed militias over abuses against iraqi kurds western leaders are concerned about the spread of iranian influence after the collapse of eisel across and also said he would help with negotiations between iraq's central government and the kurdish authorities. if i hope that this construct of national dialogue can start very soon and france will do everything so the unity and integrity of iraq and the full recognition of the kurds and their rights can be preserved in this context. security forces in honduras are being given extra powers to stop the
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violence that's followed last sunday's the speeded presidential election one person has died with dozens more injured in protests six days on and the clear winner is yet to emerge from the vote president won on monday i had none of this is naturally ahead of opposition candidate salvador nasrallah who is claiming electoral fraud and called his supporters on to the streets security forces have imposed a nighttime curfew for ten days. all of these acts of vandalism these incidents the settings of fires are not reasonable for hundred us therefore at the request of many sectors of society the council of ministers has declared a curfew to safeguard the security of the country. the nobel peace prize is you should be awarded on december the tenth picking up the
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award is the international campaign to abolish nuclear weapons or i can now the group is very catered to creating a world without nuclear weapons we're looking at the nuclear status of countries worldwide in the days leading up to the award in oslo and as tension over north korea's nuclear program rises the u.s. is updating its the fence plans including testing warning sirens in hawaii for the first time since one nine hundred eighty reynolds reports now from los angeles. eerie wail of air raid sirens sounded across hole-y. on friday the first test of its civil defense warning system since one thousand nine hundred eighty officials say they would give her wise one and a half million residents just thirteen minutes to take shelter the basic gardens again if you're here this is get inside still inside and see to it's a direct response to the growing threat of war with north korea young yanks nuclear
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weapons and ballistic missile program is developing rapidly undeterred by months of threats bluster and personal insults from u.s. president donald trump they won't be met with fire fury and frankly power the likes of which this world has never see before earlier this week north korea tested an intercontinental missile experts say could strike all of the u.s. including east coast cities like new york and washington. air raid sirens like this one in downtown los angeles were a feature of american life during the cold war most of them were disconnected decades ago and technology has moved on a text message and email a phone call on your device on your smartphone whatever it is you have and for a scenario like we're talking about the nuclear detonation that would be a presidential notification that would hit every single phone in this country they
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have that capability there's no way to override that alert and that alert will give you specific information about what the threat is and whatever the actions of the public can take in the past government funded full out shelters were stocked with supplies that's no longer an option if we did have a detonation we don't have those fallout shelters anymore people call us all the time on our public lines were the shelters so now we're looking at sheltering in place so you may have to stay inside your home for about fourteen days do you have enough supplies do you have enough you know first aid those kinds of things within your own home so we're encourage residents to do that no matter how well prepared the general population might be a nuclear strike would be horrific it's an armageddon scenario it's going to be a lot of fatalities a lot of areas that will not be livable habitable for a very long time as a wise governor said this week a revived nuclear threat has become the new normal robert oulds al jazeera los
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angeles. ca trust foreign minister says he hopes to make progress on ending a regional crisis when go feeders gathering hugh h. next week but his government is showing no signs of giving in to demands made by saudi arabia and three of the countries in exchange for the lifting of a blockade imposed to burn a smith spoke with the foreign minister at a conference in rome. when asked about the saudi. foreign minister mohammad. said that he felt particular with reference to the saudis there was an absence of wisdom and a trend towards impulsive behavior he gave no indication that he is prepared to give way on any of the demands made of it by saudi arabia the u.a.e. bahrain as well egypt. position of becoming a part of the. country is in a position to enforce any demands on any other softer state they have concerns they
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are welcome to come and discuss. the nation can accept and force. this conference egypt's foreign minister said well look. he says to give any way on any of the demands made of it until qatar is prepared to give way and he believes the blockade would continue. reporting from rome there well the saudi led blockade imposed on catheter has given an unexpected boost to the country's book in the street. when a small for dollars father died a couple of years ago she became determined to tell his story so she writes a book i saw is about the whole diving industry in qatar before the gulf country discovered oil when i started collecting data ration and i did a lot of it. i looked at. it.
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again there is disconnection and lack of resources for such stories so. i was stopped and. asked my is one of several authors to emerge this year previously many of them would have had to have found publishes abroad. publish books on the shelf alone they're all right some by catteries in arabic and published by cattles first privately owned publishing house and there seems to be an emphasis on the country's identity as well as society if you take this book for example you'll see it's called capital is different but us cattle remains under a blockade put in place by saudi arabia the united arab emirates bahrain and egypt there's never been a better time to nurture homegrown talent last year to have eighty five.
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and this year almost the. i think. the. facilities. while the blockading countries aren't attending this year's international book fair many other nations are taking part that is a. direct effect on our books here. except in one way. a lot of. they have to do much better to see it in terms of quantity and quality as new authors of published old invaluable manuscripts are digitized katz was working hard to preserve its heritage and its relevance in an ever changing world saga highroads
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al-jazeera doha. take another look at the main headlines that making news here on al-jazeera u.s. president donald trump has again says that there was no collusion between his campaign and russia during the two thousand and sixteen presidential election leaving the white house earlier trump appeared unconcerned when asked about his former national security adviser mike flynn's cooperation with the f.b.i. investigation. what i think. you. should are doing. we really should so we're very happy we'll see what are for thank you all very much. the u.s. senate meanwhile has narrowly passed the bill for the biggest tax overhaul in decades paving the way for president trumps first the big legislative victory the bill which passed by fifty one votes to forty nine sees
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a sharp cut in corporation tax but a senate committee finding has warned it will add one trillion dollars to the budget deficit yemen's former president ali abdullah saleh has called for a joint ceasefire between his supporters and the who the rebels and the saudi led coalition at least forty people have been killed in the capital over the past few days in fighting between the two sides seventeen people have been killed in northeastern nigeria after two female suicide bombers attacked the market it happened in the town of view in borno state thousands of people are rallying against the far right to alternative for germany party which has just elected its new leadership in hanover demonstrators are against the anti migrants and the islam party that won nearly one hundred seats in parliament in september's election if the will review official position of chancellor angela merkel goes into a coalition with the social democrats the lawyer for egyptian presidential hopeful
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ahmed shafik says he's been arrested at his home in the united arab emirates and will be deported to egypt he has been based in the u.a.e. since losing the two thousand and twelve presidential election last week schiff economics that he plans to run for president again in two thousand and eighteen those are the headlines i'm going to be back with a full news hour in just over twenty five minutes they were still coming up now inside story by. has flipped donald trump's former national security advisor michael flynn has fitted kilty to law into the f.b.i. with flynn planning to cooperate as he would he named in this game of political
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russian roulette this.


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